State Sales Tax Holiday

2013 Iowa State Sales Tax HolidayOur Iowa State Sales Tax Holiday on select clothing and footwear is this coming Friday, August 2, and Saturday, August 3!  This is the 14th year for what has turned into a very popular two days of shopping.

Most people wouldn't think of Bass Pro Shops as having some of those select items that qualify for the sales tax holiday. But, there are actually MANY items that fit the bill.

From head to toe there is something for everyone and all ages: Scarves to socks, bibs for babies and bibs for adults, coats, hats, coveralls, bandanas, bathing suits, belts with buckles, hooded shirts and sweatshirts, ponchos and pants, and rainwear and running shoes, flip-flops and hiking boots, and so much more!
The sales tax holiday (including no local option sales tax) applies to sales of an article of clothing or footwear having a selling price less than $100.
From our own well known brands such as RedHead, Natural Reflections, and Bob Timberlake, to Columbia, The North Face, Under Armour, Sperry, Reef, Rocky, Merrell, and other popular brands...make sure to include Bass Pro Shops in your sales tax holiday shopping sprees!
If you don't, you'll never know what you might miss.
For detailed information on the Iowa state sales tax holiday, and a list of other states with similar events, visit



Gear Up With Garmin

“Where are you going?”

So many possible answers…. That question could range from an extremely internal-life changing moment in life where a dear friend is concerned about you or as simple if the same friend is questioning if you really know where the Fry’s is. Deep stuff.

This question can be of great importance when outdoors. If you are planning a five-day hike you will probably want to let some people know where you are headed. Or let’s say you want to try your luck fishing somewhere else and decide to head upstream, this is stuff you should let others know.

Technology really has changed almost every aspect of life. This includes how we get around in the wilderness. No longer are we bound to maps and compasses, but have handheld GPS systems. These things have revolutionized how we navigate in this awesome world of ours. People love using their GPS systems so much that they have even spawned their very own sport, geocaching.

Garmin has been a leading brand in GPS units for a number of years now. Garmin has become a name that people trust. They have a wide variety of products that range all over. Their holiday commercial is still one of my favorites. They have also just revamped their popular Oregon 600 Series.

Once again, Brett let me know the down-low on these bad boys. (Brett is the man-of-the-hour in our Marine department and let me know all about our pontoon boats a while back.) He showed me three models, the: 600, 600T and 650T.

Now all three models are touch screen. Garmin added an extra ½” of screen to this series compared to the last. They use the transitioning screens and are activated by pressure. Back in the day, most of these worked off of heat for touch capabilities, but with these using pressure they are smooth. The image on screen glides effortlessly and faster than older models.  This also means you can wear gloves when using them. They do accept AA batteries, regular or rechargeable. Regular AA batteries should last for around 18 hours, which is pretty impressive.

The 600 is their base model. It is a great first GPS unit or upgrade for the seasoned user. The 600T comes with everything the 600 has and more! It comes loaded with topographic maps for the entire United States! The 650T comes loaded with all features mentioned so far, but with a little secret gem as well. An 8 megapixel camera! So while you are out exploring you can snap a few pictures and know exactly where you were when you took it.

Relative: “Oh what a cool picture! Where were you when you took it?”

You: “I was at 33.4369°N, 111.8671°W”

Relative: “Umm… what?”

Now Brett, the super star he is, pointed out a couple more things while I was there. For those with ATVs and UTVs, he had the Ram Mounts for this unit in-store. These things are heavy duty and great. The last thing you want to do while out riding is lose your new favorite toy!

He also noted that with hunting season coming up that boundaries are so important. If you are not sure of where you or the animal you just took is exactly, you can be in big trouble. has your solution! This site has some awesome choices for hunting maps. Their maps will let you know about public land, private land ownership and much more.

No matter what purpose you use your GPS for, just remember to be safe and take extra batteries! If you have a cool GPS story or tip, feel free to leave it below in a comment. Until next time Bass Proers… same Bass Pro Blog Website, same Bass Pro Blogger. Tacklin’ Trails and Dirtying Boots! Giddy Up Now!


Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dad can sometimes be a little hard to shop for. Not to fear, Bass Pro is here! We went around to every department asking for their tips and best gift ideas, so here's what the pros said.


If your dad needs a new pole but you're not sure which one, our associate suggests Bass Pro Shops Megacast baitcast combo. It's pretty basic, but is a nice combo with bait caster. If he prefers a spinning reel, we have plenty of those in our store too. This combo is on sale for $49.99.




Our associate's favorite best seller right now is the Ascend Mid Hiker which he says if paired with the Ascend wool socks, makes for an amazing hiking experience. The boots have Vibram outsoles, the number one sole in the business, and is perfect for a hiking dad. It has bone-dry waterproof technology and moisture-wicking Cambrelle linings. They are also on sale for 69.97.




A popular item in the hunting department is the Kershaw volt II, an assisted opening, straight edge stainless steel pocket knife. It's on sale right now for $24.97 and going fast.

A trail cam would also be a great Father's Day gift since it's about that time to start putting them out. Along with the trail cam, you could get your dad attractant. Our associate gave us a tip though to go for the Trophy Rock Four65 package. Although it's a bit more expensive, they're broken up so it's more for your money.




A lot of people come in looking for 5.11 Tacticle Taclite vests and your dad is sure to love it too. It's lightweight with a ton of pockets and work for shooters, emergency personnel and authorities. It's pockets are of various sizes as well as conealed carry compartments.

If your dad is more in to hunting, our associate really likes the ever-popular Redhead camo hoodie that satarts at $44.99. He also suggests the True Fit Essentials t-shirts that are tagless and super soft that come in long or short sleeves starting at $12.99 for short and $14.99 for long




A great gift for dad would be a GPS. If he'd like a handheld, our associate suggests the Garmin GPSMAP62s for $349.99. If he likes to fish, the Huminbird Fish Finder 597ci HD DI Combo  would be a great idea as well for $599.99.

If he's a more adventureous father, the GoPro camera is an extremely hot item right now. It shoots video or photo with wifi capability. It can be mounted on a bike, helmet, vehicle and more for hands free footage. Very, very cool.




The Browning two burner stove is on sale for $99.99 and our associate has one and absolutely loves it. He told me I needed to tell you that. He also said dads would like the Bass Pro Shops fish fryer also on sale for $29.97. It has a 10.5qt strainer basket and is really great if your dad likes to fry.

Our associate also suggested the antigravity lounger on sale for $89.97as well, describing it as a "big man's chair." So while your dad is waiting for his food  to be done cooking, he can lay back in this nicely padded, recliner chair with adjustable pillow.




The men's RedHead Ringer pcoket tees have been flying off the shelves. They're on sale right now for two for $15 and are very soft and comfortable. To go with the shirts, you could get dad some RedHead Macks Creek Shorts too, on sale for $14.97




Our gifts associate had a ton of great ideas for dad. If he likes to cook, she suggested one of our many BBQ or grilling books with some of our BBQ sauces to go with it. These would also pair really well with that Browning two burner stove. If he's a hunter, we have many hunting DVDs and books as well as Timex or Casio watchse that have special features geared for outdoors. She also said that anything on our Duck Dynasty display would make great gifts for Father's Day because they are so popular.



If you have any questions about these items or need help with other gift ideas, don't hesitate to ask one of our associates in our store. They're here to help and they all have some pretty great ideas.








Turn Some Pages for Children's Book Week

Do you remember your favorite book as a child?  Ferdinand the Bull? The Bobbsey Twins? Horton Hears a Who?

What child DOESN'T like to be read to? When it comes to quality time, there is no time more well spent than reading to, and WITH, a child. Research shows that children who are read to interactively (with the reader making sure the child understands what is being read) become better readers and achieve better in school. I vividly remember my mom and dad both reading to me; during the summer I made MANY bicycle trips to the library each week to check out books.  I loved to read...and I have no doubt my language skills and love of writing are a direct result.

Even at the age of nine, my mom and I read The Little Prince together - a heavy-duty book for a nine-year-old -and she explained the philosophical aspects of the book. To this day it remains one of my favorites.

May 13-19 is Children's Book Week. Fortunately, there are now so many books to choose from for kids. Of course, at Bass Pro Shops we feature books that focus on the outdoors. Though you, or your child, may have an iPad or a Kindle, etc., why not pick up a good old-fashioned, hold-it-in-your hand, turn the pages, book?Unlikely Friendships

Here are some of my top picks!

Unlikely Friendships

  • 47 incredible stories of unexpected animal friendships
  • Includes Koko the gorilla and All Ball the kitten
  • Written by “National Geographic” writer Jennifer HollandAdventures with Jonny
  • Full-color photographs

Adventures with Jonny - Let's Go Fishing

  • Pique your child's interest in the sport of fishing!
  • Parents' "How-to" Fishing Guide to start parents off on the right foot as they walk into the world of fishing
  • Name That Fish! Family Game that educates your child on how to identify the most common species of fish

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots

  • Fun book with positive message
  • Engaging rhyme scheme
  • Whimsical illustrations

The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids

  • Honored with five International Book AwardsOld Farmer's Almanace for Kids
  • Filled with facts, stories, and activities
  • Full-color pages
  • Calendar with Halloween ideas and more
  • Wacky ways to predict the weather
  • Gardening advice
  • 12 fun and easy projects
  • Ages 8 and up

For more information on reading with your kids and literacy, in general, visit Reading is Fundamental at



Spring Cleaning - Get Ready for Camping!


The nearing of spring means some outdoors lovers' thoughts turn to camping adventures!  However, spring cleaning chores come first - for the camper that means organizing, cleaning and making sure your equipment, from the biggest tent to the smallest stake, is ready to go!

Bass Pro Shops Altoona Camping expert Peter Maley suggests taking time each day to work on sorting and evaluating. He divides everything out into groups and then attacks each one. He offers up these tips for getting your equipment gear ready for camping season 2013.

Divide and Conquer!

Personal Gear - Clothing, boots, personal care items, etc.

Boots, socks, footwear: Make sure your boots and other camping-related footwear are in good condition...down to the laces!

Personal toiletries – It helps to have a personal care kit that is solely for camping. Then you never have to remember, "Did I bring deodorant?" Contact lens cleaner, razor, toothbrush, bug repellent, shampoo, extra sunglasses, sunscreen...have personal care items dedicated to camping.

First Aid Kit - Make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked - more sunscreen, adhesive bandages of various sizes, adhesive tape, non-stick and gauze pads, elastic bandages, antibiotic ointments, etc.  Bass Pro Shops has first aid kits designed for different levels of care need,, from basic, to backpacker, to family care kit...designed to give you what you need and not what you DON'T need!


Tent – Closely examine your tent for tears and wear. Check the seams and repair, if possible. This is where you really have to evaluate if it's worth it to make a good repair or just buy a new tent. 

Poles and stakes– Check for splitting or fraying of fiberglass poles. Figure the number of stakes you need, count what you have, and replenish - plus add in a couple of extras!

Awning - Just like the tent, check your awning or canopy for wear and tear.

Chairs - Again, make sure your chairs are sturdy and give them a cleaning.

Your camping equipment and tool kit should include sturdy rope, and plenty of it, for use with the tent, canopy and awnings. Don't forget a knife in a sheath, and an ax or hatchet (good for chopping or for pounding in stakes!). Some tent camper also use a tarp under their tent, to protect it from puncturing and moisture.

Backpacks - If you're a backpacker, check your pack for rips, bad seams, broken zippers, bad frames, etc.  Evaluate if it's time to get a new one...remember, you're going to be using it again and hiking through the mountains is not a time to have it break!

Sleeping bag – Wash and dry your sleeping bag, if you didn't do it after its last use. You'll want to use a front-loading machine, as the agitator could easily damage a bag.

Headlamps, flashlights - Replace batteries and keep extras in your equipment tote or box.

Stoves and lanterns - Make sure they work and that you have enough fuel.

Cooking Gear

Clean your pots, pans, utensils, etc.

Put everything in a plastic tote for easy storage and transport.

Make sure you have the basics such as tongs, cutting knife, spatula, stirring spoons, aluminum foil, salt/pepper and other seasonings, and enough utensils for everyone. 

Re-season your cast iron.


Some products that Maley recommends from Bass Pro which might help you with your camping gear maintenance and repair are:

McNett Tenacious Tape - Real tent fabric and a long-lasting, high strength adhesive that provides nearly invisible, permanent repairs for tents, mosquito netting, backpacks, rain gear, sleeping bags, tarps, sleeping pads, and more.

Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent Spray  - Comes in aerosol or non-aerosol. Can be use on clothes, sleeping bags, tents, and gear bags. Lasts up to six washes!

Pole Repair Kits

Camp Dry and ReviveX Air Dry Waterproofing - Camp Dry is a silicone-based waterproofing spray. ReviveX is non-silicone.


Whether small or big tent, pop-up camper, or RV, the key is to be organized, make sure everything is in good repair, and to ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS!


Questions for our camping experts? Ask them here or find us on Facebook at or on Twitter @bpsaltoona.



One Boot, Two Boots

One Boot, Two Boots

Recently I have been looking for different items to go hunting with in the line to clothing. This of course also includes boots. Since I have an interest in hiking and in need of hiking boots I decided to look into boots that I could use for both.

I decided that I should educate myself on the difference in the two types of boots. After doing my research I have decided that it is best to purchase two pair of boots as they are built with each activity in mind. Here is why.

Hiking boots are made to be porous so that air can get to your feet as most hiking is done in warmer months. They are also made with lighter weight material so as to not tire you out walking with unnecessary weight. The sole is designed in a way that allows you to walk more comfortable on loose rocks and will grip the surface more readily on inclines.

Hunting boots are heavier as most generally hunting is done in cooler months. They are designed to completely insulate against cold or freezing temperatures.  They are also made to be water resistant to keep the feet dry. The sole of the hunting boot is made flatter and tend to be stiffer; this is to keep noise down as the hunter walks across leaves and twigs.

Regardless of what boot you are purchasing make sure your boot fits comfortably. It is important that they are the correct size. If they are tight you will find the walk painful. If too loose you will quickly develop blisters and your walk will also be painful.

While you are shopping for boots remember that the correct sock is also very important. Ask one of our very knowledgeable associates for help in purchasing what is right for your need. 


Best National Parks in Winter: Bryce Canyon National Park

bryceA giant rock city draped in snow.

Natural erosion helped create Bryce Canyon National Park, one of the most spectacular national parks in the country. Giant sandstone creations, known as hoodoos, attract more than one million visitors annually. But if these visitors aren't seeing them covered with snow, they are missing something truly beautiful.

The hoodoos stand like giant skyscrapers in a large rock city. These amber and pink-colored formations make you feel as though you've traveled back in time when prehistoric creatures roamed the lands. And their colors are only enhanced when layers of puffy, white snow sparkle atop them.

Simply hiking around Bryce Canyon is incredible in the winter. With less visitors, one can feel the peace of nature while on the trails. In fact, sometimes the only noise heard is the snow crunching beneath your boots. The park's most popular attraction, Bryce Amphitheater, offers a full day's worth of hiking and it's landmarks - like Thor's Hammer and Silent City - are more colorful than in any other season.

Besides strolling around trails, the park offers areas for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Skiers of all skill-levels can slip through meadows, forests of ponderosa pine, and along the Bryce Canyon rim. No matter how you choose to tour the park, it's beauty will leave you speechless.

Why You Should Go: Earth Science was your favorite class in high school.



Layer, Layer, Layer

Layer, Layer, Layer

By Mark Campagnola

Any time you hunt from October through March there is always a high possibility for bad weather. Even towards the end of September you are running the chance of dealing with some really nasty elements. The last time I hunted elk with a gun (1976) we had above normal temperatures the first few days of the hunt and then a snow storm came in overnight dumping almost 2 feet of snow followed by some very frigid temperatures. The storm was bad enough that my brother Gene and I had to walk the horses out instead of riding them because the danger of one slipping and going down with you on top was very high. With that said, what type of clothing do you need for a late season hunt?

It wasn't too long ago that wearing big, bulky clothing was the norm.  However, the days of walking around like the Michelin Man are over. The technology of today’s clothing allows you to layer like many years ago but with less bulk, less weight, and less sweat. When you hike you sweat,  the more you perspire the wetter your clothes become and the colder you will be when you stop for any length of time. Plus your chances for getting hyperthermia are heightened. This is where the layering effect comes in handy.

 The most important piece is choosing the correct base layer.  Base layers are the first piece of clothing you put on.  The are supposed to be light weight, breathable, and moisture wicking for your comfort. Base layers come in a multitude of choices, from cool early fall weather down to very cold extreme 20 below zero weather. Bass Pro/Red Head has two different types of base layers, first is their Endura Skin and second is the Red Head XPS Premium Base Layers.

The Red Head Endura Skin has two types of All Season Performance Base Layers. Relaxed Fit and Compression Fit, both have Anti-Odor Technology (AXE) and 4-way stretch fabric that is form fitting, comfortable, and wicks moisture away as you sweat.

The Red Head XPS Premium Base Layers have the whole gamut of base layers you would ever need for any type of hunting you could come up with. From those cool crisp fall mornings to the middle of winter when it could be 30 below, Red Head XPS Premium Base Layers have you covered with four different styles? From the Base Layer 1.0, Midweight 2.0, Expedition Weight 3.0, and the High –Loft XTREAM 4.0 All four have the new X-Odor for anti-odor protection.

Everyone is different when it comes to what type of base layer that works the best for different situations. If my son and I were on a goose hunt and were sitting in a pit blind I may use the Expedition Weight 3.0 and my son might use the Mid-weight 2.0 because he has a higher metabolism and doesn’t need that little extra added warmth.  If you do a lot of cold weather hunting, try these base layers out. You might find out what you have been missing out on for so long.

Now that I have the right base layer on for the weather conditions I’ll put my HECS Stealthsceen top and bottom on over my base layer and then a True Fit T-Shirt and then my Silent-Hide pants and Silent-Hide button up shirt. From here I wear a fleece vest under my Silent-Hide hooded sweatshirt jacket. With this layering and a good pair of boots and gloves I can hunt in below freezing weather all day.

So this is all well and good you say, but what about while your out and the weather starts getting worse, the wind starts blowing harder, the temperature starts dropping, then what? This is why I always carry a day pack when I’m out. When I’m in this possible situation I always have one of two sets of rain gear with me. The first set I carry all the time is the Red Head Stretch Rainwear. This rain gear, pants and coat, packs down to a size that’s a little bit bigger than a softball each and takes up very little room in my pack. Stretch Rainwear is not insulated to help with the colder temps but it is wind proof so it will keep the wind chill factor down. My other set of rain gear is the Squaltex bibs and coat which is insulated, water proof, and wind proof, but it doesn’t pack down as small as my Stretch Rainwear does. With the right base layer and the rest of my layering system on plus adding my Squaltex rain gear I can stay out in some pretty nasty weather for a long time.

The above is how I layer for most hunts, but, when I know the weather will be below zero with the wind and/or snow or just flat out cold I break out my Red Head 200 gram Thermolite insulated parka and my 150 gram Thermolite insulated bibs, both are wind and water proof. I still keep my Stretch Rainwear in my pack along with an extra pair of gloves, hat for my ears and a full face mask to cover my whole head and face down past my neck line.

I’ve been out where the ambient temperature was 5 degrees with a steady wind of 8 mph and wind gusts over 35 mph giving us wind chills between 20 and 25 degrees below zero. I was able to record all this with my Brunton ADC Summit, and with the way I layered, I was able to stay out about six hours and not get cold, plus I had the mobility to move around without any problem. On this trip I wore all the above plus my Red Head 16”Ultra Hunter side-zip boots with 1200 grams of Thinsulate. The gloves I wore were the Red Head Insulated Hunter Glove with 70 grams of Thinsulate. Without any of the above there was no way I could have stayed out any longer then maybe a half hour.


Mark Campagnola

Hunt Hard & Shoot Straight


Memories and traditions

     I want to take time to reflect on holiday traditions, memories and legacies. I see many of the same guests coming in to BassPro with their children and grandchildren to enjoy what we have to offer. They make memories when they visit the aquariums, Great pumpkin patch, fishing pond, kayak demos or Santas Wonderland. I have been lucky enough over the years to build great memories of visiting BassPro in Springfield as my children were growing up. We would always sit in the auditorium and enjoy the fish feeding. Just this week I brought my grand daughter to the store to celebrate her first birthday with a ride on the Carousel in Santas Wonderland. We spent a lot of time sitting in front of the aquarium watching the fish. I am happy that my children grew up with the joy of visiting BassPro and were always full of wonder as we walked around the store on our visits. I retired the year before the Olathe Kansas store opened and waited anxiously as the store was built and was happy to apply for a job when BassPro opened. In the years since BassPro opened I have been privileged to interact with many guests and their children and grandchildren. I enjoy watching the happiness in the kids as they explore and are exposed to all the wonders at the store.

   I started a new memory on Thanksgiving when I was married in front of the fireplace in the banquet room at Uncle Bucks restaraunt in the Olathe store. My wife and I took our honeymoon in Hawaii and we were sort of surprised at how many things we took on our honeymoon which were purchased at BassPro. We spent a lot of time hiking on the lava beds and some hiking inside lava tubes. We both wore RedHead lightweight hiking boots and Ascend merino wool hiking socks. My bride asked why we needed to take gear like this. When hiking the rough uneven lava, she was happy that we had taken the time to pack these boots which gave her ankle support as well as foot protection from the sharp lava. She was glad one day when we were hiking on the lava fields that I packed Bass Pro Shops® XPS® 2 Liter Hydration Packs so we could have snacks, room to carry cameras and plenty of water to drink. When we wanted to view wildlife close up it was nice to have Bass Pro Shops® 8x22 Compact Binoculars in our packs.

    I am lucky to have so many memories at this holiday time of all the great trips I made to BassPro with my children over the years. I am pleased to see so many guests and their families making memories at our store. I look at my granddaughter and hope to leave the legacy of friendship, fun and learning at BassPro.

Happy Holidays from our family ar BassPro Olathe

to your family


Dennis Wise

Camping associate



Footwear Fundamentals for Fall Hiking

Redhead Ridge Point bootAs the leaves are changing and the weather is getting brisk this is my favorite time of the year for taking a nice long hike. There are many aspects to picking out the perfect hiking shoe. When I first started hiking I made a classic mistake. The first thing I did was run to the outdoors store and bought a pair of heavy duty all leather hiking boots. But it wasn’t long before I learned the error of my ways. There are many better alternatives to heavy leather boots for comfortable hiking footwear. We have many types of hiking shoes for you to choose from.fall leaf


A few tips to choosing the best hiking shoes;

>     the lighter weight the better

>     buy one size larger than normal because your feet can swell temporarily

>     make sure they are breathable

>     most lightweight hiking shoes come with strategically placed mesh panels to allow for better airflow and ventilation around your feet

>    replace the insole

>     choose the right socks


Redhead Ridgepoint Boot soleOne hiking shoe I like is the Men’s RedHead Ridge Point. This boot is durable, lightweight and is ready for rough country! Features include our exclusive ground-gripping rubber sole, BONE-DRY waterproof construction, a supple full-grain leather upper, a moisture-wicking lining, EVA midsole, and removable footbed.


redhead BoneDry SockOur BONE-DRY is guaranteed to be waterproof and windproof. It also has a Moisture-wicking lining that pulls moisture away from you foot keeping you dryer, as well as our lining is lighter, quieter and more flexible than other lining with outstanding strength and durability.



RedHead Crew SockA lot of hikers immediately gravitate toward heavy wool “hiking socks” because they provide a lot of extra padding (but they are also thick, hot, heavy and sweaty) I like to hike in ankle-height, like those from Ascend™. Our Ascend socks are a great addition to your hiking gear.


They are 100% American. You read that right Made, Sewn, and Grown Entirely in the U.S. For generations, American-made products have stood for durability, quality, and innovation. It’s a tradition that some companies have lost, but it’s still alive and well for Ascend™ socks at Bass Pro Shops®. These handcrafted Ascend hiking socks are made with 100% U.S.-grown merino wool and all-American nylon and elastic yarns to make them sturdy, shrink-resistant, and so comfortable you’ll always want to hike the extra mile. Our socks are produced by a dedicated work force locally based in the Carolinas so you can feel good knowing every sock is proudly made, sewn, and grown entirely in the U.S. We have a variety of Ascend socks for leaves on the pumpkinyou to choose from, crew cut to quarter cut we have the right sock for you.

Sarah Petz, Footwear
East Peoria Bass Pro Shops



New Books!

Join the lively creatures of the desert as they race, chase, howl, and growl across the pages of this clever board book. Bold illustrations and catchy rhymes make I Howl, I Growl  the perfect introduction to a wide range of animals living in the desert habitat. If you and your little ones love animals, whether they are cute, colorful, creepy, or crawly, you will love this peppy little book.  It was written by Marcia Vaughan and Illustrated by Polly Powell. You can pick up this great kids book at your Olathe Bass Pro Shops for $7.95!!



The next book we just got in stores is Do princesses wear hiking boots? By Carmela LaVigna Coyle Illustrated by Mike Gordon and Carl Gordon.

Do Princesses ride tricycles or climb trees? Do they even have to do chores? A spunky and inquisitive little girl asks her mom all sorts of questions about what it really means to be a princess. Through simple, yet original rhyme, a mother and daughter get to the heart of what it really means to be yourself.  This is a sure hit book for your little girl!



Third and final new book I am going to share with you today is Little Blue Truck, by Alice Schertle illustraded by Jill McElmurry The Little Blue Truck teaches a big important dump truck the value of a few friendly beeps and a group of helping hands. You can pick up this book for $6.99.


If your looking for a great read with your little one, be sure to stop by Olathe Bass Pro Shops, and check out our gifts department!



Start out your "Hunting Season" with a new pair of waders

Are your old waders smelly, dryrotted, or just old? I suggest that you make your way to your local Bass Pro and get you a pair of our NEW Lacrosse waders. Lacrosse has debuted their new style waders called "Swamp Tuff Pro"  and they are a hunters dream and also been voted best of the best in 2012.

These waders have so many features that just make them what you need this season. They are very warm with 1000 grams of thinsulate and 5mm of heavyweight fleece-lined neoprene so you never get cold. They are made of an abrasion resistant Brush tuff material and an Armor weld liquid rubber protection on doubled stitched seams.

It also comes with a few extras that other waders do not like a roll out game bag and a removable bag to store a box of shells. It has a top loading pocket and a cargo pocket with a deep set handwarmer. The swamp tuff also comes with a removable waterproof inside pocket perfect for storage of cell phones and gps.

The Swamp Tuff is the most comfortable  wader available with an ankle-fit design to prevent slippage. It also has a durable hiking insole with a neoprene midsole for the most comfortable boot fit while walking long ways through the woods. They come with a waist belt for an adjustable fit and the suspenders reverse to create a belt when they are folded down. The suspenders buckle and velcro for a more secure hold.

So now that you know all the feature of these amazing waders come on down to Bass Pro Shops and get yourself a pair I promise it will be the best decision you will make this hunting season.



A Day At The Creek

I can’t remember what I had for lunch two days ago, but I can remember last year’s trip in vivid detail. Each curve in the road, the gorgeous valleys, the spots where we saw grouse and deer are as fresh as if we were there yesterday. Three short weeks ago, with eager anticipation and the majority of our children, my wife and I returned to the Colorado stream where almost exactly a year before we hiked, enjoyed a gourmet picnic in the sun, and where with minimal assistance, Sandra learned to catch fish on a fly rod. The children, filled with tales of the hike down the canyon, rock climbing, the huge waterfall, and buoyed by the prospects of the substantial reward should someone find my wedding ring, were excited. As we crested the ridge and started descending the steep trail to the stream, a Bald Eagle zoomed overhead, pursued by a screeching Canada Jay.  I remarked that any time a Bald Eagle escorts you to a favorite fishing spot it’s going to be a good day.


Having a year to prepare for this day, I made good use of lunch hours, perusing the White River Fly Shop, Footwear Department and Men’s Clothing sections of the store. With my favorite 3 weight in mind, I prepared persuasively arguments to my wife that an assortment of dry flies, mostly Adams and Caddis, a new Cortland fly line, extra leaders and rolls of tippet were necessities, not luxuries. She smiled and nodded politely, not completely understanding the gravity of the event. Of equal importance, especially with the children attending, was proper clothing and equipment. We were going to be hiking a few miles from our truck, at much higher altitude than that of Pearland, Texas, so the children were outfitted with CamelBaks, appropriate footwear and sunscreen. I carried food, the first aid kit, a water filter and emergency rations (double-stuffed Oreos) in an Ascend backpack, wearing it over an Ascend shirt and guide pants. As an aside, when I purchase pants advertised for use in the outdoors, it is with the intention to fully test the claim. They should withstand the rigors of parenting, yard work AND their intended outdoor use. These Ascend pants have more than held up their end of the bargain. They have survived two Colorado trips, rocks, mud, spilled chocolate milk, and still qualify for work-appropriate attire. After reaching the stream, I pulled on a pair of Dogwood Canyon fishing boots in order to avoid a repeat of last year’s disaster when I slipped and landed heavily on a rock. Fearing from the swelling that I had broken something, I removed my wedding ring and placed it on my right hand. A few minutes later it was gone. New boots easily fell into the ‘necessity’ category.


Upon arrival the children deserted me to see the waterfall, our ultimate destination. My eldest daughter, Alex, returned after exploring as fished small pockets on the way upstream. Although she fishes, she has not, I’m ashamed to confess, been exposed to the joys of fly fishing. I think she caught the ‘bug’, after I pointed out a small hole and announced my intention to pull a fish from within it. Moments after a tight cast into a dinner plate-sized eddy, a chunky cutbow was flying through the air to the sound of an excited ‘Wow Dad, did you see that thing jump?’ Needless to say, she's 'hooked.'