12 lb sack of Spotted Bass on Zoom 5" Pumpkin Lizard

On January 26, 2014 I fished Lake Sidney Lanier in Cumming GA. The water was 44 degrees.
I rigged, Texas style, your Zoom 5 inch pumpkin-colored Lizard.
I went to a point by Bald Ridge Marina. Soon I felt a slight tug and set the hook on a 5lb 3 oz beauty ( see pic).
I moved to another point and same feeling: set the hook on a 3 pounder, then 2.4lbs, and finished with 2 lbs. It all happened in a 1 ½ hour timeframe. What thrilling moments.
The reason I have this picture for you today is because I take a picture of the lure I used and the fish I caught for family and friends to see. Then I release the fish back into the water. Yes, I’m a catch-and-release angler.
Spotted bass love the Zoom 5 inch pumpkin-colored Lizard, and I love ProBass products.

Name: Gary Henthorn
ProductDescription: Zoom 5" Pumpkin Lizard


Jig Fishing with Casey Scanlon

Elite Series Professional Casey Scanlon was at Bass Pro Shops Altoona recently for the Spring Fishing Classic. He says the jig is the most versatile lure an angler can throw....all times of year, all depths, all water temps. It's something you can grab a couple of, throw in your tackle box and catch fish all year.  Watch the video for more of Casey's tips:

Casey suggests 1/2 or 3/8 oz. in brown or black and blue.


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Bird Feeders - Don't Forget Your Friends


March is here and while we are thinking that this winter is almost over, we can still expect the cold for a while longer.  Don't forget about all your  flying friends.  Bass Pro Shops has a nice variety of birdfeeders to pick from and here are just a few you can find in our store or on our website.

The Woodlink Caged Tube Bird Feeder is squirrel resistant.  This will keep predators away and make it easy for the birds to eat and move around.





















Still have a problem with squirrels?  Well look at the Woodstream Perky Pet Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird FeederThis classic lantern will hold 2 pounds of seed and has sure lock which keeps the squirrels out while inviting different kinds of birds to eat.















Here is a bright cheerful, and very inexpensive bird feeder.  The Woodlink Sunflower Suet is great.  This feeder will hold one suet cake and gives you the lightheartedness of spring. 


















The Woodstream Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone is sure to make the birds happy.  The perch is weight activated to keep squirrels out.  This feeder can be hung or pole mounted.










So, don't forget about your feathered friends.  These feeders are easy on your eye while it keeps your friends fed!


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





Hey Jack! Try the Duck Dynasty Deluxe Adventure Playset

If your kids (or you) have been clamoring for one of the many Ducky Dynasty playsets, but you can't decide which one, then this is the choice for you!

The Duck Dynasty Deluxe Adventure Playset incudes Willie, Jase, Phil, and Si action figures, as well as a truck, a trailer, an officially licensed Tracker Jon Boat, and more. Kids even get awesome Duck Dynasty accessories like Si’s tea cup, 2 frogs, a duck, and a beaver. Even better, if you already have some of the action figures or playsets, this one is fully compatible with them all.

The truck has a removable camper shell and Duck Dynasty detailing and it comes with a fully-licensed Tracker jon boat! The Deluxe Playset comes with over 20 pieces to provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.

Head over to your local Bass Pro Shops to take a look at this and other Ducky Dynasty merchandise, including t-shirts, books, cookbooks, DVDs, socks, video games hats, puzzles and much more.




Spring Fishing Classic - Local Tips and Seminars Weekend!

Spring Fishing Classic

Local Tips and Pros Seminar Weekend

Featuring Pro Staff – Kary Ray and Lance Baker

Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pro Staff


Join Us March 7-9 for these Great Seminars from Lance, Kary, and the rest of our fishing experts!

Friday, March 7 - Flipping and Pitching for Bass - Presented by Lance Baker

Saturday and Sunday, March 8 and 9:

11:00 a.m. - Locating Bass in New Waters - Presented by Ray and Baker

1:00 p.m. - Topwater Techniques for Bass -  Presented by Keith Kulow – 2010-2012 Brushy Creek Bass Club AOY, 2007 FLW/BFL Regional Qualifier

2:00 p.m. - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass - Presented by Ray and Baker

3:00 p.m. - Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter? - Presented by Bryce Witt, Fishing Lead & Matt Michel, Fishing Associate

4:00 p.m. - Become a Smallmouth Specialist - Presented by Baker and Ray

5:00 p.m. - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass - Presented by Fishing Lead Chris Grocholski


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Check it Out List: Fishing Pack

Fishing is what originally got me into the outdoors. And ever since not catching anything on my first trip I have been hooked ever since. Over the years I have tried countless different techniques, baits and tackle. Things worked and a lot more didn’t. For me it seems to always be that the simpler the setup, the better the experience.

Now as any fisherman knows, there are so many different kinds of fishing. Usually a gear list is either to general or not specific enough for a trip. Just think about the difference in gear you would need to take with you when going from say… slamming some sunfish to hooking up with a monster peacock bass! So for this month’s Check it out List I will be covering something that I think every fisherman could benefit from. A checklist for a fishing pack. This will not be specific for any particular fish species or style of fishing, but something that every fisherman should take with them.

Fishing Pack


Needle Nose Pliers/ Forceps



Hand Towels

Trash Bag


Bug Repellent

Resalable Plastic Bags


Note Pad and Writing Utensil

Lets break this down shall we. Like I discussed with the Range Time bag last month, picking out a proper pack is essential. A lot of people will over-pack and I am one of them. I prefer a backpack style pack as it frees my hands up for carrying other things. Now a backpack does sound like overkill for the minimal items that I listed above, but it leaves me room for all the tackle and such I would need to take to actually fish with. So my suggestion is getting a small-medium zippered pack that can be tossed inside a bigger pack with ease.

The needle-nose pliers are nice for de-hooking fish, crimping barbs and just overall fixing of small things that happen on fishing trips. I like forceps though for their precision of hook removal. Scissors are great for cutting through line. Many would substitute nail-clippers to save space and weight, but I like scissors. (My mother did not like though that I felt my fishing pack deserved the best scissors in the house.) Scissors can also be used to cut through other bigger items when necessary.

Knife. I don’t really know a single list in life that one could not use a good knife in. There is no specific knife I suggest, just make sure it is one that you like and can work with. You’ll need for all the millions of uses knives get put through… and of course gutting your catch!

We all have been with people that don’t like getting “icky from fishing” and I can’t blame em. As much as I respect Powerbait Trout Bait it does tend to ruin any sandwich I eat if I have some left on my hands. So bring a towel. Seriously.

Every pack used for outdoor activities should have a few trash bags. You know it, I know it, the animals know it and the Forest Service knows it… people are slobs. Somebody has to help out when it comes to the litter issues so many places suffer.

Sunscreen and bug repellent are good to carry, for obvious reasons. I suggest putting these in the resalable plastic bags to keep them from spilling/leaking on other items. Also have a few more plastic bags because you never know what you might need to bag up.

By ruler I mean a retractable kind. Get one of those little three-foot ones that take up no space. Use it to measure your fish. The note pad and writing utensil will let you keep track of your successes, failures and just thoughts while out fishing. Humans as a species are slowly losing the ability to hand-write (I’m pretty sure it started with doctors…) so why not get back to basics when reconnecting with the wilderness.

Well there you have it. Another checklist to check off.

Could track bees in a blizzard! Giddy-Up!!



Gun Cleaning

Game Care

First Aid

Day Pack

Trip Prep

Range Time


A Small Part in a Great March

On Saturday, March 1, hundreds of people will be starting a trek across the country. Iowan Robert Cook will be on that walk and is taking a bit of Bass Pro Shops along. Bob from the Great March for Climate Action

The Great March for Climate Action gets underway Saturday and Robert has been coming in to pick up a few items for the walk. Bob recently retired as a minister after 40 years. He is passionate about his participation in the walk...so passionate, he is committed to completing the walk from LA to Washington D.C. in eight months. Over 200 marchers, from 36 states and 6 countries plan to walk 15 miles a day, camping along an established route that will wind through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and on east. It's a green march and they will be practicing Leave No Trace every moment on the trail and at their campsites. They'll have a solar-powered mobile kitchen to provide meals for the walkers. They will rest on Sundays.

In preparation for his walk he has purchased numerous items from Bass Pro Shops Altoona.

"This store has played a HUGE part in my preparation. I had never been here and had driven by several times on I-80. Someone told me to check the store out for my supplies. I walked in and was amazed by the size and beauty of the store."

Some of the items he has purchased includes RedHead CoolMax Liner Socks for men. He layers those with RedHead Hiking Socks and he already knows they're going to be a charm! He has purchased several pairs for the journey. The liners help create a great barrier to help prevent blisters. He has been wearing the combination during his daily training for the walk and he says they feel great!

Other items he has purchased include insect repellent, a tarp for his tent to sit on, a wash basin for cleaning up, an LED lantern, a Bass Pro Shops camp chair, and an Ascend Dry Bag.

Best of luck to Bob and the other marchers as they walk for their cause...watch for reports of them coming by your location and give them a wave. We hope to see them here at Bass Pro Shops Altoona mid-way through their walk when they camp in the area!


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Which Fishing Line is Best for You?

If you are new to Fishing - or even if you are an "Ole Pro" - sometimes just walking through our Fishing Department can prove to be overwhelming.  Every Year, something bigger and better comes out and on starts the trial and error checklist.

I emailed our Local Pro Staffer, Joel Ross - and asked him to break down the different LINE SELECTIONS that you may see in our store.  His awesome response is as follows:

Fishing Line

Man, what a broad subject with all the lines out there today.  I am going to break it down pretty simple for everyone since I don’t do complex very well.  Bass Pro has excellent line and here are the three I will be discussing:

XPS Signature Series Monofilament—it has ideal sensitivity with easy handling and high abrasion resistance.

XPS KVD Signature Series Fluorocarbon—it has unparalleled abrasion resistance while maintaining softness and is virtually invisible underwater.

XPS 8 Advanced Braid—it is woven from 8 Dyneema fibers for unparalleled strength and consistent roundness for smooth casting.

I just got my reels cleaned up and ready for the 2014 season, so I will be re-spooling with fresh line.  I tournament fish, so I have a rod and reel for every purpose I will be targeting based on the lake I will be fishing, thus a need for the correct line for each purpose.  In the following, I will use Ross Barnett as my lake to pick the line for each purpose targeted:

Jig Fishing—two different approaches will be covered with the jig.  If flipping heavy grass or standing grass—60 lb. green XPS Advanced Braid.  If casting a jig—20 lb. XPS KVD Signature Series Fluorocarbon.

Worm Fishing—15 lb. XPS KVD Signature Series Fluorocarbon

Hollow Body Frog Fishing—60 lb. green XPS Advanced Braid

Spinner bait Fishing—15 to 20 lb XPS KVD Signature Series Fluorocarbon, pick depending on color of water, clearer water go with 15.

Buzz bait Fishing—40 lb green XPS Advanced Braid

Soft/Hard Jerk Baits—15 lb. XPS Signature Series Monofilament

Top Water (Spook)—15 lb. XPS Signature Series Monofilament

Ribbet Frog/Weighted Skinny Dipper—15 lb. XPS KVD Signature Series Fluorocarbon

Crankbait Fishing—12 lb XPS KVD Signature Series Fluorocarbon

As a rule, braid is very strong and visible, so use in thick cover.  Fluorocarbon is strong and virtually invisible, so use in clear water conditions.  Mono floats, is strong and has memory so it is used on the jerk baits and top waters, thus making it easier to walk the dog and keeping the jerk baits closer to the surface.  It is extremely frustrating to try and walk the dog with a spook with a line that sinks.  Also, a good rule of thumb is to retie often while fishing to make sure you don’t loose the big one when she decides to eat.

When re-spooling, never take all the line off the spool.  Leave some on as backing and tie an in-line knot to the line coming on.  This will allow you to use less line re-spooling.  Fill the spool all the way up.  If you leave it low on the spool, it will be harder to cast the reel.  A full spool is always easier to cast that one that has less line.  When money is on the line, change your line often and retie often.

God Bless and always catch and release so we can catch again.


** Please feel free to post any questions to our Local Pro on this thread below.  Thank you!  Happy Fishing!!


Chirp Sonar

    Today's depth finders have so much technology packed into a small unit that it can become overwhelming to understand exactly your unit is up to. We have things like basic sonar, down imaging, side imaging, 360 imaging, and now we have chirp. Chirp is the technology that is taking over the depth finder market. When compared to basic sonar, chirp proves to have a major advantage. By reviewing the details of this technology it will help explain why chirp is superior. It will also be beneficial to learn some of the units that are currently using this technology. The more you know and understand boat electronics, you will increase your ability to choose the electronics that best fit your needs.

   Basic sonar works though sound waves similar to how a bat navigates through the night. The transducer both sends and receives the signal for your unit to process and display. It will send a click sound down through the water and that sound will reflect off an object and ping back up to the transducer, and the unit will let you know the size and depth of the ping based on the return signal strength. This technology has been improved over the years but it still has its downsides. The transducer will send a longer ping down for deeper waters until it reaches something to bounce off of. The problem with this feature is that with long pings, you have the possibility of your readings blending together.

    Chirp is not the same technology as basic sonar. It sends a ping down just like typical sonar except it does not focus on a frequency at a time. Basic sonar usually sends down a ping at a specific frequency per ping. This is where chirp is different. The ping that chirp sends down consists of multiple frequencies, and the end result is a much higher detailed and accurate sonar reading. It is much more complex when it comes to processing multiple frequencies from a single ping, so units capable of chirp typically cost a little more than basic sonar units.

  Chirp is the latest in sonar technology and many units are starting to hit the market with chirp as a feature. The Raymarine Dragonfly is currently one of the hottest chirp units out with an affordable price tag. This unit offers both sonar and down imaging sonar with chirp technology. Combined with an easy interface and top notch Navionics mapping, the Dragonfly is a great place to start looking when researching chirp units.

   Chirp technology is an improvement to sonar that is here to stay. I believe that in the near future most, if not all, units will have this technology, because it is proven and already in implementation by the top sonar brands. If you are looking for a little more detail in your sonar, chirp is the way to go. If you have any questions or would like to know more about what units have chirp technology please visit a local Bass Pro marine department.

Ryan Wynn


Manteca Store 49


Wading Around For Spring?

Spring is fast approaching and now is the time to check your waders and wading boots to see if you need to replace your old ones or upgrade them.  Bass Pro Shops in Independence, MO has a wide selection of waders and wading shoes to accommodate a variety of outdoor activities.  Whether you are trout fishing at the trout parks in the Ozarks or crossing a small creek to get to your favorite turkey hunting area we have many options for you. 

If you haven't been in to our store for awhile come in and browse around and see what we have to offer.  We have stocking foot chest wader/wading boot combinations that can accommodate various needs.  Some of the wading boots even have interchangeable soles you can instantly switch to adjust to the terrain you are walking on.  We carry various waders made with either breathable, neoprene or 3-ply canvas material.  And if you want the basic cleated boot wader we also have them in chest and hip waders.

If you would like to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable then consider our assortment of wader accessories.  For example, if your clothing pant legs move around in your waders and make you uncomfortable we have pant keepers that will help hold them in place.

Or if you need a wading staff to help you walk across the rocks in the water we have one of those also.

We also have various tall socks if you need to add warmth or cushion your feet.

So come in to the Independence Bass Pro Shops and check out what we have to make you next outdoor adventure enjoyable.






Get Organized for Open Water

The Spring Fishing Classic gives you a great opportunity to get organized. From tackle systems, to organizers, utility boxes, and bags there are many great products to help you be prepared and ready to hit the water.  Here are some annual favorites!

Digital Camo 370 System

The Digital Camo 370 system -  This cool soft-sided tackle bag includes two Bass Pro Shops 370 boxes! This satchel-style bag also has two side pockets for extra gear and tools.

Bass Pro Shops 360 and 370 Utility Boxes - You can never have too much tackle, so you can never have too many plastic storage boxes, right?  Plus, is someone in your house a crafter or collector? These are great for organizing anything around the house...so pick up additional for outside the tackle box.

The Bass Pro Shops Extreme Boat Bags - These bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from heavy-duty, water resistant, PVC tarpaulin. From tote-sized to big rolling boat bags, these are Extreme Boat Bagsdesigned to protect your gear with easy to see and store compartments for small essentials and bigger items.

Other great gear organizers featured in the upcoming sale and event are the Plano Hip Roof and Magnum tackle boxes, the Plano Guide Special Tackle System, and the Plano Fishouflage Bass Tackle Bag or Rod Tubes.

Just SOME of the great items you'll find during the Spring Fishing Classic at Bass Pro Shops!

Make sure you check out the circular for all the great savings and events going on from February 28-March16.


Spring Fishing Classic

Join us for our annual Spring Fishing Classic! Here is a list of events and activities that will be held in our store.

Local fishing tips seminars: Feb. 28- March 16

Fried fish sampling: March 8- 2p.m.-4p.m.

Women’s workshop: March 15- 3p.m.
with giveaways and a raffle
*see seminar list below

Feb. 28- March 16- Win a Nitro Z7 and fish with elite angler Edwin Evers sweepstakes: Enter for a chance to win a Nitro Z7 Bass Boat, 3-day/3-night stay at Big Cedar Lodge, and fishing trip with B.A.S.S. Elite Series Professional Angler Edwin Evers.

Feb. 28-March 5: Reel tarde-in: Donate your functioning used reel and receive a coupon towards a discount on a new reel.

March 6-12 Bonus Bucks: Use your Bass Pro Shops Master Card to purchase new gear and receive up to $100 in Bonus Bucks

March 7-11 Rod trade-in: Donate your functioning used rod and receive a coupon towards a discount on a new rod.
Next Generation Weekend: Saturday and Sunday March 15 & 16
-Crafts 1p.m.-4:30p.m.
-Catch and release pond- Noon-5p.m.
-Photos: Noon-5p.m.: Free 4x6 printed photo of your kids
catching fish in our catch and release pond
-Kids workshop: 2:30 and 4:30 each day
-Free crafts
-Coloring sheets
*first 150 kids to get their Next Generation Card punched will receive a free tackle box
*each child will receive a “Keep America Fishing” Bass Pro Shops certificate
-6p.m.: Mike Webb- Electronics & Deep Water Fishing
-6:30p.m.: Tips for Fishing the Lake of the Ozarks
-7p.m.: Brian Snowden- Seasonal Patterns for Jigs
-7:30p.m.: Techniques for Fishing Bass
-8p.m.: Rick Clunn- Square Bill Crankbait & Jerkbait Techniques

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
-11a.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-12p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
-1p.m.: Fundamentals of Trolling Motors
-2p.m.: Crappie Basics
-3p.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-4p.m.: Features and Benefits of a Tracker Aluminum Boat
-5p.m.: Tips for Fishing the LAke of teh Ozarks

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
-11a.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-12p.m.: Features and Benefits of a Tracker Aluminum Boat
-1p.m.: Tips for Fishing the Lake of the Ozarks
-2p.m.: Features and Benefits of a Nitro Fiber Glass Boat
-3p.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-4p.m.: Fundamentals of Trolling Motors
-5p.m.: Tips and Trends for Bass Fishing

-6p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
-7p.m.: Bowfishing for Beginners/ Rigging for Bowfishing

*FREE travel mug giveaway to the first 25 customers to attend this seminar
-8p.m.: How to Use the Bass Pro Boss Shad and Other Swimbaits

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
*11a.m.: Locating Bass in New Waters
-12p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
*1p.m.: Topwater Techniques for Bass
*2p.m.: Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
*3p.m.: Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter
*4p.m.: Become a Smallmouth Specialist
*5p.m.: Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Crappie
*FREE travel mug giveaway to the first 25 customers to attend these seminars

**2p.m.-4p.m. Free Uncle Buck's fried fish samples!

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
*11a.m.: Locating Bass in New Waters
-12p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
*1p.m.: Topwater Techniques for Bass
*2p.m.: Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
*3p.m.: Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter
*4p.m.: Become a Smallmouth Specialist
*5p.m.: Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Crappie
*FREE travel mug giveaway to the first 25 customers to attend these seminars

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
-11a.m.: Features and Benefits of a Nitro Fiber Glass Boat
-12p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
-1p.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-2:30p.m.: Thinking Like a Fish
-3p.m.: Women's Fishing Workshop
-4:30p.m.: Thinking Like a Fish
-5p.m.: Fundamentals of Trolling Motors

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
-11a.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-12p.m.: Features and Benefits of a Tracker Aluminum Boat
-1p.m.: The fun of Fishing
-2:30p.m.: Thinking Like a Fish
-3p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
-4:30p.m.: Thinking Like a Fish
-5p.m. Tips and Trends for Bass FishingSee More



Bass Pro Shops would like to invite you to learn from the professionals. Join us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for our Bassmaster University weekend. This weekend's lineup includes:

jimmy houston

Jimmy Houston Friday night (February 28th) at 7pm
"Umbrella Rig Secrets & Learning How to Pitch"



Kevin VanDam Friday night (February 28th) at 8pm
"Tournament-Proven Bass Strategies"



Chuck Belmore Saturday (March 1st) at 1pm
"Modern Bowfishing"



James Watson Saturday (March 1st) at 2pm
"Choosing the Right Equipment: Rod, Reel & Line"



Chris Lane Saturday (March 1st) at 3pm
"Grass Fishing Techniques"



Terry Baksay Sunday (March 2) at 1pm
"Soft Plastic Swimbaits from Top to Bottom"



Roland Martin Sunday (March 2) at 2pm
"Techniques for Pattern Fishing"


woo daves

Woo Daves Sunday (March 2) at 3pm
"Worm Fishing"


Stop by and attend a workshop to learn from the best or simply come and meet a professional angler. Don't forget to pick up your Bass Pro Shops merchandise to have autographed from your favorite professional fisherman. Visit our apparel department for hats and t-shirts or pick up your favorite fishing lure from the fishing department.




This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Spring Fishing Classic Begins!

Spring Fishing Classic

Friday, February 28

The Spring Fishing Classic begins when the doors open at 9 a.m.! 

The Reel Trade-in runs February 28-March 5...trade in your old reel and save even more on a new one! The trade-ins must be in good working condition and we donate them to local youth organizations and the Lake View Camp in Pella, Iowa.

6-9 p.m. Preferred Rewards Night - A members-only event, with prizes, giveaways, extra rewards points on all purchases made at the event, and the chance to win a Nitro Z-7 Boat! Entry slip and coupon for double points are in the mailed invitation you will receive. You must bring your invitation to enter.


Saturday, March 1SFC Speakers

Join us to welcome our national pros during Bassmaster University! Seminars will be back in the Fly Shop area.

1 p.m. - Win Stevens - Missouri B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Angler - Using Your Humminbird Electronics
2. p.m. - Chase Parsons - Host "The Next Bite" TV show and Walleye Tournament Champion - Walleyes 2014
3 p.m. - Casey Scanlon - Bassmaster Elite Series Pro - Jig Fishing

Saturday, March 1 & Sunday, March 2

What a Spring Fishing Classic without a fish fry! Our Gifts Department will be serving up samples of Uncle Buck’s Fish Batter on Saturday and Uncle Buck's Hot and Spicy Batter on Sunday! Try the Uncle Buck’s Cammo Ammo or Peach Pepper hot sauces for dipping!

Saturday, March 1 & Sunday, March 2

Girl Scout Troops will be selling those famous cookies!
March 1 - Troop #881 from Johnston
March 2 - Troop # 672 from Experience Church


As always, stay on top of all our events and happenings for young and old:

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Product Spotlights: A Winning Combination!

Saturday, March 1, our local pros (Lance Baker and Kary Ray) will be at the store representing two of their other sponsors - Lance  for Daiwa and Kary for Lowrance. Come say hello and let them show you the new Daiwa Tatula line of rods and reels and the new Lowrance HDS Touch units that helped Randy Howell win the 2014 Bassmaster Classic!

The pros will show you how these two lines of products will up your game on the water!

Daiwa Tatula 100H


Stop by and see Lance to find out more about the Daiwa Tatula 100H baitcasting reel. With a 6.3:1 gear ratio, Daiwa designed this reel to be tough and smooth. A solid aluminum frame with a gear-side aluminum side plate. The air rotation provides for effortless casting in a rugged low-profile design. Buy one at the Spring Fishing Classic and get a coupon for a free Tatula long-sleeve shirt!Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2

Kary can fill you in on the Lowrance HDS Touch units, like the Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 Touch with LSS-2 HD Bundle, featuring the built-in, exclusive Insight USA mapping, Broadband Sounder, 83/200 kHz and LSS-2 Transducer. This unit also has a $200 rebate available during the Spring Fishing Classic!



Stop in and visit with Kary and Lance this Saturday, March 1, at Bass Pro Shops Altoona!


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Smoker Basics

Hi, I am Jim and I work in the Camping Department at Bass Pro Shops in Las Vegas Nevada.  Each month I’m going to share some information about some of our great products that we carry at Bass Pro.


Do you love having smoked meats or fish at your favorite restaurants? If so did you know that you can smoke your own meats and fish at home?


At Bass Pro we have everything you need to smoke your own meats, fish and cheese. All you need is a smoker, wood chips and some time.


First you need to choose a smoker that is right for you; at Bass Pro we carry inexpensive small can smokers such as our Bass Pro Shops® Smoke'n Grill Charcoal Smoker Grill to large heavy duty smokers such as the Horizon 24'' Marshal Backyard Smoker.


Propane gas and charcoal smokers can be transported for smoking out in the field where electricity is not available. Electric smokers need to be located where electricity is available.


The most popular smoker we sell at Bass Pro Las Vegas is Masterbuilt 30” Digital Smoker. The Master Built Digital smoker is very easy to use all you need is to select the proper smoking chips to the type of meat or fish that you will be smoking. The Masterbuilt Digital Smoker is very easy to set your temperature. Just insert your wood chips, place your meat on the rack and add more chips as needed.  Let your meat smoke for the time that your recipes call for.

Masterbuilt Smoker


Our Bradley smokers take the ease of smoking one step further with an automatic biscuit feeder that is truly a set it and forget it smoker. We carry the Bradley analog and digital smokers and the Bradley Bisquettes.

Bradley Smoker


Come in to Bass Pro and talk to our smoking experts in the Camping Department they can help you choose a smoker that is right for you and give you tips on preparing a great smoked meal. Bass Pro also carries many books on how to smoke your meats. Stay tuned for some great smoking recipes and easy dinner ideas.


Predator Hunting with Electronic or Mouth Calls

All general seasons are officially over and it is leaving hunters with little options to feed their outdoor addictions.  Spring time is getting close and pretty weather is sure to hit the state of Texas shortly.  Texas being a key word in that sentence, as our state has one of the largest population of coyotes nationwide.  For those hunters who are not partial to turkey hunting in the spring, coyote hunting is a sure fire way to cure that adrenaline craze we all seek while hunting wild game. 

            Our electronic calls feature calls by FoxPro, Hunters Specialties, Primos and Western Rivers.  These calls project loud and accurate sounds of wounded rabbits, fawn in distress, distressed mice and howling coyotes etc.  These calls all come preloaded with the essential calling tones used to have success in the field.  We have targeted coyotes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have had success using these calls to bring coyotes into range. 

            For the hunters who enjoy a tougher challenge I encourage you to shy away from the electronic calls and go for the mouth and hand calls.  Companies such as Primos, FoxPro and Hunters Specialties have all made very accurate sounding calls to help bring predators in close, even within shotgun or bow range.  Fooling sly coyotes into thinking you are weak and wounded is an accomplishment in itself and proceeding to harvest that animal turns a hunt into a more difficult and primitive way of hunting these wily predators.  Early February we went east and did a few calling sequences and got a response within several seconds of calling.  The coyote used the cover and got to within 40 yards before it spotted us and took off.  Even though we didn’t harvest the coyote we tricked it into believing we were something we were not.  It adds confidence to a hunter when they we realize we can equal the playing field with good calling sequences made by our mouth and hands.         

            We need to have respect for an animal that has no general season, can be baited, hunted at night, hunted with electronic calls, has no bag limit and yet they still thrive and grow in population each year.  We as hunters need to do our part in helping control this population to insure a healthy habitat for the other game animal we chase during general hunting seasons.  Come in to Bass Pro Shops Garland and speak to one of our professionals about getting some of the latest and greatest gear to turn your spring hunting into a new adventure.





Annual Spring Fishing Classic at Bass Pro Shops - Macon

The annual Spring Fishing Classic, a 17-day event, kicks off on Friday, February 28 and runs through Sunday, March 16.  The event features workshops from national fishing pros, seminars from local fishing pros and a weekend full of kids activities.

The opening event is Bassmaster University - a series of free workshops presented by nationally-known fishing pros.  This year we have five pros here, at Bass Pro Shops - Macon, to share their tips and techniques with you:



Friday, February 28

6:00 p.m.    Tommy Martin

7:00 p.m.    Scott Martin

8:00 p.m.    Stacey King

Sunday, March 2

1:00 p.m.    Travis Johnson

2:00 p.m.    O'Neill Williams

This is sure to be a "standing-room only" event - so plan to head on over and learn from the best.  Watch this column for even more details on upcoming events (such as workshops from our local fishing pros, fishing activities for kids and even a class designed for introducing women to fishing) during the Spring Fishing Classic or take a look at our Facebook page.





HuntData Digital & Printed Maps

HuntData Maps

Bass Pro carries a complete line of products from HuntData designed to assist you with your research and ultimately help you find “Where to Hunt” strategically & where public & private land boundaries are. The BigGameCD 7 program is a Windows research product, designed to help you strategize for the draw, using statistical history to analyze and identify the best hunting season.


The average success rate for hunters in Colorado is around 21%. This translates into success once every five years, right? The truth is, the successful hunters within the 21% tend to be the same hunters, over and over again. Why? They know where to hunt. There are multiple factors contributing to a successful hunt in Colorado. To move into the 21% you have to research, plan, and scout.


During the winter months you don’t have to check out of the hunting process. Instead, check out the concentrations, land ownership, and topography for your favorite unit from the safety and comfort of your office using HuntData’s Digital Maps series in Google Earth, iPhone, iPad, DROID or Garmin. Explore and dream about your fall hunt!


After the draw, your focus will change from many units to one unit, or, as most hunters do, you will need to plan a hunt in one of the over 90 units open to over-the-counter hunting. Bass Pro carries over 350 different printed unit maps covering every unit in Colorado with Elk Concentration Maps, Land Ownership, and Topographical versions. The maps will truly let you determine “Where to Hunt” in your unit.

And when it is time to enter the woods, load one of HuntData’s 2,500 Digital Maps for Colorado or Wyoming into your iPhone, iPad, DROID or new Garmin GPS Unit and hit the trail. Get the same map in your hand, on your computer and in your mobile device. Use these tools to identify “Where to Hunt” and move into the 21%.



An Office with a Different View

Bass Pro Shops Altoona AquaristWe welcome Chris Schuehle as our new aquarist at Bass Pro Shops Altoona!  Chris is a 2012 Drake University Business graduate, which may sound like an interesting background for taking care of a giant aquarium in a big outdoor store.

However, Chris has been around aquariums since he was young. He started with freshwater and went into saltwater aquariums and still has a large reef tank at his parents in Minnesota. But his experience now is to learn the industrial side of things, from the giant pump room to the 33,000 aquarium in the main store and the 1,000 gallon aquarium in Uncle Buck's FishBowl and Grill.

Chris also has scuba experience, which is integral, of course, to maintaining the large aquarium. His scuba experience started after his freshman year in college, when he and friends worked as divers in Minnesota, diving to the bottom of  lakes to remove weeds. He has also been to the Keys diving several times.

He says the most interesting thing about his new position is the size of everything and learning so much more from the experts from other stores who have been training him.

"It's pretty amazing to think about all the goes into making it possible for one little kid to have so much fun running up to see the fish and then running off again!"

That's what it's all about at Bass Pro Shops.