Archery by the Numbers: Does a Faster Bow = More Deer + 3D Tournament Wins?

Do I need a new bow this year?  Will that faster bow help me get my next deer or win my next 3D tournament?

Often I get a customer that comes stating that they have 1 pin on their sight because their bow shoots flat out to 40 yards.  I bite my lip each time because I know Physics just never lies.  Everything falls to the earth at the same rate, it does not matter if it is a bowling ball, a marble, an arrow or even a bullet shot out of a rifle.  The “Acceleration of Gravity Law” states that an object will fall to the ground at a rate of (32 Feet per Second per Second) or in other words the first second an object will travel 16 feet down and it does not matter if it has forward velocity or not.

Let me break it down for you eggheads and naysayers.  Go get your calculators and follow me…..  Oh and by the way…. This is why the Trophy Ridge React Sight DOES work and works perfectly.  The math doesn’t lie.

D=Distance Traveled
T=Time in Seconds
Acceleration of Gravity is D=.5GT² or Distance Traveled = .5 x 32FPS x Time in Seconds Squared

Example 1: Let’s say I want to see how far an egg will drop in 3 seconds if I were to drop it of off a bridge.
D=.5x32x3² or D=.5*32*9 or D= 144 Feet the egg drop in 3 seconds.

Now lets put this in practical terms for my archery friends who have that flat shooting bow that is so fast that their single pin hits the same mark at 10/20/30/40 yards.

We measure arrow drop in inches so we need to change 32 Feet to Inches which is 32*12=384 inches for the G value in our formula.  Now we need to figure out how much time elapses after we shoot an arrow for 10,20,30,40 and 50 yards.  Since we are having a little fun here let us do it for 400, 350, 325, 300, 280 and 250 Feet per second shooting bows.  Keep in mind we are just doing the simple math here without figuring in deceleration of the arrow due to surface tension applied on the arrow shaft by passing air and the drag that our vanes are causing to slow down the arrow.


So let’s say you have one of the quickest bows on the market shooting 350 FPS.  As you can see in the chart above the arrow shot out of that bow will have dropped a total of 22.57 inches at 40 Yards.  Even if you take in to account that your Apex of arrow flight is somewhere between 10 and 20 yards you are still going to have around 18 inches of drop past 20 yards as seen in chart below.  This is not what I would consider “FLAT” out to 40 yards.

I am asked the question often, “Since this bow shoots so fast I bet the deer never has a chance to jump the string?”  Okay, lets put the math to this question as well.  We know that sound travels at around 767 MPH or about 12.78 miles per minute or about .213 miles per second or around 1125 feet per second, the number we need.  So knowing that sound travels 1125 feet per second we can figure out the time it takes sound to travel 10/20/30/40 and 50 yards.  Now this time I have included data with deceleration on a 19/64”-diameter shaft and 3 Blazer Vanes set 120 degrees apart with 3 degrees helical on the arrows.  Speeds in FPS are listed in each column. We also know that a deer has a reaction time of just shy of a ¼ second, I used .22 seconds of reaction time for the chart below.


All values in RED in the chart above show that the arrow will impact the deer before he hears the sound and can react or jump the string.  In ALL cases the sound will get to the deer’s ears before the arrow will.  In other words, the deer will always hear the shot before the arrow impacts him.  This is different with a rifle as most rounds are far above 1125 feet per second.  As so long as the projectile is above 1125 fps the project will hit target before the sound of the report will.  Not true with a bow and arrow, nor will it ever be.

So what does all this mean to a bow hunter?  First if you want to limit the chance of having a deer jump your string during a shot, keep your shots under 25 Yards.  I know many of you will think, “Well I will just aim a little low at distances beyond 25 yards then.”  Okay, but do you really know what that deer is going to do?  Is it going to drop, turn or simply do nothing?  You don’t know.  So if you keep your shots under 25 yards you will eliminate that variable.

Some of the other things you can take from the data might be, “Does a faster bow really gain me much advantage in judging distance or the amount of arrow drop at longer distances?”  If you are just bow hunting and you keep your shots under 25 yards, then, NO, is the answer.  Save your money and maybe look at purchasing some better scent reduction clothing or tools like the Ozonics machine.  Maybe a better use of that money would be better arrows or sights with smaller, easier to adjust and brighter pins.

Most people are shooting bows at around 280 FPS.  If you are an occasional 3D shooter you know that most of your targets are at 40 Yards.  Look at the data a bow shooting 280 FPS drops 1.33” more at 30 yards than a bow shooting 330 FPS.  A bow shooting 280 FPS drops a total from 20 yards to 40 yards only 3.26” farther than a bow shooting 330 FPS.  Is your money better spent on speed or forgiveness?  The choice is yours.  Keep in mind that the way bow manufactures get speed is making the brace height shorter, which causes a higher chance of arm or jacket slap while hunting.  Another way to gain speed is a harder cam.  These are harder to pull over while sitting for hours or at awkward angles in a tree stand.

I am not saying don’t go out and purchase a new bow.  What I am saying, is look at the data, and decide where your HARD EARNED money is best spent.  If it is a new faster hot-rod bow, that’s great.  If you choose a better sight, rest, stabilizer, clothing, blind, scent elimination items, then that’s great too.  We here at Bass Pro Shops can help you in whatever you choose.

Shoot Straight!



ENO Hammocks

Looking for the perfect hammock to set up after a long day out in the wilderness? Well, my friend, look no further because you have finally found that hammock. Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks are top of the line gear, made exclusively for the outdoor enthusiast in mind. If you're out backpacking with friends or camping with family, these easy set up hammocks will have you in a world of relaxation the moment you lay in them. Constructed of breathable quick drying nylon with heavy duty triple stitched seams, these hammocks are lightweight and durable for even the most rugged outdoors men. Coming in different models and offering multiple accessories to make your next outdoor trip feel like you're at one with Mother Nature. And to make things better, Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks come with an attached compression stuff sack, to make stuffing your hammock a whole lot easier.

The SingleNest Hammock is the perfect single person hammock that is ready at a moment's notice. Light enough to take on your next backpacking trip and strong enough for backyard luxury, this single person hammock is the go-to for any occasion. Wt. 16 oz.


The DoubleNest Hammock is the perfect complement for outdoor enthusiasts looking to get close to nature and the open wilderness. Big enough for two people, or ideal for one, this is your pass to relaxation. Take it anywhere and set it up in seconds, so you can spend the rest of your day laying back enjoying yourself. Wt.20 oz. Maximum weight capacity 400 lbs.

The Guardian Bug Net gives you bite-free peace of mind. Laying in any of your Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock is not the time for insects to attack you. The Guardian surrounds you and your hammock in a bite-free peace of mind without interrupting your outdoor relaxation. It's constructed of superfine no-see-um netting to keep insects of all sizes out of your sleeping area. Enjoy a spacious interior with adequate head room. The Guardian Bug Net is compatible with all Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks. Wt. 16 oz.

Now, you may be wondering if that's all the hammocks and accessories they have? Well it's not. There are other different styles of hammocks, as well as different colors for these hammocks. They even have repair kits and rain tarps to go with them. I just wanted to grab your attention and wet your thirst for these fine, high quality products. Now the next time you're thinking of that new and exciting item you desperately need for you're next big backpacking or camping trip, look no further for it has arrived.


Bass Pro Shops

Manteca Store #49

Marc F.

Camping Department



Annie Oakley’s 410

Annie Oakley

The late 19th and early 20th century was a great time to be a sharpshooter in the United States. One of the most renown of these sharpshooters was the famous Annie Oakley. She performed from coast to coast in some of the most well-known traveling acts in the world. This being said many people don’t know the humble beginnings of this great and shining star of sharpshooting.

Annie Oakley was born in Darke County, Ohio on August 13th, 1860. When Annie was young her father died suddenly of illness, leaving the young Annie to fend for her entire family. She managed this by hunting with her father’s shotgun, with which she quickly became a crack shot. But for Annie’s family hunting was not all that was needed. So soon after her father’s death Annie and a few of her siblings were sent to live in the Darke County Infirmary. After a few years Annie’s mother remarried and was finally able to support the family in their home.

In Annie’s early teens she was able to practice her shooting again. Back in the woods around the town Annie found a very well-paying job, hunting for the local grocery store. This seemingly little job earned Annie enough money at the age of 15 to pay off her mother’s mortgage on the house. It was also at this time that Annie began to enter competitions with fellow sharpshooters in the area and win.

In these competitions in 1875 Annie Oakley met her future husband. During the Thanksgiving Shootout Competition, Annie was able to beat Frank E. Butler. Mr. Butler at this time was a top shooter and also a great performer in many vaudeville acts. Soon after the competition they were married. But it wasn’t until 1882 that they began working side by side in one of the best acts of sharpshooting ever made. In 1885 the show featuring Butler and Annie became so popular that Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show decided to make them one of their signature acts.

It was during the height of her career, with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, that Annie Oakley’s 410 shotgun was given as a gift from the company Gold-Hubbard to Annie. This gift was a work of art with a beautifully engraved stock and break open double barrel design. Then as now the shotgun is a work of art and graces the National Sporting Arms Museum in Bass Pro Shops Springfield, Missouri where it is a testament to the great woman who embodied everything good about sharpshooters during their heyday. Check out this video about the National Sporting Arms Museum in Bass Pro Shops Springfield, Missouri!

Annie Oakley


Geocaching 101

What is Geocaching?  Why, it is a outdoor treasure hunt using GPS devices.  People move to a specific set of coordinates and then try to find the geocache container hidden in that location.  Great for one person or families this is a true hit!  Here are a few simple steps:

1.  Register for a membership on a geocaching site.

2.  Enter your postal code and search.

3.  Choose any geocache from a list provided and click on the name.

4.  Enter the coordinates of the geocache in your GPS

5.  Use the GPS to assist you in finding the geocache which is hidden.

6.  Sign the log book and return the geocache to its original location.

7.  Remember if you take the treasure replace it with a treasure you have brought for the next person.

It really is just that easy.  Geocaches can be found all over the world.  It is amazing just how many we have in this area alone. Geocaches vary greatly in size and appearance.  You may see plastic containers to fake rocks with a compartment. Do not put explosives, ammo, knives alcohol, food or scented items. Ideas range from unique rocks, coins, to key chains.

Bass Pro has a few GPS ideas for geocaching that might interest you.  

Perfect for kids and adults the Geomate Jr. is very user friendly.  Pre-loaded with over 250,000 caches all around the US.  All you have to do is turn it on and follow the arrow.  Great family fun especially with young kids.  You can even buy a update kit to cover outside the US. 










































A idea for the first timer is a Geomate Geocaching Starter Kit.  This inexpensive kit has everything you need to get started.  Guidebook, pencil, pad, lock box and many prizes to hide.  















The Magellan Explorist GC GPS is another preloaded easy to navigate unit.  Great price and rich graphics make this one to think about.






















You are never to old to geocache this is easy and a wonderful way to spend time outside.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator













Know Your Humminbird - Arcs vs. Streaks

Professional angler and guide Win Stevens was at Bass Pro Shops Altoona recently for the Spring Fishing Classic National Pros weekend. He delivered an informative seminar on using a Humminbird, often focusing on features that are underused or that could be used in better ways to benefit the fisherman.

For example, Stevens talked about something as seemingly basic as the arcs that you see on the monitor. It's often the first thing people look for on the monitor...but does an arc mean you've hit the spot or does it mean should you look elsewhere?  He explains in this YouTube clip:

Stevens says one feature that are underused is the GPS Diagnostics view. GPS coordinates are updated by the military and Stevens say they can vary almost every timeyou look at it. He says you need to use the GPS Diagnostics to check on the estimated position of error, which means you may have marked your fish one day and the next day you can't find them...because the coordinates have changed just enough.

More clips from Win and our other guests, Casey Scanlon and Chase Parsons, may be found on our YouTube channel.


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Colorblock Swim Trunks Have Arrived!

New Bass Pro Shops Colorblock Swim Trunks For Men!

 Let’s get geared up for Spring Break!

We have several colors and styles to choose from.  Your swim trunks start at $24.99.  Come on in and get them before Spring Breaks starts!  These swim trunks are 100% polyester for quick drying,  mesh briefs, 2 hand pockets, 1 cargo pocket, 9” inseam and a drawstring waist. 


Know Your Humminbird - Sensitivity

Professional fisherman and guide, Win Stevens, spoke at the Bass Pro Shops Altoona Spring Fishing Classic about using Humminbird electronics to their best benefit. Stevens says one that thing that people may not use properly, or might under use, are the sensitivity settings. He said the color, density, and clarity of the water doesn't really matter as long as you have the sensitivity set for your eyes. He also gave some great examples of how proper sensitivity settings have "cleared" the water in some special circumstances in Missouri and Arkansas. Check it out in this video clip from the Spring Fishing Classic National Pros weekend:

Check out more video clips from Win, Casey Scanlon, and Chase Parsons from Spring Fishing Classic 2014 on YouTube!


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Spring Fishing Classic 2014 Next Generation Weekend!

 March 15 & 16 Kid's Weekend at our Spring Fishing Classic 2014 !  


Activities: 12-5pm (see workshops for specific times)Free Photo and Certificate at Bass Pro Shops, East Peoria, Spring Fishing Classic

Bass Pro Shops, Spring Fishing Classic, Catch & Release PondBrand New / Larger
Free Craft at Bass Pro Shops East Peoria Spring Fishing ClassicCATCH & RELEASE POND

FREE 4 x 6 PHOTO in certificate

CRAFT: Wood Fish magnet 

Kids giveaway tackle box at the East Peoria Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing ClassicGIVEAWAY: The first 150 kids to complete
the punch card each day, will receive a
little tackle box. Compete card by participating in the catch and release pond and doing the craft.







    Workshops for Kids! March 15 & 16 at 2:30 & 4:30    

Bass Pro Shops, Spring Fishing Classic, Think Like a Fish Kid's Workshop



"Thinking Like a Fish"  We'll be teaching kids what causes a fish to think like a fish, and that alone, will give them insight to become the best fisher people they can be!

We'll cover topics such as where do they live, what do they eat and where
you might best them hanging out.


We'll also cover fishing equipment and safety and handing out Youth Journals to the participants as well!

Women's Beginning Fishing  Workshop!      March 15 at 3pm  Jim Crowely conducting seminar at Bass Pro Shops, East Peoria


Join JIM CROWLEY for our new seminar that designed just for the ladies!

We’ll teach you about spin casters and bait casters, fishing line, knots,  lures and worms. The workshop will be followed by a question and answer time. Your instructor will make sure to hang out in the fishing department so he’ll be available in case you want more help before or after the seminar!

Giveaways: 1st 50 seminar attendees to attend will receive a SFC tumbler.
Drawing: Ladyfish spinning rod/reel combo


Jim will also be delivering tank demonstrations on both days!

Join us on Facebook to stay up to date on this and other events.
Bass Pro Shops, East Peoria, IL



Cabin Fever Leads to Fishing

Cabin Fever Leads to Fishing

By Lesley Allen

                The awful winter weather that we have been experiencing has been the subject of many conversations lately. For us trout anglers, the drive to Arkansas to our favorite waters has been nearly impossible due to recent snow and ice storms. This past Saturday was different, we actually had a warm front that moved in. Luckily the warm front is here for a few days and we can all get outside and hopefully do some fishing.

                My husband, Chris,  and I called our local guide, Mark Crawford , in hopes of enjoying the impending warm weather and floating the Spring River in a drift boat. Mark had Saturday free and was happy to indulge us. Little did we know that the hopes of warm weather were just a tease, or perhaps, a missed forecast!

                We prepared our gear the night before so that we could get up at 5 a.m. and get on the road to Mammoth Springs, Arkansas. It was cold and dark when we left the house at 5:15 a.m. but seat warmers in the truck and hot coffee made the drive bearable. We arrived at Dam 3 at 8:15 a.m. and it was a sweltering 26 degrees. We were optimistic about the sun coming up and warming us up. Mark told us that there was a bit of ice in the bottom of the boat and to be careful stepping in. Luckily we had on several layers underneath our waders. We planned on having to take layers off as the day progressed.

                We left Dam 3 and began fishing. Instantly we were on fish. We caught several rainbows of varying sizes as we chatted and floated on. We fished quite a few streamers like black, olive, and brown woolley buggers and the catch was almost constant. But, the air didn’t seem to be getting any warmer. In fact, by 10:00 a.m. the sun still wasn’t out and it was still below freezing! Mark handed each of us several Hot Hands hand-warmers to put in our pockets and, in my case, in my gloves!

                As we neared big brown trout water, I hooked into a nice rainbow. It was my biggest fish thus far on the Spring River, and, as Mark netted it, I couldn’t help but think that this frigid trip was just meant to be. Mark took a couple of photos and we released the fish. A few minutes later, Chris hooked up on a nice brown trout. Another beautiful fish and a photo for the old scrap book. Yes, life was good, but hey, where was the sunshine and the 45-48 degree weather that the weatherman had forecast??? There was still a great deal of snow and ice along the riverbanks.

                We ended our float at the Bayou Access. The boat launch there had several inches of snow and ice on it. There is a long hill to climb to leave this area and it was a good thing that Mark had 4-wheel drive on his truck. We had the heat blasting in his truck so we could thaw out a bit. Yes, it was an amazing day of fishing but if we hadn’t layered our clothing it would have been impossible to fish. Just remember, even if the forecast calls for warm weather, it doesn’t always happen. If you are floating down a river you can’t just run back to the truck for another jacket or more gloves. Take an extra layer with you or try some Hot Hands! They really work! Tight lines!!!

*Reminder that the Bass Pro Shops Fishing Classic is going on now through March 16th. We have some deals that you won't want to miss out on!

Product Information:

The Hot Hands: start at $9.99 & up

The Wooley Bugger Lures: start at $32.99 and up


Local Pro Fishing Tips and Seminars

Join us this weekend for our FREE FISHING SEMINARS with our local Pro-Staff !!!


Spring Seminars

We will have many of our local pros on site to present these seminars and answer any questions you might have. Please visit for a listing of all events.


March 7

   7 pm    Bowfishing for Beginners/Rigging for Bowfishing       

March 8                     

11 am   Locating Bass in New Waters

1 pm    Topwater Techniques for Bass

2 pm    Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3 pm    Does the color of your Bass Lure Matter?

4 pm   Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5 pm    Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

March 9

11 am   Locating Bass in New Waters

1 pm    Topwater Techniques for Bass

2 pm    Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3 pm    Does the color of your Bass Lure Matter?

4 pm   Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5 pm    Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

Local Pro Staff



Spring Fishing Classic 2014

We are less than 1 week away from Bass Pro Shops Rocky View, Spring Fishing Classic!  You can expect some great in store specials!! Our famous Reel trade in, and the Rod trade in will be back as well! On top of that, we will be having our Bass Master University and fish tank demonstrations given by fishing pro's such as "The Facts of Fishing" presented by Dave Mercer and "Fishing Alberta Lakes" Presented by Wes David professional Walleye Angler. Brad Fenson will also be doing a fish fillet demo!  We are going to kick off the Classic by having a Preferred Rewards Event on March 7th from 6pm-9pm. There will be some prizes and awesome give always for Preferred Rewards members!!


Bass Pro Shops Rocky View's Spring Fishing Classic runs through March-7th-23rd.  Come into the store to see whats new and exciting for the the upcoming fishing season!! This is a major opportunity to learn about the newest products for the upcoming fishing season!! We will be be having lots of in store specials as well as giveaways for attending the seminars! (While Supplies last).


Reel Trade runs from March 7th-12th. You can bring in unwanted reels which are in good working order to trade in for a discount on your reel purchase that day. Discounts may vary by price of the new reel, but you could get up to $100 off the purchase of the right in stock reel that day!


Rod Trade in which runs from, March 14th-18th. If you have any good older rods that are unwanted, bring them in and trade them for a discount on up to $100 on on a new rod!!!


Our Bonus Points promotion runs from March 13th-17th! receive  up to 4000 Bonus points!


Our Fried Fish sampling will be March 8,9,15 and 16th!




The Schedule for the Seminars will be as follows:

March 7th

7:00pm Wes David Tank demo  "Fishing Alberta Lakes

March 8th

11:00am Brad Fenson, Fish fillet Demo

12:00pm Dave Mercer "Facts of Fishing"

1:30pm Wes David "Spring Time Walleye"

2:30pm Rapala "Local Fishing"

3:00pm Brad Fenson "Selecting the right rod"

March 9th

12:00pm Wes David "Fishing for the Ultimate Predator"

1:00 pm Rapala "Local Fishing Tips"

2:00pm Wes David " Spring Time Walleye"

3:00om Rapala " Local Tips"

March 14th

7:00pm "Selecting the right Crank Bait"

March 15th and 16th

11:00 am "Walleye Techniques for Southern Waters"

1:00pm "Best Practices for Ice Fishing"

2:00pm "Best Pike Techniques"

3:00pm "Choosing the right soft Plastics for Walleye"

4:00pm "Mono,Flouro,Braid?"

5:00pm "Choosing the right rod for pike or Walleye"

March 22

3:00pm Womens Fishing Workshop


And for the family, we will end the event with the

Bass Pro Shops Next Generation Weekend on March 22 and 23rd.

Casting pond 12:00pm-5:00pm

Picture U 12:00pm-5:00pm

Crafts 1:30-4:30

Thinking Like a Fish Workshop 2:30 and 4:30


Thinking like a fish workshop is designed to learn how to catch a fish by thinking like they do!


Be Ready for the Worlds greatest Fishing Show and Sale!













Spring Fishing Classic 2014 - Daily Specials

The Daily Specials are back for the Spring Fishing Classic! As always, no dealers, limited quantities, no rain checks, and purchase limits apply on some items.

Daily Specials Bass Pro Shops March 7, 2014Friday, March 7 ONLY

  • XPS Signature Series Fluorocarbon
  • Wohali Non-Woven Rain Jacket OR Pants - Constructed of 66% polypropylene/34% polyethylene film, these are perfect for the vehicle, golf bag or on the boat for wet weather protection at an excellent price.
  • Blue Water LED Pro Boat Package - New for 2014! More than 200 LEDs - light up your compartments and live wells with these 100% waterproof LEDs!

Daily Specials Bass Pro Shops March 8, 2014


Saturday, March 8 ONLY

  • Bass Pro Shops ProLite Special Spin Combo - Reel features 8-bearing system and Powerlock instant anti-reverse, rod features lightweight micro guides and IM8 graphite blank.
  • Bass Pro Shops Stump Jumper
  • Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Fillet Knife



Daily Specials Bass Pro Shops Altoona March 14, 2014


Friday, March 14 ONLY

  • Humminbird Fishfinder 597ci HD DI Combo
  • Plano 3-Tray Special Box - great starter tackle box for kids!
  • Bass Pro Shops Tourney Lures






Saturday, March 15 ONLYDaily Specials Bass Pro Shops Altoona, March 15, 2014

  • Shimano Curado G Baitcast Reels - Last chance at a great reel!
  • Bass Pro Shops Folding Processing Table - From the water or the woods, makes your backyard processing easier!



Structure Trolling for Walleye

Professional walleye fisherman Chase Parsons, (The Next Bite TV) was at Bass Pro Shops Altoona for the Spring Fishing Classic talking walleye fishing! Parsons says probably the toughest boat control aspect of walleye fishing is structure trolling. The key? Keep your bait in the right zone...not the boat. Check out this video clip from his seminar!

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Fish Fry It Up!

Going into Spring, the itch for fishing is kicking in. Be prepared for your first fish fry of the season! This article will walk you through tools you will need as well as time and temperature to cook your fish.

Choosing your fryer: Decide if you want to cook inside or outside. The indoor options consist of Masterbuilt fish fryer

Masterbuilt Electric Fish Fryer                                                                                                 $99.99

or for smaller batches Elite makes a single basket 3.5 Qt

Elite Cuisine by Maxi-Matic® 3.5-Quart Electric Deep Fryer                                                                  $49.99 and Dual Basket

Elite® Dual Basket Stainless Steel Deep Fryer                                                                               $79.99

Outdoor methods are Cast Iron Bass Pro Shops Fish Fryer Bass Pro Shops® Cast Iron Fish Fryer                                                                                        $89.99.

We also carry an Aluminum model for $49.99 and Stainless Steel for $69.99. All our outdoor models come with a pot, burner stand, thermometer, and regulator hose. For large gatherings or frying enthusiasts there is an option. The Cajun Fryer 8.5 gallon propane deep fryer

Cajun Fryer by R & V Works® 8.5 Gallon Propane Cooker Deep Fryer                                                            $629.99

There are two options for cooking oil sold at Bass Pro Shops. Cottonseed oil Turkey Gold Cotton Seed Oil                                                                                                     starting at $12.99 and is available in 1 or 3 gallon jugs and Peanut oil

Cajun Injector® Peanut Blend Frying Oil                                                                                     also available in 1 or 3 gallon jugs and starts at only $14.99. After adding oil to your fryer, heat to 330-350 degrees Fahrenheit. Check using an oil thermometerDeep Fry Thermometers                                                                                                           starting at $9.99 . All though you have a lifting basket with your fryer, it's not a bad idea to have a skimmer handy  Large Fryer Skimmer                                                                                                             sizes are small and large and range $11.99-$16.99. Fish generally takes at least 5 minutes to cook thoroughly, depending on the thickness of the fillet.

Prepare your batter, either an heirloom recipe or one of our delicious batters by Uncle Bucks here at Bass Pro. They are only $3.99 and comes in a waterproof container for convenience on trips. There are many flavors to choose from. Uncle Buck's® Fish Batter Mix - Original                                                                                Original, Mild, Hot n' Spicy, Beer Batter, and many more. To make breading easier, the "Better Breader" is an awesome little contraption   Bass Pro Shops® Better Breader Pan                                                                                          and it's only $14.99.

In addition to your fish, don't forget the chips! A french fry cutter will make things a lot easier French Fry Cutter

ranging from $19.99-$109.99. Also, fun additions are Hush puppies and jalapeno poppers. We carry a large variety of racks, pans, batters, cutters, and frying needs to help make your fish fry the best it can be. So stop by your local Bass Pro Shops camping department and have one our friendly associates help get geared up. Or visit or see Fish Fry Like a Pro

Have fun catching your fish and even more fun sharing with friends and family!


Matching the Sleeping Bag to the Campout

Camping all year round has many benefits including beautiful landscapes and amazing activities. Between the hiking and cookouts in camp the sleeping bag is often not thought of. This piece of equipment in many cases can either make a campout amazing or miserable. Here are some tips on finding the perfect sleeping bag for a campout.

First think of the weather. Is l the weather going to be wet and cold? If so looking for a sleeping bag that has a liner might be a good place to start. Another thing to consider for wet and cold conditions is the style of the sleeping bag. The square sleeping bag is not recommended for extreme cold and wet instead look for a mummy bag that can wrap up and around the head to keep the entire body warm all through the night. A great example of a cold weather mummy bag is the Ascend™ 0º Mummy Sleeping Bag. This bag is very comfortable up to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, making this a great cold weather sleeping bag. While cold is tough to find a bag for, finding a bag for those warm summer or fall nights can be equally as tough. A great bag for camping during the summer is a square bag, this is because if it gets warm during the night sleeping on top of the bag is easy, although bringing a sheet for this scenario is a must. A sleeping bag that fits the bill for a summer bag is the Ascend™ 55º Rectangular Sleeping Bag, this sleeping bag is perfect for those cool nights in the summer and fall where a big 0 degree bag is just too warm.

Ascend® 0º Mummy Sleeping Bag                                                                                          Ascend® 55º Rectangular Sleeping Bag                                                                                   Ascend® 10° Rectangular Sleeping Bag

Second think of where the campout will be taking place. If the camp will be made in the woods where there are lots of leaves and padding between a person and the ground, padding in the sleeping bag is often not needed. While sleeping on the prairie, where rocks seem to grow like weeds, a little cushion is never a bad thing. An example of a sleeping bag with good cushion Bass Pro Shops® 0º Oversized Sleeping Bag with Hood. This sleeping bag has a few extra layers including a lining that gives a little more cushion for those trips where a rock could ruin a perfectly good night’s sleep.

Bass Pro Shops® 0º Oversized Sleeping Bag with Hood

The third thing any person who is going camping needs to think about when choosing a sleeping bag, is how you sleep. If the camper is a restless sleeper finding a bag that hugs the body tightly might not be the most prudent choice. A sleeping bag that hugs the body of a restless sleeper can, in many cases, cause a person to wake up numerous times during the night. So for this person a square sleeping bag or an oversized sleeping bag is probably best. While a person who sleeps soundly at night will probably prefer a bag that is far more confined so the camper does not have the ability to be jostled around in the night by any small movement.

Finding the right sleeping bag for any particular campout is one of the hardest activities before the trip and is often a chore for all involved. But knowing where the camp is located, what the weather will be like upon arrival and how you sleep can make finding the right sleeping bag easier and far more comfortable. As always good hunting and good luck!


FREE Fishing Seminars this Weekend, March 7th- March 9th!

Be sure to join us this weekend for our FREE FISHING SEMINARS with great tips from our Local Pros!!

Friday March 7th
7 PM "Flipping & Pitching for Bass" with Todd Gentzel

Saturday March 8th
11 AM "Walleye Techniques for Southern Waters" with Ron Lowry
12 PM "Fly Fishing for Bass in Colorado" with Clay & Sandi Roberts
1 PM "Best Practices for Ice Fishing" with David Harrison
2 PM "Best Muskie Techniques" with Will Dykstra
3 PM "Targeting Fresh Water Stripers" with TBA
4 PM "Mono, Fluro, or Braid?" with Clay & Sandi Roberts
5 PM "Choosing the Right Rod for Walleye" with Ron Lowry

Sunday March 9th
11 AM "Walleye Techniques for Southern Waters" with Ron Lowry
12 PM "Fly Fishing for Bass in Colorado" with Clay & Sandi Roberts
1 PM "Best Practices for Ice Fishing" with Robbie Richardson
2 PM "Best Muskie Techniques" with Will Dykstra
3 PM "Targeting Fresh Water Stripers" with Sam Heckman
4 PM "Mono, Fluro, or Braid?" with Clay & Sandi Roberts
5 PM "Choosing the Right Rod for Walleye" with Ron Lowry


A Classic Sign of Spring

A Classic Sign of spring

By: Jerry Costabile

On February 28th, the weather here in the Midwest will start to get warmer, even if it’s cold outside. From February 28th until March 16th, the Gurnee, Illinois Bass Pro Shops will be having their annual “Spring Classic”. This is the start of spring for many of us fishermen and fisherwomen. This the time to forget about the cold and snow that we have been battling all winter and get inside the store where the air is filled with fishing!

It starts with the very big sales ad, 44 pages! I can’t believe the great pricing and unbelievable deals that are going to be featured from front to back. From lures to Tracker Boats, there is something for everyone! The promotions are first class from BASSMASTER University, Daily specials on March 7th & 8th and 14th $ 15th, also, The Next Generation weekend for the kids on March 15th & 16th. Check this out, from February 28th until March 5th you will be able to trade in your old reel and get up to $100 off of the purchase of a new reel and from March 7th until March 11th, you can get the same deal with your old rods! All of the trade in rods and reels are donated to charities and youth groups and organizations. If you need a way to justify buying a new rod and reel, here you go, tell them it’s for a good cause!

There will be seminars every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the Classic. Speakers from pro fishermen talking about fishing for bass, muskies, salmon, walleyes and more! There will be fried fish sampling on March 8th, and if you are in the market for new fishing electronics, you won’t believe this, buy a qualifying unit and you will get the following: First, Triple Rewards Points, second, FREE Standard Power Pros Accessory Installation, and third, a FREE three year Gear Guard Protection Plan! This includes Lowrance, Hummingbird, Garmin, Motorguide, and Minn Kota. Plus, between March 6th and 12th, you can receive up to $100 in Bass Pro Shops Bonus Bucks!

If you are in the market for a 9.9 motor, for the Classic you can get a Mercury 9.9 FourStroke motor and receive an additional $500 after special price reduction or get a $500 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card!

If you need to forget about winter and get into spring, come out to the 2014 Spring Classic and experience the biggest fishing event ever!


Table Rock & Bull Shoals Fishing Report - March, 2014

As soon as the water warms up enough, bass in Table Rock and Bull Shoals will begin thinking about eating!  Right now, most fish are suspended at a comfortable temperature and oxygen level.  When surface temperatures are in the 30s, bass are not really in an eating mode, because their metabolism is so low, that they do not need much to eat.   Water surface temperatures are climbing into the low 40’s now, and with warming water, the bass will begin to need food. 

Right now, dead shad are at the bottom of most lake coves, and pelicans are gorging themselves on this fortuitous delicacy!  Soon, our bass will be doing the same thing! 

The Alabama rig is working now!  This is an exciting bait to fish, and many anglers have caught more than one fish on a single cast!!!  Ask a fishing associate about this rig, how to fish it, and how to rig it.  Take a rig home, and try it out on the lake. 

The suspended jerk bait is tapering off a bit.  This bait will still work, but hungry bass in warmer parts of the lake, are easier to attract with the greater food value presented to them in the form of the Alabama rig.   
Do not give up on the jerk bait, though, since, as the water begins to warm up, this bite will be back on.  Suspended black bass, positioned in the water column at a depth that offers both the comfortable temperature and oxygen level, will attack a dying shad, if it looks real, and it stays around long enough to attract attention.  Present the shad imitation above the suspended bass, and employ a jerk and wait retrieve.  The longer the wait, between jerk retrieves, the better, as this allow the fish to react and attack.

There is a jig bite now.  Crawfish spend most of their time on the bottom.  A crawfish imitation needs to move slowly, from behind one rock, to the next rock.  It is hard to fish this bait too slowly.  Right now, bass are at all levels, looking for the most comfortable mix of oxygen and temperature they can find, from 4-45ft.  Look for them, especially off or next to, main lake and secondary points.  Try a 1/4 to 5/8oz. round or football head jig, brown, peanut butter and jelly, or green pumpkin in color, and add a trailer, green pumpkin, watermelon candy, or cinnamon purple.  Add scent to your jigs.  The jig bite really comes on, as the water warms up.  As bass patrol the lake points, looking for a meal, there is an interest in crawfish!

Try fishing a drop shot rig, vertically.  Ask a fishing associate how to rig for this drop shot bite, and ask what the current best bait is.  This technique works well, on suspended fish!  You can also fish this drop shot rig like a finesse Carolina rig, by casting it out and retrieving it the same way you would a Carolina rig.      

Cold weather increases the need for home heating, which can increase power consumption.  Dam generation creates power.  Generation from the dams causes current off main lake points, attracting the shad.  Therefore, do not pass up any main lake point that looks good to you, during this time of the year, since fish congregate on and around these points, looking for shad and crawfish. 

Black bass can be particularly difficult to find during the late winter. As the water warms, though, keep looking, and you can find a group of hungry fish, waiting for you!!! 


                                      They are out there!!!


             Good Luck and Good Fishing!



This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Local Tips and Bites!

Spring Fishing Classic 2014

The Spring Fishing Classic continues and this weekend our local pros and experts take the stage!

In town for the Iowa Girls State Basketball Tournament? Stop in and see us!

March 7-9: Local Pros and Seminars Weekend

March 7 - 7 p.m. -FLIPPING AND PITCHING FOR BASS - Presented by Pro Staff team member Lance Baker.

March 8 & 9:
11:00 A.M. - LOCATING BASS IN NEW WATERS - with Kary Ray and Lance Baker
1:00 P.M. - TOPWATER TECHNIQUES FOR BASS - with Keith Kulow (2010-2012 Brushy Creek Bass Club Angler of the Year)
2:00 P.M. - SPINNING REEL TACTICS FOR BASS - with Kary Ray and Lance Baker
3:00 P.M. - DOES THE COLOR OF YOUR BASS LURE MATTER? - With Bryce Witt, Fishing Lead, and Matt Michel, Fishing Associate
4:00 P.M. - BECOME A SMALLMOUTH SPECIALIST - with Kary Ray and Lance Baker
5:00 P.M. - CHOOSING THE RIGHT SOFT PLASTICS FOR BASS - Fishing Lead Chris Grocholski

The first 25 people at each seminar on Saturday and Sunday receive a Spring Fishing Classic travel mug! All seminars will be in the Fly Shop area.

Local Pros and Experts


Saturday, March 8 - Food Demos and Sampling

What a fishing classic without a fish fry? We'll have fried fish sampling from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, March 8 ONLY - while supplies last.

We'll have jerky samples on Saturday, too! Stop by the jerky shack and taste all the varieties.

Sunday, March 9 - More Demos and Sampling - Noon -4 (while supplies last)

Our Gifts Department is warming your bellies with some Uncle Buck's Biscuits and Gravy!


Other Happenings

Girl Scout troops will be selling cookies on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Saturday, March 8 - Troop #624 from Johnston
  • Sunday, March 9 - Troop #121


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This Weekend at Bass Pro Shops Leeds

This weekend, the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds has something to offer everyone from the angler to the hunter. For the angler, we will be hosting the Bassmasters Open weigh-in and also conducting workshops in fishing. Here is a lineup of all of the events:

Friday, March 7th 
7pm - Flipping and Pitching for Bass

Saturday, March 8th
11am - Locating Bass in New Waters
1pm - Topwater Techniques for Bass
2pm - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
3pm - Does the Color of your Bass Lure Matter?
4pm - Become a Spotted Specialist
5pm - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Crappie

Sunday, March 9th
11am - Locating Bass in New Waters
1pm - Topwater Techniques for Bass
2pm - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
3pm - Does the Color of your Bass Lure Matter?
4pm - Become a Spotted Specialist
5pm - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Crappie

The first 25 people who attend a seminar on Saturday or Sunday will receive a free giveaway. Must be 18 years old.

local pro


March 6-8th, the Bassmasters' professionals will be fishing at Smith Lake in Jasper, Alabama and holding the final weigh-in here at Bass Pro Shops. Make sure you are here by 3pm for the weigh-in excitement.



Also... in our hunting department, we have Free events & Outdoor Skills Workshops on March 8th.
1pm - Advanced Spring Turkey Calling
2pm - Selecting the Right Turkey Decoys

Attend either of these seminars and register for a chance to win a FREE Avian-X turkey decoy.



While you are here, don't miss out on the free fried fish sampling on March 8th from 2pm-4pm.


Come out and join us for a fun-filled weekend.