Keeping Feet Warm - The ThermaCELL Heated Insole

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

ThemaCELL heated insoles are perfect for anything outdoors from hunting to a cold day to on the job. There are two different styles we would like to cover in this blog posting. The original, ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Or the ThermaCELL Heated Insoles ProFLEX.


The original ThermaCELL Heated Insole has built in rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Each charge can last up to 5 hours on constant heat. Car charger sold separately.  There are three regulated temperature settings with heat up to 111°F. Each insole features internal thermostat to regulate temperature.  They can be controlled with their wireless remote control with a range up to seven feet.  Each insole is engineered to keep your feet warm, not hot, to prevent sweating and freezing.


The ThermaCELL Heated Insole ProFLEX is made with cushioned removable rechargeable lithium ion batteries.  Additional batteries sold separately.  They can be recharged from any powered USB port, wall outlet, or car charger which is sold separately. There are three regulated temperature settings with heat up to 111°F. Each insole features internal thermostat to regulate temperature.  They can be controlled with their wireless remote control with a range up to seven feet.  Each insole is engineered to keep your feet warm, not hot, to prevent sweating and freezing. Perfect for on the job.


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Got Cold Feet??

Is the cold stopping you from going hunting or out to your blind?


Nitro boats You Can Be Proud Of

We are excited to announce a special offer on 2015 NITRO Z-8 and Z-9 models that will be of great interest to anglers considering the purchase of a performance fishing boat for the upcoming season.


The new Z PRO HIGH PERFORMANCE PACKAGES feature high-value upgrades on premium fishing equipment on 2015 Z-8 and Z-9 models, delivering a superior tournament boat at a savings up to $4,000 from the normal retail price, and a significant advantage over competitor offerings.


Package Includes:

  • 2 Lowrance HDS9 Touch fish finders w/ Structure Scan at the Bow and Dash

  • Power Pole 8' Blade Edition Anchor-Dealer Installed

  • Minn kota Fortrex 112/US2, 45" 36V

  • GEN 40 AMP 4 Bank Battery Charger

  • Keel Guard

  • Hot Foot- Non Verado

  • Trim Lever

  • Remote Oil Fill

  • Two Auto Bilge Pumps


    2015 Nitro Z-8 w/225 Pro XS

    Original Retail with Package: $51,710

    Special Pricing with Package: $46,595

    SAVINGS: $4,115


    2015 Nitro Z-9 w/250 Pro XS

    Original Retail with Package: $52,695

    Special Pricing with Package: $48,995

    SAVINGS: $3,700



    Promotion of these tremendous NITRO performance values are available now!!!

    ***While Supplies Last***


    We at Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Boats invite you to visit your local store and check out what is available to you!






Portable Solar Chargers Dos and Dont's

    Coming from the sunny state of California, we have seen our share of alternative energy sources. Recently there has been a huge demand for solar powered devices and charging units. Unfortunately the technology is still new and many people are unaware of the uses and limitations. Because this technology is not very inexpensive, it is best to educate yourself prior to making the purchase. Having an understanding of this technology will help you understand how this new era of solar can benefit you, as well avoiding the mistake of buying expensive devices that will not perform as expected.

   Will this solar device work for me? This is the question that must be answered prior to buying and installing any of the newly available solar products to avoid headaches. A typical reason a person will seek out a solar charger is to charge small electronic devices. Cell phones, tablets, and even laptops can be charged by a portable solar device. Not all solar devices will charge equally, and some will be much more effective than others. Because small electronics do not require large amounts of energy, a fairly small solar charger will do the trick. Any of the solar devices from Goal Zero will be perfect for these applications because of the high energy output as well as the type of ports available. Bushnell also makes small solar devices that will work for these purposes. These devices can provide enough energy to charge a battery overtime but, you should not expect to run an uncharged device directly from these solar panels. 

    Another reason many people will seek out a portable solar charger is to keep the battery on the boat or rv charged. This is where many misconceptions of portable solar devices come into play. While many portable solar chargers can effectively maintain a battery, they would not likely provide enough energy to charge a large deep cycle that has been drained. Small portable solar battery chargers such as those produced by Noco, are designed to stop a battery from draining while not in use. They are not designed to charge a deep cycle while using your trolling motor, and will not be effective in any situation where the battery is in use. The size of the solar panel that would be needed to be effective in this scenario, would not ideal, and certainly not portable.

    Solar technology continues to play a growing roll in our lives, and it seems it is only getting better. Unfortunately the technology has yet to be good enough for many peoples needs. If you need to stay plugged in with small electronic devices, most of the portable solar chargers on the market will perform perfectly, but if you need to supplement large amounts of power to an rv or boat deepcycle you will find portable solar devices are not quite what you need. Having an understanding of the abilities and limitations of portable solar chargers will save you time and money when looking for ways to add power to the outdoors. To learn more about portable sloar charging products please visit a local Bass Pro marine counter or

Ryan Wynn


Manteca Store 49


Get Your Day on the Water Off to a Great Start: Marine Batteries

With summer in full swing, fishing enthusiasts everywhere are going to find themselves with more time to pursue what they love. That means more trips into the water and greater chances of catching the big one. This also means more chances on encountering a dead battery when least expected.

Lucky for you Bass Pro Shops carries a wide variety of batteries and accessories to keep your boat running year round. Our XPS batteries come in a few different varieties including starting, deep cycle, dual purpose and AGM batteries.

Starting batteries are used to crank your gas engine and get you moving. We carry group sizes from 24 to 27, basically the bigger the engine, the bigger battery required. Dual purpose batteries combine both aspects of a starting battery and a deep cycle, while not particularly excelling at either. Customers looking for a dual purpose tend to have limitations in regards to space for additional battery placement or low amperage requirements for their engines and electronics.


Deep Cycle:Description: battery.jpg

Deep cycle batteries are primarily used for the electronics on your boat including GPS, radios and trolling motors. These also come in different sizes starting in group 24 and up. One thing to keep in mind when buying a trolling motor is when you were to purchase one which has a thrust of 70 or larger you would need 24 volts to power, which equals to two batteries.


Description: agm.jpg

AGM batteries differ from traditional acid based ones in that AGM uses compressed glass mats to hold the electrolytes that maintain a charge as opposed to a flooded acid/ distilled water solution. Advantages to AGM celled batteries are they tend to last longer and lose less of their charging capacity over time.

 Once you have selected the proper battery for your boating needs don’t forget that you can pick up all your accessories in the Marine Department as well including chargers, cleaners and storage boxes.

Come on by the Marine Department at your local Bass Pro and speak to one of our informative associates with all you boating needs.





Ruben M.

Marine Team Lead

Store #45, Miami.


Preparing for Severe Weather

This time of year, in many parts of the country, the National Weather Service and states sponsor Severe Weather Parkersburg tornado 2008 by McMahonAwareness weeks. I've not been in a tornado, and hope I never am, because I've witnessed the immediate aftermath firsthand in the community of Parkersburg, Iowa, when the F-5 tornado went through there six years ago in 2008.

We can't preach enough about natural disaster/severe weather preparedness. From the basics of having an emergency medical kit, an extra set of clothes, food, and water tucked away where it hopefully won't blow away, to generators and solar chargers, there are so many ways to be prepared. But it doesn't do it by itself. We could go on and on here about what you need to do and buy, but I want to just focus on a few basics. Mostly I'm doing this as a reminder that my husband and I need to get our act together and get our emergency prep gear together.

  • To start with, get a weather radio. A Midland weather alert radio, or the Acurite NOAA Weather Alert radio, are good basic pieces of technology that could save you in the event of a tornado or flash flood. Program it specifically to your location and put it where it will wake you up and get you out. Make sure to keep fresh batteries in it, in case power goes out. My biggest fear is being asleep if a tornado hits. The tornado sirens in my town aren't loud enough to wake me up if the windows are closed and the air is running...and chances are the the air will be on if the conditions are right for a tornado. Tornado sirens are designed to wake you up at night...they're designed to warn folks during the day.
  • We're essentially talking about your home base here, however, you might be camping, RVing on a long trek, or boating, so there are also weather radios designed for those situations. They come in hand-held sizes, and with hand cranks and even solar charging capability. The last place you want to be is in a tent or camper when severe weather strikes.
  • First Aid kit - Invest in a good first aid kit with the basics to get you and your family through two or three days, if needed. While you're at it, get one for your car, too!
  • Gather together and extra blanket or sleeping bag for each person.
  • Put a change of clothes for everyone in the same location as the sleeping bags/blankets.
  • Buy a case of water.

Some people may go the route of getting a generator. I've been in severe electric storms trying to pump water out of a basement, all the while praying and crossing fingers that the power wouldn't go out. From portable gasoline generators to machines that run on gas or propane to the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit, you can have back up power for disasters if at home or on the road.

There's even more you can do in regard to staying connected in the event of an emergency. I remember during the previously mentioned torrential storms watching the radar on the computer screen in our basement trying to track the storms and, again, hoping the power wouldn't go out. The charger line from Brunton includes the Hydrogen Reactor that can produce energy on the go in varying conditions, and smaller chargers good for keeping that smartphone or cell phone running for at least a bit more.


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Game Camera Basics

What is the best game and trail camera? What is so great about the $ 250.00 camera compared to the $79.00 one?  Which one gives me the best value for the buck? All common questions regularly asked here at Bass Pro.
Here's my first question and comment to almost everybody. What are you using it for? Is it wildlife, security, or both?  What is your budget?  My first comment is a reality check. This is technology. It changes every year, so buy the best that you can afford and plan to have the camera for 3-5 years. Mine is a Moultrie D-40 that still works and is at least 5 years old. It has virtually none of the features of today's cameras, but still is a well built camera. Common features : all are water resistant, have the ability to turn off flashes, some type of battery power, SD card, a port, and the most important feature,  ease of use.     
Most cameras are getting smaller. Moultrie has a variety of sizes from the Panoramic to the A5 providing a camera for every budget. Primos has the smallest camera and most extensive battery pack. This 24 AA pk. coupled with a 32gb SD card gives the user the ability to leave the camera alone and not contaminate the viewing area with human scent. Other manufacturers offer large battery packs or rechargeable batteries with solar chargers.
The size of megapixel is always a question. The larger the megapixel, the better the clarity, but at 5 megapixels your clarity is great even at night. Clarity at night is reduced with a digital camera, so that's why you see so many 8 mp or 12 mp cameras. Remember, animals aren't bothered by flashes, but a flash will show poachers or trespassers the location of your camera in the dark or in low light situations.


At this time of year, more cameras are sold for security reasons. They work great for this purpose. We sell cameras with a black out lens that do not give out any flash and have good low light capability. Other cameras have a low glow feature that works when the flash is off.


Trigger speed is important for getting pictures of animals on the move. If a deer walks by, 1 second is too slow. The faster trigger speed, the better. To capture the deer fully, try setting the camera at 3 or 5 frames per trigger. 3 frames at a time seem to work the best for me.


Moultrie, Primos, Cuddeback, Stealthcam, Bushnell, Eyecon, Wildgame, Reconyx, and Plotmaster will all be adding new and improved cameras at affordable prices between now and August. Once again with technology you get what you pay for. From the basic camera to the top of the line, you can be assured we here at  are here with quality and some of the newest cameras on the market, year in and year out.


Product Spotlight: Brunton Chargers

Portable power. Juice on the go.

You can have your adventures on land or water, but not risk the chance of losing that precious power when you need it most. 

Yes, with these products, you have the power to:

* Take that day hike without fear of losing contact in an emergency

* Go out on the boat on a large body of water and still have the power to

* Most importantly? If you lose power at home, you don't have to lose contact with the outside world in regard to weather and natural disasters.Brunton 2800

Brunton 2800 Torpedo - Hybrid Power Pack Car Adaptor...for those really on the go! Charge it in your vehicle's 12 volt cigarette lighter/power socket, or through USB or USB/AC. The charge capacity is two smartphone charges.

Brunton Pulse 1500Brunton Pulse 1500 -  Just under 3" x 3" by .5", it's so small you won't even know it's there...until you need it. Easy to carry with you, it has a 1.5 hour charge time on a USB and a one time smartphone charge capacity. Pretty handy for a long day trip or a night out! Comes in camo or black.

Brunton Metal 4400 - Dual output charging system - one for USB 2.0 and one for micro USB. Brunton Metal 4400Can handle four smart phone charges.

Brunton SolarFlat5SolarFlat 5 - Solar panel/battery trickle charger. 12V. Perfect for boat, camper, RV, even your car batteries. Permanent or semi-permanent mounting and weatherproof.

Find all of these online or in store, where available.




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Prepare Your Boat for a Successful Spring

     A cool breeze hits the back of your neck as you slip off the trailer and into the water for the first time this spring.  Turning to your depth finder to check the temperature of the chilly water, you begin thinking of the possibilities the day, the month, the rest of spring, summer, and fall have in store for you.  Anticipation overwhelms you as you turn the key to crank your engine as you did a hundred times the year before.  All of the excitement and anticipation is washed away as the only response your key gives you is a click and the doom of having a dead battery.

     Getting the boat out for a new fishing season is always exciting.  Catching fish and relaxing on the water with friends and family is on the horizon.  There is always some prep work to be done before getting your boat to the water though.  I like to start by taking everything out of the boat and getting it aired out nicely from being stored all winter.  For a fisherman, it’s like hitting the reset button.  You can reorganize and eliminate equipment that is no longer necessary while finding a new home for any new gear you may have acquired.  Check your safety equipment like life vests and fire extinguisher.  Repair any problems that you had come up the previous year like broken switches, loose carpet, etc.  Once you are finished checking the interior, you can move on to the motor.

Stabile and Gear Lube for all of your engine protection needs.     Keeping your motor ready to go and getting it ready for spring is very important.  When you are on the water, it is your lifeline.  Take any extra step you can to keep from being stranded.  Trust me, it’s no fun sitting dead in the water with little hope of what to do.  The first thing that I do to prepare my motor for spring is add Sta-bil Ethanol Treatment to the gas.  I use this product year round and add extra when I put the boat up for the winter.  Sta-bil cleans the gas and protects your engine from moisture damage.  Not only does it protect the engine itself, but it also helps protect hoses and seals that can be ruined by too much exposure to the ethanol that is in gas.  During the fishing season, your motor will run noticeably better when you use this as well!  Take the time to change your lower unit lubrication.  It is a very simple process.  Find the two screws in the starboard side of your engine in the lower unit.  Loosen the top screw and place a catch pan under the other.  Remove the lower screw and let the oil drain out.  If it is reluctant to drain, open the top screw a little more.  If you do not have another gasket, make sure you don’t lose the one that you have.  Clean the end of the bottom screw while the oil is draining.  It has a magnetic end and likely has a few metal shavings on it.  Once your lower unit has drained, get a fresh quart of lower unit oil and a pump that attaches to the bottle and fill your lower unit from the bottom hole.  Once oil begins coming out of the top hole, tighten the top screw down and then quickly pull the pump out of the bottom hole and put the lower screw back in.  You now have fresh lubrication for your lower unit gears!

   You can’t talk about prepping a boat without talking about batteries.  Batteries are one thing that we know that we will have to replace at some point.  Rarely do you get past 3 years with any type of marine battery.  However, you can do some things to ensure that you get the maximum life out of them.  Make sure that you charge your batteries every trip and preferably leave them hooked up to a charger that maintains them while not in use.  Make sure that your batteries are secure inside their compartment.  Loose batteries in the back of a boat can make for a bad situation.  Look for corrosion on the posts and remove it if it is present.

Finally, you should inspect your trailer carefully.  Check your lights to make sure that they are working with no burnt out bulbs.  Ensure your tires are fully inflated and not showing too much or uneven wear.  Replace your old jack or crank if they are worn out.  Lastly, but very important, check your bearings on your trailer.  Make sure that they have plenty of grease and the covers are secure over the bearings.

Preparing your boat for a long fishing season might be quite a chore, but it will pay off when you are fishing rather than repairing a mid-season crisis during prime time.  Invest the time on your boat now before you get too involved in the fishing season to worry about “minor” inconveniences. 


Have Fun and Be Careful

-Brian Eickholtz

For more reading on springtime fishing and boating, check out this blog.


Don't Become A Statistic: Always be Prepared When You Go For A Hike

The nick name bestowed upon me for a couple of decades now by those who know me best, has been Little Miss Preparedness.  I always had everything that might possibly be needed stowed somewhere in my pack. The one thing that motivated me above all else was a desire to NOT be a statistic, to NOT be the person written about in the newspaper article. You know the type…the ones that are embarrassing. Experienced back country hiker found frozen….It seems every story about stupid choices are written about those who should have known better. THAT was NEVER going to be about me.

But when hiking near home, I developed a bad habit. I became complacent. And one day not so long ago it caught up with me. That date was December 7th, 2013.

I had an unusual afternoon off, and a brief window to take my dogs out for some exercise and spiritual renewal. It was to be a brief 45minute excursion that would put wags on their tails and increase the oxygen circulating in my bloodstream. We went to a local run of woods that we had visited in the fall, where we would be less likely to run into others. I wanted to let the furbabies off leash to run for maximum expenditure of energy and didn’t want anyone else to feel imposed upon.

I wasn’t worried about losing sight of them since outfitting them in their Redhead Safety Vests. The bright orange with florescent yellow stripes not only assured me that hunters wouldn’t mistake them for targets, but also that I’d be able to spot them at a distance while enjoying the woods. Since I have 4 dogs, the price of $11.99 each at Bass Pro made this an affordable investment in peace of mind.

Things started out relatively well, but within 30 minutes the light sprinkling of snow, changed to massive globs of white dotting the sky, and covering everything including our tracks. I still hadn’t calculated any threat since this was ME, and I NEVER got lost, and this was SO CLOSE to home. I just continued to follow frolicking furbies as we ventured further into the thicket.

It wasn’t even that much longer when I decided that we should turn around, and my decision, quite honestly had everything to do with other things needed to be accomplished and nothing to do with the whiteout conditions that were descending quickly. These conditions were initially enjoyable.

As I continued to video and photograph the doggers, I thought we were on the way out. We were after all, following tracks, our tracks, back to a trail. Wasn’t that a trail? Wait a minute….

Here is where things went frightfully wrong… for four hours. Yes, four hours. And little miss prepared had NOTHING that she always advocated that everyone should have no matter what, when they venture into the woods. I should of refered to My top 10 Survival items but I was to create my own teachable scenario, getting lost in woods, so very close to my home.

As I trudged around looking for where to go, my glasses and sunglasses fogged up. I tried reading the GPS and Compass on my phone but wasn’t able to see through the lens.  How many times had I looked at the Nikon Fog eliminator and thought what a useful way to spend $7.99? That price was a bargain taking my current situation into consideration, and it became even more winsome desire as in my struggle to orient myself, I was wearing the battery on my phone down.

Had I brought along a Ray-O-Vac instant charger or 7 hour power charger, another useful purchase I considered but passed on, I might have been able to use my electronics to determine my whereabouts. Instead, I knew my general location, but not my relative location, which would get me back to my vehicle and home. My phone was now dead and I had no idea which way was what. I own both a Silva Scout, a survey compass and a Brunton orienteering compass. Neither was in my pack. I also didn’t have a Coglan ball compass pinned to my coat, something I sold every day to others. Relying on my cell phone compass just made me look more the fool.  I was really starting to kick myself.

Luckily, I was able to stay somewhat warm since I was dressed in layers. Starting with my Redhead base layer that wicked the moisture away from my skin so that I wouldn’t get the chills, I followed up with a mid-weight XPS zip collar and bottoms long underwear. Columbia Storm Surge Pants stuffed into my Bogs, good to -40 were keeping my lower half warm and dry, my Columbia Omni Heat Down Jacket was keeping my trunk pretty toasty. But I was starting to worry about my dogs…and about how well this would all do should we not make it out before dark. The Sun, despite not being able to see it, was setting.

 I found myself calling out for help. I knew full well that my voice would blend in with the wind, carried away unrecognized. How many times had I encouraged customers to spend a mere $4.99 to purchase a whistle? The sound of such a small instrument could always be recognized above nature, assuring to draw the attention of those who might seek out the inhabitants of a remnant car left in a parking lot. I could have also benefited from having a signal mirror, using the hole in the center to target my best guess towards civilization. Perhaps someone would have seen the pattern of light dance in their family room as they watched TV and called authorities….

The temperature was starting to drop. Typically I would have at least one 9 hour candle with me, a Sparkie fire starter and an SOL silver heat blanket. With these, I could set up a heat station for myself and the doggers, trapping the heat from the candle and reflecting it back with the blanket. If I’d had two of these blankets, or a Scout Kit that included duct tape and some fishing line, I could have set up a lean to with closed in walls and a roof, maybe even a floor, to keep our collective body heat from escaping.

Once shelter was established, I might have even been able to gather enough wood to build a fire in the entrance using a wet-pack, guaranteed to burn even in conditions like these. While waiting for the smoke to draw attention, I could have used ESBIT hexamine tablets and stove to melt snow in my GSI Soloist. We’d have water to drink after filtering it through a sawyer squeeze filter. Staying hydrated would mean less chance of becoming hypothermic, while staving off injury and exhaustion.  Extra melted snow water could have then been used to cook some dinner with dehydrated mountain house dinners.

But instead of surviving with confidence and in style, I struggled for four hours, trying to break free of circling back upon my own tracks, while being unsuccessful, navigating out of this in a whiteout.

Eventually I found a fence and was able to follow that out to a main road to be rescued, ice frozen in my hair. The dogs were no worse for the wear, and they would have never shared my secret shame. But I would rather use my foolhardiness to encourage others to be prepared.  The extra weight of the items I’d left behind is minimal, take up as much room, and will never be left behind again!

So, whether it’s a brief hike in a local woods or a more adventurous excursion, it is important to always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Everything you need can be found affordably in the camping section of Bass Pro. Knowing its available doesn’t mean you’ll have it when you need it.  So plan ahead.

Whether you buy supplies individually or in a preassembled kit, your Bass Pro Professional Staff can help you outfit your pack to be prepared so that you don’t become a statistic or write your own teachable moment.

We have what you need. This is Bass Pro Tammie and your adventure starts HERE.


Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

The State of Alabama has announced the return of its annual “Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday.”  This is a 3 day sales tax holiday that starts at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, February 21st and goes through midnight on Sunday, February 23rd.     Please go to the attached Alabama Department of Taxation website, ADOR - Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday , to read more about this upcoming holiday and print out the information provided there.


The sales tax holiday applies to all locations in Alabama (store locations in Prattville, Spanish Fort & Leeds).  The sales tax holiday is on the State portion of the sales tax (which is 4%), and in some locations, the local sales tax as well and then only on applicable items.


PLEASE NOTE:  This exemption applies to the STATE piece of the sales tax rate and only the LOCAL pieces of the sales tax rate when the local governing body has chosen to participate.  It is up to the local jurisdictions to decide if they want to participate.  The City of Prattville and Elmore County have elected to participate in this exemption program.  However, at Spanish Fort, Baldwin County has elected to participate and the City of Spanish Fort has elected to participate, but the Town Center District has elected not to participate in the holiday.  Likewise, at Leeds, the City of Leeds has elected to participate, but Jefferson County has elected to not participate in the holiday.  Therefore, depending on your location, eligible items of clothing and footwear may not be fully exempt, but will be subject to a reduced tax rate during the Holiday.  Below is a list of location with their regular tax rate and the reduced tax rate for the sales tax holiday.


                                               Normal Rate            Holiday Rate                 

Prattville Store:                      11.00%                           0.000%

Leeds Store:                           10.00%                          2.000%

Spanish Fort Store:               10.95%                          2.450%



The Holiday exempts from sales tax only certain categories of items and only on items that have a selling price of $60 or less (the one exception is on generators which is available on those selling for $1,000 or less).  If any item sells for more than $60 (or $1,000 for generators) then the whole sales price is taxable.  For example if a radio sells for $60 it is completely exempt, however, if it sells for $60.19 then the whole thing is taxable.  The list includes:


  • Blue ice or artificial ice  
  • Battery powered flashlights and lanterns (excludes kerosene or other fuel supplied lanterns)
  • Gas or diesel fuel containers
  • Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 6-volt, and 9-volt only – excludes car/boat batteries)
  • Non-electrical coolers and ice chests
  • Cell phone chargers/batteries
  • Tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, ground anchor systems, tie-down kits
  • Radios (portable and self-powered), Two-way radios, weather band radios, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Storm shutter devices
  • Duct tape
  • First-aid kits
  • Portable generators

Brunton Portable Power Supply

      Portable electronic devices have been a huge part of our society since the Walkman. In fact , we have become a society that now depends on these portable electronics in our daily lives. Smart phones and tablets are everywhere and have integrated near seamlessly into our culture. With these devices being so prevalent it is no wonder why people run into many problems when they have no power to their device. Car and USB wall chargers are what get most people through the day when it comes to powering up their electronics. What happens when you have no car charger and are not near a power source? The answer comes from a company called Brunton. Brunton has been creating accessories for the outdoors man for many years and have continued to provide quality products. Their latest line of portable power supply packs will prove useful to outdoors men as well as the teenager on the go. Bruntons new slogan for these power packs is "Take the Outlet With You", and that is exactly what you are doing with these new products. With a sleek design, high compatibility, and ability to perform, Bruntons new line of power packs will make a great addition to any person who uses personal electronics.

Brunton Torpedo 2800    Brunton makes many battery power packs that are suitable for different situations.  For instance, the Torpedo 2800 is designed to fit directly into a cars 12 volt outlet so that it will charge in the car and can be taken out to use as a portable power pack at any moment. Another unit with a great design is the Pulse 1500. This unit hold enough power to completely recharge a smart phone, while being so small you will likely forget it is in your pocket. Depending on your power needs and lifestyle, you can choose a Brunton power pack that would work great for your next excursion.Brunton Pulse 1500

    Portable electronics can consist of many things including everything from an mp3 player, to a laptop computer. No one Brunton product is ideal for all portable electronic applications, but you will likely find a product that will work perfect for you. Because there are so many types of portable electronics, it is hard to determine if the charging ports are compatible. To help ease the problem Brunton has equipped their power packs with the two most common ports, USB and micro USB.

    With the increase of portable electronics in our daily lives, it only makes sense that we should have chargers for these devices that we can take with us everywhere. Brunton portable chargers provide this function and make it simple and effective. Each of their portable charging options is reasonably priced and built to last. This line of chargers has many things to offer with it variations in function and design. For more information on these devices please visit or visit a Bass Pro Marine Center.

Ryan Wynn


Store 49 Manteca


Is the cold stopping you from going hunting or out to your blind?



Our Footwear Associates have been getting plenty of questions to when were we going to carry the Thermacell Heated Rechargeable Insoles. These are in popular demand, where everyone wants to get their hands on them. Why you ask? These insoles keep your feet nice and toasty in the harsh weather. Many customers have said that they have tried the Toastie-Toes, and they were still not satisfied. It was just too hot or didn’t fit down right. But with the Thermacell Heated Rechargeable Insoles you have three settings to choice from (High, Medium, and no heat). With the remote control, you insolescan adjust the temperature to your liking. It lasts you for 5 hours! That is incredible! All you have to do it charge them over night or either time before you head out, and you good to go!  These insoles come with a drawstring bag, global charger, and wireless remote control. The Thermacell Heated Rechargeable Insoles include a lanyard for the remote control and operating instructions. Plus they are water resistant! All you have to do it try them once and you will be wanted to get yourself a pair.

  The great descriptions-       

  • Provides heat up to 111°F under your feet - three temperature settings to match conditions (high, medium, no heat)
  • High-tech wireless thermal technology run by remote control
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • Fits easily into your boots or shoes
  • Comes with bag, charger, and wireless remote control
  • Remote control range of up to seven feet




Arka Lantern Product Review

One of the latest products from the outdoor company UCO is the Arka lantern.




Priced at $69.99 this product is a cross between a lantern and a flashlight, and also acts as a portable charger. The lantern boasts a 180 Lumen beam paired with a seven to eight hour run time on high. The white light setting is fully adjustable and can dim from full brightness to as little as 20 lumens by holding down the button. In addition to the white light setting it also comes with three red LEDs which can we switched on with a simple long press of the button. These come in handy at night as the red light does not attract bugs. The red light has three modes: a continuous red beam, a strobe, and a SOS signal.



The design of this lantern is very simple, yet very smart. The transition from the flashlight mode to the lantern mode is done by simply pulling the top section of the light upwards. Impressively they have managed to pack both the versatility of a flashlight and a lantern into this product, as well as a USB charger, without increasing the size. This product is about the standard size of a typical D-cell flashlight. A set of feet rotate out of the base for added stability and a simple hook is included on the top of the lantern so it can be hung virtually anywhere. Weighing in at a little under a half of a pound this flashlight/lantern is perfect for car camping and could be included in a short backpacking trip.

The main selling point of this lantern is the USB charger that is built in. Powered by a 4Ah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery this can easily be charged in three to four hours by the included charging cable (this process can be sped up by plugging it into a USB outlet with a higher energy output). With an output of 3.7 volts this lantern has no problem charging most electronic devices. From a full charge you can charge your phone in a couple hours and still have around 5 hours of high output light left.


 Overall, this lantern is a great buy; versatility wise there aren’t many other products like it. The added feature of the USB charger improves this to a sort of all in one product, perfect for car campers, backpackers, as well as fisherman and hunters.

If the $69.99 price tag scares you off we also sell two variants also made by UCO.

The Lumora, a copy of the Arka but without the USB charging capabilities, it has the same 180 Lumen beam and eight hour runtime. In replacement of the Lithium-ion battery it runs off of four AA batteries. The Lumora costs $29.99 and is a great replacement for those who forfeit the rechargeable battery option.

The Clarus, a smaller version of the Arka’s lantern/flashlight design that has a one hundred and fifty lumen beam that will last around two hours and a low setting with a seventy hour run time. It runs off of three AAA batteries and costs 19.99.

All these lanterns are available in our store and we hope to see you soon.


- Mr. Caleb Stockham, Camping Associate


Preparing For What Winter Can Bring

I recently visited to see what they think we should gather up to prepare for whatever type of "disaster". With the weather here in east Tennessee as unpredictable as it gets, I thought I could help you get started on your kit, should you get snowed in or lose power during these upcoming cold months. lists the following items;

  • Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation
  • Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Dust mask to help filter contaminated air and plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Manual can opener for food
  • Local maps
  • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or solar charger

Now, please allow me to show you just how Bass Pro Shops can help you with these items.

1. Water- 3 gallons per person per day. How about the 7 gallon Reliance Aqua Tainer for only $17.99. That's enough water for 2 people for 3 days and it's BPA free!

 Reliance® Aqua Tainer™ Water Jug

2. A 3 day per person supply of non-perishable food. Why not try out some of our Mountain House dehydrated food. Prices start at 3.99 and they really are delicious!

Mountain House® Freeze Dried Beef Stroganoff with Noodles Entrée                                                                                                                              

3. A hand crank or battery operated flashlight. We have that too! It's a Nebo Wind-Up flashlight for only $14.99.

Nebo Wind-Up Flashlight

Of course we have regular battery operated flashlights as well and they start at $4.99 and go up in price from there.

4. If you choose to go the battery powered route, you'll need a supply of batteries. Our XPS Extreme batteries start at $4.99.

Bass Pro Shops® Extreme AA Alkaline Battery 8 Pack

5. First aid kit. You really need one of these around the house anyway because any day of the year could find a need for one. Our First aid kits start at $5.99 and go up to $125.00 depending on how big you want.

Sportsman Series Grizzly Medical Kit

6. A whistle to signal for help. Our 5 in 1 whistle will absolutely do the trick and for only $8.99.

Bass Pro Shops® 5-in-1 Emergency Whistle

7. Manual can opener. While I don't carry a normal household manual can opener in the camping Department, I do have something I think some of you will be familiar with and it's only $2.99.

Coghlan's Can Opener

8. Local maps. I don't have local maps per se but I do have area maps and Atlas', with maps starting at $11.95.

9. Cellphone charger. Now, if you find yourself without electricity, a charger isn't going to do you a bit of good! What I have to show you though, is a multi-tool of sorts. You can cook with it, heat by it and also charge your phone. It's the BioLite Camp Stove and is only $129.95. You can burn anything in this stove....doesn't have to be a type of liquid fuel. It can actually burn pinecones! The best part of all??? It has a USB port to charge your electronics!

BioLite CampStove™

The BioLite Stove also has a grill attachment so you can even cook meat on it. It retails for $59.95.

BioLite CampStove™ Portable Grill

While everything on the list can't be purchased here at Bass Pro, we sure can get you started! If there is anything else you would like to add to this list, by all means, make it your own and customize it to your needs and desires.

Come on in and allow me to help you with thoughts and ideas of what you would like to put in yours!

As always, thanks for allowing me to share my goodies with you. Hope to see you soon!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops


How to make a Winter Survial Kit for your Car



Well, it’s finally here folks; blizzards, black ice, and below zero temperatures. That’s right, it’s winter.  When it comes to driving in these conditions you can never be too prepared and that’s why I wanted to go over a few things you should always keep in your car in case of an emergency while driving in the winter.  All of the items below can be stored in a backpack or in a small tote. Make sure to keep these necessities in the backseat of your car (not the trunk) so they are easily accessible.

-Windshield Scraper/Brush

-Headlamp (make sure to keep charged or extra batteries with this)

-Wind-up Flashlight

-Glow Sticks


-Hand Warmers

-Foldable Shovel w/Saw

-Emergency Candle (empty soup can to put candle in)

-Waterproof Matches

-First Aid Kit (make sure it contains tape, gauze and medications)

-Fleece Blanket or Sleeping Bag

-Gloves, Wools Socks, and a hat

-Extra Jacket or Warm Clothes

-Bottled Water

-Beef Jerky or Energy Bars

-Phone Charger 

-Florescent Trail Marking Ribbon (or something bright to tie to your antenna)

Before you venture out into extreme weather conditions...


  1. Always remember to dress accordingly.  If you know it’s going to be 10 Degrees, then wear your coat and boots and layer up!

  1. Always travel with a full tank of gas.

  1. Make sure your cell phone has a full battery.

However, even the most prepared person still winds up in a predicament every now and then. So the next time you find yourself trapped inside a giant snowball, remember these strategies…


            -Call for help, remain calm and do not leave your car.


                -Try to tie the florescent marking tape on your antenna to make it easier for rescuers to see you.


- Run your car for about 10 minutes at a time with the heat, headlights and dome light on. Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning and leave the window vented a little.


-Put on extra clothing such as gloves, a hat, socks, boots or anything else you have available in your car. You can also use the candle in the empty soup can for extra heat.


You now have the proper knowledge to prepare yourself for Mother Nature’s wrath in the winter. Stop in to your local Bass Pro Shop, head up to the camping department and let one of our friendly staff members get you set up with everything you need for your emergency winter car kit.

Safe travels and good luck out there!

Holly, Camping Lead



Product Spotlight -UCO® Arka USB Charger/Lantern/Flashlight

UCO® Arka USB Charger/Lantern/Flashlight

This is an emergency preparedness dream! A mighty like flashlight, lantern and charger all in one! The Arka is one of the highlights of our Camping Departments cool products of 2013, and here's why:

  • Collapsible, so very compact and easy to transport - great for backpackers, travelers, and emergency access like power outages.
  • While you're using it as a light you can also be charging your phone, camera, or GPS! Rechargeable battery/ recharging station, plus comes with wall charger and USB cord.
  • Five lighting modes - Including three red LED for night vision, strobe and SOS.

Check out this video demo of the Arka!


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"They See Me Rollin'..." -- The Sequel!

We recently covered some of the automotive-themed kids gift ideas available this year at  your local Bass Pro Shops.  As if those weren't enough, we have two more items to add to the list:  The Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer and the Duck Dynasty RC Redneck Dune Buggy.

duneThe Fisher-Price Power Wheel Dune Racer is a new addition to our merchandise selection this holiday season.  The kid-sized racer, is designed to let kids 3 and older, enjoy the excitement of the open road!  The 2-seat open cockpit ATV has large off-road tires to drive on hard surfaces, grass, and rough terrain. The Dune Racer has two speeds: 2.5 and 5 mph and comes with Power Lock brakes. It comes with a 12V battery and charger, as well as hidden storage and pretend seat belts to add even more fun!

The Duck Dynasty RC Redneck Dune Buggy is an officially licensed product, featuring both the Bass Pro Shops and Duck rcDynasty logos. It has a 30' operating range and features a talking key chain with popular phrases from the Duck Dynasty crew. The radio transmitter controls forward/reverse driving and left/right steering. The vehicle requires five AA batteries and the transmitter requires one 9V battery (batteries not included).

Both of these items are expected to sell out this holiday season, so make sure you pick yours up right away!


“Rock Out” Anywhere!

Rock Out!!!!

Whether fishing, camping or just hanging out on the back porch I’ve always enjoyed listening to music in the outdoors.  Growing up toting a portable am radio everywhere, I was thrilled when I got my first cassette playing Sony Walkman!  From that day forward my greatest struggle has been trying to enjoy decent sound quality without headphones or ear plugs.  I’ve finally found the perfect solution in the Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers for $39.99 in our Marine Department.

Rock our

These terrific little speakers provide great sound and are completely portable.  Unlike the portable speakers I’ve purchased before at the drugstore, these are powered and so can push much greater volume.  Goal Zero advertises a “bass booster technology” and the speakers are encased in a wooden sound box so the tones are rich and not tinny at all.  Listening to classic rock I enjoyed hearing the bass and being able to distinguish the different drums in the kit, not just the general tapping sound I’ve grown used to with cheaply made speakers.  I was most impressed, though, when I was listening to a jazz trio; appreciating the subtlety of brushes rubbing on the snare drum and grazing the cymbal.


To add volume and fill up a bigger space with sound you can chain sets of the “Rock Outs” together using the audio out jack in the back.  The speaker box is wrapped in a cushioned mesh and zips open to reveal an inner pocket to hold the charging cord.  A brightly colored shock cord is used not only as an attractive trim but also to provide a handle for carrying or hanging.  The foot long audio in cable is enough length to keep my iPod or phone protected in a pocket of my pack or inside my tackle box and just leave the speaker exposed.

Along with the portability and sound quality, the feature of the Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers that has convinced me to buy them is the charge life on the lithium battery.  I have yet to run them out of juice!  Goal Zero advertises up to 40 hours on a single charge.  I have used them for well over twenty hours on a charge myself with no degradation in sound quality.  Around the house the speakers charge easily with their usb connection.  Away from home is where Goal Zero built their reputation.  The Rock Out Speakers are one of many accessories to Goal Zero’s full line of solar chargers, priced from $79.99.

Whether you’re looking for a full line of solar charging options for a month on the Appalachian Trail or just a high quality compact speaker set for your desk at work, The Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers will keep you in tunes!



The Biolite Campstove

The BioLite stove is a compact, portable stove that burns sticks, twigs, pine cones, and other renewable resources instead of Biolite Stovepetroleum gas.  But here’s the kicker, it also functions as an off-grid electrical charger.  To be more precise, it is a fan-stoked rocket stove with a thermoelectric module that converts heat into electricity.  The fuel consists of twigs,pinecones, or small chunks of wood making it eco-friendly.  The thermoelectric module allows it to charge its own battery which operates the two speed fan that stokes the fire.  And via a USB cable will charge your cellphone, GPS, headlamp, rechargeable batteries and other gadgets.

One load of dry kindling will boil a liter of water in about four minutes.  Charging a cellphone however takes a little longer necessitating several loads of fuel to fully charge at 4 watts maximum output.  However charging it enough to make that one emergency call takes only a few minutes.

The original stove was built with backpackers in mind enabling them to both boil water for their coffee and dehydrated meals Biolite Stove with Grillwhile at the same time they could charge their electronic gadgets.  Recently, however, Biolite has debuted a grill attachment that is great for grilling hot dogs, hamburgers or veggies.  The grill attachment makes the stove a great addition for that remote campsite with its 55 square inches of grilling area.

The Biolite stove weighs in at a scant 33 ounces and measures a mere 8 1/4" high by 5' wide. So forget that heavy fuel.  Forget packing in extra batteries, forget all that heavy solar charging equipment.  All you need is the Biolite stove and a few twigs to cook that meal or charge that phone.



Phil Steele  

Camping Dept.

Store 49- Manteca   

Bass Pro Shops                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Flashlights - A Important Tool to Have

Flashlights - We all use them and we all need them from time to time.  I don't know about you, but my husband cannot stop by a store without looking at the flashlights.  They just draw him in.  Years ago you got them at your local hardware store.  Now you can find them for a $1.00.  Depending on what you need them for, it is important to get one that suits you as well as be dependable and strong.

Flashlights are measured in lumens.  A lumen is the measurement of the amount of light that is contained in a certain area.  Lumens are a more accurate way to measure the light in a flashlight than WATTS.  A lumen is a direct measurement of light outage.  Sounds confusing?  Imagine a lightbulb that puts out 100 lumens.  Now picture yourself standing 1 foot away from a cake with 100 birthday candles burning.  Bright right?

Hiking, camping, hunting, work, and home are all areas that can use a bright flashlight .  Bass Pro Shops has a great line of flashlights, and we have a variety to pick from.  Check out the Bass Pro Shops XPS line.  Yes, these lights can be a little on the expensive side, but you will find they are well worth it.  

The Bass Pro Shop XPS DPS 1200 Lumen 9V LED flashlight is our most powerful XPS flashlight.  Long lasting it is great for tracking that downed deer or lighting your way through dark small spaces.


















The XPS line comes in a 750, 500, 320, 180,  and 70 lumen .  Good quality, and well made this flashlight is a must.  The grip has a knurled non-slip body the flashlights are 6V or 9V.  They are rubber o-ring sealed for maximum water resistance.  A smart switch tailcap is quick and quiet when switching between high and low modes.  Scratch resistant tempered glass lens protects the LED.

Now,  consider this.  All these flashlights but the 70 lumen have the ability to use lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries.  The Bass Pro Shop XPS DPS Battery Chargeis compatible with 6V and 9V lithium rechargeable battery sticks.  Also included is a 120V AC and 12V DC power cords.  We sell the rechargeable batteries as well.   








Stop on by to Bass Pro Shops to check out our large variety of flashlights.  Whether  you look into the XPS brand or any number of other brands we have, I think you will be pleased.

Robin Piedmonte-Events Coordinator