Product Spotlight: DogBones Retrieving System

New at Bass Pro Shops Altoona from Jeremy Moore and the gang at Dog Bone!DogBone

DogBone Shed Antler Retrieving System

A proven three step process to train your dog to find shed antlers.

Cross-train previously trained retrievers and sporting dogs or young pups to hunt for and retrieve shed antlers.

DogBone Dummies are made of the same material as other familiar training dummies, enabling an easy transition in training to an object of a new shape with a familiar feel.

The antler dummies provide a safe, positive and pleasant introduction to the antler shape for pups and young dogs with sensitive smaller muzzles, eyes and noses.

With the use of a few basic training methods and the proper tools, most dogs can be effectively trained to find sheds, increasing your odds of success exponentially.


Also available -  2 oz. bottles of the Shed Antler Scent - the only manufactured antler scent on the market, made from 100% naturally shed antlers. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Shed Antler Retrieving System.


Bass Pro Shops Altoona has the Shed Antler Retrieving System in stock and the 2 oz. Shed Antler Scent.  Check with your local Bass Pro Shop for stock and also available online at




Bowfishing - Sport of Removal

It's a great way for bow hunters to "extend" their season. Bowfishing has been around for hundreds of years and its popularity continues to grow in Iowa and other states.

Members of the Bowfishing Association of Iowa (BAI) were at Bass Pro Shops Altoona recently to share information about this unique method of fishing.

Billie Summers of BAI has some important regulations and safety tips you need to know before beginning bow fishing.



Bowfishing can be done from the bank or in a boat.  Avid bowfishers often have boats with raised platforms to improve their visual of their targets.

Why bow fish?  From the BAI website:

Many people do not realize just how destructive some rough fish can be to a body of water. Common carp, for example, will roll and root around in the mud on the bottom looking for food. This causes the water to cloud up, in turn not allowing needed sunlight to penetrate to the bottom helping vegetation to grow. Game fish fry rely on the vegetation for survival from predators. Grass carp will eat all the needed vegetation resulting in poor game fish survival rates.  Long and Shortnose Gar are a lighting fast ferocious predator that will eat game fish. A gar can grow up to 16” in its first year of life, and is in direct competition with more desirable fish for food in that first year.

Most recently introduced into Iowa are the Asian breeds of carp. Bighead and Silver carp have only been in Iowa’s waters for around 15 years. Their population has exploded at a very alarming rate. Both the Bighead and Silver carp are filter feeders that can eat their body weight of zooplankton per day, this also takes away from the more desired game fish. Not to mention, the Silver carp will jump out of the water as high as 9 feet at the slightest disturbance, which can result in personal injury to boaters and personal watercraft operators. Many of these accidents happen every year. The largest ever recorded bighead removed from Iowa waters at the time of this writing was over 80lbs. 

As you can see, since bowfishing is a removal only sport, it can play a huge role in the balance of fish in a body of water.


Summers stresses that you need to be aware of city, county and state ordinances and regulations when it comes to bowfishing.

For more information visit these sites:






Humminbird Leads the Way!

            It is time to get the boat ready and build back up the tackle boxes! Grab your Alabama Rigs and your Watermelon Flukes, because this year is going to be one of the best we have had in a long time. As a lot of us know, last year was one of the worst years in a long time for fishing, and for recreational boating in the whole Dallas/Fort Worth area. This was due to the extreme lack of rain, and such low lake levels, that one couldn’t even launch their boat from once familiar ramps! Although, thanks to a couple of seasons of great rain and warmer than average weather, the level of our lakes and the water temperature is once again ideal for fishing and recreational boating!

            As avid fishermen and even the occasional weekend warrior, we all look to the latest tools that will help us catch that big bass, find catfish holes, or slay some crappie. However, we don’t want to spend more than we have into our boats on rigging our electronics so that we can find them! To this I give my hat off to Lowrance. They have come out with the new Mark and Elite series of fish finders that have allowed even the poor fisherman to be able to put a decent 3 inch screen unit on their boat! But the latest and greatest technology goes hands down to Humminbird. Not only have they pushed the envelope with the “Humminbird 360”, and the amazing “I-Pilot”; but now they have released the “Humminbird I-Link”! The “I-Link” now allows one to link their GPS trolling motor to their fish finder and the newest “Lakemaster” chip. By doing this, all the functions of the Humminbird “I-Pilot”, are now on steroids! The whole game has changed again, and the latest technology has arrived! And anyone without these tools is left in the wake of those who actually possess and understand them. So where does one go to obtain and find out exactly how to interpret this latest and greatest fishing technology?

              Bass Pro Shops has been in business for more thirty years, and has strived to provide  greater customer service than any other outdoor retail store can, by staffing only the best and most knowledgeable associates that actually live and breathe fishing, boating, hunting, and all the outdoor adventures that let us know we are alive! This is why I not only work at Bass Pro Shops, but I enjoy what I do. Because we make it the best place to gain knowledge, get the best customer service, and truly understand who our customers are. Because we are our customers!

Humminbird 360 GraphHumminbird 360



Big Cat Quest: Saturday, March 16, 2013

Looking back on the tournament from this past weekend, I feel that the event was challenging. There was great competition with fishermen from all over various parts of the United States who brought their skills and knowledge to Virginia to fish on the Mighty James River. Ken Freeman, of Outdoor Promotions, has a great circuit for Catfishermen of all ages to compete in due to the hourly set-up and various target weights that were needed to win.

My partner Chris Krammer and I were on the water at 4:30am; luckily we had all the bait we needed for that day.  We were on the river the day before catching shad and eels for bait. We went down river from Jordan Point Marina because that was our game plan. During practice, the bite was hot down river so we did not want to deviate from our original plan. We boated our first fish by 9am; a lovely 35 pounder!  After this, a drop in air temperature and cold rain seemed to effect the biting where we were. Boats were nearby, but we didn't see anyone boating fish; it was just plain tough!  We moved around to various fishing holes but the big bite never came. You can locate the fish but you can't make them bite if they don't want too.

Some fishermen didn't catch anything, and of course, depending on where you were some did. The winning fish weighed in at 71 pounds caught by a crew from North Carolina. Awesome fish, and congratulations to the winning team!  At the weigh in, Bass Pro Shops had food and drinks for everyone. Hot dogs and refreshments were well received by all of us. Bass Pro Shops is a First Class organization in which I have the great honor of representing!

Overall the event had a great turn out, and I look forward to the next Big Cat Quest tournament next year!  Special thanks goes to all the wonderful people who made this tournament possible; awesome work!


                                                                         See you on the water,

Captain John.



Kayak Fishing with Alex, Daddy/Daughter Day

What is it about going fishing that causes lost sleep? Wednesday night, I mean Thursday morning, was the perfect example. It is Spring Break for most of Texas and what better way to usher in a new season than by going fishing with your eldest child? It was Daddy/Daughter Day, going fishing as we have done since she was three years old. Rather than hitching up the boat or heading for the pier, this trip, was to be a little different. Our newest Pro Staff member at Bass Pro Shops, Pearland, George Young of Texas Coastal Kayaks, invited Alexandra and me to spend a morning paddling a kayak.

I’ll have to admit a sense of elation when she thought the trip was a great idea. After all, children have different interests as they mature and we have gone from the days of the Snoopy fishing rod to cheerleading, to driving and to ‘gulp’ college visiting - as if there weren’t enough reasons in that sentence to lose sleep, so her immediate “that would be really cool” meant a lot. After spending a fitful few hours tossing and turning while endless questions ran through my head “packed both reels, rods are by the door, new pliers ARE in the dry bag, right? Waders are in the truck, it is March, we only have one pair, she can wear them, how cold can the water be, toilet paper… toilet paper… oops, don’t forget that” we were headed for coffee and breakfast.

We met George before sunrise and headed off to Christmas Bay. I personally have not used a kayak in a few years and have never fished from one, but my daughter’s summer camp has several. George was careful to cover safety and how to maneuver, especially with the added encumbrance of fishing gear. Perhaps the most important lesson was how to board. I paid careful attention. You know that five minutes after an unplanned exit, there would be a video on YouTube entitled “Look at Dad Upside Down in the Bay, or What We Did on Spring Break.” Within 15 uneventful minutes though, we were paddling, rather than motoring towards one of our favorite fishing locations.

Remember the earlier comment about dry bags and the sleepless nighttime question of ‘how cold can the water be’? No matter how careful you are, kayaking is a wet sport. It’s Spring, it’s March, it’s a little chilly. Warm, dry towels and clothing at the end of the day are wonderful things to find. To ensure their availability, we used the Ascend Light-weight 10 Liter Dry Bags. They weigh almost nothing and are perfect for backpacking too. I trusted them enough to include a small pair of Zeiss binoculars for bird watching, which if you understand my phobia about nice things being immersed in saltwater, you would recognize as a high degree of confidence in the dry bag.

For fishing equipment, we took the Johnny Morris Carbonlite series rods, a matched set of 7’2” medium-action spinning rods, with Bass Pro Shops Offshore Angler, Inshore Extreme spinning reels. Mine has served faithfully for the past two years. I liked it so much that last summer, I purchased a second one. Being ever so gallant, I handed Alexandra the brand new, never been near the water combo, certain that she would find it comfortable and easy to use.

Over the past few summers, the advantages to using braided fishing lines has become apparent so both reels are loaded with 50 pound test Bass Pro Shops branded XPS 8 Advance Braided line. While it is true that the reel would hold more if a lower test line was used – the 50 lb braid has the size equivalency of 12 pound test monofilament, it’s just easier for some of us in our advancing decrepitude to tie knots using slightly larger line with wet fingers and no reading glasses. The water of Christmas Bay is usually a little murky, but to be safe, we added some fairly stout leaders using Bass Pro Shops XPS Fluorocarbon.

We also brought a new product that I have wanted to test since they were first introduced, the Bass Pro Shops XPS 7” Aluminum Pliers. They have an excellent balance and feel. Lightweight, made of machined aluminum, they have a set of replaceable tungsten carbide clippers which were perfect for trimming braided line and will not corrode, always a positive feature for tools that will be used in saltwater. In addition to the 7” pliers, there is a ‘Mini’ set which has a split ring tip, and a larger pistol-grip pair for releasing fish from a distance. Given my proclivity for catching hardhead catfish, the latter is on the Father’s Day Present List. The 7” pliers were easy to use, gripped small items securely and made it possible to open and close swivels with ease. I cannot recommend them more highly, but I’d also invest a few dollars in a retractable lanyard rather than the extra piece of braided line I used to attach them to the lifejacket.

All in all, we had a fantastic time. George Young could not have been any more patient and instructive. Every piece of fishing equipment functioned exactly as expected. The only real equipment problem occurred at the end when I suddenly found that I no longer owned a matched set of Carbonlite rods and Offshore Angler reels. Apparently I own one and my daughter who caught not only her first speckled trout, but also her first flounder and first redfish (her first Texas Slam!), owns the other. How did I do you ask? It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll just let the last photo of the day do my bragging.

To reach George Young of Texas Coastal Kayak, call 713 501 0636, and check out their website at

For more information about the products listed in this article, view them online at BassPro.Com.




Product Spotlight: AcuRite Weather Alert Radio

AcuRite® Weather Alert NOAA Radio/LED Flashlight With Hand Crank

AcuRite Weather Alert Radio

  • NOAA National Weather Service alerts for your location
  • A loud alert siren when emergency conditions are at hand
  • Also an LED flashlight
  • Hand crank recharges the batteries in the case of emergency power
  • Listen button plays local weather report at any time
  • Has a 50-mile signal scan
  • Battery operated or AC adapter powered (not included)


For more information on AcuRite weather safety products, watch this video!

Sever weather can come up quickly in Iowa...receive fair warning!

Available at Bass Pro Shops Altoona or online at!



The Easter Bunny, Crafts and Egg Hunts, Oh My!!!

Easter Bunny comes to East Peoria Bass ProFor 2 weekends and 1 week only! Get a free photo of your child (or your family) with the Easter Bunny!

Saturdays & Sundays, March 23-24 & 30-31 1-4pm
Weekdays, March 25-29, 6-8pm

And that's not all!

green divider

The Easter Egg Hunt is held on the weekends only -colored eggs

Dates: March 23-24 & March 30-31. The age range is 2 -10 years.

Times:The hunt runs for 1 hour maximum. Plan to arrive between 12:30 and 1:00pm to register.The Hunt itself will run from @1-2pm.

Upon registration, each child will receive a bag to collect eggs and a listing of the departments participating in the hunt. Each child will collect an egg from each of the five departments and will return to the registration table to collect their candy! The child may take the plastic eggs home too.

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 Make an Easter Bunny Frame at East Peoria Bass Pro Shops
make a bunny magnet at East Peoria Bass Pro ShopsCrafts for the Kids
Dates: Saturday & Sunday March 23-24
Times: 1-4pm, while supplies last
Make a Bunny Magnet


 Make a Scratch Art Egg Craft at East Peoria Bass Pro Shops

Dates: Friday, Saturday & Sunday March 29, 30-31
Times: 1-4pm, while supplies last
Create a Bunny Frame or a Scratch Art Egg Craft

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FREE Photo with the Easter Bunny !!!
There is no age range for photos. In fact, there is no species range either! Many pets like to sit next to the Easter Bunny and have their photo taken as well. Please keep an eye on your pet for any signs of uncomfortable-ness around the bunny.
Dates: March 23-31
Times: Saturdays & Sundays, 1-4pm
           Monday – Friday are 6pm-8pm

Free portrait is 4” x 6”. Purchasable packages available for immediate, in-store printing.
Easter Bunny Smiley faceNote: Puppy picture to right is just there because it is sooo cute! Your actual pet photo with the Easter Bunny will indeed include the ... Easter Bunny!


Bass Pro Shops, East Peoria, IL


Hot New Columbia and Worldwide Sportsman Items in Apparel!

Columbia Blood n Guts IILet's talk about some hot, new, very cool items in Columbia and Worldwide Sportsman apparel carried at your local Bass Pro Shops:


Blood N Guts II Shirt:

  • 50+ Sun Block Omni Shade
  • Omni Shield Blood N Guts - Blood and stains will release out of fabric
  • Ventilated back for added cooling




Worldwide Sportsman Nylon Angler Shirt

Bermuda Plaid Shirt:

  • Protective Rollup Collar
  • Rear Vented Cape
  • Quick Dry Fabric
  • Blend of 69% Nylon 31% Poly


Air Stream Shirt:

  • Security Zipper Front Pockets
  • Performance Stretch Fabric
  • 100% Poly
  • Solar Guard UV Protection


We also have a few new Columbia accessories to help you stay cool in the brutal Louisiana heat. Columbia offers a new technology called Omni Freeze Zero. What that means is it has little blue rings all over the garment that react with perspiration to lower the temperature of the fabric which in turn will make you feel very cool in very hot temperatures. We currently offer bandanna's, neck gaiter, arm sleeve as well as a hat in Omni Freeze Zero Technology. More to come from apparel on the Omni Freeze Zero Technology.


Cisco M.

Apparel Team Lead




Product Spotlight - Western Premium BBQ Chunks and Chips

If you're like me, you're always looking for some new smoke flavors for those ribs, salmon, and other assorted smoked goods! Western Premium

Bass Pro Shops Altoona now has orange and peach wood chips or chunks from Western Premium BBQ products!

  • 100% natural
  • Kiln dried for consistent performance
  • Used with charcoal, the chips or chunks add real wood smoke flavor to your dishes. Used alone, the chunks provide you with a fire ready to cook over in 18-20 minutes and burns cleaner than charcoal with much less ash left when you are finished.
  • Pick up a Char-Broil® Cast Iron Smoker Box, soak the chips and place the box in the back corner of your gas grill, too!

Our regular Western flavors are still available, too! Apple, mesquite, hickory, cherry, oak, many flavors to choose from!  Better get the ribs ready now!


Uncle Buck's Deli is ready for Easter!

We would like to invite you to visit Uncle Buck's Deli as you shop at the Leeds, AL Bass Pro Shops. Our friendly staff looks forward to satisfying your appetite with a tempting array of items.

Easter is right around the corner - stop by our fudge display and pick up an in-store freshly made fudge bunny or a decorated Easter egg to add to your Easter baskets!

While you are visiting the store to stock up on your outdoor needs, come on over to have lunch or dinner with us! We have a variety of made to order sandwiches, including: Black Forest Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Corned Beef, Bologna, Roast Beef, BLT, Tuna Salad and our signature sandwich - freshly made Chicken Salad. We are proud to serve all -beef Nathan's Hot Dogs as well! Grilled Cheese and peanut butter and jelly round out our sandwich offerings.

Any of these sandwiches can be made into a Big Bass Combo with the addition of any of our sides: potato salad, our own pasta salad, fruit salad, chips, a dill pickle or a cookie, and a 16 oz. fountain drink.

In the mood for something a little lighter? Try one of our salads - we would be glad to make you a  Caesar, Chef, Greek or Southwestern!

Did you know that we make all our fudge on site? Stop in for a free taste - maybe you'll catch our fudge makers whipping up a kettle or two of the best tasting fudge you've ever tried! Take home one piece or a special of buy four, get two free!

Enjoy some hand-scooped ice cream to top off your visit or take home some of our Bavarian roasted nut

We look forward to visiting with you in the Deli!

Mary Heaven

Team Lead

Uncle Buck's



Fishing a Drought - Adapt and Overcome

We've had a good amount of snow lately in Iowa...above average for the month.  But weather experts continue to caution us that it's probably not enough to pull us out of critical and severe drought conditions throughout the state.

Our local Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pro anglers have had a lot of questions lately about how the drought may affect fishing this spring and summer. We sat down with Kary Ray and Lance Baker to hear their thoughts and advice for Iowans, or people visiting Iowa, on fishing in these drought conditions, whether on lakes, ponds, or rivers.

Both agree that there is certainly a positive that can come out of it.  It will make you a better fisherman.

Fish and wildlife have adapted and overcome weather conditions for years. Will you? 


Kary Ray and Lance BakerKary Ray and Lance Baker are the 2012 Bass World Sports Anglers of the Year.

Questions for our pros? Ask here or find us on Facebook at or tweet us @bpsaltoona.




Where is Spring?

Contrary to a growing uprising and widespread unrest emanating from our television media personalities regarding a proposed “intervention” with the famous weather prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil Sowerby, I believe Phil was right and no intervention is necessary.  I refer back to my blog of early March. There I suggested that Phil’s handlers and those who interpret his weather predictions have got it backward. A quick review. 120 years of interpretations show him to be right 39% and wrong 61% of the time if taken the current way. I for one will reverse the interpretation from now on, the actual data is just overwhelming.  Let’s take the latest interpretation of an early spring.  Wow! Sure misinterpreted that one.  If you missed it, “an early spring”.  By the way where is Phil?  My latest info is that he is slumbering deep within his burrow waiting for spring, much later just as he expects.  A perusal of the weather going on through the country this morning can be described as a collection of grumblings and even more calls for groundhog interventions as the national weather map was explained.  Snow, blowing snow, temperatures well below zero, and well below normal for the transition into spring over ¾ of the country.

Disgusted I hit the remote control’s off button and reached for one of my fly boxes where I tucked the last of a herd of flies I have been tying while I let the melters, from the sun, take care of the last of the remnants of icy bits on the driveway. I hope to have it clear just before the next storm from the northwest hits Denver in the next 2-3 days.  For the last month we seem to be in a storm pattern where we get hit every 7 days and it happens on the weekend, so much for fly fishing for trout or bass.  You should hear the grumblings from those who visit the shop.  When you come in covering the children’s ears is advised.  Spring better come soon.

One of our former associates and author of our earlier email newsletter (before blogs were invented) Seth and his wife dropped in for a visit this week.  He told of one of his recent fly fishing adventures to the tailwater of Taylor Reservoir, the famous Taylor River where a recent state record rainbow trout was captured and released. Knowing what the prevailing conditions are in that area (hard winter until July 4) I paid close attention to his body language as he presented his story.  His fame as a fly fishing guide and purveyor of tales is renown so I paid close attention for any “tell” he may expose. He proceeded to explain about his trip from Gunnison, (one of the coldest locations in the lower 48) to the rivers outlet in Taylor Park (picture the Arctic Circle).  He seemed genuinely pleased that he only used 4 wheel drive for the last 20 miles.  A hint of giddiness flushed across his face as he explained that it was 21 degrees when he stopped to park the car.  Noticing my reaction to 21 degrees, he hesitated, then clarified that it was minus 21, (-21F). Noticing my relief at the truth being established he then finished the story by describing fingers that could not bend, rod guides clogged with ice, line that would not bend encased in a perfect sheath of ice, and trout ripping wakes as they attempted to throw the tiny mysis shrimp before he could bring them to net.  He further described how trout jumping into the air disturbed the clouds of fog that forms above the water as the cold air extracts the calories of heat. Then something that surprised me.  Seth explained that he always kept the trout in the water to protect it from freezing to death in the cold air while extracting the barbless hook as quickly as possible.  After all, he explained matter of factly, the temperature differential would be nearly 60 degrees F to the trout and with no clothes for protection the trout would undoubtedly be injured otherwise; good call Seth. Now warm up your hands.   Not much to endure at all considering the fun he described of rounding up a few trout. A very pleasant break from the grind of school and a long hard winter in Gunnison where people show up at Burger King in short sleeves when the temperature gets above 30.

Flies he recommended were #20-24 Mysis Shrimp, #20-24 Bead Head Midges such as Crystal Midge Emergers in Black, Red, and Cream,and  #20-22 Rojo Midge Garcia.  All are available here in the shop.  Thanks for the report Seth.

As for local waters.  Reports are starting to come in of short stretches of open water in some of the previously frozen streams such a Clear Creek and the Big Thompson.  No, you cannot go there and fish just anywhere, but persistence in your search techniques will expose a spot or two.  Perhaps things will get better when Phil does emerge for Spring.  In the meantime keep using those midges mentioned and some small Baetis as they have been spotted in our local tailwaters.

Blaine Haskell/Denver Store

March 21, 2013


Waders for Beginners

With spring right around the corner and the fishing classic underway lots of fishermen/women are stocking up on all the great deals on the basics for fishing. One thing that is a must for some fishing styles is waders.

Before working at Bass Pro Shops I honestly did not know these existed so here is a complete beginners guide on waders.

Why the need for waders:

People not only use waders for fishing but also for putting in/taking out docks,  hunting, photography, and environmental research. For every activity and experience level there is a perfect wader out there for you. Since the Fishing Classic Sale is the perfect time to get your feet wet (not literally haha) with your new hobby.

First off there are 2 types of waders each with their pros and cons:

Stocking foot – These waders have neoprene socks attached to the waders so you can customize the boot you choose to wear (either felt or rubber). One of the main questions I get about these waders is will your foot get wet since they have no boot attached. The answer is no! Neoprene is  completely waterproof. To keep yourself completely protected from rocks and tears it is good practice to wear some sort of shoe while wearing stocking foot waders. These waders are used more in fishing.

A great starter summer wader is:

Boot foot – These waders have their own rubber boots attached to the wader completely allowing for a one-stop shop when it comes to waders. A majority of these waders are used for more general purposes. Many of the boots have added insulation to keep feet warm even in the coldest of water.

Great for almost everything:

Great for hunting:

The debate between boot or stocking foot is completely up to you but if you still can’t decide stop by the footwear department and one of our associates will give you a complete wader 101 and help find the wader perfect for you and your activity.




Product Spotlight - Sperry Shoes for Ladies

Sperry for LadiesThe buzz in new footwear at Bass Pro Shops Altoona is Sperry for ladies!  Sperry Top-Siders have been around for years...and now we're also carrying Sperry shoes for ladies.

Bass Pro Shops Altoona currently carries the following Sperry styles for ladies:  Bahama 2-Eye Boat Shoe, Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe
Bluefish 2-Eye Boat Shoe, and the Seafish Flip-Flop.

  • Hand-sewn
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible
  • Non-marking rubber outersole
  • Wave-siping provides good footing on wet or dry surfaces
  • Rustproof eyelets

Check your local Bass Pro Shop for their selections or visit for more styles!

Questions? Ask here or find us on Facebook at or on Twitter @bpsaltoona.Angelfish



Red Ryder

Red Ryder

Two years ago, during the Christmas season, my son asked me if he could have a BB gun.  He was only four, at the time, so I was very skeptical.  I asked some of the hunting associates, at Bass Pro, “What were some of the pros and cons of having a BB gun, especially for a child so young “?  I remember two hunting associates, in particular, Terry Robinson and Rex Jeter telling me the same thing.  They told me that his age was just right and the Red Ryder BB Gun was perfect for him to start with.  Well guess what, two years later, and my son still loves his Red Ryder BB Gun and at least three weekends out of the month, he is in our backyard shooting cans, birds and his all time favorite “ invisible alligators “! 

    red ryder







Aisha Kimiko Moore

Receiving Clerk

Bass Pro Shops

Denham Springs, La OW-28


"Stewie The Duck Learns To Swim"

“Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim”


            Soon the weather will be turning warmer, and most folks’ thoughts will turn to staying cool. Water parks and swimming pools will be filled with the sounds of laughter and splashing waves. Safety is a very important part of the fun! Young children must be exposed to the do’s and don’ts of swim safety.

            “Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim” is a child’s first guide to water safety.  It was written by Kim and Stew Leonard, Jr. in 2002.  It is the story of little Stewie who wanted nothing more than to swim with the big ducks in the pool. His family and friends knew that he isn’t ready to just dive in and start swimming. Stewie has to learn the rules of water safety, and with the help of his mom, dad and a little song, he does just that.  He becomes aware of how important it is to stay safe in and around the water.stewie

            Stewie was created in loving memory of the authors’ 21-month-old son Stew Leonard III, who while on vacation in the Caribbean, ventured unnoticed into the swimming pool. He was eventually found and pulled from the pool but unfortunately did not survive even after CPR was performed. 

            Drowning is the most common cause of death in children under the age of 5 and over half of drowning accidents among children under the age of 4 occur in friends’ or neighbors’ swimming pools.  In 1990, Kim and Stew Leonard founded the “Stew Leonard III Water Safety Foundation” to help promote water safety awareness.  The Foundation has raised over a million dollars to help local groups such as the YMCA to go towards swimming lessons and safety equipment. 

            “Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim” is quite informative but helps to make water safety fun and enjoyable for young kids.  It makes wearing life vests “cool” and the songs in the book and accompanying CD provides great entertainment.  The book and CD sells for $9.95 here at Bass Pro Shops. 

Lainie Falgout

Gifts Lead

Denham Springs


Bayou Bling

Bayou Bling


           The girls and I were sitting around the kitchen table listening to the latest Lady Antebellum CD and talking about the upcoming Bayou Countryboots Superfest last week.  Of course we all have tickets so the next topic of conversation was what to wear.  I just happened to mention the great selection of boot we have here at Bass Pro and that really got their attention. 

            One of our newest styles is the Rhinestone Cowgirl by Ariat.  Life's a rodeo, and these are made to enjoy the ride. An array of rhinestones and studs add some sparkle to the premium leather uppers. Subtle touches such as inlays, wingtip design, a 2.5" leather-wrapped heel, and D toe design give these Cowgirls some uptown style.

            We have several other styles for men and women in stock.  The new womens styles including Rawhide, Quickdraw, Heritage, Western Toe & The Tracey Pull On.  New styles men’s styles include Quick draw & Rambler Phoenix.  We have styles to fit anyone’s taste!  Prices range from $99.99 to $219.99.  Come out to Bass Pro Shops of Denham Springs and get fitted for your New Ariat boots!

Jac Cosper


Denham Springs


Practice Makes You Perfect - Targets

Remember all those teachers who said practice makes perfect?  Well that is true when it comes to landing that 10 point buck.  Here at Bass Pro Shops we have many targets to look at, and I am sure one will fit your need.

The Field Logic Glen Del Full Rut Buck target is very life like.  A large insert gives you four sided shooting and off set shooting zones.  This target is ready to be around for a long time.  Give it broadheads, expandables, field tips and crossbow bolts.  It can take it.




















All targets should be able to take a beating.  The Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Field Point Bag, is ready and waiting to take the heaviest weight to the fastest crossbow.  With 4 bulleyes to pick from, you will love its quality and how well it performs.



















Rinehart makes the Rhino Block Archery Target.  40 target zones, 4 sides for field points, and 2 sides for broadheads.  Self healing foam with easy arrow pull technology is high quality and great value for the money.  Replacement inserts are also available.














Team Realtree Shotblocker is one target that is easy to transport with 4 sides.  Easy release for broadheads and field points.  This durable target is one to check out.

real tee



















The Redhead Deer Target is extremely durable and tough.  The self healing foam will help you keep your skills in order all year long.  A replacement insert is also available.







So stop in and check them out!


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator








Hopping Down The River

Hopping Down the River

bunniesSince the 1700’s the Easter bunny has been a big part of Easter in America. The tradition was started with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. Children would make nests so the bunny could lay its colored eggs. Eventually the tradition spread across the U.S. and also included deliveries of chocolate, other candies and gifts, with decorated baskets replacing the original nests. Sometimes children would leave carrots for the bunny in case he got tired from all the hopping. Did you know the largest Easter egg was 25 feet high and weighed over 8,000 pounds? The egg was built out of chocolate and marshmallow and had to be supported by an internal steel frame, that’s a lot of sweets!

            Starting Saturday March 23, in celebration of Easter, our store will be hosting an egg hunt with crafts and free photos.  Our Easter Egg Hunt will begin at 1pm with registration beginning at 12:30 on Saturday 3/23 and Sunday 3/24 and Saturday 3/30 and Sunday 3/31 as well. After the hunt, stop by the craft table to make a bunny magnet on the 23rd and the 24th until 4pm or a bunny frame or scratch art egg on the 29th from 6-8 and the 30th and 31st from 1-4. Finish off the day with a free photo with the Easter bunny on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4 and Monday through Friday 6-8pm. Join Bass Pro Shops this year and start a new family tradition with us.

Whitney Triplett

Chelsea Smith

Front End Leads

Denham Springs


Archery Season is Here and We Have a Bow for You!

At Bass Pro Shops we are all about getting you outside.  We have such a nice variety of bows to pick from that it was hard for me to highlight just a few.  As many of you know,  your bow is unique to you.  You have to feel comfortable with the draw and ease of use.   Bow hunting creates a different challenge than hunting with a firearm.  This type of hunting is more silent and peaceful.  You also need to be closer to your game.  Anyone of our associates in our Archery Department are happy to spend as much time as you need to find the right bow for you.  Here are a few you might want to take a look at.

The Bear Archery Apprentice.   This bow is great for a young archer.  13 different draw lengths, draw weights adjust 15-60 pounds.  Nice and light at 2.9pounds.  This will accomodate a young archer longer than other youth bows.











The Bear Motive 6 Compound Bow is light, quiet, and extremely fast.  Very smooth draw cycle.















The easy to use Redhead Kronik XT Compound Bow  is also lightweight and strong.  This bow package also includes a 3 pin sight, hostage capture style arrow rest, and a 5 arrow quiver.


Last but not least is the Redhead Toxik XT Compound BowThis bow has a smooth draw and is extremely accurate.  Lightweight at 3.8 pounds this bow is also great value for the money and high quality.
















Believe me that a quick look here just does not do these bows justice.  You have to look at these quality products to see just how great they are.  So stop on by, and take a good long look at what we have.  Ask a lot of questions this is not just a great investment, but a wonderful time spent outside enjoying nature at its best.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator