Don’t Dog On the Dogs!

Holiday Shopping Season is in full effect people! Sure K-Mart beat all other retailers to the mark with their creepy (yet entertaining) commercials and Starbucks caught a little flak for having Christmas themed cups before Halloween but whatever!

Crunch Time: You gotta get something for the immediate family, the friends who are like family, the family of the friends who are like family, friends who aren’t like family, extended family, friends at work and so on and so on and so on. Oh but what about our favorite four-legged member of the family? The noble hound!

Many of us will forget about the dog of the house (and that is not a reference for Dad) and find them sad that they do not get to open anything. One of the homes I always go to for Christmas morning has long had the tradition of buying their pooch a present. The dog loved it, I loved it, the family loved it… Everybody loves it! But what to get your dog?

Well look no further than Bass Pro Shops. We have a number of items that will delight any doggy.

Got a chewer? Well after the tear through the wrapping they can sink their teeth into a real treat. We have all sorts of flavors and styles of doggy snacks for Fido. And in case you were wondering, yes there are some stuff available from Duck Dynasty. Which of course will make your dog “Happy, Happy, Happy”.

Need to distract them a little more? We have a toy for that! In fact we have several toys for that!!

But maybe you want to show off your pooch and outdoors pride at the same time. We have a selection of leashes, collars and even harnesses in that Blaze/Don’t Shoot Me Orange.

For the more regal outdoors-person we also have some rather nice leather options. “Oh, Belvedere! Come here boy!”

Now I personally have the RedHead Adjustable Harness for my dog. His name is Jester and he is one of those vicious, baby-eating pit bulls. Pure evil! Just look below!

The monster! Seriously pick up on the sarcasm. This dog is amazing. He and many of his breed are extremely smart, loving, protective, family-orientated, loyal and caring animals. It’s all about how you raise and treat them. (Which may be the biggest reason I have a beef with Michael Vick. That and he scored me a total 1.34 points a few weeks back in my fantasy, but had no other choice because it was a bi-week for Luck… anyways.)

I have found this harness to be of good quality and does not hurt my pup in anyway, so I would definitely recommend it.

Now some of us have that dog that only gets up for food, and sometimes not even for that. Let’s face it, some dogs are just lazy. They have their bed or spot, and that’s all they need. Well if that bed is a little on the worn side, we have some awesome dog beds to choose from.

So don’t skip over man’s best friend during this season of giving. After all, it’s the least you could do for all the kisses they give you when you get home!



With all the colors on the market for plastics, how do you know when and what color to use for ice fishing?

From Rod Woten, Pro Ice Fisherman and Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pro Staff:

"Almost always start with a pink and then change it from can look like a lot of different things that swim in the water, without being specifically one thing. Clear water - I go with pastels, pinks, whites, lighter colors. Stained water - I like browns, blacks, purples, and glow."


This Weekend at Bass Pro Shops Altoona - It's Here!

Black Friday is here!

Our doors open on Friday at 5 a.m. with a six-hour sale, while our five-day sale continues. 

We'll have free doughnuts and hot chocolate for our guests waiting in line!


We have special Thanksgiving and Black Friday hours for Santa's Wonderland

Photos: 10-5 p.m.
Crafts: 3-5 p.m.

Black Friday
Photos 10-8 p.m.
Crafts 5-7 p.m.


Toys for Tots

Saturday and Sunday it's our Super Toys for Tots Weekend!

Saturday and Sunday

November 30 and December 1, 2013 ONLY

Donate a toy in-store to Toys for Tots and receive a FREE photo package in Santa's Wonderland!

Each customer who donates a toy (or toys) on either Nov. 30 or Dec. 1, will receive a coupon for ONE free special Toy Donation package valued at $20.

ONE COUPON PER FAMILY (no matter how many toys donated). Coupons are redeemable until December 7.

What a super way to get your children involved in helping others less fortunate. Bring the family to see Santa and help bring Christmas to kids who may not have one otherwise. While you're here that weekend you may also win one of the many prizes we will be giving away! Bass Pro Shops gift cards, apparel, sunglasses, and more...we will be giving away one prize every half hour from 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. both days!


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Santa's Yuleblog #2: Bass Pro Shops Santa's Flyer Train Set

santa's flyer

Your old pal Santa here again, helping you out with your Christmas shopping this year. They have an awesome train set at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops that will make the young'ns in your family happy for year's to come, and would even be a great addition to your under the tree decorations - check it out...

Take a train ride with us and celebrate Bass Pro and the holiday season all year long with the Bass Pro Shops Santa's Flyer Train Set. This beautiful steam train set from our friends at Lionel represents those things that make giving and receiving extra enjoyable. From the music boxcar and animated chase gondola, to the beautiful flatcar load, this fabulous train is all dressed up in dynamic Bass Pro Shops decoration, making it an exclusive item for Bass Pro Shops. The set includes 0-8-0 steam locomotive and tender (coal car), Christmas music boxcar, flatcar with 2 exquisitely decorated 1:64 BPS race cars (removable), animated gondola, caboose, 3 Lionel FasTrack track sections, 8 Lionel FasTrack track sections, 1 Lionel FasTrack terminal section, PowerMax Transformer, and smoke fluid. The locomotive and tender features transformer-controlled forward, neutral, and reverse operation, air whistle in tender, operating headlight, operating coupler on rear of tender, powerful maintenance-free motor, puffing smoke, die-cast metal locomotive body with frame and traction tires for added grip. Engineer and fireman figures in locomotive cab give added realism. Rolling stock features removable race cars on flatcar and operating couplers. The boxcar plays Christmas music with on/off switch (9-volt battery required, not included). Interior illumination in caboose. Track layout dimensions: 40”x 60”. Length: 47”. 

SW Santa's flyer

·         Lionel train set made exclusively for Bass Pro Shops

·         Train set includes 2 die-cast 1:64 Bass Pro Shops race cars by Lionel

·         Transformer-controlled forward, neutral, and reverse operation

·         Boxcar plays Christmas Music with on/off switch

·         Train set operates on one 9-volt battery, not included

·         Die-cast metal locomotive body


Game Changers: For the Birds

Talking turkey a few days ago in my latest Arizona Animals blog got me looking into our feathered friends.  Birds are incredibly awesome creatures. Their role in our ecosystems can sometimes be overlooked, which is interesting because if we looked overhead we would notice them just a little more.

Now birds play an interesting role in our lives as humans. Some of us spend all day sitting outside to watch them and others wait patiently with a shotgun in hand. What is interesting while these two types of “bird enthusiasts” have different methods of enjoying these creatures, they both have the same end goal. Conservation. Unless we conserve and protect our natural resources, future generations will never have the pleasure of hearing a crane’s song or getting goose poop on their freshly washed car windshield.

There are a number of organizations that work every day to protect the land the animals need and the animals themselves. Bass Pro Shops is proud to partner with a few of these great groups to help out where we can.

First, since it is Thanksgiving time let’s talk about the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). I just touched base on them in a previous blog, but let me catch you up to speed. By the early 1900’s there were estimated to be less than 30,000 wild turkeys left in the United States. In the 1950’s the use of net shooting cannons led to the capture of the remaining birds. They were then moved to more suitable habitats. Wild turkey numbers are now estimated to be over 7 million animals! Where does the NWTF fit into all this? Well after being founded in 1973 they have never stopped in helping to protect these animals. There are currently around a quarter of a million members of the NWTF. They work here in our backyards and abroad, operating in over a dozen other countries.

There outreach is not just to the birds as well. They are active in helping new people get into the outdoors. The NWTF has helped thousands of children, women and people with disabilities across North America learn outdoor skills. Their organization is so popular that it has spawned several outreach programs. They even have a scholarship program that has raised more than 2 million dollars to help kids get to school!

They are also reaching out to new future outdoor enthusiasts with their use of digital, magazine and video materials. NWTF has done an excellent job in adapting to take care of the birds and provide resources for their loyal members.

Along with turkeys being on everyone’s mind from Thanksgiving, there is another bird gaining national attention. Thanks to Duck Dynasty, everybody seems to be going “quackers”. People you would never expect to like the show seem to love it! This has made more people take an interest in the outdoors and in protecting it. Since 1937, Ducks Unlimited has been dedicated to conserving wetlands and other areas important to ducks.

Last year there was an estimated half million members in Ducks Unlimited. And their members aren’t afraid to show it. It’s extremely common to see the easily-identifiable duck head emblem on the back of vehicles. A really great way Ducks Unlimited has been successful is in their outreach to whole families and communities.

Some families pass on Ducks Unlimited through their generations like a lifestyle choice. There are three generation Ducks Unlimited families. The organization has been successful in conserving roughly 13 million acres of waterfowl habitat in North America. While there are specific areas essential to ducks as a species, Ducks Unlimited has projects going in every state.

The really awesome thing about what both of these organizations do is that it is not just for the birds. The lands that they help protect and conserve can be utilized by all the animals living in the area. So while you may be a bigger whitetail hunter than birdman, you can still support these organizations and help your favorite game. Also you do not even need to be a hunter to get involved. Protecting our natural resources and the wonders of animals that live in it should be a universal goal for all.

Wrathy Woolies!! Giddy-Up!

Other Game Changers:

Teddy Roosevelt

Boone and Crockett Club

Fred Bear



Toys For Tots November 30th - December 1st at Cincy Bass Pro Shops

Toys for Tots

Again this year we will be collecting Toys For Tots to assist local families in enjoying their holiday season. We will be showing our appreciation to those donating to us by presenting them a coupon for a FREE photo package with Santa valued at $20 !!

Here's how it works; bring in a new toy(s) to our store during regular store hours on November 30th or December 1st. Upon receipt of the toy we will give you a voucher/coupon for a FREE photo package with Santa at our Santa's Wonderland event. This will be a special photo package created for this promotion that includes:

2 - 6x8 Prints

1 - 5x7 Print

2 - 4/6 Prints

Digital Download

This package is a $20 value, and the coupons can be redeemed from November 30 through December 7th. One coupon/voucher per family. Please stop by the store and give to this great cause and help some local families have a better Christmas season.


Ice Talk 2013 - Ice Creepers

The new "glare ice" that forms at the beginning of ice fishing season can be dangerous. In our recent Q & A, a Facebook fan asked:

"I noticed last season that people wearing the latest creepers on the market were making an awful amount of noise walking around. As we know, on thinner ice and shallow water conditions, fish can be very spooky to noise and movement . What kind of ice creeper are you using and why?"

Ice Fishing Pro Rod Woten, also a Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pro Staff member, is pretty comfortable on ice. If he's in a shallower water situation, where the sounds are spooking fish, he just doesn't use anything. But, if Rod is in a situation where he needs better traction and can't just inch his way across in boots, the Kahtoola Microspikes are his choice. Check out this YouTube video to hear his take on it:



Whether on the lake or on the street, Kahtoola Microspikes help keep you upright!

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Double-Duty Weekend!

Things are going to be getting a little crazy here at our store, and we love it!!! The weekend of November 30th and December 1st we are going to be pulling double-duty with all the stuff we have going on! Here’s the breakdown:

Both days the store will be open from 8:00AM-10:00PM. Starting at 10:30AM-5:30PM we will unleash a Drawing Sweepstakes that would put any other to shame! Every hour, we will be drawing for a prize and a gift card! (Two chances to win at each drawing!) Best part, winners do not need to be present to win! Just fill out your entry form and you are good to go! And yes, we are doing this both days!!!!

November 30th: Super Saturday!

The first 100 customers will receive a FREE Bass Pro Shops Knife. Customer must be at least 18 years old.

10:30AM- Buck 110 Folding Hunting Knife // $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

11:30AM- Strike King KVD Square Bill Kit // $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

12:30PM- ThermaCell Heated Rechargable Insoles // $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

1:30PM- Columbia Omni-Heat Base Layer // $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

2:30PM- The Original Muck Boots (Wetland) // $50 Bass Pro Gift Card

3:30PM- SOG Seal Pup Fixed Blade Knife // $50 Bass Pro Gift Card

4:30PM- Costa Tuna Alley 580P Polarized Sunglasses // $100 Bass Pro Gift Card

5:30PM- $500 Prepaid Debit Card // $200 Bass Pro Gift Card

December 1st: Super Sunday!

The first 100 customers will receive a FREE 3-Pack Cotton Cordell Bait.

10:30AM- Duck Commander Plug & Play Video Game // $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

11:30AM- Rapala Birch & Salmon Collector Fillet Knife // $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

12:30PM-Plano KVD Tackle Bag// $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

1:30PM- Mitchell 300 Limited Edition Spinning Reel // $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

2:30PM- Oculus 5.0 Binoculars // $50 Bass Pro Gift Card

3:30PM- Danner High-Ground 8” 1000G Hunting Boots // $50 Bass Pro Gift Card

4:30PM- Oakley King’s Camo Gas Can Sunglasses // $100 Bass Pro Gift Card

5:30PM- GoPro HERO3+ // $200 Bass Pro Gift Card

Now let me go ahead and let you know that you will have to be 21 years or older to claim any of these prizes. If you win either pair of boots, we will provide you with a way to order yours through the mail to ensure proper sizing. Also customers are limited to one entry per day, and the entry is only good for the day of the drawing. So looks like you have the best excuse to come visit us twice in the same weekend! You are welcome, Arizona!

I bet some of you figured that the fact that we have two awesome days of some sweet sweepstakes is what makes this weekend “Double Duty”. NEY! Ney I say! What makes it double is that we are also going to be holding a Toys for Tots drive in our store!

Customers who bring in a toy donation for Toys for Tots at our store will receive a FREE Photo Package as a thank you from us! The Photo Package is worth $20 and includes 2-6x8, 1-5x7, 2-4x6 and a digital download! Drop off the toy donation (must be in original packaging and not look like a realistic weapon) and pick up the voucher for this Photo Package at Customer Service. 1 voucher per donation and 1 voucher per family.

You will also have until December 7th to redeem this voucher for your free photo package! (It might be a little crazy in-store that weekend, for obvious reasons, so it might be a better bet to receive the voucher and come back another day.)

Toys for Tots provide a great service for our communities nationwide. There would be a lot less children smiling without the contributions this organization makes. So why not make sure you get on the “Nice” side of Santa’s list?!

We hope to see you all soon. Keep posted as Santa’s Wonderland will be getting some new times shortly after this weekend! 


Santa's Yule Blog #1: Natural Reflections Moc

Santa's Yule Blog


Hey folks, Santa here, giving you some great ideas throughout this upcoming holiday season that can be found at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops !!


Questions quite frequently heard while on the sales floor by customers:

“Your store has a second floor?”

“I never knew for as many times as I shopped here that there was a plane on the ceiling.”

“You have a great women’s clothing and shoe selection”

Wait that can’t be Bass Pro Shops has a great selection of ladies shoes and clothing? I thought it was just a store that sold strictly for guys who loved to hunt and fish.

Look no further than the Natural Reflections Moc that comes in Beige, Black, Glitter, Blue , Red, Suede, Camo, Cheetah, just to name a few. These are comfortable and would be great gift for that special someone to enjoy at summer outings whether it be a Memorial Day Barbeque or for a night on the town.

I can hear the applause from your lady friends now “Where did you get your shoes?” “Well Bass Pro Shops of course, and they were only $24.99” “Whoa I thought for sure they would have been around $50.00!”

Don’t thank me thank your Natural Reflections Moc!Natural Reflections Moc


Receive a FREE photo package by bringing in a Toy for Toy for Tots!

toys for tots

Join us on Saturday, November 30, 2013 and Sunday, December 1, 2013 at Santa's Wonderland inside Bass Pro Shops.  Thia weekend only we will be giving away a free photo package with your donation to Toys for Tots.  You will not receive just the typical free 4x6 photo with Santa, but an entire package.  This includes: (2) 6x8 Prints, (1) 5x7 Print, (2) 4x6 Prints, and the Digital Download! That's a $20.00 Value for Free! 

Just bring in a toy donation for Toys for Tots during this weekend ONLY.

What better way to wind down the crazy, fun, yet chaotic weekend of Thanksgiving and Black Friday than a family picture that you can put on your 2013 Christmas Cards and by simply donating a toy to the United States Marine Corps Toys for Tots Collection. We hope to see you at your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World!


Base Layers - Not Just For Hunting

Winter is here and whether you hunt, work outside, hike or just shovel your driveway, the outdoor weather can make you feel cold right to the bone.  Here are a few different base layers that will help you get through that long day working or just enjoying your time outside.

The Redhead EnduraSkin Relaxed Fit Hunting Shirt is moisture wicking and has odor control.  The relaxed fit makes movement easy with a 4 way stretch.  It comes in Mossy Oak Break Up or Real Tree.  If you don't want camo we also have black.  Add the Redhead EnduraSkin All Season Pants for a complete set.

rh p














The Scentblocker Super Skin Shirt made of merino wool and polyester fabric, is free moving and comfortable.  With technology to inhibit odor even under heavy use this shirt is durable and worth looking at.  Add the Scentblocker Super Skin Pants and you are all set.

































So remember in order to enjoy that time in the woods, or just stay warm while you are doing the essentials stop by and look at the base layers we have at Bass Pro Shops.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator












Preparing a Hotspot for Ice fishing Season

Now is the perfect time of the year to start preparing for the ice fishing season. The days are getting shorter, colder and before too long the ice will start to form over some of your favorite fishing holes.

frozen lake

Here are a few preparations you can make to help ensure your long months of ice fishing are some of the best you may have all year.

The first thing I like to do is to get out on the boat and do a little research. The things I’m looking for are different types of underwater structure. Wether it is submerged trees, rock piles, or just rapid changes in water depth, these are all different types of structure that baitfish will congregate around once the underwater vegetation becomes scarce.  

In order to find different types of structure I will typically get in a boat and simply start searching with a fish finder. The reason you want to do this before there is several inches of ice on the water is simply to cover more water much faster.  There are many great products on the market that help with this process and Bass Pro Shops has a wide variety of these devices to choose from.

The other vital tool I use for this process is a simple handheld gps devise like the Garmin eTrex 10.etrex gps

There is a wide variety of these type of GPS's available at The reason for the handheld devise is that it is compact and accurate, making it very easy to find your marked waypoints once you have ice that is safe enough to fish on.

If you are planning on ice fishing a body of water with little or no subsurface stracture to it, and it is a body of water where it is legal, I strongly recommend creating your own structure to fish over. One of the most common ways to do this is to create a brush pile, if you want make structure that will last of years and won't breakdown overtime I reccomend artificial structures like the "Honey Hole Tree"


These are wonderful structures to fish over because they promote aquatic growth throughout the summer months, but they also attract baitfish which in turn attract predatory fish, and the best thing about this type of structure is that it is much harder to get snagged on while fishing.

Please check out more Ice Fishing related topics at

























Toys for Tots.....

                                                     Toys for Tots

Join forces with Bass Pro Shops and Toys for Tots this holiday season…

Saturday and Sunday, November 30 & December 1, for one weekend only –

Bring in a new toy to donate to Toys for Tots and receive a coupon good for 1 free Special Toy Donation Photo Package valued at $20.

The free photo package includes:

  • (2) 6x8 prints
  • 5x 7 Prints
  • (2)4x6 Prints
  • Digital Download




What a great way to get the family involved in our community efforts to make sure everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!

Santa Hours

November 27     3-8 pmSantas Wonderland

November 28     10am-5pm

November 29     10am-8pm

November 30     10am-8pm

December 1        12-5 pm



This Weekend at Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Turkey Up!

Butterball Oil-Free Electric FryerOil-Free Electric Fryer Demo - Saturday, November 23

Next week is Thanksgiving, so we're talkin' turkey! The Butterball Oil-Free Electric Fryer is super easy, healthy, and cost-efficient. Stop by and see how easy it is to use one and have a taste, too!  We will be cooking the turkey starting around 10:30 a.m. and serving up samples of the finished product sometime between 12 and 1 p.m.




Santa's Wonderland 2013Santa's Wonderland Hours this weekend and next week are:

                                Free Photos                       Craft

Saturday          10am – 8pm                       Noon – 5pm
Sunday             Noon – 5pm                       Noon – 5pm
Mon-Fri               3pm – 8pm                       5pm – 7pm

Special Hours for Thanksgiving and Black Friday:

                                                                Free Photos                       Craft
Thanksgiving (Nov. 28)                  10am – 5pm                       3pm – 5pm
Black Friday (Nov. 29)                     10am – 8pm                       5pm – 7pm



Coming Up

Our 5-Day specials start Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and our doors open on Black Friday at 5 a.m.!  We treat our customers right on Black Friday...we'll have hot chocolate and doughnuts for those waiting in line!

Next weekend, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 - Toys for Tots Weekend/Super Saturday and Sunday! Donate a toy or toys in-store at Bass Pro Shops Altoona, and receive a coupon for a special free Toys for Tots photo with Santa package!  One coupon per family. Plus giveaways both weekends!


Lend a Hand for those Who've Done so Much

We take great pride in supporting our military. Nothing brings greater pleasure than to meet and greet the veterans who visit our store so often through the Iowa Veteran's Home, or to shake the hand of active duty personnel working or training at the Iowa National Guard's nearby Camp Dodge.

Now we ask your help.Through December 31, 2013, YOU can help US help the veterans and active duty personnel, with a donation to the USO or AmVets.

Customers may make a donation of $1, $3, or $5 at all U.S. location Bass Pro Shops stores to USO, which supports deployed service members, or AMVETS, which supports our veterans. 

AMVETS LogoThe AMVETS organizations first began assisting veterans in the mid 1940s as our World War II veterans began to return home. They helped them obtain the benefits promised them by the federal government.

AMVETS helps veterans and their families in many ways. One of the most visible of which is their network of national service officers accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. With programs like the Warrior Transition Workshops for male and female veterans, and resources for treatment counseling and other assistance, AMVETS provides that hand of support veterans need for when they return.

Bass Pro Shops has partnered with the USO for the past several years for “Operation Care Package.”  This year it's the "USO2GO" program to support deployed service members in remote locations with the comforts of home. The packages include electronic gaming, sports/musical equipment, and personal care items to troops in remote locations.

USO2GoUSO2GO launched in 2008 - Deployed bundles, weighing nearly one ton each, have been delivered to more than 600 remote forward operating bases and it has become the most requested program directly from the field to help our deployed troops relax and recharge. 


Check out these YouTube videos for more information on AMVETS and the USO2GO program.

Donate at your local U.S. Bass Pro Shops or online. Lend your hand of support!

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Outdoor Cooking Primer - Slow Cooker Apple Pie Pork Chops

Apple Pie Pork Chops

As any child of 1970s TV knows, according to Peter Brady, you have to eat pork chops with applesauce. This super easy slow cooker recipe! gives you both!

This came from the October 17 issue of Iowa Farmer Today.  I always check the recipes when it arrives in the store mail each week and knew I had to try this one right away! 

Now, here's the kicker. The way the recipe is written, it lists stuffing mix as an ingredient, but never says what to do with it. However, it does says to put everything, except chops, in the a bag and mix up. To me, the idea of adding the stuffing mix in the bag just seemed odd, so I just served it on the side. I thought it wouldn't taste much like apple pie, if it had sage and other seasonings in it, but that's just my way of thinking. So, if you want to be adventurous, you can try it that way. 

I ended up doing about four hours on low and then 1.5 hours on high and could have done it shorter, because they were fall apart done...thicker chops would have help up better. But they were "WOW" good!  

Apple Pie Pork Chops

8 C. apples, peeled and sliced
¾ C. sugar
2 T. all-purpose flour
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
½ tsp. ground cloves
½ tsp. ground allspice
1½ lbs. pork chops
1 6-oz. pkg. boxed stuffing mix
Place chops in the bottom of a slow cooker. In a separate 1-gal. zippered bag, place all of the ingredients, except the chops. Mix. Once mixed, dump on top of pork chops in the slow cooker. Cook on low 6 to 8 hours or on high 3 to 4 hours. Note: If you don’t have fresh apples, may substitute a can of apple pie filling.


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Fall Jerkbait Fishing

Once the water starts dropping below the 60 degree mark, jerkbaits are a hot bait to throw.  The fish are stockin up for winter and you will probably have the entire lake to yourself.  There are many things to consider when throwing a jerkbait: water clarity, location, forage, line and rod are a few.  10 lb florocarbon is a good starting point, aiding in the suspending action of any given jerkbait. 


There are days where a tight wobble versus a wide wobble are preferred.  Running depth varies per brand of jerkbait.  A good medium action rod will not over work the jerkbait and allow the rod to load up on a strike.  Some jerkbaits will suspend evenly right out of the box, others may require a few suspend strips/dots. 


Jerkbaits are meant to entice those suspended fish relating to cover or depth changes into biting.  A natural match the hatch approach is always a good start, but that is not to say a brighter reflective finish will not coax a cold water bass into biting.  

Once you find some good structure ie rockpiles, brushpiles, channel swings, creek channels let the fun begin.  Pick a jerkbait that will run/supsend according to the depth of structure you are fishing and tie one on. (Retailers like Bass Pro Shops have a wide variety of Jerkbaits to choose from.)

   Monofiliament or Florocarbon line may help your choice if you need to help keep the bait higher in the water column a mono line will be better, if you need to help keep the bait down in the water column, a florocarbon line will be better.  Confidence is the best bait in your tackle box, if you have had success with a given color of crankbait, match that in a jerkbait.  Throw your jerkbait out, reel it down 5-6 times to get it in the strike zone, a good 5-10 second pause is a good rule of thumb to start with, the colder the water, the longer you may have to let it set.  You may give the bait 2-3 quick jerks with your rod tip down or you may just turn your reel handle 2-3 times.  Experiment with the retirieve and length of pause until you get bit, letting the fish tell you how they want it and how long it set each time, duplicate the retrieve and you are in business.

You can read more about Jerkbaits and Jerkbait selection at the following link: Jerkbaits

Spro Mc StickStaysee 90


Product Spotlight - Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer

Butterball Oil-Free Turkey FryerWe've demonstrated the Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer a couple of times here at the store and the reaction is always the same. First, people want to know how it is that you can fry a turkey without oil. Second, they are amazed at the taste. 

As Pete from our Camping department explains, it's a different type of "frying."

"The oil-less fryer uses infrared heat to cook the product. The best analogy is that it's like pan frying from all sides at the same time. The infrared heat wave penetrates all the way through the product, leaving you with a crispy exterior similar to frying and a juicy tender inside."

Here are some other features and benefits of the Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer:

  • It cooks the product in 2/3 of the conventional oven time.
  • It's great for health benefits because you're not using oil.
  • It's great for cost-saving, because you're not buying the oil.
  • If you use a rub, it doesn't fall off in the oil...and marinades make it even that much juicier.

We'll be demonstrating the Oil-free Fryer at Bass Pro Shops Altoona on Saturday, November 23. Stop by around 1 p.m. and check it out!

Oil-Free Turkey Fryer - Bass Pro Shops Altoona



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Ice Fishing 2013 - Rods

We continue to take a look at what's new in ice fishing this year. Our Bass Pro Shops Altoona Fishing Leads, both avid ice fishermen, say there are a number of new reels and combos in the store for the ice angler.

Jason Mitchell Meat Stick

Clam's Jason Mitchell Elite Series Meat Sticks - New in stock at our store, the Jason Mitchell Meat Stick is Jamie Renshaw's rod of choice.

"The sanded tip is soft, making it a very sensitive bite sensor. It bends right into the backbone."

Our other Fishing Lead Chris Grocholski says they are excellent for walleyes, too!

"They have a super sensitive tip, with an extra fast action, but also have a strong backbone to fight larger fish like walleyes or bass.  The rod comes in two models - a 24” great for fishing inside your shack or, my personal choice, the 28”, which I feel gives you better leverage when fighting fish." 

Also new to the mix are the Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Rods. The reliability of the #1 rod in the U.S. now comes made for ice fishing!  The graphite/fiberglass rod , features Ugly Tuff guides, a 1-piece stainless steel hood, and Ugly Stik's famous clear tip.

There are a number of new combos, too, including the Abu Garcia Veritas and the Ugly Stick GX2 Ice Fishing Combo.

“I really like the Frabill quick tip combos - with the combination of a sensitive rod and smooth reel they are a perfect match,”  says Grocholski.

Clam Lady Ice Buster

Ice fishing combos - Bass Pro Shops AltoonaLadies, listen up! More prevalent this year are the items to appeal to you! The Clam Lady Ice Buster Series Spinning Rod and Reel combos feature a pink rod and is pre-spooled with 4 lb. Ice Line. The lower-end Apache combo comes in a multitude of bright colors. 

For beginners, the Panfish Popper is a good starting combo. It comes with line on it, a couple of jigs, and a spin bobber. Renshaw still uses a couple of these, too.



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