Tired of cold & wet boots? We have a solution for you!

Getting up in the morning to cold, damp boots is uncomfortable. Start everyday fresh with Bass Pro’s original PEET Boot Dryer! PEET Dry is Comfortable, healthier, odor eliminating, and extends the life of your gear!

 It works naturally, using gentle, thermal air to effectively remove wet, sweat, and odors from shoes, boots, and all types of footwear. Simply placing footwear (or other gear) on your PEET Dryer at bedtime means waking up to cozy, warm PEET Dry comfort. Studies show that damp footgear causes blisters and is an ideal environment for fungus growth that results in foot irritations and diseases, or mold and mildew that can cause premature deterioration of the materials from which your expensive footwear and gear are made. The PEET dryer removes perspiration and bacteria and, the odors they cause, which is good for you, and good for those who live with you! All PEET Dryer products, including DryPorts and Extensions, and glove ports to warm and dry your gloves! Made in the USA, they start at just $39.99!



When is the New Bass Pro Shop Opening in Hooksett N.H.?


We plan on opening the new location in Hooksett N.H. sometime next spring.  We hope you share in our excitement! Please see the official news release below for more information.

Bass Pro Shops to Open Mega Outdoors Store in Hooksett, (Manchester) New Hampshire
March 1, 2013



Hooksett, New Hampshire (March 1, 2013) Bass Pro Shops, America’s most popular outdoor store, will locate a new store in Hooksett (Manchester), New Hampshire.  The mega 149,000 square-foot Bass Pro Shops® Sportsman’s Center will be located at the intersection of I-93 and I-293.


Hooksett enjoys a rich history of outdoor sports as it is situated on the Merrimack River in south-central New Hampshire with easy access to the rugged beauty of the White Mountains via I-93.  The location is at the center of the main highways leading to New Hampshire’s northern recreational areas.  Approximately 9.9 million people within a 100 mile radius call this area home. 

“We are very excited to bring Bass Pro Shops to this premier site in Hooksett and to be a part of this great community,” stated Johnny Morris, Founder of Bass Pro Shops.  “This highly visible location is easily accessible and will allow us to bring Bass Pro Shops’ low prices and famous friendly, expert service to the many sportsmen and women in the Manchester region,” Morris continued.


Nationally, Bass Pro Shops will host over 120 million people visiting their 77 stores and marine centers across America and Canada this year; the average customer stays 2 ½ hours and drives an average distance of 50+ miles.  Bass Pro Shops was recently named by Advertising Age magazine as one of the Top 10 Hottest Brands in America along with name brands such as Old Spice, M&M’s, iPad and Droid.  Also, Bass Pro Shops has been recognized numerous times for their conservation and outdoor education efforts, as well as being recognized by J.D. Powers & Associates for their customer service excellence.


Bass Pro Shops’ unique, award-winning, mega-sized outdoor stores are known for combining retail with entertainment, conservation and outdoor education. More than just a fishing and hunting store, the Bass Pro Shops store will also offer equipment and clothing for hiking, backpacking, wildlife viewing, camping, outdoor cooking and more.  A gift and nature center will also serve up a wide variety of outdoor-related items from lamps and dishes to bird feeders and furniture.


The expansive boat showroom will feature Tracker, Nitro, SunTracker, Tahoe, Grizzly and Mako boats built by Tracker Marine Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of fishing boats.


Bass Pro Shops’ unique exterior and interior motifs have branded them as visually appealing, high quality outdoor stores. The outdoors feel is brought indoors through massive log and rock work, large indoor aquariums and water features stocked with native fish species as well as an extensive collection of museum quality fish and wildlife mounts.  Historic photos and exhibits will pay tribute to the regions great outdoor heritage.



Protecting Your Percussion Muzzle Loading Rifle from Storage Problems

By Stan Godlewski

The days are getting shorter and the night’s cooler, besides making those scouting treks into the woods to locate that big buck, you probably have pulled “Old Betsy” out of the gun safe and have taken her to range.  Just as last year, you ran a clean patch down her barrel and made sure she was clean and unloaded.  After placing your target down range and dropping your powder charge and projectile in the barrel, you place a cap on the rifles nipple, took aim at the target, and squeeze the trigger and the hammer fell on the cap.  All you got was a “POP” not the familiar “BANG.’  Okay, you kept the muzzle of your rifle pointed down range for three minutes.  The dreaded “misfire.”  You placed a fresh cap on the nipple. Brought the hammer to full cock, took aim, and squeeze the trigger again and another “POP.”  You asked yourself, what is going on here.  Again you went through the same ritual with no “BANG.”  Now you have a loaded firearm and no way to discharge it.  You cleared the charge by pouring water down the bore of the rifle to wet the gunpowder and make the piece safe to pull the projectile from the chamber.  After all is said and done, your local gunsmith informs you that the problem was a buildup of varnish in the flash hole.  You ask yourself “Varnish” how did that get in there!  The simple answer is, you put there.

Most novice black powder shooters coat their muzzle loaders bore with a layer of oil to prevent rust during storage.  Bass Pro Shops carries some excellent gun protections oils.  Rem Oil is just one of our many fine gun protection products that will not varnish.   http://www.basspro.com/Remington-Rem-Oil/product/60622/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_THUMBNAIL                                       

You probably stored the rifle muzzle up in your gun safe.  Now that is where the problem starts.  Over a period of time, standard gun oil can turn into a gummy like substance.  It can even cure to a solid.  To prevent this from occurring, old time muzzle loader shooters stored their rifles muzzle down in their storage lockers or gun safes.  They place some newspaper or paper towels down at the muzzle to absorb any excess oils. 

When you get to the range snap a few caps prior to loading the rifle.  You may ask, “what does that have to do with the price of tea in China.”  Well nothing, but It ensures that the shooter has a safe firearm to load.  The process goes like this.  Point the muzzle of the muzzle loading rifle in a safe direction (down range).  Point it toward the ground down range.  Pick out a tree leaf or a blade of grass.  Take the hammer to ½ cock, place a cap on the nipple, take the hammer to full cock.  Place the muzzle of the rifle near the objects and pull the trigger.  The cap should fire and cause the leaf to move or the blade of grass to dance.  Do this two more times for a total of three snapped caps.  The first snapped cap lets you know the nipple, flash hole and the rifle bore are clear.  The second fired cap burns off any excess oil from the bore and the third makes the bore nice and dry.  This process will give you confidence to load your charge and let you know your rifle is safe and will shoot.

Another problem some shooters have is a weak hammer spring “Not enough energy for the hammer to fire the cap.”  This problem is usually the result of storing the rifle with the hammer drawn to full cock.  Likewise, dry firing the gun without a cap on the nipple can deform the nipple to the point that it may not accept or hold a cap properly.  

The following links provides you with excellent muzzle loader cleaning and maintenance products.







This Month at Bass Pro

local heroes

We want to say Thank You to our Local Heroes by offering a 10% discount to Firefighters, EMTs, Police Officers, and Military Personel.  Must have your ID to receive the discount and Some Exclusions do apply.


It's Ducks Unlimited donation month also. As you are checking out let our associates inform you about making a contribution to Ducks Unlimited. Ducks Unlimited is the leading group in waterfowl conservation and by making a $2.00 donation, you will be entering yourself to win a $500.00!


Starting Saturday, October 19, 2013 and running through Thursday, October 31, 2013 we will be hosting our annual Halloween Event. We will have a costume parade, free photos, costume contest, coloring pages,  a variety of crafts, and trick or treating. 

So swing into Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Hampton, Virginia for lots of fun in October!



The Return of "Seeker" Rods, Trout Season Approaches & Must See Seminars




Seeker Rods Are Back

 Currently the, "Blue Lighting" and "MGC" Rods                                  

 are in stock with more models in the future.

 The "Blue Lighting" an inshore rod designed for the angler

  targeting inshore species that tend to hide in structure.

 The "MGC" Rod features a mixture of military grade composite

  and resin blank giving the angler a lightweight, fast tapered rod

  ideal for the angler fishing a twilight trip to a 5 day trip.



jIrvine Lake Trout Season Opener

 As our weather cools are local trout season will feature the

 season opener for Irvine Lake.

 Their Season is set to open on November 1, 2013 and will feature a,

"VIP Day" October 31, 2013 featuring over 20,000 pounds of stocked,

"Trophy Trout."

 For more information contact Irvine Lakes or visit Bass Pro Shops and let our

 associates assist you in getting the right tackle to catch that, "Trophy Trout."




This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Calling All Goblins!

Calling all goblins, baby chickies, and....crayons??

Halloween event

The Halloween fun starts this weekend at Bass Pro Shops Altoona!

Saturday, October 19

* Free 4 x 6 photo with the Peanuts characters in the pumpkin patch: Noon-5 p.m.
* Costume Parade - Saturday only, 4-5 p.m., October 19 - One winner receive a $10 gift card!
* Free craft: 1-5 p.m.

Sunday, October 20

* Free 4 x 6 photo with the Peanuts characters in the pumpkin patch: Noon-5 p.m.
* Scavenger Hunt - Sunday only, 2-3 p.m.
* Free craft 1-5 p.m.

Try Before You Buy!

Saturday - Uncle Buck's Hush Puppy Mix
Sunday - Uncle Buck's Two Step Potato Soup Mix

The Grill Shack is Open this Weekend!

Saturday and Sunday - Support the Southwestern Community College Shooting Sports team by grabbing a bite to eat at the grill shack outside our front doors!

Scouts Selling Popcorn

Saturday, October 19 - Scout troop #133 from Carlisle
Sunday, October 20 - Cub Scout Pack #463 from Altoona


Like us @  Bass Pro Shops Altoona or Tracker Marine Center
Tweet us @bassproaltoona
Pin us @ pinterest.com/bpsaltoona



If you don't mind the breeze, Fall is the perfect time to be kayaking. Frisky Otter Tours on state route 28 is a great place to start. There are many different types of tours down the lake. They have early morning trips starting a half hour before sunrise(which may be a little chilly in late October) to the sunset tour watching the day wind down.

You are able to rent or bring your own kayak! If you're looking to purchase, Bass pro has many to choose from! For example, we have an Ascend top angler kayak. This kayak isn't just great for sight seeing, it is ideal for fishing, and traveling for hunting. It has a dry storage hatch for your bow! Take a look at it...

Ascend Top Angler

Another one of our popular Kayaks from Ascend is the Titanium. This Kayak has a removable seat that can be set on land. Bungee-secured storage in multipurpose sternwell and on bow, dual-position quick-hold paddle holders, deep molded dual cup holders and two molded-over rubber grip carry handles. They are so popular we can hardly keep them in stock!

The Titanium!






High School / College Road Trip

state championsAfter a long season waiting for the Western regional championships at Clear Lake California the road trip finally begins. I have had the great pleasure to mentor this years TBF Colorado state champions from Ellicott High School and watch former Fountain valley junior bass club members start a College fishing team at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and qualify for the Western regionals. 

high school weigh in

The High school and College fishing teams are part of the FLW/TBF circuit. They compete in tournament bass fishing just like any other sport in high school and college. New to Colorado the high school and college fishing is growing statewide. Clubs are beginning to form in schools across the state. To look into starting your schools own club go to highschoolfishing.org or FLWOUTDOORS.COM .Get in the game and make the love of bass fishing happen in your school.

Leaving Colorado hours later than planned we were finally on the road heading to Clear Lake California. No one has fished Clear Lake before and it has been years since I have been there so the boys had to do their research on line. They were excited to say the least and so was I. These kids are the future of the great sport of bass fishing and are part of the Fountain valley junior bass club and two now compete in the adult Fountain valley bass club here in Colorado springs. I have been the youth director for the local club and for the state for several years now and have seen these kids learn a lot in just a few years. Now I realize that all the time and dedication I put into it is worth it. It's about them. college weigh in

After twenty-one hours on the road we arrived at Clear lake just in time to watch the FLW circuit launch for their final western tournament. Meeting Ish Monroe in person was amazing for the kids they were in heaven. What a great guy to take time out before launching to chat with the kids...funny guy too. He couldn't believe we were in shorts and let us know it.

The rest of the day was preparing for the College tournament. They needed to make the top ten to qualify for the National championship in South Carolina next spring out of forty five college teams. They were as ready as they were going to get. Five AM came early and we headed to the ramp. The High school teams didn't fish till Sunday so we went to a few spots to practice until the noon cutoff. We headed back to watch the weigh in and saw some giants come in on the pro side. It was awesome. Clear lake bass are huge.

College launch

The college teams were starting to weigh in and some impressive weights were coming to the scales. I was rooting for UCCS and CSU to make the top ten. The college weigh in is so cool with all the different school jerseys and the crowd was big. After the dust settled the team from UCCS was sitting in eighth overall and they advanced to the final day along with qualifying for the National championship for 2014. Awesome.

college trophies

The final day for the top ten college teams and the one day shootout for the High school was Sunday. we started the day early and excitement was in the air. The boys launched and all I could do was wish them the best of luck. After a long day the teams started coming in for final weigh in. The boys did well.

high school trophies

I would like to congratulate Justin Solverson and Peter Decker from UCCS in qualifying for the Nationals and Graydon Brewer and Mike Warner from Ellicott High School for placing 3rd overall in the High school western division. They all took home trophies and had caught some of the biggest bass of their lives so far. This was the best road trip ever. I can't wait until next year.

 Take a kid fishing. That how it starts. They are the future of our sport.

                                                 Best of Luck, Sam Heckman / Pro Staff






First Responders


Most of us carry out our everyday lives without worrying about much more than how we are going to pay our bills or what’s for dinner. We take what’s going on around us for granted. By that, I mean that we aren’t the men and women being called into dangerous situations, putting our lives at risk at a moments notice. Instead, we are the ones who see them on the streets everyday, passing us by in an ambulance, fire truck, or police cruiser with their lights on and sirens blaring, not realizing the risk they might be driving themselves towards.

So please, welcome Bass Pro Shops of Ft. Myers, as we offer local Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Emergency Medical Technicians a 10% discount on regularly priced items around the store from October 1st and lasting until October 31st. Certain items do not apply, so please call ahead (239-461-7800) and see if the item you are interested in is approved for this discount. We look forward to returning a small part of the favor that these great men and women offer us everyday.

-Kevin Ballantine


Hunting Seminars

Hunting Seminars!

Be sure to join us October 26th and October 27th for Tips on Archery Basics and Scent Control!

Our Hunting Experts will be teaching the following seminars:

Archery Basics
October 26 & 27 11am: We’ll discuss bow basics, arrow choices, reliable releases, and selecting the right broad head.

Scent Control
October 26 & 27 Noon: We’ll discuss the latest in scent technology for a successful hunting season. Learn where and how to use cover scents, rut scents, and more

Be sure to stop by Olathe Bass Pro to get some last minute tips for your hunting season!


The Excitement of Fall Fishing in Rhode Island

Gibbs Lures Danny Plug

Fall is now becoming a thing of reality, crisp air, with the leaves starting to turn and the fall bait/game fish migration is kicking in. Hundreds of thousands of bait fish are making their way to open water from salt ponds and marshes where they were spawned to the delight of our salty game fish species. Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore and Bonito are ramping up for the arrival of these morsels.

    I am a native Rhode Islander and this time of year really gets the blood flowing. Most anglers venture to the hallowed fishing areas of Narragansett, Point Judith, and Charleston and all the way down the coast to Westerly. Chasing and throwing eels, plugs and spoons to hook and hopefully land one of the many denizens that are strapping on the feed bag. However you really don't have to make the long trip to the south coast to catch and I mean catch quality fish. The other day, right in downtown Providence at India Point Park I managed to raise and catch several decent sized stripers and many bluefish as well. I was fishing a 9' Loomis plug rod loaded up with 65lb Power Pro braid on an Ambassador 7000 reel with a 20lb Seaguar fluorocarbon leader. I threw an assortment of baits but my personal favorites were and are a Gibbs pencil popper fished with a "walk the dog" action...color was yellow as well as blue. My all time go to plug though is the Danny Plug, fished slowly so the plug would wake and the strikes were explosive. Gibbs plugs are made of wood. I am still casting some that I have for over 25 years and they are working like they were brand new. My suggestion for tackle for any part of the bay would be an 8 to 10 foot surf rod either conventional or spinning spooled with between 20-30lb monofilament or 40-65lb Power Pro braid. My leader consisted of about 3 feet of 25lb fluorocarbon with a cross lock snap on the end to attach the lure. Above the leader I used a #2, 310lb stainless barrel swivel and was ready to go. Tides at this time of year are still something to be aware of as also the time of day, however these fish are becoming more active during daylight hours unlike the summer time when night time was the only time when fishing from shore.

I hope that this information will be helpful and look forward to seeing a bend in your rod.

Tight Lines,

Lundin Coward





What Does Family Mean To You

I usually talk about new little gadgets we see here in the Camping Department, but lately my heart has been heavy about family and just what it means to different people.

What is your definition?

The Oxford Dictionary says family means a group of people related to one another by blood or marriage. I have the same definition with a few added extras. I think its all of the above PLUS alot more than just bloodlines and marriage. For instance, people consider their pets as family, whether it be the usual dog, cat, bird, goldfish or some of the ones we see here at BPS monkeys, beavers and the occassional snake. But what about the great friends you have that you would absolutely give your life for? I even consider my ex-inlaws family still (although I'm sure some people would NOT!)  I also consider the people here at the Sevierville Bass Pro my family. We've gone through everything a blood/marriage family would go through...marrriages, births, divorces, death, sickness and all kinds of other struggles that life sometimes hands us. We are all always here for one another.

You may be wondering why I chose to write about this (or you may not be) but the reason is because of a recent tradgedy that happened not too far from this store. There was a horrible bus crash on the interstate just up the road where 8 people lost their lives. Even though none of us actually knew anyone in that crash, it still affected us in some way. Some of us wondered if they had stopped here at "our house"  before they headed back home to North Carolina. Did we give them the customer service that each and every person that comes through the door deserves? Were they excited about being here and experiencing all that we have to offer? I dont know, and never will know, if they were here, but one thing is for sure, if they were, we absolutely treated them like family! We don't know any other way!

I don't mean to ramble on endlessly and/or bore you. I just wanted to take a moment to remind you just how inportant family is, albeit blood, marriage, pets, friends, coworkers or even those sometimes dreaded inlaws. Chersih your time with these individuals because we never know when or where we will no longer have that priveledge.


I think about the survivors of that deadly crash, the families that lost loved ones and even my own family. Have we all shown them our love and appreciation enough that they will feel it even when we're not around? Have we left words unsaid, feelings unchecked and were there lives unfinished that day?  I try my best everyday to make sure my love and appreciation shows. I don't ever want anyone to wonder about that.


My family here at Sevierville Bass Pro has always been there to pick each other up when we are down. That's why this is truly the best place to work! We try to always treat each other AND each customer like they're a part of our family.


So, hug your kids and your spouse, call your parents and siblings and visit that old friend you parted ways on bad terms with and let them know just how much they mean to you. Life is way too short to put it off any longer. We are not promised another day, so waiting could be the costliest mistake you'll ever make.


Thanks, as always, for allowing me to share with you. I hope to see you and your family here at my Bass Pro home soon.


Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops.


Under Armour Cold Gear - New INFRARED technology!!




Under Armour’s latest innovative technology creates a living, breathing body warmer in its ColdGear: Infrared Base Layers– keeping you warmer, longer.

Under Armour is known for its historic wicking microfiber garments since 1995.  ColdGear products of the past were designed to keep you warm. But now Under Armour’s latest in insulating base layers keep you warmer even longer so you can function, play, and perform as necessary in the coldest weather. 

Just because something can make you warm doesn’t mean it can keep you warm. So how was Under Armour going to accomplish this mission? By creating a soft, undetectable ceramic coating – right in the pattern! The inner layer of their new innovative ColdGear: Infrared clothing acts as a living, breathing body warmer. The coating on the base layer next to your skin soaks, absorbs, and retains your body’s own heat — so ColdGear Infrared keeps you warmer longer…with no extra weight or bulk.  Base layering with ColdGear: Infrared under your other normal winter layers will surely keep you warm and dry. So you can perform, no matter how low the temperatures get.

Come by Bass Pro Shops today to look at the variety of Under Armour clothing we have for

Men and Women








The Squirrel that Scoped Me Out!

Well, with rifle season just beginning, be sure that your scope for your rifle is A. functional, and B. its sighted in properly! 

     Here's the scenario I recently experienced... I decided to go squirrel hunting last weekend, something I have not done in several years!  So I walked across the road to a small patch of woods right across from my house between the old country road and a cotton field, which is PERFECT squirrel territory!  Just as I entered the patch of woods, I sat down on a log with my Thermocell, I thank God for the inventor of THAT handy little device! Since I wasn't busy swatting mosquitoes away from my hands and face, I was able to sit still and wait for the furry little tree rodents to come out!  It wasn't but about 5 minutes before I saw a big fat squirrel running up and down the tree right behind me!  Now I realize it's only a small furry creature, but I still get all excited and a little bit shaky even...it's not as hyper  as the feeling you get when you see a huge buck, but it's still exciting, nonetheless!  So I calmed myself down, took a deep breath, let it out, focused right on the critter, slowly pulled the trigger, and Mr. Squirrel ran straight up to the top of the tree, turned around and gave me a real dirty look!  I put my sights back on him, centered him, slowly pulled the trigger while all the time I'm thinking to myself, "I'll show you what dirty looks will get you, Mr. Squirrel!  You are about to end up in my crock pot for supper!" Again, NOTHING!  This time Mr. Squirrel glanced behind him, then I'm not sure but I think he threw a pecan at me!  So I ended up shooting AT Mr. Squirrel 8 times and got nothing but a good fussing from him!  Needless to say, I left the woods, head down and my tail tucked between my legs assuming since I have grown older, perhaps my eyesight has failed me!  

     Nikon P-22 AR Riflescope

After walking home I set up a target and realized it was NOT my eyesight, but my scope was damaged, causing it to shoot about a foot to the left!  I decided at that point that Mr. Squirrel wasn't fussing at me, he was laughing at me!  I went to Bass Pro and bought a new Nikon P-22 Rimfire AR Optic scope!  It's a very nice scope, and Eddie even sighted my equipment in for me!  All I can say is, "Mr. Squirrel, your laughing and pecan throwing days are numbered....because as Arnold Schwartzenegger says..."I'LL BE BACK!"

Ashley Walford

Bossier City, La.                                       

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Squirrel Rifle Tune-Up Time to Get Squirrely



The Jerkbait, A Year Around Fish Catcher?

When trying to imitate a wounded shad their are very few presentations better than jerkbait fishing. Typically the jerkbait is thought of as a winter and early spring time bait, and while it does shine in that specific time period the jerkbait can cover a far wider range of seasons. Growing up in the Northwest jerkbait fishing was very limited and not as effective based on the fact that there are no shad. In much of the country however shad are the primary forage for bass throughout the year. While certain seasons are more effective that others this abundance of shad in many of our lakes and reservoirs makes the jerkbait a very effective technique no matter what the water temperature. While the technique doesn't change the style of jerkbait I prefer, and the way I work my bait does from season to season.

The peak season for jerkbait fishing in most anglers minds is late winter on through to early spring. With cold water temperatures a large amount of the shad population will die off. When this happens you will visibly notice shad slowly twitching around just below the surface. This is a dead giveaway that you need to have a jerkbait in your hand. There are two jerkbaits I will have tied on in this cold water situation, a Spro McStick, as well as a Smithwick Rogue. While the McStick suspends the original Smithwick will actually float slowly, rising when you pause it. The suspending quality of the McStick is what makes me choose it about 90% of the time. In cold water I will fish this bait extremely slow, giving the bait quick sharp twitches and then letting the bait sit for a long pause. During this pause is when a suspending bait works it's magic. Remember bass are cold blooded so when the water is cold their metabolism is slow making them weary about expending to much energy. The suspended bait offers an opportunity that is difficult for a cold hungry bass to resist, they can slowly move up towards the bait using very little energy and lightly attack the bait. In extreme cold conditions a pause of 30 seconds or longer is sometimes necessary. Keep an open mind and very your retrieve to figure out what they are keying in on from day to day. Also don't be afraid to alternate to the slow floating rogue, this slow float will sometimes trigger more aggressive fish into biting.

As the water warms and the annual spawn begins to happen the jerkbait bite, while you can still catch some fish on it, tends to slow down. It's the post spawn feeding period when I pick my jerkbait back up and start to hammer down on them again. What I look for is schools of bass that are aggressively feeding up on shad, in order to replenish their weakened bodies after a long spawn. While topwater baits such as Super Spooks and Bass Pro Shops XPS Professional Series Walkers work great for this situation, a jerkbait can also be very effective. I normally find my schools of bass near a spawning pocket or flat on some sort of secondary point or break line. The bass will stop at these points throughout the lake to feed up before heading out to the main channel. Often you will find these late spring fish suspended as well. I have had some great success working a deeper diving Spro McRip through fish suspended at around the ten foot depth range. For this style of jerkbait fishing I like to work my bait with a fast aggressive retrieve with short pauses throughout the cast. To get the bait to reach deeper suspended fish I will work it on a spinning rod with 8lb test Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. This technique will continue to catch fish all throughout the summer so always keep ready to go if you see suspended fish on your depth finder.

As the summer ends and the water starts to cool my jerkbait is always on the front deck of my Nitro Z-8 boat. During the fall months is when the shad make their annual movement into shallow pockets and flats in the back of creeks. These feeding fish will hammer a suspending jerkbait worked around the cover they are holding on. Seawalls, points, flats, and docks, are all great key shallow water structures to focus on. A good thing about fall fishing is when you find one fish, it's normally not the only one in the area, so it is possible to hit a stretch where you catch multiple all very close to each other. As well as the fact that generally these fall fish are easy to pattern and find success doing the same thing in similar areas all up and down the lake or reservoir. Just look for the key ingredients, shallow water pockets and flats, an abundance of cover, an abundance of shad and then hold on tight, because when you put those factors together the predatory bass are almost guaranteed to be close by. I will generally rely on my McStick 110 just like in the late winter to early spring time period.

In my opinion for those of you blessed enough to live on a body of water that has a large shad population, some sort of jerkbait should always be readily available. The jerkbait can be a winning pattern in certain times of the year, especially in the late winter to early spring, but no matter what the season it's a bait that should be in your arsenal and will put more fish in your boat. For more blogs about how to add more tricks to your repertoire, check out my blog, Expand Your Fishing Arsenal. And if you ever have any questions you can go to my website, www.joeyfishing.com, and write me an email, I'd love to help in any way possible. I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania










"It's The Great Pumpkin!"

halloWell, it's practically the Great Pumpkin - Your local Bass Pro Shops is celebrating Halloween with Charlie Brown and the gang from the Peanuts comic strip. Peanuts ran from 1950 to 2000 and is considered the most popular and influential in the history of the comic strip.

Halloween activities begin on Saturday, October 19 and run through Thursday, October 31.  Free photos will be available on a daily basis: Weeknights from 5 - 8 p.m. and weekends from 12 - 5 p.m.  Photos will be taken in our very own pumpkin patch, with Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally and more!

In addition to free photos, we will also offer in-store Trick or Treating each weeknight (Monday - Friday) as well.  Look for the black and orange balloons throughout the store, indicating where kids can pick up candy.  Special activities are scheduled for the weekends.  On the two Saturdays (October 19 & 26),  we will host our annual Costume Parade at 4 p.m. On the two Sundays (October 20 & 27), kids can take part in a spooky (but fun) Scavenger Hunt!

We will even have a variety of "creepy crafts" for kids to make.  Weeknights, from 6 - 7 p.m., kids can create a Monster Craft and on weekends, from 1 - 5 p.m., we will make lollipop spiders. On Halloween, we will color ceramic jack-o-lanterns.


On the Trail Tuesday - Cold Front Action

On the Trail Tuesdays - Dan Stephany

By Dan Stephany, Bass Pro Shops Altoona Receiving Manager and Outdoorsman

If you are a bow hunter anywhere in the Midwest, and haven’t had a chance to get to a stand yet, you are potentially missing out on some fantastic deer movement! This past week, in Iowa, we had a great cold front pass through. In October, that is a trigger for large bucks to get on their feet  and head for food early. This weather, combined with all of the agricultural crops being harvested, adds up to a recipe for great hunting! Many times this produces daylight sightings of fully mature bucks that we may not see until the rut in November.

While I was not able to check trail cameras this past week, I did receive several pictures from people I knew, or from friends at our store, that all harvested awesome bucks. Every one of these deer grossed over 170” Boone and Crockett, which is amazing in its own right. However, considering the date on the calendar, it is about two-three weeks earlier than we usually see deer of this size being harvested.

October Bucks

The Iowa weather forecast is calling for highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s almost every day this week, so if you can find a chance to climb a tree or sneak into a blind, the odds are in your favor for seeing some great October action.

                           Altoona Forecast                          

I'm hoping to climb a tree with bow in hand tonight for the first time this year.  Tonight I'm on a doe mission, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a mature buck steps out in daylight either. I guess I'll just have to sit in my tree and find out.

Isn’t that why we all go out anyway? For the chance that maybe, just maybe, it's the lucky day.

Good luck and hunt safe!


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Outdoor Cooking Primer - Pheasant Legs and Thighs

Pheasant recipePheasant season starts this weekend in Iowa. 

Our numbers in Iowa may be low, but we know many hunters venture north to the Dakotas. We also have many pheasant hunting fans and blog followers, so we're going to share a couple of pheasant recipes. We wish all pheasant hunters "Good Luck" in the field!



Pheasant Legs and Thighs

1 can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup

1/2 cup of sour cream

1/2 cup of milk

Pheasant legs and thighs (skin removed)


Mix soup, sour cream and milk. Pour into large skillet with legs and thighs. Simmer on low for three hours or until tender. If sauce becomes too thick, add more milk.

This dish will surprise you on how tasty and tender pheasant legs and thighs can be!


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Match The Forage Catch The Bass

If you watch the trends of fishing lure production you will see certain hot colors trending from season to season. Understanding when to choose those colors is the key. The ability to select proper colors throughout the season depends on what type of forage you are trying to imitate. It's simple, if you can match what the fish want then you will catch more fish. When talking about bass, while sometimes they will eat anything that comes near them, there are a few standby forage options that they will target throughout the year. These forage options are shad and bluegill, and this is what I will try and imitate the majority of the time.

Shad are a perfect food for a bass, they have no spikes, they are soft and tender, and they group up in big schools known as shad balls. So they are easy to eat, easy to digest, and the fact that they group up in schools makes them easy to target. Shad are generally silver or transparent color with a hint of blue or green on their back. Most bass across the country will eat shad all year long to some extent, but there are key time periods when shad become number one on the menu. Throughout the late spring and early summer the shad will periodically spawn, at this time they move extremely shallow in large numbers and the bass absolutely gorge themselves on this easy to find meal. Throughout the summer and winter months the majority of the shad will suspend and while bass still eat them they are harder to target in this open water scenario. When fall hits the shad again move shallow into pockets and flats in the backs of creeks and this again is a time when shad colored baits will work best. When the shad are in there suspended mode there is no better way to catch them then on an Umbrella Rig such as the Bass Pro Shops Deadly 5 Flashy Times. The swim baits I choose are always in a shad color, the Bass Pro Shops Sassy Sally and the Boss Shads are 2 of my favorite options, again in shad colors. Now during the shad spawn I like to use fast moving shad imitations such as Stanley swim jigs, Stanley spinner baits, chatter baits, BPS swim baits. In the fall of the year shallow running crank baits such as the Spro Little John in either a Nasty Shad or a Spooky Nasty Shad are always on the front deck of my boat. Always keep track of what the shad are doing based on the time of year and select one of the baits I talked about in a shad imitation color and you will have some great days on the water fooling the bass.

Another major food source throughout the year is bluegill. On any given lake there is a population of bass that will live shallow basically all year long never moving out into the deep water. The reason these residential shallow fish are able to do this is because bluegill spend the majority of the year in shallow water. There is one really key time when almost everything I target is bluegill related, that is from early to mid summer, when the bluegill are spawning. I don't know what it is about them but for some reason the big fish in that time period seem to want to eat bluegill. For a shallow water angler this is the forage that they are generally trying to imitate not just in the summer but throughout the year, and it can be done in a variety of different ways with some certain colors that really shine. One of the very best presentations to imitate a bluegill is by flipping soft plastics to shallow water cover such as docks, grass, and fallen trees. When I'm flipping shallow cover with soft plastics I always use Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series baits. One of my favorites is the Bass Pro Shops River Bug. They are offered in a variety of different colors that imitate a bluegill such as watermelon bluegill, okeechobee craw, or their new color and one of my personal favorites, sprayed grass. Another bluegill imitator is the Bass Pro Shops Magnum Flipping Tube. My color choice for the tube bait is generally a smoke purple blue flake, or a melon seed/blue flake. With either the tube or the river bug I rig them on a 4/0 Gamakatsu Flipping Hook with a pegged 1/4-1/2 ounce BPS Tungsten Flipping weight. One other little tip is dipping the tail of your bait in Chartreuse to imitate the little chartreuse on the tip of the bluegills tail, I believe at certain times this will get you a few extra bites. If soft plastics aren't your thing then a jig with a soft plastic trailer will also work very well. Other moving baits such as square bill crank baits, swim baits, and swim jigs in bluegill colors, can be very effective when reaction baits are shining.

Always remember bass will eat almost anything that looks like an opportunity to get a meal and if bass got as big as sharks we would all be in trouble. By selecting colors that imitate shad and bluegill you can rest assured that you are always offering something that the bass are used to seeing as food on a daily bases in their natural environment, and this will help you put more fish in your boat. For more articles you can like my JoeyFishing page on Facebook or check out my website at www.joeyfishing.com. I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania






What? Protect Your Hearing!

With hunting season here, and the increased interest in shooting sports, it's time to review hearing protection.
Besides...it National Protect Your Hearing Month!

RedHead Foam Shooting Plugs

Did you know that people who don't wear hearing protection devices (HPD) while shooting can have hearing loss with as little as one shot? In the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Audiology Information Series, Michael Stewart, PhD, CCC-A, Professor of Audiology, Central Michigan University, says, "Audiologists see this often, especially during hunting season when hunters and bystanders may be exposed to rapid fire from big bore rifles, shotguns, or pistols."

RedHead® Electronic Sport 2-Microphone Earmuff

Sounds louder than 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss. The destructive noise can come from one loud blast or explosion or prolonged exposure to high noise levels. For example, according to the National Rifle Association (NRA) , at 140+ dBs, a firearm blast has a higher noise level than a jackhammer and even a jet engine!

150 dB = fireworks at 3 feet
140 dB = firearms, jet engine
130 dB = jackhammer
120 dB = jet plane takeoff, siren

Extremely Loud
110 dB = maximum output of some MP3 players, model airplane, chain saw
106 dB = gas lawn mower, snowblower
100 dB = hand drill, pneumatic drill
90 dB = subway, passing motorcycle

Hearing protection should be an automatic accessory for anyone using firearms. There are so many options that there's no excuse to not have some kind of hearing protection, depending on your budget and needs. There are options for youth and adults, and even pink ear muffs for the ladies! There are inexpensive malleable foam plugs up to hi-tech electronic protection.
The key measurement to note when purchasing hearing protection is the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating). This EPA rating is a measurement of a hearing protection device's potential noise reduction. The highest NRR rating for earplugs is 33, and the highest available NRR rating for ear muffs is 31.
As an example, Bass Pro Shops' foam ear plugs have an NRR rating of 31. The Howard Leight Leightning L3 High Attenuation Hearing Protection Earmuffs provides an NRR of 30.
Take a tip from the ASHA and take time to protect your ears in some way...you never know what you might miss many years from now!
Tips To Protect Your Hearing
  • Always use some type of hearing protection  any time you fire a gun.
  • Always have disposable HPDs handy - make them part of your gear.
  • Double-protect your ears, like putting muffs over plugs, when shooting big-bore firearms.
  • Choose smaller caliber firearms for target practice and hunting.
  • Choose single-shot firearms instead of lever action, pump, or semi-automatic guns.
  • Avoid shooting in groups or in reverberant environments.
  • Use electronic or nonlinear HPDs for hunting.


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