Hunting: Preparing for the Weather

The biggest problem many hunters run into is weather. The weatherman might say it is supposed to be 65 degrees with a slight breeze, when in reality there is gale force winds and it is raining sideways. Sadly the weather is a huge factor in how many hunters pick when they will hunt. This being said there are a few tricks of the trade that might make hunting a little more appealing to everyone.

            The first rule of preparing for the weather while hunting is, learn to layer. This simple step in the morning can save almost any hunt from the weather. Start with a base layer that is skin tight and will wick away sweat. Under Armor Charged Cotton Camo T-Shirt is a great way to keep the sweat or wet off of you as a base layer. After your base layer a light fleece camo jacket under a heavy coat can stave off just about any form of cold, while at the same time keeping you dry in case of the odd pop up storm or persistent rain. Now picking the right heavy coat to go over top of your jacket is key to the whole process. Many of the coats in the Red Head Mountain Stalker series are made for cold climates and come with the added advantage of being fairly water resistant. After you have found the right layers for your torso finding the layers for your legs is also important. Using a skin tight absorbent material under a pair of camo pants is a great way to keep your legs warm while in a tree stand or stalking. Also finding a good pair of coveralls to go over everything and keep in your body heat is a great way to feel warm while hunting.

            The next thing any aspiring comfortable hunter is going to need are gloves. In the same line of thinking as with the upper body, layering with gloves keeps your hands warm and the response time quick just in case you need to take that snap shot at a trophy buck. Starting with a thin glove lining, similar to the Scent Lok Level One Ultralite gloves you can keep your hands warm and dexterous when needed. Then on top of the liners having a heavy glove, that can easily be removed, is recommended. A good glove for this is the Red Head Insulated Fleece. Bass Pro shops has several options of hunting gear such as base layers, gloves, belts, head gear and outdoor gear! Follow this link to see what we have!


Hunting Jacket


Local Fishing Report 9/1 to 9/7/2013

The river was at 3.3ft at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week we had 4.3ft with 20,200CF of flow and 75 degrees.

Trip #1 was on Tuesday and we fished from 4PM to 7PM and caught 5 bass.  The largest was 19" and we caught them all on spinnerbaits.  We had 3.5ft-8,500CF-rising-clear and 82 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 29.60 and rising.  We had extreme wind.

Trip #2 was on Wednesday and we fished from 1:30PM to 5:30PM and we caught 20+ smallmouth and 1 walleye.  The largest bass was 19" and the walleye was 21".  We caught them on spinnerbaits and stickbaits.  We had 3.6ft-rising-9,400CF-clear and 81 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 29.80 and rising.

Trip #3 was on Thursday and we fished from 2PM to 5:30PM and we caught 10 bass.  The largest bass was 17" and we caught them on spinnerbaits and soft plastics.  We had 4.0-rising-15,100CF-stained and 79 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.20 and falling.

Trip #4 was on Friday and we fished from 11AM to 3PM and we caught 10 bass.  The largest was 18" and we caught them on spinnerbaits and soft plastics.  We had 4.2ft-rising-20,200CF-clear and 76 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.20 and steady.There was alot of grass and slime floating.

Trip #5 was a half day PM on Friday and we caught 9 channel cats and 3 flatheads.  The largest channel cat was 26.25" and weighed 5.3lbs, and the largest flathead was 15.3lbs.  We caught all but one channel cat on Sudden Impact and we caught the flatheads on live bait.  We had 4.2ft-rising-20,200CF-clear and 76 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.20 and steady.  No matter where I moved to i could not get out of the floating debris so we constantly had grass and slime pulling on our lines.

We will not be fishing on Saturday as I had my fill of fighting grass and slime on Friday night. 


Duck Hunting Essentials

Duck season is right around the corner and were getting ready for another great season. Bass Pro Shops has a great inventory of duck hunting supplies for your trip this year. The gun of choice for most hunters this year is the Browning Maxus. There is nothing better than a traditional gas chamber semi automatic in your duck blind. The Browning Maxus is a hot natured gun that will not jam or miss fire when you need it the most. It also has an easy dis-assembly system for cleaning after a long day in the water and grime. 

The Winchester Blind Side shells are your fastest and most explosive shells on the market and will knock down any teal or green head in your area.

The last essential product you need for your hunting trips is the Reality Series foam filled Mallard Decoys. They are painted with so much detail that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the decoys and the live ducks. Bass Pro Shops is your sportsman’s store for your duck hunting needs. So, come out to Bass Pro Shops to get set up for your next duck adventure!




Bear Hunting Tips

Planning a bear hunt? If you have the opportunity to hunt bear, Don Mealey from the Iowa Bow Hunter's Association offers up some advice for your prep and the actual hunt. 

Don, who also has Don Mealey's Bowhunter Education Channel on YouTube, is a longtime avid bowhunter. He recently went to Nipigon, Ontario, about 700 miles north of Des Moines, Iowa, for some bear hunting. He was kind enough to shoot some video just for us and to share some tips.

Mealey says practice is crucial. Do it in low light and simulate the real situation as much as possible.

"Practice before you go. Make your practice as realistic as you can. Put pressure on yourself that it's the real deal, so when you do get into the real situation, you'll know what to do."

"Many times people take their shot too quickly, because they get excited when they have a bear over bait. It's not a whitetail deer. When they come to the bait, they've already committed to eating and they are focused on that."

Watch this video showing just how many times he had an opportunity with just one bear!


Mealey says he understands that some people may not want or like to hunt over bait. However, in the dense undergrowth of the location, Mealey notes it's hard to do a "spot and stalk."

"Hunting over bait is not a given situation and you still have to make the shot."

To see more of Don's bear hunt, visit


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A 94-year-old angler has another great fish story to tell

By Lee Williams

Moses Lopez spent his early days hunting with a slingshot.

He mostly bagged rabbits and squirrels and was handy with a rod and reel as well.

“I’d tag along with my brother,” Lopez said. “That’s where I learned to hunt and fish.”

It was during the Depression in the 1930s, and Lopez lived in Winnie just east of Galveston Bay with his mother, four brothers and two sisters. Besides hunting and fishing, he found odd jobs and worked in the fields, planting and harvesting crops, doing whatever he could to help out.

“My father had passed away when I was 12,” Lopez said, “and we had a family to feed.”

Now a spry 94 years old, Lopez doesn’t hunt anymore — “that’s too much work” — but he still loves to fish.

“I’ll fish whenever I can find someone to go with me,” Lopez said.

He’s put away a few stories over 80-plus years of dropping lines, but few rival the one that he told a couple of weeks ago.

Fishing Aug. 22 with grandson Nicholas Griffin near Harbor One Marina at Eagle Mountain Lake Lopez said it had been an uneventful day as he cast his line toward the docks.

He felt a little tug, but then the line held.

“I thought it was stuck on a stump,” Lopez said, “but then it took off. It was fast.”

The black bass was a fighter and shot out of the water, giving them a glimpse of its size.

“He was big,” Lopez said. “Both me and my grandson knew that. He said, ‘That’s a big fish!’”

As he maneuvered the fish near the boat, it spit out the Bandit lure — but Nicholas had a net in position and grabbed the largemouth.

“He was so big you could put your fist in his mouth,” Lopez later told his son, Ray Lopez.

Lopez had an electronic scale, but the batteries were low, so after measuring it — 231/2 inches long — and taking a few photos, he turned to Nicholas.

“That was a thrill, but it’s time to turn him loose,” Lopez said.

“I figure it was about 91/2 or 10 pounds,” Lopez said. “That’s the biggest fish I’ve caught that wasn’t a striper or catfish.”

‘I’ve always loved fishing’

After Ray Lopez told his father that the record for a black bass at Eagle Mountain Lake was 11.65 pounds, Lopez suggested that he might have turned loose a trophy.

“I guess I’ll have to go back out there and catch him again,” Lopez told his son. “After all, I know where he lives.”


Musky Bite Is On!



Every time I leave the launch on Lake St Clair, I can’t stop to wonder why more people don’t take advantage of Great Lakes largest predator.  St Clair’s enormous ecosystem produces trophies that would put the most experienced anglers in awe. Yet, the fishing pressure is unbelievably lite. I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend the past twenty years decoding the annual patterns these fish follow.


Trolling for Musky is a high demand sport that requires a run and gun approach. To be proficient you must be able to adapt with the changing conditions. The fish are ambush predators which feed where there next meal hangs out. Finding their forage will certainly put you one step closer to your quarry.


The flowing waters of the St Clair River have carved a very unique under water landscape. The swirling currents have created large flats with sporadic points and slight drops which ultimately descend to the channel that divides the US and Canada.


A GPS incorporated with Navionics is by far the most important piece of equipment for a musky hunter. I’ve found that if I’m marking forage fish in the top half of the water column, their on the feed. This situation will have the predators on the move as well. Marking these areas and trolling thru in different directions will produce fish which are on the hunt. Thru-out time you will create a database for future use.



Early in the season the immense weed beds are beat down from the long winter and have just begun to regrow. The Musky are in the post spawn and hungry. The majority of their diet consists of sheep head, smallmouth, walleye, perch and any other creature that swims. These weary fish congregate on the breaks where the weeds and cover are thickest.


As the summer progresses the underwater weeds can literally reach the surface in thirteen to sixteen feet of water, limiting the area that can be trolled effectively. Luckily, musky have a bad habit of hunting the edges of the lush green under water forests and the channels that dissect the 275,000 acre body of water


Understanding wind direction in correlation with lake currents will keep your lines free from floating weeds which have been torn from their roots from wind, weather, and props. This important factor will determine where you may fish on any given day.


A variety of lures are needed to cover a muskies vast environment. Running multiple lines with large offerings requires lures that track well at fast speeds and others that can handle the turbulent prop wash. I’ve found that on my boat ten rods work well, but at times, I’ll only run six when floating weeds create issues.



Every rod on the boat suits a purpose. In good conditions,  each side of my rig consists of  three lines running off big plainer boards, one down rod out the side, and one in the prop wash, covering no less than 40 yards of water at any time and up to a hundred when conditions allow. The goal is to cover as much ground as possible, literally raking large expanses of water.    


Recently I had the opportunity to field test a few new lure designs produced by Bass Pro Shops. The XPS Deal Sealer Buck Tail has a two blade design which helps slice and clear unwanted weeds. The bait has an ounce of lead incorporated in the design that helps keep them down at high speeds.


Running the buck tails off the plainer boards with a four ounce inline weight and a five foot leader proved to be a lethal tactic for pulling fish out of the foliage that nearly reaches the surface. These musky magnets will draw fish right in the wash as well. The only modification is using a heavier weight to help get the attractive offering into the strike zone.


The second lure was the Off Shore saltwater Down Under. These deep diving crank baits track extremely well at any speed and can be used to reach any depth needed. They can be run off the boards letting the amount of line out dictate how deep they run.



The Down Under is a solid lure that adapts to any position on the boat, Weather it’s in the prop wash, on the planers, or on the outside rods. They dredge with powerful Accuracy pulling any hungry or inquisitive fish right to their capture in the net.


When the crank bait bite is on, the Rapala Super Shad Rap series is a go to lure as well.  Muskellunge have a hard time resisting this well-built lure. They track well in any rod holder, and really put fish on deck. Every trip I have several ripping through the water behind the boards.



Years of caught fish and marked way-points have created my map to success but running the right lures, with the right presentation, in the right location, can put anyone on the fish. Lake St Clair at this point in time, has the healthiest population of Musky that I have seen in the last twenty years. If musky intrigue you, now is the time to enter the sport!


Dave Lee

Bass Pro Hunting Staff


Keeping Warm with Natural Reflections

dragonflyNatural Reflections has a new line of zip-fleece jackets available, just in time for fall! Made of 100% micro-fleece, the jackets in this collection come in a variety of colors, perfect for those cooler fall days.  The jackets are available in dragonfly, eggplant, black, pine bark, cloud cream and sangria.  eggplant

Features of the jacket include a zippered front, zippered hand pockets, and a toggle to adjust the hem on the bottom of the jacket to help protect against the wind.  The vibrant colors and inexpensive price, will take you through three seasons:  fall, winter and spring!

blackFleece is a versatile fabric, warm like and similar to wool. However, it's softer, lighter and easier to wash than actual wool. Any product that can be barkmade from wool can also be made from fleece. It is used in jackets, hats, sweat pants, blankets, and many other products. Fleece is water-repellant and wicks away sweat, so it is an ideal fabric for active wear.  The fabric is easily cared for by machine washing and tumble drying.

The variety of colors make them perfect for gift giving or back-to-sangriaschool needs. Stop by your local Bass Pro Shops and check out the latest offerings from Natural



Product Spotlight: Hunt for a Cure

Join Bass Pro Shops in the Hunt for a Cure!

Hunt for a CureThe Hunt for a Cure hoodie and Ts for ladies are now in at Bass Pro Shops Altoona! Join the fight and sport Bass Pro Shops' Shield and Ribbon Rack T-shirts and sweatshirts!  

10% of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  The t-shirts are 100% cotton in light pink with the ribbon racks design. The hooded sweatshirt is a 50/50, heavy blend fuschia.

Selection may vary by store. For more Hunt for a Cure selections, visit! 


Bass Pro Shops Hunt for a Cure

Hunt for a Cure T-shirt











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Outdoor Cooking Primer - Dove d'Elegence

In my search for different tasty mourning dove recipes, other than grilling them, I found this recipe on the Missouri Department of Conservation web site. Enjoy!

Dove d'Elegence

12 doves
1 onion, chopped
1 stalk celery, chopped
1/3 cup chives, chopped
1 T. salt
1 T. pepper
1/2 cup evaporated milk
3/4 cup water
1 can (10 3/4 oz.) cream of mushroom soup
3/4 cup brandy
1 can (17 oz.) English peas
3 beef bouillon cubes
3 tsp. margarine or butter

Place doves in casserole dish. Arrange onions, celery and chives around. Salt and pepper. Add milk, water, mushroom soup, brandy, peas, margarine and bouillon cubes. Bake at 375 F for 2 hours. Remove doves and place on platter. Thicken gravy. Pour over doves. Serve with wild rice. Serves 4.

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Conservation Connections - Turtles of Iowa

Pella Wildlife CompanyDo you know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? The Pella Wildlife Company joined us again recently as part of our Conservation Connections partnership and this time they brought some of the many turtles that are native to Iowa.


The Ornate Box Turtle is a unique turtle in Iowa because it acts like a tortoise. One of the big differences Ornate Box turtlebetween tortoises and turtles is that tortoises live on land and turtles live in the water.  According to the Ornate Box Turtle is the only turtle in Iowa that is "fully terrestrial." Additionally, while you can hunt some turtles in Iowa, the Ornate Box Turtle is NOT one of them. It is a threatened species and it is illegal to kill or collect them under Iowa law.


Snapping Turtle

On the opposite end of the scale is the snapping turtle, Iowa's LARGEST turtle. It's legal to take with a valid fishing license...trap them, grab them by hand (if you dare!), hook and line, turtle hook...the possession limit is 100 pounds for live and 50 pounds for dressed turtles. Among their many turtle, the Pella Wildlife Company brought along this 15-year-old snapper so kids, young and old, could see one up close.  But, not TOO close!  this one has a stretch of 6-8 inches when he snaps, so you can imagine what kind of reach an even bigger one would have!

Check out our latest video with Ron DeArmond from the Pella Wildlife Company on Turtles of Iowa.

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Arizona Animals: Coues Deer

I’ll never forget my freshman year at Arizona State University. It was a great experience and was the first time I really got to spend time with people from elsewhere in the country. I still remember what my one friend Tom (pronounced Tam, he was from Chicago) said while we were walking. He said, “You people from Arizona are really proud of it.” My friend and I looked at him and simply said, “Yup”.

Arizona is really quite awesome. We have a little bit of something for everyone. Our climates range from low desert to high pines and everything in between. Drive south and you’re in Mexico. Drive west and you’re on your way to Disneyland. Northward to higher elevations, cooler temperatures and snow in the winter! We even have one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World!

Just as impressive as our landscapes are the critters that inhabit them. We are the only state in the nation that has more than 10 big-game species of animals in it. Last month I started my Big Game Basics reoccurring blog and my love for my home state drove me start a similar blog series all about Arizona’s animals. The first one will be about the specific subspecies of white-tailed deer we have here, the Coues deer.

Now as I said in the first BGB blog it is pronounced “cows” after the man who originally discovered the animal. Disclaimer though, everyone I talk to pronounces it “coos” even hunting guides. So don’t go correcting anyone, just inform them. Like I just did for you.

They are most common in the mountains of Southeastern Arizona but can be found north as well. Their numbers are strongest where summer precipitation is most predictable.

Their antlers mirror those of their white-tailed cousins, where there are a number of tines arising from a main beam. Just smaller. Antlers are dependent on genetics, age and nutrition. It can be kind of a hard life out here in the desert, so nutrition can be hard to come by. Also, they are just smaller bodied animals. (Bucks are rarely over 100 pounds.)

They have been given the nickname “Gray Ghosts” as they seem to blend in perfectly with the landscapes. To spot one you are going to need some high-quality optics in a heavy power as you will be scanning vast differences. Sometimes the only thing you will see is the tip of one tine so you need to know what to look for.

There are several ways to tell the difference between a Coues and mule deer (the other kind of deer we have out here). This would include antler-style, size, color, ear-size and rump. Haha, rump. Coues deer will have that white-tail whereas the mule deer have a full white rump. Haha I said it again.

Their range is roughly four miles. Within their range they will eat grasses, shrubs, weeds, mistletoe, masts and cacti fruits. Their natural predators are coyotes, mountain lions, bobcat and even eagles. They breed in January and have a gestation process of about eight months.

Side story time: When I was in the airport headed for Tennessee for white-tailed deer I bumped into a hunter leaving Arizona from a Coues deer hunt. He wasn’t able to harvest one on this trip but hopes to make it back soon. It didn’t help though when I told him how my niece got a nice sized Coues a couple years back. (The fact that she was fourteen and a cheerleader really made him drop his head.)

Keep an eye out on the next installment of Big Game Basics later this month and you’ll just have to hold your horses until next month for the next Arizona Animals blog. Until then, you can always read more at and stay social with us at . Jell-O-slurping Javelina!


Fishing tips and Binder Lake trip recap

Social media director Caitlin Kerfin here! I had the privilege of tagging along on a fishing trip last week with Bass Pro associates Cory and Andy to Binder Lake in Jefferson City. As a new citizen to the world of fishing, I learned a lot just sitting in the boat hearing the fisherman lingo and seeing them work through their initial frustration when they weren't catching anything in the beginning of the trip.

"I don't care about catching keepers, as long as I'm catching something," Andy said. "I turn into a little kid again when I start catching fish."

Andy used to fish professionally, and I thought it was cool that he feels that way about fishing. They went out on the water and just had fun catching as many fish as they could, no matter the size or type.

Andy ended up catching 15 fish and Cory caught 11, making it a pretty successful trip.

How did they catch so many? They used Fluorocarbon and braid like this:


Cory swears by his lures, but wanted to learn something new on this fishing trip. Andy taught him how to use a Drop Shot rig:


We started out fishing in the sun along the edge of the water amidst a ton of lily pads and didn't have too much luck. Thinking the heat was hampering our success, we moved to the shady side of the lake once the sun started to set.

Toward the end of our trip, I tried my luck and ended up catching a fish pretty fast! Of course, once I reeled in the first one my confidence shot up and I held my own in some trash talking, disregarding beginner's luck. It's part of fishing, right? Regardless of our smack talk, we all had a great time out on the lake learning new things, doing something we love and coming together through the Bass Pro family.


Bass Pro Shops - Your Dove Hunting Headquarters

doveYour local Bass Pro Shops has everything you need when hunting dove this season!

First, lure doves in with your own flock of decoys.  Redhead dove decoys are available in six-packs of hard plastic or rubber. Both decoys feature detailed painting with realistic details. They come with a spring clip, so you can easily mount them anywhere, such as trees or fences.

Next, make sure you have a sturdy dove bucket available. The Big Game Treestands Dove Bucket fits the bill. A five-gallon bucket with a 1" padded seat, it conveniently combines seating and storage. It provides plenty of storage for ammo and other essential hunting gear, as well as a swiveling hunting seat.

A good quality dove vest is also another sound investment.  Take a look at the Redhead Dove Vest. Mesh panels across the chest and back provide extra ventilation during hot weather hunting. Two large pockets on the front provide plenty of space for shells and other gear.  The bloodproof game bag on the back provides space to stash your birds.belt

If a vest isn't your style, then the GameGuard Bird Belt may be for you.  Made of woven nylon, the belt has two side pouches to hold shells and gear.  There is a large rear pouch that easily holds three to four dove or quail.

You can find these items and more in the Hunting Department at your local Bass Pro Shops. Check them out and gear up - dove season begins, in Georgia, on September 7.




Take It Slow - Old Town Canoes

Sometimes you just have to take it slow.  Life is hectic - people can always find you anywhere.  TV has the same old re-runs on.  Constant stimulation is all around us.  Well try to tune it out, by getting out on the lake with a Old Town Canoe.  Watch the leaves turn or the loons on the lake.  Why in just a few hours you will feel rested and relaxed.  


The Old Town Saranac 146 XT has 2 contoured padded seats and seatbacks.  The center bench seat has storage inside.  There are molded rod-holders, paddle rests, and in cup holders.  The length is 14'6" and it weighs 79 pounds.  This canoe is stable with a flat bottom and straight sides. 










You need room for your best friend?  The Old Town Saranac 160 XT gives you more room at 16' and 89 pounds.













It always pays to be safe so don't forget your life jacket.  The Ascend OSFM Paddling Life Jacket is lightweight.  Don't forget you best friend with the Bass Pro Shops Life Jacket For Dogs in sizes xsmall to xlarge.

paddling jacket



























At Bass Pro Shops we also have a variety of paddles to pick from, but the Caviness Boat/Canoe paddle is durable and a great value.













After a few hours, it is time to take a drink and quick lunch.  Reach into your Ascend Round Bottom Lightweight Dry Bag which will keep everything dry and safe.  The  Ascend 1L water bottle  is perfect for holding just enough water.  Hunger has set in so grab the package of  Uncle Buck's Premium Beef Jerky and the sandwich you packed.  Don't forget your best friend,  Bass Pro Shops Jerky Bites Dog Treats are great.


























Stop on by and take a look at what we can offer you in line of relaxation and enjoyment.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator














Outdoor Cooking Primer - Grilled Mourning Dove Breasts

It's dove season, so here's an EASY recipe for cooking up those great delicacies on the grill!


Kicked up Grilled Dove Breasts Grilled Mourning Dove Breasts

Mourning dove breasts

Small jalapeno

Strips of bacon


Salt and pepper

Olive Oil

Cut bacon strips


Cut bacon into smaller strips. Remove seeds and membrane from jalapeno and cut it into slivers. Place one sliver of jalapeno on each breast. Then wrap each breast with a strip of bacon, securing the bacon and jalapeno to the breast with a toothpick. Brush with olive oil. Sprinkle some rosemary on each breast, along with salt and pepper. 

Spray aluminum foil with cooking spray. Place wrapped breasts on the foil and put on grill. Cook until tender.

Do you have any other recipes for dove? Share them here or on our Facebook page!

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A Day on the Water: Special Blessing

I believe that every day on the water is a blessing, but some days are even more special….the following is one of those days.

The day begins as a thin layer of fog is lifting from water and sun is about to peek out over the edge of the lake. It is a cool morning in the North Carolina mountains when my fishing partners arrive at the ramp.



Every year I donate a trip for the YMCA to auction off to raise money and this year’s winners wanted to bring their young ones out for a day of fun. John and his 2 young boys John Peter, aka JP, age 8 and Jacob age 6 were chomping at the bit to get on the water. Wes and his daughter Jeannie age 7 were also ready to put some fish in the boat. Since there were 2 families I brought a great friend and fellow Bass Pro employee Stokes McCellan to help me hopefully give these folks a trip of a life time.

pre blastoff

Stokes and the boys headed out for a few hours of trolling, while the rest of us set out for some top water and early morning bass action. It didn’t take long for Jeannie to start pulling in the fish. She had us down 3 to zero in just 5 minutes. We had a blast over the next 3 hours and caught more fish than we could keep up with. Wes even took a break from bass fishing for Wes to work on his fly rod fishing techniques.

2 boys with bluegill


While we were catching fish like crazy the other boat was getting loaded as well. That team caught some monster bluegill, crappie and a ton of bass while trolling the banks and the middle of the lake. There wasn’t a minute or two went by that we didn’t hear ‘fish on’ coming from that boat.


When we met back at the ramp to swap around partners Jacob and John were ready for big time bass action. Once again it doesn’t take long before boats are calling out ‘ fish on’ .  Jacob was only 6 but that little man was fired up and was catching fish on nearly every cast. He was throwing a shakey head and catching fish like crazy. John and Wes got serious and started throwing jigs and creature baits and the big fish started chewing. We started landing 3 ,4 and 5 pounders all afternoon.


Wes with his Bass!

John with bass

It wasn’t too long before Jacob was ready for a snack and to get back to trolling, so we met on the water and we picked up JP, dropped off Wes and Jacob with Stokes , and got back at it.  JP wasted no time and was sacking fish left and right. Although he was only 8 he was making great casts and figured out quickly where the bass should be. He also relieved me of some of my guiding duties and wanted to take all the fish off and release back into the lake. My thumb was extremely grateful as it was torn up from all the fish we had caught that morning. I am not sure who had more fun …JP catching fish or his Dad taking pictures and capturing the moment on film.

Eric with Fish

I have a great passion for fishing and truly love to share that passion with others, especially when it is young ones. I believe that these kids would have a good time even if we didn’t catch a fish, but the fact that we whacked them all day made it easy for the young ones to enjoy the day. Every day you won’t catch like fish like we did on this trip, but you have to go and spend time with youngsters and give them the opportunity to fall in love with the outdoors. In today’s world there are so many other things for kids to do, that if we as outdoorsmen don’t take the time to introduce kids to the outdoors our way of life could be lost in just a few generations. I am blessed that I get to work with people that have my same passions.. I am blessed that every day I get to share with customers a little bit of knowledge…I am blessed that I live in a country that affords me these luxuries.

Jacob and eric

Jacob and I with our Catch!

girl with fish

So at the end of the day we stayed and fished a couple hours past our time, but the fish were biting so what are you gonna do…stay and fish of course. When all was said and done we had caught well over 100 fish on our expedition. Not too shabby for a ½ day trip in August. I am not sure when I will see these kids again but I believe when they close their eyes( at least for few days) they will remember the fish they caught today and hopefully when they wake up be ready to go again.…


tuckered out


Eric Winter

General Manager

Bass Pro Shop

Concord NC




This Weekend at Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Try Before you Buy!

Uncle Buck's Syrup

Saturday, Noon - 4 p.m. - Try our new Uncle Buck's syrups over ice cream!

Sunday, Noon - 4 p.m.  - Try our Uncle Buck's Jerky! Samples will be handed out from the Jerky Shack!

Free Workshop - Selecting the Right Reel - Saturday, September 7, 2 p.m.

Join our fishing associates to learn how to determine the right reel for your fishing needs. 

Boy Scout Month at Bass Pro ShopsGrilling for Boy Scouts!

It's Boy Scout month at Bass Pro Shops! The Grill Shack will be open on Saturday, September 7, from 11:00 - 2 p.m. with all proceeds benefiting the Boy Scouts!

Bass Pro Shops is proud to continue the tradition of collecting donations in support of this youth organization that has developed the marks of true leadership in millions of youth all across our nation since 1910.

Join Bass Pro Shops in celebrating a century of Scouting by making a donation to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Together, let's continue the tradition into the next 100 years. The BSA are as vital and relevant today as when their journey began, and is one of the nation's largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations.

You can donate to the Boy Scouts all month at Bass Pro Shops Altoona at the registers - half of the money raised during the month-long program will remain locally. 

Jay and Scout - Sunday, September 8 - 1 p.m. - by the Main Aquarium

Join Scout the K9 and therapy dog as he goes through his paces with owner Jay. 


The Big One

The Big One


LonnieHey guys, any of you ever heard of a place called Okhissa Lake?  Me Either.  Well I looked it up on the internet and it is about 40 miles east of Natchez in Mississippi.  My friend Lonnie Boudreaux and his grandson go fishing there all the time.  He recently sent me this picture.  When I asked him how he caught such a big fish, this is what he said.

“This past Saturday, I was fishing on Okhissa Lake, which is just west of Bude, MS with my 13 year old grandson, Galen Bergeron.  Earlier that morning, Galen hooked a really nice bass that wrapped his line up in a submerged tree standing in about 15 feet of water. So when we returned to the lake to fish late that afternoon, I decided to concentrate on certain trees standing in about 15-20 feet deep water, throwing a Zoom 10-1/2” Magnum worm. I was fishing with a Johnny Morris Signature rod & reel combo, spooled with Seaguar 17 # InvizX fluorocarbon line. I like this line for the transparency and low memory characteristics.

At around 7:30 P.M., I made a cast to a standing submerged tree that I have previously caught large bass from occasionally. My worm had just went over a limb that is about 3 feet off the bottom. As the worm began to fall back down, I saw my line twitch, & immediately set the hook. I could tell that the bass was headed for the tree, so I put a lot of pressure on the bass & turned it away from the tree. The bass then headed straight for the surface, & when it headed back down, I had my trolling motor on high, heading  away from the tree. The bass made 2 good runs, pulling a little drag at times, but when it surface the last time, it was pretty worn out, and Galen netted the big lunker.”

Vickie C.

Administrative Assistant

Denham Springs


Bob Timberlake Transitions Into Fall

Ladies, make sure you head over to your local Bass Pro Shops swing by the Ladies' Apparel section and check out the newest collection from Bob Timberlake!  We have just received the first shipment of a new fall transition collection.

The collection features a variety of loose-fitting, ready-to-wear separates, available in exotic colors such as Spice, Legion Blue, Deepest Brown, Cream, Otter Heather and Fall Rust.  The deeper shades provide a natural transition to fall hues, without giving up the vibrant hues of summer,  just yet. The collection is still playful, without becoming too heavy and is embellished with embroidery, bead work, lace and even bow-tie accents.

BTEven though the collection is designed to help you move into the heavier clothes and colors of fall, it hasn't lost sight that it is still summer and temperatures are high.  This wave of the collection consists of a lace camisole, woven tank, beaded tee shirt, knit v-neck shirt and a sheer chiffon top. It is accompanied by long-sleeved woven shirt and embroidered Henley, skinny jeans, knit pintuck dress and open front cardigan, to wear when temperatures begin to drop.

So make the move into fall with this new collection from Bob Timberlake.  And if you like these items, just wait for the second shipment of fall clothing to arrive in September. That portion of the collection continues the move into autumn with heavier patterns, fabrics and colors as well.  Watch for sweaters, quilted jackets and vests, sweater dresses and even a tweed skirt.  Bob Timberlake apparel  - seamlessly taking you from season to season!



Outdoor Rewards MasterCard! You can't get anything better than this!

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, there is nothing better than coming to Bass Pro Shops to find all of your necessities to complete your trip or hunt! Bass Pro Shops has a wonderful program that benefits our customers to the complete fullest. Our Outdoor Rewards MasterCard is the Card to have when saving money and getting the max benefits to support those amazing outdoor adventures! When applying for the Outdoor Rewards MasterCard you will save $15 or 10% off based on how much the total purchase is. We have two different cards available to be approved for. Our first card is the Outdoor Rewards Platinum MasterCard which earns you 3% back on all Bass Pro Shops purchases and 1% on outside purchases. Our second card is the Outdoor Rewards World MasterCard which earns you 5% on all Bass Pro Shops purchases and 1% on outside purchases. In order to receive the Outdoor Rewards World MasterCard you must be approved for $5000 or more!

A little more information on the amazing program. The Four P's - Points, Perks, Power, Protection.

1. Points - Earn points on every purchase no questions asked.

2. A rewards program only for cardholders - New $5 Flat rate standard shipping, fall and spring classic savings, Holiday discounts, and carholder appreciation days.

3. Power - No annual fee, no minimum spending requirements, online banking, New MasterCard PayPass *Tap and Go* Payment, accepted virtually everywhere, and up to $1 million donated every year to conservation efforts from purchases made on the card.

4. Protection - Identity Theft Protection, Travel and Emergency assistance, Master road/assist roadside service, and master rental coverage.

All of these outstanding benefits and the amazing Bass Pro Outdoor Rewards MasterCards!

Example of the World(Top Picture) and Platinum(Bottom Picture) Rewards BreakdownWorld Rewards BreakdownPlatinum Rewards Breakdown