Big Game Basics: Roosevelt Elk

When it comes to the world of big-game animals there are a lot that have several subspecies. When you go all the way back to our article on caribou there are five subspecies of the animal. There are three for moose, five for deer and so on. During our Arizona Animals series of state-specific animals we discussed elk. This was about the Rocky Mountain Elk, the most prolific of the subspecies. The other two subspecies are the Roosevelt and Tule. This month’s Big Game Basics will be focused on the Roosevelt Elk.

The Roosevelt Elk is actually the largest elk of North America. The males average 900 pounds and the females sit around 500 pounds. Now these are averages and both can grow much larger than that. They are herbivores and travel in herds. Their range is much smaller than the Rocky Mountain Elks and is mostly confined to the Pacific Northwest.

They can be found in Vancouver Island and on mainland British Columbia. As far as the U.S. goes they are found in Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Alaska. These animals were actually introduced in Alaska. Another herd was also introduced onto Santa Rosa Island.

The Roosevelt Elks antlers tend to be more rugged and massive when compared to those of the Rocky Mountain Elk. But the Roosevelt Elks antlers are shorter and closer together, when compared to the long and wide-spread of the Rocky Mountain Elk. Also the Roosevelt Elks antlers tend to palmate or are webbed on the top. This gives the animals a distinct antler.

They favor dense rain forests that hold evergreen trees. They eat a variety of foods that is mostly dependent on the season. They will consume anything ranging from grasses to elderberries to blueberries and even mushrooms and lichens.

They do get their name for famous hunter/conservationist/President Theodore Roosevelt. (Ever notice how hard it is to give a single title to that guy? What an amazing person.) They also are attached to another famous name, Olympic National Park in Washington State. Preservation of these animals in that area helped push to establish this national park.

Conservation and preservation of these amazing animals has always been on the public’s mind. Most herds are considered under governmental management. Of course hunting these animals is also a part of management. The money paid out for hunting licenses, tags and trips for these animals help fund their preservation. Groups like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation also do a great job of fundraising and hands-on project to help all elk. All hunters should look at joining this and other national conservation groups that do a great amount of good to protect our animals for the future generations.


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Cool Down in the Sun

Whether you fish, hike, golf, garden or run, the Columbia Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter (92% polyester/8% elastane) is a product for consideration. The neck gaiter consists of a sweat-activated cooling technology which is perfect for any hot, sunny summer activity. The Omni-Freeze™ technology reacts with moisture which lowers fabric temperature giving a cooling relief. The Omni-Shade™ technology blocks a UPF rating of 50. It guards your neck and face from the brutal summer sun.



Wear the Columbia Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter around your neck, under your hat, over your face or as a headband! No matter which way you wear it, expect sun protection with a cool sensation.



Ladies, It's Time To Get Your Skorts on!

You are probably asking yourself what is a skort and why should I put one on.  Well I will tell you.  A skort is a pair of shorts with a skirt surrounding it.  Sometimes they were called a scooter or a scant.  Skorts were developed in the 1960's when women began to play golf in large numbers.  They were developed by the famous Leon Levin as the "Q" skirt or skort.

Skorts provide you with alot of freedom to do such activities as sports, bike riding, hiking, fishing, and gardening all while giving the appearance of wearing a skirt.

Here at Bass Pro Shops we offer three brands of skorts. The first brand is our own Ascend Tech Skort.  This active skirt has hidden mesh shorts underneath made out of a combination of spandex and polyester to give you a four way stretch.


It has an UPF rating of 50 to protect you from the sun's damaging rays, moisture wicking to keep you dry, two zip pockets on the outside and one internal pocket for cash or keys.

Our second brand is also our own called World Wide Sportsman Trek Skort. The skirt part is very sleek looking and the shorts are comfortably stretchy.

It has double snap closures, two hand pockets, and front and back zip pockets.  The skirt is made of nylon and is seventeen inches long.


 Our third skort we offer is from Columbia and is called Anytime Casual Skort.  This skort resists rain and stains while protecting you from harmful UV rays.

The two way comfort stretch briefs ensure active comfort and the sides have adjustable ruching.  Pull up on the ruching to make the skirt go shorter for biking or hiking. Lengthen it back to the seventeen inches for a dressy look.


All these skorts will become your favorite summer staple in your wardrobe.  Think about how much more room will be in your suitcase because you don't need to pack both skirts and shorts. You can be as active as you want and still look dressy at the same time.  All these skorts can be found in our stores and at


Big Game Basics: Blacktail Deer

Wow. Now here is a complete blast-from-the-past! Big Game Basics?! What the WHAT!? Last time we had one of these specifically was March of 2014! Yes we strayed somewhat back into this topic with the Africa Big Five blog series, but we are back in action with American hunting and the awesome animals that make it on our slams and hunting checklists. And to kick it off we are going to take a look at the blacktail deer. Black-in-Action, Baby!

Now there are actually two different kinds of the blacktail deer. There is the Columbia and the Sitka blacktail species. Both are found on the western side of the United States. The Columbia blacktail is found from Northern California up to Coastal British Columbia. The Sitka blacktail is found in Southeast and South Central Alaska, as well as in Coastal British Columbia.

They share many of the same traits as the other deer species of America. They are a member of the ungulate family and are more closely related to mule deer than whitetail deer. They are more active during dawn and dusk. Both are a separate species as part of the North American Grand Slam. One would need to bag both of these species, a mule deer, whitetail and a Coues in order to achieve a North American deer slam.

They prefer to live on the edges of forest as opposed to deep within them. This is because they favor underbrush for food. Using their excellent sense of sight and smell, they do well at avoiding predators. Also their large ears can help sense danger, especially as they can move independently from the other.

The easiest ways to tell blacktail deer apart from mule deer are their antlers, coloration and tail. As their name implies these deer have a characteristic black tail.

The main predators of Columbia blacktail are coyotes and mountain lions. This is the same for the Sitka blacktail, but they also fall prey to wolves. This put them in some controversial light when there was a big discussion regarding the status of wolves in a certain area. Along with this issue, an ever-growing problem are the increasing vehicle collisions that these animals fall victim to. With more and more people being on this planet it is completely understandable that this is happening. One key thing to know when driving in deer territory is that if you see one deer cross the road you can expect a couple more behind it.

Many times this deer is overlooked as a game species. Most of the time people focus on the wonderful whitetail and monster muleys. I don’t think I have seen a lot of literature on these awesome animals. But with more and more people getting into hunting, I am sure they will be discussed more.

The one thing that I do remember about them is that I was looking at booking a hunting lodge in Alaska as my bachelor party. One of the options was to go on a Sitka blacktail deer hunt.  And somehow it got brought up that Sitka blacktail deer is the best tasting game meat. Well, only one way to find out!


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Cool, dry, protected with Columbia

The new 2015 Columbia Omni-freeze Zero is here at the Katy Bass Pro Shops and better than ever!

Columbia Zero Rules Shirt for Ladies

We have new styles and colors with the same great technology. We carry four great styles of Ladies’ shirts that have the Omni- Freeze Zero and Omni-Shade, the short cap sleeve shirt, the long sleeve shirt, the PFG tank top, and the Ultimate Chill II long sleeve shirt.

Columbia Zero Rules V-Neck Shirt for Ladies

Omni shade is built into the shirt for up to 50 UPF to guard against harmful rays and keep you safe from the hot sun. Award-winning Omni-Freeze Zero is sweat activated to provide unsurpassed cooling on hot days. Each shirt’s inside lining is covered with tiny blue circles that, when wet, react to lower the temperature of the shirt to keep you cool.  

PFG Zero Women's Tank Top

These shirts may be advertised for fishing but are very versatile! You can wear them fishing on the pier or out on the boat, in the deer stand or tracking in the woods under your camouflage, on long hikes in the mountains or leisurely walk on the beach, under a work uniform, working out, or even gardening! There are so many wonderful ways to use these shirts, so get out there and get to doing in the great outdoors; because as you heat up these Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero shirts will cool you down!

Columbia® Ultimate Chill™ II Shirt for Ladies

See our online selection of Ladies' Columbia clothing:


Staying Cool with Columbia

Omni Freeze Zero is a technology created by Columbia. This is a technology you can see. There are little blue rings on the inside of the clothing that activate when they make contact with your sweat to lower the temperature of the material you are wearing, which then cools down your body temperature. It’s material is light weight and soft. It’s made for men and women. Not only is Omni Freeze Zero made in shirts but also head gear, gloves, and sleeves. So if you want an item that is light weight and will also keep you cool Columbia Omni Freeze Zero is the product for you.

Here are some of the products that Bass Pro Shops carries in the Omni Freeze Technology:


Columbia Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter - $30.00; featured in Vivid Blue

  • Omni-Freeze ZERO fabrication lowers fabric temperature
  • Omni-Shade UPF 50 ultimate sun protection
  • 92% polyester/8% elastane
  • Protects neck and face
  • Pull-on style


Columbia Cool Catch Tech Zero T-Shirt for Men - $55 featured in Jade Lime Color

  • Omni-Freeze Zero sweat-activated super cooling
  • Omni-Wick technology keeps you dry
  • Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection
  • 100% polyester
  • Antimicrobial treatment resists bacteria
  • Length from center back: 29"



Columbia Coolhead Cachalot Cap for Men - $38 pictured in Fossil color

  • High performance cap that delivers more protection than a standard ballcap
  • 86% polyester/14% elastane
  • Venting on crown: 100% polyester mesh
  • Omni-Freeze® ZERO sweat- and moisture-activated cooling
  • Omni-Shade® UPF 50 provides ultimate sun protection
  • Adjustable draw-cord and toggle at back
  • Vented mesh on crown for cooling air circulation
  • Bill and side and back flaps provide shade and protection


Check out what others are saying about this great gear! 

Be stylish in our new Omni Freeze Gear guys!

Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero Product Review

"Sweat-activated Super Cooling"



J. Rayborn

Apparel Team Lead

Independence, Missouri




See How Easily You Can Do hot summer days

Hot Summer Days

Hello my Name is Mark Brun, the Columbia Apparel lead at Bass Pro Shops, and I would like to introduce you to the perfect line of clothing for those hot summer days in the outdoors. The World Wide Sportsman Nylon Angler shirts should be your choice first choice of clothing when looking for a fishing shirt. With its 100% quick-dry nylon that's been enhanced for on-the-water action with built-in UPF sun protection. Its vented cape back with mesh lining and extremely handy rod loops.

Long Sleeve Nylon Angler

Our Long Sleeve Nylon Angler features an improved vented cape back with mesh lining to encourage airflow so you’re nice and cool when fishing. It comes with 2 large hook 'n' loop chest pockets, roll tabs at the elbows, a handy rod loop, a button-down roll-up collar for sun protection, and utility loop on the right pocket. So when you’re looking for some extra sun protection for this summer this Nylon Angler L/S should be one to come check out. The Long Sleeve comes in 8 different colors.  (Coral Reef, Yellowfin, Ocean, Kiwi, Haze, Sea grass, Mediterranean, Blue Tide) We have a giant stock of this item with sizes range from Small to 4XL which include Large and Xlarge talls.

Short Sleeve Nylon Angler

If you hike, bike and fish or just enjoy the outdoors, this shirt is for you. These shirts are cool, lite and with all the great colors you can wear them anywhere. These shirts based on the color provide different levels of sun protection. (See Below) This lightweight outdoor shirt is outfitted with a vented cape back that allows wind to blow through the shirt to help cool you down. Other helpful features for fishermen include 2 large multi-function chest pockets, a handy rod loop, and a utility loop on the right pocket.

Nylon Angler UPF Ratings by Color:

 UPF 25 +: Glacier

 UPF 30 +: Haze

 UPF 40 +: Seagrass, Ocean, Yellowfin, Kiwi

 UPF 45 +: Fossil

 UPF 50 +: Coral Reef

An affordable fishing shirt that's big on performance. These Nylon Angler Shirts from World Wide Sportsman were designed with the serious fisherman in mind!

S-2XL 34.99

3XL-4XL 39.99

S-2XL 29.99

3XL-4XL 34.99



Great experience

I purchased a children's XL red head silent hide jacket online for my son for Christmas. The jacket ended up being too small so we thought I would be best for him to go try on the replacement options. When I tried to log in online to print out my original order the site was not working correctly and did not for several days to follow. We went to columbia, MO which is an hour from our home and he customer service clerk at this store was great. I explained to him my situation and the fact that the website was not working correctly. He was able to pull my order from the system and I was able to choose a coat for my son and do the exchange in the store. Perfect! Thanks for the great, friendly and understanding service!

Name: Kaylie harden
ProductDescription: Silent Hides men's small mossy oak jacket

Review: Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Jacket for Ladies

Columbia is widely known for creating products that contain some pretty neat technology. In recent years we’ve seen their release of Omni-Heat products; synthetically insulated coats, jackets, and shirts that are lined with tiny silver dots that are designed to reflect your body heat back to you. This year they’ve taken their Omni-Heat technology to a new level by combining it with real goose down to create TurboDown; a performance enhanced down that provides the extreme warmth of a down coat without all of the bulkiness.

Being a big fan of the Omni-Heat technology, I was really excited to try out the Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Jacket for ladies! Immediately I loved the way it fit; it ran true to size, had a slightly tapered waist, and hit right in the middle of my hips making it not too short and not too long. The coat doesn’t fall short on warmth either. While it fits and weighs more like that of a light jacket, the Gold 650 TurboDown jacket gave my puffy down coats a run for their money.

While I was disappointed that the Gold 650 jacket didn’t come with the comfort wrist cuffs like the Kaleidaslope II jacket, I still think this would make a perfect Christmas Present for anyone who’s an avid hiker, runner, or dog walker. Plus, it also comes in an array of fun colors to fit any personality on your list.



Fall Flannel Fest


              Flannel Fest has been extended through November 23rd!  We love flannel at Bass Pro Shops!  It makes you feel nice and cozy on a chilly fall day.  We carry a wide variety of flannel and brands in our store. We have RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, and Columbia Sportswear! One of our favorites is the RedHead Ultimate Flannel Shirt! Made of 100% cotton combed yarns it resists pilling and is virtually shirk-free! It’s on sale right now starting at $19.97 (November 10-23) Reg. price starting at 24.99. With eight different colors to choose from there is one for everybody!  Redhead Flannel-Lined Jeans start at just $39.99!

          Natural Reflections has a great selection of flannel for women!  Flannel shirts start at $24.99.  Natural Reflections Flannel-Lined Jeans or Twill Pants for $44.99!



          If being decked out in flannel from head to toes is not enough for you, we also have Redhead Flannel lined Insulated Waterproof boots for men and women! The RedHead All-Season Classic II is only $49.99 with the options of lace-up, pull-on, or zip-on!



         Our camping department also has a wide variety of Flannel lined sleeping bags! The Bass Pro Shops 0º Oversized Duckcloth Sleeping Bag is our most popular bag with hunters. Our premium rectangular bag is thickly packed with 6 lbs. of hollow fiber insulation. The 10-oz. cotton duckcloth shell and cotton flannel lining ensure years of warmth and enjoyment.

The Bass Pro Shops 0º Oversized Duckcloth Sleeping Bag is $99.99 and measures (40" X 84").

Bass Pro Shops -20º Oversized Duckcloth Sleeping Bag is also available for those really cold nights and is only $119.99.  The -20º Sleeping back is packed with 7.5 lbs of hollow fiber insulation.

Our associates have really enjoyed wearing our flannel on these cold days!

Use hashtag #FlannelFest to show us your favorite flannel on Facebook or Twitter!

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Text in Warmth Ladies!

Do you remember the brutal winter we had last year?  Do you remember how cold your fingers got when you tried to use your smart phone, I-Pad,or tablet?  Then you thought hey maybe I will buy some of those gloves with the fingers cut off. All that got you was cold freezing fingers and warm hands. Well here at Bass Pro Shops we have the solution to all those frozen fingers.

 We are offering four different styles of gloves with the technology built into the fingers of the gloves to connect with your smart phone, I-pad,or tablet.

The North Face has three styles. The first one is the Denali Etip glove which is good for cool weather. It comes in black, white and gray. Sizes are small/medium and large/extra large.


The second one is the Denali Thermal glove which is good for cold weather comes in navy blue and black. Sizes are small/medium and large/extra large.

 The third glove is the Etip stretch fit glove which has reflective detailing for those of you who run.  It only comes in black and strechs to fit your hand.



  All five fingers on all these gloves have touch screen capability.  The fingers have intergrated conductive technology with embedded powered conductors.


Columbia also offers their Trail Summit Running glove with Omni Heat, and reflective piping. This glove offers thumb and fore finger capability only.  Omni Heat reflects your body heat back to your hand with the reflective dots. This is a strech fit glove.                                             

Treat yourself and buy a pair of these gloves. Or even better give them as a Christmas gift. You can find them on line or in our stores.


Santa's Wonderland 2014

Preview night: Join the Bass Pro family for the kick-off of our Santa's Wonderland event! The event includes many opportunities for families to come enjoy the beginning of the holiday season with activities and giveaways.

Santa will be arriving in front of our store on a Tracker boat at 5 p.m. where we will have free cookies and hot chocolate. After he arrives we will have a magical tree lighting in our store for the unveiling of Santa's Wonderland.

In addition to having giveaways to the first 115 kids to visit Santa's Wonderland, from 6 to 8 p.m. we'll have free photos with Santa, a free craft, coloring sheets and letters to write to Santa.

Santa will also be giving away a $25 Bass Pro Shops gift card to one lucky winner every half-hour from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Full event:

Come get into the Holiday Spirit! Missourians drive from miles away to experience Santa and his Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops--Columbia, MO. Join us for FREE games, Letters to Santa, and Coloring Sheets, 7 days a week from Open-Close. Also, take advantage of FREE crafts during our Craft hours.
Plus! Get a FREE photo with Santa during our Photo hours.

Here is the schedule:

Nov. 15- Dec 5:
Free photo with santa/ Free crafts/ Free games & activities
Mon.-Fri: 3-8p.m./ 5-7p.m./ open-close
Saturday: 10a.m.-8p.m./ 12-5p.m./ open-close
Sunday: 12-5p.m./ 12-5p.m./ open-close

Thanksgiving: 10a.m.-5p.m./ 3-5p.m./ open-close...
Nov. 28: 10a.m.-8p.m./ 5-7p.m./ open-close

Mon.-Fri.: 10a.m.-8p.m./ 5-7p.m./ open-close
Saturday: 10a.m.-8p.m./ 12-5p.m./ open-close
Sunday: 10a.m.-5p.m./ 12-5p.m./ open-close

Dec. 24: 10a.m.-5p.m./ 3-5p.m./ open-close
Visit our Facebook page for more information:

10 reasons wearing Flannel is the best

  1. It’s like wearing a blanket, a socially acceptable blanket
  2. You’re automatically fashionable without the discomfort
  3. With so many pattern choices and colors, you could wear a flannel shirt everyday and never get bored
  4. It looks good on both men and women, let’s be honest
  5. Your beard grows twice as fast when you wear it (if you’re a man)
  6. It’s versatile, you can wear it to church, work and on a date
  7. If you put on a flannel, you can automatically cut down a tree
  8. It’s great if your car breaks down- keeps you warm
  9. It can double as a Halloween costume
  10. Bass Pro Shops sells the best flannel
Fall Flannel Fest Flannel is a staple of the Fall season—and you know the best place to get flannel is Bass Pro Shops! We’ve got a wide selection from all of your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia, and more. Come experience Fall Flannel Fest only at Bass Pro Shops until Nov. 9! #FlannelFest

Love Flannel? Then Read This!

Flannels bring to mind an image of comfort, warmth, and style. Perfect for the hardworking, style conscious or relaxed weekender, flannel is a versatile classic wardrobe staple. Men, women, young or the young at heart can wear flannel shirts for any occasion, working, relaxing, or a night out on the town. Whether it's dressed up or dressed down with a bit of styling you will be turning heads wherever you go. Starting October 20 Bass Pro Shop is having our Flannel Fest. We will be featuring flannels from all your favorite brands such as Redhead, Bob Timberlake, Ascend, Carhartt, and Columbia. Offering a large variety of styles and colors, fleece lined, Sherpa lined or the original style, all of our flannels will be available for you to stop by and pick up. Starting at just $19.97 you will be sure to find the perfect flannel for yourself or that special someone on your list. Flannel fest will start on October 20th and end on November 9th. To kick off the event we will be giving away the limited Flannel Fest car coaster to the first 100 customers on October 29th starting at 11:00 a.m.(while supplies last) Be sure to come early and get your car coaster. Don't miss out on this limited time event come in to Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga for Flannel Fest 2014. #FLANNELFEST






New Columbia Turbodown Set To Keep You Warmer This Winter

There is so much new technology in the apparel industry today. There are products to keep you warm, products to keep you cold, and materials that wick away moisture. There are materials that are waterproof and windproof, and materials that are breathable.  Bass Pro Shops is fortunate enough to be carrying one of Columbia Sportswear’s new product releases for the Fall 2014 season.

Women's Turbodown Jacket

This season, Columbia Sportswear is releasing a new product called Turbodown. Turbodown is a Performance Enhanced Down product.  This new technology fuses down with Omni-Heat synthetic insulation for superior lightweight warmth and heat retention. This technology also allows the product to reduce cold spots as well as retaining warmth when wet.

Men's Turbodown Vest

We carry the Columbia Gold 650 Turbodown Jacket and the Gold 650 Turbodown vest for men and the Turbodown jacket for women. These outerwear pieces are ideal for the outdoor sportsman. Not only are these new products lightweight and water-resistant, but there are several features that make them appealing – zip hand pockets,  a drawcord hem to keep the cold out, and a modern fit make these jackets a great addition to your outdoor wardrobe.

In addition to the new Turbodown products, Columbia Sportswear has a wide range of apparel to suit everyone’s outdoor needs this fall.  Come visit Bass Pro Shops Savannah to get geared up for cooler weather!


Fall Flannel Fest

October 20th -- November 9th

This fall season is officially under way and we are excited to celebrate the cooler weather this year with our first Fall Flannel Fest. Come in to the store and check out our various assortment of flannel, we have something for everyone. Flannel is a staple for the fall season and has been for generations-- and you known the best place to get flannel is right here at Bass Pro Shops!

We have flannel available in an all of your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia, and more. Ask any Bass Pro Associate and they would be happy to help you find the style that best suits you.


Flannel Friday Giveaway-- October 24th 11:00am

FREE Car Coaster Giveaways!

The first 100 customers to come into Bass Pro Shops Tallahassee at 11:00 am will receive a FREE stoneware coaster. Each coaster is stamped with the Fall Flannel Fest logo. These stoneware coasters fit into most cup holders and will soak up spills and condensation from beverages, eliminating those sticky "puddles" in cup holders. 

Like Bass Pro Shops Tallahassee on Facebook to stay up to date on all of the upcoming events for the holiday season! Facebook--Fall Flannel Event

Be sure to find a style that everyone likes by checking out other Clothing Blogs posted by Bass Pro Shops.




This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona

It's a good weekend for thinking about staying warm and we can help you out!  For one thing, we have RedHead lifetime socks on sale through Sunday!

Try Before You Buy

Our Gifts Department will be serving up some samples to warm your tummy!

Saturday, October 18

It's National Chili Month so sample our Uncle Buck's brand Two-Step Black Bean Chili! Noon-4 p.m. or while supplies last.

Sunday, October 19

Try some a sample of Bob Timberlake BBQ sauces over beef chuck roast! Noon-4 p.m. or while supplies last!

Boy Scouts are on site selling popcorn to help support their activities.

Saturday - It's Pack 237

Sunday - It's Troop 222 from Martensdale

The scouts are usually here from about 10 a.m. - mid afternoon.

Coming up?

Flannel Fest!

Then, hold on to your plaids, it's FLANNEL FEST! October 20-November 9, Bass Pro Shops celebrates all things flannel! You know we're the BEST place to buy flannel, whether RedHead, Ascend, Bob Timberlake, Columbia, Carhartt, or others!  #FlannelFest

Friday, October 24 - Flannel Friday! The first 100 customers receive a FREE Fall Flannel Fest Car Coaster! These very cool coasters go in your car's cup holder and soak up minor spills and condensation.


Halloween arrives October 24-31! Stay tuned!

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The Power of Flannel Fest at Bass Pro!

Fall Flannel Fest October 20 - November 9

Flannel is a staple of the Fall season-and you all know the best place to get your flannel is Bass Pro Shops! We’ve got a wide selection from all your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia, and more. Come experience Fall Flannel Fest only at Bass Pro Shops! #FlannelFest

Don’t miss the Flannel Friday giveaways on October 24th  at 11am. The first 100 customers will receive a FREE Fall Flannel Fest Car Coaster-a stoneware coaster to put in your car’s cup holder to soak up minor spills and condensation. #FlannelFriday


Don't forget to post all your Flannel Fest photos on our Facebook page at or on Instagram at #FlannelFest #FlannelFriday

We look forward to see all the FUN Flannel photos!




Fall Flannel Fest !!!


What’s our favorite fall fabric?

 Well, FLANNEL of course!!!

Flannel is a staple of the Fall season- and you know the best place to get yours is Bass Pro Shops! We have a wide selection from all of your favorite brands; Ascend, RedHead, Natural Reflection, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia and more!!!

This season we are proud to introduce Fall Flannel Fest!!!

On October 24 we welcome you to Flannel Friday; we will give the first 100 customers in the store a FREE Fall Flannel Fest Car Coaster- a stoneware coaster to put in your car’s cup holder to soak up minor spills and condensation.

Come experience Fall Flannel Fest. Only at Bass Pro Shops!!!

Don't forget to post all your flannel fan photos to #FlannelFest !!!



Fall Flannel Fest!!

Coming soon starting October 20th! Fall Flannel Fest!

Flannel is a staple of the Fall season- and you know the best place to get flannels? Bass Pro Shops of course! We've got a wide selection from all of your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia, and more.

Flannel Friday - October 24th!

We are having Flannel Friday Giveaway day! The first 100 customers in the store on Friday, October 24th starting at 11am, will receive a FREE Fall Flannel Fest Car Coaster- a stoneware coaster to put in your car’s cup minor spills and condensation. Don’t miss out!

Here are a few styles that are very popular here at Bass Pro Shops San Antonio -

RedHead Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt for Men

This RedHead Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt features fleece lining in the body and quilted lining in the sleeves that trap body heat remarkably well. This thick, warm flannel shirt has a button front and 2 button-flap chest pockets to give you a couple of storage options for glasses and writing utensils. Our RedHead Fleece-Lined Flannel is made from 100% cotton with 100% polyester lining. Machine wash. Imported.

  • 100% cotton with 100% polyester lining
  • Button front
  • 2 button-flap chest pockets
  • Fleece-lined body
  • Quilted lining in sleeves


Natural Reflections Flannel Shirts for Ladies

A comfortable companion for cool fall days or brisk summer evenings, the Natural Reflections® Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt for ladies is sure to be your new favorite. Finished with 2 button-flap chest pockets, this plaid shirt features princess seams for a flattering fit. Superior-quality 100% cotton is brushed for remarkable softness. Machine wash, tumble dry. Imported.

  • Amazing value
  • Superior-quality 100% cotton flannel
  • Brushed for remarkable softness
  • Princess seams
  • Button-up front
  • Stitched neck tape
  • 2 button-flap chest pockets


Bob Timberlake Signature Flannel Shirt for Men

On cold days when you have errands to run and tasks to check off your list, reach for our Bob Timberlake® Signature Flannel Shirt. These men's button-down flannel shirts are made from 100% cotton that is soft, thick, and warm for all-day comfort. 2 button-flap chest pockets accent the front of this Bob Timberlake long-sleeve flannel shirt. Machine wash. Imported.


  • 100% cotton
  • Soft, thick, and warm
  • Button front
  • 2 chest pockets
  • Colorful plaid patterns

Ascend Sweet Creek Plaid Shirt for Ladies

From hiking the woods to setting up camp, the Ascend® Sweet Creek Plaid Shirt for ladies keeps you comfortable and classic. This rugged flannel shirt features long sleeves, princess seams for feminine shaping, and 2 patch pockets at the chest. Made of a soft polyester/rayon blend, this collared shirt is a great choice from sunrise hike to campfire toast. Machine wash. Imported.

  • Button front plaid shirt
  • 2 chest pockets
  • Princess seams provide feminine shaping
  • Made of soft polyester/rayon
  • Machine washable


That was just a few that we offer, but we have any different colors, brand and styles. Just make your way in between October 20 - November 9th and come experience Fall Flannel Fest. Only at Bass Pro Shops!