Spring Fishing Classic 2014 - Daily Specials

The Daily Specials are back for the Spring Fishing Classic! As always, no dealers, limited quantities, no rain checks, and purchase limits apply on some items.

Daily Specials Bass Pro Shops March 7, 2014Friday, March 7 ONLY

  • XPS Signature Series Fluorocarbon
  • Wohali Non-Woven Rain Jacket OR Pants - Constructed of 66% polypropylene/34% polyethylene film, these are perfect for the vehicle, golf bag or on the boat for wet weather protection at an excellent price.
  • Blue Water LED Pro Boat Package - New for 2014! More than 200 LEDs - light up your compartments and live wells with these 100% waterproof LEDs!

Daily Specials Bass Pro Shops March 8, 2014


Saturday, March 8 ONLY

  • Bass Pro Shops ProLite Special Spin Combo - Reel features 8-bearing system and Powerlock instant anti-reverse, rod features lightweight micro guides and IM8 graphite blank.
  • Bass Pro Shops Stump Jumper
  • Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Fillet Knife



Daily Specials Bass Pro Shops Altoona March 14, 2014


Friday, March 14 ONLY

  • Humminbird Fishfinder 597ci HD DI Combo
  • Plano 3-Tray Special Box - great starter tackle box for kids!
  • Bass Pro Shops Tourney Lures






Saturday, March 15 ONLYDaily Specials Bass Pro Shops Altoona, March 15, 2014

  • Shimano Curado G Baitcast Reels - Last chance at a great reel!
  • Bass Pro Shops Folding Processing Table - From the water or the woods, makes your backyard processing easier!



Structure Trolling for Walleye

Professional walleye fisherman Chase Parsons, (The Next Bite TV) was at Bass Pro Shops Altoona for the Spring Fishing Classic talking walleye fishing! Parsons says probably the toughest boat control aspect of walleye fishing is structure trolling. The key? Keep your bait in the right zone...not the boat. Check out this video clip from his seminar!

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Fish Fry It Up!

Going into Spring, the itch for fishing is kicking in. Be prepared for your first fish fry of the season! This article will walk you through tools you will need as well as time and temperature to cook your fish.

Choosing your fryer: Decide if you want to cook inside or outside. The indoor options consist of Masterbuilt fish fryer

Masterbuilt Electric Fish Fryer                                                                                                 $99.99

or for smaller batches Elite makes a single basket 3.5 Qt

Elite Cuisine by Maxi-Matic® 3.5-Quart Electric Deep Fryer                                                                  $49.99 and Dual Basket

Elite® Dual Basket Stainless Steel Deep Fryer                                                                               $79.99

Outdoor methods are Cast Iron Bass Pro Shops Fish Fryer Bass Pro Shops® Cast Iron Fish Fryer                                                                                        $89.99.

We also carry an Aluminum model for $49.99 and Stainless Steel for $69.99. All our outdoor models come with a pot, burner stand, thermometer, and regulator hose. For large gatherings or frying enthusiasts there is an option. The Cajun Fryer 8.5 gallon propane deep fryer

Cajun Fryer by R & V Works® 8.5 Gallon Propane Cooker Deep Fryer                                                            $629.99

There are two options for cooking oil sold at Bass Pro Shops. Cottonseed oil Turkey Gold Cotton Seed Oil                                                                                                     starting at $12.99 and is available in 1 or 3 gallon jugs and Peanut oil

Cajun Injector® Peanut Blend Frying Oil                                                                                     also available in 1 or 3 gallon jugs and starts at only $14.99. After adding oil to your fryer, heat to 330-350 degrees Fahrenheit. Check using an oil thermometerDeep Fry Thermometers                                                                                                           starting at $9.99 . All though you have a lifting basket with your fryer, it's not a bad idea to have a skimmer handy  Large Fryer Skimmer                                                                                                             sizes are small and large and range $11.99-$16.99. Fish generally takes at least 5 minutes to cook thoroughly, depending on the thickness of the fillet.

Prepare your batter, either an heirloom recipe or one of our delicious batters by Uncle Bucks here at Bass Pro. They are only $3.99 and comes in a waterproof container for convenience on trips. There are many flavors to choose from. Uncle Buck's® Fish Batter Mix - Original                                                                                Original, Mild, Hot n' Spicy, Beer Batter, and many more. To make breading easier, the "Better Breader" is an awesome little contraption   Bass Pro Shops® Better Breader Pan                                                                                          and it's only $14.99.

In addition to your fish, don't forget the chips! A french fry cutter will make things a lot easier French Fry Cutter

ranging from $19.99-$109.99. Also, fun additions are Hush puppies and jalapeno poppers. We carry a large variety of racks, pans, batters, cutters, and frying needs to help make your fish fry the best it can be. So stop by your local Bass Pro Shops camping department and have one our friendly associates help get geared up. Or visit http://basspro.com or see Fish Fry Like a Pro

Have fun catching your fish and even more fun sharing with friends and family!


Matching the Sleeping Bag to the Campout

Camping all year round has many benefits including beautiful landscapes and amazing activities. Between the hiking and cookouts in camp the sleeping bag is often not thought of. This piece of equipment in many cases can either make a campout amazing or miserable. Here are some tips on finding the perfect sleeping bag for a campout.

First think of the weather. Is l the weather going to be wet and cold? If so looking for a sleeping bag that has a liner might be a good place to start. Another thing to consider for wet and cold conditions is the style of the sleeping bag. The square sleeping bag is not recommended for extreme cold and wet instead look for a mummy bag that can wrap up and around the head to keep the entire body warm all through the night. A great example of a cold weather mummy bag is the Ascend™ 0º Mummy Sleeping Bag. This bag is very comfortable up to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, making this a great cold weather sleeping bag. While cold is tough to find a bag for, finding a bag for those warm summer or fall nights can be equally as tough. A great bag for camping during the summer is a square bag, this is because if it gets warm during the night sleeping on top of the bag is easy, although bringing a sheet for this scenario is a must. A sleeping bag that fits the bill for a summer bag is the Ascend™ 55º Rectangular Sleeping Bag, this sleeping bag is perfect for those cool nights in the summer and fall where a big 0 degree bag is just too warm.

Ascend® 0º Mummy Sleeping Bag                                                                                          Ascend® 55º Rectangular Sleeping Bag                                                                                   Ascend® 10° Rectangular Sleeping Bag

Second think of where the campout will be taking place. If the camp will be made in the woods where there are lots of leaves and padding between a person and the ground, padding in the sleeping bag is often not needed. While sleeping on the prairie, where rocks seem to grow like weeds, a little cushion is never a bad thing. An example of a sleeping bag with good cushion Bass Pro Shops® 0º Oversized Sleeping Bag with Hood. This sleeping bag has a few extra layers including a lining that gives a little more cushion for those trips where a rock could ruin a perfectly good night’s sleep.

Bass Pro Shops® 0º Oversized Sleeping Bag with Hood

The third thing any person who is going camping needs to think about when choosing a sleeping bag, is how you sleep. If the camper is a restless sleeper finding a bag that hugs the body tightly might not be the most prudent choice. A sleeping bag that hugs the body of a restless sleeper can, in many cases, cause a person to wake up numerous times during the night. So for this person a square sleeping bag or an oversized sleeping bag is probably best. While a person who sleeps soundly at night will probably prefer a bag that is far more confined so the camper does not have the ability to be jostled around in the night by any small movement.

Finding the right sleeping bag for any particular campout is one of the hardest activities before the trip and is often a chore for all involved. But knowing where the camp is located, what the weather will be like upon arrival and how you sleep can make finding the right sleeping bag easier and far more comfortable. As always good hunting and good luck!


FREE Fishing Seminars this Weekend, March 7th- March 9th!

Be sure to join us this weekend for our FREE FISHING SEMINARS with great tips from our Local Pros!!

Friday March 7th
7 PM "Flipping & Pitching for Bass" with Todd Gentzel

Saturday March 8th
11 AM "Walleye Techniques for Southern Waters" with Ron Lowry
12 PM "Fly Fishing for Bass in Colorado" with Clay & Sandi Roberts
1 PM "Best Practices for Ice Fishing" with David Harrison
2 PM "Best Muskie Techniques" with Will Dykstra
3 PM "Targeting Fresh Water Stripers" with TBA
4 PM "Mono, Fluro, or Braid?" with Clay & Sandi Roberts
5 PM "Choosing the Right Rod for Walleye" with Ron Lowry

Sunday March 9th
11 AM "Walleye Techniques for Southern Waters" with Ron Lowry
12 PM "Fly Fishing for Bass in Colorado" with Clay & Sandi Roberts
1 PM "Best Practices for Ice Fishing" with Robbie Richardson
2 PM "Best Muskie Techniques" with Will Dykstra
3 PM "Targeting Fresh Water Stripers" with Sam Heckman
4 PM "Mono, Fluro, or Braid?" with Clay & Sandi Roberts
5 PM "Choosing the Right Rod for Walleye" with Ron Lowry


A Classic Sign of Spring

A Classic Sign of spring

By: Jerry Costabile

On February 28th, the weather here in the Midwest will start to get warmer, even if it’s cold outside. From February 28th until March 16th, the Gurnee, Illinois Bass Pro Shops will be having their annual “Spring Classic”. This is the start of spring for many of us fishermen and fisherwomen. This the time to forget about the cold and snow that we have been battling all winter and get inside the store where the air is filled with fishing!

It starts with the very big sales ad, 44 pages! I can’t believe the great pricing and unbelievable deals that are going to be featured from front to back. From lures to Tracker Boats, there is something for everyone! The promotions are first class from BASSMASTER University, Daily specials on March 7th & 8th and 14th $ 15th, also, The Next Generation weekend for the kids on March 15th & 16th. Check this out, from February 28th until March 5th you will be able to trade in your old reel and get up to $100 off of the purchase of a new reel and from March 7th until March 11th, you can get the same deal with your old rods! All of the trade in rods and reels are donated to charities and youth groups and organizations. If you need a way to justify buying a new rod and reel, here you go, tell them it’s for a good cause!

There will be seminars every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the Classic. Speakers from pro fishermen talking about fishing for bass, muskies, salmon, walleyes and more! There will be fried fish sampling on March 8th, and if you are in the market for new fishing electronics, you won’t believe this, buy a qualifying unit and you will get the following: First, Triple Rewards Points, second, FREE Standard Power Pros Accessory Installation, and third, a FREE three year Gear Guard Protection Plan! This includes Lowrance, Hummingbird, Garmin, Motorguide, and Minn Kota. Plus, between March 6th and 12th, you can receive up to $100 in Bass Pro Shops Bonus Bucks!

If you are in the market for a 9.9 motor, for the Classic you can get a Mercury 9.9 FourStroke motor and receive an additional $500 after special price reduction or get a $500 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card!

If you need to forget about winter and get into spring, come out to the 2014 Spring Classic and experience the biggest fishing event ever!


Table Rock & Bull Shoals Fishing Report - March, 2014

As soon as the water warms up enough, bass in Table Rock and Bull Shoals will begin thinking about eating!  Right now, most fish are suspended at a comfortable temperature and oxygen level.  When surface temperatures are in the 30s, bass are not really in an eating mode, because their metabolism is so low, that they do not need much to eat.   Water surface temperatures are climbing into the low 40’s now, and with warming water, the bass will begin to need food. 

Right now, dead shad are at the bottom of most lake coves, and pelicans are gorging themselves on this fortuitous delicacy!  Soon, our bass will be doing the same thing! 

The Alabama rig is working now!  This is an exciting bait to fish, and many anglers have caught more than one fish on a single cast!!!  Ask a fishing associate about this rig, how to fish it, and how to rig it.  Take a rig home, and try it out on the lake. 

The suspended jerk bait is tapering off a bit.  This bait will still work, but hungry bass in warmer parts of the lake, are easier to attract with the greater food value presented to them in the form of the Alabama rig.   
Do not give up on the jerk bait, though, since, as the water begins to warm up, this bite will be back on.  Suspended black bass, positioned in the water column at a depth that offers both the comfortable temperature and oxygen level, will attack a dying shad, if it looks real, and it stays around long enough to attract attention.  Present the shad imitation above the suspended bass, and employ a jerk and wait retrieve.  The longer the wait, between jerk retrieves, the better, as this allow the fish to react and attack.

There is a jig bite now.  Crawfish spend most of their time on the bottom.  A crawfish imitation needs to move slowly, from behind one rock, to the next rock.  It is hard to fish this bait too slowly.  Right now, bass are at all levels, looking for the most comfortable mix of oxygen and temperature they can find, from 4-45ft.  Look for them, especially off or next to, main lake and secondary points.  Try a 1/4 to 5/8oz. round or football head jig, brown, peanut butter and jelly, or green pumpkin in color, and add a trailer, green pumpkin, watermelon candy, or cinnamon purple.  Add scent to your jigs.  The jig bite really comes on, as the water warms up.  As bass patrol the lake points, looking for a meal, there is an interest in crawfish!

Try fishing a drop shot rig, vertically.  Ask a fishing associate how to rig for this drop shot bite, and ask what the current best bait is.  This technique works well, on suspended fish!  You can also fish this drop shot rig like a finesse Carolina rig, by casting it out and retrieving it the same way you would a Carolina rig.      

Cold weather increases the need for home heating, which can increase power consumption.  Dam generation creates power.  Generation from the dams causes current off main lake points, attracting the shad.  Therefore, do not pass up any main lake point that looks good to you, during this time of the year, since fish congregate on and around these points, looking for shad and crawfish. 

Black bass can be particularly difficult to find during the late winter. As the water warms, though, keep looking, and you can find a group of hungry fish, waiting for you!!! 


                                      They are out there!!!


             Good Luck and Good Fishing!



This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Local Tips and Bites!

Spring Fishing Classic 2014

The Spring Fishing Classic continues and this weekend our local pros and experts take the stage!

In town for the Iowa Girls State Basketball Tournament? Stop in and see us!

March 7-9: Local Pros and Seminars Weekend

March 7 - 7 p.m. -FLIPPING AND PITCHING FOR BASS - Presented by Pro Staff team member Lance Baker.

March 8 & 9:
11:00 A.M. - LOCATING BASS IN NEW WATERS - with Kary Ray and Lance Baker
1:00 P.M. - TOPWATER TECHNIQUES FOR BASS - with Keith Kulow (2010-2012 Brushy Creek Bass Club Angler of the Year)
2:00 P.M. - SPINNING REEL TACTICS FOR BASS - with Kary Ray and Lance Baker
3:00 P.M. - DOES THE COLOR OF YOUR BASS LURE MATTER? - With Bryce Witt, Fishing Lead, and Matt Michel, Fishing Associate
4:00 P.M. - BECOME A SMALLMOUTH SPECIALIST - with Kary Ray and Lance Baker
5:00 P.M. - CHOOSING THE RIGHT SOFT PLASTICS FOR BASS - Fishing Lead Chris Grocholski

The first 25 people at each seminar on Saturday and Sunday receive a Spring Fishing Classic travel mug! All seminars will be in the Fly Shop area.

Local Pros and Experts


Saturday, March 8 - Food Demos and Sampling

What a fishing classic without a fish fry? We'll have fried fish sampling from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, March 8 ONLY - while supplies last.

We'll have jerky samples on Saturday, too! Stop by the jerky shack and taste all the varieties.

Sunday, March 9 - More Demos and Sampling - Noon -4 (while supplies last)

Our Gifts Department is warming your bellies with some Uncle Buck's Biscuits and Gravy!


Other Happenings

Girl Scout troops will be selling cookies on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Saturday, March 8 - Troop #624 from Johnston
  • Sunday, March 9 - Troop #121


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This Weekend at Bass Pro Shops Leeds

This weekend, the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds has something to offer everyone from the angler to the hunter. For the angler, we will be hosting the Bassmasters Open weigh-in and also conducting workshops in fishing. Here is a lineup of all of the events:

Friday, March 7th 
7pm - Flipping and Pitching for Bass

Saturday, March 8th
11am - Locating Bass in New Waters
1pm - Topwater Techniques for Bass
2pm - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
3pm - Does the Color of your Bass Lure Matter?
4pm - Become a Spotted Specialist
5pm - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Crappie

Sunday, March 9th
11am - Locating Bass in New Waters
1pm - Topwater Techniques for Bass
2pm - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
3pm - Does the Color of your Bass Lure Matter?
4pm - Become a Spotted Specialist
5pm - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Crappie

The first 25 people who attend a seminar on Saturday or Sunday will receive a free giveaway. Must be 18 years old.

local pro


March 6-8th, the Bassmasters' professionals will be fishing at Smith Lake in Jasper, Alabama and holding the final weigh-in here at Bass Pro Shops. Make sure you are here by 3pm for the weigh-in excitement.



Also... in our hunting department, we have Free events & Outdoor Skills Workshops on March 8th.
1pm - Advanced Spring Turkey Calling
2pm - Selecting the Right Turkey Decoys

Attend either of these seminars and register for a chance to win a FREE Avian-X turkey decoy.



While you are here, don't miss out on the free fried fish sampling on March 8th from 2pm-4pm.


Come out and join us for a fun-filled weekend.


Relax & Have Fun at our Spring Fishing Classic



We are super excited to be kicking off our Spring Fishing Classic for 2014. We are anticipating all your smiling faces and giving you great deals! We are planning some awesome seminars, shopping deals and even sampling of food! Here is a schedule for the second weekend to help you guys.

We are excited to have Rick Shock and Robin MacFarlene, Our Local Pros, join us and give some wonderful seminars! What better then to learn from the pros themselves. The experiences and stories they have to share with us, will be one to always remember and get pointers from. Here are the topics they will be covering.

March 7,2014

7pm - Flipping and Pitching for Bass

March 8,2014

11am- Locating Bass in New Water

1pm - Topwater Techniques for Bass

2pm - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3pm - Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter?

4pm - Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5pm - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

March 9,2014

11am- Locating Bass in New Water

1pm - Topwater Techniques for Bass

2pm - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3pm - Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter?

4pm - Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5pm - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

Did I forget to mention the first 25 people to attend the seminar will be recieving a free, yes free, tumbler! So make sure to mark in your day to come join us for the first seminar on Saturday and Sunday!


     March 8,2014

In the Camping Department we will be having a Free Fried Fishing Sampling! We will be showing you how to make some delicious fried fish just in time for dinner! From 2pm-4pm while supplies last! We will be showing how to make it and with the great Uncle Buck products we have.

So this week will be the first of many that is to come! Starting off strong and exciting, so make plans to come relax and have fun here at the Spring Fishing Classic!



Eureka! - A Tent Testimonial

Campers are ready for spring camping weather and should be evaluating their equipment. Whether you're looking to replace or upgrade gear, or you're just starting out with tent camping, usually the shelter is the first stop. We asked Bass Pro Shops Altoona Camping expert Chuck Stevens for his tips on buying a good tent for camping:

I have a Eureka Timberline Original A-Frame 4-Person Tent. People like the classic items that are tried and true over the years, and this is a classic A-frame tent that is celebrating 40 years of production.

I have done, and continue to do, a great deal of camping and kayaking. When I shop for camping gear, I look for quality and I can say I put the Timberline 4 through a VERY rigorous six weeks of spring camping.

I sat through back to back to back to back 3" rain storms with very high winds reaching 40 mph (that's not a typo - there were multiple storms over multiple days). The guy lines on the ends work nicely and the criss-cross guy lines on the sides anchored this tent down beautifully in those super high winds!

The aluminum poles work very well - helps make it light for transport and easy set up. The sturdy well-designed frames, taped seams, and storm shield rain fly did not let me down.

A couple of other tips when outlining your tent camping necessities:

  • I use Eureka ground cloths under the tent and also inside on the floor. They worked especially well with all the rain.
  • I also use, inside the tent, two Therm-a-rest Base Camp Inflatable mattresses. These mats are one of the best investments a tent camper can ever make. The soft cushion with thermal properties make it a must have in my opinion and it has been a camping mattress of choice for other campers for over 35 years.

Find some additional tips on selecting a tent, in general, on Eureka's page. You'll also find a link to Tent Care tips including the importance of keeping your tent clean, sealing seams, and making sure it is put away dry.

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Local Pros Take the Stage
























As we head into the second weekend of our annual Spring Fishing Classic, the spotlight shines on our local pros and their tips and techniques for successful bass fishing.

Workshops begin on Friday, March 7 and run through Sunday, March 9. The schedule is as follows:

Friday, February 7  
7:00 p.m. Flipping & Pitching for Bass
Saturday, February 8  
11 a.m. Locating Bass in New Waters
12 p.m.  
1:00 p.m. Topwater Techniques for Bass
2:00 p.m. Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
3:00 p.m. Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter
4:00 p.m. Become a Smallmouth Specialist
5:00 p.m. Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass
Sunday, February 9  
11 a.m. Locating Bass in New Waters
12 p.m.  
1:00 p.m. Topwater Techniques for Bass
2:00 p.m. Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
3:00 p.m. Doles the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter
4:00 p.m. Become a Smallmouth Specialist
5:00 p.m. Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

Make sure you head over to your local Bass Pro Shops to find out the latest tips and techniques for effective bass fishing. All of our workshops take place in the center of our store adjacent to our aquarium. For more information on our annual Spring Fishing Classic, click here.



Tighter Shot Groups

I purchased a new Bowtech bow and i was shooting pretty good groups but i still think they could have been better . So a friend I was shooting with asked if I was still using my old release. He asked me to try his new release he had just picked up at Bass Pro shops . Groups improved and i went out and got that same release . Something went right got first deer with my new BOW.

Name: charles carter
ProductDescription: Release


It's Almost Gobble Time!

With Deer Season over and Waterfowl season all but over and with old man winter's grasp keeping us from doing to many outdoor activities. Its time for all of us outdoorsmen and woman to start thinking towards springtime adventures. My favorite spring time tradition has to be chasing those big ole long beard turkeys. Now is a great time to staring digging out all of your turkey gear and see what you need to replace. If you are like me then your can bet that you lost a few call strikers or a few shells out of your turkey vest last spring. Seems I can never get through a season without miss placing something. Or maybe you have everything but you just need to upgrade those old decoys that the paint is coming off of or replace that old call that doesn't quite sound as good as it used to. Whatever it may be, I would rather find it now with time to shop instead of the night before and every place is sold out. Plus. shopping now with smaller crowds gives you the time to study all the new products that have come out for 2014. From guns to decoys, the list is long. A couple that I'm real exited about are: Zink's new look hen decoys ($79.99). Have brand new postures and paint for 2014. They by far the most realistic decoys out there with out it being a real bird. A must have for all you die hard hunters. If you are looking for a new turkey load  this year. You have to check out Winchesters new long beard XR.  ($23.99)

Its a lead load with there new Shot-Lok Technology is sure to have your favorite gun shooting Tighter patterns in no time. And another item to go with it is Redheads new Blackout turkey tubes.($39.99)

We have a tube to fit just about any gun you may have in your safe. It is sure to help your turkey gun get all of its BB'S on target your next time out. Redhead also has come out with 2 new calls: A Reality series walnut/glass slate style and Box call.


Your choice ($39.99).


They are special edition NWTF calls that sound as good as they look. With the Reality series turkey logo and the NWTF logo. You wont know if you want to hunt with it or just display it. Also, when your purchase one you will find a card inside for a free 1 year membership to the NWTF. A $35 value. What a deal. Great call and a membership to a great organization. A must have for any serious turkey hunter. 

The NWTF is also helping with an event here at your Independence Bass Pro Shops on  April 5th. The store with the help from the local Jacomo Strutters NWTF chapter with be holding its first ever Turkey calling competition - open to all ages. There will be 2 divisions: Youth Division will be 17 and under and a Open Division for adults. There will be trophies and prizes for the top 3 in each division. Mark your calendars. Its going to be a fun day for all. For info and registration, please check us out on Facebook or feel free to contact April in the promotions dept. here at the store - amvertako@basspro.com. 

Also, here are a couple more dates to put on your calendars. On March 29th at the lake Lotawana Sportsman club, the Jacomo Strutters are having their 13th annual Jakes Event for kids 6 thru 17. It is an all day event that will have every youngster wanting more. They will get to do everything from Trap to archery and even get some calling pointers from someone who hunts for a living. They serve breakfast and lunch to all.  Also, if your are lucky enough, you may get chosen for a giveaway: A fully guided hunt this spring. There is also a fun night for mom and dad. On May 9th, they will hold there 16th annual Heritage Supper Banquet which includes a great catered dinner and live and silent auctions and tons of raffles. It will be a great night of fun and relaxation. It will also be at the Sportsman's club. We Hope to see you at all of the events. For info for the events, you can locate the NWTF Jacomo Strutters Chapter on there Facebook Page. Or stop by the store and pickup a flyer at are gun counter or see them here on the weekends. They will have a table near are hunting dept. Make sure you sign up early as seating will be Limited. As always, from Your local Bass Pro Shops, have a safe and fun hunting season!



12 lb sack of Spotted Bass on Zoom 5" Pumpkin Lizard

On January 26, 2014 I fished Lake Sidney Lanier in Cumming GA. The water was 44 degrees.
I rigged, Texas style, your Zoom 5 inch pumpkin-colored Lizard.
I went to a point by Bald Ridge Marina. Soon I felt a slight tug and set the hook on a 5lb 3 oz beauty ( see pic).
I moved to another point and same feeling: set the hook on a 3 pounder, then 2.4lbs, and finished with 2 lbs. It all happened in a 1 ½ hour timeframe. What thrilling moments.
The reason I have this picture for you today is because I take a picture of the lure I used and the fish I caught for family and friends to see. Then I release the fish back into the water. Yes, I’m a catch-and-release angler.
Spotted bass love the Zoom 5 inch pumpkin-colored Lizard, and I love ProBass products.

Name: Gary Henthorn
ProductDescription: Zoom 5" Pumpkin Lizard


Jig Fishing with Casey Scanlon

Elite Series Professional Casey Scanlon was at Bass Pro Shops Altoona recently for the Spring Fishing Classic. He says the jig is the most versatile lure an angler can throw....all times of year, all depths, all water temps. It's something you can grab a couple of, throw in your tackle box and catch fish all year.  Watch the video for more of Casey's tips:

Casey suggests 1/2 or 3/8 oz. in brown or black and blue.


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Bird Feeders - Don't Forget Your Friends


March is here and while we are thinking that this winter is almost over, we can still expect the cold for a while longer.  Don't forget about all your  flying friends.  Bass Pro Shops has a nice variety of birdfeeders to pick from and here are just a few you can find in our store or on our website.

The Woodlink Caged Tube Bird Feeder is squirrel resistant.  This will keep predators away and make it easy for the birds to eat and move around.





















Still have a problem with squirrels?  Well look at the Woodstream Perky Pet Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird FeederThis classic lantern will hold 2 pounds of seed and has sure lock which keeps the squirrels out while inviting different kinds of birds to eat.















Here is a bright cheerful, and very inexpensive bird feeder.  The Woodlink Sunflower Suet is great.  This feeder will hold one suet cake and gives you the lightheartedness of spring. 


















The Woodstream Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone is sure to make the birds happy.  The perch is weight activated to keep squirrels out.  This feeder can be hung or pole mounted.










So, don't forget about your feathered friends.  These feeders are easy on your eye while it keeps your friends fed!


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





Hey Jack! Try the Duck Dynasty Deluxe Adventure Playset

If your kids (or you) have been clamoring for one of the many Ducky Dynasty playsets, but you can't decide which one, then this is the choice for you!

The Duck Dynasty Deluxe Adventure Playset incudes Willie, Jase, Phil, and Si action figures, as well as a truck, a trailer, an officially licensed Tracker Jon Boat, and more. Kids even get awesome Duck Dynasty accessories like Si’s tea cup, 2 frogs, a duck, and a beaver. Even better, if you already have some of the action figures or playsets, this one is fully compatible with them all.

The truck has a removable camper shell and Duck Dynasty detailing and it comes with a fully-licensed Tracker jon boat! The Deluxe Playset comes with over 20 pieces to provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.

Head over to your local Bass Pro Shops to take a look at this and other Ducky Dynasty merchandise, including t-shirts, books, cookbooks, DVDs, socks, video games hats, puzzles and much more.




Spring Fishing Classic - Local Tips and Seminars Weekend!

Spring Fishing Classic

Local Tips and Pros Seminar Weekend

Featuring Pro Staff – Kary Ray and Lance Baker

Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pro Staff


Join Us March 7-9 for these Great Seminars from Lance, Kary, and the rest of our fishing experts!

Friday, March 7 - Flipping and Pitching for Bass - Presented by Lance Baker

Saturday and Sunday, March 8 and 9:

11:00 a.m. - Locating Bass in New Waters - Presented by Ray and Baker

1:00 p.m. - Topwater Techniques for Bass -  Presented by Keith Kulow – 2010-2012 Brushy Creek Bass Club AOY, 2007 FLW/BFL Regional Qualifier

2:00 p.m. - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass - Presented by Ray and Baker

3:00 p.m. - Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter? - Presented by Bryce Witt, Fishing Lead & Matt Michel, Fishing Associate

4:00 p.m. - Become a Smallmouth Specialist - Presented by Baker and Ray

5:00 p.m. - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass - Presented by Fishing Lead Chris Grocholski


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Check it Out List: Fishing Pack

Fishing is what originally got me into the outdoors. And ever since not catching anything on my first trip I have been hooked ever since. Over the years I have tried countless different techniques, baits and tackle. Things worked and a lot more didn’t. For me it seems to always be that the simpler the setup, the better the experience.

Now as any fisherman knows, there are so many different kinds of fishing. Usually a gear list is either to general or not specific enough for a trip. Just think about the difference in gear you would need to take with you when going from say… slamming some sunfish to hooking up with a monster peacock bass! So for this month’s Check it out List I will be covering something that I think every fisherman could benefit from. A checklist for a fishing pack. This will not be specific for any particular fish species or style of fishing, but something that every fisherman should take with them.

Fishing Pack


Needle Nose Pliers/ Forceps



Hand Towels

Trash Bag


Bug Repellent

Resalable Plastic Bags


Note Pad and Writing Utensil

Lets break this down shall we. Like I discussed with the Range Time bag last month, picking out a proper pack is essential. A lot of people will over-pack and I am one of them. I prefer a backpack style pack as it frees my hands up for carrying other things. Now a backpack does sound like overkill for the minimal items that I listed above, but it leaves me room for all the tackle and such I would need to take to actually fish with. So my suggestion is getting a small-medium zippered pack that can be tossed inside a bigger pack with ease.

The needle-nose pliers are nice for de-hooking fish, crimping barbs and just overall fixing of small things that happen on fishing trips. I like forceps though for their precision of hook removal. Scissors are great for cutting through line. Many would substitute nail-clippers to save space and weight, but I like scissors. (My mother did not like though that I felt my fishing pack deserved the best scissors in the house.) Scissors can also be used to cut through other bigger items when necessary.

Knife. I don’t really know a single list in life that one could not use a good knife in. There is no specific knife I suggest, just make sure it is one that you like and can work with. You’ll need for all the millions of uses knives get put through… and of course gutting your catch!

We all have been with people that don’t like getting “icky from fishing” and I can’t blame em. As much as I respect Powerbait Trout Bait it does tend to ruin any sandwich I eat if I have some left on my hands. So bring a towel. Seriously.

Every pack used for outdoor activities should have a few trash bags. You know it, I know it, the animals know it and the Forest Service knows it… people are slobs. Somebody has to help out when it comes to the litter issues so many places suffer.

Sunscreen and bug repellent are good to carry, for obvious reasons. I suggest putting these in the resalable plastic bags to keep them from spilling/leaking on other items. Also have a few more plastic bags because you never know what you might need to bag up.

By ruler I mean a retractable kind. Get one of those little three-foot ones that take up no space. Use it to measure your fish. The note pad and writing utensil will let you keep track of your successes, failures and just thoughts while out fishing. Humans as a species are slowly losing the ability to hand-write (I’m pretty sure it started with doctors…) so why not get back to basics when reconnecting with the wilderness.

Well there you have it. Another checklist to check off.

Could track bees in a blizzard! Giddy-Up!!



Gun Cleaning

Game Care

First Aid

Day Pack

Trip Prep

Range Time