2014 Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show - February 1, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show 

Buckeye United Fly Fishers will host the annual 
Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show 
Saturday, February 1, 2014
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

At our great venue in Northeast Cincinnati 

Oasis Conference Center 
902 Loveland-Miamiville Road 
Loveland, OH


The Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show is sponsored by Buckeye United Fly Fishers and presented annually to promote the sport of fly 
fishing and outdoor recreation. It is a great opportunity for everyone from novice to experienced fly fisher to learn about fly fishing 
techniques, resources, gear, and places to fish. Buckeye United Fly Fishers is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting fly fishing, 
stream and wetlands conservation, and education. Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday each month at Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio. 
Check us out at www.buckeyeflyfishers.com or at our show booth. 
  • Admission $10 per person at the door
  • Scouts in uniform - FREE
  • Kids 12 and under - FREE
  • Parking at the Conference Center - FREE
  • Over 21,000 sq ft of exhibition, demonstration, and presentation space
  • Something for all fly fishers - from beginner to advanced
  • Over 75 exhibitors - vendors, fly tiers, DNR booths, and others
  • Educational fly fishing speakers
  • Casting Pond - instructions and/or try out a rod from one of the vendors
  • Fly tying demonstrations with a special kids tying area
  • Kids area with fun things to see and do
  • Boy Scouts - work on your Fly Fishing Merit Badge in the Scout Room
  • Fishing guides and fishing lodge representatives
  • Canoes, kayaks, pontoons, and other watercraft
  • Raffles and door prizes
  • Expanded snack bar - sandwiches and drinks

Presentations Schedule


A. K. Best – “Fishing With Too Much Water” (Main
Presentation Room)

Mike Schmidt – Fly Tying Demonstration (Tying
Presentation Room)

BUFF Instructors – Casting Demonstrations and
Instruction (Casting Pond)


Dane Law – “Trout Fishing the Southern
Appalachians and Beyond” (Main Presentation

A. K. Best –Fly Tying Demonstration – New Quill
Body Material, Duns & Spinners (Tying
Presentation Room)

Dave Leonhard – Casting Demos (Casting Pond)

Frank Willetts – “Steelhead vs. Trout” (Main
Presentation Room)

Glenn Weisner – Fly Tying Demonstration (Tying
Presentation Room)

Kevin Howell – Casting Demo (Casting Pond)


A. K. Best – “Fishing With Little Water” (Main
Presentation Room)

Kevin Compton – Fly Tying Demonstration (Tying
Presentation Room)


Jon Ray - “Smallmouth On The Fly” (Main
Presentation Room)

A. K. Best – Fly Tying Demonstration – Tying with
Biots and Caddis Flies (Tying Presentation Room)

Dave Leonhard – Casting Demos (Casting Pond)


Jerry Darkes – “New Fly Fishing Gear For The
Coming Year” (Main Presentation Room)

Exhibits, Presentations, and Demonstrations
Exhibits – Check out the many exhibits, 
including vendors displaying their latest gear, 
guides and outfitters, lodges, and more. 
Fly Tying– observe and talk to some of the 
region’s best fly tiers as they exhibit their tying 
At The Bench – fly tying demonstrations from 
world class tiers in the Tying Presentation Room. 
Symposiums – see presentations by experts 
throughout the day in the Main Presentation 
Kid’s Corner – free fun activities with a fly 
fishing connection: fish prints, trout aquarium, 
coloring pages, fly tying and more. 
Casting Pond – fly casting demonstrations and 
instruction featuring: 
Dave Leonhard, Master Certified Casting 
Instructor and owner of Orvis Streamside in 
Traverse City, MI, and 
Kevin Howell, FFF Certified Casting 
Instructor and owner of Davidson River 
Outfitters, Brevard, NC. 
Plus the opportunity to “try out” rods for sale at 
the show. 
Information Booths – featuring Casting for 
Recovery, Project Healing Waters, 
environmental groups, and more. 
Refreshments – good things to eat and drink at 
the Oasis concession stand. 
Boy Scouts – work on your Fly Fishing Merit 
Badge in our Scout Merit Badge Room. 


A. K. Best is one of the most respected names in fly fishing and tying. His many magazine articles over the years have provided helpful knowledge for both beginner and accomplished tiers and anglers. He’s also known for his excellent fly fishing and tying books. A. K. has a superior tying talent that makes him a master-class tier. 

Dane Law is the owner and a guide with Southeastern Anglers, a drift boat guide service on the TVA tailwaters of North Georgia, Tennessee, and south central Kentucky. He has led mountain trout trips in the 
Cherokee National Forest since 1999. 
Glenn Weisner, owner of Glenn River Fly Co., often can be found fishing for trout on the streams of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. He enjoys tying most all trout flies, especially Terrestrials. Glenn is a great instructor and enjoys working with all skill levels and age groups. 
Frank Willetts is owner/operator of the Pere Marquette River Lodge in Baldwin, MI, the only Orvis Endorsed Lodging Outfitter Guide Service in the Midwest. Frank has been fishing and guiding on the Pere Marquette and other local rivers since his college days. 
Mike Schmidt, owner of Angler’s Choice Flies, ties standard patterns as well as new and innovative custom patterns. Throughout the year, Mike teaches fly tying and fishing techniques at clubs and retail locations around the Midwest and spends the winter months traveling to present at fly fishing shows around the country. 
Jon Ray, of Hawkins Outfitters, has been guiding anglers in Michigan for 12 years. Jon loves chasing trout, steelhead, smallmouth bass, and musky with streamers, using single or two-handed rods and a variety of techniques. 
Kevin Compton, owner of Performance Flies, Cleveland, is a commercial tier, author, speaker, tying instructor, and fly designer. He specializes in patterns for the steelhead fisheries of Ohio and Michigan and trout in Pennsylvania. He has competed in tyingcompetitions in the U.S. and World Championships in Portugal. Kevin’s flies have been featured in numerous magazines. 
Jerry Darkes is a fly tackle sales rep, instructor/guide and writer based in northern Ohio. He is recognized as an expert on Great Lakes steelhead and warm water fly fishing and has created a series of instructional DVDs on Great Lakes steelhead. 

"Connecting People to Great Traditions" Natural Resources Night Out Celebrated at Richmond Flying Squirrels Game July 20

"Connecting People to Great Traditions" Natural Resources Night Out Celebrated at Richmond Flying Squirrels Game July 20



  Nearly 6000 baseball fans joined Bass Pro Shops,The The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia, Responsive Management, Take Me Fishing™ and VDGIF at the Richmond Flying Squirrels vs. Akron Aeros baseball game on Friday evening July 20, at The Diamond for "Connecting People to Great Traditions" Natural Resources Night Out. VDGIF had nearly 30 staff and volunteers to help fans celebrate the great outdoors through educational exhibits like the new 26 foot pontoon boat provided to VDGIF by Bass Pro Shops (BPS) for the Angling Education program dubbed the "Floating Fishing School". Fans received goodie bags with Bass Pro Shops Kevin Van Dam fishing lures, Dodge Ram carabineers and Virginia Wildlife calendars and The Wildlife Foundation of VA stickers.

 On the field activities were provided by Bass Pro Shops (BPS) in Ashland and included a PFD and frozen t-shirt race/contest and Bass Pro t-shirts that were launched between innings. BPS gift cards were given to all contestants.
Under the leadership of VDGIF Partnership Coordinator Tom Wilcox, whose Dad played major league baseball, many staff and volunteers made the night a great success.

 Secretary of Natural Resources Doug Domenech, threw out the first pitch. The VDGIF's two newest Wildlife K9 Units were introduced and interacted with the fans. Conservation Police Officer Wes Billings and 'Josie', Officer Frank Spuchesi and 'Comet' joined the other members of the K9 team, Major Mike Minarik, Officer Megan Vick and 'Jake' and Officer Wayne Billhimer and 'Justice'. Text message donations to support the K9 team via a cooperative effort with The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia (WFV) were accepted during the game. You can donate right now by going to: WFV Fund for VDGIF K9 Team. VDGIF Director Bob Duncan demonstrated his elk bugle call during a radio interview to 'call' attention to the new elk restoration project in Southwest Virginia. Allester Watts, VDGIF HQ Facilities Engineer led the fans in singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", ending in cheers for the home team who won the game 3-2. It was also "sleepover night on the field" for the Boy Scouts and they shared in the RBFF effort to promote angling among Scouts with the 'Take Me Fishing' Patch Program. Visit the Richmond Flying Squirrels website for tickets for future games.


This was the second annual 'celebrate the great outdoors night' and VDGIF is already planning with its many partners to host the event again next summer. The VDGIF and Richmond Flying Squirrels wish to thank the many sponsors, staff volunteers and fans who joined us for a great evening to celebrate great American traditions like fishing, hunting, boating and baseball!
Photos by VDGIF Outreach Division Manager Lee Walker and Morgan Dellamura, a Wildlife and Fisheries major from Clemson University participating in the WIN intern program at VDGIF this summer.



“Connecting People to Great Traditions”


“Connecting People to Great Traditions” Natural Resources Night Out Celebrated at Richmond Flying Squirrels Game July 20th

Come join The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia,  Bass Pro Shops, Responsive Management and VDGIF at the Richmond Flying Squirrels vs. Akron Aeros baseball game on Friday evening July 20, 2012 at 7:05pm at The Diamond.

“Connecting People to Great Traditions” Natural Resources Night Out will celebrate the great outdoors through educational venues, on-the-field games, fan interactions, giveaways for all and more. It is also "sleepover night on the field" for the Scouts so the celebration gets even bigger! You don't want to miss this game with the introduction of the VDGIF's newest Wildlife K9 Units and The Floating Fishing School which is a new pontoon boat sponsored by Bass Pro Shops and featured exhibits from Law Enforcement, Boating Safety, Hunter Education, Outdoor Report free subscription sign up, and much more. Also, Bass Pro Shops is providing 2,000 Kevin Van Dam fishing lures as a giveaway to fans attending the game.

So, "Let's root, root, root for the home team, If they don't win it's a shame. For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, if we don't see you at the game!"  Let's show our spirit and support those great American traditions like fishing, hunting and baseball! Visit the Richmond Flying Squirrels website for tickets or contact Tom Wilcox,  at 804-367-6892 or Tom.Wilcox@dgif.virginia.gov for event details.


Vanquish Aviophobia with Fall Fly Fishing

There are avid travelers in the world today that have a very unnatural fear hindering their ability to wholly enjoy their worldly experience. I am referring to the fear of flying which is sometimes referred to as aerophobia or aviophobia. Fisherman, likewise, often times  Adams Fly
possess a similar feeling of discomfort when discussing or approaching an unexplored area of their favorite sport and that area is fly fishing.

The genre of fishing involving the fly is one that is often times misrepresented to and misunderstood by those that are unfamiliar with the sport. The stereotypes of fly fishing include thoughts of the sport being incredibly difficult and the cost of the tools of the trade being unaffordable to the vast majority of those interested. These two stereotypes hold little truth and are basically complete fallacies despite the fact they are two terrors commonly causing fisherman to have qualms with considering partaking in this incredibly enjoyable and rewarding sport.

Despite the fact that mastering fly fishing is certainly difficult, picking up a fly rod and successfully enjoying this sport at a beginner's level is definitely not and there is no better time to begin than the Fall. As most fisherman know, Fall is a time of the year when temperatures drop, water levels stabilize, energy demand subsides a bit, and fish gorge themselves in order to beef up for the Winter months. Fly fisherman use this to their advantage as well and it creates for an exciting time of the year to catch all sorts of species of fish on the fly. In late Summer and early Fall, terrestrials remain very popular as many fish are feeding upon ants, beetles, and grasshoppers. As the temperatures cool a bit more drastically, fly fisherman in this area depend on the black caddis hatch to produce large numbers and size.

As many have undoubtedly noticed, the price of conventional fishing equipment can be outrageous. The same is true for fly fishing gear, but similarly to conventional fishing, entry level tackle is quite affordable and generally offers results exceeding the expectations of the beginner fly fisherman.
Bass Pro Shops offers many entry level options regarding fly fishing combos, portable tackle
, and flies. Bass Pro Shops also offers options for those looking to expand their available fishing locations by the use of waders or those looking for a pontoon or White River Paddlefish Pontooneven a belly boat, otherwise known as a float tube.

Bass Pro Shops not only offers excellent equipment for your expedition, but also the expertise needed for a beginner to understand their equipment needs or even local information for an avid angler new to the area. For any questions regarding equipment or fly patterns, call or visit your local Bass Pro Shops! If you are one of those many sportsman that have an interest in fly fishing, but haven't taken that leap just yet, I highly recommend that you do so this Fall! The weather will be comfortable, the tailwater release schedules more predictable, the fish will be aggressive, and many areas have delayed harvest regulations in effect which are ideal conditions for any fly fisherman, whether amateur or veteran. 

Tight Lines,

Gary G. Garver
Fishing Team Lead
Kodak, TN


Spring Fly Fishing

The arrival of Spring brings the start of what many people consider the beginning of the season for fly fishing. The increased temperature and additional daylight hours combine to make fishing more pleasant but more importantly make the food sources available to the fish more active and abundant. Recently we have seen hatches of March Browns on the Little Red river and Caddis on the White River, these hatches are typically prolific and cause the fish to feed aggressively. Other sources of protein for the fish such as sowbugs and scud will also become active and be present in larger numbers. Spring rains can cause disruptions to fishing tips but help fill the lakes that feed the rivers, they also wash food from areas not normally covered by water and this is when having a good range of San Juan worms will pay off.

This is a great time of year to go after the large Brown Trout as they will feed voraciously over the next three months. A great method for catching the browns that has proved very successful is to throw large streamers on a sink tip fly line close to the bank, this was the method that Phil Landry a guide on the Little Red used to catch a beautiful 27" brown in mid March.

Although our store is in Memphis TN we consider the rivers of the Ozarks in AR to be our home trout waters as they are our nearest cold water rivers, nearer to home we have some wonderful fishing on lakes that contain plenty of large Bass and Bream. These are great to catch this time of year and the sight of a Bass exploding from the water having taken a popping bug is something to behold. Also a Bluegill taken on light tackle will give you an unbelievable fight. A great way to get to these is on a fly fishing pontoon boat which provides a cost effective and stable platform to fish from.