Gear for Cave Exploring

Cave exploring is a guaranteed adventure for almost anyone. While exploring alone is attractive to some taking the whole family on a cave diving adventure is just as fun. Exploring a cathedral room or finding a hidden chamber deep underground is the kind of stuff stories are made of, and in the Ozarks caves are definitely not in short supply. But a cave exploring expedition can become treacherous if the right gear is not on hand to deal with situations that might arise along the way.

First thing any caver is going to need while underground is a good light source. This needs to be not only a steady source of directional light but also a solid design that can take a beating and will not need constant maintenance while in the cave. It is also a good idea to take a few forms of light for exploring underground. A headlamp is the first order of business. For the new caver a simple light that is rugged should be used. The Primos Top Gun LED Headlamp is a good starter headlamp because it has both high and low settings for while in the cave and an easily adjustable head strap to keep the light in place.

LED headlamp

After the headlamp a good idea would be to have a regular flashlight that can be stored in a pocket just in case the headlamp goes out. For this job the Bass Pro Shops® Mini LED Flashlight Combo - 6 Pack, because there are 6 lights in this pack it is easy to put one in a pocket, one in a backpack and hand one to each child in the cave exploring. Also these little lights are very bright and durable making them perfect for the cave!


Another light source that could be used in an absolute emergency would be a chemical light stick or glow stick. A good choice for glow stick would be the Texsport® Glo Lite Stix™, these glow sticks provide 6 hours of continual low light making them good for an emergency in a cave.


The next stumbling block that many cavers will run into while exploring underground, will be dehydration. While the temperature in the cave might be cool and moist, the physical exertion of climbing over rocks and crawling through narrow passages does tend to cause sweating and dehydration. An easy way to avoid this would be to carry a hydration pack with at least a liter of water in it. This pack will need to be durable enough to make it through the cave without tearing a hole in it and keep the water drinkable for an extended period of time. A good pack for the job is the CamelBak® Rogue™ Hydration Pack, with a coated nylon outer casing this hydration pack is great for the scrapes and bumps a caver is going to run into while exploring. Another pack that is great for the job is the Bass Pro Shops® XPS® 1.5L Hydration Pack, this pack has a low profile and durable polyester coating making it perfect for climbing through tight spaces and over rough surfaces.


In a cave, regular clothing tends to be ripped to shreds on the limestone and gravel that is throughout. So finding the right clothes to cover softer underclothes is needed. Styles that tend to work well for the cave are the coveralls and bib overalls. What a caver should look for in coveralls and bib overalls is the durability and wear ability. If the coveralls are going to fall apart after crawling on knees for a few hundred yards then they are not going to be caving material. While at the same time if the overalls ride up or chafe when walking then they will definitely not be usable in the cramped spaces of a cave. Carhartt® Sandstone Bib Overalls are a great set that fits the bill for the rigors of crawling around a cave. The double ply knees make this pair great for being down and dirty while still remaining comfortable in tight situations.


Now that the clothing is covered it is time for the boots that will be needed in the cave. These boots need to be tough and most certainly waterproof, while also having the traction needed for walking on the slick limestone and loose gravel of the local caves. A good pair of boots that fits the bill is the Columbia Woodburn Mid Waterproof Camo Hiking Boots. This pair of boots has a solid hard sole made for hiking over rough terrain, and is comfortable enough to wear on a long walk, making these boots great for being in a cave environment. Another good set of boots for this job is the RedHead® Osprey Hiking Boots. These waterproof boots have a good set of removable insoles that keep the feet comfortable while providing the support and stability needed for walking and crawling around in a cave environment.


Now that the gear is gathered and clothing is ready to go it is time to head to the cave and go over a few tips and tricks for being in a cave. Before leaving for the cave, it is a good idea to let a friend or relative know the exact location of the cave that is going to be explored. Also tell them how long the trip will take and to contact the proper authorities if a certain amount of time has passes and they don’t get a confirmation that everyone is alright. Keeping a phone turned off in the car is a good idea, while taking a phone into the cave is also important, if more than one phone is available. Note that some phones are able to work well in certain caves so having a phone can come in handy. Keeping a small stock of chemical stick lights is a good way to assure that even if all electronic lights fail there will still be enough light to find a way out of the cave. Finally keeping a length of cord handy, so kids and adults have something to hold on to while walking and keep from getting split up from the group. Now that the gear and tips are dispensed it is finally time to go into the cave! As always happy hunting and good luck! 


Just Arrived- Columbia UGA Apparel!

Columbia University of Georgia apparel has arrived here out the Savannah Bass Pro Shops- just as the college football season begins to heat up!  We have several great styles of shirts, both shortsleeve and longsleeve, as well as UGA jackets. Come on by and get in the latest college Columbia gear before next Saturday!  These are located right near our front entrance by the Customer Service counter.

Columbia UGA Tamiami Shirt

We also have all sorts of different college-themed apparel and accessories, as well as all the gear you need to make your next tailgate a success.  We've got portable grills, grilling tools, seasonings, and sauces.  Don't forget the cooler, folding table, and chairs!  When tailgating with the family or a big party, a canopy is essential.  We have a great selection of canopies, including our Bass Pro Deluxe Instant Canopy. The 12 foot model provides 144 square feet of protection from sun and rain! Don't forget to pick up snacks, either- we have a great selection of jerky, nuts, and other munchies!

BPS Deluxe Instant Canopy

That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tailgating accessories here at Bass Pro Shops Savannah, so make sure you head on down before you head to the stadium!



Teal Season Necessities

It's finally here, teal season! We asked hunting team lead Landon for some tips for this season.

-This is going to be a great teal season, the population is up compared to the long-term average. It'll be a 6 day season starting Sept. 6 running until Sept. 21st.

-Hopefully you've been doing this already, but make sure to scout before you go hunt so you know where the birds are going and where their food sources are. That'll help you when it's time to go out.

-A couple great places to go teal hunting around here include Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area or Grand Pass Conservation Area about 45 minutes away from Columbia near Marshall.

- Make sure to match your camo to the terrain you'll be in. You're probably going to want wear green camo because the leaves are still on the trees.

-Use a 12 or 20 gauge gun with steel shot ammo. Anywhere from 4 to 6 shot is sufficient.

-Make sure you have a teal call, which sounds a little different than a duck call. We have a variety of options, just stop by the hunting counter if you need assistance choosing a call.

-Because it's still so hot out and there are a lot of mosquitoes, get a ThermaCELL to repel the bugs while you hunt. It repels mosquitoes mosquitoes for up to 12 hours by creating an invisible, orderless protection by heating a chemically treated repellent mat that covers up to a 15' diameter. It's powered by a butane cartridge that's included, repelling more powerfully than mosquito coils. It's also cordless and portable.

-Best time to go teal hunting is first thing in the morning or in the evening (check with MDC and the landowner, some don't allow hunting in the evening.)

-Ducks land into the wind, so make sure to place your decoys accordingly.

If you have any other questions feel free to comment below or visit our hunting department. Good luck this season!


Hiking Trails for Beginners


Hiking on local trails is a great way to see nature and learn about the surroundings while relaxing and having a good workout. For beginners finding the right gear that is suited for the trails and is comfortable is always a struggle. While at the same time finding the right trails for beginners is also a challenge simply because building the stamina that is required for good hikes takes time and a concerted effort on an easy trail.


Gear is one of the most important parts of any outdoor expedition and hiking is no different. The gear a hiker uses has to be top notch or a hike can become a nightmare quickly after it starts with blisters and chaffing becoming a huge problem. When it comes to boots there is a big difference in the type of boot for the terrain that will be traversed. If the trail is a very well kept paved trail having a hiking shoe like the RedHead® Granite Peak Hiking Shoe or the Columbia Helvatia Waterproof Trail Shoe for ladies is good because there is very little ability for a hiker to roll an ankle so the comfort of a shoe is preferred to the support of a bigger boot. If the trail is well kept but still a dust trail then going with a hiking shoe like the Merrell® Yokota Waterproof Mid Hiking Shoe or the RedHead® Gaston 5'' Hiker Shoes for Ladies, is a good idea. This hiking shoe rises a little higher than the other hiking shoes so it is able to offer more ankle support for the trail that may have a little less stability than the paved trail. For a trail that is a little wilder with rocks and tree roots, a bigger more sturdy boot is a must. RedHead® Everest Hikers are a great boot for the job, these boots are built sturdy and are meant for everything from walking around the block to the heaviest of trails. For those heavy trails with many rocks and roots a good boot for the ladies would have to be the RedHead® McKinley Hiking Boot, the boot is lightweight and durable enough for a long hike making these boots great for a long trek through rough terrain.


The next challenge for the new hiker would have to be the right socks for hiking on any trail. When looking for socks a good pair needs to be made from crew to quarter length so the ankle and at least the lowest part of the calf is covered. This keeps the boot from rubbing any exposed skin raw while walking or hiking. A good sock for this purpose is the Ascend™ Hiker Quarter Socks, these come fitted for both men and women, the socks are made from merino wool which keeps the feet comfortable and wicks away sweat very effectively.

ascend sock

Now that socks are taken care of it is time to address one of the most important components of hiking clothing, chaffing. Chaffing happens when skin is rubbed raw and can be painful for even the most advanced hikers. One of the worst spots for chaffing is the inner thigh. The only blessing is that this is also the one place where chaffing is the easiest to prevent. A good pair of compression or hiking underwear is purpose made to keep chaffing from happening and can make a hike easier for all involved. A good pair for the money is the Under Armour® The Original 9'' Boxerjock® Boxer Briefs, these boxers breathe very well and wick away sweat making them great for reducing or eliminating chaffing.

boxer briefs

Since the clothing is now left in the dust it is time for the fun part of hiking, finding the right trail for the hiker. Here locally there are great examples of all three kinds of trails covered earlier. For the paved hiking trail in Springfield would be the Sequiota Park Trail is a great example of this type of trail. When talking about a dust trail or cedar chip trail a good local example would have to be the Nature Center Trail. This trail is a cedar chip trail that is perfect for a new hiker who wants to break in hiking boots or get a feel for a short hike. For those new hikers that want a challenge there is always a good trail close here in Springfield! Busiek State Park offers several long trails that are perfect for getting used to hiking in the Ozarks!

Now that the hiking boots are bought, the socks fit, the chaffing is dealt with and the trail is picked it is officially time to hit the trail and have some fun out hiking! Don’t forget to enjoy the outdoors and the scenery all around while getting a good workout! For more information about socks, check out our blog, "The Right Sock for the Right Hike": As always happy hunting and good luck! 


Missouri conservationist receives prestigious Hornaday Gold Medal Award

Glenn Chambers

Conservationist of the Year in 2001, Conservation Federation of Missouri in 2002, Who’s Who in America in 2002, Lifetime Achievement Award Conservation Federation of Missouri in 2002, Faculty-Alumni Award, University of Missouri-Columbia in 2004; it’s safe to say Glenn Chambers is well-accomplished.

Because of his work, “Boy Scouts of America approved Glenn Chambers for the Hornaday Gold Medal award which recognizes meritorious service to Scouting and conservation.” The award began in 1914 and became what it is today in 1937 when it was named after the founder of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., Dr. William T. Hornaday. Chambers is the first recipient of the award from central and northeast Missouri.

"(receiving the award) was awesome is all I can say," Chambers said. "It was a real surprise. That award is given out very seriously and recipients have to be something special and I didn't realize I qualified for it."

Chambers found his love for the outdoors while growing up on a farm in rural Missouri and hunting with his father. From that his interest in photography sprouted and he ended up combining his two passions.

After attending a one-room school in his early elementary years, he chose to earn his Master’s degree in Wildlife Management at the University of Missouri, Columbia. About 30 years later in 2001 he received an Honorary Doctor of Science from Central Missouri State University.

He managed the August A. Busch Memorial Wildlife Area at Weldon Spring for the Missouri Department of Conservation and was promoted to Wildlife Research Biologist researching pheasant range extension in Missouri. Later he added cinematographer for MDC to his work and became Motion Picture Specialist producing feature-length award-winning motion pictures including “Return of the Wild Turkey.” A few years after, he served as Corporate Wildlife Photographer with Ducks Unlimited.

Once he “retired,” he began to present live River Otter programs to schools and other audiences throughout Missouri with MDC. He and his wife Jeannie travelled more than 800,000 miles reaching more than 1,000,000 people (mostly children). He also contracted with National Geographic Television to produce a feature-length film titled “Otter Chaos.”

Among his other great accomplishments, he had his photographic exhibits at the Department of Interior, Washington D.C. and a traveling exhibit with the prestigious Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.

The Hornaday Gold Medal Award will be presented at a dinner Friday, Sept. 12 in the Rotunda of the Missouri State Capitol Building.


Now is the Time Ladies!

Hooray, the time has finally arrived for our sale and clearance on our spring and summer ladies apparel. Have you had your eye on that Bob Timberlake embellished tank top,or that Natural Reflections striped layered henley that goes so well the seamed bermuda short?

Select items of our brands of Ascend, Bob Timberlake and Natural Reflections are either on sale or clearance along with Columbia and The North Face for 25 to 33% off the regular price.

Shop our stores or shop our website but do it quickly while colors and sizes are at their prime.  While you are shopping don't forget to check out our Fall selections. Our Natural Reflections Zip Fleece Jacket at only $19.99 comes in six rich colors and pairs beautifully our Natural Reflections 3/4 sleeve striped knit shirt.




Gear as Versatile as My Interests

This has been an active summer for me; which means this has been a great summer. My hobbies are pretty wide ranging, but are exclusively outside. I need gear as versatile as my interests. For years I have turned to Columbia Sportswear®.

Men's Bahama™ Vent PFG I have spent the last two months in the summer heat and in Men's Bahama™ Vent PFG shoes; the two just go together now. These are the most versatile shoes I own. My number one reason for loving this shoe? I never notice them. When it comes to shoes (or any functional clothing for that matter) the only time they are noticed is when something goes wrong. Slip in the boat? I'd blame my old shoes for lack of grip (clumsiness has nothing to do with it, I promise). This Bahama Vent PFG shoe has high-traction rubber outsole to stay balanced while reeling in the catch of the summer. Feet start to sweat on a hot summer day? Again, I'd blame my shoes for no ventilation. Big surprise here, but the Bahama Vent PFG has great ventilation. It is designed for airflow and water evacuation. Feet hurt from a long day? You guessed it, my old shoes were the first thing to blame. I have spent the entire summer in these Bahama Vents, traveled plenty of miles and they have proved durable and comfortable. I can’t wait for my next adventure in my Bahama Vent PFG shoes.

Columbia® PFG Zero Rules™ Long Sleeve Shirt for Men

The Bahama Vents took care of my feet this summer; Omni-Freeze™ Zero took care of the rest. I wore the Men's Zero Rules™ Long Sleeve Shirt whenever I knew I’d be fighting the sun just as much as the fish. The long sleeve, UPF 30 shirt prevented burning, but kept me comfortable with the sweat-activated cooling. Blue rings throughout the shirt react to sweat and lower the temperature of the soft, lightweight material. When there is a slight breeze on the water in this shirt, it feels like God turned on the A/C, no matter the temperature. A must have for every summer angler. 

Summer outdoor lovers need to make space for the Men's Bahama™ Vent PFG and the Men's Zero Rules™ Long Sleeve Shirt. The price and functionality will provide comfortable summer adventures. 


Product Spotlight - University of Iowa Hawkeye Apparel from Columbia

Just a couple of weeks until college football season starts and we have new attire for University of Iowa Hawkeye fans!Columbia Hawkeye outerwear

Columbia has come out with some outerwear sure to keep you toasty on those fall football Saturdays when there's just a bit of crispness in the air.

There are jackets for ladies and men. There is rainwear for both and there are fleece jackets. The yellow vest for ladies features Omni-Heat technology to keep your body even warmer...perfect layered with a heavy turtleneck and some good base layer.

All of the pieces have Iowa or Hawkeyes written across the back, so everyone will know YOU are a Hawkeye fan!

Not available online...only available at Bass Pro Shops Altoona!

  Columbia Hawkeye apparel from Bass Pro Shops AltoonaColumbia Hawkeye apparel at Bass Pro Shops AltoonaHawkeye outerwear from ColumbiaColumbia Hawkeye apparel at Bass Pro Shops Altoona


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Zero Rules. Zero Limitations.

Columbia’s Zero RulesTM Shirt for Ladies is ideal for summer-time activities. Equipped with their Omni-Freeze ZEROTM technology, the shirt is lined with tiny blue circles designed to keep you cool in warmer conditions. Even on a 93° day, the shirt allowed an ample amount of airflow and the Omni-WickTM helped wick away sweat, keeping me cooler longer.

The cut of the shirt was flattering, and the bright Laser Red color fit in perfectly with this summer’s hot neon trend. The only con I had was that the fit was a little big…but in hindsight; I think the slight looseness added to the appeal and overall comfort of the shirt.

Ultimately, I think the Columbia Zero RulesTM Shirt is a great buy for ladies who enjoy staying active, even in warmer weather. 


Columbia Hiking Pants

When hiking, you never know where the trail will take you. It’s an adventure, to explore, discover and learn. A few weekends ago my family and I met some friends for a weekend of hiking.  My friends live in Iowa and we live in Indiana so we met in the middle. Illinois, Starved Rock State Park, to be exact.  There has been a lot of rain this summer, so the waterfalls are flowing nicely. Surprisingly it wasn’t very muddy. No matter, I think my daypack contained anything I could have possible needed including spare socks. Any experienced hiker knows even a great trail can be ruined if you don’t have the proper gear. Our hiking group was made up of four adults, one teen, two ten-year old girls, and one infant.  With this group, you need to be prepared for anything. Other than a hot day and tired kids, the day was pretty uneventful. We put in a nice day of hiking and had a picnic lunch when we returned to the visitor’s center.

 The real adventure began the next morning. I took the advice of one of the rangers at Starved Rock and checked into a smaller state park in the area, Matthiessen State park.  My boyfriend and I hit the trails, while our friends hit a nearby waterpark with the kids. We only had an hour so we grabbed our daypacks and hit the trails. We quickly discovered rushing was a mistake. We did not change into hiking boots or grab our trekking poles. We had figured that with only an hour to hike, we would not really get that much in and would not need the gear. WRONG! 

What we discovered was amazing. The tails were well marked and beautiful.  The terrain took you across bridges with breathtaking valleys and beautiful waterfalls. Inside the valley walkways across the river were made of down branches, large rocks or in some spots man made concrete stepping stones.  We found caves and rock carvings, and a park that we can’t wait to visit again.  Although our shoes and socks were soaked there was one piece of gear I was thankful to have on. My Columbia Global adventure pants. I had chosen them for comfort on the long drive home. But they were my saving grace on the trails. The long pants protected my legs from brush on the trails and mud in the caves. The material is thin and cool which allowed me to be comfortable even on the hot summer day. They also roll into Capri’s which was great when crossing the river. The durability of these pants made them a must have in my closet and the reason I as happy to find that they are still available.

This pair I have had for four year and countless miles of hiking and they still look brand new. Our next trip to Matthiessen State park, I will definitely be wearing these pants and some waterproof hiking boots.


Sunglass Spotlight


Here at Bass Pro Shops in Columbia we offer a wide selection of products you may need for your outdoor adventure from your head wear to your foot wear. An often overlooked but critical piece to help you enjoy the great outdoors are sunglasses, and here at Bass Pro Shops, we offer a wide variety of styles and brands like Strike King, Jimmy Houston and Bill Dance for fishing, and Smith Optics for shooting. Fish eyes, guidelines and all terrain are reader lenses, and XPS offers a wide variety of polar sensor lenses.

Haven and Cocoon will take care of your prescription glasses with clip ons, flip ups and fit over glasses. We continue our selection with NASCAR, Ironman and plenty of youth styles. In addition, we offer a high end selection including Maui Jim, Native and Costas sunglasses (We are one of two who sell Costas in Columbia). As always, we thank you for shopping at your local Bass Pro Shops, where you always receive more outdoors for your money.



One Less Thing to Worry About

Comfortable Footwear


No matter were you go this summer on vacation it's important to have comfortable socks and shoes to make your experience in the outdoors enjoyable.  Bass Pro Shops in Independence has a great selection of comfortable socks and shoes.  We have low and mid height hiking shoes for men and women and mid height hikers for children.  We carry Redhead, Merrell, Keen, North Face, Columbia, Mountrek, Timberland and HI-TEC brands of hikers.  They range in price from $29.99 to $134.99 and come in various styles (all leather upper, leather/mesh uppers) to accommodate many needs.  So if you need a mid height hiker for long rough trails or a low height hiker for short easy trails we have you covered.

Some of the more popular Men's Hikers are the 

RedHead Caliber Mid ($49.99)

Merrell Moab Mid  ($119.99)

and Timberland White Ledge.

For Women the RedHead Caliber Mid ($49.99)

Merrell Moab Mid ($119.99)

North Face Storm Mid ($109.99)


To maximize your comfort level while hiking it is important to have a good pair of socks on.  We have many socks to choose from and a few are specifically designed for hiking.  These hiking socks are designed to wick any moisture away from your feet and keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.  The RedHead Lifetime Guarantee Lightweight Wool Quarter Socks ($9.99) and Lifetime Guarantee Medium Weight Wool Crew Socks are made of itch free Merino Wool, Made in the U.S.A., and are great options.  We also have the RedHead Ultra Silver Polyester (Quarter of Crew) Hiking Socks and RedHead Merino (Quarter or Crew) Hiker Socks which are thinner sock, however they don't have the Lifetime Guarantee.


My personal favorite socks for hiking are the RedHead Lifetime Guarantee Wool Socks. 


Did I mention that they have a lifetime guarantee?  How would you like to never have to buy another hiking sock again?


So come into the Independence Bass Pro Shops and pick out a new pair of socks and shoes so you can walk around in comfort.



Casual Elegance

                                                              Do You Like Compliments?

Who doesn't like compliments on what they are wearing?  I get comments all the time when I am wearing an outfit bought at Bass Pro Shops.  Yes ladies we sell more than fishing rods and hunting apparel.  You will find comfortable clothing and technical active wear from our own brands like Bob Timberlake, Ascend, World Wide Sportsman, and Natural Reflections.  We also have the bestselling brands such as The North Face, Columbia, and Under Armour.  All our clothing lines are inspired by the beauty of the outdoors.  Much thought is put into every collection.  You will be amazed at the eye for every detail that is thought out.  Delicate pin tucks, button tab sleeves, eye catching prints, smocking details, this is just a sample of what you can encounter with our clothing.  To put it into perspective two words come to mind.  Casual elegance.  Everything is in the details to make your look pop.

So ladies come check us out the next time your husband tells you he is going shopping at Bass Pro Shops. If you don’t want to wait for your next trip to Bass Pro Shops, many of our styles are available online as well. Be prepared to be amazed and get ready for those compliments.  With such one of a kind fashions it's almost like shopping at an exclusive boutique.  Nobody will be wearing what you have on unless of course you tell them!



Bike into Bass Pro Shops

It's National Bike Month and while we DON'T sell bicycles we DO sell items that will make bicycling more enjoyable. Besides, this is Iowa, home of the infamous bicycle ride across the state at the end of July. We might know a thing or two about keeping your cool while bicycling! Check out these items from Bass Pro Shops, here in the store or online, to make that ride a bit more comfortable:

Clothing - Look for shirts, shorts, and hats with sun protection, and sweat-wicking technology. For example, the Omni-Shade and Omni-Wick shirts and shorts from Columbia provide sun protection AND evaporation control to keep you comfortable on the ride.

Sunscreen - Protection from the sun is paramount - you may not feel it ON the ride, but you definitely will the next day! Load up on sun protection for your face, arms, and lips. For the very young to the not so young, and special lotions for men, even sunscreen spray with insect repellent, there is a good selection of lotions, sticks, and foam to keep you protected.

Hat - Boonies, ball caps, panama, wide-brim, long-bill, safari, you name it, we probably have it in a hat. Protect your hRedHead No-Fly Zone Hatead from the sun....check out our hats/caps with side and back flaps and protect your ears and back of the neck, too!

Here at the store we have this great RedHead No-Fly Zone hat - a boonie, with flaps, PLUS permethrin bound in it which is good for 70 washes (shown in photo to right). Another plus? It has an alligator clip hanging down from the back so you can clip it to your shirt. Other hats, such as the Columbia Tamiami™ Cachalot II Hat also have this built in security clip,  or you can buy the clip on its own at  our store and possibly other Bass Pro Shop locations.

Hydration - Water, water, water - stay hydrated when you're biking by either carrying a water bottle in your pack or using a hydration pack. There are SO many hydration gear options these days. In fact, Bass Pro Shops now carries hydration tablets from CamelBak. The Elixir Electrolyte Hydration tablets come in lemon lime or tropical punch. Easy to use and easy to tote...the tablets come in a portable tube that can be easily carried in a pocket. The tropical punch tablet also carries a real punch with an energy-boosting 54 mg. of caffeine per tablet...keep that energy going!

Last, but not least, help keep your cool with a Chilly Pad Cooling Towel from Frogg Toggs. Wet it, put it around your neck, and through evaporation, this towel will help you stay cool and comfy. They're machine washable, too.


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Go Outdoors Event and Sale

Come join Bass Pro Shops- Columbia for our largest Outdoor sale and event of the year May 16 through 26 for lots of great sales, FREE seminars, giveaways, Oakley/GoPro Sweepstakes and kid’s events! We will host FREE summer fun seminars May 17 and 18th. Learn useful information of water safety, geocaching, outdoor and the priorities of survival in cooperation with Bear Grylls. The following weekend, May 24 and 25th, will be our free kids’ summer kick-off event! We will offer FREE photo downloads, NEW Bass Pro Shops/ Daisy shooting range, metal detector treasure hunt, adventure scavenger hunt, kids’ outdoors seminars, crafts, prizes and kids’ fishing on the deck!

Workshops May 17 and 18 from 11a.m.-5p.m.
-pack, pitch, play 11a.m. and 3p.m. each day
-first 25 customers to attend pack and play workshop will receive a blue Go Outdoors tumbler
-priorities of survival seminars
-first 50 customers to attend priorities of survival seminar receives survival whistle which includes a compass
-wear it right
-Ultimate Outdoors Getaway Sweepstakes May 16-20
-Cooking demos 1-5p.m.

Kids Adventure Weekend event May 24-25
-Bass Pro Shops Daisy Shooting Range (certificate of completion)
-adventure scavenger hunt begins at 11a.m.
-kids' seminars/workshop
-safe passage Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 3p.m.
-kids' adventures in camping Saturday and Sunday at 11a.m., 1p.m. and 4p.m.
-Free photo download
-Craft: color a wood magnet
-Coloring sheets
*first 100 to fill punch card receives free whistle and water bottle


Who said sandals were for the beach?

Spring has finally sprung and the hot days of summer are right around the corner.  So, if you are looking for a pair of new sandals, water or casual shoes, Bass Pro Shops in Independence a lot of choices to choose from.  We have received many new items this year.  The biggest additions to our assortment are the new styles of women's casual shoes. 

Natural Reflections has a new slip on shoe called the Malibu which we have in four colors, including this color: 




Our Women's Sperry collection has now expanded to over 25 shoes and includes the Katama and Danica styles.  



So along with our other Bahama, Angelfish and Bluefish styles we have many colors and designs to offer.  Within the Angelfish style we now different designs including the "Perforated", "Serape", and "Bretton Stripe".

Bretton Stripe


We also received a few new men's casual shoes including the World Wide Sportsman Balboa Bay which we have in two colors including:  


A few other new shoes we have are the Sperry Seakite, the Merrell Jungle Moc Ventilator which is a casual shoe and the Columbia Bahama Vent which is a casual/water shoe.


So come into the Independence Bass Pro Shops and get a new comfortable pair of shoes to enjoy this summer!



Team Lead in Footwear


Dressing like a Pro

Dressing like a Pro

 Not only are you a professional fisherman but you should look like one too, with Columbia's Performance Fishing Gear (PFG) collection at Bass Pro of Memphis. Today we will be featuring Columbia's Bahama II, Bonehead, and Tamiami fishing shirts. These tops will keep you cool and dry for those hot summer fishing days. 

    Our Bahama II shirts are 100% nylon, with omni-shade UPF 30 protection from the sun's harmful rays. Our Bonehead shirts are 100% cotton ultralite poplin. And last, out Tamiami shirts are 100% polyester with omni-shade UPF 40, omni-wick, and antimicrobial. All these tops come in long-sleeve and short-sleeve in a variety of colors.

        Each and every detail on the PFG tops has a purpose or function on them. For example the velcro tap above the pocket holds your fishing rod in place while you change out your lure. These shirts also feature a utility loop for your pliers, clippers, or a lanyard with a tool attached. All the pockets feature drain holes in them when wade fishing, or can be used to fed fishing line through. Also all three shirts feature venting in the back which provides air flow for cooler wear and faster drying. The mesh built into the shirt prevents fabric from sticking to the body.  

     Not an outdoor fisherman, that's okay, Columbia's PFG collection is great for ballpark games, vacations, summertime outings, or for everyday wear. Our fishing shirts are very stylish and show up on our top 20 best seller list every week here at Bass Pro of Memphis. So come out and get yours today and tell them Holli sent you.  

The Benefits & Features of the Bahama II, Bonehead, and Tamiami Short & Long Sleeve Styles:


New Womens Spring & Summer Apparel

Spring is finally here! We have in lots of new spring wear for women. One of our new favorite spring lines is our women’s Columbia spring line. With our selection of bright spring & summer colors and the many styles, there is something for everyone. Our women's apparel lead, Kimberly, went through the department and picked out some of the most popular items we carry.


Some R Chill Dress:

  • It has advanced cooling technology. This makes the use of moisture to lower the temperature of the fabric, so it feels cool to the touch and you can stay comfortable in hot conditions.
  • Omni freeze
  • Color “Groovy Pink”
  • Price $55.00

This dress would be perfect a summer picnic, a light walk in the park, an outdoor sporting event, fishing, and to the pool. With the omni freeze the fabric stays cool to keep you comfortable in the heat.


Real Beauty Short Sleeve Dress:

  • This dress has Advanced Evaporation. This moisture transferring technology moves & dispenses sweat away from the body for quick evaporation, keeping you comfortable during physical activity.
  • Omni wick
  • Color “Geyser”
  • Price $55.00

This dress would be great to wear hiking, dancing, and to play croquet. This advanced evaporation in the fabric moves the sweat away from the body  to keep you comfortable in any physical activity.


Splendid Summer Dress:

  • Omni wick
  • Advanced evaporation
  • Color “Razzle”
  • Price $45.00

This dress you be perfect to get dressed up and go play golf in. The purple color is easy to accessorize with. This dress is also perfect to go fancy, or to go casual.


Siren Splash Print Tank Top:

  • Omni wick
  • Advanced evaporation
  • Color “Geyser”
  • Price $34.95

This tank top is perfect for any outside activity. It fits loosely, making it easy to move around. Also with its omni wick & advanced evaporation it will keep you cool all day.


Real Beauty Skirt:

  • Omni wick
  • Advanced Evaporation
  • Color “Geyser”
  • Price $35.00

This skirt goes perfect with the Siren Splash Print Tank Top. You could wear this combination to go out and play tennis or bad mitten. The shirt has a nice length. The material is also designed to keep you cool is physical activity throughout the day.


Zero Rules Columbia shirt

As a Bass Pro Shops employee I have the opportunity to see some of the best Tech shirts come to our store. I truly have to say that one of the best shirts I’ve ever bought for fishing is the Zero Rules Columbia shirt. I was out all day on my husband’s boat, I mean ALL day from sunrise to sunset; and we did not feel hot or sweaty even once. I never thought a shirt like this could make me feel so comfortable. I’ve tried many different brands and styles but I will stick to this style shirt for the rest of my fishing days because they’re great for the sun protection and keep me extremely cool. If you are out in the sun all day fishing, kayaking, or enjoying any other activity you should make a point to stop by our store and check out the Zero Rules Columbia shirts.


Ananay M. Rodriguez


Kiddos Columbia gear is here!

Its summer time in Texas, which means it’s hot and time to dress your kids in our light and cool Columbia collection.

This is the perfect collection to have your kids wear anytime and anywhere, including going fishing, going to the beach or just being outside at home.


For our little men we have an assortment of short and long sleeve fishing shirts in a variety of colors, which range from white, yellow, light blue to even a light purple. We also have crew neck shirts and polo shirts that look and feel awesome in our Texas weather. To accompany our shirts we have three different types of shorts in neutral colors like kahki and navy to bright colors like orange and lime green. This is the perfect collection for our little men to dress up like dad. 












For our outdoor princesses we have an assortment of long sleeve fishing shirts, shorts, pants, and even a few dresses. This collection contains the colors bright pink with lime green, bright blue with purple and pink with blue.

The collection ranges anywhere from $24.95-$40.00 and with how handsome and cute your kids will look you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying more than one outfit.

Jessica Walsh

Ladies apparel- Team Lead