HS Fishing Tournament Challenge #1 - Cherokee Lake


8 am - March 22, 2014 on Cherokee Lake 43 boats blasted off and began the first of the three part tournament series in the inaugural Bass Pro Shops High School Fishing Tournament Challenge.

We will have three tournaments, March 22, April 19, and May 10. The playing fields will be Cherokee and Douglas Lakes. We will take the top 25 winners with the most weight from those tournaments and have a final Challenge on Douglas Lake on May 24, 2014.

Blast offWe are really encouraged by the number of entries and enthusiasm that these kids are showing. We have 9 schools participating in our first year with a total of 86 kids in the entire program so far. We hope to keep increasing those numbers with each tournament.

They blasted off at 8 am and fished until 2 pm. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny spring day in East Tennessee, perfect for fishing.

After weigh-in was complete the winning team was awarded a trophy and got to split a $400 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card. The 1st Place team was Craig Wilson and Trevor St. John from Campbell County High School. In 2nd Place was Paten Sweeney and Tavon Russell from Maryville High School, 3rd place team was Tyler Lawson/ Kaleb Dople from Jellico High School, and finally the 4th place team was James Miller/ Cody Langlen from Cumberland Gap High School.

I would like to thank the following schools for being open to participating in our first tournament series-

Campbell County, Jellico, Anderson County, Grainger County, Maryville, Wartburg Central, Karns High School, Cumberland Gap and Seymour High School.

And a HUGE thank you to BAIT Fishing Trail!!!


For more information on the High School Series .... email gchesney2@basspro.com


Turkey Talk (No, it's not Thanksgiving)

Since the beginning of time, men have hunted. Whether it be for dinosaurs, deer, or squirrels, we have always loved the rush of being able to take a wild creature home as a trophy. It's simply in our nature to want to seek out adventure and take a challenge, like hunting, hands on.

The most current season would be the ever growing turkey hunting period of the year. Adults, as well as children, love this time of the year due to the enjoyment that comes out of a turkey hunt! You get to use fun (and bizarre) calls, use expandable decoys, and of course, sit on your tush all day! (The sitting part is my favorite too) So to cover all things "seating wise" I'll show you some of our best vests for your next turkey hunting trip!

The first vest to look at, and in my humble opinion, one of the best is the RedHead Striker Vest.


This vest is our number one seller and has a plethora of features. This vest has multiple call pockets from mouth calls to box calls as well as space to store and carry your decoys (or turkey!). Everything is easily accessible and fitted for maximum comfort along with a padded seat that snaps back on to your vest. 

Another great vest is the RedHead Classic Turkey Vest: http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Classic-Turkey-Vests-for-Men/product/11100805013011/

This vest features multiples pockets and slots and has a comfortable fold down padded seat. One Customer review states:

"i bought this about a week ago for my first turkey season. i thought id go for it because it was a decent price and i didn't know how much i would use it in the field. i soon found out that your vest is your best friend from holding all your equipment to saving your butt and back on the ground with the fold down pad. i would recommend this product for a first timer or a small kid learning to hunt. for an experienced hunter spend the extra ten to twenty bucks and get one with a few more pockets so your calls aren't rattling around while your walking. i know i will definitely be upgrading to the redhead strut zone turkey vest for next season. but overall its a great product for the money."
Bass Pro offers a wide selection of vests to cover any need you may have when it comes to turkey hunting. With such a wide selection it is nearly impossible to not be able to help every turkey hunter that comes into the camo department find that perfect vest to suit their needs and leave them happy!
Don't Forget!
Check out this blog on how to select the perfect Turkey Camo to disguise yourself:
Ask any of our hunting associates about what the best choices are to give your next hunt its most successful shot! (literally)
Ainsley Marie
Hunting Clothing Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro

Tony Stewart Appearance


Come on down to meet Tony Stewart at the Olathe Bass Pro Thursday, May 8th starting at  6:00pm! MUST HAVE WRISTBAND TO SEE HIM.  We will be handing out wristbands begining at 9:00am Thursday, May 8th.First come first serve! There will be a limmited number of wristbands!

If there are any questions please call (913) 254-5200




Grandpa's Buck


BY: Dominic Sabatina

     Every weekend for the first six years of my life was spent with my grandparents. On the weekends that my father’s parents would come to visit I was always excited because I knew that those weekends meant two things; Saturday Fishing at the local pond with Grandpa Max, ice cream following and Church on Sunday followed by our traditional Italian feast! When I was just seven years old my Parents moved from great state of Ohio to “the valley of the sun”, Peoria Arizona.  After moving across the country the traditional weekends went away. Well, at least the fishing and ice cream did. My Father ALWAYS worked hard and did not have the time to be an avid outdoors-man like Grandpa Max was.

     Throughout my childhood and teen aged years I was only able to visit my grandparents twice, once at age 10 and once at the age of 18. During the last trip I found out that my Grandpa Max was a World War Two Veteran of the 244th Field Artillery Battalion in Patton's Third Army. His battalion earned 5 battle participation stars for Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes and Central Europe. He was at the Battle of the Bulge. He was a walking piece of American history!

I was about to start a military career, following in his footsteps, and didn't even know it. This was also probably the last time I would see my grandmother, Elizabeth. She suffered from Alzheimer's disease and unfortunately passed away during my first year in the Navy. When I retired from the Navy I knew it was my time to get back some of what I lost during my younger years. I made regular trips from my home in Illinois to Ohio to visit my grandfather who was still alive at the age of 98.

During my time in the Navy I became a fisherman and developed a true passion for bow hunting. Over the years, when I had time away from the Navy, I would trek out to the woods, climb a tree, hope for the best and I got lucky a few times. I have harvested five black tailed deer in Washington State, A mule deer and antelope in Wyoming and in my new home in Illinois, two white tailed deer. All of these deer have been harvested with arrows that I have built myself and part of the process for me is a sentimental one. Each year I place the initials of the people I care about (family and old hunting buddies) on one of the fletchings on each of the arrows in my quiver. This gives me the feeling that I am not alone, and that I have part of them with me on every hunt. While I am out there alone, braving the elements in hopes of getting the opportunity of a lifetime, I pull an arrow from my quiver and dedicate that hunt to them. Just for old times’ sake.

     The last week of September in 2013 finally came after a long off season of checking camera footage, picking spots and hanging sets. The opener (October 1st) was getting close and my level of excitement was quickly rising. On September 29th I received a phone call from one of my older sisters. Accompanying that call was the worst news I had heard all year. My Beloved Grandpa Max, WWII walking piece of American History and the last of that generation in our family had passed away due to natural causes at the age of 98. I was crushed. My father no longer had living parents and I was not able to get back near the amount of time with my Grandpa as I wanted.

     All of this still fresh in my mind, October 1st came and I was in the stand, but my mind wasn't. My mind was on an upcoming road trip with my father.  Once again, October 3rd came and I was in the stand but my mind was not there. That was my last hunt before the road trip. My Father and I were driving to Ohio to pay respects to the man that, through God, gave us life.

On October 5th 2013, my father's 65th birthday, we said our last “see ya later” and we buried Grandpa Max.

I came home from that trip and I didn't hunt for two weeks. I decided that my next hunt would be the evening of October 24th.

The evening prior, I was preparing for the next day's hunt and talking with my wife Tiffani. I was checking off all of my gear and making sure I had everything ready to go as I was headed to the farm right after work the next day.  Tiffani wished me luck as she always does and said to me, “maybe Grandpa Max will put your big buck in front of you”.

Now, I have been chasing this certain “Big Buck” since he was 4. He is now 7 and boy is he a dandy!  I kind of chuckled at the thought and then it hit me. I looked over at my quiver and noticed that not one of my arrows had initials on them. I looked at Tiffani and said “I know why I have not harvested a deer yet this year”. She asked me why and I said to her, “I forgot to initial my arrows. With everything that has happened here lately, I guess I just wasn't thinking about it”.

I grabbed a sharpie and started from the end. When I got to the number one arrow in my quiver I looked up at Tiffani. She was waiting there to see how long it was going to take me to write my grandpa's initials on an arrow.  I said to her, “My grandpa gets my number arrow this year”.  M.S. (Matthew Sabatina) got placed on the fetching of my number one arrow.

The next day was a great day all around. Everything when smooth, not one ounce of anything negative happened that day. I just didn't know why but it was probably one of the best days I had at work and when work was over I headed to the farm. I made it to the blind, set up my Boss Buck Decoy and settled down in the blind for a good evening of hunting. 

I pulled an old trusty Carbon-Tech Whitetail arrow with a G5 T3 expandable broad head from my quiver and knocked it on the string of my Strother Infinity. I pulled my Flex Tone Bone Collector Series call from my pack and started calling. I am sitting on a Red Head Blackout 360 degree swivel chair leaned back, bow laying against my chest; call in my shooting hand and my other on the bow grip.  I looked out to the sky and said “Grandpa, Please give me a sign that you are watching over me right now, please let me harvest a deer today”.

My cell phone vibrated, so I picked it up with my grip hand and answered the text from a buddy asking if I had seen anything yet.  I finished answering his question with a “no”. I pressed the send button on my phone and when I looked up there was a buck standing 20 yards away from the blind in the biggest shooting lane I had made. He was not the dandy that I was hoping to see but it was the first one of the year.  Time at this point seemed like it was moving in slow motion. The buck was standing there glaring at my Boss Buck Decoy. My phone and Flex Tone (which were still in my hands) slowly and silently found their way to the dirt. Grip hand on the bow, release connected to the D-Loop, I slowly sat up. I remember thinking,”I can't believe he is still just standing there”.

I came to full draw and anchored the string. While looking though the peep and orienting my 20 yard pin over his vitals he put his nose to the ground and started to move down wind of the decoy. Since I practice scent free odor control and invested in “Ever Calm” from Bass Pro Shops, all he was going to smell was another deer. He only took two steps with his nose to the ground and he stopped, picked his head up and glared at my decoy again. My finger was resting on the trigger and with just a little more back tension my release opened. 

The arrow left my bow traveling 288 Feet per second. When it hit the G5 opened up and the arrow made a clean pass through the deer punching a hole directly through the center of the heart. I could not have asked for a better shot. The deer traveled 10 yards and fell over dead right in front of the blind.  I exploded with excitement! I reached for another arrow and as I did I noticed that it was my grandpa's arrow that passed through the deer. My emotions overwhelmed me and all I could do at that point, with tears streaming from eyes, was look up to the sky and say,”I love you! I love you! I love you! Thank you Grandpa for watching over me and giving me a sign that you were here with me!

The first thing I did was call my Father to tell him what happened.  He simply said to me,” Your Grandpa was there with you and he guided that arrow”.

In honor of that experience I decided that I was going to complete an antler mount dedicated to my Grandpa Max. Here it is. Thank You Grandpa for all of the Wonderful memories. You'll never be forgotten.






Helpful Hints from Bass Pro’s Closet

Spring is coming and with that some exciting colors to fill your closet. That’s why I love the new collections BPS has to offer. Collections offer easy to coordinate mix and match outfits that take the guess work out of what to wear.  We have them conveniently located so you can find the perfect outfit. Or you can create your own look with the variety of separates.


Here are a few basics to keep in mind while creating your look

  • Make sure your clothes compliment your eyes, hair and skin tone. For example, blondes look good in navy, brunettes in red and redheads in green. Enhance a fair complexion with medium tones (Blues, Greens) and a dark complexion with light tones (pink, yellow,)
  • For spring look for clothes to layer and that can be worn any time of day. Plain fabrics coordinate well with patterned fabrics.
  • Sleeveless items are great for layering with, and can be worn in to summer. While 3/4 sleeved is great for any time of the year.
  • When buying jeans darker is more slimming.
  • Matching pieces of your outfit (like a jacket and shoes of the same color) can really make your outfit come together. Don’t forget accessories like coordinating jewelry, or an added belt to really make your outfit pop.


This is Virginia she is excited about our new “Painted Desert” collection. She loves the bright colors of the dress and how it’s longer in the back. The jacket is the same hew as the blue in the dress and it helps tone down the bright colors. The orange & green beaded necklaces with the brown hat complete the outfit. Virginia says it’s the perfect outfit for going out on a spring day.


Outdoor Cooking Primer - Slow Cooker Jambalaya w/UB's Biscuits

jambalayaWanted to make jambalaya, which I had never made before. All of the recipes I found incorporated rice being put IN the jambalaya. However, I wanted to serve it over rice. Stumbled across a recipe to do in a slow cooker...I had other things to do so this was PERFECT! The recipe is from Robin Miller off the Food Network web site. I did make a couple of changes, as usual.

1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch cubes
1/2 pound andouille sausage
1 can diced tomatoes (I used frozen, tomatoes from our garden - vacuum sealed with our Food Saver in a one gallon bag)
1 medium onion, chopped
1 red bell pepper (recipe called for green, I only use red)
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 cup chicken stock (recipe called for broth, but stock has more flavor)
2 tsps dried oregano
2 tsps Cajun seasoning
1 tsp hot sauce (I used Sriracha)
2 bay leaves
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1 pound frozen peeled and cooked shrimp, thawed. (I used medium)

Combine the chicken, sausage, tomatoes, onion, red bell pepper, celery and chicken stock in the slow cooker. Stir in oregano, Cajun seasoning, hot sauce, boy leaves, and thyme. Cover and cook on low for 7 hours or high for 3hours. Gently stir in the thawed shrimp, cover, and continue to cook until shrimp are heated through.

Our favorite rice is saffron yellow rice, so we served the jambalaya over that...tasty AND very colorful!  On the side? Cheddar jalapeno garlic biscuits made with Uncle Buck's Biscuit mix! 



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Organizing Your Tackle Box

When it comes to organizing a tackle box, one of the biggest mistakes that I see fisherman make is throwing away the packaging of their lures and tackle. The packaging of most lures and tackle have so much information that can be applied toward the fishing you plan on doing.

Rapala for example, has the weight of the lure and how deep it can swim, Yozuri's do the same. Almost all hard lures will have the bait fish it is suppose to resemble on the packaging. Most of these lures will also tell you if they can float or suspend in place if you pause the action. Some soft plastics like Gulp will even give you suggestions as to how they can be used and rigged. Without this information you could be picking lures out of your tackle box without ever really knowing how their used or how they swim.

Hooks also have useful information on the packaging like the size of the hook and what it is made of. Sometimes the packaging can even serve as protection. If you want the best performance from your lures and tackle remember what they do and what they are used for by keeping the package. Your fishing will improve and your success will only be a hook set away.

Henry Morales



Next Generation Weekend

Bass Pro Shops, "Next Generation" event was a HUGE hit with the kids on March 15th and 16th! Not only was this event a great way to learn how to fish, but the first 150 kids who completed their punch card got a FREE tackle box!

Our events and promotions coordinator, Monica, had a lot of great things to say! "Next Generation Weekend was very successful! You couldn't help but smile when you saw a child catch a fish! A big thank you to everyone who volunteered for this event."

Along with the catch and release pond, this fun filled weekend held two different seminars: women's workshop and kid's workshop! Both groups were able to learn about fishing basics from knowledgeable anglers.

Kids were also able to make crafts and take a picture with the trout they caught or a stuffed bass!

It's safe to say that our kid's event was a success! A big thank you to Monica and her volunteers for creating such a fun environment.

Great job guys!


Catherine M.


Bass Pro Shops, Hooksett NH

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Bass Pro Shops Hooksett, NH


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Talkin' Turkey!

Iowa's Spring Turkey Hunting Season kicks off this weekend with the YOUTH season starting Saturday, April 5!  Iowa youth hunters get an extended time to hunt this year, too. Read about it in this blog post from last week. Adult first season is April 14-17. Find all season dates at www.iowadnr.gov/Hunting/TurkeyHunting.aspx.

It's National Wild Turkey Federation Donation month at Bass Pro Shops! Your donation can help continue the preservation of habitat for turkeys and other wildlife. Since 1973, the NWTF has helped restore wild turkey populations throughout North America to more than 7 million across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Wild turkeys and hundreds of other species of upland wildlife, including quail, deer, grouse, pheasant and songbirds, have benefited from this improved habitat. Donate at your local Bass Pro Shops or online.

This weekend at Bass Pro Shops Altoona we get you ready for turkey season with two great free seminars!

Saturday, April 5 - Spring Turkey Hunting Seminarsmorning turkey hunt

Rick Adams from the Primos Pro Staff is on hand for two seminars Saturday afternoon.

1 p.m. - Advanced Turkey Calling

2 p.m. - Selecting the Right Decoy

Attend either of our seminars this day and be entered in a chance to win a free AVIAN- X TURKEY DECOY!  Seminars will be back in the Hunting Department.

Try Before You Buy!

Our Gifts Department is serving up pancake samples made with Uncle Buck's Pancake Batter, with a dab of Uncle Buck's Blueberry syrup! Noon-4 p.m. or while supplies last.



Micro anchor Power pole


,Bass Pro Shops is now carrying the ultimate accessory for all small boat owners, the new Power Pole micro anchor system.  Weather you are a die hard bass fisherman or enjoy fishing the flats for reds, this anchor will help you do it all.

The Anchor will mount to any small vessel 1,500lbs or less, but in some instances an adapter plate may be required.  This unit runs $599.99, the spike isn’t included.  The micro spike itself will run $99.99.  For more information on the micro anchor or would like to see this unit on display, please come visit us at our marine counter and we would love to show or help you with any questions about this unit.                                                                                          

Some of the key features:

  • It’s fully electric
  • Wireless remote included
  • It deploys in 7 seconds.
  • It can also be controlled from your phone with their free phone app download
  • It can operate with any ¾” spike
  • It also has and auto UP/DOWN feature




Spring Turkey Hunting: A Story to Remember


Turkey Season is upon us once again, if the snow ever clears enough to go out scouting for scrapes, dustings, or nesting’s we would be able to set up blinds. For the past decade, I have been hunting at My Dads House in Davisburg, Michigan. Like every hunter, I have a story about what went wrong when that monster Tom is in your sights.

I did my pre scouting, set my blind, and prepped all my equipment the night before. Scared I wouldn’t wake up I made sure I set the alarm to be up before dawn. Early morning comes and I walk very quietly to my tent, sit down and relax because my adrenaline is really flowing by now, I’m hearing the turkeys starting to gobble. This happens before or just after they fly down from the trees.  Then I start hearing every movement in the woods, just waiting to see a hen or a tom come in.

Then, out of the corner of my eye I see movement, my heart starts beating really fast, I have to tell myself to calm down, don’t make a quick movement and scare them away. There, coming closer, first you see Jakes, then wait for it, wait for it , and then, the big Monster Tom comes in with a 14” beard, and I’m saying come on just a little closer, a little closer, and there he is, right in front of me. I aimed dead on; it’s a perfect shot, the Tom Flies up a little and doesn’t drop.

I can’t figure out why he’s still alive. So I check my sites, I know I hit him, but the monster Tom with the 14”beard just walks away. I just know I hit him. My hunting buddy calls me as the turkey goes out of site. He says “How could you have missed, he was right there”.  He comes to look at my  Shotgun to see why I missed the Turkey.

Then looks at me with little puppy dog eyes and tells me OOPS…… I forgot to put your Turkey Choke in -- Honey! Errrrrr, I just missed the longest bearded Turkey I have ever had come into range. Realizing how bad he felt didn’t matter, I still wanted to choke him, but I didn’t. 

So the lesson I learned is always make sure your equipment is properly set up. Even though I missed a Tom of a lifetime, I have to say that was probably the best hunting experience I ever had. It even makes a great funny story to tell at deer camp. For more blogs on Turkey Hunting and Shotguns go to http://www.basspro.com/ and click on blogs.

That’s My Story and I’m sticking with it………

Mary Callahan

Promotions Cordinator

Bass Pro Shops

Auburn Hills, MI


NWTF Donation Month @ BPS Olathe, KS

NWTF is a conservation partner that Bass Pro Shops supports with a variety of initiatives. Durring this in-store conservation month, we higlight the organization and encourage our customers to donate with the NWTF to ensure future generations of wild turkeys for the enjoyment of our future generations of hunters.

The sweepstakes rules will be posted at customer service, but also they are as follows:


Between the dates of 4/1/14 and 4/30/14, you may enter in-store at one of the participating Bass Pro Shops locations. To do so, you may donate $2 at the register to receive an official entry form. Complete the entry form and deposit it in an official ballot box at one of the participating Bass Pro Shops locations by close of business on 4/30/14. Each $2 donation will provide you with one entry form, each allowing one entry into the sweepstakes.


You may also enter by visiting www.basspro.com/nwtf ("Web Site"), between 12:00 am CT on 4/1/14 and 11:59 pm CT on 4/30/14, and donating $2. Each $2 donation will earn one entry into the sweepstakes.


You may also enter by calling 1-800-BASSPRO between 12:00 am CT on 4/1/14 and 11:59 pm CT on 4/30/14, and donating $2. Each $2 donation will earn one entry into the sweepstakes.


You may also enter without making a donation by hand printing your name, complete address, daytime phone number, email address and date of birth on a 3" x 5" piece of paper and mailing it to be postmarked by 4/30/14 and received by 5/7/14 to: Bass Pro Shops "NWTF Month" Sweepstakes, Source Code RNWTF014DG, PO Box 19090, Phoenix, AZ 85005-9090, USA. No mechanical reproductions permitted. Each entry must be mailed separately.

We have the donation slips at the registers and the sweepstakes box next to the exit doors. We appriciate your support for this donation month and our collective conservation efforts!

If there are any questions concerning the contest or how to donate please call (913) 254-5200














Ask the Pros - Fishing Line and Knots

In our recent Bass Fishing Q & A session on Facebook, the question came up of Lance Baker and Kary Ray - Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pro Staffwhat type of line to use on spinning reels. Our pro staff team of Kary Ray and Lance Baker provided this great information:


What type of fishing line would you use on spinning reels? Mono or fluorocarbon?

Lance Baker:

This is a great question! On open water or clear water, it's fluorcarbon for sure. I use 6-8lb KVD XPS 100% Fluorocarbon and it is awesome! The abrasion resistance is unbelievable and has a low stretch with drop shotting and any finesse presentation. When it comes to fishing cover (rocks, wood, etc.), I use 8lb Berkley Big Game monofilament in low visability green. You can haul a truck out with that line and it is very affordable. I always have two rods rigged with these lines for both situations!

The question was then asked regarding what knot to use if someone wants to tie on a fluorocarbon leader to the mono or braided line?

Kary Ray says:

I fish with braid on all my spinning reels and tie a fluorocarbon leader on with a Double Uni knot. It's the strongest one I have found for hooking braid to flourocarbon.

Visit Bass Pro Shops 1Source to learn how to tie the Double Uni.


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It's A Camping "Potty! (Party)"

Does a bear "go" in the woods? Yes he does! But us humans should pack it up and dispose of waste properly. Here are some tips and tools to make life more "bearable" on your next camping trip.

Go Girl Feminine Urination DeviceFor you ladies that love the outdoors, but still want to feel clean, the "Go Girl" is a nifty little device.$12.99

Solution for female outdoors lovers facing crowded, dirty, distant or non-existent bathrooms. This allows females to urinate while standing up and is neat, discreet, and hygienic. Made of flexible, medical-grade silicone designed with splash guard to eliminate mess or spills. It is reusable and comes with small storage tube.Coghlan's Tissue on the Go

Matched with "Tissue on the go" $1.79, which is 2-ply paper and also in a small convenient container that can fit in your purse or pocket, females can feel confident they are ready for anything.

Bass Pro Shops® Shower and Privy Shelter                                                                                    Showering can also be an issue with, at times, limited resources such as water and privacy. Bass Pro offers non-rinse cleansing productsNo Rinse® Body Bath                                                                                                         . However, if you do have other soaps and such that do require the use of water and some privacy, other options consist of  Privacy Shelter $79.99, Solar Shower $59.99, plus a lot more models and sizes of showers and hot water carry bags available by simply going to http://basspro.com. At this sight you can also view our selection of potties. Campsites sometimes don't provide restrooms or you are in a decollete area.

Luggable Loo Seat and Cover                                                                                                     Texsport® Portable Folding Toilet or Toilet Bags                                                                            The Luggable Loo is only $13.99 and the seat can be attached to any 5 gallon bucket. A portable folding toilet is another great option. This item and the bags it uses starts at only $6.99! Again there are a lot of options to be viewed by either stopping into your closest Bass Pro Shops or by going to our website.You can also see the link: You Go Girl! 



Great job Mike Bates!



Mike Bates, “Tracker State Team Member”, shows off his catch during the first Bass Champs Trail tournament of the year for the South Region of Texas. Fishing from his “new” 2014 Nitro Z-9, and proudly displaying the Nitro and Bass Pro Shops logo’s, he and his team mate took first place at Lake Amistad, on January 11th. Their three catch total weight was 13.29 lbs and the large bass weight was 7.52 lbs.

Mike recently purchased his Nitro Z-9 here at the Bass Pro Shops Tracker Boating Center at the RIM. Mike has been a long time associate with Tracker Boat Sales, but recently decided to devote more time to his passion of Bass Fishing. He can still be found occasionally in our store assisting the Tracker Sales Associates and offering his years of experience to customers looking to purchase a Tracker Boat.

If your interested in a new Tracker Nitro, Mako, Tahoe or Sun Tracker please contact us at the below information or use the link provided. Who knows, we may be able to put you in contact with Mike himself?


Tracker Boat Center

17907 IH 10 West

San Antonio, TX 78257




We also provide quality Boat Service, Monday Through Saturday, 9am-6pm.




Tournament Tips using Bass Pro Brand Lures

Tournament Tips using Bass Pro Brand Lures

By Cody Blackwell

                In a recent tournament at Beech Lake in Lexington Tennessee, I had some really good luck and won the tournament with a bag of 16 pounds. We started the day fishing some lily pads with Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series buzz baits in chartreuse and blue. Several fish swirled on the bait and we caught a lot of smaller fish. We did manage one keeper on the buzz bait that was around 2 pounds.

                Later in the day, with higher sun, we focused on brush piles and other structure with a Bass Pro Shops Square Billed Crank bait and we managed one good fish on it. It was about 2 – 3 pounds. The bulk of the keeper sized fish were caught on a Z Man Chatterbait. I teamed this up with a Bass Pro Shop Sassy Sally swim bait as a trailer. This makes the bait appear bigger and more lifelike in stained water and during overcast periods.  This particular bait has been around for some time but not many people seem to use it. It is a relatively over looked bait but very effective on bigger fish.

                This particular tournament was a local bass club tournament. We enjoy this type of fishing because a lot of camaraderie is developed among the members. Plus, we learn from each other and hone our skills as a group. Good luck and good fishing!!!


Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series Buzz Baits:

Z-Man Chatterbait Lure:

Bass Pro Shops Square Bill Lure:

Bass Pro Shops Sassy Sally Swim Bait:


Easter Event 2014


Fun Easter Activities at Bass Pro Shops!

Come on out and join us for our Easter events April 12-20! We will be having tons of fun out here with crafts, egg hunts and pictures with the Easter Bunny. Here's a rundown of what we'll have going on down here at the Olathe, KS Bass Pro.


1.Pictures with the Easter Bunny!!

 Saturday& Sunday April 12- 13 as well as 19- 20


Monday- Thursday, April 14-17


Friday, April 18






Saturday, Sunday April 12,13 as well as 19,20


Friday April 18


3. Easter Egg Hunt throughout the store! Ages 10 and under

We will be having an Easter Egg Hunt where children can collect up to 5 eggs and exchange them for candy.

Saturdays and Sundays April 12-13 & 19-20 ONLY

2:00pm-3:00pm (Registration @ 1:30)

Any Questions? Call (913) 254-5200






Spring Footwear Buying Tips

Spring on the calendar means warmer weather is approaching...time to update your footwear for warm weather!

Footwear Lead Miranda Atchison has some helpful tips for buying your lightweight footwear for land and water:Muck Boots

All-Purpose Shoe/Boot - From taking the dog for a walk during or after a rainshower to working in the garden, a waterproof all-purpose shoe or boot is a handy thing to have for the spring. Mucks and Bogs are popular. They are easy to just slip on and take off, and they get dirty so you don’t have to be...and Miranda says her Bogs are tops on her list!

"I have a pair of Bogs that I use when taking the dogs out at muddier times. They are probably one of the most handy in my personal footwear arsenal. I couldn't live without them!"

Hiking Shoes/Boots - Shopping for hiking footwear can be tricky. Start with thinking about where you would be using the shoe or boot and shop accordingly. Waterproofing? A deep-lugged sole for better traction? Heavy duty or lightweight upper? Additionally, think about the break-in time you need...every pair needs break-in.

Lightly Insulated Hunting Shoes/Boots - A waterproof and lightly-insulated shoe or boot for hunting in the spring is a good investment. Non-insulated or up to 600 grams of insulation is a good spring comfort range.

Water Shoes - A water shoe with sturdy protection will be safer for those days spent in or around summer waters. As your Adidas Water shoesfeet are in water for a while, and skin is softened, they are more susceptible to injuries than they normally would be when dry. Look for a pair of water shoes that allow the water to drain easily and that have a nice, slip-resistant outsole. Fast drying materials in a water shoe are important to look for when shopping, too.

Socks - There are socks for many different activities and using the right type will make all the difference. Hiking? Grab a good mid-weight hiker like the RedHead Merino or the RedHead Ultra-Silver socks. For good all-purpose work socks, check out the new RedHead Lifetime Guarantee Midweight socks.

Overall, comfort is a must. If it’s not comfortable when you first put it on you should move on and try a different pair.


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Easter @ Bass Pro Shops

Spring has sprung and Easter is on its way to your Sevierville Bass Pro Shops …..

The Easter Bunny will be here for FREE photos, crafts for the kids and even an old- fashioned Easter egg hunt.



FREE 4x6 Photo with the Easter Bunny

  •                 Saturdays and Sundays                 April 12-13 & 19-20           11 am -4 pm
  •                 Monday-Thursday                          April 14-17                        6-8 pm
  •                 Friday                                           April 18                            2-7 pm



FREE Easter Egg Hunt    

           Saturdays and Sundays               

           April 12-13 & 19-20          2-3 pm

Kids that find five eggs can return to registration and

exchange their eggs for candy.



Another fun activity includes  free holiday crafts for the kids, including:

                         Color a plaster Easter Egg

             Saturday and Sunday,

             April 12-13     1 p.m. - 4 p.m.




                       Scratch Art Bunny Craft
                     Friday, April 18      4 p.m. – 7 p.m.






Color a Bunny Frame                                                            

Saturday and Sunday                                    

April 19-20       1 p.m. – 4 p.m.




Head to Bass Pro Shops April 12-20 where families can enjoy making special Easter memories. For more information visit http://www.basspro.com/easter/


Local Fishing Report 3/23 to 3/29/2014

The river was at 5.2ft at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week we had 4.7ft with 27,400CF of flow and 41 degrees.

Trip #1 was a PM Channel Cat trip on Thursday and we caught 15.  The largest was 28.75" and weighed 6.27lbs.  We caught them all on Sudden Impact.  We had constant action but could not hook them because of the extreme south wind.  We had 4.9ft-32,900CF- falling-clear and 39-58 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.30 and falling.

Trip #2 were 3 full day bass trips on Friday and we averaged 30 Bass per boat and we caught 4 Walleye and 1 Musky that was 35".  The largest Bass was 19.25".  We caught them on jig/plastic, stickbaits, and hair jigs.  We had 4.7ft-28,300CF-falling-clear and 41-43 degrees.  the barometric pressure was 29.90 and steady.

Trip #3 were 2 full day Bass trips and we averaged 32 Bass per boat and we had 7 Walleye.  The largest Bass was 20.25" and the largest walleye was 25".  We caught them on jigs/plastics,hair jigs,stickbaits,and jigging spoons. We had 4.7ft-27,400CF-rising-stained and 40-41 degrees.  The barometric pressure was 29.90 and falling.  The bite was very soft and hard to detect.  We had extreme wind and rain.

Trip #4 was a full day Musky trip and we caught 5, lost one, and had another follow.  This was our best trip of the season.  The largest was 40" and the smallest was 27".  We caught them all on stickbaits.  This is probably the last trip of the season for Musky.  We will start back up around the 3rd week of October.  We had 4.7ft-27,400CF-rising-stained and 40-41 degrees.  The barometric pressure was 29.90 and falling.

In general, Bass, Catfish, and Musky fishing has been very good under some very difficult conditions.  WE canceled our trips for a few days due to the river being high and muddy.