What's an MSR?

By David Dickey

There is a  new buzz word going around the sporting/hunting community and that word is MSR. In reality its an acronym that stands for Modern Sporting Rifle.

The new MSR like it's predecessors, where it was once a military only firearm, has taken on a civilian life as the new and upcoming hot or must-have for the serious hunter and or collector. While this market has been saturated over the last few years, it still remains in its infancy in reality. New manufacturers have joined the ranks among the veterans; Remington with its R-15 and R-25's, Smith & Wesson with its M&P 15 and 15-22's, Ruger's SR 556, Sig Sauer's 556 and Mossberg's budget minded Tactical 22's, all along side the more traditional manufactures such as Colt, FN, and Bushmaster.

The MSR has become a necessity for the varmint hunter and the weight conscience ultra mobile hunter. The MSR of today lends itself very well to the application as a sporting rifle. By design it is a highly modular platform that allows the end user to customize and accessorize to their liking, the conditions, and or the situation at hand. 

What is further promoting this market segment is the accessory end of the market. The adaptability afforded by the platform; more items, more situation specific products, more overall accessories can be ready for use at a moments notice and or can be quickly changed out if the situation changes. The modularity of the MSR is the driving force behind its rapid and powerful climb to the top, and with industry leaders like Blackhawk, MagPul, Trijicon, Leupold, L3-EoTech, Nikon, and many others constantly pushing the envelope of whats possible with the MSR platform its clear that its here to stay.

Want more infromation- check out the NSSF and the history of the Sporting Rifle:

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Comments for What's an MSR?

Name: Aaron Saoirse
Time: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

While I laud your post about MSRs, the reality is that Bass Pro Shops, at least in the Kansas City metro area, on both the Missouri and Kansas sides, do not stock any of the mentioned rifles. In fact, The only handguns, rifles and shotguns I can find at the locations are all traditional design single shots, lever actions, old style semiautomatics, bolt actions, pump actions and over-unders or side by sides.

On top of that, the employees at the gun counters have told me on more than on occasion that Bass Pro does not stock such firearms as they do not fit the "sporting" image of traditional hunters. I do not wish to say it, but those representatives of your company have done a disservice.

I guess you prefer Cabela's to eat your lunch on the MSRs. They have a huge selection of both new and used MSRs, MSS (Modern Sporting/Self-Defense Shotguns) and the accessories and ammunition that I am looking for as a MSR generation hunter, shootist and gunsmith.

Perhaps your Saint Charles, Missouri location is different and you stock the MSRs. However, because of the environment I have experienced in the Kansas City area locations, I do not feel your company has any real interest in meeting the needs of hunters such as myself.

I hunt with M-1 Garands, FN-FALs, SKS and AK-47 pattern firearms. I even set up my bolt actions for precision shooting and your stores do not have the parts and ammunition I need for that either.

Please consider how your company is alienating the future hunters and shooters that really enjoy military pattern MSRs and their kindred designs.

Name: BPSMod
Time: Friday, July 8, 2011

First let me say that I am very sorry about your experieces at your local Bass Pro Shops. Its people like you that have made our company, the vigilant and ever innovative sportsman. Bass Pro Shops as a whole has recently launced a new campaign to focus squarly on the MSR/MSS market. Our hesitation on entering this market in the past was that, while many others have sold the guns and some accessories for many years now, no one has offered an entire package. As a customer oriented company we didn't want to enter a market half heartedly. Our ultimate goal is to offer a complete package that can take a shooter from the store to the field in the least amount of time with the best equipment avaliable.

Our focus remains on the customer, and its feedback like yours that allows us to grow and mature. For us customer service is job 1.

I have take note and have forwared your concerns on to those that may be better able to address them in the KC area.

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