Keeping Up With Cast Iron


There are special and specific ways to keep up with maintenance of Cast Iron Cookware.

Seasoning -

Is the process of treating the surface of Cast Iron with a stick-resistant coating formed from polymerized fat and oil on the surface.


For best results on cleaning your cast iron, rinse the pan with hot water immediately after cooking. If you need to remove burned-on food, scrub coarse salt, and a nonmetal brush to prevent the nonstick surface to dissipate; for rougher messes you can use mild dish soap and a scraper to get a deeper clean. If the pan gets a sticky coating normally is a sign of over seasoning of your cast iron a quick fix to help reduce is to rub with coarse salt and a dry brush to help remove access oil from your pan. If your cast iron starts to develop rust over time, scrub it with steel wool and mild dish soap. After scrubbing dry the pay thoroughly and use your favorite oil pour on to pay and evenly distribute with a lent free towel. When storing your cast iron put a paper towel on top to prevent dust from getting on it and store in a dry location.

Restoring rusty cast iron

  • Scrub thoroughly with a steel wool brush until all rust is gone
  • Wash with a no metal brush to get rid of excess rust
  • Apply a small amount of mild dish soap and clean thoroughly
  • Wipe dry the fully apply with oil throughout the pan covering every area
  •  Set oven 350° place upside down and bake for 1 hour
  • Let cool in oven

Now you have a fully restored cast iron pan

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Written By:  Ryan Griffin, Camping Lead


Outdoor Cooking Primer - Tin Plate Special

I saw this recipe on the Food for Hunters Facebook page and had to try it! It makes a hearty meal and is perfect for the weekend. We eat a LOT of venison roasts in the slow cooker, however, this method cooks the roast low and slow in the oven surrounded by beans and other goodies.

The only change I made was using olive oil to sear the meat (instead of lard or shortening), spicy vegetable juice (instead of tomato juice, fresh chopped jalapenos (instead of canned), and, of course, a bit of smoked paprika!  I also did not tie the roasts together and they cooked just fine. Just writing this makes me realize I need to make this dish again!

Tin Plate Special

1 lb dry pinto beans
6 lbs of venison roast (we had about 5 lbs)
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (or lard or shortening)
1/3 C chopped jalapeno (or 4 oz can)
1 medium onion, sliced
2 C spicy tomato juice (or regular tomato juice)
1- 8 oz can tomato sauce
1/2 C water
2 Tbsp cider vinegar
2 Tbsp brown sugar
salt and pepper to taste (we use kosher salt and pepper blend seasoning)
1 tsp dried mustard
1 tsp dried thyme

Wash and clean the beans in a colander. Put them in a large pot, cover with water about 3 " above the beans, bring to a boil, cover and simmer until soft, about 3 hours. Drain and set aside.

Preheat oven to 350. As always, when using roasts, trim as much fat and silver as possible.

Using a large Dutch oven or similar cookware (I use a large oval enameled French oven), heat the oil over medium-high heat. Salt and pepper the roast on both sides. Make sure the pan/oil is hot and then sear the roast on both sides. Once seared remove it and set it aside on a platter.

In that same pot, soften then onion, stirring. Add the drained beans and the jalapenos. (If using canned jalapenos, use the juice, too.). Add the tomato juice, sauce, water, brown sugar, cider vinegar, mustard, and thyme. Stir it all together and then add the roast, submerging the roast in the mixture. It should be pretty well covered.

Cover and put in the oven, roasting at 350 for about 2 to 3 hours or until the roast is tender. We did ours about 2 hours. Timing will depend on the size of your roasts.

Serve with some crusty bread to help soak up the gravy!



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Turkey Run State Park – A great weekend escape!

                Turkey Run State Park, located near Marshall, IN, is the perfect summer time camping getaway.  Just 161 miles from the East Peoria Bass Pro Shops, this destination will place you into some of Indiana’s most scenic countryside.  Hiking, canoeing/tubing and swimming are the true “stars” for this park but other wonderful activities abound within and around this gem.  Turkey Run State Park has 213 campsites, each with electrical hook-ups available (Reservations are strongly recommended, especially for summer weekends). The campground area has modern restrooms with showers.  There is also a camp store onsite where you can purchase firewood, ice, snacks and any forgotten items that you might need.

                This is the place to go to change the mindset of anyone who’s ever thought that “hiking is boring”.  Turkey Run has some of the most fun hiking trails of any location in the entire Midwest.  Most of the trailheads start with a walk across Sugar Creek via the park’s iconic suspension bridge.Suspension Bridge at Turkey Run State Park, Photo courtesy Bruce  Zilkowski

Turkey Run Ladders, Photo Courtesy WikiMedia Commons

                Once on the other side you can explore trails anywhere from 0.5 – 3.0 miles in length or combine trails to make a longer route.  Amazing sandstone ravines and gorges will put you up close and personal with the creative power of nature.  Trail #3 is a particular favorite (especially with kids) for those who want a physical challenge. Described as “very rugged”, trail #3 will take you into canyons that require you to use large wooden ladders to escape and then it’ll take you through narrow passages that just might get your feet wet or have you scrambling over boulders.  It’s a natural playground that can be enjoyed by all those who dare take the challenge and the whole time you’ll be surrounded by beautiful forests and wonderful rock formations.

                After some great hiking take time to relax with a float trip down beautiful Sugar Creek which flows through the middle of Turkey Run State Park.  A number of private companies just outside of the park offer canoe, kayak, or tube rentals and will transport you to and from the “put in” and “take out” spots located on either end of the park boundaries.  A trip on this gently moving stream starts out by taking you under the Narrows Covered Bridge (one of many picturesque covered bridges in the area) and then through the heart of the park itself.  Sit back and relax as the current moves you along at a leisurely pace. You’ll pass under the suspension bridge about halfway through the trip and then finally end at Cox Ford Covered Bridge.  There is no better way to enjoy yourself on a hot summer afternoon.

A scenic view of Bruce  Zilkowski's feet from an intertube.                If you’re still looking for more water fun after your float trip, Turkey Run State Park has an Olympic-size swimming pool on site, complete with bathhouse and wading pool.  In addition, the park has a Nature Center that offers naturalist guided hikes and kids activities.  You can enjoy horseback riding or a hayride by visiting the park’s Saddle Barn. Sugar Creek is also a great place to wet a fishing line if you want to try your luck at landing a “big one”.

So go check it out; Turkey Run = Family Fun!

                Make your trip to Turkey Run State Park a huge success by stopping by your local Bass Pro Shops and talking with one of our camping associates.  Check out our great line-up of camping cookware.  We have a huge assortment of Lodge cast iron cookware and all the hot dog forks and pie irons you could need. We can help you find the right gear, at the right price, to give you a great weekend escape. 

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Bruce Zilkowski, Camping Department @ Bass Pro Shops, East Peoria, IL
We invite you to visit some of Bruce's other "Places to Camp" blogs too!


Simple Steps with Wes: Military Lessons

One of our oldest running blog series, and by far one of my favorites, has been Simple Steps with Wes. These started all the way back in 2013. They were the brain-child of one of our amazing associates, Wes. He was a Lead in our store and has extensive survival knowledge. He loves sharing this information and passion with others. Earlier this month, he was back in action at our store and was handling the seminars for our Family Summer Camp.

And that is one of things that I admire about him. He can give seminars to crowds of kids just as easy as talking to a classroom full of adults looking for helpful hints and tricks. Some of that ability to adapt, had to come from his military background. And that is where this month’s Simple Step comes from, his military background. Enjoy!

“I have learned many lessons in the military and in this edition of Simple Steps I hope to convey some specific ones about hiking and backpacking. “Rucking” is the military term for hiking with a full pack or “Rucksack”. As you can imagine, this is a huge issue for the military, as soldiers must wear body armor and carry weapons, ammo, water, communications equipment, and other gear critical to complete the missions. During my last training event I was carry just over 85 lbs. not including my weapon and ammo.

In order to maintain optimal capabilities military service members learn very valuable lessons along the way which can help keep you at your best when you decide to hit the trail.

1. One pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back.

Aside from selecting the proper footwear (which we covered during an earlier edition of simple steps), the weight carried at the shoe takes five time more energy to maintain the same pace of travel  as it would carrying the weight at the torso level. Simply put, lighter footwear equals less strain on the body and is more energy efficiency. In practical terms, this means you could carry half a gallon more of water if you buy boots that are a pound lighter.

2. Managing pack weight needs to be a conscious effort 

Packing what you need, not everything you want, will keep weight out of the pack. Researching potential weather conditions can also help you make decisions in what you leave at home as well. Ideally, a backpack should not weigh more than 30% of the carrier’s body weight. Each 1% of your body weight carried in your pack makes you 6 seconds slower per mile. Small changes such as flashlights that use smaller and less batteries, proper sleeping bag selection, aluminum cookware, and smart food selections can all help subtract pack weight quickly.

3. Comfort starts in how you pack

Packing lighter items lower and heavier items closer to the top of the pack helps keep better posture. As you hike, your upper body naturally leans forward. Weight at the top of the back will work with your body and lessen muscle fatigue in your shoulders and back. Properly adjusting should straps and belt straps will allow the back weight to be supported more evenly, rather than straining just shoulder and back muscles alone.  

4. Downhill is harder on the body than uphill

Going downhill places twice as much strain on your body as going uphill. Why? Braking forces. As you descend, you have to brake your speed with your quads to keep yourself under control. The steeper the downhill, the more braking. This added load on your muscles further affects your uphill performance if you have repeated bouts of up and down work. This also adds to the risk of knee and ankle injuries.

By selecting the proper footwear, bringing only what you need and packing it properly, you can keep the strain of your body and sustain yourself for longer distances and with lower risk of injuries. Read, research and ask questions and you can experience more of life in the great outdoors.

If you have questions or would like to see a topic covered in a future edition of Simple Steps with Wes, submit them to “

Thanks, Wes! With all the upcoming big-game hunting seasons and just people going out into the woods more this is really good stuff to know. Until next time! Get more of Wes at his Facebook and Webpage.


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This Weekend @ BPS Altoona - "How-To's" for Family Fun!

Cooking, camping,'s time for the FAMILY to have some fun! It's the second weekend of our Go Outdoors Event - Join us for free seminars on how YOU can get started enjoying the great outdoors!

The grill shack will be open both days, too, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.!

Saturday, May 23

11 a.m. - Capable Kayaking - The basics of family kayaking fun
2 p.m. - Local Trails & Treasures - Where to go for Family Outings - Parks, water trails, hiking trails, and more with Melissa Schmeling, Polk County Conservation!


Sunday, May 24

11 a.m. - Conquering Campfire Cooking - Best practices, procedures, and cookware
2 p.m. - Kids and Camping - Make camping fun, comfortable, and exciting for kids.

Plus, find out how easy it is to have some cooking with these demos and sampling:

Saturday: Flossie's Funnel Cake Samples - 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Fish samples with Uncle Buck's Fish Batter, 2-5 p.m.
Sunday: Dutch Oven Cooking, 1-4 p.m.
- Find out how easy it is!

Also on Saturday, May 23

ARL Adoption Day! 10-4 p.m.







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This Weekend @ BPS Altoona - Go Outdoors!

It's our Go Outdoors Event and this weekend is our Free Kid's Weekend Activities May 16 & 17, including the Catch and Release pond!

May 16 & 17 - Free Kids' Activities Weekend!

Free fun for kids on this special weekend! All events BOTH days!

11 a.m.- 4 p.m. - The free indoor Catch and Release Pond returns! We supply everything the kids need to try to catch a fish in our indoor pond!

11 a.m.-5 p.m. - Free photo download! Kids can choose to capture the moment with the fish they catch in our pond or be photobombed by a raccoon!

11 a.m.- 5 p.m. - Free kids' crafts!
1:30 - Boy Scout demonstrations
4 p.m. - Adventure Scavenger Hunt.

Free giveaway for the first 150 kids to complete a punch card each day - Kids' Outdoors Collection Bucket with magnifying glass - while supplies last!

Also on May 16:

10:00 a.m. - Community Conservation Series - Landscaping for Wildlife!

Stephanie Shepherd, Wildlife Diversity Biologist, Iowa DNR! Ever wish your yard could be the setting for an episode of Wild Kingdom? Or perhaps you'd just like more butterflies and other pollinators? This presentation will give you some tips on how you can transform your yard into a sanctuary for wildlife of all kinds. Not only will you be conserving and being a steward of Iowa's wildlife, you'll be creating an oasis for yourself that you can feel good about!

May 16

  • VFW post 738 Distributing Poppies for Memorial Day - come support our veterans!
  • Maui Jim Rep Ben Goforth is here - come learn more about Maui Jim sunglasses!

May 16 & 17

  • Catfish Seminars - May 16, 11 a.m. & 3 p.m. and May 17, 2 and 4 p.m.!

Coming Up

May 23-24 - Free Family Activities and How-To's for Family Outdoor Fun!

Saturday, May 23 - FREE seminars
11 a.m. - Capable Kayaking - The basics of family kayaking fun
2 p.m. - Local Trails & Treasures - Where to go for Family Outings - Parks, water trails, hiking trails, and more! With Melissa Schmeling, Polk County Conservation!

Sunday, May 24 - FREE seminars
11 a.m. - Conquering Campfire Cooking - Best practices, procedures, and cookware
2 p.m. - Kids and Camping - Make camping fun, comfortable, and exciting for kids.

Free cooking demos and sampling:
Saturday: Flossie's Funnel Cake Samples - 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Fish samples with Uncle Buck's Fish Batter, 2-5 p.m.
Sunday: Dutch Oven Cooking, 1-4 p.m.


Go Outdoors Event 2015!

It's the BIGGEST Outdoors Family Event of the Year with sales starting May 11!  Free Kid's Weekend Activities on May 16 & 17, including the Catch and Release pond! Free Family Outdoor Activities on May 23 and 24, including seminars and food demos and outdoor cooking! Here are the details and you can also find them at!

May 16 & 17 - Free Kids' Activities Weekend!

Free fun for kids on this special weekend! All events BOTH days!

11 a.m.- 4 p.m. - The free indoor Catch and Release Pond returns! We supply everything the kids need to try to catch a fish in our indoor pond!

11 a.m.-5 p.m. - Free photo download! Kids can choose to capture the moment with the fish they catch in our pond or be photobombed by a raccoon!

11 a.m.- 5 p.m. - Free kids crafts!
1:30 - Boy Scout demonstrations
4 p.m. - Adventure Scavenger Hunt.

Free giveaway for the first 150 kids to complete a punch card each day - Kids' Outdoors Collection Bucket with magnifying glass!

May 23-24 - Free Family Activities and How-To's for Family Outdoor Fun!

Saturday, May 23 - FREE seminars
11 a.m. - Capable Kayaking - The basics of family kayaking fun
2 p.m. - Local Trails & Treasures - Where to go for Family Outings - Parks, water trails, hiking trails, and more! With Melissa Schmeling, Polk County Conservation!

Sunday, May 24 - FREE seminars
11 a.m. - Conquering Campfire Cooking - Best practices, procedures, and cookware
2 p.m. - Kids and Camping - Make camping fun, comfortable, and exciting for kids.

Free cooking demos and sampling:
Saturday: Flossie's Funnel Cake Samples - 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Fish samples with Uncle Buck's Fish Batter, 2-5 p.m.
Sunday: Dutch Oven Cooking, 1-4 p.m.


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Are you ready to GO OUTDOORS?


We are gearing up for our annual Go Outdoors activities, May 11-25, 2015. We have everything you need to get you and your family outside!

You come by and get everything you need for your next outing and also have some family fun or attend one of our seminars.

May 16 & 17

FREE Catch and Release Pond                     11 am -4 pm

FREE Photo Download                                   11 am – 5pm

                Choose from capture the moment or be photo bombed by a raccoon

FREE Kid’s Crafts                                               11 am -5 pm

                Saturday              Color an Outdoor Draw Pack

                Sunday                 Color an Outdoor theme Frisbee

Free Giveaways

Kids’ Outdoors Collection Bucket with Magnifying Glass to the first 150 kids to complete a punch card each day- by participating in all activities.

May 16, 2015 Only

Boy Scout Demonstration            1:30 pm

Proper backpack preparation and packing


May 16-17 & 23-24

FREE Cooking Demos and Sampling

                Saturday              Funnel Cake Samples     11 am -2 pm

                                                Fish Samples                      2-5 pm

                Sunday                 Dutch Oven Cooking       1-4 pm


May 23-24

How-To’s For Family Outdoor Fun!

Saturday, May 23

                11 am    Capable Kayaking

                Family kayaking fun- learn the basics

                2 pm      Local Trails and Treasures: Where to go for Family Outings

                Ways and where to explore your local outdoors at parks, waterways, trails and more..

Sunday, May 24

                11 am    Conquering Campfire Cooking

                Want to cook tasty meals over the campfire? Best practices, procedures, and cookware

                2 pm      Kids and Camping

                Plan equipment and more to make camping fun comfortable and exciting for kids

FREE Giveaway!!!

BPS Carabineer Cup to the first 25 customers to attend a seminar each day. Must be 18 yrs or older.





You Don't Need to Be Rich to Do new cookware

Newest item for the Camping department is our Ascend Cookware. There are a variety of options to choose from. We have individual pots and pans, mugs, 3-piece cooksets, 4-piece cooksets, and 5-piece cooksets. Individual pots and pans range from $19.99-$29.99. the mugs are $12.99, and cooksets range from $29.99-$49.99.

This portable cookware is made from lightweight aluminum and is coated with Quantum2 Non-stick coating. All cooksets use a compact nesting design, which allows for easy packing and use. The 3-piece cookset includes: 1.2 liter pot, 0.7 liter pot, and a mesh carry bag. The 4-piece cookset includes: 2 liter pot, 1.5 liter pot, 0.6 liter lid that fits both pots, an aluminum pot gripper, and a mesh carry bag. The 5-piece cookset includes: 3 liter pot, 1.8 liter pot, 7" fry/pan lid, 8.4" fry/pan lid, pot gripper, and a mesh carry bag.

Easy to boil water with and easy to clean. The mesh carry bag is a multi-use bag which can be used for storage when not in use for your pots and pans. The weight of these cooksets range from 12.7-33 ounces. The cook pans feature a fold-able handle which allows for easy storage and pack-ability. The pack mugs also feature fold-able handles which help in creating more useful space in your bag. No camping trip is complete without our Newest Ascend Cookware. Please come and visit us in the Camping Department to see our whole selection of cooking items. We are here to help with any of your camping needs.



Bass Pro Shops Tacoma Offers Indoor and Outdoor Fun

As the weather begins to turn warmer there’s no shortage of activities to partake in the Tacoma area. Luckily, Bass Pro Shops Tacoma has all the essentials and gear to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts no matter their skill level or interest.

Anglers of all types will find our selection of rods, reels, lures, lines, jigs and other fishing equipment available to help catch a variety of species. There are also waders, nets and a bevy of other supplies for fishing enthusiasts to choose from.

Our hunting department has a wide-range of merchandise, perfect for aiding hunters in their pursuit of numerous types of game, from deer and elk to fowl. The knowledgeable staff in the hunting department can guide our customers in the selections of calls, decoys, stands, blinds and camouflage clothing.

There is more to Bass Pro Shops than hunting and fishing. The natural beauty of the outdoors in Tacoma and the surrounding areas beckons to be explored and admired. Bird-watchers should be sure to check out the selection of binoculars carried in our optics department.

There’s no shortage of camping and hiking opportunities in the Tacoma area and our selection of backpacks, tents and sleeping bags will ensure that time spent outdoors is dry and warm. Camping doesn’t have to be a completely rustic experience, bring some of the comforts of home to the outdoors with a portable shower. There’s a variety of cooking supplies available in our camping department such as camp grills or cast-iron cookware, perfect for using over an open fire.  Additional items like hydration packs, water filtration systems and first-aid kits are just a few of the items we carry to help keep campers and hikers safe and prepared.

The area boasts plenty of waterways, with the numerous lakes and rivers, plus Puget Sound and the nearby Pacific Ocean, boaters have many places to explore. Bass Pro Shops Tacoma carries kayaks and canoes perfect for setting out on smooth waters. Or maybe the more adventurous long for a white-water kayaking experience on some of the local rivers and falls. Our Tracker Department carries an assortment of boats, from small fishing and bass boats to pontoons and much more.

Outdoor recreation is wonderful, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. At Bass Pro Shops Tacoma, there’s lots of opportunity for fun for the whole family right inside our store.  Relax by the fireplace in our lobby and take in the mounted game, fish and water fowl on display. Visit the 12,000-gallon freshwater aquarium, which has a three-dimensional diorama of a waterfall and is filled with a variety of local species of fish.

Hungry? Stop by the restaurant located inside our store for lunch or dinner.  Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill offers casual family dining and serves grill-type fare. There’s also a sixteen lane bowling alley, decorated with an under-the-sea theme, sure to delight the little ones and those who are young at heart.

In addition to all the outdoor equipment, recreational items, restaurant and bowling alley at Bass Pro Shops Tacoma, there’s also a variety of in-store events, such as our Spring Fishing Classic, Fall Hunting Classic and Go Outdoors event. In addition we will have numerous other seasonal and kid-friendly events throughout the year. Be sure to like our page on Facebook or visit the events page on our website to stay informed on everything that is happening at Bass Pro Shops Tacoma.


Beginners Guide to Hiking

Spring is here! The warm weather has finally arrived and if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it is hiking one of our local trails, kayaking on a pond or stream, or even just sitting out and enjoying the weather, Bass Pro Shops encourages you to go out and have fun.

                Your local Bass Pro Shops is your go to destination to prepare for fun outdoor activities. If you need to upgrade some of your old gear or even purchase a whole new set of outdoor equipment our friendly associates at bass pro shops will be happy to pair you with the product that will work best for you.

                One fun activity that anyone can do outdoors this season is hiking. We have all the essentials you will need to have a fun and successful hiking trip. Whether you are new to hiking and need to start from scratch or you’re an experienced hiker with lots of equipment, Bass Pro Shops has gear that will help you enjoy your hiking experience.

                For those who may be new to hiking we have created a set of products perfect for the new hiker.  With these products anyone should be properly prepared to take an overnight hike.  When hiking there are a few essential things you will need those are, shelter and sleep systems, water, food, storage,  first aid and illumination. These are the most important factors that you must take into consideration when purchasing gear and preparing for a hiking trip.

                The first group that most people explore when getting into hiking is storage.  For storage of all your hiking essentials you will need a backpack. We recommend that for an overnight trip you bring at least a 35 Liter Pack just to be sure that you can fit everything.  The most recommended pack that we sell in our store is the Kelty Redwing 50L pack. The Redwing 50 is an all-around perfect backpack. The fifty liter capacity makes it perfect for one to two overnight stays. The pack opens up like a duffel bag making it easy to load and unload and removes the need to top load the backpack with the most essential gear.  This bag is on many magazines top lists and is one of the bestselling backpacks in our store.



                Once you have your backpack the next logical step is to look for a tent. When looking for a backpacking tent you must look for light and small tents. Lighter tents are much easier to carry and many backpacking tents are made to be extremely light and portable. We recommend the Eureka Solitare tent.  It is a single man tent and weighs only 2 pounds and nine ounces making it perfect for a single hiker.  If you are hiking with friends or family you can buy a two or three person tent and split it up between two or three back packs to help keep the weight down.


                Sleeping bags are another important part overnight hiking.  Having a good sleeping bag and sleeping pad can make a big difference on the quality of sleep you have while hiking. We recommend a self-inflating Thermarest sleeping pad. Thermarest fuses the comfort of an air mattress with the heat retaining properties of a closed cell sleeping pad. The result is a comfort able pad that will keep the heat or cold from seeping up into your sleeping bag. Pair this sleeping pad with a The North Face Wasatch 30 sleeping bag. This sleeping bag will keep you warm through even the coolest summer nights. It also compresses very well and will not take up much space in a backpack.

                The next sections are about your survival in the woods.  Hiking can be a very strenuous activity so it is important to stay hydrated. It is important to bring lots of water with you while hiking. For water storage we recommend purchasing a couple Nalgene Bottles or a water bladder for your pack. If necessary you can purchase a water filter and filter your own water from streams and ponds as you go. This can decrease the amount of water you have to carry on you at all times and filtering water can provide you with a nice rest from hiking which is very important.


                Food is another important thing to remember while hiking. Keeping your energy up is very important. Even on short day hikes always pack a nutrition bar or trail mix to give you an extra boost of energy. For longer overnight trips a camp stove is a necessity. The easiest way to get protein and energy while hiking is freeze dried meals. Companies such as mountain house and backpackers pantry create delicious meals that you simply have to boil water and rehydrate. To heat your water re recommend purchasing a small camp stove such as a MSR pocket rocket stove and a set of cooking pans such as our new Ascend 3 piece cook setJetboil also makes the flash unit which combines a cook stove and a cookware set.  All of these sets will provide you with great heat and cookware all while being ultra-portable and lightweight.

                It is important to remember to bring a first aid kit on whatever outdoor adventure you may go on. You never know what sort of situation might arise. For hiking first aid we sell a great day hiker and family first aid kits that should be able to treat many outdoor injuries.

                Lastly you cannot forget your flashlight. For hiking we recommend a headlamp. You can wear it on your forehead so they are out of the way. They can be very bright and are extremely important. You can even combine a headlamp with a Nalgene bottle and make a makeshift lantern to light your tent or campsite. We recommend the byte headlamp. It is inexpensive and provides a great amount of light and versatility.  It last s over 80 hours on one set of batteries and even has a red light function which can help keep bugs from being attracted to it.

                With these recommendations you can go out and have a fantastic hike in our great outdoors. Many of these items can be replaced with items you may already have. If you already have a great backpack, feel free to use that instead.  A handheld flashlight can work just as well as a headlamp. Use what you have to create a backpack system that works perfect for you. These recommendations are great if you are looking to upgrade what you already have. These products are selection of some of the best the camping department has to offer.

                Come on in to your local Bass Pro Shops and check out these products. Our friendly camping staff will be able to help you chose the products that will work best for your needs. So go get out and enjoy the great outdoors and we hope to see you soon!


Camping Associate

Bass Pro Shops, Independence Missouri


Looking for something more geared towards what you need for your scouts?  See this article below!

Outfitting a Cub or Boy Scout, Scout Patrol or Whole Troop


Eating on the Go, a Backpackers Guide to Cooking

 Backpacking is a fun way of going places and staying places that not a lot of people get to visit or see and a great way to get exersize. Eating right to keep your strength up and your body healthy is incredibly important while you are out exploring the wilds. I have a lot of people asking which stoves and cookware they should use and that is a really good question. All of this is depending on a few factors, so remember to ask yourself a few questions when your shopping for the perfect gear:

1. How many people are you going to be cooking for?

2. How many miles will you be walking in a day?

3. How much room are you going to have for fuel and the stove?

4. How many days are you going to be out there?

All of these are incredibly imperative to know, and it is hard to to just give the same answer every time you go out. Some times I go with friends and other times I go by myself, some times I go 15 miles a day and others I go 5. If I go on the shorter walking trips I don't mind carrying an extra pound or 2, depending on the terrain. If I go on the longer trips, I make sure I am in a group of people and we can all take different parts and pieces so the load is not so heavy and the less weight on longer walking trips is incredibly helpful and makes for a more enjoyable time.

Lets start out with how many people you are going with and this will lead into the other questions. Everyone should always carry your own plates, utensils and cups. I make sure I use Nalgene bottles to carry my water in, they have a rule on the side so you can see how many ounces you have in it, and that way I do not need to bring a measuring cup. That helps create extra space and takes weight off of the back. Some sets come with pots, bowls, mugs and utensils and have extra space that you can hide your fuel in. Now when carrying these sets make sure you evenly distribute weight between you and the other person. They may not weigh much, but they do take up space and that is a valuable commodity when camping. Have the other person carry more of the food or the cleaning supplies for cooking.

Stoves and fuel are the next thing you want to think about. there are so many different types out there, it is going to be up to what you are comfortable using. Some folks want wood fires. For this you can do many different things. You can bring a grate with you if you have a lot of room, you can bring small camping stoves that the chimneys are just big enough to set a pot on without it falling through, or there are some larger stoves that burn wood and create electricity for charging small electronics.

Other stoves use Isopro canisters where the stoves screw right on top and are very lightweight. These are going to be more compact and the canisters will fit inside most nesting cook sets. When you are camping in the winter with these you need to make sure you take the canister in to your sleeping bag with you as it will freeze and you will have to warm it back up to get it started. There are also ones who take white gas or camp gas that are also lightweight and that you don't have to worry about the fuel freezing. These allow you to not have to find wood for fuel which would be helpful if you are going to a desert or a prairie where not many trees grow. They both have many different styles of stove tops that you can choose from. However you have to make sure you bring enough fuel with you for either of these stove methods so it does take up a little more space in your pack.

There are many other types of stoves like ones that take wax cubes and only burn for 12 minutes(enough to get water boiling ) and some that use sterno. It is all what you feel comfortable in using and carrying with you out there.


Food on the other hand is going to take up either little or a lot of space depending on how long you are out there and how much you are walking each day. You can either put together and package your own meals, you can buy the prepackaged meals by backpackers pantry and mountain house or bring food that does not need refrigeration. Honestly I like to bring a mixture of all of these. Some easy things to buy at the store is anything in a cans or jars as in soups, vegetables, tuna, chipped beef, or pringles which are easy to make, however, you do have to clean out the containers and bring them back out with you. That makes for easy meals but a lot of trash you have to haul with you.

I also bring noodles and those gravy packets you can pick up in any grocery store and just add water to. That helps broaden your spectrum on the food you can eat and the plastic bags can be used for storing garbage in to eliminate smells (if they zip closed) to help not attract animals to you and they do not take up much space when empty. Now the prepackaged backpackers meals are also great because they have MEAT in them. I get bored very easily with meatless meals and eggs and meat will spoil before the end of the first day you are out when you bring it fresh, so being able to have chicken and noodles, chili mac and beef, jaimcan barbecued chicken, Colorado omelets, beef stew and others is the real treat. These are super easy to make, you just boil water and add it to the package. You can eat it straight out of the package or put it in a bowl or on a plate if you are sharing, and most of those have 2 to 2 and a half servings per bag.

Don't forget the snacks! Those are the easiest to pack. Nuts like almonds have a lot of protein in them and are good for you. Raisins and crazins and other dried fruit is great to carry around and won't go bad. Beef jerky and sausages are a great snack that won't go bad with good packaging. Granola bars, trail bars and cereal bars are great and the cereal bars sometimes have that milk like substance that gives you calcium that help your bones. Just make sure you have a good variety of fruits to carbohydrates while you are out there.  



How about some chili for this chili weather!

It just keeps getting colder and colder out there! With that cold out there you’re probably tired of eating soup day after day… After day, trying to keep warm. Plus with a whole 3 months of winter to go, you’re thinking I need some change. Well what better way to warm up than with a nice bowl of Chilly cooked over an open fire in your cast iron Dutch oven!

The Lodge Logic 2-Quart Camp Dutch Oven is a versatile camp cooking tool that can do it all. This portable cast iron pot can handle all your camp cooking needs, thanks to a specially-designed flanged lid that holds hot coals for all around cooking and inverts for use as a griddle. This oven sports integral legs that allow it to sit perfectly over the hot coals of a campfire or fireplace fire. With a 2 quart capacity, this pot measures 8” across and 3” deep. Its seasoned cast iron construction means pan is ready to use right out of the box. Simple wire bail handles for easy carrying. With the durability, versatility, and cooking performance you get from a Lodge Camp Oven, it’s no wonder this convenient cookware is the official equipment of Boy Scouts of America.





  • 1 pound cannellini beans, soaked in water for at least 4 hours
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 3 pounds pork shoulder cut into 1 to 2- inch chunks.
  • 1 pound raw hot Italian or chorizo sausage, removed from casing
  • 1 large onion, finely chopped
  • 1 jalapeno chili, finely chopped
  • 3 tablespoons chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon ground cumin
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1 cup finely minced cilantro
  • 1 (28-ounce) can crushed tomatoes
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • ½ cup finely sliced scallions


  1. Rinse and drain soaked beans. Heat oil in Dutch oven over hot coals until smoking. Add half of pork and cook until well-browned on all sides, about 10 minutes. Transfer to a large bowl and repeat with remaining half of pork. Transfer second batch to bowl with the first batch.
  2. Add sausage to pot and cook, breaking it up with a wooden spoon until no longer raw. Return meat to pot with sausage and add onion, jalapeno, chili powder, cumin, oregano and half of cilantro. Cook, stirring constantly until aromatic and onions has begun to soften, about 4 minutes.
  3. Add soaked beans, tomatoes, enough water to cover meat and beans by 2 inches, and a large pinch of salt (it should still taste under-seasoned, as it will reduce). Place lid on Dutch oven and cover with hot coals. Allow to heat for 10 minutes then peek and check temperature. Liquid should be mildly bubbling.
  4. Allow to cook until beans are soft and creamy and meat is completely tender, 3 to 6 hours depending on how hot you cook it ( for best results, cook over very low heat for a long period of time). Check on pot as it cooks every hour or so, topping up with water as necessary. After the chili is done, season to taste with salt and pepper and stir in the remaining cilantro and scallions. Serve immediately.

You can use any kind of relatively fatty meat with plenty of connective tissue in it such as beef short rib or chuck, pork shoulder, as well as lamb shoulder. The sausage can be any raw sausage you like the flavor of or, can be replaced with more stew meat. Stick with medium to small beans like kidney, cannellini, garbanzo, or navy. Store- bought chili powder can be used but for best flavor, grind your own chili powder (or make a chili puree by cooking toasted chilies in water or chicken stock and blending).

For more food ideas, come into the store and stop by the Camping Department and our Associates are here to help you and guide you in making some successful meals with your new Cast Iron.


Lodge Logic 2-Quart Camp Dutch Oven

Facebook-San Antonio


QUICK! Get Dinner On The Table!

The Orion Smoker/Cooker Saves Dinner

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to cook a meal for a large group of people and had little or no warning and very little time to cook it?  Or are you going on a hunting or fishing trip with your buddies and it is your turn to cook dinner that evening for everyone? You want to cook something that everyone will like and have plenty of it. What to do?   If so, then you may find some merit to this article.

To begin with I have been in both these situations.  A while back my wife and I got a call from my sister to say she and some friends were passing through our area on their way back home from a church outing and she wanted to stop by and see us.  We said we would love to see her and her friends, which turned out to be about 10 to 15 people in all, who were coming in at about dinner time. 

“Hi sis,--you are,--yes, we would love to see you.  When will you get in here?  Oh-about an hour and a half from now—ah, have you had dinner?  Nooo, we can put something together for everyone.  See you then—Bye.” 

In this case no time to do much planning, shopping or cooking.  We punted and made spaghetti with meat balls.  I ran to the store for enough noodles and salad fixings to feed every one, while the wife started the sauté.   This worked out for us and dinner was served about two hectic hours later.

When it was my turn to cook dinner for my hunting group on our lease in Texas, I did a purity good job with the dinner that I started cooking just after lunch when everyone else was taking a nap before going out to hunt again that evening.  When they left, I was still cooking dinner, which I served that evening when they got back from the evening hunt. 

I was just a little frustrated knowing that I had to give up that evening’s hunt to pull my share of the trips KP, cooking the evening’s meal on one of only five days we were out in Texas.   This frustration drove me look in to ways to speed the cooking time, while providing plenty of good food and getting me out the kitchen and into the woods looking for Mr. Buck.

 I found several short cuts then that save me from the situation my sister presented me with and many an hours of hunting in the future.  I continue to look for the faster and easier ways to do it.  One of the things I recently found is the Orion Smoker/Cooker, which is a Smoker, as well as a Convection cooker.   The time it took to fix the evening meal after I had gotten back from hunting that evening was fast and really wowed my buddies.  Dinner was served about the time they had finished cleaning that evenings deer, about an hour and a half.  The Orion is something that can save one a lot time in a pinch and products mouth watering meals.

The Orion Smoker/Cooker provides that slow Smoking/Bar-B-Q-ing results in a fraction of the time.  It’s a simple 3 step process that really works with wowing results.

  1. Load the cooker with the food to be cooked and place the charcoal in the top and bottom rings.
  2. Light the charcoal and start the timing as recommended by the manufacture for the food being cooked.
  3. Remove the food from the cooker at the end of the recommend time and eat.  Simple as 1, 2, 3.

For example:  Cooking 6 racks of ribs in an hour and fifteen minutes. 

Prepare the ribs with your favorite dry rib rub, place zip-lock bag and allow marinating overnight in the frig.  Then place the ribs in the cooker on the hangers as recommended by the manufacture.  Place the top on the cooker and load the charcoal rings with charcoal.  Light both rings of charcoal starting with the top ring and then moving down to the lower ring.  Start the cooking time when the top ring of charcoal is being lite and No peeking after that.  Messes up the cooking timing.  When the hour and fifteen minutes are up, remove the top of the cooker carefully using a pair of heat resistant gloves (be very careful, the cooker is very hot and it will get you if you are not paying attention to what you are doing).   If you want to cook lesser amount of ribs.  Say only 3 racks of ribs, the time changes to about an hour of cooking time. 

Some people like them cooked a little longer than that (ribs falling off the bone) and cook them for about an hour and a half for 6 racks of ribs.  I found this made the ribs difficult to remove from the cooker because they were literally fell apart.  Either way, served with garlic bread, some good creamy coleslaw, baked beans and my favorite BBQ dipping sauté, these were some of the best ribs I have had. 

A couple of tips for you.  I found the self lighting charcoal tends to work best with the Orion.  If you want to use smoking chips, they can go in the bottom on the out side of the water pan.  You can also go on line for more cooking recipes at the Orion cooker’s web pages where many of their patrons post their comments and receipts at   

Find other cooking options on the Bass Pro Cookware Blog Page

Happy trails and good eats to you and yours.

Wes. P--Camping dept.


Preparing Your Home For Disaster

Disaster can happen to you, not just to people you don't know in some far away town. It can come in many shapes and forms. Tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, all carry potentially life-threatening circumstances, and in some cases, help may not come for days or even weeks. To best protect yourself and your loved ones, it would be wise to be prepared for the worst in any situation.

The first step is to know your area and be knowledgeable about what kind of disasters are most likely to happen. Is your area prone to hurricanes? Tornadoes? Is your home in a low-lying area where flooding is possible? Each circumstance carries its own unique set of challenges, and knowing what is likely will help you to prepare for the specific dangers of each event.

However, we humans have needs that must be met in any circumstance, and these needs are threatened by any disaster. Here are some suggestions to ensure you and your family's basic needs in a home survival situation, all of which can be found at your Bass Pro Shops Camping Department.

Drinkable water is probably our most urgent need. Our bodies need it to maintain an incredible array of functions, and without it we will expire within 3 to 5 days in the most ideal of conditions. In many disaster situations, infrastructure that brings clean running water to our homes may be damaged. It is always a good idea to have a stock of emergency bottled water in your home. However, considering water is so important, it is important to have alternative means of acquiring potable water. While boiling water will kill most bacteria and pathogens, a small, easy-to-use water filtration system such as the Sawyer Squeeze Filter will allow you to filter particles like dirt, protozoa, and bacteria from water using a hollow-fiber membrane system. Using such a system, you can drink directly from this source or fill containers for storage, and most Sawyer products are guaranteed to be effective in filtering up to 1,000,000 gallons of water.

Secondly, we must have food. While it is possible to survive a relatively long time without food, hunger will leave you weak and unable to deal with the many other challenges that may befall you in a disaster situation. Having a stock of non-perishable foods in your home is a good idea at any time, and freeze dried foods such as those by Mountain House or Backpacker's Pantry are an ideal option for emergency preparedness as well as camping. These products are very diverse, lightweight, easy to prepare meals that provide the comfort and morale boost of a hot, tasty meal. While canned foods may keep for a couple years, these foods can keep your emergency pantry stocked for 7 to 25 years!

In addition, we need shelter. We must keep warm, dry, and safe from the elements. An emergency tent may be a good thing to keep in the event that your home is damaged. But equally important may be an emergency bivouac sack, such as the Sol Emergency Bivvy, a compact, lightweight, weatherproof shelter that reflects 90% of body heat to keep you warm and dry in extreme conditions. These could also be used to make a tent in a pinch and, because of their bright orange color, could be used to signal for help in conditions where you may otherwise be difficult to spot.

Lastly, you will likely need fire. For warmth, to cook food or boil water, to see in the dark, or even to signal others, fire serves a great many purposes. It is important to keep waterproof tinder, such as UST's Wetfire Tinder or Coghlan's Fire Sticks and a means to start the fire, such as waterproof matches or a fire starting tool such as a Blastmatch.

There are many other things that could prove essential in surviving a disaster situation. A versatile first aid kit, a lantern, cookware, any item or any bit of knowledge may improve your chances in a survival situation. Bass Pro Shops carries a variety of survival manuals that go into much more detail specific to a wide variety of situations. Knowledge and organization may save your life in a situation such as this. Make a list, know what you have, where it is, and how to use it. Keep learning and keep preparing. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.





Crock Pot Cuisine: Venison Stew

I’m a simple guy. Meals tend to have meat and not tofu. (Know what I mean?) And I love to cook. Honestly, it’s a delight in my day to actually prep and make everything for a good meal. But you know how I started this blog? Yeah, sometimes I like to keep my cooking simple as well. That is why no home is complete without a crock pot! Slow cooker… big bowl thing that heats up… device of hunger ender… whatever you call it, you know what I am talking about.

There is something so nice about tossing in a bunch of ingredients, hitting a button or twisting that knob and taking off. You let the crock pot do the work for you. And life is busy, so it’s a great option if you are going to be gone all day and don’t want to worry about the whole cooking process after work or whatever!

And what’s great too… crock pots don’t care what you put in them! I’m sure certain fancy French cookware companies scoff at game meat but not the good ol’ crock pot. So here’s something for all you hunters out there to try, Venison Stew!

Crock Pot Venison Stew

3 carrots
5 potatoes
2 lb. meat, in 1 1/2 inch cubes
1 c. water
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 clove garlic
1 bay leaf
1 stalk celery
3 onions, quartered
1/2 tsp. pepper
Salt to taste
1 tsp. paprika


Put all ingredients into crock pot. Stir to blend spices. Cook on low for 10 to 12 hours or on high for 5 to 6 hours.

"Oh Deer! That looks good!"


Don’t have venison but maybe some buffalo? Don’t forget our old friend Rocky and his recipe for Buffalo Chili!


Tape Worms A-Tap Dancin’! Giddy-Up!!


Product Spotlight - Lodge Cast Iron

Fried Chicken with Cast Iron - Bass Pro Shops AltoonaDo you cook with cast iron? For some, it's the ONLY way to fry chicken because of the even heat disbursement. But cast iron can be used to cook anything! Whether on the stove, in the oven, over the fire, or Dutch Oven-style, Lodge cast iron is efficient, long-lasting, and made in the USA!

We recently bought the 15 1/4" diameter Lodge cast iron skillet to replace one we used to have and inadvertently left behind in a move. We used our Bass Pro Shops burner from our aluminum fish fryer and decided to fry chicken on the patio. Even heat and long-lasting heat retention makes cast iron the first choice of chefs all over the world. 

*  Ready to use right out of the box - A newly developed process seasons the skillet at the factory, so the Lodge cast iron is ready to go. You don't have to season it yourself and it doesn't take many, many batches of chicken before you have it just right.

*  A traditional handle, PLUS an assist handle makes it easier to lift and transport. 

*  A pour lip makes it easier to dump the oil for reuse. 

*  Last, but not least, it's Made in the U.S.A., by Lodge which has been making it for over 100 years...and is now the only U.S. company making cast iron cookware. 

Don't be afraid - grab some cast iron and start cooking!


For a great look at Lodge and the rebirth of cast iron, check out this NBC Nightly News video!


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Get ready for chili on May 17th and 18th!

Whether it's your family's generational recipe or a can from the store, chili has its grips on us. Camping is a great time to make chili and here at Bass Pro, we have an outstanding selection of cookware to help in making this delicious meal.

The CHeRiTH VaLLeY gardens Tito's Classic Chili Mix is a Bass Pro favorite. We will be using this in January for our Chili Event (more info on that will be posted soon). If you are wanting a quick and easy way to prepare a great meal by the fire or at home, this mix is the way to go. All you have to do is add water and any additional ingredients you wish. It serves eight so if you only have two to serve....LEFTOVERS! We all know chili tastes better the second day as all of the flavors have been infused. You can also add a personal spin by adding your latest game catch. Venison is a great meat to add to chili, but is best used in homemade chili. Nevertheless, it is still good in this mix.

CHeRiTH Chili Mix


Featured is the 7-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven. As great on the stove as it is over a campfire, a Dutch Oven from Lodge Logic delivers smooth heat distribution, retention, and cooking versatility that can't be matched by other cookware. Attested by users, this is a great way to cook your chili or any meal at that!

Cast Iron Dutch Oven


Now who can have chili without cornbread!?! Bass Pro also has Uncle Buck's Smoky Jalapeno Corncakes mix to have right with your delicious meal. Cornbread is great at any time but there is something about having it with chili that makes it exceptional. Use this mix as a base for your own or just as it is. Add more jalapenos if you like the heat or maybe fresh corn for added texture.

Uncle Bucks Cornbread

One would automatically cook their cornbread in a cupcake tray or in a small loaf. Not here at Bass Pro. We have high standards for this addition to chili in the form of perch cornbread (or any other baked goods) mold!!! Fun and easy, this mold is sure to please. Already seasoned and ready to go, all you have to do is pour in the mix, bake and enjoy.

Perch Cast Iron

We are having our GO OUTDOORS cooking demos on Saturday and Sunday May 17th and 18th here at Bass Pro Shops Mesa. We will aslo be smoking meat, making popcorn and pie. it will be a great weekend of good food, so come on down and enjoy!



Seasoning Your New or Old Cast Iron

Seasoning your cast ironThere might be a few people who will receive or give cast iron cookware for Christmas presents. Plus, aside from those who cook year-round with cast iron, many people are putting their Dutch Ovens, etc., away for the winter.  We thought it would be a good time to revisit how to maintain your cast iron, so we asked our Camping Department experts for some tips.

Prepare cast iron for use is called seasoning. Most manufacturers sell pre-seasoned cast iron, but not all. The package should tell you. By the way, Lodge, a very popular brand, is the only non-enamel "Made in the USA" manufacturer.

The best practice is to have designated pans for different cooking and to circulate use.

There are some tell-tale signs that it's time to reseason your cast iron:

  • Food sticking on bottom
  • Food not moving freely
  • There should have a shine to the pan
  • Rust

To season a new pan:

  • First, heat the pan in an oven at 400 for about five minutes. The warmth loosens up the pores of the skillet.
  • Using a liquid vegetable oil  – no olive oils or solid shortening - wipe the cast iron piece, inside and out, including the handle.
  • When you think you’ve got all the oil out of the paper towel...take another paper towel and do it all over again.
  • Bake the oil-coated skillet in the oven upside down, so there’s no pooling in the bottom of the skillet – 400 degrees for  one hour.
  • Cool in oven


What about rust?

Surface rust

  • Make a 50/50 vinegar water solution.
  • Spray on the rust area and then rub off with paper towel.
  • Dry completely.
  • Apply oil like when seasoning.
  • Bake again.  Even if it’s just one little spot, do this complete process.

If the cast iron is pitted, you will need to use steel wool and go deeper.


Remember - Cast iron is only as good as the care it receives. Always put it away dry and it’s okay to season once a year, even if you don’t think it needs it. Just adds to the protection factor even more.

Enjoy and happy cooking!



National Cookbook Month - Dutch Oven Cooking

If you can cook it in an oven, you can cook it in cast iron over coals. Dutch Oven cooking can be done year round, but it's a super way to enjoy the great outdoors in the cool fall weather. A firepit, concrete slab, or even a small Weber Smokey Joe charcoal grill can hold your coals for your cast iron oven. Dutch Oven cooking is more than just chili, stew and cornbread. In honor of National Cookbook Month, check out some of the cookbooks Bass Pro Shops has to offer to help you with recipes, coal placement, etc. All of these cookbooks make a great gift for someone who is wanting to start Dutch Oven cooking, campers, and those cooks who want to explore different cooking methods. Here is a look at a few from the collection offered:

Dutch Oven Gold

Val and Marie Cowley bring you 225 dutch oven recipes and tips for mouth-watering campsite meals! 


Championships Dutch Oven Cookbook


More recipes from the Crowley's favorite collection, developed especially for dutch ovens, featuring 200 recipes. 



Lodge Texas Treasury

The Texas Treasury of Dutch Oven Cooking is a collection of recipes from the competitive cook-offs sanctioned by the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. It includes history on the Dutch Oven and tips for care and maintenance.




Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook

Founded in 1896, Lodge remains the only American manufacturer of quality cast iron cookware. This cookbook is a celebration of cast iron and features over 200 delicious recipes to make in cast iron, from peanut brittle to curry to pancakes!



Cast Iron cooking for dummies
Lodge also brings you this basic "dummies" book that covers everything from care to cooking. Don't be scared off by cast iron cooking...the experts will walk you through it!
Bass Pro Shops carries a multitude of cast iron equipment and accessories, from tripod stands to cooking stands, lid lifters, and heavy-duty gloves. 
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