Are You Ready To Fly?

New Year’s Eve and all those New Year’s Resolutions are now behind us. It’s time to start to seriously think about fishing. Whether you are looking for new equipment or hone those skills, you can find everything you need at Bass Pro Shops. From Friday February 28th to Sunday March 16th, the Annual Spring Fishing Classic will take place. During that time, the White River Fly Shop will have the equipment you need and the seminars to help answer your questions. So, come on down and get started. See the listing below for the exact schedule.

March 1st and 2nd:  Steve White will be in the fly shop to answer your questions about Scientific Anglers’ fly lines and Ross Reels.

March 8th and 9th: Bill Teresco will be in front of the fly shop tying flies and answering your questions about fly selection and our classes.

March 8th and 9th: Steve White will be in the demonstration area doing an “Introduction to Fly Fishing” seminar at 12 noon.

March 15th and 16th: Emmett Doane, owner of Circle Valley Anglers in Circleville, UT, will be in the fly shop to explain the fly fishing opportunities in Southern Utah.

March 15th and 16th: Bill Teresco will be in front of the fly shop tying flies and answering your questions about fly selection and our classes.

March 15th and 16th: Steve White will be in the demonstration area doing an “Introduction to Fly Fishing” seminar at 12 noon.


Product Spotlight - The Beadery® Wonder Loom™

In MY day as a child, we had the metal pot holder loom. With a basic metal square with jagged teeth-like edges, a pick and a bag of fabric loops, I was themost incredible potholder maker in the world. My mom, aunt, and the neighbor ladies all reaped the benefit of just being associated with me, because THEY would undoubtedly receive one of my masterpieces...probably many times over!

Now, today's kids have the Wonder Loom and it is here at Bass Pro Shops!  But the Wonder Loom doesn't make hot make bracelets out of latex-free rubber bands!

You get 600 rubber bands, 24 clips,and easy-to-follow instructions. There are YouTube videos for those who want to see how it's done first. Its' the perfect gift for young kids and is all the rage right now!

Couple of things that are pretty cool:

1. It's a perfect tool for learning or RE-learning skills...youngWonder Loom or old. Visual perception, finger dexterity, problem-solving, dealing with frustration. Numerous web sites and therapists provide resources stating their usage and support of this as a great mental an physical learning tool.

2.  Additionally,  it's the first rubber band loom made in the U.S.A. 


Stop in at Bass Pro Shops Altoona and find the Wonder Loom in the kids toys area. We also carry the book Rubber Band Jewelry with ideas for making bracelets, rings, belts, and more...maybe hot pads???


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Giving Back

By: Jerry Costabile

On February 8th, I was part of a “Learn to Hunt Rabbits” program that was put on by the Wisconsin DNR, at Richard Bong State Recreation Area in Kansasville, Wisconsin.

The hunt was put on by the Richard Bong Naturalist Association and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. It was held on the park property, which has hundreds of acres of hunting open to the public. I know for a fact that the area we were going to hunt is loaded with rabbits, and I was just as excited as if I were going to hunt! There were five hunters and five mentors. The hunters for the day were Ben, Nathan, Hunter, Annie and Jay. Our Mentors for the day were Adam, Brandon, Michael, my son Kyle and myself.

Being a certified Hunter Education Instructor, I was asked to teach a firearm safety class and a class on hunting rabbits. Along with my classes, there would be classes on state laws and regulations that would be instructed by two state Conservation Wardens, Brandon Smith and Michael Katzenberg. There was a class on the biology of rabbits by Adam Holcomb from the Naturalist Association.

We had a special guest speaker, Mike Corbett, on hunting with beagles. Mike was to bring a really special guest, but because of the snow depth, we didn’t get to meet his dog, Nugget. He still gave a great presentation with a film of an actual rabbit hunt with Beagles.

After a lunch provided by the Naturalist Association, we were ready to hunt! After everyone was given a blaze orange vest, complements of the Naturalist Association, and blaze orange hat, complements of Bass Pro Shops, Gurnee, IL, we were off! I was concerned about the new snow on top of the old snow, and the ability to hunt in a way that we could flush the rabbits to the hunters that were positioned ahead and in safe locations. Well when we got to the first area to be hunted, the snow was deep; I was in snow up to my mid thighs! It was all that we could do to just get thru the drifts and get to the cover. The rabbits were there, lots and lots of tracks and rabbit m&m’s (droppings), but it was very difficult to get into the thickest cover where there was less snow. This is where all of the fresh sign lead to and we were not going to get there, too much snow. The effort was there, but the opportunities were not.

A group decision was made to go back to the classroom for a short break and rehydration and then to head to another location. The snow was already taking its toll on us, we only hunted for about an hour and we looked like we had been at it all day!

When we headed out for round two, I was feeling a little disappointed because with the conditions, I didn’t think our opportunities would be many if any. Upon arriving to our hunting destination, we grouped up and made the walk a few hundred yards back to a heavy brush covered area that had good rabbit sign everywhere. I could see that if we were going to see a rabbit, this was the spot! While everyone was getting into position to start, I could see a very fresh set of tracks that led into the cover we were about to get into. I put Nathan, my hunter, into a good position to see and it was open enough that if Bugs showed himself, he would get a shot. Our “dogs” Kyle and Ben, were just about to the brush that the fresh tracks led into and I told Nathan “Be ready” and sure enough, out he came, the first rabbit of the day! Nathan did a great job getting his gun up and because of the rabbit’s speed, a very ethical decision not to shoot. It just wasn’t a good shot opportunity and because of the deep snow, I knew that the rabbit wouldn’t go far and might give us another chance. As we moved to get ahead of the “dogs”, there was a shot off to our right. It might have been the same rabbit, but we weren’t sure so we kept moving ahead. Once Nathan and I got to an area that gave us a good vantage point and a safe location, we got ready only to see the guys walking up to us and no rabbit ahead of them.

Well we regrouped with the others and found out that Annie got the shot, but the rabbit got away! We made our way to the nature center took some pictures, shook hands and said good buy. I was hoping to demonstrate field dressing and share a couple of recipes, but the rabbits at Bong Recreation Area survived the first “Learn to Hunt Rabbits”.

On the way home, I had some mixed emotions, I was a little disappointed because I am usually successful at rabbit hunting and really wanted the day to be a great memory for our first time hunters. But I was also very proud of the fact that maybe, just maybe, I helped in a small way to keep a tradition alive. I reflected on the introduction to the sport to my boys and the fun we had, even when the rabbits were better than we were. I am now completely into the sportsman stage of my outdoor life, this is where the success is based on the experience, the memories, the friendships and the feelings of satisfaction of just being able to show others why I love what has been created for us all, the great outdoors.

There is something special in giving back to something that has rewarded you with so much. From teaching others, to protecting the resources, I know that for the rest of my days afield, it won’t be about what I harvest, but about what I can do to give back.



Day Dreaming of Spring

Anyone who loves fishing as much as I do, knows that by mid-winter we really start itching to get back out on the water and need fishing related activities to satisfy our craving. This is the time of year when spending some time diving into the books can be super beneficial. All season long I am constantly reading, learning, testing and practicing, but in the winter it is a little bit easier to sit and absorb the material without distraction. With all the ever changing baits, styles, natural forages, weather patterns and presentations of today, it is important to learn as much as you can to be prepared for situational fishing. Don't get me wrong, the joy of fishing can be found by just heading down to the lake, grabbing a rod, tossing out any old bait at any old time and catching some fish, but for those of you who are looking to take it to the next level or just want to know more about the patterns and cycles of your fish, putting in the time is crucial. This winter, take a little bit of extra time and pick a topic that you would like to be better at. Study it; memorize it and when the spring comes put it to the test. Just like when we were in school, if you put the time in and get good results, you will be rewarded right away and with that, you will be Hooked.

Something else that every angler should be looking forward to and equally as important is to organize and prepare you gear for the upcoming season. Depending on your skill level, all of this information may not pertain to you, but if you spend as much or more time on the water than not, most of these tips will ring true. Lure preparation is very important. I like to make sure that all of the old line is clipped away from the split rings and adjust any of the rings as needed to make sure the bait is running true. It is also very important is to check the hooks on your lures. Many times it is a good idea to change them out season to season or more often depending on the style of fishing you do. Dont forget to check the paint job. On many of our lures that are beat up, it is possible to do some touch ups of our own, and it is a good way to refurbish your supply without spending a fortune on new stuff. Another important aspect to preparing is going through your terminal tackle. Hooks, weights, jig heads and the myriad of other peices we have should be inspected and organized accordingly for the upcoming season. Organization of your gear is very important, especially on the water because it puts what you need in your hand quickly and allows you to get your line in the water faster. Speaking of line, this is perhaps the most important thing I would recommend doing in the off season. I like to strip all of my old line off from the season before and re spool everything. Now, that may not be necessary for you to do especially if you only fish a couple times a week or even a handful of times a season, but for me, I am on the water every day, and I go through a ton of line. By the end of the season, the line still on the reel has been used and abused. I will spend some time oiling and greasing my reels, and then I will put all new line on before the start of the new season. There is nothing worse than heading out for your first fishing trip of the season, targeting some big pre-spawn bass and hooking a monster only to have your old line from last season fail. It will really start you off on the wrong foot for the year and put you in the wrong frame of mind as a fisherman. Hopefully some of these tips will help you to ride out the winter a little bit easier and be better prepared for an outstanding fishing season in the spring.


Greg MinerCharles

River Charters


 Enter here for a chance to win the Bass Pro Shops Ultimate Tackle Give away!


NC Wildlife: Free Hunter Education Course for Women

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will offer a free hunter education course for women on March 28-29 at Bass Pro Shops in Concord, Cabarrus County.


Join us for a hunter education course for women on March 28-29 at Bass Pro Shops in Concord.

The two-day course will provide an atmosphere conducive to learning for women of all ages, with no experience required. This specialized course will be held at Bass Pro Shops, located at 8181 Concord Mills Boulevard, through the Wildlife Commission’s Hunter Education Program and Home From The Hunt™ campaign.

The course is offered on a first-come, first-served basis with limited space available and pre-registration required. The first session will be conducted on Friday evening from 6-9 p.m. with the final session held Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

“There is an increase in female participation in hunting, shooting sports and outdoor recreation, and we want that trend to continue,” said Carissa Shelton, the Commission hunter education specialist who will lead the course. “This course will provide the standard lessons of the Hunter Education Program, but will do so in a gender-specific setting. We believe a specialty course like this creates an appealing environment for those women who prefer it.”

All graduates will receive hunter certification recognized in all 50 states, U.S. territories and many other countries.

For more information or to pre-register, call 919-707-0031

Happy Hunting!

NC Wildlife


Winter Blahs Be Gone

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" 

~Robin Williams~

One day, when we least expect it, we'll wake up and be ready to party because it's spring. In the meantime, I'm 99% sure we'll be getting more snow, and there's surely going to be some rainy days, too. So, instead of bemoaning Mother Nature and something we have no control over, here are a few suggestions of ways to make the days seem a little brighter. 

Have kids, a spouse, significant other, or roomies? Get them involved!

Snowball Maker1.  Spring Cleaning - Do those little tasks you've been putting cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen! How about using a Bass Pro Shops Tackle Storage Box to help keep some of the "junk" sorted?  And have you seen the Fishing Butler Ultimate Rod Ties? These handy dandy little gadgets can be used for hanging rods, but also organizing items in crafting areas or in shops and workrooms!

1. Bake/Cook - Tackle a new recipe or cooking style. View cooking as a pleasure and not a chore. Make something not because you HAVE to feed someone, but because you WANT to. Bake with kids...teach them a practical, fun skill that involves using their head and motor skills. Cook with your spouse or partner - assign tasks or leave the cooking to one and let the other do the clean up. Make it a team effort.  Hey, pick up a snowball maker and make meatballs! Take about repurposing!

2. Learn a new craft - You're never too old...grab the kids' Wonder Loom and have them show you how to make the rubber band bracelets, etc. They may teach YOU something.

For the "of age" crowd that likes a frosty beverage, try making your own brew with a Mr. Beer kit. We have some refill flavors, too, like Bewitched Amber Ale and American Ale, and the brand new Diablo. Mr. Beer

For the non-drinkers or kids, you can pick up a Mr. Root Beer Kit and make your own root beer!

3.  If it's winter outside, why can't it be summer inside?  Use that electric ice cream maker that you usually only drag out in the summer and make some homemade ice cream.  Fry up some chicken (see #1 above), throw a blanket on the floor and have an old fashioned picnic inside! Open the curtains and let what light there is outside come inside.

4. Drag out the outdoor yard games...indoors! Bag toss, ladder toss...they can be played inside, too. Have a competition! Drag out the board games or swing by and pick up some new ones, like Animalopoly or Fishopoly or the UNO Wildlife Edition...make it a learning experience while they're having fun.

5. READ - Snuggle everyone together and read some books. Out loud. There is a not a kid in the world who doesn't like to be read to. Have the older kids take turns helping out with the reading.

6. Grab the camera and take some goofy photos and video footage for archiving. But really archive them, not just post them on Facebook. Keep them for the future. How about a GoPro? How cool would that be to make some fun movies with it for the future?

7. Likewise, drag out the scrapbooks and photo albums and reminisce. Start a scrapbook for your family, if you haven't already. Doesn't have to be fancy and you don't have to invest all the bells and whistles that some do when scrapbooking. Photos and a few mementos are what it takes. Our family has a camping scrapbook that my mother started in 1962 that I still look at.

8. Do manicures and pedicures...include the dog. Rarely has a dog gone without getting their toenails painted at some point in their life.

9. If it's nice enough, go outside and enjoy a little fresh air. Feed the birds and clean out their feeders...they like clean dishes, too.

10. Lighten up. Spring will be here soon and the party will begin.

Summer Fun








Nom, Nom IFC: Woo-Hoo for Wahoo!

The IFC has another delicious dish for you and something tells me that you will want to say “Woo-Hoo!” for it. It is the amazingly edible Smoked Wahoo Wrap!

Now the restaurant offers their Smoked Wahoo Dip as an appetizer, but they knew it was so good that they needed to wrap it up and make it a handheld hunger-killer! This thing is loaded up with the delicious dip and vegetables. So it is a healthy option when dining at our fine next door neighbor. I am sure most of you made some resolution at the beginning of this year to eat healthier or such, and this is a delicious way to do so!

Now for those of you who do not know what a wahoo is, let me clue you in! Wahoo are a long and silvery fish that resembles the barracuda. These fish are considered a prized sportfish as they can attain speeds of up to 50 miles per hour! They will also violently shake their head and sometimes will leap out of the water to get free, when hooked. If that is not a fighting fish, then I do not know what is! But I also that it is a fine-tasting fish that it sure to delight anyone who tries a bite.

So next time you stop by our store finish up the adventure with a trip to our sister restaurant. Scientific evidence may prove that the best way to wrap things up at Bass Pro Shops is with a wrap… wahoo wrap!

As Lazy as a Chilled Rattler! Giddy-Up!!

Previous Nibbles:

Grouper Sandwich


Clam strips





Miss Absolutely Nothing

Oculus Optics has arrived and I would like to thank them for their support. Great Binoculars 7.0 10x42 and Spotting scope 15x45x65 are available here at the Bass Pro Shops located in Ashland, VA. As we say, you will "Miss Absolutely Nothing" with this wonderful brand of optics. I have a love for the outdoors and a wonderful way to share it is with Oculus brand optics. I know there are many different makers of fine optics and I have used most of them; we all look for the best deals and here they are. These Oculus products are designed and manufactured with precision and accuracy in mind and they stand behind all of their products with a lifetime warrantee; no receipt is required.


I have been shooting long distance archery for many years and looking at arrows through many different products. The clarity and eye relief that the Oculus Spotting Scope gives me is beyond wonderful. I would like you to check out these fine products the next time you are shopping online or in person here at Bass Pro Shops. Don't just think about it, do it! You will look at things a lot different and as we say “Miss Absolutely Nothing.”  


Till next time your local Bass Pro Staff member wished you happy viewing as you will soon see the outdoors in a different way. 


-Rex Reichert  




Spring Fishing with Flicker Shad


With warmer weather rolling in Walleye anglers are hitting the water and the new Berkley Flicker Shad is helping them catch more fish.  The Flicker Shad is a minnow imitating lure that can be cast or trolled.  Trolling is by far the most popular technique for Walleye fishermen when using the Flicker Shad.  The bait has a tight, subtle action that is very effective with the cooler water temperatures now in the area.  These baits also have rattles, and many of the color patterns that are standard are perfect Walleye colors.   Bass Pro Shops has four sizes and a very large selection of colors to choose from, 11 of these colors are Bass Pro Shops exclusives selected by Walleye pro Gary Parsons. 

berkley flikr shad


Studies have shown Walleye will target small Shad even if they have larger forage available.  Therefore, this has made the Flicker Shad one of the most productive baits of our time.  With top of the line components you get a bait that will run correctly out of the package,  featuring strong hook attatchments and a wide range of colors.   On sale now for $3.97, and continuing through the Spring Fishing Classic,  plus an additional rebate available from Berkley, make the Flicker Shad a must have lure for springtime fishing.  Stop by our Fishing Department and see one of our dedicated Associates to help you stock up on all your Walleye Fishing needs.



Additional information on the colors and sizes available in the Flicker Shad, as well as all of the details on the many Berkley rebates, can be found at, or by calling us at the Sevierville, TN location.  We look forward to seeing you during our upcoming Spring Fishing Classic, February 28 – March 16.

flikr shad



Good fishing,


Jonathan Dyke

Fishing Team Lead


Rod Trade-In!


Join us starting Friday, March 7, 2014 thru Tuesday, March 11, 2014 for our rod trade-in event.  Do you have an old rod or two laying around the house just taking up space? Are you looking to upgrade your old rod? Just want a newer model? Well, bring your old rod to your local Bass Pro Shops March 7, 2014 thru March 11, 2014 and let us take it off your hands and give you a coupon to use when purchasing a BRAND NEW rod, while your old rod is donated to a charity and makes someone else happy:) Its a win win situation!

New Rod Purchase Price SAVE
$30.00 thru $48.99 $5.00
$49.00 thru $74.99 $10.00
$75.00 thru $99.99 $15.00
$100.00 thru $119.99 $20.00
$120.00 thru $159.99 $25.00
$160.00 thru $199.99 $30.00
$200.00 thru $249.99 $40.00
$250.00 thru $499.99 $50.00
$500.00 and UP! $100.00



Walleyes in Skinny Water

By Chris Grocholski
Fishing Lead
Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Growing up in northeast Iowa, I was faced with no lakes, or any big water for that matter, to fish. What we had were small rivers to spend our days fishing in. Small towns, like Elkader, Eldorado, and Clermont, and small rivers, like the Turkey, Volga, and the Cedar Rivers, provided lots of opportunities to catch walleyes while wading down the river or in a small boat.  Many summer days were spent with a zip lock bag full of 4” plastic worms/grubs, a small tackle box full of jigheads, and occasionally a small crankbait

What makes these rivers such a challenge and also rewarding? The rivers are never the same from year to year.  When the snow starts to melt, and the spring rains come, so does flooding and many instances of major flooding. Many times, this will change the complete look of a small river and, in some cases, completely change the river's course!

Places/Things to Look For

Some of the easiest places to look for, when trying to catch walleye in smaller rivers, are bridges and dams. Most likely, those are going to have the deepest water available for fish for quite some distance and the fish will tend to congregate there. However, keep in mind that “deeper” might only be 2 or 3 feet deeper. 

If you are on a particular river that does not have any dams or bridges, the next areas that you should be looking for are places that have sharp bends in the river. A bend will usually have an area close to the shore that has significantly more water than the rest of the area. Currents hitting the bank causes the bank to have a steep drop and any sediment coming up stream does not have a chance to Chris Grocholskisettle. Depending on the amount of current, these areas may be as long as a half mile or can be as small as just a few feet, but all have the potential of holding walleye. This picture of me holding a nice 17-inch walleye came on a bend area that was no more than five or six feet wide, and about 15-feet long, but the fish was in five feet of water, and I was standing in about one foot of water.

Another area that I like to concentrate on are rip rap shore lines and steep rock facings with any current on them. The big key to what I look for is water depth of five feet or, again, the deepest water available. If the shore has any irregularities to it, that is definitely a bonus as well...things like indentations, points, a change in rock type, etc. Anything that will divert current will have a good chance to hold fish; the stronger the current the better, because those irregularities are almost a guarantee to hold fish and will cause a larger eddy with the more current in the area.

What Baits?

My #1 choice for walleye in smaller rivers is a combination of 4” ring worm and a jighead. However, things like three- or four-inch Chris Grocholskitwister tails, small shad body baits, and even a fluke-style minnow are all good choices as well. I also, on occasion, will choose a suspending Rapala stick minnow or also a small vibrating rattle trap-style bait, as well. Jighead weights will be from a 1/16 to a 3/16 oz., but most occasions will call for the 1/8 oz. The key to jighead selection is to keep it the smallest that you can get away with, to make the bait look the most natural, but at the same time keeping in close contact to the bottom. I will sometimes go up a lure size to make a change in the way the bait looks in  the water, but not even change the jighead size, for example. Switching from a smaller 3 inch twister tail grub to a 5 inch grub will give your bait a bit more buoyancy in the water and also a bigger profile. This is a go-to presentation in the fall when fish are looking for a larger meal going into the winter season.

Questions? Please post them here or on our Facebook page and I will answer them!  Don't forget about the Spring Fishing Classic Local Tips and Seminars sessions on March 8 and 9! We'll be on hand to answer questions then, too!


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A Simple Guide to ReelRod Maintenance

    Fishing is (or nearly is) a year round activity in the mid Gulf region but savvy anglers make the time to check the performance of their reels and rods in this cooler ‘off’ season. This ensures their tackle will be in shape for the rigors of the upcoming springtime increase in fishing activity. Your Spanish Fort Bass Pro Shops Fishing Department is proud to carry a variety of affordable Accessories products in our assortment to help anglers maintain their gear in top condition. We carry items such as Fuji® Hardloy® Rod Tips and Fuji® Rod Tip Repair Kits, and even Bass Pro Shops® Replacement Netting

     But proper reel lubrication is one of the most basic (and misunderstood) principles of reel maintenance. With modern materials and engineering, most reels these days need very little additional internal ‘greasing’ to keep them running smoothly. In fact unless they have been submerged or subject to VERY harsh conditions which may have compromised their internal gear lubrication they usually need NO additional grease for years. By simply removing a few screws on the gear cover plate an angler can quickly determine the condition of the internal gears and if they are properly lubricated. Products such as our Off Shore Angler Precision Reel Grease are excellent for supplementing or replacing the internal gear grease in your reels.

     And proper external lubrication is also very important and should be constantly monitored to assure the moving parts of your reels are working as they were designed. Line rollers are often overlooked until they fail to work properly and a fish is lost, and often it’s a good one! If the line roller doesn’t turn then heat builds up with line friction causing damage to the line, the roller, or both. By periodically checking the line roller and adding a drop or two of good lubricant such as our Bass Pro Shops® Premium Reel Oil when needed, you could lengthen the service of your reel and likely save yourself some lost fish! And if you are looking for all the proper tools and products to perform your own reel maintenance, the Ardent® Reel Kleen® Reel Cleaning Kit may be just what you are looking for!

     And have you ever thought about lubricating your (monofilament) fishing line? Like most products made of plastics or polymers, monofilament line can become more brittle in time especially when subject to the harsh environmental conditions of heat, cold and ultraviolet light. Products like our Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Line Saver Line Lube and NEW Bass Pro Shops® Line Conditioner  or Blakemore® Real Magic® Lubricant and Kevin VanDam's Line and Lure® Conditioner help protect the properties of your monofilament lines and other plastic coated surfaces and your investment in them.

     So be sure to check out or Accessories isle near the back of the Fishing Department or ask one of our Sales Associates to show you some of these wonderful products.


David Thornton

Feb 1, 2014
















Late Winter Fishing On Table Rock Lake

       This winter has been a cold one in the Ozarks. The water is stained, unlike the extremely clear water that is normal most late winters. Dead shad are on or near the bottom in most coves, and bass are out in deeper water, many off main lake points, and in deep water around islands, or just suspended over very deep water, in the middle of the main lake.

       Bass can be caught on Alabama rigs, suspended jerk baits, jigs, tubes, and spinner baits fished deep. Soon, the surface temperature of the lake water will slowly begin to rise, and bass will venture back into, first, the main lake coves. When this happens, anglers who fish main and secondary lake points, the back of main lake coves, deep bluff banks, and deep flats, will begin to pick up fish.

        There are indicators of a great fishing season coming this year. Anglers who concentrate on making plans to fish more than usual this spring will likely be rewarded with great success. Just like the Farmer’s almanac successfully predicts weather most years, indicators like dead shad on the bottom of shallow and mid-depth coves, both main lake and secondary, are an indicator of the future spring bass gorging-frenzy that is likely to occur this spring.

       While waiting for spring, an angler can search for a main or secondary lake point, one which offers oxygen and a water temperature that is a bit warmer than surrounding areas, and find and fish the area where these three things meet with bottom structure. There will be fish in that area, and perhaps a lucky angler can entice the bite!!! Good luck, as we wait for spring!!!

Steve Fritz

Fishing Lead Bass Pro Shops

White River Outpost

Branson, MO


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Batter Up!

No, not baseball...Uncle Buck's Beer Batter! In town for the tournaments? Stop out and give it a try!

Uncle Buck's Beer Batter

Saturday, February 22, Noon-4 (or while supplies last)

We'll be frying up some onion rings for you to sample, so you can see how great this beer batter is! Of course, onion rings HAVE to be dipped, so we'll also have some Ass Kickin' Habanero Ketchup for you to try! (yes, that's the brand name...not just our opinion!)


Saturday AND Sunday, February 22 and 23 - Girl Scout Cookies are in the house again!

Troops will be selling them each weekend through March 9 from about 10 a.m. to approximately 2-4 p.m., depending on the group.

This weekend we host:

Saturday, February 2 - Troop 409, Altoona

Sunday, February 16 - Troop 317, Des Moines

Coming Up - The Spring Fishing Classic

Join us Saturday, March 1, for our first weekend of special guests! Our National Pros take the spotlight for the annual BassMaster University!

1 p.m. - Win Stevens, Missouri B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Angler - "Using your Hummingbird Electronics"
2 p.m. - Chase Parsons, host of The Next Bite TV and walleye tournament champion - "Walleyes 2014"
3 P.M. - Casey Scanlon - Bassmaster Elite Series Pro - "Jig Fishing"

Spring Fishing Classic BassMaster University - Altoona, Iowa


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Reel Trade-In!

Starting Friday, February 28, 2014 and running through Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World will be hosting our Reel Trade-In;

New Reel Purchase Price SAVE
$30.00 thru $48.99 $5.00
$49.00 thru $74.99 $10.00
$75.00 thru $99.99 $15.00
$100.00 thru $119.99 $20.00
$120.00 thru $159.99 $25.00
$160.00 thru $199.99 $30.00
$200.00 thru $249.99 $40.00
$250.00 thru $499.99 $50.00
$500.00 and UP $100.00

So upgrade your current fishing reel and get rid of the oldies plus save money! Its a great deal and all reels will be donated to a charity who will be able to pay them forward by helping others! Swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World between February 28, 2014 and March 5, 2014 and let us take your old reel and let you save money on a brand new reel!


Bonus Bucks!


How would you like to spend money in your favorite store and get money back? Its pretty much like getting paid to shop. Well you can starting Thursday, March 6, 2014 and running thru Wednesday, March 12, 2014 you can earn BONUS BUCKS by simply using your Bass Pro Shops Outdoors Rewards Credit Card.  BONUS BUCKS are awarded based on the amount of money charged to the Bass Pro Shops Ourdoor Rewards Credit Card.  So you use your Bass Pro Shops Outdoors Rewards Credit Card to purchase new gear and receive up to $100.00 BONUS BUCKS! PLUS! Open a NEW account and get an addictional 10% off your qualifying purchase!

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BONUS BUCKS card is awarded based on the amount charged to the Bass Pro Shops Credit Card.  Bonus Bucks Promotional Card will activate one day after purchase date and will expire on March 23, 2014.  *Purchase amount fter taxes and applicable discounts charged to your Bass Pro Shops MasterCard. Not available on catalog or internet purchases.  **Upon credit approval on purchases up to $1,500.00. For information about rates, fees, other costs, and benefits associated with the use of the card, or to apply, see an associate and refer to the disclosures accompanying the application.  The credit card program is issued and administered by FIA Card Services, N.A. MasterCard and World MasterCard are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated, and are used by the issuer pursuant to license.


Brunton Portable Power Supply

      Portable electronic devices have been a huge part of our society since the Walkman. In fact , we have become a society that now depends on these portable electronics in our daily lives. Smart phones and tablets are everywhere and have integrated near seamlessly into our culture. With these devices being so prevalent it is no wonder why people run into many problems when they have no power to their device. Car and USB wall chargers are what get most people through the day when it comes to powering up their electronics. What happens when you have no car charger and are not near a power source? The answer comes from a company called Brunton. Brunton has been creating accessories for the outdoors man for many years and have continued to provide quality products. Their latest line of portable power supply packs will prove useful to outdoors men as well as the teenager on the go. Bruntons new slogan for these power packs is "Take the Outlet With You", and that is exactly what you are doing with these new products. With a sleek design, high compatibility, and ability to perform, Bruntons new line of power packs will make a great addition to any person who uses personal electronics.

Brunton Torpedo 2800    Brunton makes many battery power packs that are suitable for different situations.  For instance, the Torpedo 2800 is designed to fit directly into a cars 12 volt outlet so that it will charge in the car and can be taken out to use as a portable power pack at any moment. Another unit with a great design is the Pulse 1500. This unit hold enough power to completely recharge a smart phone, while being so small you will likely forget it is in your pocket. Depending on your power needs and lifestyle, you can choose a Brunton power pack that would work great for your next excursion.Brunton Pulse 1500

    Portable electronics can consist of many things including everything from an mp3 player, to a laptop computer. No one Brunton product is ideal for all portable electronic applications, but you will likely find a product that will work perfect for you. Because there are so many types of portable electronics, it is hard to determine if the charging ports are compatible. To help ease the problem Brunton has equipped their power packs with the two most common ports, USB and micro USB.

    With the increase of portable electronics in our daily lives, it only makes sense that we should have chargers for these devices that we can take with us everywhere. Brunton portable chargers provide this function and make it simple and effective. Each of their portable charging options is reasonably priced and built to last. This line of chargers has many things to offer with it variations in function and design. For more information on these devices please visit or visit a Bass Pro Marine Center.

Ryan Wynn


Store 49 Manteca


Get Ready for Spring White Bass! Creating New Flies

       I looked at the Grizzly Marabou on the peg, in the White River Fly Shop, and thought back to a time, about 15 years ago, … only a couple of years after I started to work in the fly shop at Bass Pro Shop, in Springfield. I had been altering existing fly patterns, and creating new fly patterns, for over 20 years, at that time. One glance at the variegated color of the grizzly marabou (it was barred) ,… and an idea for a new series of jigs was born!

        After recent trips to local creeks and rivers, to fly fish for white bass (called sand bass, back in Texas and Oklahoma), I realized I needed a new jig pattern for the white bass spawning run. Fishing side by side with many of the locals, who were out to harvest some of these “line sides”, I was being out fished! The jigs they used were homemade, and I quickly tied some up, and then I could keep up with the local anglers, but I wanted my own patterns!

       I decided the grizzly marabou was going to be the tail section of the new pattern, which would be tied on a jig hook, probably a 1/64 ounce jig head. Having secured these, the next step was to sit and create a new pattern. The body was big up by the jig head, the front made by winding three turns of medium chenille, and behind that on the hook, were turns of pearl flashabou, all the way back to the grizzly marabou tail. It looked great!

        I tried it out the next day, and it worked even better than it looked! An entire series of shad and minnows, in many colors, followed, most of them fish catchers! They were new, or at least new to me, and these patterns still work today, over fifteen years later!


       Beginning In March, every Thursday evening at 7pm, there will be a meeting of The White River Fly Tyers, in the fly shop, at Bass Pro shops White River Outpost! This is a new fly tying club! There are no dues. ‘Wanna become a member? Just show up! Every Thursday, beginning March 6th, we will get together and tie, swap stories, have a good time, and watch a demo of a new fly being tied at each meeting. How can you resist? I’ll see you there, and maybe we will create a new fly pattern that night!!!


1926 - Scouting Spreads Along the Florida Panhandle

In 1926, the Scouts in the Panama City and Marianna areas were organized into the Choctawhatchee Council with headquarters in Dothan, Alabama, which was already serving a number of other counties in southeast Alabama.  The annual report of the National Council for 1926 listed 39 Scout Troops with 766 Scouts in the Choctawhatchee Council.  An interesting note shown in the cost per Scout reported $9.24 each, which would have made the Council's budget for that year, $7,077.

Mr. W. L. Sprouse was named as the first Scout Executive of the Choctawhatchee Council with offices in Dothan.  Mr. Sprouse wrote with admiration of the early days in that area, telling of Camp Cheerful in the Bear Creek section of Bay County, which at that time was the BSA Camp directed for 15 counties in Alabama and Florida.  It was a "real wilderness camp".  Today's maps show no trace of Camp Cheerful, however Bear Creek runs northeast of Saint Andrews Bay towards the Youngstown, Florida area.

Mr. Sprouse also said, "we used to ramble over Walton, Holmes, Jackson, Bay, Calhoun, and Washington counties on the Scouting Trail.  The pioneer days passed all too soon.  Even now I can see and hear the old gang gathered around the campfire at Camp Cheerful on beautiful Bear Creek where we held our summer camps".

Beginning in 1961, the Spanish Trail Scout Reservation was founded just west of Defuniak Springs.  It offers full camping facilities at two main camps; Camp Euchee and Camp Jambo.  Featuring a 40 acre lake for swimming, canoeing, and fishing, there is also a large dining hall, shooting and archery ranges, and outdoor ampitheatre.

Part of the Choctawhatchee Council was incorporated into the present day Gulf Coast Council headquartered in Pensacola and currently serves over 15,000 youth in 11 counties.  The Council encompasses four Districts:  Pensacola Bay (Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida), Long Leaf Pine (Conecuh, Escambia, and Monroe counties in southwest Alabama), Choctawhatchee (Okaloosa and Walton counties in Florida), and Lake Sands (Bay, Gulf, Holmes, and Washington counties in Florida).

Camping has certainly come a long way from primitive camping, surplus canvas tents, cooking over open campfires, and dim flashlights of the 1920's.  Today's camper has a wide variety of lightweight and watertight tents, warm sleeping bags, long lasting and very bright led lanterns and flashlights, and propane or liquid fueled stoves.  Let Bass Pro Shops outfit your Scout or Troop with the very best in camping gear.

Destin Bass Pro Shops continues to support Scouting and wishes them another 100 years of success on the Gulf Coast.

Gary Feduccia


NASCAR '14 is Here!

NASCAR '14, the brand-new game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is available as of today! 

nascarThe video game puts you in the middle of NASCAR racing action, allowing you to race against your favorite drivers and on your favorite tracks!  There's even a Career Mode, where you can build your car, acquire sponsors and do the research to put your team in the victory lane.

NASCAR revealed that more than 700,000 votes were cast worldwide in the "Drive for the Cover" contest as fans voted Tony Stewart, the three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion to appear onto the cover of NASCAR '14. The injury that kept Stewart off the track didn't stop fans of the driver of the No. 14 Bass Pro Shops / Mobil 1 Chevrolet for stewartStewart-Haas Racing from beating another fan favorite, four-time champion Jeff Gordon. Stewart plans to return to the track for the Daytona 500 race in February, the same month NASCAR '14 hits store shelves.

Pick up your copy today!