Resolution Solution- Keep Fit

Resolution Solution- Get Fit in 2014

The time has come to issue in a new year again and with that comes the dreaded New Years Resolution. Most people have trouble keeping their resolutions through January and the most common would be how to stay more active in the New Year. One way to stay active is to go hiking. Picking out the right hiking or trail running shoe to enjoy the outdoors is essential to making the most of your outdoor adventure. Most people think they have to pick the most expensive or up to date technology in a shoe to succeed with your resolution. That is not the case. The best advice I can give anyone the wants to enjoy the outdoors is keep it simple when picking a shoe. One feature to consider is to make sure its waterproof. This goes a long way with breath ability and keeps your feet cool and comfortable. Next you should pick a shoe that has a good sole or traction an example of this would be Vibram. It has good traction in wet terrain and won't break down in rough terrain. And lastly, the type of sock you should wear with your new hiking shoe. There are many options to choose from when picking out a sock from lightweight to heavyweight just make sure it can breathe(cotton does not) and make sure it does not make the shoe fit tight through out the time you are wearing it.

These are just a few things to remember in picking out a new hiking shoe along with many more we can help you out with at Bass Pro Shops. Remember if you’re a beginner to advanced hiking the most important thing is to have fun while you’re in the outdoors. My name is Billy. I am a Footwear Specialist in our Las Vegas Bass Pro Store. Come on down to Bass Pro and talk with one of our pros or visit our website.

Redhead Roark Hiker


Try a New Sport!

fly fishing 1

Have you wanted to try a new sport and maybe you are just not real sure where to start? Well, if fly fishing is in your thoughts, let me tell you how to make it a reality. Bass Pro Shops in Leeds is proud to offer a "hands on" instructional class for beginners on how to cast a fly rod. The casting class meets each month on the second and fourth Saturday at 1pm at the lake here on our property. (Our lake is located off of the nature trail entrance to the store.) All of the supplies will be provided so you do not need to bring anything except your thirst for knowledge. This class is limited to only six students so that each person can receive individualized instruction based on need. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, don't hesitate to contact the store at (205) 702-7500 today to sign up for the next available class. I will tell you... classes fill up quickly.  


fly fishing 2



Once you get the hang of casting, you should sign up for the fly tying class. Fly tying classes are offered the first and third Monday of every month at 6pm in our own White River Fly Shop.


Using an Alabama rig


We like to showcase different rigs during our weekly fishing demos. Fishing associate David B. is a fan of the Alabama rig, so that's what we used last week. Let’s “school” you on how it works:


Most 'bama rigs come with five arms for hooks, however in the state of Missouri; you're only allowed to have three hooks. The center wire or two bottom wires will catch the most fish, so attach decoy bait on the other two arms.

If used correctly, it can catch a lot of fish. Its trick? It's designed to appear to be a school of fish. When it's reeled in, the lures are pulled together in one direction. Make sure to pause to let the rig change directions for a bit to give fish a chance to catch up.

The best time to use this rig is from the early spring through the summer, and then again in the early fall. It works best on a 7ft medium-heavy rod with bait casters and 30-60lbs braided line. Use soft plastics like Zoom, paddletail fluke or 4 inch grubs. Lake of the Ozarks is a great place to use them according to David. They are good for catching many different species such as largemouth bass or (if using a smaller rig) crappie.

Because of the amount of arms on the rig, make sure to check with the state conservation regulations before using it. Some states like Tennessee don't allow the rig to be used at all, and most of the time they’re not tournament sanctioned either.

The Deadly 5 War Path is a great Alabama rig to use. It starts at $9.99 and can be found in our fishing department.



Top Unique Products of 2013 - Ladies' Apparel

A new year typically means taking time to reflect on the previous year. With that thought in mind, I asked the various departments what their top "unique" products were in 2013...unique in technology, usage, and features.

Ladies' ApparelColumbia Tech gloves

  • Touch Tip gloves - With smartphones and other electronics these days, touch tip gloves are one of theTouch Tip gloves best accessories to have. How many times have you gone to use your smartphone but had to take your gloves off first? With a touch tip thumb and index on both hands, these gloves allow you to use any touch screen device without removing your gloves. The technology is also available in men's and hunting apparel. 
  • Thumbholes on cuffs -  These have become very popular in Ladies' apparel and many vendors are on the Ladies Ascend with Thumbholesbandwagon, including Columbia, The North Face and Ascend.  In most cases, it is on an interior cuff, allowing you to have additional built-in protection in your coat.  If you are wearing gloves, the thumbholes help stop wind and/or snow from going up your sleeve.
  • Omni-Heat Gloves-  Columbia brought their lightweight, yet warm technology, to more gloves this year. The Omni-Heat thermal reflective lining uses your own body heat, trapping and retaining it to keep you warm.
  • Infinity Scarves - These scarves have been extremely popular for our cold weather blasts this season! Natural Reflections Infinity ScarfAre you all about function or do you lean more toward fashion? There are some designed for all tastes!  


Next up - Camping!


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crappie madness



We are starting 2014 in a big way at Bass Pro Shops ... With CRAPPIE MADNESS!!!!


Whether you are a crappie fisherman or just want to know more about how to get started, join us for two weekends of Crappie Madness!




Fridays- Feb 7 and 14

5-8 pm            FREE Photo download - You on the cover of Crappie Magazine!

7 pm                Pro Crappie Seminars

                         Learn tips and techniques of various styles of Crappie Fishing from local and top professionals!

                         FREE GIVEAWAY- to the first 25 people to attend seminars!!!!


Saturdays- Feb 8 and 15

11am & 2 pm   Pro Crappie Seminars

                           Learn tips and techniques of various styles of Crappie Fishing from local and top professionals!

                           FREE GIVEAWAY- to the first 25 people to attend seminars!!!!

12-6 pm            FREE Photo download- You on the cover of Crappie Magazine!

1-5 pm              Catch and Release Pond

2-5 pm              Fried Fish Demo  


Plus! Seminar attendees enter for your chance to win a Crappie rigged 2014 Tracker Pro Team 175 TF!


Hot Shot Shooters

Hot Shot Shooters

By: Katie Cook

Hot Shot Shooters is an all woman’s firearms club that meets at Bass Pro Shops in Gurnee, Illinois. One of our goals is to teach women how to become more proficient shooters and responsible firearm owners.  Our Mission is “To Get More Women Involved!”

Several of our members took an NRA Basic Pistol Class with Bill Worth and wanted to find like minded women to enjoy shooting and learning about firearms. Bill told them to start a group. One of the ladies finally organized our first meeting. Bill sent out an email asking if we were interested in a ladies shooting club. 25-30 women showed up at the first meeting. Our first meeting was basically to ask what we wanted from this group and what we wanted to experience. A few meetings later, we brainstormed over names and voted. Some were very clever and we debated over a few before we decided on Hot Shot Shooters. Our Email list is at 50 women now and constantly growing.

All ladies are welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings and join Hot Shot Shooters. Our next meeting is Tuesday January 21St at 6pm on the 3rd floor of the range at Bass Pro Shop Gurnee.

Also check us out on FaceBook!



Trapping a New Era

The New Year means many things to different people in the outdoor community.  Many outdoorsmen and women have cabin fever and will wait nearly eight months to cure it with another crack at a big buck this fall.  Some may be grasping to waterfowl hunting as the season draws its last breath.  Several are out with dogs watching them freeze up and point as the scent of quail in a deadfall tickles their nostrils.  Still yet others are following intently behind a group of beagles hot on the heels of a wiley rabbit.  Fishermen are going through their tackle inspecting every inch of it and making sure new hooks, fresh line, and a well tooled boat are all geared up for the inevitable spring.  Turkey hunters form a new mouth call to the bridge of their mouth in anticipation of the warm morning that will spawn echoing gobbles from every ridge and holler around.   Another direction we can go to extend our season and enjoy the pursuit is predators and furbearers.

Coyote hunting and coon hunting are great ways to spend the lonesome days of January.Here I am with a coyote I caught in one of my traps.  What I’m talking about though takes us farther back through our outdoor heritage.  Walk by the river and streams in the shoes of mountain men who blazed a trail for the start of our great nation.  Survival was forefront on their mind as they ran their trap lines to make a living.  Something tells me that the anticipation of those men checking traps was no less than mine as I do it today.  Survival being substituted with conservation is the main difference between the old days and the modern trapper.  The North American Wildlife Conservation Model has been so successful in allowing humans to coexist with wildlife that it almost works too well.  More knowledgeable hunters and anglers allow us to maximize our ultimate renewable resources of fish and game.  Deer, duck, turkey, small game, elk, and nearly every other species that has graced our land are at record high numbers.  Some birds like quail do suffer still from fewer and fewer grasslands and more predation.  With the higher numbers of game species available, the predator counts also inflate.  They are opportunistic and don’t evenly prey on any one species or type of animal, which leaves the weaker game animals in harm’s way.  The inflation in predator numbers started my itch to begin trapping.  Hoping to catch a few coyotes turned into having coon and muskrat traps to run as well.  Going to bed each night, you can’t help to think about what you might have in your traps the next day.  Nothing makes the fire burn more than to be outwitted once only to reset and think about what will happen the next day, hoping to not be outdone again.

Controlling the predator numbers and keeping the raccoons out of your sweet corn patch isn’t the only benefits to trapping, though.  If you take care of your catch and store it properly, you can take it to a local fur buyer and get a little bit of coin out of the deal.  You won’t want to quit your job, but you may be able to put a nice chunk towards buying a new gun or other item that we can’t have too many of!  Check out the trapping supplies available at Bass Pro Shops by clicking here.  You will find a selection of coil spring and conibear traps as well as dog proof raccoon traps.  Additionally, you will find many accessories that you may try along the way like sifters, trap dye, trap setters, lures and more!       

                                  A nice mess of coons.                                            

In the future, I will discuss some more in depth items about topics like trap preparation, placement, tools, fur handling, and general strategies.  I will say that I have spent many days afield and had never taken up trapping.  It was always an oversight for me or something that didn’t sound that intriguing to a deer, duck, and turkey hunter that bass fished.  Having half of this season under my belt, I couldn’t tell you how wrong I was.  Trapping encompasses the essence of all the outdoor skills that you have learned in the field.  Moreover, the anticipation of what may happen is the paramount excitement in everything we outdoor people all share.  Big bucks, big bass, big turkeys, hoards of ducks, dogs on a perfect trail are things we dream of and live as we prepare to pursue our quarry afield.  Rarely are our expectations met but when it happens it’s a special, memorable moment to cherish.


-Brian Eickholtz




PS:  For more great ways to enjoy the cold, winter moths check out my blog "Treasures of January."


Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater

Mr. Heater Portable


In early January the nation suffered through the Polar Vortex.  Temperatures plummetted to the teens in the Savannah area and many people were caught off gaurd by the unusually cold weather.  Due to this weather event Bass Pro Shops had a run on Hand Warmers and our Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater.  This indoor safe heater is an essential item when cold weather is upon us.  This item, listed at $99.99, features a single control for starting and heat adjustment, can put out 4,000-9,000 BTUs of heat with a hi-low setting, and can heat up to 200 square feet of space.  Safety features include a low oxygen safety shut-off system and a tip-over safety shut off.  It can run off of a 16 oz propane bottle or with the addition of a Mr. Heater 5' Propane Hose Assembly users can operate the heater with a 20 gallon propane tank.  A 16 oz. cylinder will provide 3 to 6 hours of heat, while a 20 gallon tank will provide 48 to 110 hours, depending upon the setting you use. It is great for campers, hunters, boaters, and every day general household use.  It is definitely a must have for colder weather. 



Banded Together

The banding of birds for identification has occurred for over 100 years in the U.S. The first records of bird banding in North America come from naturalist John James Audubon. The numbered bands help scientists at the United States Geologic Survey and the Canadian Wildlife Service study the flight patterns, habitat, and more about birds, from the smallest hummingbird up to the trumpeter swan. For waterfowl hunters, harvesting a banded bird can be a milepost in their hunting career. Each band collected is a band of honor…not only for having taken the bird, but also as respect for the life of the bird it has graced. True sportsmen will know the story of any band they collect and the bird that carried it. Bass Pro Shops Altoona Hunting Associate Frank Lake tells his:


Being a relatively new resident of Iowa, I have come to enjoy the new hunting and fishing that this great state has given me. I’m originally from Southern California and had done some duck and goose hunting in that area, but it was mostly open water hunting.

After persuasion from some friends a couple of years ago, I was introduced to waterfowl hunting Midwest-style, particularly goose hunting. On various hunting excursions, I couldn’t stop noticing the displays of silver leg bands on fellow hunters’ call lanyards. Some would have a few and a couple of hunters…well, it seemed their lanyards were nothing but pieced together leg bands.

However, the bands weren’t just for bravado. Every hunter had a story about his or her bands. One friend explained that on his first ever hunt he shot two of the three bands that he held in highest regard. Another friend, a few weeks later, showed me his collection, which looked like a massive ball of recycled soda cans. Silver, black, some stained brown… each one had its own individual story. I looked forward to the time I would harvest a banded bird to begin my own collection of stories and remembrances.
That moment finally came.

Lanyard band of calls

A couple of weeks ago, the day started out in Iowa, and many other locations across this country, as it has so often this season:  Snow on the ground, freezing temperatures, and the wind pushing the cold right down to the skin. For our hunting group it didn’t seem to matter, as we continued the centuries old tradition of hunting and set up our spread that morning.

It wasn’t long and the geese started to move. With the weather being so cold, they had to fly out of the city to the farm fields to eat, and that’s where we waited. The first group pushed north right into our spread and, with an excited “get ‘em,” we sat up from the dugout frozen ditches that we laid in and surprised our prey. Pops from the guns erupted, and the birds flew everywhere…startled by us hunters appearing from nowhere. There where birds falling from the flock. We quickly reloaded, retrieved the birds we had shot, and returned to our blinds.

About an hour passed, with some flocks passing by, but none could be coaxed in with our decoys and calls. After a little while, a small group worked their way toward us fighting the brutal north wind. It seemed like an eternity, while we watched them from afar, moving their wings with such effort just to come to the field. Like any other hunter out there, the anticipation grew with every passing second. The flock now was a couple hundred yards away and we could really start to hear them call back to us. The only thing going through my head was “here we go.” The group started their final approach, cupping their wings and cackling at us as they drew closer. As they were about to set down, one of their calls didn’t sound the same as the rest and they broke away from us. Seeing this, and knowing that they were still within range, I called out to take them. I lifted my old shotgun, added a little lead into the shot, and squeezed the trigger. With a thunderous clap, that 12-gauge, 3.5-inch black cloud round went off, and the bird that I aimed for started to fall like a maple leaf to the ground.  

Frank Lake Bass Pro Shops Altoona

The other guys in the group looked over and said, “Yeah, yeah, lucky shot,” and the usual phrases we all give each other. I reloaded the gun and walked out to my bird. As I got closer, I saw something that didn’t look natural and was clearly out of place.

It was a band.

The rush of excitement flushed over me and I forgot the cold that day.

“Hey, we got jewelry!” I yelled.

Of course, my fellow hunters were doubtful. I walked over to the blinds to show them the bird. One of the hunters, who has many bands himself, looked at the number printed into the steel and said, “That’s going to be an old bird.”

Another hunter, grinning from ear to ear like a child raiding the cookie jar, good-naturedly ribbed, "Hey, I shot that one!"

We finished the day with our limit. Since it was a weekend, I had to wait until the following day to call in the band and find out the history of that bird. That night seemed like it would never end.

Morning arrived and I dialed the number on the band. At a call center somewhere in Missouri, a very nice receptionist picked up the phone and collected my information - number on the band, when did I recover the bird, did I shoot or find the bird, my name, address, email, phone number - and a list of questions that seemingly went on forever.

“You shot an old bird,” she said, and my interest peaked.

The bird was banded August 4, 2006, in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. I went to a map and explored the distance that the bird had flown from the Southwest area of the Hudson Bay to Iowa.

How many miles had that bird flown for the past seven years?

Where had it been?

Where was the bird’s nesting area during the summer? Had it been further south for the winter than just Iowa?

I thought about the odds of how, over the vastness of the Mississippi flyway, this bird and I met in that field, on that day, in the middle of Iowa, in the middle of the country.

While there are many questions that will remain unanswered, this fact is true:  I'm permanently hooked on waterfowl hunting by this first of many bands to come and many more stories behind every bird.  


For more information on bird banding, visit

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Product Spotlight - BaitBall by LiveTarget - NEW!

Hot off the truck at Bass Pro Shops Altoona...LiveTarget's BaitBall...ICAST 2013's Best Hard Lure of the Year!

Multiple profiles in one body gives the impression of a small cluster of shad that has split away from it's bigger group. Another step in re-creating the real underwater world and nature's survival of the fittest!


Threadfin Shad Baitball Crankbait Crankbait

This diver has a maximum depth of 10 feet and at the store we have it in Pearl Blue Chartreuse and Pearl Gray. Details and additional colors are available at


LiveTarget SquarefishThreadfin Shad Baitball Squarebill

Depth of 3-4 feet and comes in Pearl Blue Chartreuse, Metallic Green, and Pearl Green. Details and additional colors are available at


Check out the LiveTarget story of how the BaitBall concept came to be and a demo!


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Concealed Carry Class Jan. 25-26 at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Logo

We will be hosting a Concealed Carry Class on January 25th and 26th, 2014. This class will be conducted by NRA Certified Instructors. The class times are:

Saturday January 25th from 9:30 - 7:30: Classroom instruction in our conference room.

Sunday January 26th from 9:00am to 12:00 pm - Qualification shooting at a local private range.

You do not have to have your own handgun to qualify, loaners will be available, but you will be required to supply your own ammunition. Cost of the class is $110. Please call 513-826-5200 to register and if you have any questions. Class size is limited.


Staying Warm throughout a Cold Game

                           GO BEARS!!!

I recently attended a Chicago Bears football game at Soldier Field with my dad. The weather outside was very cold and windy (10 degrees with 16mph winds). With the game being held in Chicago I made the decision to wear my Under Armour long sleeve compression mock underneath my clothes in Bears orange of course. I chose the Under Armour because of its light weight 4-way stretch fabric that lets you move while keeping you warm and dry. As you can see I was able to sport my Bears jersey without all the extra bulk and layers. This created extra comfort and warmth that lasted throughout the whole game.

Being that I planned on tailgating all day as well, I thought the use of Hot-Hands would be very helpful. I purchased the value pack of the hand warmers and feet warmers. I knew that if I was going to last the whole day in the Windy City I would have to keep both my hands and feet warm. The hand warmers were extremely pleasant to have in my gloves. I could not believe that my hands did not get cold once during the whole game. I was even more pleased with the fact that one pack actually lasted me the 8 hours of warmth it promised. The feet warmers were also a success! My toes stayed warm the whole time. Watching the game in warmth and comfort made the experience a lot better, even if they did lose! GREENBAY PACKERS ugh!

I was able to find these items and much more online at and also at our very own local Bass Pro Shops.


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Clearance, clearance, clearance - we have great buys on items in all departments, including holiday and apparel! While you're here, check out a couple of our sweepstakes we have going on!

Lone Survivor SweepstakesLone Survivor Sweepstakes - Sponsored by Under Armour

Can you picture yourself sitting in a private screening with 249 of your closest friends watching Mark Wahlberg on the big screen? Then get into the drawing for the Lone Survivor movie sweepstakes! Lone Survivor is a true tale of courage, recounting Navy SEAL Team 10 Team's mission in 2005 to capture or kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd.

The sweepstakes ends January 24, 2014. Limit one entry per person per method and you must be 18 years old at time of entry!

Everyone who enters will be eligible to win the grand prize:
Grand Prize: a private screening of "Lone Survivor" for winner and up to 249 guests. Universal will determine the theater location as well as the date and time of screening.

Enter in-store or online and be eligible to win: Hoody, Antler Cap, Wounded Warrior Cap, Classic Stretch Fit Cap, and Women's Beanie.

You may also enter online at!


Monster Fish SweepstakesMonster Fish Sweepstakes

It's Bass Pro's eighth year for this Monster Fish Sweepstakes! Stop in and register to win a 2014 Nitro Z-6 with a 115 ELPT OptiMax and Trailer!

Good Luck!


Hot Tips for Ice Fishing in Northern Iowa

Want to know a secret? Kevan Paul, of Kevan Paul's Guide Service has some tips for you ice fisherman on fishing Clear Lake and Crystal Lake in northern Iowa. He's an accomplished tournament fisherman and a member of Clam's Ice Team pro staff. He KNOWS north Iowa lakes! 

In this YouTube video, Kevan gives you the latest secret for the north...and you'll ONLY get it from him on this video!

For more information on Kevan's guide service, visit


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Iowa 2014 Ice Fishing Tournaments

Iowa Ice Fishing TournamentsHere are some ice fishing tournaments that we are aware of in Iowa.  Click the links, where supplied, for more information or visit!  Have fun, be safe, and share your photos with us at!





Jan 11, 2014
Panfish Bonanza (Registration deadline passed)
Dumcombe, IA
Brushy Creek Lake

Jan 12, 2014
Team Extreme Ice Fishing Tournaments
Spirit Lake, IA
West Okoboji Lake

Jan 18, 2014
Guttenberg Ice Fishing Tournament
Harper's Ferry, IA
Mississippi River Pool 10

Jan 25, 2014
Diamond Lake Ice Fishing Derby
Montezuma, IA
Diamond Lake

Jan 25, 2014
Fargin Icehole Competition
Davenport, IA
Lost Grove Lake

Jan 25, 2014
Frozen Fins Ice Fishing Tournament
Grinnell, IA
Jacob Krumm Nature Preserver Lake (west)

Jan 25, 2014
Stauss Realty Winter Games Ice Fishing Tournament
Okoboji, IA
West Okoboji Lake

Jan 26, 2014
Cedar Rapids Bassmasters Ice Fishery
Palo, IA
Pleasant Creek Lake

Feb 1, 2014
Lehigh Fire Dept Annual Ice Fishing Tournament
Lehigh, IA
Brushy Creek Lake

Feb 1, 2014
Storm Lake Ice Fishing Tournament
Storm Lake, IA
Frank Starr Park
Storm Lake

Feb 2, 2014
Team Extreme Ice Fishing Tournaments
DesMoines, IA
Big Creek Lake

Feb 8, 2014
Clear Lake Yellow Bass Bonanza
Clear Lake, IA
Macintosh State Park
Clear Lake

Feb 8, 2014
Frostbite Olympics Ice Fishing Tournament
Algona, IA
Lake Smith

Feb 8, 2014
Lake Meyer Ice Fishing Derby
Calmar, IA
Lake Meyers

Feb 9, 2014
Des Moines Winter Games Ice Derby
Des Moines, IA
Easter Lake

Feb 16, 2014
Team Extreme Ice Fishing Tournaments
Afton, IA
Three Mile Lake

Feb 23, 2014
Team Extreme Ice Fishing Tournaments
Grinnell, IA
Rock Creek Lake

Mar 16, 2014
Fort Dodge, IA
Brushy Creek Lake

A New Year, A New Purpose

Well, it's officially the first full week of the New Year. How are your resolutions holding up? If you are like me... you will make a simple resolution so that you are able to stick with it throughout the year. My resolution for the past couple of years was to purchase at least one Christmas present each month so that when December rolls around..I will have a major part of the shopping completed. Well, not all resolutions are that simple. Below is a list of the top 10 resolutions that people make:

  • Lose Weight and Get Fit
  • Manage Stress
  • Travel to New Places
  • Learn Something New
  • Volunteer/Help Others
  • Get Organized
  • Manage Debt
  • Spend More Time with Family and Friends
  • Quit Smoking/Drinking
  • Reduce/Recycle/Reuse

If your resolution includes volunteering or helping others, we have a way to help you with this resolution. Bass Pro Shops in Leeds can help you make a difference in a variety of ways. We partner with five different conservation groups throughout the year and with just a small monetary dontation, you can make a difference too. In the month of February, you can come into the store and make a $2.00 donation to the More Fish campaign (a chapter of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation). Below is the website that you can get more information about this great cause:





During the month of April, Bass Pro Shops partners with National Wild Turkey Federation. Again, the donation is only $2.00 and can be added onto your ticket as you leave the store. Check out this great group at the following:






August is the month that we send all our support over to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Please check out the details for how this conservation group is making a difference.






September is the month that we recognize the Quality Deer Management Association group. You will be surprised how much of a difference just your $2.00 donation can make. Check out this link to see how your money can make a difference:







October is the last of the conservation groups, but certainly not the least. Ducks Unlimited is a group that is near and dear to our hearts. Check out the details of this great organization at:




Regardless of what your New Year's resolution is and how long you actually keep it is up to you; however, if you want the satisfaction that you were able to keep a resolution throughout the year at a very low cost to your pocket book, while making a difference, visit our store during these months that we support our conservation groups and make your donation.






Lone Survivor Sweepstakes

Lone Survivor Promotion and Sweepstakes January 3rd-24th, 2014

It's not too late to get into the drawing for the Lone Survivor movie sweepstakes!

If you haven't heard about this movie yet, you are missing out. This movie is set to be one of the greatest war movies ever. "Based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission "Operation Red Wings". Four members of SEAL Team 10 were tasked with the mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd."

Bass Pro Shops is helping to promote this movie by hosting a sweepstakes for prizes. Check out the details below:

  • You may enter in-store and online.
  • Limit one entry per person per method 
  • Must be 18 years old or older at the time of entry

In store: Complete an official entry form with your name, complete address, daytime phone number, email address and date of birth and deposit it in an official ballot box at the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds.

Online: Visit and complete the official entry form and submit as directed.

Everyone who enters will be eligible for the grand prize:

Grand Prize: a private screening of "Lone Survivor" for winner and up to 249 guests. Universal will determine the theater location as well as the date and time of screening.

Prizes for in-store and online entries: Hoody, Antler Cap, Wounded Warrior Cap, Classic Stretch Fit Cap, and Women's Beanie.




Ice Fishing in New York State

In New York State Ice Fishing is a short season.  Where many hunker down in their house to stay warm, many cannot wait to get out on the ice and fish.  Here is some information from the DEC on Ice Fishing in New York State.  Additional information is available on .

During this time of year the ice fisherman can catch a variety of fish from perch to walleye.  Some waters are open to lake trout and landlocked salmon just check the Special Regulations by County on the DEC website.  Just like open water fishing, ice fishing does require skill and knowledge.  You need the proper equiment, clothing and most of all safety precautions.  

Cutting through the ice is not as hard as you think.  Buy a auger that fits your need.  Pan fish usually need at 4" to 6" auger, where a larger fish needs a 8" hole.  Keep in mind that a 8" hole requires almost twice as much ice removal  as the 6" hole.  If you do extreme ice you  may want a gas powered auger for speed and convenience. 

The number one safety hazard is "safe ice" .  The DEC recommends 3 to 4 inches of solid ice for safety.  The American Pulpwood Associate developed a table for judging safety on ice, lakes and streams.  The entire table is on the DEC website.  A few suggestions are for 2 inches of ice thickness the permissible load is one person on foot.  Three inches is a group in single file.  Note:  This suggestion is based on clear, blue hard ice on non running waters.  They also suggest be cautious where bubblers are used to protect docks.  This produces thin unsafe ice even some distance away. 

Always check your fishing regulations.  New York State limits fishing to two jigging lines or hand lines and five tip ups in most water.  Check all additional regulations on the DEC website.  Then stop on by and look at  what we have to give you the perfect ice fishing adventure.  Check out some of our products below:

Bass Pro Shop Hand Held Ice Auger - 6" or 8" portable, lightweight, stainless steel blade



  Frabill Bro Series Ice Fishing Rod & Reel Combos - Smooth drag, sub-zero lubricant for gears, cork handle











Bass Pro Shop Ice Artic Angler Tip Up - Durable, sensitive, visable strike indicator, measurable board














Bass Pro Shop Ice Rod Holder - Sturdy, fits most rod handles, very handy!








Ice Artic Angler Ul/timate Ice Glove System with Liner - Neoprene, non slip grip, hook and loop wrist strap for fast and easy adjustment, moisture wicking liner.














Clam Legend Thermal Ice Shelter - 1 person, thermal skin to retain heat, fishable area 16ft




















Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Bring in the new year!

Bring in the new year with an after Christmas sale!

We've got great prices in the fishing department! Bass Pro shops Tournament Series Micro Spin Lures!


$1.79 a piece with many different styles,weights and colors. Colors such as the hot tiger tiger, Tad pole tad pole, Cinnamon cinn,

Copper Frog copper, Hot Pink Hot pink, Salmon Salmon, and sooo many more!






They're your ticket to boat loads of fish. They have aggressive vibrating blades, effective color patterns, and hackle tail. We also have 10 packs of plastic float assortments. They are made for easy use. Designed to just snap on your line. They are nice for your little fisherman just starting to learn. 10 packs includes: two 1 3/4", two 1 1/2", three 1 1/4" and three 1" floats for just $1.79!!







For our little fishermen and women of the future we've got Barbie, Spider man, Disney Princess, Star wars and Cars backpacks with rods a reels!

barb cars  princessprincess2spidermanstarwars


All come with sunglasses, casting plug, and a mini tackle box all in an easy to carry backpack or bag! $17.99!





More for the great outdoors, we have decorative La Crosse Thermometer.

"Texas born" texas      "Early Catch" early catch  "Mountain Retreat" mountain.

These beautiful thermometers are great for indoor and outdoor. It has a secret hide a key slot on the back with a spot for your spare key. $14.97!




While you're shopping in the fishing department we also have a Bass Pro Shops fisherman Icon wireless weather station.

fisherman. It has a sunrise, sun set, moon phase, latitude and longitude. Updates automatically for daylight savings time, temperature and frost alarm icon! Stay organized and prepared with a 12/24 hour time display with time alarm, snooze and monthly, date and weekday calender!



Remember it's not just the fishing and gifts department with great sales, it's our whole store! So be sure to stop in, you won't want to miss it!



Lifetime Socks? Really?

Lifetime socks?  What are you talking about?  Never heard of that before.  Well, we do have lifetime socks and they are worth it.  No receipt required when you bring them back.  No,  there is never a hassle what so ever.  Bass Pro Shop has come up with a universal gift that is great for anyone.  Why,  I even got my college girls each a pair to wear for slippers.  Comfortable and warm these socks will not disappoint.  Here are a few of the different kinds of lifetime socks we have:

Redhead Midweight Crew (men) are lighter weight for hiking and casual everyday use.  They are double reinforced in all stress zones.  These socks are made for all day comfort. 11 inches











The Redhead Lightweight Quarter sock for men are just like the crew but only 5 inches for those who prefer not that high of a sock.










Natural Reflections Lifetime Socks for Ladies are perfect for women with all day comfort and a itch free merino wool blend.








The Redhead All Purpose Lifetime Socks are the most popular for men and women.  Why I wear them under my rubber boots for the warmth!


all purpose





























So stop on by today and check out the Lifetime Socks.  Then remember when they have a hole or are wearing out, just bring both of them back to Bass Pro Shops.  You will receive another pair no questions asked.  How can you go wrong?


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator