New at Bass Pro Shops, CMMG 300 AAC/Blackout AR-15!!!

CMMG 300 BlackoutNew here at Bass Pro Shops is an AR-15 rifle chambered in 300 Blackout. The rifle is manufactured by CMMG Incorporated. CMMG manufactured not only full AR-15 rifles but they also manufacture AR-15 parts and accessories. This company was founded in 1999 and has been growing exponentially ever since. They now offer everything from magazines to a fully built rifle like we have here.

The specs on the rifle are:

  • Caliber - 300 AAC BLACKOUT.
  • Barrel - 16" M300 Profile Barrel, WASP Treated 4140 Chrome-Moly Steel, 1:7" Twist, 5/8-24 Threaded.
  • Hand Guard - M4 Hand guard.
  • Sights/Gas Block - Flat top/railed gas block.
  • Trigger assembly - Factory Trigger.
  • Magazine - 30 Round  P-Mag.


300 AAC Blackout  The 300 AAC Blackout(7.62x35 MM) is fairly new to the industry, but since the 300's acceptance by SAAMI(Sporting Arms Ammunition Institute) the cartridge has been gaining popularity. If you are unfamiliar with the 300 Blackout it is basically a .223rem case cut down and re-necked to fit a .30 caliber projectile, but its actual parent case is a .221 Fireball. Having the same case as a .223rem this means that the 300 blackout will function in a magazine designed for a .223rem and hold the same capacity. Now you might be asking yourself "What is the 300 Blackout good for?" Here are some of the advantages to this cartridge:

  • Subsonic ammo that will cycle an AR
  • Uses standard .223rem Magazine and bolt
  • Better muzzle energy when compared to a .223rem
  • Wide projectile selection (.308")

300 Blackout assortment


The 300 Blackout is becoming very popular with hog hunters. The low recoil, light noise crack and excellent energy producing make it a perfect fit for hog/pig control. Combine this cartridge with a suppressor and you will have a quiet, reliable rifle that will suit your needs.(Please check local game laws. Not all states/game can be legally hunted with a suppressor. Look here on how to obtain a suppressor).

Here is a YouTube video of what this round sounds like subsonic/suppressed vs. supersonic.

Now every pro has its cons. The only cons I could think of were slightly more expensive to shoot, factory ammo is a little harder to find(but what ammo isn't right now) and bullet drop after two hundred yards is significant.  These cons should not steer you away from this rifle. It is an excellent choice. Shoot one and you will realize what I am talking about.

Stop by Bass Pro Shop and ask an associate behind the gun counter to see this rifle. I am sure you will be impressed.



Fall Hunting Classic Returns

It is time once again for our annual Fall Hunting Classic.  The event runs from August 2 - 18 and features a number of components, sure to please every hunter in the family.

First up, is the Bass Pro Shops Hunting University, featuring seminars/workshops from nationally-known hunting pros. Two of these pros will be at Bass Pro Shops - Macon, on Friday, August 2.  Our guests that evening are Eddie Salter (DND Outdoors) and Jimmy Primos (Team Primos). Eddie is known for winning the World Championship calling contest twice in his career. In 2009, he was inducted into the Legends Hall of Fame. Jimmy is a member of Team Primos and has hunted all over the United States and Canada as well as Africa. Eddie will present a workshop on "Early Season Bowhunting" at 7 p.m.; Jimmy will present a seminar on "Calling & Hunting Tips for Whitetail Deer." Both presentations take place at our aquarium.


The following weekend, August 9 - 11, is "Hunter Appreciation Weekend."  We will present a variety of hunting seminars throughout the weekend. Our local hunting pros, Tim Knight and Sandy Sellers, will be discussing a variety of topics, along with our expert staff from our Hunting and Hunting Clothing Departments.  Here is the schedule for that weekend:


We haven't forgotten about the kids!  Our "Next Generation" weekend is August 17 - 18. Activities include Archery Range and Daisy BB Gun Range, as well as free crafts.  Kids activities run noon - 5:00 p.m. each day and will be located on our Front Lawn. We will also have free photos available for download as a souvenir of the event.


We have a number of different sales promotions going on as well.  The "2nd Amendment Instant Savings" runs August 2 - 11, and provides a 7% discount (equal to local sales tax) on purchases of guns and gun safes. This promotion is for new and existing Bass Pro Shops MasterCard holders. We are also taking trade-ins on a variety of equpment:  Bow & Crossbow Trade-In runs August 2 - 7; Scope Trade-In runs August 8 - 13 and the Binocular & Rangefinder Trade-In takes place August 14 - 18. Anyone trading in equipment will receive a coupon for a discount on a new equipment purchase.

Keep an eye on our website at or our Facebook page ( for even more details on this year's Fall Hunting Classic!


A Lifetime Of Socks

A Lifetime Of Socks

life crewOne of the pleasures of working at Bass Pro Shops is meeting new people. 
Because we are located on a main interstate, we get visited by travelers from all over.  They love to talk about their travels and their plans for the adventures they are undertaking.

Our store is getting ready for the Fall Hunting Classic.  That is when we get our hunters in.  Young and old, they have wonderful stories and ideas to share.  They are always willing to share helpful hints and ideas with us.  Since we are the footwear department – we get the people that are getting their boots, socks & other accessories for their hunt.  They are filled with excitement, which carries over to

One of the most frequently requested items is the Lifetime Sock by Redhead.  They sell for $9.99 and have a lifetime warranty.  This year we are getting two new styles of Lifetime socks.  One is a light weight hiker & the other is a light weight crew. 

So – get ready – The Fall Hunting Classic is coming in August and our store will be filled with excited hunters of all ages

Cathy Buras

Footwear Lead

Denham Springs


Tent Sale

tent sale


Looking for a good bargain? Check out our store wide clearance event going on from July 20-July 28th, We are going to have savings all throughout the store. Now is a good time to start picking up the kids' school clothes, the hunter some extra camouflage, or even something special for yourself. Make sure that you make Bass Pro Shops in Leeds a stop this weekend. We will have an outside tent sale and special deals inside, as well.

Also, while you are here... make sure that you register for a chance to win a trip to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to see the Professional Bull Riders in person.

For these great deals and more, make sure you check out our website at


Outdoor Success 4 All

So for those who did not catch the original blog about Outdoor Experience 4 All when it originally posted, you should definitely take a look at it. Bass Pro Shops has been a proud sponsor of this amazing organization for a few years now, and this year was no different. They held their annual banquet this year in the same venue as last time and it looks like they need to expand. This place was packed full of good hearted people looking for a great time in supporting a noble cause.

Outdoor Experience 4 All went all out on this event. The drinks were free and the food was delicious! McReynolds Farms roasted a whole pig for the night, and it was so good that they may be in the running to cater my upcoming wedding. (I believe they said something about a 30% discount when mentioning them in a blog…)

There were silent auctions (sorry that we didn’t get the cute little moose themed bedroom set, sweetie), raffles and drawings. There was a wide variety of items up for bid.

This organization is like one big family and everyone comes together for it. Dalton (who works here at Bass Pro and participated in a hunt through Outdoor Experience 4 All) was there to lend a hand with the event and his father even made an awesome “corn-hole” set for silent auction.

Two parts of the evening really stood out. One was the impromptu reciting of a rap-parody. Yup, that is right, a rap-parody at an outdoors banquet dinner. The two guys did it to the tune of “Thrift Shop” and it was extremely entertaining. The lyrics were worked to focus on turkey hunting instead of bargain hunting.

The other part was the main speaker’s story. Jim Sursely is a Vietnam vet who gave a lot for the country he loves. Upon being introduced, everybody at the banquet stood up and applauded for the man. His personal tale of being wounded and coming back was truly inspirational. He believes strongly in what Outdoor Experience 4 All does and was happy to be the main speaker.

It is great to be a part of something this amazing. Next time you can, hook up with an organization like this or any other, definitely do so. We left the place that night with a kick in our step (and not due to the free beer) feeling proud to have been there. I would like to thank all that made that night possible, especially Eddie Corona and Chris Denham. These two and the others involved showed that there is still good in this world. Giving back helps all parties involved, and that’s a fact.


PBR National Event in Leeds


Join us this year for our Professional Bull Riders Event at the Leeds Bass Pro Shops on July 27 & 28! The event will be from Noon-4pm with lots of fun for the whole family!

  • Stick Bull Riding - see who can "ride" the stick pony the fastest by racing each other
  • Bull Roping - Test your skills to see if you can "rope a bull"
  • Free Crafts - Make a Leather Wristband
  • Face Painting
  • Free CowBells to the first 100 children
  • Enter to win a VIP Trip to the PBR in Ft. Lauderdale

Saturday Only:

  • Meet Josh Moore from 1-2pm

Sunday only:

  • Best Cowboy or Cowgirl contest
  • Judging begins at 2:30
  • Winner receives a $50 gift card





Be Prepared

Be Prepared

hurricaneWith the height of hurricane season right around the corner it is important to make sure you and your family are prepared in case of an emergency. The key to being ready is to buy a little at a time in advance. I know I’ve personally been caught shopping at the last minute and I always find empty shelves or forget something on my checklist. Some major things you must have are:

  • 1 gallon of clean drinking water per person per day for 3 to 5 days. You should also consider extra water for pets and personal hygiene. In addition to clean drinking water you should also have basic chlorine bleach (no added scents or color blockers) to dilute any contaminated water you may have to use.
  • Each person should have 3 to 5 days of non perishable food.
  • Each person in the household should have a clean change of clothes.
  • Flashlights and lanterns
  • Battery operated radio
  • Batteries for electronics
  • Fully charged cell phone and car charger
  • Gas for your vehicles and generators (if applicable)supplies
  • First aid kit

In addition to having the necessary supplies it is also best to know where you would go in case of evacuation. You need to know all available routes and how the contra flow system works if it is initiated. The key to getting through a hurricane is having a plan. Bass Pro Shops hopes each and everyone of you has a safe and “hurricane free” season.

Whitney Triplett

FrontEnd Lead

Denham Springs



Outdoor Recipes

We've got some pretty serious campers on our team here at Bass Pro Shops- Columbia, and they have some great tips for food you can make for your outdoor adventures.

Cory says he lives by Potato Packs which are super easy to make over a campfire. First you take aluminum foil and butter it so nothing sticks. Then you just throw in potatoes, ham, onions, peppers and whatever else you fancy. After that you sprinkle whatever seasoning you'd like (Cory uses garlic salt). He says it takes about 15 minutes to cook, but it really depends on how hot your fire is. You'll know it's done by how soft the potatoes are. When it's nice and toasty just take it off the fire, open the pack and enjoy with a fork!

Craig suggested Po Boy Shrimp which he says is delicious. He uses freshwater Drum or Bluegill and de-scales them. Once all of the scales are gone he says you cut them into strips and boil them in shrimp spices. They'll curl up making them look just like shrimp!

Other meals they cook include fried mushrooms which you just soak in milk, roll in flour, salt and pepper and boil with crawfish with shrimp spices. Another very timely meal they suggested is fried frog legs. Once you catch your frogs just take the legs and roll them in flour and fry!

For more camp food ideas, check out our various cookbooks for sale in our store!

cook book


Outdoor Cooking Primer - Chimichurri Sauce

Have you ever wanted to simply find something "different" to use as a marinade or sauce with grilled food? I do...I am a "I need something NEW" person.

Here is a great recipe for a Chimichurri Sauce, which may be one of those "that's too exotic for me" type items you have considered. It's a South American-based sauce predominantly used with beef, but can be used with fish and chicken, too. I tasted this cilantro-based version the other day at my local Hy-Vee food store, compliments of Chef Dale.

It is a tremendously easy recipe - chop, chop, pour, mix, it's ready! The other nice thing - I actually HAVE all these things or can easily find them...especially cilantro which is a necessity at our house in the summer for fresh pico de gallo.

Try it with your next grilled backstrap, chicken, or steak! Thanks to Chef Dale at Hy-Vee in Newton, Iowa, for sharing!

Chimichurri Sauce 

1/2 C -  Finely chopped cilantro leaves (about 1 C. before chopping)

1/2 C - Finely chopped flat leaf parsely leaves (about 1 C before chopping)

2 T - Minced garlic

3 T - Fresh lemon juice

2 tsp - Red wine vinegar

1/4 tsp - Cayenne pepper

1 tsp  - Ground cumin

1/2 C - Olive oil

Wash cliantro and parsley leaves; dry with paper towel or spin dry in salad spinner.
Finely chop cilantro, parsley, and garlic, either by hand or in a food processor with steel blade.
Put ingredients in a bowl.
Add lemon juice, red wine vinegar, cayenne peper and cumin. Stir to combine.
Stir in olive oil until mixture is well-blended.
Let sit at room temperature at least 15 minutes before serving.


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Get Rid of Those Pesky Bugs!

Ahhh!! Those carefree days and lazy nights of summer are in full swing - swimming, fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and.....BUGS!!!! 

Don't let a few bugs spoil your fun. Come on in to Bass Pro Shops and check out our selection of insect repellents.  We carry a variety of products, from sprays and patches, to wristbands and thermacells. We even carry repellent for clothing.  

Don't like to use those chemicals? We can help you with that, too. Try out our Flyshooter Bug Gun or our Bug-a-nator Electronic Insect Zapper. Your kids will love to use these and you won't have to worry about the chemical repellents on their skin.


We also have a variety of mosquito nets to help protect you when you are outdoors. Check out our head nets, nets to cover your sleeping bag, and even nets to cover your cot.

So, whatever you are doing this summer, don't let those pesky bugs spoil your fun. Come by and visit your local Leeds Bass Pro Shops or check out our website @  and get prepared today. You and your family will have a much more enjoyable summer!!! 



Until next time, stay safe, have a great BUG FREE summer, and GO CAMPING!!!


New by Realtree: Seasonal Camo

Realtree has introduced two new seasonal Camo patterns to take you through the entire year.  Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green. 

Realtree XtraThe Realtree Xtra pattern features:

  • sharp foreground images
  • softer mid- and background images
  • simulation 3D effect
  • 12 individual warm earth tones

The overall color effect, made up of 12 individual warm earth tones, skews more toward brown/neutral. This pattern is best suited for ground, rocks, deadfalls and open areas.  From a seasonality perspective, it is designed to carry you from the leaf change of fall through winter, then into early spring. The design includes tree trunks, large and small limbs, leaves of different types and colors, and even large open areas. 


Realtree Xtra Green takes you from the greenout of spring through the bowhunting and muzzle loading/gun seasons of early fall. The pattern combines leaves, colors, open areas, and extreme contrast in a multidirectional design.  This pattern will effectively cause the human shape to blend in and disappear.

The Realtree Xtra Green features:Realtree Xtra Green

  • tree limbs
  • tree trunks
  • different types of leaves
  • 12 natural colors


Bass Pro Shops has the latest Realtree Camo along with so many more selections in Camo. So stop by Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City and speak to one of our hunting clothing experts.


Denise B.




It's National Catfish Month!

Did you know President Reagan designated August as National Catfish Month?  It's true!  Catfish are found across the globe in every continent except Antartica. The freshwater fish have been caught and farmed for food for hundreds of years. Channel catfish and blue catfish are the two most commonly eaten species here in the United States, and are particularly popular in the South.

Catfish are becoming more and more popular as game fish as well.  One of our fishing pros, Jonathan Herndon, is currently filming his own television show called "Maximum Catfishing." They recently caught this 70 lb. blue catfish, while filming on Lake Guntersville, in Alabama.










As mentioned above, catfish make for some good eatin'. The recipe shown below is considered a "standard" recipe and may be found Best of the Best from the Deep South Cookbook, available at your local Bass Pro Shops.

Mississippi Catfish Fillets

3/4 cup yellow cornmeal

1/4 cup self-rising flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon garlic salt

1/2 teaspoon cayenne red pepper

2 pounds catfish fillets

Oil for frying

-Mix meal, flour, salt, pepper, garlic salt and cayenne. roll fish in mixture until well coated. Have oil hot, about 400 degrees. Add fish in single layer. Fry until golden brown. Drain on paper towels or brown bag. Serve hot.


Take a few minutes to celebrate the humble catfish. Visit one at your local aquarium or fry some up with a batch of hush puppies. You are sure to have a good time either way!



~PBR~ Professional Bull Riding Family Event


Join us Saturday July 27th and Sunday July 28th at Bass Pro for our annual PRB Family Event !!!


Come enjoy many different FREE activities including: 

  • Stick Bull Riding

  • Make your very own Leather Wrist Band

  • Test your Skills at our Bull Roping

  • And even get your Face Painted to look like Flint the Clown.



Best Dressed Cowboy and Cowgirl Contest

One winner will recieve a $50.00 Bass Pro Shops GIft Card

Judging will start at 2:30pm and the Gift Card will be awarded at 3:00pm












Camping With Technology

Are you one of those people that refuse to go camping because there's no place to charge your iPhone or iPad or whatever the latest and greatest gadget is that you simply can't live without? Now there's no least you can't use THAT one anymore thanks to Thermoelectric Technology. The Bio Lite Camp Stove converts heat to electricity which powers a fan for a more efficient flame AND it has a built-in USB port so you can charge that phone that seems to be permanently connected to your ear. :) Charge for 20 minutes and get 60 minutes of talk time all while cooking supper!

This eco-friendly cooking source is easy to pack because it's only 8.5"x5" and weighs a mere 33oz. The best part is, there's no reason to pack fuel because you use any biomass such as twigs, leaves, pinecones, etc for fuel and it boils water in 4.5 minutes! Also, the Bio Lite Camp Stove provides that same fire output as white gas stoves but without the addition of fuel canisters in the landfills and on the trails. This is a fantastic addtion to your emergency pack so you can cook and charge even when the power is out.

BioLite CampStove is only $129.99 and you can even use the box it comes in for a fuel source.

There's more though- How about we add 55 square inches of cooking space? That's enough room for 4 burgers or 6 hotdogs. You can do this by adding the BioLite Portable Grill to your stove.With 3 settings of low, medium and high, you can cook anything on here that you would cook on a regular grill and you can do it out in the middle of nowhere! The steel grill suface comes with a durable plastic cover for easy transport. It also has a built-in fuel intake lid which allows you to refuel without disrupting the food or the charging time.

Folded, this grill is 9.5"x12"x3.5". Unfolded; 9.5"x12"x10.5" and only weighs 2.64 lbs. Cost is a mere $59.95

As the package says, "Feed yourself. Feed your fire. All at the same time."

Just a couple of my new gadgets here in the Camping Department. Come see me and I'll show you all about these nifty little items.

As always, thanks for allowing me to share.


Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops




The Fudge Factor

I'm not a big sweets person. I'll go for the chips and salsa or crackers and cheese before snatching up fudge. But there is something about interesting fudge flavors that drags me into our Bass Pro Shops General Store/Fudge Shop. As someone who enjoys creative cooking, I'm always interested to see what new flavors they have...and it becomes a near obsession for me to conjure up new flavors that I can convince them to test run.Chelsea

So, when Fudge Shop Associate Chelsea Fousek mentioned that we had Summer Soda Fudge flavors, I had to explore. Dr. Pepper, Sunkist and Mt. Dew beckoned to me!

Whether you call it soda or pop, our Summer Soda fudge flavors definitely hit the tastebud spot! I zeroed in on the Dr. Pepper fudge first, made with Dr. Pepper flavor syrup and topped with Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellies...the DP fudge is SPOT ON! The Sunkist fudge has the "sparkle" of the fun, fizzy flavor of the favorite orange beverage of many.

So, how do they come up with the flavors? With some creative free-form thinking, trial and error, and input from associates and customers. Themes are always popular to cover several flavors.

"We have holiday themes and they'll include Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie fudge in the fall and Peppermint fudge around Christmas. We also do a fair theme around Iowa State Fair time with Cotton Candy and Lemonade flavors," says Chelsea.

Sometimes ideas from customers come from the younger customers.

"Our General Manager's 10-year-old daughter suggested Smarties flavored fudge because she said kids would like it...and they do!"

The most popular flavors include Salted Nut Roll, Chewy Praline, and Turtle, which was created by the Fudge Shop Lead Dawn Godwin. Some creations don't always work out and some do...accidentally. Chelsea says her Accident fudge was just accident, but it turned out to be very popular. Lava fudge was popular in other stores, but not in the Altoona shop.

Customers can always call the store (515) 957-5500 and special order fudge...some customers call before they come to see if their favorite flavor is in stock. Recently, a customer liked the Coconut Creme fudge so much that he bought a whole, called to order more.

They're always looking for new flavor suggestions, so feel free to give us your ideas! Jalapeno, Cinnamon Roll, S'Mores...there are so many choices to make. 

What's Chelsea's choice for a favorite flavor? 

"Cookie and all the four-year-olds!"


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Summertime Essentials

We all wish to just run away sometimes and spend time doing what we love to do. With a few simple items that you can keep in your car, you will be ready to go anywhere.

A Camp Chair is the PERFECT item. You can use it at cookouts, head to the park, hit the beach or pool, or just have it for backup. With a carry case/ storage bag you can keep it in the trunk and have it right when you need it. The Bass Pro Shops Basic Camp Chair is perfect at $12.99 and a max capacity of 250 pounds its perfect for anyone..... 


A cooler is perfect for a long drive to nowehere.  The Igloo Marine Breeze,, is perfect for a few ice cold drinks and some fresh fruit or veggies.  Just pack it with ice and go!


It's always a good idea to have a fishing pole, some bait, and good friends just to head outdoors and enjoy a goodtime. So no matter what your next BIG adventure or great escape may be, from camping to hunting to fishing, swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let one of our awesome team of associates help you find everything you will need to have a blast!




The Last Weekend of Family Summer Camp!

summer camp

Looking for a great way to spend the weekend with your family, not break the bank and create fun filled memories that will last forever?  Well swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World for the last weekend of our Family Summer Camp.  Join us Saturday, July 13, 2013 and Sunday, July 14, 2013 from noon until 5 P.M. for some pretty cool seminars, a craft, and even yummy ice cream.  You will learn from our informative yet fun seminars then head on a scavenger hunt through our store to earn a pin for each class. So make sure you join the staff at your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World for the last hoorah of Summer Camp Fun!


Mussel Mayhem

We are in full summer blaze as everyone now has their boat on the water. Whether one is fishing, doing watersports, or just drifting on a pontoon, always remember safety first. Along with the normal legal requirements, there is one thing most people often forget about, that is the safety and well being of our lakes! By this I mean properly cleaning off the boat and trailer when the fun is over and the day has come to an end. So why is this important?

As some may already know, a few invasive species (especially Zebra Mussels) have begun to destroy our lakes as we know them. Zebra Mussels are a freshwater organism that start out microscopic, and won’t get any bigger than two inches. They are being spread from lake to lake by all unsuspecting boaters. But why worry about something so small? This parasitic organism can not only cause problems to one’s boat and motor systems, but also can destroy large aquatic ecosystems! They have already caused significant damage to Lake Texoma, and will not stop there unless we all start taking proactive steps to prevent them. So what can one do to prevent them from spreading?

The answer is simple, Clean, Drain and Dry. Properly clean the boat and trailer after leaving a lake. Drain all the water out of the live wells, and motor. And allow sufficient time for the boat and trailer to dry. These steps are easy to do and don’t take much time, and will help prevent the spreading of parasitic invasive species. Of course your favorite outdoors store, Bass Pro Shops has all the right tools and cleaning supplies one needs to stay Zebra Mussel free and on the water. So remember, have fun, stay safe, and help protect our lakes for generations to come!

Zebra Mussels

Clean. Drain. Dry.


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Last Chance for Summer Camp!

This is it - the last weekend for your kids to experience free educational fun during our Family Summer Camp! Make sure your kids don't miss out on this terrific opportunity! 


Activities start at noon, unless otherwise noted.


Family Summer Camp

Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14, Noon-5 p.m.

Daisy BB Gun inflatable shooting range - Outside
FREE wildlife carousel - just inside the front entrance turnstiles.
Casting BucketsDeer Track Craft

Soft Foam Shooting Arcade


12-2 Crafts (while supplies last) - Kids paint their own deer track! 


Saturday, July 13 - our last night for free Homemade Ice Cream samples  -  5-6 p.m. Stop by for some sweets treats up by the carousel!


Kids' Workshops - Designed for children 6-12 years of age. Each child will receive ONE free lanyard (while supplies last) and a FREE pin for each workshop they attend.


Workshops are:


Noon - Fishing
1:00 - Water Safety
2:00 - Hunting & Shooting
3:00 - Outdoor Discovery
4:00 - Bird Watching


Noon - Hunting & Shooting
1:00 - Archery
2:00 - Wildlife Adventure
3:00 - Camping
4:00 - Backyard Adventure


Other Happenings this Weekend!

2 p.m. - Join our Fishing experts at the Main Aquarium for a Deep Cranking demonstration.

Try Before you Buy!

The Gifts Department will be serving up samples of deep-fried catfish using Uncle Buck's Light 'n Krispy Fish Mix and Uncle Buck's Beer Batter - then liven it up with some Uncle Buck's Camo Ammo Hot Sauce!

Coming Up!  

Bass Pro Shops Tent Sale

  • July 20-28 - Storewide TENT SALE & Clearance Event!

20-50% off regular price on select items! 

  • July 27-28 - FREE PBR Family Event

Free games and activites - Noon - 4 p.m.

  • August 2-18 - The 2013 Fall Hunting Classic