It's Another Hometown Festival @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona!

Bass Pro Shops Hometown Festival

It's another fun weekend of free family and kids' activities!  

Saturday and Sunday, August 31-Sept. 1

Noon-5 p.m.!

Bass Pro Shops Daisy BB Gun RangeA fun family event to help us say good-bye to summer and hello to fall!

Complete all four of the these activities and spin the prize wheel!

  • Kids play the Pick a Duck game at our Pick a Duck pond! Scoop a duck with a number and win a flashing wrist band!
  • The Bass Pro Shops Daisy BB Gun Range
  • Casting Buckets
  • Metal detector treasure hunt

Plus these fun activities, too!

  • Face painting
  • Free craft - Color a wood duck
  • Free photo download like you're in the #14 show car!

Of course, we never forget the FOOD!

Dutch Oven CookingFree seminars and product demos on Saturday only

  • 1:30 p.m. Smokin’ – Tips for successful meat smoking 
  • 2:30 p.m. Outdoor Grilling – Choosing the right grill 
  • 3:30 p.m. Dutch Oven Cooking – Tips for outdoor cooking

Free Hot Dogs - 1-4 p.m.

Free Ice Cream Samples  - 4-5 p.m.

Free Food Product Sampling - Noon-5 p.m.
Our Gifts Department will be sampling some of our tasty products!



"It's a Fact, Jack!"

The line of "Duck Dynasty" merchandise continues to grow. That's right - the stars of the hit television series now have their own action figures, bobble heads and board game, all available at your local Bass Pro Shops!

DDYou can now own your very own 4", fully articulated versions of Jase, Willie, Si and Phil. Each action figure come with a miniature "Duck Commander" duck call and their own coordinating accessories. Jase comes with a spotlight, two frogs and a Sisnake; Willie has a bait cooler and duck; Si comes with a mini version of his iconic tea cup and a squirrel, while Phil has his own lantern and a beaver.

If bobble heads are more your style,  there are five styles available for you to choose from. Selections include 6" representations of Willie, Phil, Jase, Kay and Si. These are a great addition to any room, particularly a man cave or displayed with any other family collectibles.

gameFor true fans of the show, make sure you pick up a copy of the Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Family Party Game. Test your Robertson family knowledge by guessing the missing words in the quotes from Willie, Si and the rest of the gang. Game is designed for two to four players, ages 10 and up.



Fire Pit Accessories - Have Some Fun In Your Own Backyard

August is almost over, time to start thinking about kids going back to school, and summer vacations are put to the back of our mind.  Kids are depressed to be going back to reading, writing and arithmatic.  Well how about a mini roasting party in the backyard with the firepit or grill?  People forget you can squeeze a summer night out during the school year.  Check out some of our accessories that may just bring your child's frown upside down.

The Charcoal Companion Mini Burger Slider Set are great for parties or gatherings.  Best part, it will make 9 sliders at a time.  Great size for kids - let them use whatever toppings they want.  A little lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, or ranch dressing.  They will have a blast.  







Now if hotdogs are their favorite campfire food we have that covered too.  Try  Coghlan's Telescoping Fork.  This extends to 34 inches and has a thumb roller which allows you to rotate the food so it will cook evenly.  I cannot imagine a child or adult that would not have fun with this idea.  Again put out their favorite toppings and let everyone enjoy.


























Lets see you have covered vegtables with your toppings, carbs with the bun, protein with the hamburgs or hotdogs.  Now on to what really counts and that is dessert.      

The Rome Company has a few different things that would be alot of fun.  A cast iron square pie iron.  This cast iron is great for sandwiches loaded with chocolate, pie filling, or marshmallows.  Why they even have a double one. 


















Kids will love the Marshmallow Tree by Rome.  Cooks 10 marshmallows at a time and is non-stick.  Now I like to do smores one at a time but Rome has even thought about the impatient person, and came out with a Smore Maker.  This basket makes three at a time.






































So stop on in to Bass Pro Shops  - I think you will be happy with all the fun accessories we have to help you bring that summer fun back for months.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator























September Happenings at Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg

The Last big blast of summer will start September off with a BANG!  Come into the store for a Hometown Festival on Saturday August 31 and Sunday September 1.  The activities will run noon-5PM and will include something for all kids, young and old!  The list would begin with the Daisy BB range, create a wood duck craft, have your face painted, test your skills at the casting buckets and your luck at the old fashioned duck pond!  What would a festival be with out food?  We will be serving free hot dogs both days from 1PM to 4PM and homemade ice cream too, made with our own Elite Gourmet 6qt. ice cream maker.

September is Boy Scout Month at Bass Pro Shops nationwide.  By supporting this cause each store will give the councils opportunities to raise not only funds, but awareness.  You also may have noticed scouts selling hot dogs and popcorn in our store.  This gives them access to potential sales and helps them take steps toward earning their merit badges.  You can help support scouts by making a $2 or $5 donation.  Sometimes it helps to know just where your money is going when you make a donation.  This time it's very easy, 50% stays right here in our local council! 

Do you have a Conceal Carry Permit?  Are you thinking about getting one?  On Friday, September 6th from 5PM to 8:30PM Legal heat will be in our hunt club to offer the preliminary steps toward getting a permit which will allow you to carry in 35 states.  For more details or to register, go to  Remember, this is just the steps towards a Conceal Carry Permit, not the actual permit that night.

Attention all you waterfowl enthusiasts!  The weekend of September 14 & 15 from 10AM to 5PM Bass Pro Shops we will be holding the Waterfowl Weekend Event!  There will be and assortment of vendor reps in the store as well as non-profit groups that have a passion for waterfowl hunting.  FYI-Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Association and Ducks Unlimited are planing to be here.

Here's some trivia...Did you know that September 21st is National Hunting and Fishing Day?  Take a walk into the woods or throw a line in the creek!  Whatever you do, take somebody with you that my not have gone on their own.  Share the experience....share the legacy.

If you are reading this then you are a facebook friend of BPS Harrisburg.  How about being a friend to all your other Facebook friends and turn them on to our Facebook?  There are so many things that we are posting you up-to-date in the hunting and fishing world!  We want to expand the things that we share.  Your harvest, big catches, as well as the activities going on in the store. 

Well this will wrap up the month of September, I hope that October is as jam packed with exciting events as September.  I know that our Halloween event is right around the corner, each year it gets better!


September = Boy Scouts @ Bass Pro Shops


                                 Boy Scouts of America                           BPS     


This year Bass Pro Shops has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America for the entire month of September. We have an opportunity for you to donate to the BSA and be entered in a sweepstakes for a chance at a $500 Bass Pro Gift Card.

At all of our registers a $2 donation will land you a sweepstakes entry into our monthly drawing. First prize is a $500 Gift Card, Second prize is a $250 Gift Card and Third Prize is a $100 Gift Card ~ to your favorite outdoor store no less!!!!

We will also be offering classes for the scouts to work toward earning their fishing and shooting merit badges.

Classes will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm during the month of September. You will need to register as class size is limited~ call 865-932-5600 or email to register your scout for their class or if you would like additional information.



                                    fishing merit badge                                             Rifle Shooting



  • Tuesday, Sept 3                       Fishing
  • Thursday, Sept 5                     Rifle Shooting
  • Tuesday, Sept 10                    Rifle Shooting
  • Thursday, Sept 12                   Fishing
  • Tuesday, Sept 17                    Fishing
  • Thursday, Sept 19                   Rifle Shooting
  • Tuesday, Sept 24                    Rifle Shooting
  • Thursday, Sept 26                   Fishing





Gayle Chesney

Special Events Coordinator

Sevierville, TN



Versatile Fly Vests

Let me start off with a fact here, vests are awesome. If you can wear one, do it. Many a young man realizes this early on, which is why so many kids insist on wearing cowboy outfits to the grocery store. What was my favorite part of prom? Ditching the jacket and rolling up the sleeves with that vest-tie combo popping! (Never thought I’d pull off apricot but dang I did. Second fact of this blog.)

Now I’ll go ahead and say this as well, fly fishing for all of its grace and skill is kind of… goofy. Don’t get me wrong! It is a great way to spend the day and makes you feel like Zane Grey, but some of that attire… lame.

Except! Vests. Fly fishing vests are pretty sweet. Since I just went and reminisced a little about the White River Fly Shop when I talked to Kerry in our fishing department about bass lures, I decided to stop by and see what the deal-io was with our vests.

I found none other than Rick holding down the fort. If there was ever a man that could teach you a thing or two about Clown Hair Caddis patterns, there he was. So I asked him what he looks for in a vest.

First and foremost he said his vest will need a lot of pockets. These pockets will hold his fly boxes and a few other accessories. Rick, on average, has three fly boxes on him when he is out slaying fish. He will have one for his dry flies, one for wet flies and streamers and one for his mergers.

Along with a bunch of pockets up front, he likes having a big pocket in the back. This is where he will stash his water, snacks and such. Having this stuff in the back will also help balance you out with your front loaded to the teeth like an Arnold Schwarzenegger character. But instead of bullets you’re carrying buggers… wooly buggers!

Speaking of the back, out here in the desert it gets hot in the afternoons. Having a mesh vest will help your back breath a little bit. Breathing backs is usually half the fun, but scholars still debate this.

A nice little extra is a dry pad on the vest. This dry pad will make quick work when drying your dry flies off. (My apologies if that last sentence was a little dry.)

D-Rings (maybe not the technical term for them) are awesome for hanging your clippers and snippers. Now please note that Rick did not even need to be prompted to make that statement rhyme. It flowed naturally like a mountain stream which confirms my suspicion that when Rick is not fly fishing he is rocking underground rap battles.

Vests will also come with two different harnessing operations. There is the full shoulder covering vests, which have that classic goofy fly fishing look. They are solid, stable and do not slip that much.

There are also the shoulder strap vests, which allow for freer movement when casting. Just like with the mesh letting your back breath, the lessening of material means you will not sweat up such a storm.

Now we carry a multitude of options at our White River Fly Shops for fly fishing vests. I might even explore other options for carrying your fly equipment downstream with you. (Spoiler alert!) So come on by and talk to Rick or any of the other fly-masters next time you are around. (You can even snag a little one for junior, check the top left corner.) Just don’t expect to hear a few sick beats from Rap Master Rick, he does that off the clock! Mending Bends and Tyin’ Tippet!! Giddy up now!


What’s New in Camo: Are You Ready to Get That Trophy Buck?




For many years the way to get close to your chosen prey was to dress in earth tones and hope they didn’t see you. Now, with advances in technology we are able to get closer and closer to our quarry. With the advent new materials used in modern camouflage, colors blend seamlessly into the background while at the same time keeping visible movement down. An added bonus to these materials is that many help to absorb the majority of human odors.

To get close to that dear you have always wanted, scent control is the way to go. Scentlok technology uses carbon alloy for maximum scent control. This compound is comprised of activated carbon, zeolite and treated carbon. All three work together to attack many of the scents that ware commonly thought of as the human odor. Bass Pro offers this new technology in everything from the lightest of shirts to full winter one piece suits. For the best cover you need headwear, studies find that most scent is released from your head. So when looking into buying a new set of scent absorbing clothes, remember to grab a scent control hat on the way out! It is always a good idea to keep in mind the type of hunting you will be doing and where you will be hunting when buying your hunting clothes. Remember that weather is as big of an issue with your clothes as how well they fit.

Scent Lok

 Once you have bought your scent control clothes the first thing you will need to do is wash them. To do this it is recommended that you use non-scent wash or Scent Away detergents in order to get your clothes ready for the hunt. Remember to dry your scent controlling clothing well before they are worn. After you have been hunting for 30 to 40 hours is it a good idea to dry your clothes again, unless they are muddy or bloody in which case completely cleaning in Scent Away detergents is a good idea. After the wash go ahead and put your scent control clothes in the drier for 15 to 20 minutes, this reactivates the Scentlok and keeps you hidden.

 In all it is a good idea to invest in a little scent control clothing. Just by purchasing a scent control hat and shirt you can reduce your scent profile considerably and make more of your hunts successful. While at the same time taking good care of the clothes you have now can be equally as important. Washing regularly in Scent Away can keep your clothes fresh and animals oblivious. Check out this link to see what Bass Pro Shops has to offer! Good luck on your next hunt and be scent free!


Happy Happy Happy!

"Americans are too preoccupied with their cell phones and computers, so they dont take the time to sit down with their spouses, children, grandchildren, aunts and uncles and grandparents to eat a meal together"  ~ Phil Robertson

DD books

One of the many great lines from the book Happy Happy Happy, newest to our Duck Dynasty collection here at Bass Pro Memphis . I didn't even get all the way through the prologue before i decided it was a book worth owning. His reality series does a good job of portraying his views but there is something about sitting down with the book that really hit home for me.

I've always thought about how my 7 month old son would grow up and what hot new gadgets I'd be standing in line for at Christmas with the rest of society. I remember growing up it was the cabbage patch doll for me and my sister. When i read this book I thought to myself i don't recall sitting down very often as a family and having dinner, my mom had to work two jobs. So instead of worrying/wondering what the future may hold for my son, I think I'll be sure to read to him from my new book at night, teach him to read it when he gets old enough and then make sure he reads it from time to time.  Perhaps, in place of one  video game night or one of his cell phones dates I'll make it a point to cook dinner for him and listen to how is day went at school. 

I invite you to come by, put your feet up in a recliner and read one of our books, and if that doesn't do it for you, take a stroll by the rest of our Duck Dynasty product and get HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!









Hometown Festival - 100% FREE Event!

Bass Pro Shops prize wheel3 balloonsYou won’t have to wonder where the Hometown Festival is – we’re marking its location with pennants and balloons!

Lots of great family activities going on – inside! So no matter what the weather gives us that weekend, we’re sure to give you that Hometown Festival fit for the whole family. But our Festival is entirely FREE!

Four PRIZE WHEEL activities
(complete all four & spin the prize wheel!) 
•Bass Pro Shops BB Range
•Metal detector treasure hunt
•Casting buckets
•Duck Pond/pick a duck, win a prize


Pick a duck game pond at Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops / Daisy Shooting Range


yellow balloonSeminars:

•1:30pm Smokin’ – Tips for successful meat smoking
Outdoor Grilling – Choosing the right grill
Dutch Oven Cooking – Tips for outdoor cooking

Photo download image #14 Tony Stewart Car



Product Demos & Bass Pro Shops Food Samples 

Photo Op!

How would you like to be in the driver's seat of the # 14 Tony Stewart car? Well, okay, can't help you there, but we can get you a free photo download that makes it look like you're behind the wheel!


We've Got Festival Food!

          Hot Dogs 1-4pm each day!
Homemade Ice Cream 4-5pm each day!

Color a duck craftGiveaways!

We're giving away THREE 25.00 Gift Cards each day

And even more Family Activities! yellow balloon

Face Painting
Coloring sheets

Hometown Festival Nascar Sprint Sweepstakes

 small balloon floats

Bass Pro Shops, East Peoria, IL



Sanuks and Reefs

Summer is officially here, and with it comes a need for trendy looks that allow you to keep cool and comfortable despite the sun's determined heat.  Bass Pro Shops carries a wide selection of mens, womens, and kids flip flops and casual shoes created by Sanuk to optimize comfort.  Their sleek designs offer fresh new technology including foot beds made from real yoga mat material that will leave you feeling like you're walking in paradise even if you're miles away from the beach.  Styles of both open and closed toed shoes offer a selection that can meet everyone's needs.

Woman's Sanuk Castaway Slip-On ($54.99)

Men's Sanuk Yogi 3 Sandal ($34.99)


Youth Sanuk Castaway Slip-On ($39.99)

To help beat the heat, Bass Pro Shops also carries a wide selection of Reef's sandals for everyone in the family. While capitalizing on comfort, these water friendly styles also feature anatomical arch supports that compliment their compression molded EVA foot beds.  The performance sandals are also designed with a light weight construction while select styles feature bottle openers embedded in the out sole for additional convenience during summer fun! 

Men's Reef Fanning Leather Sandal ($54.99)

Woman's Reef Love Crochet Thong Sandal ($49.99)

Stop by Bass Pro Shops in Independence and check out these new summer styles!


Using Cover Scents

As we have previously discussed, there are a number of steps to make you invisible while hunting. Effective camouflage is a priority (however, you should always wear the required amount of blaze orange for safety) and scent control (to mask any human or unnatural scents) is a necessity. The next step to completely "blend in" and remain unnoticed is a cover scent.

wafersHunters's Specialties offers a line of cover scent wafers available at your local Bass Pro Shops. The scent wafers come three to a package in four distinct scents:  Natural Cedar, White Oak Acorn, Fresh Earth and Natural Pine. Simply select the correct fragrance for the habitat where you are hunting and hang near your stand for hours of coverage.  Each wafer maintains effectiveness for four to eight hours. 

For best results, hang so air can pass through the wafer for maximum scent dispersal.  Experts recommend hanging at six feet off the ground; one to your left and one to your right. To rejuvenate, when you leave the woods, simply reseal the wafer in its container. It will return to full strength in a matter of hours.

 Two other popular options are red fox urine and raccoon urine. Red fox urine is actually thought to calm deer and reduce fear and skittishness.  Raccoons and deer typically share the same habitat or territory, so that is a familiar scent as well. The cover scents are typically applied with drags or foot pads.

Stop by Bass Pro Shops and check out all your cover scent options!



Pre-Owned Inventory at BPS Leeds, Alabama

Summer's winding down and the temps are starting to cool off a little.  So just like late Winter into Spring, it's time to start thinking about some Fall fishing

A great way to do that if you are ready to get in to a reasonably priced boat is to take a look at our Pre-Owned Boat Corral located just outside the showroom to the left of our Power Pros service bays.

Right now we have 5 pre-owned boats ready for the right owner.  From a NauticStar 1910 Bay  Boat with a Yamaha 115 4Stroke with low hours to a great little beginner boat in a Tracker Pro V-17.  We have a Triton 17 Explorer with a 90HP Merc Optimax.  We even have an G-3 Aluminum boat rigged with a 40HP Yamaha JET drive outboard, ideal for fishing rocky areas near dams. And a really nice Fisher Marsh Hawk ready for those Fall croppie and bass.

Pre-Owned Line Up


















These boats are priced to sell, and ALL have been through our Power Pros'  32-point Check List. 

Stop by the next time you're out this way and check out our Pre-Owned Specials, as well as our MODEL YEAR CLEARANCE.


Trail Camera Common Questions

I have been getting a lot of questions here lately about trail cameras.

Which ones to buy? How do you use them ? Where do you put them?

So, I have put together a list of list of my favorites. If you are looking to purchase a trail camera for the first time, you maybe in for a big surprise. There are hundreds of makes and models out there to choose from. My best advice to you would be just keep it simple. What I look for in a trail camera, also known as a game camera, is 4 simple things:

First - The last thing I want is to show up to check my cam and realize my batteries are dead. So I try to pick a camera that uses AA batteries. AA's will hold their power so much better when the temperature falls into the 30's or colder. Especially when you use lithium's batteries.

Second -  IR capable. Most of your cameras will be IR today instead of white flash. It is a highly debatable question in the industry over whether or not a flash will spook game. I have used both and I will say that I have had deer shy away from a flash compared to an IR, but I also have had a lot of deer not notice it. So the jury is still out on that. My main reason for choosing a IR cam would be to keep them unseen from the two legged mammals. I have had my fair share of cameras come up missing or damaged from someone trying to take them. The IR LED'S do put off a slight glow when they take a pic. But nothing over barring like a white flash. You have to be right on top of it to see them.

Third - Trigger speed. Trigger speed is another highly debatable thing. Most cam's will have at least a one second trigger speed, with some at a half second. How you set your camera on the tree will help or hurt you with. If you are getting a lot of tail end shots it is normally because the camera is pointing across the trail instead of slightly angled. Angling it up the trail more will allow the target to be in the cameras field of view longer giving the slower speed cam's ample time to power up and take the picture.

Fourth -  Consider mega pixels. Higher mega pixel cameras will give you that sharp image when you need to zoom in when your viewing your pictures. You won't have that real grainy look that you get with the lower pixels. It may be the difference between your million dollar picture of Bigfoot and a dark blob.

With all of that said Moultrie, Primos and Wildgame Innovations all have new dependable cam's on the market.  


Wildgame Innovations Crush 8 Lightsout  ($199.99) 8mp, black flash, video w/ audio and up to a 70' flash range and with 12 AA'S needed, it is sure to be a great battery life cam.


Moultrie's M880 IR. ($159.99) is a much improved version in their game spy series. Long battery life with 8 AA's and up to 100' night range is sure catch anything walking by. 


Primos Truth Cam Ultra 35 ($119.99) is by far the easiest game camera I have ever set up to use. This is a perfect camera for the beginner. The toggle switch design is a snap. Just slide the color coordinated switches to you desired setting and your done. 8AA's,4mp,40' night range, time lapse/w video. Very good camera for the budget hunter.


Now, the one camera I rely on year end and year out is Bushnell's Trophy Cam. ($199.99-$249.99) They have been the best i have ever used. 1/2 second trigger speed,8mp, HD video/w audio and 8AA's. This will be season number 5 for me using them. I have nothing but great things to say, I have had up to 7 months of battery life out 1 set of lithium batteries. Yes that's 7 months of taking a ton of pictures. If you are in the market for a cam. You have to check out Bushnell's line.

If you are interesting in reading more, check out this blog as well written on game cameras - Trail Camera Time is Here

That's all the time I have for now. I hope i could shed a little light on the subject for you. From all of us here at your local Bass Pro Shops. Have a Happy and safe hunting season.


Hunting Lead - Anthony Alkire


August Is Elk Country Conservation Month!

Here at  Bass Pro Shops, we are estactic to be able to participate in supoorting the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Donation Month!

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has partnered with wildlife agencies and universities in funding studies for free ranging elk.  In the past 23 years, they have completed restorations for the elk in several states that haven't had an appropriate environment to maintain elk habitat.

Elk are being monitored for 3-5 years to ensure that their survival and movement patterns coinside with their natural habitat.

At the end of August there will be a drawing for 7 (seven) prizes!  1st Prize Winner will receive a $2,000 Bass Pro Shop Gift Card and  2nd - 7th Prize Winners will receive a $500 Bass Pro Shop Gift Card.  All it takes to participate and Win is a $2.00 donation at any one of our Bass Pro Shop locations!




Hometown Festival Labor Day Weekend

bb gun range

Come join us Labor Day weekend for a fun family event and best of all, it's FREE !!! Our Hometown Festival, being held on Saturday August 31st and Sunday September 1st from noon to 5pm, will be chock full of free family events, including the following:

Noon to 5pm: BB gun range, metal detector treasure hunt, duck pond, casting buckets, free photo opportunity, food sampling and prize wheel.

1pm to 5pm: Wood duck craft and coloring pages

1pm to 4pm - Free hot dogs

1:30pm - Smokin' workshop

2:30pm - Outdoor Grilling workshop

3:30pm - Dutch Oven Cooking

4pm to 5pm - Homemade ice cream sampling

2:00pm - $25 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card Drawing

3:00pm - $25 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card Drawing

4:00pm - $25 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card Drawing

You will also have an opportunity to get registered to win a trip to the NASCAR Sprint Series Champion's Week in Las Vegas


New Under Armour sunglasses


Bass Pro Shops- Columbia is proud to display our new Under Armour sunglasses! What's so great about this brand and why are we so excited? Under Armour sunglasses has a price range that is affordable for good quality glasses. They're lightweight and have an adjustable nose pad, making them custom fit. They have a three point grip system as well which makes them stay put while you are on your outdoor adventures. They even stay on the top of your hat better! These sunglasses are very durable and enhance vision up to 20 percent.

For more information about these cool sunglasses, visit our website or ask one of our gifts associates.


What's HOT for Delta Striper

So as many of you know the delta stripers bite is coming up quick and you may be wondering what to use. Well what do delta stripers like to eat ? Shad! Many of you are thinking okay I'll just throw a swim bait. Well think again. Those big striper aren't just looking for that single little shad, they are looking for a nice school.

Right now at Bass Pro Shops we have the YUM YUMbrella 3-Wire Rig Kit and our Bass Pro Shops Deadly 5 Crappie Rig. Both of these rigs come with the 3-wire design. Some of you may be asking why a crappie rig and I'll tell you. Believe it or not this smaller rig may help out with not only catching Striper but hooking up to some of those big delta black bass in those more confined areas.

Now when using the YUMbrella rig i recommend switching out the 4" minnows that come with it, to our Bass Pro Shops Boss Shad. When I'm fishing this rig, I like to use the 3" Boss Shad preferably two of the shad color and one with the firetiger pattern. Believe it or not for some reason 90% of  the time that different color Boss Shad will be the one that gets hit. When using the Bass Pro Shops Deadly 5 Crappie Rig I use the Boss Shad also, but this time with two 2" shad and one 3" shad of a different color and again 90% of my hits will be on that different color. Other great colors of Boss Shad to use are the blue gill and baby bass colors.

Also to note I recommend spreying some BANG shad formula on your Boss Shad the night before to help it soak in, it really helps attract the fish. When throwing these rigs I use 7' Medium-Heavy Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series rod with a 7.1:1 Johnny Morris Signature Series Reel. This Set up is also available in a combo. The line you should use is our Bass Pro Shops XPS 8  Advanced Braid. The 50lb braid is the best because these heavy rigs will snap any other mono or flourocarbon at that diameter.    


For our early morning anglers a Heddon Super Spook is that way to go. These top water lures are the go to lure in the delta right now for early morning striper fishing. The 5" Bone, Frog, Foxy Shad and the Wounded Shad are the best colors at this time. Throwing this lure I like to use a 6'6" to 7' Medium-Heavy Bass Pro Shops Extreme Rod and Reel Combo with the 7.1:1 Extreme Reel with some Bass Pro Shops Excel 15-17lb Monofilament.


If you are interested in seeing these products in action I ill be demonstrating them in our bass tank on August 31st at 12p.m. and September 1st at 2p.m.

Travis Gonsalves

Fishing Department

Manteca Store 49







The Power of Fishing from a Tube

  I have a nickname that I'm quite proud of. They call me the "Frugal Fisherman."  I look for bargains and will study ways to eliminate expensive fishing obstacles. One such obstacle was that I was tired of watching boats blast by me on shore while they headed for greener fishing pastures.  There were also tanks and ponds I wanted to fish which would not allow motors. So I compromised.  I bought a Lost Lake Fishing tube from the White River Fly Shop at my local Bass Pro!

  That turned out to be on of the better buys I have made in my 50+ years of fishing purchasing.  I was instantly able to leave the shore!  I could reach acres and acres more fishing spots on both lakes and ponds without having to buy a trailer, or boat tags or insurance, or dolling out dollars for gas. 

  My first tube was a round (actually more circular) tube.  I added a pair of good swim fins and off I went to Lake Loy up around Sherman, Tx.  Once I limbered up the old fly rod I maneuvered out past the tangled mat of hydrilla and it was on!  I don't remember how many bream and crappie I caught that day.  I do remember thinking what a good buy that tube just might prove to be.  I caught the daylights out of fish I could not reach before.

  I've had my tube under the bridges of Cedar Creek and Lake Ray Hubbard. The creeks of Ray Roberts and Lewisville have produced Spring crappie by the 25-fish-limit too. I just stay in either the coves away from speeding boats or under bridges on major lakes and out of swift current on running.

 Granted, I got my catch rate per trip up to some very respectable numbers, but that wasn't the biggest long term advantage. Two huge plusses I have been able to use throughout my fishing career were to plan a trip with a map and the weather forecaster. And second, to fish the my chosen waters thoroughly before hauling myself all over the lake.

 If you plan on fishing the lakes around the metroplex, grab a good lake map.  Get the kind with the contour lines like A.I.D Lake Maps or "Fishing Hot Spots Maps."  Then watch your local weather personality or check the internet. You want to figure out which direction the wind will be coming from and it's speed.  Look at your map. The goal here is to figure out good places to fish while not being buffeted by heavy Texas winds. Windy areas are also good to fish, but after a day of fining my way around, I want a relatively easy kick back home.

 Fish your area thoroughly. If you have fished every stump. lily pad, weed bed, brush pile and there is no joy in Tubeville it's not hard to move. If you have ants in your pants and want to change major areas on the lake, well, it's no big deal to throw your tube in the car or truck and boogie to the next spot.

 Most float tubes are well constructed and can support at least 250 pounds of fisher and gear.  They are also rugged in their construction and don't puncture easily on snags in the water. As you progress in your tube fishing adventure, get on fishing forums on the internet. There are actually clubs and individuals who get together and go fishing with their tubes.  You can also tune in here next time for some more fishing, safety and just plain old helpful tube fishing hints!

Get off the bank! Get a White River Fly Shop float tube at your Bass Pro Shops of Garland, Tx and bend that rod like you own it!

Fishing from a tube

Tight Lines and Loops,

"Fly, the Frugal Fisherman"


Alexander Hamilton’s Powder Horn

NRA Museum

For over 300 years the black powder rifle and pistol were the pinnacle of hunting privilege. Early in the Black Powder Revolution a musket fired a single round piece of lead down a long hollow tube. Since then the black powder rifle has come a long way. To see this one only has to look at the CVA Acura V2. This rifle shoots a Power Belt copper jacketed slug down a rifled barrel making this black powder rifle as accurate as a modern cartridge rifle.

While the rifles have become as technologically advanced as a cell phone one thing has remained a constant, the need to store your powder in a dry place. In the past a powder horn was a symbol for a family of how well off someone in society was. If you could afford to buy a horn with gold inlay or intricate scroll work you were seen as wealthy.  This remains true even today where powder horns are still sold in Bass Pro as a remembrance of the past and proving that sometimes the old ways were the best ways.

As a Founding Father of the United States and a military strategist Alexander Hamilton enjoyed the best equipment the world had to offer. Even though this influential figure is long gone his powder horn still baffles and intrigues even the best of scholars. The images drawn on the powder horn depict the young Alexander Hamilton’s idea of how to rise through the ranks of people and becoming both wealthy and influential while at the same time retaining his reputation and honor. In these images there are references to Sir Francis Bacon and Niccolo Machiavelli’s political philosophy. Another portion of the horn shows clearly Alexander Hamilton’s plan to develop the Western Ohio territory. This huge amount of information is all artistically designed into every single curve of the horn through intricate pictures.

Hamilton carried his horn throughout his entire military career. During this time Hamilton created his own artillery company and fighting for the independence of the American Colonies. Soon after this Hamilton’s career turned to a new front. Hamilton took the position of aide and field commander for General George Washington. After the war Hamilton became the first delegate from New York to the Constitutional Congress and even wrote his own draft of the Constitution. Throughout this entire time Hamilton always kept his powder horn close as a reminder of how he planned to keep his reputation and honor.

This horn was carried throughout Alexander Hamilton’s life making it a rare glimpse into the life of a man who helped shape a new world. This piece of history is now on display at the National Sporting Arms Museum in Springfield Missouri. Come see Bass Pro Shop's big selection of black powder rifles and pistols.  Along with our period powder horns, holsters for re-enactors and even a do it yourself black powder pistol and rifle kit. Stain the wood, mount the barrel, and even work the trigger into a smooth shooting machine. Let your imagination take you anywhere with this personalized work of art.

Come check out the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri and here is a sneak peak of what you can expect! .

Powder Horn




This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Support the Elk Foundation

We're taking a breather after the Fall Hunting Classic, - but we have our Labor Day sale going and some great food sampling going on.

Try Before you Buy!

Saturday, Noon - 4 p.m. Onion rings made with Uncle Buck's batter.

Sunday, Noon - 4 p.m. - It's Meyer’s lemonade!


Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Plus - The grill shack is open as we whip up some hamburgers and hot dogs to raise money for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, our conservation partner in the month of August.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation isn't just for states that have elk. RMEF works to ensure the future of elk, along with other wildlife, and their habitats, along with our hunting heritage. In 1907, only 41,000 elk remained in North America.  Today there are well over 1 million elk thanks to the money and hard work invested by hunters to restore and conserve habitat. Through donations to groups like RMEF, hunters add $300 million a year to conservation efforts.

So, stop by the grill shack outside the store and help show your support for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation!



Next weekend it's our Labor Day Hometown Festival weekend!  Celebrate the end of summer and say hello to fall with free activities and fun for the kids, free hot dogs, and ice cream samples, too!