Q&A With Crappie Masters Pro!

CrappieMaster's Pro Dan DannenmuellerOn August 15th at 700-800PM CST, Bass Pro Shops, Bobby Garland Pro Crappie Fisherman will be on-line to converse with other Crappie fishermen on Crappie.com with Ed Moes.  Be sure to sign on and converse with Dan on the latest Crappie product trends, tactics and have fun with Dan. 

Dan is the 2011 and 2012 CrappieMasters Points Angler of the Year.  He has placed 4th in two National Tournaments this year and is the Publisher of CrappieNow Magazine.  Dan has been a part of our local ProStaff now for three years and is a wealth of Crappie and Bass knowledge!


Infrared Warming System-Check it out!!

Bass Pro Shops in Memphis is introducing the NEW Under Armour collection of the Cold Gear Infrared! This winter season, make sure you stay warmer longer with the infrared collection. It has a soft, thermo-conductive coating on the inner layer of the clothing. It helps absorb and retain your natural body heat. This is what allows you to stay warmer and for a longer period of time with no extra bulky clothing. It has a mock neck to help keep the warmth in. They come in four different fittings such as compression, fitted, semi-fitted, and loose. It is available in three colors, which are purple, black, and white. The photo below shows the fitted style, which is the only style we carry right now. With all the winter clothes come in, we will keep you up to date. Remember to grab one to help keep you warm this winter!


**We currently have them for the women in the fitted style only with hopes to get them in for the men and more styles as the chilly weather approaches.


Satisfy Your Snack Cravings

Next tiime you are planning a party, head over to your local Bass Pro Shops!  That's right  - we can help you with all your snack cravings, at our "Snack Center," located in the Gifts Department.

First off, make sure you try our newest product: Uncle Buck's Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks. These whole wheat pretzelpretzel have cinnamon baked in for a delicious salty/sweet, crunchy treat. The pretzels are available in a jumbo 27 oz. resealable container. Another terrific snack option is the crunchy, zesty Uncle Buck's Cabin Mix.  The Mix contains pretzels, tortilla chips, rye crisps, barbecue corn chips, sesame balls, and crunchy cheese curls.  If the Cabin Mix is a little too adventurous, then try a 26 oz. tub of Uncle Buck's Cheese Curls - always a favorite!

It's just not a party, unless you have nuts. Guess what? We can help you with thatnuts too!  If it is a small get-together, check out our Uncle Buck's Whole Cashews or Deluxe Mixed Nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews and pecans).  Both are roasted in vegetable oil and lightly sprinkled with salt for maximum flavor.  These two varieties come in a 10 oz. resealable can.  If you need more nuts, then the Uncle Buck's Extra Large Virginia Peanuts are for you!  The peanuts are available in a 22 oz. resealable can and are available in four bold flavors:  Mesquite Barbecue, Roasted & Salted, Honey Mustard and Jalapeno. You can also find Beer Nuts Original Peanuts, which are salty/sweet redskin peanuts and Beer Nuts Bar Mix.  The bar mix is a "a crowd-pleasing concoction of Original Peanuts, Insane Grain, Pretzels, Cheese Curls and Sesame Stix."

taffyIf you're trying to please a younger crowd, then take a look at our taffy selection.  Uncle Buck's Taffy is available in a variety of flavors including cotton candy, peppermint, chocolate, huckleberry, watermelon, coffee shop assortment, s'mores, tropical punch, cinnamon and more. Another treat, enjoyed by kids of all ages, are Uncle Buck's Cheese Curls. These crunchy, cheesy snacks are available in a party-size, resealabale 26 oz. tub.

These are just a few highlights of the huge selection of snack items available at your local Bass Pro Shops.  You can also find items such as sunflower seeds, summer sausage, jerky, salsa and much more. Next time you need snacks, stop by and check out our selection.!




Athleticism In Fishing


When you think of sports, and the talent someone must have to compete at a high level, you think of such things as Football, Basketball, Baseball and many other competitive sports. You think of the incredible physical specimens that actually have the certain skill set that it takes to compete. A very small percentage truly are gifted enough to compete at a high level. Very rarely will people relate fishing to an athletic event or something that takes coordination or skill to become above average at, but trust me just like all the other competitive sports fishing is not as simple as the average person might think. This can be very easily recognized if you take a look at the standings and records for the Bassmaster Elite Series Tournaments over the last three years. The consistency of some anglers is absolutely amazing, you will find that many of the same anglers are repeatedly in the top, time and time again having the mental, as well as physical ability to compete and put them in a position to win.

Putting yourself in a position to win is not an easy thing to do. Many professional anglers never actually win an event throughout the course of their career. In comparison to baseball, competing in an eight tournament season with 3/4 of your finishes in the money would be equivalent to winning close to 3/4 of your games in a baseball season. One of the main reasons this is the case is that in almost all sports the playing field is the same each and every time, and with that being said the person with the most physical talent, strength, or skill, is going to win the majority of the time. Now take fishing, traveling from lake, to river, to reservoir all over the country with different mother nature curve balls being thrown at you every step of the way. Now this is something that can take the very most skilled talented angler in the world, chew him up and spit him out. Like so many sports that simply take physical talent with a little game planning, fishing is the opposite, making mental toughness and decision making just as important, or possibly more important than the physical ability. The best anglers are tough, hard working quick thinkers that can adjust at the drop of a hat. But don't get me wrong they are physically skilled and coordinated as well.

The physical side of fishing takes extreme hand eye coordination. As every angler knows quite often fish will position themselves up underneath cover such as docks or trees. Reaching these fish is practically impossible if you don't have extreme skill with either a baitcasting or a spinning reel. It is a true art form to be able to skip a 1/4 ounce Stanley Jig 50 feet up under a boat dock effortlessly positioning the bait silently in front of a waiting fish’s mouth. If you don't think it takes skill just give it a try and you will be shocked at how much timing and coordination it requires. Another physical aspect is the long consecutive days that fisherman endure. Many anglers will go weeks at a time fishing 12 hours days in horrific weather conditions that would send most people running for the air conditioning or in some cases the nice warm fire place. Professional anglers don't get to choose the days they compete, whether it is 100 degrees or 20 degrees they are out there trying to figure out how to trick a little green fish into biting their artificial lure, while all the while the fish have hundreds of live natural food options swimming nearby at any given time.

Based on these comparisons it is easy to see that fishing not only takes physical skill, but also requires incredible mental ability and toughness. Now obviously equipment is important as well. You don't see the best golfers in the world using wood clubs in a professional tournament and fishing is the same way. There are always new innovations in fishing equipment and lures that can affect your success as an angler. Reels and rods are getting lighter, smoother, as well as faster year after year. Most brands and models of reels offer a wide variety of speeds based on their gear ratios. Where 15 years ago you didn't have many options, now you can get the exact specifics of what you need from a 4.7:1 all the way up to an incredible 8.0:1. All speeds of reels have their time and place, and their certain application. Another physical aspect that is rarely thought about is wearing a good pair of athletic shoes, this is very important for countless hours on the water. Shoes such as the Sperry Top-Sider SeaRacer Boating Shoe, provide the light weight, comfort, and stability that it takes to keep your feet and body feeling strong throughout the duration of a tournament. If you want to learn more and acquire more information there is no better place to go then Bass Pro Shops. Product knowledgeable associates are always willing to assist and answer questions; from beginning anglers to extreme tournament anglers Bass Pro Shops has something to offer for everyone. For more blogs and info like us on Facebook at our Leeds Bass Pro Shops Page as well as my personal page at Joey Fishing. I'll see you on the water!

Joey Nania


South Florida Lobster Mini-Season

viewIt began at 4:30AM on a Wednesday morning. My father and I woke to the hot air of a Miami morning. We had prepped our boat the day before, checking the electronics, the equipment, and the oil for good measure, just as any boater should. We both barely got any sleep the night before; I could say I did not catch any shut eye until about one in the morning. We were both as jittery and gleeful as two kids waking up for Christmas morning, except our presents didn't come wrapped up under a pine tree. Our presents were in the waters off Biscayne Bay; our presents were spiny and shades of amber and rose; our presents were Spiny Florida lobster, and the south Florida Mini-season was our Holiday.

lobsterWe made it to the docks of Matheson Hammocks by about six o'clock; a little late by our standards. To our amazement, there was not the usual rush & ruckus of seasons before. It seems the crowds have shrunk from previous years. Maybe because of the stormy night before, maybe because it was in the middle of the work week, or maybe the crowds scared away some of the usual suspects. Either way, my father and I looked at each other and thought the same, "this could be our chance".

The day's forecast was of soft winds and gentle waters, and the evidence was there for everyone to see. We made our way to Stiltsville Cut, A state Landmark. Those houses for as fragile as they look; have survived erosion, subjection to removal by interest groups, and countless hurricanes. Some would say those are the homes dreams are made of!

Quick fact: the best way to spot where you can dive for lobster in the Biscayne National Park area, if you were to look at the lighthouse at the edge of the shore of Miami (Bill Bragg's Park) and then looked out to the ocean and found the landmark of Soldier Key. If you are beyond the imaginary line that connects both locations, you are on the legal harvesting grounds.

Lobsters are a curious crustacean, they don't run off at the presence of boats. they actual will come out and inspect the things that might float over them. I won't give away our locations were we made our limit within minutes, but I will say this: You don't need to go far or deep to find the treasures this environment provides.

lobster tailWe were back at the docks by 10:30AM. We beat traffic the way home, and had the boat cleaned and prepped for Thursday antenna hunting.  We finished the season with twenty four tails and happy dinner parties for families & relatives. It was a season to remember, as I shared it with the best captain I will ever know.





Raul "Razzle" Hernandez

Fishing Department Lead

Bass Pro Shops: Miami, Store #045



Wade Routes

By Ty Butler


Wade fishing on the Georgia Coast and the South Carolina Low Country is one of the best ways to access the marsh flats which redfish invade on a bimonthly basis.  Most tidal swings in the area average 6 to 7 feet, which is a large swing anywhere else on the Southeast coast.  However, for a few days around the new and full moons each month the tidal change can approach 10 feet or more.  Fishing for species such as seatrout, sheepshead, or flounder can be very problematic during big tidal changes.  These periods, called “spring” tides, flood the higher areas of the tidal flats where bottom predators can’t normally reach.  Redfish (locally known as spottail bass), invade these virgin areas in order to gorge themselves on fiddler crabs and shrimp.  This gives anglers a unique opportunity to sight fish for the premier inshore saltwater gamefish of the South.

Redfish on the flood tide

A beautiful Georgia redfish caught sight fishing.


There are some issues with accessing these areas.  Georgia and South Carolina marshes are mostly bottomed with soft, deep “pluff” mud, which is not only annoying to wade in, but can also be life threatening and has taken lives.  There are areas that are much safer, though, and luckily redfish flock to them.  Hard, sandy bottom can be found at the back of most saltwater creek systems, and this is exactly where reds go when the tide floods high.  I recommend that you scout for such areas at low tide before you start targeting fish when the grass floods.  There are several indicators you should look for in a redfish flat, but you need to know what to look for.


Coastal Georgia holds a winding maze of inland wetlands within its 100 straight miles that holds one third of all salt marsh on the entire Atlantic East Coast.  The Low Country of South Carolina and the First Coast of North Florida have similar ecosystems.  Most of this salt marsh is composed of smooth spartina cordgrass, which is very tall, thick, and re-grows each year.  It grows in the soft “pluff” mud which should be avoided if one wants to wade fish.  The best areas to look for are those with a compacted sand bottom with a species of short, scattered spartina grass known as “salt marsh hay”.  You can tell from afar that these areas look like “potholes” in the taller grass.  These are the types of areas that fiddler and ghost crabs burrow in large colonies and redfish love to target them.  Old timers will tell you that another plant to look for in a good redfish spot is a short, bright green edible plant known as “saltwort.”


A kayak is a perfect choice to attack the marsh flats.


Once you find a good spot with firm, safe wading bottom, you need to choose your approach.  There are a select few areas that are accessible by foot from dry land.  However, most areas will require a flats boat or kayak to access.  A flats boat can get you to far, remote areas- but a kayak can get you right up on the fish with a stealthy approach.    Some ambitious anglers combine both by using their boat as a mothership and launching their kayak within striking distance.  Either way, I like to get out of my vehicle and foot it into the enemy territory.  I find this is the most “ninja-like” approach and least likely to spook the fish.  For protection I do prefer to wear a full coverage, draining shoe, such as Sperry SON-R.  You never know when you might encounter a stingray or razor-sharp oyster shells.  For gear, I prefer a fairly long rod, 7 to 8 feet, with a 3000 or 4000 size spinning reel.  This will give you the longer cast you will want.  Braided line is a must as it will allow you to use 17 to 50 pound test line though it is a much smaller diameter.  This will give you much-needed line capacity and abrasion resistance in grass and shells.  I like to end it with a 15 to 25 pound Seaguar fluorocarbon leader.  Fluorocarbon is even more abrasion resistant and is almost invisible underwater.  

So much marsh, so little time...


When you arrive on the marsh flat, you will only have a short window to go after the red battlers.  Most flats are only flooded an hour or two before and after high tide.  When the current starts to pull off the flat, redfish know they need to leave quickly.  I like to arrive about 3 hours before high tide and move back through the grass as it floods.  Even though time is short, you need to slow down and be observant.  Use polarized sunglasses, such as Costa del Mar and search for tails breaking the surface and slowly waving.  If the wind is blowing, this can be tricky- but look for anything that doesn’t move with the wind.  These are usually redfish grubbing around on the bottom in search of fiddler crabs and other crustaceans.



Z-Man Jerk Shad


When you spot a redfish, or a school, it is time to make a presentation.  With all the possibilities out there, I have a few select go-to lures.  When fly fishing I prefer Clouser Minnows or shrimp/crab patterns, like the redfish toad.  With conventional gear I almost exclusively use the scented Z-Man Jerk Shad or a weedless-rigged DOA Shrimp.  I buy DOA  baits in the money-saving body kits offered by BPS and hook them using a ⅛ ounce weighted-shank Gamakatsu swimbait hook.  I heavily scent all my baits using shrimp Pro-Cure Super Gel, which we offer at Bass Pro Shops in Savannah.  This scent is a gel-based concentrate that lasts all day and has proven results.


The most critical juncture when chasing redfish on the flat is when you make your cast.  If you are off my just couple of inches, you may spook the fish.  Take note of the direction the fish is moving, take account for the wind, and aim just beyond and ahead of the redfish.  When your bait lands, make just a couple of cranks to reel in the slack and pull the bait into the path of the fish.  Then just let the bait sit and hold your rod tip high.  If the fish attacks, you will see a swirl and feel weight through your rod tip.  Set the hook hard, because redfish have rubberlike lips and hard jaws.  If you are successful in your hookset, you will know quickly.

Attwood Folding Net


With a fish on, keep your rodtip high, but let your drag do the work.  Redfish, especially large ones, will take a very hard first run.  It will strip yards off the drag, but just let it run and use your rodtip to maintain its direction.  If the fish starts to near a thicker, taller patch of grass (which they all seem smart enough to do), then you should try directing it away or  slightly  tightening the drag.  If you are successful in stopping that first run, you are in good shape.  Reel the fish in, slowing down if the fish shakes its head or takes a secondary run.  I like to use a folding net to land the fish once it gets close.  Attwood makes an excellent net which folds up into a very compact package.



SpyPoint X-Cel Camera


Redfish can only be kept in this area within a slot limit.  In Georgia, they can only be kept in a slot between 14 to 23 inches with a 5 fish per day limit.  Similarly, in South Carolina they can only be kept 15 to 23 inches with a 3 fish per day limit.  A lot of fish caught on the flats, though, are above the slot limit.  Breeding-age fish 24 to 36 inches are often caught on the marsh flats before they move off the beaches.  I would hope that all these fish are released to secure the future of this amazing fishery.  Take a picture with your smart phone or use a video camera like the Spypoint X-Cel Sport or the GoPro Hero to capture the moment for the future.


The Southeast coast from the Low Country through the Coastal Empire, the Golden Isles, and into North Florida offers some unique opportunities to target redfish in an environment where they are particularly vulnerable.  Take some time to look ahead to the next new or full moon tide, and plan on visiting Bass Pro Shops to gear up for the next “red dawn” when the spottails invade the territory of the walking angler.


Some info provided by our friend Captain “Wild Bill” Jarrell- http://captainwildbill.com/









Ducks Unlimited kids' duck call contest

Ducks Unlimited is sponsoring a kids' duck call contest at 2p.m. August 18, 2013 at our store here in Columbia. Bring your kids for a free contest where they can win Bass Pro gift cards. Kids must be under 18 to participate. No pre-registration regquired.

Watch this video for tips on how to execute different duck calls!


Here is an episode from DU-TV following the Chamers family hosting events in Columbia. There's a peek at what the duck call contest will be like too!



Hunt Like A Girl...In Style!

Hunt Like a Girl… In Style!

By: Katie Cook

Being a women in the wonderful world of hunting we have had limited options for hunting clothing. When I first started hunting there was only men’s hunting clothing on the market. Even the smallest sizes didn’t fit correctly. As I got older the clothing options stayed the same. Unshapely, men’s hunting clothing was all I had to look forward too as a female hunter each season. I know hunting isn’t a fashion statement but I shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or style for the things I love. That's why I want to introduce you to "She" apparel, for women!

In the mid 2000’s Pam Zaitz was tired of wearing men’s and kid’s clothing when on safari and hunting. She wanted to create functional clothing that was fitted and tailored for woman. After months of design and testing Pam launched She Safari women’s outdoor apparel.  She Safari introduced the safari line and the response was so great that they introduced a line of upland clothing in less than a year and, the company started to focus on a broad range of camouflage for North American markets.

When Bass Pro Shops first received She Safari clothing and footwear in our store I was ecstatic! FINALLY we have clothing for woman. We only received a few pieces at first but soon began to carry more items. The camouflage items we originally received were the duck blind bib and jacket. The quiet material and thinsulate interior made them an item above any other product we had for woman. Soon we started to carry t-shirts and light weight long sleeve shirts with either a scoop neck or a v-neck.  Not only did we receive the camouflage clothing line but also some of the safari line. The safari line is a light weight, rip-stop material made for durability and functionality but still flattering to a female form. I wear the Adventure Skort at work in the summer months and it is extremely comfortable. I have received many compliments from my coworkers and customers when I wear it. She Safari also knows that no two women are the same so their clothing has a diverse size range from extra small – 2XL.  (SKU# 1998793)


Handgun Safety In Cayuga County

Have you ever considered owning a handgun?  Do you know we have Handgun Safety Classes at Bass Pro Shop?  The only accepted courses are those endorsed by the Central New York Police Academy Onondaga County.   Registering can be done two ways.  You may register by calling 315-498-6046 or by website at www.sunyocc.edu

Here are a few questions that are commonly asked in Cayuga County.

What is the basic criteria for apply for a permit?

     You must be:

1.  At least 21 years of age.

2.  Reside in Cayuga County.

3.  Provide proof of residency by submitting a valid NYS driver's license.

4.  Pass a background check.  The background check includes a criminal record check by the State of New York, the FBI, the Nation Crime Information Center, the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office, other law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Mental Health.

5.  Submit two non-refundable processing fees to cover the costs with fingerprinting, photographs, and background checks.

6.  You must have successfully completed an approved handgun safety course and need to submit an original certificate prior to the issuance of a permit.

How Do I Apply For A Permit?  

Obtain an application packet and, follow the instructions on the cover sheet.

Have the application notarized prior to submitting your application.

Provide a valid NYS driver's license or military photo identification.

Submit processing fees.

Submit an original accepted handgun safety certificate.

Application processing is conducted only by appointment by calling the Special Services Section at 315-253-4148. 

A set of fingerprint and photographs will be taken at the time your application is submitted.

What are the required fees of a new permit application?

Two separate fees are required at the time the application is submitted:

A $20.00 fee payable only by either cash or money order made out to the Cayuga County Seriff. 

A $91.50 fee made payable by money order to the Cayuga County Sheriff

No personal checks accepted.

What types of criminal arrests/offenses must I disclose?

You must disclose ALL arrests for offenses of the law, even if the charges were dismissed or if the criminal record has been sealed.  This includes DWI/DWAI charges, with the exception of minor traffic infractions.

Failure to disclose any criminal offense will deny the application and may lead to criminal charges.

How long does the permit process take?

The process usually is 3 months after all requirements are met.

What types of pistol permits can I apply for?

Carry Concealed:  The applicant must be able to demonstrate a special need for a carry concealed.  They must fill out a "proper cause" supplemental form also.

Possess On Premise:  Have and possess in a dwelling by a homeowner ONLY  or have and possess in one place of business by a merchant or storekeeper ONLY.  This is NOT a carry license and restricts handguns to the dwelling address or place of business.

Carry Concealed/Employment:  Applicants must have a letter from their employer stating why they need to carry during their duties on the job.

Where is my permit/license valid?

This is according to NYS Penal Law Article 400.00 which you can look up online, found in a library, or a bookstore.

A license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver, not otherwise limited as to place or time of possession, shall be effective throughout the state.  The exception to this is it is not valid within the City of New York unless a special permit granting validity is issued by the police commisioner of that city.

The contact number for anyone that has additional questions is the Special Services section at 315-253-4148 or the Records Division at 315-253-1148.


Additional questions and more indepth information is on the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office website.


Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator










Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Donation Month

Bass Pro Shops supports the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), among many other foundations, to help raise money for its' purpose(s).  The month of August 2013 is reserved for the RMEF at all Bass Pro Shops locations.  The mission of the Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of the elks as well as their habitat and our hunting heritage. 

Donating $2 to the RMEF enters each customer in for a chance to win one of seven (7) prizes!  First (1st) prize is a $2,000 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card and second (2nd) through seventh (7th) prize is a $500 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card. 

You can stop by our store or go online at http://www.basspro.com/Rocky-Mountain-Elk-Foundation-Donation/product/99227/ to donate $2 to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and enter to win a Gift Card!



Local Fishing Report 7/28 to 8/3 2013

The River was at 4.5ft at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week we had 3.8ft with 12,100CF of flow and 75 degrees.

Trip #1 was on Monday and we fished from 4:30 to 7:00PM and we caught 12 smallmouth.  The largest was 15" and we caught them all on spinnerbaits, stickbaits, crankbaits, and jigs.  We had 4.0ft-steady-15,600CF-clear and 83 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.00 and steady.

Trip #2 was on Tuesday and we fished from 9:00AM to 4:00PM and we caught 30 smallmouth.  The largest was 19" and we caught them on stickbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs.  We had 3.9ft-steady-14,000CF-clear and 80 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.10 and falling

Trip #3 was on Tuesday and we fished from 2:45 to 4:30PM and we caught 50+ sunfish.  We caught them all on jig/worm combo.  We had 3.9ft-steady-14,000CF-clear and 80 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.10 and falling.

Trip #4 was on tuesday and we fished from 2:30 to 5:30PM andn we caught 20+ bass and the largest was 18".  We caught them on stickbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs.  We had the same conditions as noted in #2.

Trip #5 was a half day combo catfish trip on Wednesday and we caught 14 channel cats and 3 flatheads.  The largest Channel cat was 22" and the largest flathead was 7lbs.  We caught the channel cats on Sudden Impact and we caught the flatheads on live bait.  We had 3.9ft-steady-clear-and 79 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.00 and falling.

Trip #6 was a full day combo cat trip and we caught 15 channel cats and 6 flatheads.  The largest channel cat was 22.5" and the largest flathead was 14lbs.  We caught the channel cats on Sudden Impact and the flatheads on live bait.

Trip #7 was a half day bass trip and we caught 20+ smallmouth and the largest was 17.75".  We caught them on crankbaits and wacky rigged dingers.  We had 3.8ft-12,100CF-falling-clear and 75 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 29.80 and steady with rain.

Please let us know how you are making out with the Sudden Impact bait from Team Catfish.  The Harrisburg Bass Pro is now carrying Team Catfish bait and gear.  Just ask one of our associates in the fishing department if we do not have what you are looking for.



Feature of the Week: August 12 - Need Dorm Bedding?

Feature of the Week: Week of August 12

Department: Sunglasses/ Gifts

Item: Bass Pro Shops / RealTree Comforters

store pic

Moving into your dorm? Would you believe me if I told you we had your comforter here at Bass Pro Shops?!? WE DO! We have top of the line Camouflage Comforters just for you! We carry them in Green, Lavender and Fuchsia Camouflage colors!












Bass Pro Shops® Mossy Oak® Break-Up Camouflage Comforter Set or Bedding Collectiongreen

Featuring the popular camo pattern, these bedding sets and accessories are perfect for the hunter's bedroom.  Comforter set, sheet set, and pillows sold separately and do not come with each other.

Comforter Set: includes comforter, bedskirt with a 15" drop, and 2 shams (twin has only 1; king set includes king-sized shams). 140-thread-count comforter is made of an easy-care 70/30 poly/cotton blend. Comforter reverses to chocolate brown. Sheet Set: includes fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases (twin size has only 1). Sheets are a 220-thread-count, 50/50 poly/cotton blend.


Realtree APC™ Lavender Bedding Collectionlavender

  • Vivid branches and leaves against a lavender background
  • High definition design
  • Comforter set, sheet set and square accent pillow
  • Made of soft, wrinkle-free 55% cotton/45% polyester

Surround yourself in the beauty of the outdoors, updated with feminine styling. This Realtree APC Lavender Bedding Collection features a high definition design of branches and leaves set against variegated shades of soft lavender. The pieces in this Realtree APC Lavender Bedding Collection are made of soft, wrinkle-free 55% cotton/45% polyester. Comforter and Sheet Sets: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Use commercial washer/dryer to allow free movement. Pillow: Spot clean only. Color: Realtree APC Lavender. Imported.

Comforter Sets: include one comforter, one bedskirt and two shams (Twin set has one sham). Twin comforter measures 65” x 90”. Full comforter measures 80” x 90”. Queen comforter measures 86” x 94”. Sham measures 20” x 26” plus 2" flange (24” x 30” total). Sheet Sets: include one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two standard pillowcases (Twin set has one pillowcase). Twin fitted sheet fits 39” x 75” mattress. Full fitted sheet fits 54” x 75” mattress. Queen fitted sheet fits 60” x 80” mattress. Square Accent Pillow measures 18” x 18".


New Realtree APC™ Fuchsia Bedding Collectionfuchsia

  • High definition recoloration of the original Realtree AP™ design
  • Realistic leaves and branches contrasting with fuchsia and pink
  • Cotton/polyester blend
  • Soft, wrinkle-free sheets

Surround yourself in the wonder of the outdoors with the Realtree APC Fuchsia Bedding Collection! Realtree APC Fuchsia camo features realistic leaves and branches contrasted against variegated shades of fuchsia and hot pink. The cozy sheets are made of a soft, wrinkle-free cotton/polyester blend. Machine wash, tumble dry. Use commercial washer/dryer to allow free movement. Pillow: Spot clean only. Made of 55% cotton/45% polyester. Imported.

Comforter set includes comforter, bedskirt, and 2 shams (twin and XL twin include 1 sham). Sheet set includes fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases (twin and XL twin include 1 pillowcase).




Boating Safety Basics

The heat is on…and it’s a great time to jump in your boat and hit the water. It’s a great feeling cruising on the water or heading to your favorite fishing hole. With more boats and boaters on the water now than ever, it’s critical to be prepared and safe to ensure a memorable time. Being stranded or not prepared for emergencies in your boat can be very frustrating, but with proper precautions this can be prevented.

Before your boat trips make sure your rig and trailer are in good working order and have had a recent service performed. Make sure you have all necessary safety equipment required by the Coast Guard. There are a few items not required but would greatly assist in emergencies. A first aid kit, a GPS, VHF radio, Cell phone, anchors, tow rope, knife, tools, boat hook, and of course an EPIRB are some to consider.

Preparation is the key to any boat excursion and boating safety. In Georgia there is a new Mandatory Education Law that requires anyone born after Jan. 1 1998 who operates a power boat must complete a DNR approved Boat Education Course. The Savannah/Chatham Marine Patrol will be conducting boating safety courses at the Savannah Mall training facility Aug. 17 and Sept. 21. You may contact the SCMPD at 912-353-1004 to register. Safe boating and have a great summer!


Bass Pro Shops Savannah

Boating/Marine Dept.


Staying Safe While Hunting

Are you aware that each state has different requirements for the amount of hunter (blaze) orange to wear? Here in Georgia, the requirement reads as follows: 

"All deer, bear and feral hog hunters, and those accompanying them, during firearm deer seasons must wear at least 500 square inches of Hunter Orange on outer garments above the waist."
A standard safety vest will cover 400 square inches of the requirement.  Add an orange cap and you'll be all set! One of many options, at your local Bass Pro Shops is the Redhead Blaze Cap and Vest Combo.
A number of different price points and options are available.  Vest models range from utilitarian to deluxe, with additional features including zippers, pockets, license loops, antimicrobial treatment, hook 'n' loop closures and even lighted caps.
Anytime you decide to hunt out of state, make sure you check the orange requirements before you head out.  You can locate those requirements on the International Hunter Education Association website.
Make sure you take the proper safety precautions before you head to the wood. You've checked your firearms and your camo - don't forget your safety gear!

What I Am Rocking Out To

So about a month ago I was talking about rocking out. I had taken a poll of Bass Proers and seen what kind of music they were listening to and broke it down (semi-DJ like… *Chicka-chicka-word). I also made a basic game plan of how to make a perfect playlist for rockin’ out on a road trip. I tried to steer ya’ll in the right direction without too many specifics. But, this time I’ll list out exactly what songs I would choose for my playlist. Now keep in mind this will be for a trip with “the boys” to go fishing. (My playlist for a ride with my fiancé would be very different with a heavy emphasis on Enya or Michael Bolton or whatever she’s into. I’ll be the one raising the kids musically.) Music in a universal language and I have a heavy accent of 80’s hair-metal.

  1. Start off strong. Slow Ride by Foghat. “I’m in the mood, the feeling is right!”
  2. Keep it up. Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane. No offense Rascal Flatts, but step off. Tom made musical magic with this and there is no need to have any covers. Keep it classy.
  3. Sing along song. Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum. Classic then, classic now. Divide the parts up.
  4. Take it easy. Take it Easy by The Eagles. Like I said, this is mandatory.
  5. 50’s. I Wonder Why by Dion & The Belmonts. Great 50’s song, awesome 50’s band. Also not that many people may know it, which will make it that much more addictive.
  6. 60’s. Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. One of the greatest rock songs of all time. Great tune to belt out with a bunch of buddies.
  7. 70’s. Life’s Been Good to Me So Far by Joe Walsh. Member of The Eagles and great solo artist. This song will really put life into perspective for those in the car and really make the fact that you have time together appreciable. Life’s busy… but it aint evil. Just listen to the song you Negative Nancy-s.
  8. 80’s. Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. You want 80’s? I’ll give you 80’s! VH1 even named this the #1 SONG of the 80’s!! It deserves a spot on this list.
  9. Slow it down. Don’t Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Yes, the music video is out of control. No, I don’t like his sideburns. Maybe you should just calm down. And yes Spell-check, that title is a fragment! Enough with the little green squigglies!!!!!
  10. Talk over. Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. Acoustic songs are better for talking over, but this one you can also just sit in silence to.
  11. Personal. Why Can’t This be Love by Van Halen (Hagar, cough cough.) Why is this a personal song for me? Am I having pre-marital doubts?! No. Van Halen rocks. The end.
  12. For them. Highwayman by The Highwaymen. Yes, a young buck like me knows this song. Do not loose complete hope in humanity! This is “for them” because they each get to choose which part of the song they want to be.
  13. Back to basics. Centerfold by J. Geils Band. Who doesn’t love this song?! And you can have the “what would you do if…” discussion with this songs specific situation.
  14. Ridiculous. Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road by Loudon Wainwright III. You want ridiculousness? Just look at the title. This is a road-trip staple!
  15. Sweet Closure. More Than a Feeling by Boston. From the album also titled Boston! You can never go wrong with this one.

There you have it. My masterpiece. Like I said, I’ll be the one showing the little ones what good music is all about. Blastin’ Stereos with Blasted Sidewinders!! Yee-haw!


*Please do not expect any “Chicka-chicka”s to appear again anytime soon.


Time For A Backyard Party With The Browning Cowboy Grill

Would you like to have the entire family over for a large BBQ?  Why not a large office party?    Well -you need to check out the Browning Cowboy Grill.   You can use this 108 pound unit as a grill or firepit.  730 square inches of heavy duty 4mm thick firebowl.  Uses wood or charcoal this unit is a must for any party.

The grate is double nickel plated and is 31" perfect for a few racks of ribs and more.  Why you can even put a roasting chicken on the height adjustable rotisserie while grilling  those ribs and dogs.  There is a adjustable pot hanger and a swivel work table.  Can you say long lasting, value for your money?  With all this,  you cannot miss a chance to stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and check it out today!

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





Tis' The Season For Night Fishing

Every angler knows that the summer months can be one of the most difficult time periods to locate and catch bass, especially the big bass. Big fish can seem to be non existent at certain times throughout the summer, add this to the uncomfortably hot weather conditions, and extreme frustration is sure to follow. Just like us anglers the fish don't like the hot weather either, generally in the day time they will relate to deep structure such as ledges or brush piles seeking the deep cooler water, along with some fish that stay shallow relating to shade. While fish can be caught, the majority of the fish don't feed in the hottest parts of the day. If you don't have a day time tournament then the solution to finicky summer bass is not going fishing at all until the sun sets. Many anglers especially in the southern part of the United States prefer this much more comfortable time for fishing, and trust me they have some amazing results.

When the sun goes down many of the fish move to shallower cover. Picture this in the day time the big fish are holding out off the deep break on a river channel, well once the sun goes down those previously hard to catch fish will pull up on top of the ledge in shallow water and will feed aggressively. It seams like many fish in the summer almost become nocturnal, especially the big fish. Ten tournaments could go out of a lake in the day time with generally poor results and very few big fish caught. Now a night tournament could go out that very evening and you would be amazed and truly humbled by the numbers of quality fish that are weighed in.

When night fishing I feel it is very important to choose a bait that either has a bulky profile, or creates a lot of vibration. My go to bait for this very reason has always been a spinnerbait. I prefer a large heavy bait, generally something at least 1/2oz and often I'll throw a 3/4oz. Many brands make spinnerbaits designed specifically for night fishing applications. Two of my favorites are, War Eagle Spinnerbaits, and the  Strike King Rattlin' Midnight Special. Choosing a color is relatively simple, when fishing at night the color that I've found works best is something black, this creates a great silhouette with ambient artificial light, as well as moonlight that is usually present. Add some sort of trailer such as a Bass Pro Shops Triple Ripple Craw Trailer, this will help create a bigger profile and will add vibration. Now the biggest key to why a spinnerbait is such a great choice at night is the blade. Most night baits come with either a number 5 or 7 colorado blade, this makes for a ton of vibration. If you're reeling in your bait at night and you can't feel it thumping then something is wrong. I like to slow role my spinnerbaits right on the bottom and through the cover. So chuck it and wind it back slowly bumping the bottom, and hold on tight because you can get some ferocious bites by a big hungry fish using this technique.

Two more baits I like to use are Chatterbaits, and Big Jigs. The chatterbait is great for catching fish at night, anyone who's thrown one knows how much vibration it puts off, and that is the key to why it works so good. I would stick with the same color rule as the spinnerbait choosing black for the silhouette factor. Fish the chatterbait just like you do with the spinnerbait and you will have similar results. Now some nights they just don't seem to want something moving, when I encounter this the jig is always what I switch too. A large black jig worked slowly through the cover will catch finicky fish that didn't want to chase the moving baits. Many companies offer a good black jig, all will work great if they have one thing, a rattle. The rattle like the vibration of the moving baits is essential for helping the fish locate and eat the bait. If you have a jig that doesn't' t already have a rattle then you can pick up your own rattles at Bass Pro Shops, and very easily get them doctored up right yourself. A Northland Fishing Tackle Buck-Shot Rattle Ring is the rattle I use when doctoring up my own baits. Don't be afraid to add this to your spinnerbait or chatterbait as well.

So you have the three key baits, and when I go out at night I leave just about everything else at home. Using these baits there are a few key things I target when searching for fish after dark. The first is rock, I don't care how hot the water is or how deep the rock is, if you get your bait around rock you have a good chance of getting bit. Many baitfish as well as crawfish use rock as protection year around. Often bass will hang out deep of the drop and at night will pull up into the rocks to feed on the wide variety of forage. When fishing southern reservoirs you will generally find rock around old flooded house foundations, road beds, and obviously rip rap banks. Another type of cover I like to target is brush piles. There is very little that I enjoy more then crawling my bait through a brush pile and feeling the rod nearly get yanked out of my hand. The easiest way to locate brush is around docks, many residents will sink brush around their docks for the purpose of attracting crappie and other panfish, this naturally will attract the predatory bass. The more difficult to find brush is located out on humps and off points in deep water. This can be overwhelming in complete darkness but a good set of electronics really helps. I use my Lowrance Gen 2 electronics to graph over offshore structure, when I see something that looks promising I will throw out a marker buoy with a light on it letting me know exactly where the structure is. The only thing left to do is figure out what angle the fish want and work your bait properly through the cover.

So don't be afraid to get out at in the dark and capitalize on the normally frustrating summer months. Safety is key any time you are on the water and especially at night. Make sure you keep your PFD on at all times as well as your running lights, and remember to take your time going from place to place. I truly love the peace and tranquility that comes with being on the water at night. Give it a try, chances are you will get hooked on it too. I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania



Product Spotlight: Ducks and Dogs

The infatuation with all things Duck Dynasty continues at Bass Pro Shops!  The Season 3 two-disc DVD is here featuring the Robertson family.  Season 3 was the most-watched series telecast in network history - the DVD includes five deleted scenes, five webisodes, five video mash-ups, and two music videos. 

Duck Dynasty Dog Treats

But, wait! There's MORE! 

Duck Dynasty DOG TREATS for real happy dogs!

From pint-sized pooches to big bruisers, these treats will satisfy every canine's craving. All natural and made in the USA...but, according to the box, it's really an easy recipe for these treats:

Duck Dynasty Dog Treats

Duck Dynasty's Southern Style Dog Treats come in two packaging sizes and most are in duck and chicken flavors!

6 oz Bag - Treats (6.99) 

Duck and Chicken Flavor - Soft-Baked Treats - soft little bone shapes easy for chewing!

                                                 Training Treats - little round kibble, perfect for training your dog to be happy, happy, happy!

Mint Flavor - Dental Treats - Gives your good pooch good breath!

24 oz Box - Biscuits (also only 6.99!)

The biscuits come in small and large sizes with that wonderful duck and chicken flavoring!

But why believe a person?  Take it from Riley, our 10-week-old canine customer, who loved the soft-baked treats and couldn't keep out of them:

Riley and Treats"Floor-lickin' good!"                                                           

"Where's the rest? Give me MORE!!!!"Duck Dynasty Dog Treats







Be A Hero!

Be a Hero-With the GoPro!

Hey everyone. My name is Chris Kohnke, and I am very lucky to be apart of the Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff in Gurnee. My passion has always been fishing. Some say I am addicted to it. When I am not at my Firefighting job, I am out on the water. Everyone knows that it's important to bring a camera on the boat. After all, catching nice fish all day can create memories. Whether you are a pro fisherman like myself, or a beginner, I want to introduce you to one of the best inventions I have encountered. I am sure you have heard about it, and may have wondered "how does it work? Who is it for?" Well my friends, keep reading.

The GoPro is literally "The World's Most Versatile Camera." We were first introduced to it in 2004. With tons of different varieties to chose from , GoPro has made a camera to fit just about any outgoing, adventurous individual out there. Fishing, hiking, skydiving, snowboarding, you name it! With the GoPro, we can see what is happening from the individual's head, side of the boat, or anywhere it is placed. It's like being there yourself, experiencing it yourself!

GoPro's lineup of mount-anywhere cameras has been dazzling extreme sports enthusiasts for years. Now, GoPro has rolled out the Hero3, which packs even greater performance than its predecessors.
The gopro hero 3 is smaller, lighter, and more efficient than the hero 2. If you have a Hero 2 all of your mounting brackets and hardware will work with the Hero 3.The super cool thing about the Hero 3 is the addition of wifi. In a few easy steps you can activate the wifi on the GoPro to preview your video/photo shots on your smartphone. You will have to download the GoPro app to your phone but it's easy and FREE.

With the go pro app on your smartphone you can control virtually every feature on the GoPro. Including turning the camera on and off, starting and stopping of recordings, snaping photos, as well as watching videos that you have recorded and photos taken. You can also save videos and photos to your phone to share on social media. Overall this is a very fun and easy to use camera. The video and picture quality is unbelievable. The waterproof case ensures complete protection of the camera. The possibilities are endless!

Go out and enjoy the outdoors before summer is over. Record your precious moments with the new GoPro hero 3.

Chris Kohnke


Our Largest Hunting Sale of the Season!!!!

It’s that time already!!!! It’s time for our Fall Hunting Sale and Event. Between the seminars, sales, trade-ins, and special savings too, you’re sure to feed your hunting fever and get yourself primed for the season. This 3 week event begins Friday, August 2 and runs through August 18, 2013!

TRADE IN Days Schedule: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bass Pro Shops Bow & Crossbow Trade-In!

August 2-7    Bow Trade-In

August 8-13   Scope Trade-In

August 14-18  Binocular and
Range Finder Trade-In

Bow Trade in values



Bass Pro Shops Scope Trade In!Bass Pro Shops Binocular & Rangefinder Trade in! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bass Pro Shops 2nd Amendment Instant Savings!~~~~~

Also, during the 2013 Fall Hunting Classic, customers who purchase any in-stock gun or safe using their Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards credit card August 2-11 are eligible to receive an instant discount equal to the tax rate on their gun or safe purchase.


If you don’t yet have a BPS Outdoor Rewards Credit Card, make sure to apply so that you will receive not only this benefit, but also 10% off your entire first purchase (after the tax rebate is applied).



Hunting Pros appearances and seminars
for Sunday August 4, 2013


Deceiving the Wild Turkey

MAD® Gold Staff Member   

Bowhunting Big Whitetails  

Mossy Oak® Pro Staff                   

Competition Shooting 

World's Best All-Around Shooter,
RedHead® Pro Hunting Team Member/2013 Member,
Team Safariland™     

            Bass Pro Shops Hunting Pros Schedule for East Peoria, IL




August 9, 10 & 11 is our Hunter’s Appreciation Weekend!


Friday, August 9
6:30 pm Tips for Bow Hunting
7: 30 pm Tactics for Hunting Deer
Saturday, August 10
1:30 pm Shed Hunting: How to Successfully Hunt for Sheds
2:30 pm From the Field to the Table: How to Cook Tender Deer Meat
3:30 pm Local Hunting Tips and Techniques
4:30 pm Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and 3-Gun Shooting
 5:30 pm Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Choosing the Correct Camouflage Clothing
Sunday, August 11
1:30 pm   Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and 3-Gun Shooting
2:30 pm Tactics for Hunting Deer
3:30 pm Local Hunting Tips and Techniques
4:30 pm What’s new in Scent Control
5:30 pm Tips for Game Camera Placement

Bass Pro Shops Daily Specials during our biggest Hunting Sale!


Make sure to attend our Seminars
and take advantage of
the Daily Specials! 

Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic East Peoria, IL Calendar

Bass Pro Shops Hunting Trip Sweeps



Bass Pro Shops Next Generation Logo
Then August 17 & 18 is our Next Generation Weekend! A weekend set aside for the kids right here at
East Peoria, IL Bass Pro Shops!