Recognize a Pattern - Catch More Fish!

Successful anglers are great at observing!  The fisherperson who can put together a pattern of what is working and why, and duplicate it, will have a great advantage over other anglers.  That first fish caught, may not be by chance.  A pattern may be responsible for that success.  If so, the faster it is identified, the greater the success will be.  An angler who puts together a pattern to match a great day of fishing, will be able to duplicate that great day, when the same pattern occurs again, on another day.

How does an angler recognize a pattern?  What must an angler observe, and how does an angler put together an outline of the characteristics of a day, and form a pattern to remember for a similar day, on a future trip?  Observation is the key, and here are some of the characteristics which must be noted, when putting together a pattern:

First, sun light or moon light, and the intensity of that light (cloudy or clear sky), plus the angle of that light to the water, are factors that should be considered.  Is the next bank in shadow, like the one that just held keeper largemouth?  What is the angle of the sun to this bank, and, is it a similar angle to the bank just fished, the one that held the fish just caught?

Second, wind, current, and angle of the bottom fished, are important.  The sides of points, as they extend away from the shoreline, have angled bottom structure, and that angle can be the key to more fish.  What is that angle?  What direction was the wind coming from, on the bank where the big fish were caught (into or away from the bank, or parallel to the bank?  Were they pulling water (usually, this means generating power) when the fish were caught?  Are they still generating?  Bass stack up, particularly on main lake points, when current causes shad to school up.  The lure of plentiful and readily available food can result in a feeding frenzy!   Watch for the angle of the bottom where the fish hold, and make a note of where the fish are holding on the point.

Next, water depth, clarity, and temperature (surface) are important to establishing a pattern for success.  At what depth was that last fish caught, was the water murky, muddy, or clear, and what was the water surface temperature?  When choosing a lure color, depth and water clarity must are important, since different colors disappear at different depths.  Fish move to comfortable water temperatures, and their comfort has a lot to do with plentiful oxygen.  Check the finder on your boat, and mark the depth of the thermocline. 

Fronts, and the change in barometric pressure associated with them, are factors that must be considered.  Strong fronts can cause heavy fish feeding as they pass over the lake.  Make note of the change in barometric pressure, and remember how it related to the fish bite.  At what reading did the fish bite the best?

Finally, bass in particular are structure oriented ambushers.  Predators, they use the cover of stumps, timber, bushes, boulders, chunk rock, ledges, and any man-made obstacles, to aid the hunt.  What type of structure was there, when that fish almost pulled the rod and reel out of the boat and into the water? 

When you can answer some of the above questions, you are on your way to creating a pattern that will help you catch fish right then, and on subsequent trips, when you encounter similar circumstances.  Don’t wait!  Get out there!  Greater success is waiting for you right now!  I’ll see you on the lake!!!

Steve Fritz

Fishing Lead

White River Outpost

Bass Pro Shops

Branson, MO


Now you see me, Now you don't...

eastern screech owl

  Do you know your camouflage patterns? Well, do you? Most of the people I meet in a day have the same, simple answer to this question: No!

Why is this? Camouflage is the second most important thing for hunting. Why second? Because a weapon would have to be first for hunting! (No bear wrestling please)

Regardless, camo is important because it literally  HIDES you from what you're hunting, like a forest ninja. So I am going to give you the quick shortcuts and tips to picking out your camo outfit for the best advantage in hunting.

     There are several different types of camouflage, but there are two basics to begin with that are highly recognizable. The two are Realtree and Mossy Oak. After these two titles will come your sub categories, for example, Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity. See how it started with the title and then broke it down? This is how it works in the camo world.

                                               New realtree symbol

















Starting with Realtree Brand the newest patterns this year are Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green. These patterns are replacing the common camos like AP and APG. Below is a picture of Realtree Xtra, how can you tell? The huge golden leaves. Yes, that's it!

realtree xtra

rt xtra

     Now the next, Realtree Xtra Green. The only difference between it and the Xtra is the big greenleaves that spring out of the branches and replace the golden leaves. See the white that is spotted on the branches? This is there to help break up your figure since deer can't see this very well along with the pattern. These are great Realtree patterns to use for Deer, Bear, and general hunting

     Since these patterns are brand new they are still transitioning from the AP and APG colors. AP is like Xtra only no golden leaves. This is similiar with APG since it is just like Xtra Green only the greens are a little bit lighter and not as "HD" looking. 

    These are great patterns for all year since you can transition from the browner looks for the upcoming fall and winter with Realtree Xtra and with Realtree Xtra Green get that perfect spring and summer blend. 

                                           mossy oak

  Now for the other Camo "branch" ( Ok, no more puns) Mossy oak is the other huge pattern we carry in our hunting apparel department at Bass Pro.  

    Mossy Oak is a bit darker in their camos but it is just as efficient for hunting.





To start there is Mossy Oak Break Up and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity. Mossy oak break up (MOBU) is a very dark and white spotted pattern. The tell tale is the bluish-gray color you can see along with the muted leaves.




The second to discuss is Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity (MOBU INF) This pattern is similar but instead of themobu inf blue tint there is more of a gold-green tint to give it that "sun lit", woodsy appearance. These are also great patterns to use for hunting all year round and can be found in our camouflage department.









The last Mossy Oak pattern I will discuss is Mossy Oak Obsession. This pattern is PERFECT for turkey season and I would recommend it for turkey and early spring season only. It works to blend even better since turkey can see color and it is the best pattern you can get for turkey season. It is easy to pick out since it is always the brightest, with lots of green leaves and white in their branches and through out the pattern.




Hopefully these few tips can help make your hunting experience better and easier! You can challenge yourself with your pattern knowledge at as well as see the new hunting apparel and patterns we are getting all the time at our Bass Pro!  What camouflage patterns can you pick out?  

For any and all camouflage questions contact me and I'll do the absolute best I can!


Ainsley, Camo Lead

at the Bass Pro

in Sevierville, TN 






Arizona Animals: Coues Deer

I’ll never forget my freshman year at Arizona State University. It was a great experience and was the first time I really got to spend time with people from elsewhere in the country. I still remember what my one friend Tom (pronounced Tam, he was from Chicago) said while we were walking. He said, “You people from Arizona are really proud of it.” My friend and I looked at him and simply said, “Yup”.

Arizona is really quite awesome. We have a little bit of something for everyone. Our climates range from low desert to high pines and everything in between. Drive south and you’re in Mexico. Drive west and you’re on your way to Disneyland. Northward to higher elevations, cooler temperatures and snow in the winter! We even have one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World!

Just as impressive as our landscapes are the critters that inhabit them. We are the only state in the nation that has more than 10 big-game species of animals in it. Last month I started my Big Game Basics reoccurring blog and my love for my home state drove me start a similar blog series all about Arizona’s animals. The first one will be about the specific subspecies of white-tailed deer we have here, the Coues deer.

Now as I said in the first BGB blog it is pronounced “cows” after the man who originally discovered the animal. Disclaimer though, everyone I talk to pronounces it “coos” even hunting guides. So don’t go correcting anyone, just inform them. Like I just did for you.

They are most common in the mountains of Southeastern Arizona but can be found north as well. Their numbers are strongest where summer precipitation is most predictable.

Their antlers mirror those of their white-tailed cousins, where there are a number of tines arising from a main beam. Just smaller. Antlers are dependent on genetics, age and nutrition. It can be kind of a hard life out here in the desert, so nutrition can be hard to come by. Also, they are just smaller bodied animals. (Bucks are rarely over 100 pounds.)

They have been given the nickname “Gray Ghosts” as they seem to blend in perfectly with the landscapes. To spot one you are going to need some high-quality optics in a heavy power as you will be scanning vast differences. Sometimes the only thing you will see is the tip of one tine so you need to know what to look for.

There are several ways to tell the difference between a Coues and mule deer (the other kind of deer we have out here). This would include antler-style, size, color, ear-size and rump. Haha, rump. Coues deer will have that white-tail whereas the mule deer have a full white rump. Haha I said it again.

Their range is roughly four miles. Within their range they will eat grasses, shrubs, weeds, mistletoe, masts and cacti fruits. Their natural predators are coyotes, mountain lions, bobcat and even eagles. They breed in January and have a gestation process of about eight months.

Side story time: When I was in the airport headed for Tennessee for white-tailed deer I bumped into a hunter leaving Arizona from a Coues deer hunt. He wasn’t able to harvest one on this trip but hopes to make it back soon. It didn’t help though when I told him how my niece got a nice sized Coues a couple years back. (The fact that she was fourteen and a cheerleader really made him drop his head.)

Keep an eye out on the next installment of Big Game Basics later this month and you’ll just have to hold your horses until next month for the next Arizona Animals blog. Until then, you can always read more at and stay social with us at . Jell-O-slurping Javelina!


Have you planned your party?

Give me a U! Give me a B! What's that stand for? Uncle Buck!!

With game day starting soon, we have the snacks for your party! Our Uncle Bucks snack line provides all you need to fill your tummie while watching your favorite team SCORE!!!

Our newest item is our Uncle Buck cinnamon pretzels. Hello pretzel fans! This is one of the tastiest treats with just a tiny hint of zing. Not to much to take from that salty pretzels taste we all love. With a regular pretzel taste and then the cinnamon comes in at the end. You have to try these, and at the bargin price of 7.99 for 27oz  you really can not beat that.

Let's not for get the Uncle Bucks Cabin Mix and Cheese Curls that keep our loyal Bass Pro customers coming back for more, and the new line of Peanuts that we have stocked as well from BBQ to honey mustard and back to jalapeno. These are the perfect pairing for our summer sausage and Peach & Pepper hot sace for dipping.

If I still dont have your mouth watering, come on by for a sample on the weekend and tell them that Jessica sent you! Happy Game Day and good luck to your Team!

Dont Forget your game day Gear Vols Fans





Happy Happy Happy

The craze nowadays is Duck Commander and here at Bass Pro Shops we aim to please!

 We want to help you deck out your vehicle "Duck Style"! Let's start at the bottom and work our way up----

First, we gotta keep our floors clean and dry so why not put in a couple of Duck Commander floor mats...? Our 3D mats are heavy duty rubber with raised edges to keep the dirt, water, etc from spilling over onto the floor. They are cut to fit and come in sets of 2 for $29.99. Each floor mat has the duck pattern mud grabbers and come with either a pink or a yellow duck logo. Front floor only for now.Duck Commander® 3D Floor Mat - Set of 2

Next is the trailer hitch plug. This is a heavy duty black plastic and it protects and conceals your hitch when it's not in use. It fits most receivers and comes in black with either a yellow or pink duck logo and is only $14.99.Duck Commander® Trailer Hitch Plug - Black/Pink                                                                             Duck Commander® Trailer Hitch Plug - Black/Yellow

Working our way up, we have the ever important license plate frame. Most people have a license plate of some sort on the front of their vehicle and if you're like me, you always notice everybodies. This will surely get you noticed! They are black ABS plastic with the "Duck Commander" logo at the top and the duck logo on the bottom in your choice, (you guessed it) either pink or yellow. That's a bit of bling for only $9.99Duck Commander® License Plate Frame - Black/Silver

What about inside the car. Well, I can certainly help you there too! Universal seat covers are a must!  I have 2 styles to offer you---bench and bucket. The bench seat is only $44.99 and the bucket is $34.99 each. The bucket seat covers fit either the drivers side or the passenger side seat. Both styles are made from water repellant polyester, made to fit adjustable or molded head rests and with or without integrated seat belts. Guess what colors they come in? Black with a yellow duck logo and black with a pink duck logo!Duck Commander® Universal Bench Seat Cover - Black/Pink                                                                     Duck Commander® Universal Bucket Seat Cover - Black/Yellow

Movin on up, let's cover the steering wheel. They are universal, fit most steering wheels and are made of neoprene. $14.99 will get you black with yellow "Duck Commander" logo or black with pink "Duck Commander" logo.Duck Commander® Neoprene Steering Wheel Cover - Black/Pink

Lastly, your ride needs to smell good so let's put in an air freshener. I have 3 different colors/scents for you to choose from and they are $2.99 each.  Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Strawberries                                                                     Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Ice

Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Vanilla



Now you can have the "Brothers of the Beard" with you everywhere you go!


Come see me and let's talk Duck.


As always, thanks for allowing me to share with you.


Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro



Dorm Daydreaming

I often reflect on my college years this time of year. Heading back to college the first two years meant coming up with the all-important dorm decorations!  The last two years, (yes, it was simply the four-year plan for me), were spent residing off campus, so I had to come up with even more decorations and supplies. 

Browning Bed SetSo, in walking around Bass Pro Shops in my daily duties, I decided to come up with a "what if? list. What if I was going back to college now, 35 years later?  Here are some items I might want 35 years later when returning to campus:

1.  Bedding - We have some new pink and gray plaid Browning bed sets that are nice - very college dorm room looking. They would be my style. There's also a pink camo bed set  - somewhat "lipstick" pink - if subtlety is not your speed.Bass Pro Shops Pink Camo

If you're not a fan of pink and just like your camo to be...well...camo, don't worry. We have other bedding sets that reflect various camo patterns, plus Bone Collector brand. 

Now, if you're the kind that likes to have everything matching and coordinated you can also pick up the Browning towel sets to complement. Now, I remember in January of 1979 (or was it 1980), we were catching rays in the courtyard of Oak-Elm Residence Hall at Iowa State University, because it was 80 degrees.  So make sure you have a good beach towel, too, for just such an unexpected weather event!Bass Pro Shops Camp Mugs

2.  Dinnerware - Billions upon billions of pounds of Ramen noodles, canned soup, and hot chocolate have been consumed over the years by college students. I would have LOVED to have had some of the Bass Pro Shops Camp mugs that we sell. They're the perfect size for any of the above listed food and drinks, plus more.  Plenty of colors, plus we have new wildlife mugs arriving soon...and let's not forget, the Bubba Mug, and the Tervis Tumblers!  

3. A good flashlight - Doesn't have to be expensive, just make sure it has fresh batteries all the time. You never know when the power might go out in your dorm or off-campusCampus Safety Pepper Gel housing. Get a head lamp and you could provide much-needed dorm hallway shadow puppet entertainment while the power is out, and ease  anxieties of others around you. Seriously, though, this is the beginning of responsible home renting and owning, so you have to think about things like power outages.

4. Pepper Spray - Pepper spray is a good thing to have for those treks across campus after night class. Use it responsibly and put your parents' minds at ease, too.

5. Now, let's get down to the serious subject of entertainment:

Iceless CoolerFirst, I would get the Iceless Cooler. Road trip anyone? Keep the cool things cool on those spring break trips or road trips to football games!

Second, I would get the Weber Smokey Joe Silver charcoal grill. While tailgating has evolved immensely, the Smokey Joe remains a great multi-purpose small grill that would also travel well...on road trips. :)

To go with the grill, I would have to have all the appropriate grilling tools, such as spatula and tongs, along with the jalapeno rack. I would get a giant Sportsman's locker tote to carry all of the supplies in. It could also be used for storage.

Last, but not least, if you're attending an Iowa Regents school, don't forget your collegiate camo...go Cyclones!


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Fishing with Lures in East Tennessee

top water fishing


 Many people enjoy fishing each and everyday all over the world. Believe it or not most people who fish use live bait and for good reason-it works. Each and everyday I encounter more and more people trying to learn how to fish using lures or artificial baits. The trick to selecting and using a lure efficiently is to know what lives where you fish. If you are fishing in a pond full of big bass that has a large population of frogs that could be a valuable bite of information when selecting lures. Also color plays a big roll in your selection of lures. Be it plastic worms, crank baits, jigs, etc.- you want to match the color of the food where these fish live.

If you find yourself fishing a lot of small rivers for small mouth bass and there are a lot of crawdads present in that water that is a key fact to know. Now lets say we know there are a lot of crawdads in our river the next thing to match is there color and size. So a pumpkin colored tube at around three inches may be the lure that catches that wall hanger.

Green pumpkin tube teaser

Next we need to consider the conditions in which we fish this selection of water. If you only fish the river or lake when it’s a nice clear day and the water is clear you should select lures that are lighter in color. Lets say that it’s a clear blue bird day and you are fishing that same river for small mouth bass. In this situation you may want to add some chartreuse to that same pumpkin tube either with dye or simply buy them pre-dyed

Spike - it Glow


On the other side of things lets say its an overcast day and the water has been muddied by rain. Then you may want to throw a darker bait with a larger profile.



For instance a black and blue jig in our river may be ideal for a dark colored bait to mimic our crawdads. To make this bait have a larger profile is simple. You can take a twin tail grub and add this to your jig and it instantly looks bigger and more appealing to a fish.

blue black enticer jig




Theses are just a few ideals to keep in mind next time you find your self shopping the isles of Bass Pro Shop looking for that perfect lure.





Johnnie G

Fishing Lead


September Happenings at Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg

The Last big blast of summer will start September off with a BANG!  Come into the store for a Hometown Festival on Saturday August 31 and Sunday September 1.  The activities will run noon-5PM and will include something for all kids, young and old!  The list would begin with the Daisy BB range, create a wood duck craft, have your face painted, test your skills at the casting buckets and your luck at the old fashioned duck pond!  What would a festival be with out food?  We will be serving free hot dogs both days from 1PM to 4PM and homemade ice cream too, made with our own Elite Gourmet 6qt. ice cream maker.

September is Boy Scout Month at Bass Pro Shops nationwide.  By supporting this cause each store will give the councils opportunities to raise not only funds, but awareness.  You also may have noticed scouts selling hot dogs and popcorn in our store.  This gives them access to potential sales and helps them take steps toward earning their merit badges.  You can help support scouts by making a $2 or $5 donation.  Sometimes it helps to know just where your money is going when you make a donation.  This time it's very easy, 50% stays right here in our local council! 

Do you have a Conceal Carry Permit?  Are you thinking about getting one?  On Friday, September 6th from 5PM to 8:30PM Legal heat will be in our hunt club to offer the preliminary steps toward getting a permit which will allow you to carry in 35 states.  For more details or to register, go to  Remember, this is just the steps towards a Conceal Carry Permit, not the actual permit that night.

Attention all you waterfowl enthusiasts!  The weekend of September 14 & 15 from 10AM to 5PM Bass Pro Shops we will be holding the Waterfowl Weekend Event!  There will be and assortment of vendor reps in the store as well as non-profit groups that have a passion for waterfowl hunting.  FYI-Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Association and Ducks Unlimited are planing to be here.

Here's some trivia...Did you know that September 21st is National Hunting and Fishing Day?  Take a walk into the woods or throw a line in the creek!  Whatever you do, take somebody with you that my not have gone on their own.  Share the experience....share the legacy.

If you are reading this then you are a facebook friend of BPS Harrisburg.  How about being a friend to all your other Facebook friends and turn them on to our Facebook?  There are so many things that we are posting you up-to-date in the hunting and fishing world!  We want to expand the things that we share.  Your harvest, big catches, as well as the activities going on in the store. 

Well this will wrap up the month of September, I hope that October is as jam packed with exciting events as September.  I know that our Halloween event is right around the corner, each year it gets better!


Father/Son Susquehanna River Catfishing Trip

     As the manager of the fishing department at Bass Pro Shops I am constantly searching out the latest techniques and baits used on our local waters. As a father I am forever searching for ways to entice my two sons to put away their video games and go outdoors where two young boys belong. Often times the two go hand in hand. When they do coincide it is a win win situation for everyone. I of course have to compile my "product research", and the boys get a fun day out of the house.

  I can always rely on our Bass Pro Shops pro staff and local guide Rod Bates to keep me up on the latest techniques he is using. Rod can frequently be found giving fishing workshops at Bass Pro Shops. It benefits me to know what he is using so I can fill the customer demand after his demonstrations are over. This summer he invited the boys and me to join his Koinania Guide Service on the Susquehanna River fishing for channel catfish. He had been using a new bait called Sudden Impact from Team Catfish and wanted me to experience it. I have never been one to pass on a great opportunity so I gathered the boys and met Rod at a local boat launch on the river.

The Sudden Impact performed flawlessly. We couldn't keep the catfish off of our lines when we used it with a #4 treble hook, egg sinker, swivel, and Team Catfish sinker bumper. Much of the time Rod couldn't keep the four rods we were using baited and in the water. When it was all said and done the boys had boated 30 catfish between them. There were numerous doubles and very little down time between fish. The best way to keep two boys happy is to keep them busy. It wasn't until we ran out of Sudden Impact and had to switch to another bait that the boys became restless. With the bite slowing to a crawl, the two brothers were spending less time fishing and more time testing each other's nerves. This seemed like the perfect time to end our fishing for the day so we headed for shore leaving Micah and Noah with one of their favorite fishing trips of all time. It left me with the reassurance that Sudden Impact was a must carry for the Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg, PA.

It is easy to catch fish when someone else is baiting your hook. After all, it's Rod's job. If he doesn't get you any fish, you would not be likely to book Koinonia Guide Service again. Noah, my youngest son, and I headed out to the Conestoga River to see how Sudden Impact would perform without the help of a professional guide. We would be wading the Conestoga since it is too shallow for boats. For a young boy of seven, this adds swimming to the list of fun for the day. There would be no disappointment, this trip would leave him soaked from head to toe. Our first hook up was almost the size of Noah. As the fish rolled we got a good look at it and Noah's eyes doubled in size. He handed me the rod and headed for the bank. It was a little intimidating for a guy of 45 pounds. Unfortunately it broke us off and we didn't get a chance for a close encounter. The Sudden Impact once again performed perfectly. It continued to do so for the rest of that trip and every trip there after.

Team Catfish has truly outdone themself. Sudden Impact has consistently caught fish for us on every outing. It's ease of use compliments it's effectiveness. A bare treble hook is all that is needed for this fiber enriched bait. Thank you Team Catfish for not only helping to create great fishing stories, but for the memories my sons will carry with them long after I am gone.




Pop it while it's Hot

Hello and welcome to our Bass Pro Shops blog from your store in Sevierville, TN! The rains in our area have slacked off recently and the typical weather associated with the hot dog days of summer has finally set in. This time of year, the trout fishing slows due to low water and higher temperatures but is still good in the higher elevations. It is often a different story when it comes to fly fishing for bass and bream in lowland rivers. Many people overlook our local rivers during the late summer. Flying For BIG Bass

The Pigeon, Holston, and Nolichuky rivers offer some of the best smallmouth fishing there is to be had in the state! Smaller rivers such as the lower ends of the Little river and Middle Prong of the Pigeon river are well worth exploring also.



My favorite way to go after smallmouth and bream is top water. I love to see a smallie crush a popping bug or watching a giant bluegill slowly rise up to suck down a fly is just plain fun! Poppers, sliders, and divers are the most popular baits. No special tackle is needed, a 5-6 weight rod with 7ft 2X leader and a handful of flies will have you out on the river in no time. Don't be intimidated by color and fly selection. Black, yellow, white and chartruese are the basic color selections. Black and yellow being my most productive color pattern followed by white. The size of your fly should be determined by the type of fish you want to pursue. For bass, stick with sizes 1/0 to #4 and #4 down to #12 for bream.Popping Bug Bonanza A popper/dropper rig is deadly on bream. Any good, buggy-looking nymph such as a Hare's Ear will elicit a bite.


There are 2 basic retrieves I use (the first being most successful). Once you've made your cast allow the popper or fly to settle and sit for a moment, gather your slack line and make a quick jerk with you rod in order to make your popper spit and pop and allow it to settle again. Repeat this throughout the retrieve while varying the pause between pops and you should have a tight line in no time. The other method I recommend is simply dead sticking. Basically cast out your fly and let it sit or drift naturally with the current. This should get you out on the water and hunting for your next bite. If you would like to learn more about this overlooked and underrated resource, come visit us back in the fly shop! Good luck and tight lines!




Seth French

Bass Pro Shops

Sevierville, TN



September = Boy Scouts @ Bass Pro Shops


                                 Boy Scouts of America                           BPS     


This year Bass Pro Shops has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America for the entire month of September. We have an opportunity for you to donate to the BSA and be entered in a sweepstakes for a chance at a $500 Bass Pro Gift Card.

At all of our registers a $2 donation will land you a sweepstakes entry into our monthly drawing. First prize is a $500 Gift Card, Second prize is a $250 Gift Card and Third Prize is a $100 Gift Card ~ to your favorite outdoor store no less!!!!

We will also be offering classes for the scouts to work toward earning their fishing and shooting merit badges.

Classes will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm during the month of September. You will need to register as class size is limited~ call 865-932-5600 or email to register your scout for their class or if you would like additional information.



                                    fishing merit badge                                             Rifle Shooting



  • Tuesday, Sept 3                       Fishing
  • Thursday, Sept 5                     Rifle Shooting
  • Tuesday, Sept 10                    Rifle Shooting
  • Thursday, Sept 12                   Fishing
  • Tuesday, Sept 17                    Fishing
  • Thursday, Sept 19                   Rifle Shooting
  • Tuesday, Sept 24                    Rifle Shooting
  • Thursday, Sept 26                   Fishing





Gayle Chesney

Special Events Coordinator

Sevierville, TN



Bass Pro Shops - Your Dove Hunting Headquarters

doveYour local Bass Pro Shops has everything you need when hunting dove this season!

First, lure doves in with your own flock of decoys.  Redhead dove decoys are available in six-packs of hard plastic or rubber. Both decoys feature detailed painting with realistic details. They come with a spring clip, so you can easily mount them anywhere, such as trees or fences.

Next, make sure you have a sturdy dove bucket available. The Big Game Treestands Dove Bucket fits the bill. A five-gallon bucket with a 1" padded seat, it conveniently combines seating and storage. It provides plenty of storage for ammo and other essential hunting gear, as well as a swiveling hunting seat.

A good quality dove vest is also another sound investment.  Take a look at the Redhead Dove Vest. Mesh panels across the chest and back provide extra ventilation during hot weather hunting. Two large pockets on the front provide plenty of space for shells and other gear.  The bloodproof game bag on the back provides space to stash your birds.belt

If a vest isn't your style, then the GameGuard Bird Belt may be for you.  Made of woven nylon, the belt has two side pouches to hold shells and gear.  There is a large rear pouch that easily holds three to four dove or quail.

You can find these items and more in the Hunting Department at your local Bass Pro Shops. Check them out and gear up - dove season begins, in Georgia, on September 7.




The Mental of Shed Hunting

Don MealeyDon Mealey from the Iowa Bow Hunting Association is passionate about hunting and passing on knowledge to others. But, it's not about simply hunting the animal...he makes it a year-round hunt by hunting sheds. 

Mealey was a guest speaker for the recent Bass Pro Shops Altoona Hunter's Appreciation weekend. After 30+ years of experience, he knows that you just have to head out and hit the land. 

Go anywhere deer live. He says a found "trophy" is in the beholder's eyes. It could be a single tine, it could be a giant moose antler. He says there is no wrong way to shed hunt and sometimes it's trial and error. You can be out for eight hours walking and not find anything or you could find something in the first five minutes.

There are some basic location traits you can look for as a guide to good areas to focus on:

1.  South-facing slopes - After hunting season, think bedding spots where they're soaking up the warm rays of the sun.

2.  Fences and creeks - As deer cross fences and creeks, the sudden impact helps jar the antlers off.  They may not be right next to each other, but keep looking!

3.  Draws - As the deer move to feeding areas, they'll tend to stay in the draw.

4.  Feeding Areas - They could be far away from the area down a fence line, or side-by-side, or 100 yards apart. You just never know. But Mealey says alfalfa/hayfields and corn/beanfields are great places to look. He said often farmers who may not let you hunt the area during season, will be happy to have you shed hunt, to save their equipment tires from getting ruined by the tines. 

5.  Feed stations - AFTER hunting season, set up a feed station. Mid-February or so. The deer will come in and often will drop their antlers in the general vicinity. In Iowa it's illegal to use feed stations during the season, so make sure season is over. 

You can shed hunt any time, but don't want to go too early in case they haven't shed and you don't want to go too late and spook the deer. He Don Mealey Shed Huntingsays the bigger the buck after the rut, the earlier the antlers may fall off. If it's a breeder buck, he'll be ran down and often those shed earlier, too. 

It's all part of the game - the game of hunting and having a game plan for fall. If you find the antlers in the spring, you know there's a pretty good chance that the buck will still be around in the fall. 

In this video, Mealey explains what he thinks is the most important aspect of the "game" of shed hunting:








Check out more from Don at Don Mealey's Hunting Channel and Don Mealey's Bowhunter Education Channel. Here's a great video of a 2013 Shed Hunt:




"Catch" us on Facebook!

Today more than ever online social networking has become a way of life. With so many options out there, finding and trading information is as simple as the click of the button. What’s so great about this is that we have the option to utilize these interconnections to help stay connected, promote a business, and even sell, buy or trade product within a matter of minutes, to someone who may live across the world.  

Do you realize the ways that people acquire information have been changing significantly overtime? In the old days, they mainly obtained information from newspaper, radio and television. These sources, however, are quite limited because they only work well locally. Although these traditional media of communication are still being used, the internet world has quietly emerged as a new and more effective way of how information flows.  

In 2013 one of the largest networking programs ever created reached its peak of 1.11 billion active users. This included people from all across the globe, connecting into one network site, and expanding as a “web” to form groups, chats, links, blogs, and clubs. This networking site was named “Facebook” and has become the life of many organizations. Our way of communication now changes from one-way to two-way. For example, the newspaper as a traditional communication tool provides news to the public only in one direction without a mechanism to collect feedbacks. In a two-way communication mode like Facebook, people can acquire information as well as conveying their own comments at the same time. This can make a big difference in social impacts because it effectively facilitates exchanges and interactions among people and therefore contributes to making information flow more globalized and influential in the real world. It’s quick, easy, and efficient.

If you are reading this, chances are you already have a Facebook account. The neat thing about being an account user is being able to “LIKE” pages to receive quick and free information that applies to your needs and interests. Bass Pro Shops has joined the rest of the ever changing, fast paced social networking world. We are on Facebook! Our mission is to share the passion of the outdoors with the rest of you, by providing updates, blogs, events, and cool things happening within our store! By “liking” our page, you will be able to stay connected with us, and receive the latest scoop on what’s going on in the outdoor world. Here, you will be able to comment, share, and like the latest newsfeeds, keeping you and your family in the loop. You will discover new elements that revolve around the outdoors, be exposed to new pros in numerous interests like fishing and hunting, and even stay updated on the latest sales, deals, and promotions Bass Pro has to offer. Bass Pro Shops is dedicated to educating children on the importance of conservation and outdoor discovery. We offer many free activities throughout the months including seminars, crafts, archery lessons, and much more for the kids to enjoy. There is ALWAYS something for the children to do, and best of all, it’s at no cost to you!

So is Bass Pro Shops a page you want to “like?” If you are like most of us, your passion for the outdoors is ever lasting. The excitement, enthusiasm, and dedication to promoting the outdoors are crucial and essential in today’s society. We strive to educate and be an influence on today’s generation, so that tomorrow’s generation will follow in our footsteps.  If you agree, go ahead and click the link below!

 By: Stephanie Crede 8/15/13





Learn How to Be the Best at winterizing your boat and motor

Although August is the hottest month of the year, it also brings with it a closure to the boating season. As schools start to go back into session and college students return to their universities, the time of pulling a towable, floating on pontoons, and much of the recreational boating starts coming to an end. Although the novice fisherman knows tournaments don’t stop, for the average boater the fun has lived out its life. Even though the season is concluding, the importance of preparing the boat for time off is still vital.

            Most new boaters do not realize how important putting the boat up for the season really is. There are many things that have to be done to a boat to insure that the proper storage steps are taken. For instance, does one have an appropriate boat cover with the correct length and beam width of the boat? With the Texas summers and winters this is key to keeping the interior of the boat clean and un-weathered. Also, has one done the necessary requirements to the boat motor to ensure it will keep running for seasons to come? There are many details that one has to attend to, such as fogging the motor and pulling all the drain plugs that must be done in order to be ready for such a tasks. Winterizing a boat requires a lot of experience and attention to detail.

So where can one go to get all the experience required in winterizing the boat? Why Bass Pro Shops “Power Pros” of course! Bass Pro Shops Staffs only the best of the best to sell, and rig your boat so you can have the greatest experience on the water! There are a lot of details that go into owning a boat, but let us worry about those so one can truly have the greatest experience on the water possible. That is why Bass Pro Shops is your greatest outdoor retailer; our customer service and product knowledge is worldwide. That is what makes us truly, “Where the adventure begins”.


Coming Up: 2013 Salt Water Expo

Saltwater Expo

Join us for the 2013 Saltwater Expo. This year's event will be bigger than ever. Come join us on Saturday Sept. 7th from 10:00am to 5:00pm. The event will host a day of hands on educational seminars, great door prizes and a silent auction table benefiting Wounded Warriors.


Keynote speaker George Poveromo, host of the NBC Sports TV show George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing will be on hand for seminars and autographs.

George Poveromo is a world-renowned angling authority, National Seminar host, television host, and Editor-At-Large for Salt Water Sportsman Magazine.

Poveromo, a native of South Florida in the United States, has fished most of the U.S. coast as well as many countries. He demonstrates his expertise through his column "Tactics and Tackle" in Salt Water Sportsman. Poveromo is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, Southeast Outdoor Press Association, and Boating Writers International. He is an advocate of catch and release fishing, and is a member of the Coastal Conservation Association.

Poveromo is Editor-At-Large for Salt Water Sportsman magazine, the oldest and most widely distributed sport fishing magazine in the United States. Salt Water Sportsman has a paid monthly circulation of over 150,000 readers. Poveromo has been part of the Salt Water staff since 1983.

In addition to Salt Water Sportsman, George has been the host of their National Seminar Series for all twenty five years of the tour. The National Seminar Series, which has eight country-wide stops per year, instructs people on how to catch popular coastal and offshore game. The Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series is the largest and most successful fishing seminar in the nation.

George Poveromo is also producer to a line of how-to videos and DVDs regarding sport fishing. These educational videos are published under High Hook Incorporated and are hosted by Poveromo himself. The High Hook videos range from bottom-fishing to sailfish tactics and everything in between. These videos are the top-selling salt water fishing DVDs on the market.

Most popularly noted would be George's television program, George Poveromo's World Of Saltwater Fishing, which runs on the NBC Sports Network. The show, which aired on ESPN2 for 10 seasons was picked up by the NBC Sports Network, formerly Versus (TV channel) when ESPN cancelled its coverage of fishing television lineup. Each week, Poveromo presents a cool and informative fishing episod from a U.S. coastal, or Bahamas fishing destination. Poveromo's show entered into its 12th season on national television in 2012.

Plan on a great day with some of the top fishing guides/captains of the carolinas; along with some of the top manufacturers and the latest in saltwater gear. See some of the pictures from last years vendor / captain area!


Lowrance will be on hand to talk electronics again this year!


Come see the latest in saltwater gear and technology!

Penn Battle

Penn let the battle begin!

This years Seminar Schedule will promise to be exciting, educational and experiential.

  • 10:30 – Mark Patterson – Kayak Fishing NC/SC intra coastal water
  • 11:30 – Sonar Class - Navionics
  • 12:15 – 12:45 Lunch Break
  • 12:45 – Capt. Ricky Kellum – Fishing for Speckled Trout
  • 1:30 - Capt. Fred Rourke - Fishing for Redfish
  • 2:15 – How to Throw a Cast Net
  • 3:00 – George Poveromo – Rigging Ballyhoo
  • 4:15 – Navionics Side Imaging

The Ballyhoo Rigging class will be hands on, you will acutally get to rig your own bait while George Poveromo instructs you on the how to. This class will fill up fast!

There will be a silent auciton table benefiting Wounded Warriors in NC.

Wounded Warrior

Items on the auction include but are not limited to, fishing technical gear, rods, reels, combos, fishing electronics, other useful satlwater items and Artwork by Guy Harvey.



Check out the vendor tables from the 2012 Saltwater Fishing Expo! Most of the vendors will be back this year!


Last years event had an amazing turnout, this year looks to be even bigger still. Make sure to come out and experience the 2013 Saltwater Expo at your Charlotte, Bass Pro Shops!

Happy Fishing! & Tight Lines!

~Dave Miller, Fishing Manager



Time to Hit the Hay.....


Looking to make your dorm room the coolest room in town, upgrade your current room, or give your little one the most awesome room ever, well swing into Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. 

Here at Bass Pro Shops, we want to bring the outfoors into your bedroom,  We offer a large line of bedding, thats perfect for ANYONE, from Fushia, Lavender, or Pink Realtree APC to Realtree APC or Realtree Black APC to Browning for Her or Browning for Him and so much more, styles of bedding may vary from store to store.

These sets come in all sizes from twin to king, making it easy to outfit a room for the next generation of outdoorsmen and outdoors women to the young country gals and guys heading off to college or joining the military and heading away from home for the first time and even to the king and queen of the castle looking to bring their personality into their bedroom. 

I personally love pink and love camo, so when the Fushia Realtree APC came in the ONLY question was when will I buy it. It is the most comfortable bedding and is easy to keep clean.....just throw it in the washer and you are set.  Plus blankets, pillow cases, throw pillows, shams, sheets, or any fabric that goes into my apartment MUST be built to withstand two little labs and this bedding does just that.  They absolutely LOVE the comfort, infact most mornings you can't get them out of the bed, most evenings you will find them taking a quick afternoon snooze between playtime and dinnertime, and at night you could bet your last dollar they will be spread out or snuggled up at your feet. 


Puppy Tested, Mommy Approved!!!!

Bass Pro Shops Bedding is a 50/50 blend, making it comfortable and easy to take care of and keep clean.  So when it is time to re-do your bedroom, swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let one of our great team of gifts associates help you find the perfect bedding for you!!!!!


Dang Darling Dinnerware

Well, they did it again. There is now another set of dishes in-store that I simply cannot resist. Now my first blog ever was about a set of coffee mugs that went along with the old set of dishes I had from Bass Pro Shops. (Refresh yourself here.)

Now to add to my already awesome collection of the Deep Woods dinnerware set is the latest and greatest, the Deep Forest set.  This new set is the same size as the previous one, which means I will be able to keep both out and not look too hillbilly… Not that there is anything wrong with that.

What also is nice is that this means I do not have to register for dishes with my fiancé! Seriously. I mean I can appreciate all the great things Martha Stewart has done in the name of home goods, but I’m still a man and this is America and I will eat my food off of a plate where pictures of my food can watch me!!!!!

And like I said last time, if you need some cups for the set just snag some mason jars…. Or, snag some really legit mason jars, like the ones below.

Yup, Carson has added a few new additions to their already too-cool-for-school glasses. This would include a blued version of the wine-glass and a mug.

My fiancé and I would get confused whose redneck wine glass was whose (mine was usually the empty one… just saying) so having some blued and some not is perfect for us.

Also just check out the handle on that bad boy. You could go from enjoying a nice thirst quenching drink to slamming it demanding more in seconds.( Kind of like that scene in Thor.)

So let me end this with a couple thank-you’s. One, thank you dinnerware designers for eliminating the need to go to another Macy’s this year (hopefully) and two, thank you the readers for continually checking out the shenanigan-filled/semi-informational stuff I put out here. Bears baring bear arms! Giddy-Up!


Fishy Facts: Peacock Bass

Here I go again (on my own! Down the only road I’ve ever known!... Love Whitesnake.) about our fishy friends. Now last time I had defended my choice with not choosing the largemouth bass for my first of many fishy fact blogs. Well I went with a bass this time… peacock though! Muahaha!

And actually, the peacock bass is not even a bass but a cichlid. (Does my trickery know no bounds?) They are native to the Amazon River along with inhabiting several other South American countries. We can find them in our beloved country in tropical areas, including Florida and Hawaii.

There are over a baker’s dozen of species of the peacock bass. The smallest is the royal peacock bass and the largest is the speckled peacock bass. Most peacock bass have three wide stripes along their sides and a spot on their tail. This spot looks a lot like those on the tail feathers of peacocks, hence their name.

Oh fun fact about peacocks. They make great guard dogs… er, guard fowl. Like a rooster, they are equipped with sharp spurs on the back of their legs. They are not afraid to use them either. In fact, they will go toe-to-toe with a coyote. Before you rush off to get one though, please note they have the tendency to get to the highest vantage point possible and call to other peacocks in the area. Their call can be quite alarming when first heard and may lead your neighbors to calling the police.

Back to the bass… with so many species they come in a variety of colors. Some may have speckles, dark rosettes or varying shades of orange, green, blue and gold. (Go Fighting Irish!) As these impressive fish get older, their colors tend to fade.

Speaking of impressive, that is the kind of fight these fish put up! They are known for being tough and strong fish. Certain travel companies specifically target this fish for trips. They have been called “bullies” and one should have some heavy duty tackle to handle them.

The peacock bass is not native to Florida, but was introduced in 1984 (great album). Two species were tested in the water, but only one actually thrived. That would be the butterfly peacock bass. Many of which are taken annually.

Now if you want to catch on for yourself, go for it. My friend’s dad had a blast on a trip for them a few years back. If you want to own them, you’re going to need a bigger tank. Roughly a 180-gallon aquarium is the minimum to home the smallest of these fish. And they are hungry when they are young so be ready for multiple fish feedings. And if you want to eat them… GO FOR IT! They are a delicious fish that are not too oily or bony. Some compare their taste to that of snapper.

Now go, swim my little friends. Not only have I armed you with information about fish but fowl as well. I know you didn’t ask for that, but you’re welcome anyways. Somersaultin’ Squirrels! Giddy-Up!


Explore Your Boundaries at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

IArrowhead Regionn northeast Minnesota, in what's known as the Arrowhead Region (due to its shape), there's a pristine area that beckons to the most hearty outdoors lover. Just over one million vast acres of wilderness dotted with lakes and rivers carved out by glaciers and sculpted over the years by Mother Nature...the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) traverses almost 200 miles along the U.S. and Canada border.

Boundary Waters

The BWCAW is historically important to our country's beginnings. It was crucial to our country's existence as a trade route and the primary means of transportation was canoe. It’s in this spirit that the area remains today.

Under the Wilderness Act of 1964, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Area was set aside by Congress in 1978 to be preserved in its natural setting without roads, structures, and most motorized access of any kind. This is what distinguishes its 1200 miles of canoe routes and over 2,000 camp sites from our national parks and forests.  

Do you like peace and quiet and a close relationship with nature? Then the rugged wilderness of the Boundary Waters calls to you. Many in the Midwest are already familiar with at least the existence of the Boundary Waters, due to our close proximity, but its popularity as a destination for paddlers, hikers, primitive campers, and fishermen, has spread throughout the country. According to a 2012 USDA Forest Service trends analysis, in 2007 the managers estimated total visitors at more than 250,000.

Peter Maley, Camping Associate at Bass Pro Shops in Altoona, Iowa, is a Boundary Waters devotee. He spent two summers as a canoe guide there in the early 1980s and continues to make several trips each year. He has also been there several times on annual winter camping trips for cross-country skiing, camping, and ice fishing.

"People often think that you have to be an expert outdoorsman or woman to take a Boundary Waters trip. But, that's not true. There are Boundary Waters adventures for all levels – novice through expert. There are plenty of outfitters to supply you with gear and knowledge and trip levels from basic family and group outings to major expeditions."

It's important to note that you don't just "show up" at the Boundary Waters. A permit is required to enter the BWCAW and there areBoundary Waters Entry Point specified points of entry for watercraft or hiking, which helps manage the use of the wilderness for the enjoyment of all. A few allow motor boat entry but the majority are by non-motorized and require portaging. Permits are allocated on a first-come, first served basis, even more of a reason, says Maley, for extensive advanced planning.

"You need to reserve MONTHS in advance for the more popular entry point. You can make reservations and get permits through the U.S. Forest Service, through outfitters, and at The permits needed are snatched up very quickly, so it's really important to jump online at the end of January and get your reservations."

Maley says you want to think ahead about other things, too. 

"It also takes advance planning for equipment, gear, and travel time, for example. Be prepared for anything – no phone, radio or other means of communication access. Like any wilderness there are inherent risks, so a well-thought out first aid kit is important, for example. Bring a map and a compass - most people get confused at least once!"

Maley says he has had a multitude of experiences including putting stitches in people, using epipens for stings, and contending with forest fires and controlled burns.

With all his Boundary Waters background and opportunities to visit, Maley says his favorite time is in the fall.  

"Crowds drop dramatically after Labor Day. After September 30, only self-issuing permits are required so you don't have to reserve in advance.  Bugs almost non-existent. The birch and aspen colors are beginning to change, and the waterfowl migration is beginning and night sky viewing is at a premium!"

Maley notes that it is legal to hunt in the BWCAW because it’s part of Superior National Forest. 

"Trapping is also supported, moose and bear hunting, grouse (roughed and spruce), ducks, and geese, not to mention the fall bite for the dedicated fisherman. Deer hunting has become more popular, but wilderness hunting is even harder work because of the portaging."

Make sure to check with the Minnesota state and federal government regarding all hunting regulations and needed permits.

Maley encourages beginners and experts alike to visit as a great resource for planning your trip north. There's a message board with several topics related to travelling in the area – food, gear, route, fishing conditions.

"It's the satisfaction of travelling by your own propulsion across lakes and portages to your home for the night – a tent, a fire and warmth, with an unparalleled view of the sky and stories around the campfire. That's what the Boundary Waters are all about."

Boundary Waters Sand Bar


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