Friday Featured Fan Spotlight

Bass Pro Shops Altoona Facebook fans are the best! They come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Some are in college and pursuing careers that relate directly to the outdoors and Keegan Frisch is one of them. Keegan is a senior at Central College, majoring in Communications and minoring in Global Sustainability, so he looks toward a future of combining his love of the outdoors with the importance of environmental impacts and awareness and how what we do now can effect the outdoors for future generations.

How long have you enjoyed the great outdoors?Keegan

I have been enjoying the great outdoors for my entire life. The place it all started is Spirit Lake, Iowa. I have been going on family vacations there for 20+ years and we go for one reason…fishing. My dad and brothers have been my fishing partners, along with some of my close friends from high school. I also have a passion for bow hunting. I started when I was 15 and have been enjoying the cold, crisp mornings of October and November in Iowa ever since. There is something about being in the outdoors, either in the tree stand or on the water, that brings balance to life for me.

Of all the outdoor activities he enjoys, Keegan says his favorite is fishing for that one "big moment."

I enjoy bass, crappie, trout, northern pike, and musky fishing. For me, it is the pursuit of that once-in-a-lifetime day or catch that makes fishing so enjoyable. When fishing for pike and musky, especially, I love knowing that the next cast could be the fish that I will never forget. I remember one day on Spirit Lake when I was fishing with my dad and brother for largemouth. It was a calm and overcast morning in the first part of June. The morning was a slow bite with just a few hook ups on spinners. The mid-morning bite changed my luck! I caught a five fish limit, with the biggest fishing being just over 5 1/2 pounds and the rest over 4. It was one of my first fishing memories, being I was about 12 years old. 

What is your go-to gear? Keegan portaging

I never ever leave for an outdoor trip without my multi-tool. There is no way to predict when I am going to need a knife, pliers, small saw, or Phillips head screw-driver. Since the multi-tool has all of these functions, it is a must for all hunting, camping, packing, fishing, and other outdoors trips. 

Words of wisdom?

Enjoy the experience for its true meaning. I like to go fishing to catch fish, but that is not always going to be the case. You can’t let that ruin the experience. I try to breathe in every breathe and capture every moment in memory, because nature has a true power to bring people back to their roots and deepest values. So, I try to learn from my outdoor experiences, good or bad, because Mother Nature is a beautiful, complex thing that has a lesson to teach in every experience.


Smoked Pre-Cooked Turkey Breast With a Spicy Twist

If you’re like me I never miss a chance to throw dinner into the smoker. The low and slow cooking method with a touch of smoke flavor gets those taste buds going every time. With spring here it’s tough to find a whole turkey so I decided to try smoking a Pre-Cooked Turkey Breast. These turkeys are low fat and make a healthier alternative meal.

Smoking a pre-cooked turkey is a great way to add incredible flavor to an otherwise average turkey. There is nothing that beats a good turkey dinner with leftover turkey sandwiches. Smoking a pre-cooked turkey is a fast and easy way to get both without compromising great taste. Let’s get started….

Items you will need to get started.



Prepare the smoker- Preheat the smoker to reach 225*F. I like the taste of Apple Wood Chips with turkey however you can use any flavor of your choice. Other popular flavors are cherry and peach. I soaked the chips for about 1 hour before I started the smoker to allow them to last a bit longer. I only needed to load the tray up 1 time. Being that this turkey is pre-cooked the cook time will be less so soaking the chips is not necessary. You will want to smoke this turkey at 225*F for approx. 3 hours or until internal temperature reaches 150*F. See turkey packaging for specific cooking internal temperatures. Remember- low and slow is the key.


Unwrap the turkey breast and drain all the liquid off the turkey. Most pre-cooked turkey breasts have been soaked in a salt water brine. Keep this in mind when adding your seasoning. Choose your marinade. I liked the Buffalo Butter Marinade however you have a great selection of other Cajon Injector Marinade at your local Bass Pro Shop. Be sure to place your turkey breast in a baking dish. You will leak a lot of juices. Shake up that marinade well. You want to be sure to get all the spices mixed well. Start to inject your turkey. I injected mine about every 2 inches. Inject slow to prevent the marinade from shooting back out at you. I used a little more than ¼ of the bottle.


Next you can choose your seasoning. I love the taste of the Cajon Shake Seasoning. You can use a variety of different rubs and seasonings. I thought this would match the Buffalo Butter Marinade well. Start with the bottom of the turkey. Go ahead and be generous with the seasoning. This will create and incredibly flavorfull crust. Again, just keep in mind that the turkey has already been soaked in the salt brine. Flip that bird over and spread the seasoning liberally on the top. The juice from the marinade will help allow the seasoning to stick.



Now your Turkey Breast is ready to go into the smoker. Some people like to add a bowl of liquid to the smoker to help add moisture and keep your meat from drying out. I made a mixture of Cajon Shake Seasoning and water. You can use just about any liquid of your choice. Water, apple juice, and beer tend to be the most popular.  Go ahead and load up your smoker. Cook the turkey at 225*F for approx. 3 hours or until the internal temperature reaches about 150*F. Read the package instructions to reach the recommended internal temperature. This is pre-cooked so all you are really doing is heating up the turkey. You can never be too safe when cooking turkey though. The smoker I used has a built in meat probe or you can get a wireless meat probe to check the internal temperature.



After only a few hours of smoking this turkey breast you are finally ready to pull this bird out of the smoker. You will be amazed on how good this turkey looks. You should have a nice crispy crust baked on the outside and juices just waiting to explode. Let the turkey sit for about 10 minutes. Now you are ready to carve.  Cooking the Pre-Cooked Turkey Breast was fast, easy and tastes great. Whether you are looking for a turkey dinner or some incredible turkey sanwiches this is by far the best Pre-Cooked Turkey breast I have ever tasted. The meat is juicy, spicy and leaves me begging for more. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


By Jeremy Hendrick


Fishing, Not Just For Men Anymore!

When you think of fishing, you might envision two men sitting in a john boat with poles out each side. Well, let us be the first to tell you that this sport is quickly crossing the gender lines!  Here at Bass Pro, we have all the clothing needed to keep you women protected from the elements as well as looking good in the meantime!  An all-purpose polo that is great for fishing, hiking, golfing and more!  The 100% polyester bird's eye mesh World Wide Sportsman Polo Shirt is soft and lightweight with an easy drape.  Moisture-wicking properties transfer perspiration to the fabric's surface, where they dry quickly, they include antimicrobial properties, as well as built-in sun protection.  This short sleeve polo will go great with all of our fishing pants or shorts.  This polo shirt also has a UPF rating starting at 20 and go up to UPF 45.  They come in 6 great colors: Grapemist, Blue Curaco, Teaberry, Spring Bouquet, Shell Pink and Sunshine.  How about some great pants to go along with the Polo shirt?  These Sarasota Convertible Multi-functional pant converts to both a short and a capri as needed - just zip off the legs or use the roll-up tabs to fit the conditions!  With a UPF sun protection rating of 50, these pants are a great addition to your closet.  These pants also feature a side-elastic waist for added comfort and hook n' loop pockets.  Being 100% nylon construction, they offer quick-drying performance.  Need to complete the outfit? We have a wide selection of hats from Columbia.  The Columbia Sun Goddess Booney Hats for ladies' 3" front brim broadens to 4" at the back for added coverage.  Omni-shade UPF 40 provides sun protection while the Omni-Wick advanced evaporation fabric and sweatband keep you cool and dry.  Adjustable chinstrap for a custom fit.  100% polyester ripstop.  Machine was, one size fits most.  Imported.

So, HAPPY FISHING GIRLS!  Now, get out there and show those boys how to catch a big one IN STYLE!


Key Bait's For Imitating Crawfish

Bass are absolutely one of the most ferocious predators that swim. They will eat basically anything that they can fit their mouths around, and they have been known to attempt to eat things that they can't fit their mouths around. They have amazing appetites and I say it all the time. "If bass got as big as great white sharks, then anyone that swims in our local lakes and rivers would be in big trouble." Animals such as snakes, lizards, frogs, rodents, and even birds and baby ducks are frequently found in the gullet of a bass by anglers. With all of these strange food sources as well as the more common shad, bluegill, and crawfish, selecting baits throughout the season can be a very difficult task. Understanding which food sources are key for the certain time period you are fishing in is very important. The one I want to touch on now is one of my absolute favorite food sources to imitate which is the crawfish. These crustations are like filet mignon to a hungry bass, and trust me they will take every opportunity they have to eat the hardy meal a crawfish offers. Crawfish can range in size from 1/2 inch long all the way up to 5 or 6 inches long, and can be found in a wide range of colors. Generally the base colors are an olive green or brown, but in fall and early spring the crawfish will often have orange or red in their legs and claws, and can even turn blue in certain situations. Generally in the spring or fall I want my crawfish imitation to be brown with a hint orange mixed in. A good way to tell exactly what color the crawfish are is by setting a trap such as a Frabill Deluxe Crawfish Trap. Simply set it near a rocky area and let it sit over night, the next morning you will have an up to date sample of what colors you need to be using in your crawfish imitation lures. So if you're heading out on the water right now in the month of March there are a few key baits that you really should have in your arsenal. You can either base your color selection on the sampling you've done, or you can just stick by the rule of thumb that fall and spring crawfish generally have orange or red in their claws or legs.

One of my favorite baits to turn to in the fall and early spring is a jig with a soft plastic trailer. A few of my favorite jigs are the Stanley Finesse Jigs, War Eagle Finesse Jigs, as well as the Strike King Bitsy Bug Jig. The trailer I use the most in the fall and spring is a Zoom Super Chunk, or Super Chunk Junior. I like this trailer because of the subtlety of it. When bass are cold they often prefer baits with less action and the super chunk is perfect for that application. I often determine my jig and trailer color by figuring out exactly what color the current crawfish population is but in most cases when fishing water below 65 degrees I use a jig that is brown and orange with a green pumpkin trailer that I often dip in orange Spike It. When fishing these jigs I like to target banks that have significant rock structure on them as well as working them through brush piles from 4 to 12 feet deep. The colder the water gets the slower I like to work my jig. Be ready because the jig is a proven big fish bait and there is not a better time to throw one then in the cold water months of the year!

Another great crawfish imitator is a crank bait. Numerous companies produce baits in either an orange or red color and they catch a ton of fish when worked around banks that have an abundance of rock on them. In the fall I like to look for steeper rock banks close to deep water, while in spring I often catch my larger pre spawn fish on clay or gravel banks, as well as on points that have chunk rock mixed in. Whether its spring or fall here are the baits that I like to through. The first is a Spro Little John MD in the spring craw color. This bait is small in profile and has a great action that really triggers fish when the water is in the mid 50s to low 60s whether you are fishing it in the spring or fall doesn't matter. Another crank bait for that same water temperature is the Storm Wiggle Wart. The wiggle wart has been catching fish for far more years then I have been alive and is still producing today. They have a wide variety of crawfish colors to choose from, my two favorites are the orange brown craw, and the natural brown crawfish. The Spro and the Storm both have a relatively aggressive wobble that the fish really love in the early fall and late spring. Both baits actually have what is called a hunting action which means when retrieved they wobble while at the same time subtly changing course from left to right. However when the water is cold, from 42 to 52 degrees the number one bait is the Rapala Shad Rap in the SR7 or SR5 size. When targeting cold water bass with the shad rap I generally use the SR7 size in the crawdad color or the dark brown crawdad. There are two keys to why the shad rap is such successful cold water bait. First is the fact that it is silent while most crank baits have rattles, secondly the bait has a very subtle tight wobble. These two factors are a deadly seductive presentation for a fish that is in a slow feeding mode.

The Jigs and the Crank baits are by far the top two baits when imitating crawfish, but there are some other more innovative baits on the market that are sure to catch crawfish eating bass. A new bait was recently produced by savage industries the bait is called the 3D Craw. It is an incredibly realistic bait that actually has air in the head of the bait and in the pinchers, which makes the bait stand up in an aggressive posture. You can rig the bait on a stand up jig head or for a great weed less application you can take the skirt of a 3/8 or 1/2 ounce jig and simply slide the craw up on to the hook. The Huddleston Huddlebug is another great option when trying to perfectly imitate a crawfish.

Between the jigs, crank baits, and the realistic craw imitations you have plenty of baits to choose from. Remember to always pay attention to water temperature and try and match the color of the crawfish as accurately as possible. The next step is learning where, and how to fish the baits, and finally go out and load the boat with big cold water bass. I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania 


Spring Fishing Classic Meets Generation NeXt


As we move into the final weekend of our annual Spring Fishing Classic, it's time to focus on the kids for awhile.  March 15 & 16 is our Generation NeXt weekend, designed to introduce the next generation of outdoorsmen/women to hunting and fishing activities.

Activities run noon - 5:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. The featured event is Kids Catch 'n' Release Fishing. Kids 12 and under can use a real cane pole to catch a bass, bream or crappie in our own "County Line Creek."  We will also have free souvenir pictures, free crafts (color a magnetic fish) and free tackle box giveaways (while supplies last).

We will also present two kids fishing workshops, where kids can learn to "Think Like a Fish."  These workshops take place at 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at our aquarium. Each child that attends will receive a copy of "My Fishing Journal" provided by Shakespeare

Finally, Bass Pro Shops is presenting our very first "Women's Beginning Fishing Workshop." This workshop is being taught by women for women and takes place at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.  This is a great opportunity for all women and/or girls that have an interest in fishing but don't know how to get started. We will have refreshments, giveaways and prizes - you could win one of two fishing combos! Sorry guys - this one is for ladies only!

Bring the whole family to your local Bass Pro Shops this weekend - you'll find something for everyone!


















This Weekend @ Bass Pro Altoona - It's All About KIDS!

It's the last weekend of our Spring Fishing Classic and, as always, we have a weekend just for kids!

Next Generation Weekend, March 15 & 16!Spring Fishing Classic 2014 Next Generation Weekend

What's a Next Generation weekend? It's time we set aside for teaching our next generation of outdoor sportsmen and women all about the fun of fishing...and it's all FREE!

The fun includes:

  • The FREE Catch and Release Pond in our new, larger indoor pond stocked with live fish! (Noon-5 p.m.)
  • Kids get a FREE 4x6 photo with a special Keep America Fishing Certificate (Noon-5 p.m.)
  • Free Kids' Fishing workshops - 2:30 and 4:30 - "Thinking Like a Fish"
  • Free Kids' Craft both days - Keepsake magnet fish craft (while supplies last) 1 - 4:30 p.m.
  • Free Giveaway - Kids Tackle Box when they complete their punch card!

Also that day and NEW this year:

Women's Beginning Fishing Workshop! 3 p.m.

the first 50 women get a travel mug AND all ladies who attend will have the chance to win a Ladyfish Spinning Combo!




Other Happenings in the Store This Weekend

The Iowa Bowfishing Association will be on hand Saturday to answer questions about this fast-growing outdoor activity!

Last weekend for Girl Scout cookie sales!
Saturday, Troop 170 from Des Moines
Sunday, Troop 139 from Altoona and Bondurant


Tips from the Power Pros: Four Wheelers 101

Power Pros             ArcticCat

I’m a Mercury/MerCruiser technician and I have been doing it for a long time. Too often it feels like I am on an assembly line. Change impeller, put new spark plugs in, replace a starter, trim solenoid, fuel injector etc, etc, etc. So when I came over to Tracker Marine in Bass Pro Center and my new co-worker in the service bay next to me had a four wheeler apart, it was something new to me, a new challenge to learn. A welcome break from the monotonous routine I seem to have become accustomed to over the years. That and Mike was an avid MotoCross/Supercross follower as well, so we got to talk about the races while we worked.

Mike Hunsucker

One of the biggest issues I saw Mike deal with was the same as in the marine industry: rotten fuel. Too many carburetors and fuel injectors get plugged up by the ethanol in the fuel. You can see my fuel blog here, and this applies to four wheelers as well. You must run fuel stabilizer in every tank of fuel. Also if you only use your quad for hunting, you still need to start it up at least every 4-6 weeks even with stabilizer in the fuel.

Another issue I saw Mike deal with constantly was squeaky brakes. One thing you have to remember is the brake pads are a metallic compound binding down on a metallic disk. They will squeak from time to time. One reason for constant squeaking is the brake calipers not being cleaned. The mud gets up in the calipers and does not let the brake pad release fully, thus causing a lot of squealing.

muddy cat wash me

If you go out and hit the trails you should wash the mud off your quad before it gets dry and hardens like concrete. Also, stay away from the cheap after market brake pads.

Strut not centered

Keeping your machine clean will also help prolong the life of other parts on your quad. Note the photo of the shocks, do you see that the bolt is no longer centered? This will cause a clunking in the suspension while driving.

bottom shock

This picture shows a cable that will no longer retract, causing the rear brake to drag,

cable siezed

also the brake lever would barely move due to rust and mud crammed into where it pivots. The cable and all the shock bushings needed to be replaced on this unit and the brake lever removed and cleaned out. Keeping the machine clean will slow this process down, but eventually they will all need to be maintained and replaced.


Now, I know no one would ever submerge their beloved machine in mud or drive it through a river like this guy would, but if you misjudged a mud puddle or little stream crossing and submerged your unit to where water and/or mud was over the engine, here are some things to consider: you may have a seal that leaks, but not where it is visible or maybe you picked up some weeds or string that wraps around your drive shaft causing your seals to leak.


So when water gets over that seal, you get water in your engine, transmission or differentials. And if you drive it with the water in any of those places you will acquire a rather large bill. I would recommend changing all fluids if you get in deep water or mud. At the very least, check the fluids to make sure they are not contaminated. Even if you own a mud pro style four wheeler with a snorkel, always check and maintain your fluids.  Also clean out the air filter and air box. If you get in so deep that the motor gets shut down, tow the machine in, do not try and start it. It may be hydro locked or have mud and water in the engine. We had a customer who did this and brought his machine to a “We fix everything” shop and they flushed out the engine with water of all things…. over $3000 later we had his machine running again. If you get in that situation, I suggest bringing your quad directly to a certified dealership.

Arctic Cat

By all means, go out and have a great time on your machine, that’s why you bought it! But after you’ve hit the trails hard, don’t forget to give your quad some TLC so you don’t end up losing out on the next fun weekend because of a hefty repair bill.

Jason Wipp

Master Mercury Technician

Master MerCruiser Technician


 In memory of Mike Hunsucker

The “Cat Master”

Mike on a boat


Fishy Facts: Crappie


Ha-ha, classic. Never has there been a fish whose name can bring one to a giggle as quickly as the crappie. So in the light of having a good time and maybe even getting a chuckle in, I have chosen the crappie as the Fishy Fact fish of the month!

Crappies are a North American freshwater fish that are a part of the sunfish family. There are two different species of crappie, the black and the white. These two fish are extremely popular game-fish. They put up a good fight and taste great as well.

These fish are known by a number of names including: strawberry bass, calico bass, Oswego bass, speckled bass, speckled perch and paper mouths. They get the last name for how delicate their lips our. Many times, these can be ripped when hooked or being handled so be careful when handling for catch and release.

These fish tend to be more actively eating during dawn and dusk. Usually during the day they tend to stick to some kind of cover. Crappies eat a variety of food that includes smaller fish, insects, crustaceans and more. For this reason, anglers can use a variety of methods to catch them. Both artificial and live baits can be used effectively, so typically anglers bring a variety of baits. Because crappies are active during the winter they can also be caught during ice-fishing seasons.

There are two very popular ways to fish when targeting crappie. The first is called spider rigging. This is where anglers have several rods with varieties of baits hanging off the sides of the boats. All the poles look like legs so hence the term spider rigging. The baits are usually different colors, at different depths and such as one can never be sure what will get crappie to bite. Crappie tend to travel in schools, so when you catch one there are probably several more in the area. It is common at times to have several poles hooked up at the same time when spider rigging.

The second way is to fish at night under lights. There are specialty floating lights that one can toss onto the water. The light illuminates the water below which attracts the smallest members of the food chain. That attracts slightly larger members and so on until the crappie show up. There are sinking lights as well which can be set at specific depths when needed.

Both the white and black crappie looks extremely similar. The easiest way to tell the difference is from the patterning of the marks on their sides. The white crappies markings tend to look like vertical bars rather than scattered spots like on a black crappie. White crappie can also handle murky waters better than black crappie.

So here’s the tip of our rod to the characteristic crappie. You also make us smile while either catching you or just saying your name. Thanks for the laughs and providing us with the excuse to say “crappie day of fishing” and not be smacked in public.

As genial to a bartender is to a sheriff! Giddy-Up!!

Former Fishy Facts

Northern Pike

Rainbow Trout

Largemouth Bass

Peacock Bass





Did You Know Bass Pro has Soups?

Bass Pro has soups?

You can do the two step!  Uncle Bucks Two Step will add a charming touch to your kitchen before you make it.  And just wait ‘til you taste it.  Terrific for family gatherings, or a delicious heartwarming meal on a cold winter day.  Three different flavors of soup and one great black bean chili.  Below are the soups and the easy two step directions to make them.


Potato soup hits the spot on a cold day, but who wants to take the time to peel all those potatoes and chop vegetables? Uncle Buck's Two Step Potato Soup to the rescue! This soup mix is so simple to prepare, you'll have a hearty meal in a matter of minutes.

Just add chicken broth, milk, sour cream and a sprinkle of flour to the ingredients in this bag, and dinner is served. Great to have on hand for last minute, quick meals for the busy family on the go! This 4 oz. bag includes potatoes, red bell peppers, carrots, celery and onions.

Attractively packaged, Uncle Buck's Two Step Potato Soup mix makes a fun gift for foodies, tailgaters and pressed-for-time cooks!




Move beyond boring chicken noodle soup with Uncle Buck's Wild Corn Chowder Soup mix! This quick and easy chowder is sure to please. Simply add chicken broth and whipping cream, heat and serve.

Ingredients include wild rice, corn, green split peas, carrots, red bell peppers, onion and seasonings. 8 oz. bottle.

The charming packaging makes it a great gift item for foodies and pressed-for-time cooks!


With its charming packaging, Uncle Buck's Two Step Five Bean Soup Mix adds to the décor of your kitchen until you're ready to make it! This simple-to-prepare soup features red beans, navy beans, black beans, black-eyed peas and split peas. Terrific for family gatherings, this heart-warming soup is a great way to gather everyone around the table!

Makes a nice, one-size-fits-all gift for that hard-to-buy-for person!



For a taste of the southwest, mix up a batch of Uncle Buck's Tortilla Soup! This mix makes it easy to prepare a heart-warming and filling meal. With just 2 quick steps, you'll have downright tasty soup that's a step above boring old chicken noodle.

Keep some on hand for last minute, quick meals for the busy family on the go!

The charming packaging makes it a great gift item for foodies and pressed-for-time cooks! 4 oz.




There's nothing better than a steaming hot bowl of chili on a cold night! Uncle Buck's Black Bean Chili mix makes it easier than ever to whip up a batch of savory chili that will feed the masses. Just brown ground beef, venison or turkey, add the mix, water and tomato sauce and simmer. You'll be eating in no time!

Ingredients include black beans, red and green bell peppers, seasonings and jalapeno peppers for a little heat.

The charming packaging makes it a great gift item for foodies and pressed-for-time cooks!


Spring Clothing Line 2014 - World Wide Sportsman


Bass Pro Shops is gearing up and making it easier on you to make sure you’re fully equipped with the newest clothing options for 2014. The weather is starting to warm up and thoughts of getting back out on the water are creeping back into our minds. Embark on your water adventures with new clothing from World Wide Sportsman for the whole family. WWS offers a wide variety of technical shirts; including polo shirts, button up shirts (long and short sleeve), tees (long and short sleeve), and hoodies; which deliver line-casting comfort, built in capes, venting, roll-up sleeves, and UPF protection. Pair any of these tops with the World Wide Sportsman’s quick drying water shorts, which boast mesh lined pockets and drain holes, while our zip-off convertible pants offer UPF 50+ and quick-dry construction.  Here are a few of the selections that we recommend:

World Wide Sportsman Nylon Angler Shirt


  • 100% quick-dry nylon
  • Built-in UPF sun protection
  • Vented-cape back with mesh lining
  • Two large multi-function chest pockets
  • Handy rod loop
  • Roll-up collar for sun protection
  • Hidden button-down collar
  • Utility loop on the right pocket

World Wide Sportsman Hybrid Angler Pant


  • Wrinkle-resistant 100% nylon
  • NANO-tex® Resists Spills Technology for stain resistance
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Zip-off legs convert pants to 9" shorts
  • Half-elastic waist
  • Total of 6 pockets
  • 2 security pockets with zippers
  • Reinforced belt loops
  • Double-stitched seams

World Wide Sportsman Tech Knit Hoodie for Ladies


  • Sleek, stretchy hoodie
  • Crossover v-neck
  • Kangaroo pouch pocket
  • 100% cotton construction

World Wide Sportsman Sarasota Convertible Pant


  • Multi-functional pant
  • UPF sun protection rating of 50!
  • Zip off the legs for shorts
  • Use roll-up tabs for capris
  • Side-elastic waist
  • Hook 'n' loop pockets
  • Quick-drying 100% nylon


Come down to Independence Bass Pro Shops and let us show you the great quality of our WWS brand! 


Sunglass Basics - Lens Type and Color

Buying GOOD sunglasses can be overwhelming. There are so many features and benefits to choose from, let alone understanding all the terminology. Our Gifts and Sunglasses Lead Heather Morris breaks down some of the considerations for you when it comes to purchasing:

Lens Types - Glass vs. Polycarbonate


* Best clarity

* Holds up the best against scratches

* Very durable


* Lightweight

* Easy cleaning

* Impact resistant

* Scratch resistant


Mirrored have a coating on the outside of the lens to help cut down on glare. The differences between colored mirror lenses are:

* Blue mirror is one of two lenses that lets the least amount of light transmission through at 10%. It comes with a base color of grey.  Blue mirror lenses are best for full sun on open water and offshore.

* Green mirror is the other lens that will let the least amount of light transmission through at 10%. It comes with a copper or amber base.  Green mirror enhances vision as well as contrast for fishing inshore and on flats.

* Silver mirror has a 12% light transmission and comes with a copper base.  It's great for various lighting and works well in stream fishing.

In non-mirrored lenses, the grey lens is the darkest tint available without a mirror.  It is a great lens to use on a daily basis and all activities. The Amber lens is a good lens for those days of bright and low lights.

Quality polarized sunglasses have a film built in the lens that reduces glare from the sun, snow, and water.  Non-polarized sunglasses do not have this film and if you're going to buy a good quality pair of sunglasses Morris recommends they are polarized.

When purchasing sunglasses the biggest thing to consider, outside of your budget, is how you're going to use them. If you're getting them for  daily outdoor use for sports, fishing, or biking, Morris says consider a warranty, going with polarized lenses, and durability.  Of course, the fit is important, too!

Maui Jim - Bass Pro Shops AltoonaHer personal preference of sunglasses?  Maui Jim!

"I have two pairs, one with a grey lens and the other with the amber.  I find that they both really enhance all the colors I see as well as block out the bright sunlight.  I never squint my eyes with my Mauis on!"

Currently, at Bass Pro Shops Altoona, we carry Under Armour, Native, Oakley, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar, Browning, Wiley X (limited pairs). We carry Maui Jim and Costa Del Mar sunglasses in both glass and polycarbonate lenses.  We carry specific models in all of our brands, but we do offer special orders if there is a particular pair you want that we do not carry.KVD - Oakley


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Crappie Fishing made easy with Bass Pro's Crappie Maxx & more!

Crappie Fishing made easy with Bass Pro's Crappie Maxx & more!

By Frank Hollie

                I took advantage of a break in the weather and made a quick trip to local lake in Oakland, Tennessee, for a few hours of crappie fishing. I walked around the lake and decided to try out one of our Trout  Magnet soft plastic lures. I used a black and green striped Trout Magnet on a 1/64 oz. jig head. I fished it under one of the small Trout Magnet bobbers. It was a little windy so I just let the bait bounce along with the wind. BAM! I caught several crappies and one big bream in about 3 hour’s time.

 My rod was a 7 foot Crappie Max light action rod with a Bass Pro Shop tournament series reel with 6 pound Crappie Max fishing line. All in all it was a great lightweight rig with excellent action.  I found the Trout Magnet to be very durable and I used the same one the whole time that I fished.

I would highly recommend the Trout Magnet. It is a durable and versatile bait which can be used in cold weather to attract several different species of fish. It comes in a variety of colors and the jig heads come in various weights and designs.

While you are getting ready to go fishing, don't forget that the Bass Pro Shops Fishing Classic is going on now through March 16th. We have some awesome deals for all you fishermen. We hope to see you soon! Happy Fishing!

Product Information:

Bass Pro Shops Crappie Maxx Fishing Poles- These poles range in price starting at $39.99 and up.

The Bass Pro Shops Crappie Mass Fishing Line: Starts at $7.99 and up.

The Trout Magnet Lures: Start at $2.49 and up



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Bass Pro Shops Next Generation Weekend Saturday and Sunday March 15-16th

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March 15


Use Crankbaits to Catch Pre Spawn Bass You Can Be Proud Of

Use Crankbaits to Catch Pre-Spawn Bass

When water temperatures range from about 40 to 55 degrees, bass will snatch a speeding shallow-running crankbait, yet ignore just about anything else retrieved at the same pace. These crankbaits let you quickly probe lots of water to locate largemouths that have moved from deep winter haunts to shallow pre spawn staging cover, including submerged wood, rocky banks, and early-season grass beds. This illustrated guide tells you how to choose the right shallow-running crankbait for each type of cover and how to make it irresistible to the spring lunkers lurking there. All you have to do is follow the instructions and keep the net handy.

SHALLOW WOOD COVER, especially if it's close to the deeper water of a creek channel or other drop off, is a prime place to find feasting pre spawn bass. Tie a fat-bodied craw-colored crank to 17- to 20-pound-test line and cast it to logs, stumps, and cypress knees. Run the crankbait along the length of downed trees, bumping it into limbs, branches, and roots. Be ready for a strike when the lure ricochets off the cover. If your crank hangs up, lower your rod to put some slack in the line; the lure should float toward the surface. Bass may need a little extra coaxing at this time of year, so make repeated casts to a promising piece of cover, particularly on its sunny side.

Pre spawn bass commonly stack up along natural rock or riprap banks. To catch them, position your boat over 8 to 10 feet of water along a rocky shore and cast a shallow-running crank with a wide, rounded bill at a 45-degree angle toward shore so it lands within inches of the bank. Then retrieve the bait at a slow to medium clip. Be sure to bounce it off the rocks and work it all the way back to the boat. The bass may hit anywhere from 3 to 10 feet deep. 

Concentrate on grass in the deeper ends of reservoirs where clearer, stabler water conditions tend to keep bass biting this month. Use a depth finder to locate submerged vegetation in the lower reaches of creek arms. Work the edges of the weed beds, as well as the stretches of thinner grass extending from them. The border between new green grass and dead grass can also be very productive; identify such spots by purposely snagging some growth with your bait so that you can inspect it.

Target vegetation that tops out between 4 and 7 feet beneath the surface. Work a slim-bodied crank deep enough to tick the grass, ripping the lure through to spark strikes.

COLOR: Throughout much of the country, pre spawn bass are keyed in to crayfish. Make sure your red, orange, and brown cranks are the first ones out of the box.


BILL: A short, square shape protects a bait's hooks from snags in woody cover. For a lure that will dive in to and deflect off of rocks and riprap, choose a wide, rounded bill that angles slightly downward from the nose of the bait. To rip through submerged grass, go with a narrow, rounded bill.

Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Square Bill Crankbaits

Body: Bass around stumps and blow-downs seem to prefer the wide-wobbling action of a fat body combined with a square bill. A medium-size body gives a medium wobble, best for bass in rocky cover. A tight-wobbling, thin body helps your bait maneuver quickly through the tops of weeds.

Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Lazer Eye™ The Egg

HOOKS: Sluggish early-spring bass can be light biters. Your crankbait should have premium, sharp, round-bend hooks to cut down on missed strikes. Replace inferior hooks if necessary, sharpen dull ones, and check the points often as you fish.

Mustad® UltraPoint™ KVD Elite Triple Grip® Treble Hook



Hicks, Mark. "Use Crankbaits to Catch Pre-Spawn Bass | Field & Stream." Field & Stream. Field & Stream, 28 Feb. 2006. Web. 10 Feb. 2014.


2014 Ascend Kayak

Despite the seemingly endless cold winter weather, kayak season is just around the corner, and now is a great time to begin thinking about a new kayak for 2014.  At Bass Pro Shops, our exciting line of Ascend brand kayaks are in plentiful supply and prospective customers are sure to enjoy these American made products to the fullest.  The Aquadynamic TM Design features custom crafted hull design that is ultra stable and delivers increased stability, maneuverability, and speed.  Coming soon to our stores just in time for our Springs Fishing Classic is our newest Ascend Model, the FS12T Angler kayak.  This 12 foot model features an adjustable seat, a large dry storage area in the bow, and will be available in the colors sand, olive, and blue.

ascendlogoThis brand new model is equipped with features for the most demanding angler, and we are sure that your fishing need can be accommodated by this kayak.  To compliment your kayak experience, be sure to include a look at our Ascend brand paddling fishing vest as well as our wide assortment of Ascend brand paddles.  For a truely memorable  fishing or recreational kayak you can be sure to enjoy and trust the Ascend brand, now you can be one of the first to enjoy the brand new Ascend FS12T Angler Kayak, new for 2014.


Almost Summer Time!

I know the weather here in San Antonio doesn’t seem like summer is almost here, but it is just around the corner! What goes together with the summer and warm weather? BBQ of course! Isn’t it awesome to have a family get together and grill some delicious foods? Well, we here at Bass Pro Shops San Antonio have all that you need to be named the “Best Griller”. Here are some items that will help you win that title.



The Stuff-a-Burger press creates gourmet stuffed burgers at home, with easy to use and clean up. It creates delicious stuffed burgers with tender and tasty toppings on the inside. The press holds an impressive three- quarter pounds of ground meat.





Double Hamburger-


Are you tired of making miss shaped burgers? Used everything you can do to perfect this? Well I present to you the Double Hamburger to take away your headache! This makes two ½ IB burger patties shaped with the durable plastic mood, it makes this process fast and easy!




Jalapeno Cooker- j

Do you want to make sure you leave your guest in the “WOW” factor? The Jalapeno Cooker is the cherry on the top! This set makes coring and stuffing jalapenos a snap. The two piece rack hold up to 36 peppers. It is made from stainless steel for years of dependable use!





Rosewood Big Head- f

Make that impression when they see you flipping the burgers with the Rosewood Big Head. This spatula is durable stainless steel to handle the largest cuts of meat and food on your grill with ease!






Flip n Easy-    non

I know there are some guests at parties that don’t all eat burgers. So here is the answer to your dilemma. The Flip n Easy Non Stick Grill Basket cooks an entire meal at once with ease. It eliminates the time consuming task of flipping multiple pieces of food, reducing the time the lid is open to save heat and reduce cooking time.




Texas T Bone’s Meat Rub-

One of the most popular rubs that will for sure add to the flavor is the Texas T Bone’s Meat Rub! It is a tantalizing, bold seasoning blend that boasts huge flavors designed to make that grilled juicy burger taste magnificent. The savory combination of course salt, black pepper and secret blend of spices will make you the champion of backyard barbecue.





So come out here and try it for yourself! I’m telling you, doesn’t the “Master Griller” sound good to you?


Archery by the Numbers: Does a Faster Bow = More Deer + 3D Tournament Wins?

Do I need a new bow this year?  Will that faster bow help me get my next deer or win my next 3D tournament?

Often I get a customer that comes stating that they have 1 pin on their sight because their bow shoots flat out to 40 yards.  I bite my lip each time because I know Physics just never lies.  Everything falls to the earth at the same rate, it does not matter if it is a bowling ball, a marble, an arrow or even a bullet shot out of a rifle.  The “Acceleration of Gravity Law” states that an object will fall to the ground at a rate of (32 Feet per Second per Second) or in other words the first second an object will travel 16 feet down and it does not matter if it has forward velocity or not.

Let me break it down for you eggheads and naysayers.  Go get your calculators and follow me…..  Oh and by the way…. This is why the Trophy Ridge React Sight DOES work and works perfectly.  The math doesn’t lie.

D=Distance Traveled
T=Time in Seconds
Acceleration of Gravity is D=.5GT² or Distance Traveled = .5 x 32FPS x Time in Seconds Squared

Example 1: Let’s say I want to see how far an egg will drop in 3 seconds if I were to drop it of off a bridge.
D=.5x32x3² or D=.5*32*9 or D= 144 Feet the egg drop in 3 seconds.

Now lets put this in practical terms for my archery friends who have that flat shooting bow that is so fast that their single pin hits the same mark at 10/20/30/40 yards.

We measure arrow drop in inches so we need to change 32 Feet to Inches which is 32*12=384 inches for the G value in our formula.  Now we need to figure out how much time elapses after we shoot an arrow for 10,20,30,40 and 50 yards.  Since we are having a little fun here let us do it for 400, 350, 325, 300, 280 and 250 Feet per second shooting bows.  Keep in mind we are just doing the simple math here without figuring in deceleration of the arrow due to surface tension applied on the arrow shaft by passing air and the drag that our vanes are causing to slow down the arrow.


So let’s say you have one of the quickest bows on the market shooting 350 FPS.  As you can see in the chart above the arrow shot out of that bow will have dropped a total of 22.57 inches at 40 Yards.  Even if you take in to account that your Apex of arrow flight is somewhere between 10 and 20 yards you are still going to have around 18 inches of drop past 20 yards as seen in chart below.  This is not what I would consider “FLAT” out to 40 yards.

I am asked the question often, “Since this bow shoots so fast I bet the deer never has a chance to jump the string?”  Okay, lets put the math to this question as well.  We know that sound travels at around 767 MPH or about 12.78 miles per minute or about .213 miles per second or around 1125 feet per second, the number we need.  So knowing that sound travels 1125 feet per second we can figure out the time it takes sound to travel 10/20/30/40 and 50 yards.  Now this time I have included data with deceleration on a 19/64”-diameter shaft and 3 Blazer Vanes set 120 degrees apart with 3 degrees helical on the arrows.  Speeds in FPS are listed in each column. We also know that a deer has a reaction time of just shy of a ¼ second, I used .22 seconds of reaction time for the chart below.


All values in RED in the chart above show that the arrow will impact the deer before he hears the sound and can react or jump the string.  In ALL cases the sound will get to the deer’s ears before the arrow will.  In other words, the deer will always hear the shot before the arrow impacts him.  This is different with a rifle as most rounds are far above 1125 feet per second.  As so long as the projectile is above 1125 fps the project will hit target before the sound of the report will.  Not true with a bow and arrow, nor will it ever be.

So what does all this mean to a bow hunter?  First if you want to limit the chance of having a deer jump your string during a shot, keep your shots under 25 Yards.  I know many of you will think, “Well I will just aim a little low at distances beyond 25 yards then.”  Okay, but do you really know what that deer is going to do?  Is it going to drop, turn or simply do nothing?  You don’t know.  So if you keep your shots under 25 yards you will eliminate that variable.

Some of the other things you can take from the data might be, “Does a faster bow really gain me much advantage in judging distance or the amount of arrow drop at longer distances?”  If you are just bow hunting and you keep your shots under 25 yards, then, NO, is the answer.  Save your money and maybe look at purchasing some better scent reduction clothing or tools like the Ozonics machine.  Maybe a better use of that money would be better arrows or sights with smaller, easier to adjust and brighter pins.

Most people are shooting bows at around 280 FPS.  If you are an occasional 3D shooter you know that most of your targets are at 40 Yards.  Look at the data a bow shooting 280 FPS drops 1.33” more at 30 yards than a bow shooting 330 FPS.  A bow shooting 280 FPS drops a total from 20 yards to 40 yards only 3.26” farther than a bow shooting 330 FPS.  Is your money better spent on speed or forgiveness?  The choice is yours.  Keep in mind that the way bow manufactures get speed is making the brace height shorter, which causes a higher chance of arm or jacket slap while hunting.  Another way to gain speed is a harder cam.  These are harder to pull over while sitting for hours or at awkward angles in a tree stand.

I am not saying don’t go out and purchase a new bow.  What I am saying, is look at the data, and decide where your HARD EARNED money is best spent.  If it is a new faster hot-rod bow, that’s great.  If you choose a better sight, rest, stabilizer, clothing, blind, scent elimination items, then that’s great too.  We here at Bass Pro Shops can help you in whatever you choose.

Shoot Straight!



ENO Hammocks

Looking for the perfect hammock to set up after a long day out in the wilderness? Well, my friend, look no further because you have finally found that hammock. Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks are top of the line gear, made exclusively for the outdoor enthusiast in mind. If you're out backpacking with friends or camping with family, these easy set up hammocks will have you in a world of relaxation the moment you lay in them. Constructed of breathable quick drying nylon with heavy duty triple stitched seams, these hammocks are lightweight and durable for even the most rugged outdoors men. Coming in different models and offering multiple accessories to make your next outdoor trip feel like you're at one with Mother Nature. And to make things better, Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks come with an attached compression stuff sack, to make stuffing your hammock a whole lot easier.

The SingleNest Hammock is the perfect single person hammock that is ready at a moment's notice. Light enough to take on your next backpacking trip and strong enough for backyard luxury, this single person hammock is the go-to for any occasion. Wt. 16 oz.


The DoubleNest Hammock is the perfect complement for outdoor enthusiasts looking to get close to nature and the open wilderness. Big enough for two people, or ideal for one, this is your pass to relaxation. Take it anywhere and set it up in seconds, so you can spend the rest of your day laying back enjoying yourself. Wt.20 oz. Maximum weight capacity 400 lbs.

The Guardian Bug Net gives you bite-free peace of mind. Laying in any of your Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock is not the time for insects to attack you. The Guardian surrounds you and your hammock in a bite-free peace of mind without interrupting your outdoor relaxation. It's constructed of superfine no-see-um netting to keep insects of all sizes out of your sleeping area. Enjoy a spacious interior with adequate head room. The Guardian Bug Net is compatible with all Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks. Wt. 16 oz.

Now, you may be wondering if that's all the hammocks and accessories they have? Well it's not. There are other different styles of hammocks, as well as different colors for these hammocks. They even have repair kits and rain tarps to go with them. I just wanted to grab your attention and wet your thirst for these fine, high quality products. Now the next time you're thinking of that new and exciting item you desperately need for you're next big backpacking or camping trip, look no further for it has arrived.


Bass Pro Shops

Manteca Store #49

Marc F.

Camping Department



Annie Oakley’s 410

Annie Oakley

The late 19th and early 20th century was a great time to be a sharpshooter in the United States. One of the most renown of these sharpshooters was the famous Annie Oakley. She performed from coast to coast in some of the most well-known traveling acts in the world. This being said many people don’t know the humble beginnings of this great and shining star of sharpshooting.

Annie Oakley was born in Darke County, Ohio on August 13th, 1860. When Annie was young her father died suddenly of illness, leaving the young Annie to fend for her entire family. She managed this by hunting with her father’s shotgun, with which she quickly became a crack shot. But for Annie’s family hunting was not all that was needed. So soon after her father’s death Annie and a few of her siblings were sent to live in the Darke County Infirmary. After a few years Annie’s mother remarried and was finally able to support the family in their home.

In Annie’s early teens she was able to practice her shooting again. Back in the woods around the town Annie found a very well-paying job, hunting for the local grocery store. This seemingly little job earned Annie enough money at the age of 15 to pay off her mother’s mortgage on the house. It was also at this time that Annie began to enter competitions with fellow sharpshooters in the area and win.

In these competitions in 1875 Annie Oakley met her future husband. During the Thanksgiving Shootout Competition, Annie was able to beat Frank E. Butler. Mr. Butler at this time was a top shooter and also a great performer in many vaudeville acts. Soon after the competition they were married. But it wasn’t until 1882 that they began working side by side in one of the best acts of sharpshooting ever made. In 1885 the show featuring Butler and Annie became so popular that Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show decided to make them one of their signature acts.

It was during the height of her career, with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, that Annie Oakley’s 410 shotgun was given as a gift from the company Gold-Hubbard to Annie. This gift was a work of art with a beautifully engraved stock and break open double barrel design. Then as now the shotgun is a work of art and graces the National Sporting Arms Museum in Bass Pro Shops Springfield, Missouri where it is a testament to the great woman who embodied everything good about sharpshooters during their heyday. Check out this video about the National Sporting Arms Museum in Bass Pro Shops Springfield, Missouri!

Annie Oakley


Geocaching 101

What is Geocaching?  Why, it is a outdoor treasure hunt using GPS devices.  People move to a specific set of coordinates and then try to find the geocache container hidden in that location.  Great for one person or families this is a true hit!  Here are a few simple steps:

1.  Register for a membership on a geocaching site.

2.  Enter your postal code and search.

3.  Choose any geocache from a list provided and click on the name.

4.  Enter the coordinates of the geocache in your GPS

5.  Use the GPS to assist you in finding the geocache which is hidden.

6.  Sign the log book and return the geocache to its original location.

7.  Remember if you take the treasure replace it with a treasure you have brought for the next person.

It really is just that easy.  Geocaches can be found all over the world.  It is amazing just how many we have in this area alone. Geocaches vary greatly in size and appearance.  You may see plastic containers to fake rocks with a compartment. Do not put explosives, ammo, knives alcohol, food or scented items. Ideas range from unique rocks, coins, to key chains.

Bass Pro has a few GPS ideas for geocaching that might interest you.  

Perfect for kids and adults the Geomate Jr. is very user friendly.  Pre-loaded with over 250,000 caches all around the US.  All you have to do is turn it on and follow the arrow.  Great family fun especially with young kids.  You can even buy a update kit to cover outside the US. 










































A idea for the first timer is a Geomate Geocaching Starter Kit.  This inexpensive kit has everything you need to get started.  Guidebook, pencil, pad, lock box and many prizes to hide.  















The Magellan Explorist GC GPS is another preloaded easy to navigate unit.  Great price and rich graphics make this one to think about.






















You are never to old to geocache this is easy and a wonderful way to spend time outside.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator