Keeping The Bugs Away While Hunting

Springtime weather has arrived! Spring turkey hunting is just around the corner so it is time to refresh our hunting gear. One important step many may forget is insect repellant. Unfortunately, bugs come paired with the warmer weather.  An easy way to protect yourself from bites and annoying flying bugs is to treat your clothing and gear with a good insect repellant. Luckily, your local Bass Pro Shops has a variety of different bug repellants that are safe for you and your gear

Our most popular insect repellant for hunters and any other adventurer is Permethrin. Permethrin is a naturally occurring insect repellant found in chrysanthemum flowers. The scientists over at Sawyer have extracted it from the flowers and made a repellant that is as effective as 100% DEET. Permethrin is made for use on clothing and gear, and will not plasticize like some other bug repellants. When applied the Permethrin material bonds with the material providing insect protection for 42 days of exposure to sun and air or six washes. Once dried the treated material will kill ticks and mosquitoes on contact while repelling many other insects. On top of the great repellant properties, once dry Permethrin is completely odorless so any treated items do not have to be treated with any additional scent block to remove the odor of the repellant. You can simply treat the garment as you would any of your other hunting clothes.


Sawyer brand Permethrin is by far the most popular repellant that we sell. It is extremely effective at warding off insects while being versatile enough to work on virtually any material. Once applied, the Permethrin molecules bind with the fabric providing long lasting protection. Sweat and water does not deteriorate Permethrin so you don’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the other day as you would with other repellants.

As a pro tip make sure to treat shirts pants and socks while hunting, this will keep ticks from climbing up your shoes but will also protect from any ticks or bugs that rest on bushes and other higher surfaces. The more surfaces that you treat with Permethrin the better the protection, so if you have a backpack you can treat it to boost your insect protection. While Permethrin works wonders on fabric and other porous materials, it is not effective on your skin. We advise that you use a small amount of skin safe repellant such as Sawyers maxi-DEET (hyperlink) on any exposed skin to maximize your protection.

Come on in to your local Bass Pro Shops to check out our collection of bug spray to help prepare you for the spring hunt ahead. Our Camouflage Department will have a display of the Sawyer products we sell, including Permethrin. While there make sure to check out some of the newer styles of camouflage clothing we have received. Any of our friendly Bass Pro Shops associates will be able to assist you in pairing you with whatever hunting items you may need.

With help from Bass Pro Shops you can have a great, and bug free, hunt in our great outdoors.

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Don't Let Ticks Keep You Out of the Woods!

Bugged While Hunting and Camping?


Fall weather means it's time to head outdoors!

It’s the time of the year again to “Head to the Outdoors” and what better way to do that than hunting. Deer hunting in the South East is at its prime in Georgia and South Carolina. Make sure you are equipped with the best and correct merchandise for a great outdoor experience. For camouflage clothing we carry various brands including our own RedHead brand. To keep warm and dry we also carry a variety of under garments. If you are a deer hunter we carry a variety of Firearms and Bows. We also carry a large assortment of treestands , tree climbers and ground blinds. Don’t forget deer attractant. One of our best sellers is the Wildgame “Acorn Rage”.

Acorn Rage

Along with this you need to get cover sent. Our cover sent smell ranges from pine scent to earth scent. We also carry a variety of deer feeders, some of our top brands are Moultrie and American Hunter. If you want to see what deer are roaming on your property look at the various manufacturers we have for game cameras; Moultrie, Primos, Bushnell, just to name a few. After you bag your game, we have a variety of cleaning supplies.  Last but not least, if you have a number predators on your property, we have electronic and decoy predator calls.


Tips For Turkey Hunting in the Fall

Here are a few turkey tips that you just may find interesting during the Fall Turkey season.

1.   Turkeys can't smell humans, but their eyes are quite good.  Head to toe camo is the way to go in clothing.  Don't forget a facemask.  If possible camouflage your gun also.

2.   Locate toms in the evening.  Listen for cackle and fly up before dark.

3.   Use a locator call in the evening/mid morning before fly up then use your call from then on.

4.   Try to sneak into your covering and hit some hen yelps this will get the tom going.

5.   Learn to use as many calls as you can (slate/box/mouth).  This will make you  more successful as a hunter. 

6.   Use a smaller shot.  A #4,5, or 6 work better than larger shot.

7.   Turkeys hate the rain and prefer open fields during the rain.  The noise on the trees make it hard to hear and gets them nervous.

8.   In the Fall you can use dogs to hunt turkeys.  Dogs disburse the flock.  Use a regroup call or a kiki call to draw them back in.

9.   Never wear red, white or blue since these are the gobblers head color.

10. Never stalk turkeys, assume any call you hear could be another hunter.

11. You should always wear orange.

12. When calling, learn to create a distressed sense of hurry.  As soon as your receive a call back .  Repeat it again.

If you are in need of some decoys, take a look at the Redhead Reality Series Remote Crazy Jake Turkey Decoy System.  Very realistic this decoy comes with a remote controlled moving support stake.  70% the size of the standard strutting decoy, this will not intimidate a young gobbler.

















The Dakota Decoy X-Treme Hen Turkey Decoy, has a relaxed body position which will entice that tom.









With a forward stretching body, receptive pose, and lowered head, the Avian X LCD Breeder Hen Turkey Decoy is what you may be interested in looking at.  This also comes in a feeder or lookout hen model.












If you are looking for a tom, check out the Redhead Strutting Tom Turkey DecoyRealistic and durable, you can use your own tail fan or the folding Redhead Tail System.

















Have a safe and happy Fall turkey season.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator




Which Camo Pattern Do You Need?

There are many types of camo out there to chose from, and that can get a little overwhelming. Some look the same, or you just might not know which pattern you need for the type of hunting you are going to be doing. Well here is some help for the top 5 popular camo prints we have flying off the shelves. 

Realtree Xtra Camo

The natural colors and 3D patterns blend effectively in the fall, winter, and early spring. This new camo pattern blends perfectly year round in a variety of habitats. It blends best from the leaf change of fall through winter, then again in early spring before green-out.

Using proprietary printing technology, we layer sharp foreground elements over a progressively ghosted mid-ground and very soft background. The versatile new camo design includes tree trunks, large and small limbs, leaves of many types and colors, and large open areas.



Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity

Featuring unprecedented depth, unequaled detail and elements with remarkable contrast, Break-Up truly offers hunter another dimension in camo.Each element- leaves, limbs, acorns and branches, was selected to create unmatched realism and contrast to break up a hunter’s silhouette. Then they were placed over multiple layers of actual images from the woods to create a multidimensional depth of field unlike any camouflage ever created.

Realtree Max 5

Made for  waterfowlers, this pattern is filled with cattails, reeds, cane and grasses to blend into flooded marshes. Plus corn, wheat, oats and sunflowers to hide you in open fields. It has branches, twigs and leaves that work in flooded timber. And with open areas that mimic mud, water, bark and shadows, MAX-5 literally adds another layer of invisibility to camo – no matter where or how you use it.



Realtree Max 1

Realtree MAX-1 camo lets hunters in broad terrain melt into their surroundings. MAX-1 camo combines the perfect balance of neutral earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock, sage and open zones—with just a hint of shadow detail for added depth and realism. Use the versatile Realtree MAX-1 camo pattern as your go-to for hunting sage-covered hillsides, mesquite flats, croplands and wide-open prairies. Also choose it for deserts and rocky terrain. Realtree MAX-1 ® is the one to wear for hunting mule deer, whitetail, pronghorn, elk, bighorn and turkey. It’s an ideal predator hunting camo, too.




Mossy Oak Treestand

Time you game to the next level! Designed specifically for the whitetail hunter who hunts from an elevated position, Treestand offers the ideal camouflage solutions for altering your silhouette among the bare limbs of a tree in late fall. It is build to defeat the deer’s looking up through the limbs of bare trees. 




If these still don't meet your game and scenery, feel free to come in the store and talk to one of the Camo Associates who are always willing to help.




Hi-Ho A Camping We Will Go

Camping is something people from all walks of life can do. It can be a really cheap vacation, or it can be an expensive getaway. The experience all depends on how we do it; the real prize to be won is the memories made. If we’re ready to make some memories then let’s get ready to go!

The first thing we want to think about is what we want to do. Do we want to spend as little as possible and still have a good time or do we want to go glamping (this an excessively comfortable form of camping that we will discuss in a later article)? If money is no obstacle and we want to take the house with us then we want to go glamping. If we want to relax and deal with minimal extra and /or unnecessary stuff then we want to go a more traditional route. There’s nothing right or wrong about either of these choices, which can be intermingled at will, and we should always pick what we can afford both money wise and time/effort/ability wise. The point of this is always to make good, positive memories that we can share with others either in the moment or later on.

After we choose how we want to camp we can pick a location. The location will determine what gear we need. The other thing that determines what gear we need is weather. We should always check the weather as we plan for an outing because it can determine not only what gear we need but how long we want to stay. So we have picked a location, checked the weather, and decided how long we’re going to be gone. Let’s start thinking about what all to pack.

Packing can be easy or packing can be difficult. We’ve decided how and where we want to go camp, we’ve checked the weather, and hopefully in doing all that we’ve decided how long we want to go camping. All these things need to be decided first because they influence what all we need to take with us which in turn can decide how difficult a trip or easy our trip will be barring unforeseen experiences. 

Let’s create a scenario together. We’re going to go camping at Kelly’s Pond Campground for 3 days and it is supposed to be sunny all weekend. Now we all know that the weather can change on a dime and almost no one wants to go camping in the rain. To those who do: best of luck and fun in the rain! So, 3 days at Kelly’s Pond can be a relatively small trip or it can be a super busy weekend. Kelly’s Pond offers lots of stuff to do including: tent camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, if we want to we can ride our ATV if we have one or want to buy one, they even offer  picnic tables and fire rings so we can cook s’mores safely!

Now it’s time to plan what we’re going to take and where to get it if we don’t have it already. Suppose we want to go and have a fun filled week packed with adventure. Here’s what we want to do:

To do all that we need to run by our local Bass Pro Shops and get what we need. Now we’re being hypothetical so we’ll say we’re in Houston near the Katy, Tx Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro Shops in Katy is great: it’ll have everything we need to go camping.

When we first walk in we can go to Customer Service to get our hunting and fishing licenses. Then we can go to the back right of the store from the entrance to get fishing gear and on our way back there we can get that ATV we’ve been wanting. After we get all the fishing gear we need we can head back towards the entrance to get any clothes we may not have and then we can head to the back of the store for a potty break since we’re human and we may or may not have little ones with us. After that we’ll already be standing in camping so we can get all the camping gear we’ll need: tent, cooking store, survival gear, and even a backpack to put it all in! Next to camping is camo so we can get camouflage for hunting and speaking of hunting the hunting department is right next to that on the way to the register so we can get guns, knives and ammo along with decoys and anything else we need to get that prize shot. We’re finally heading to the registers up front to check out and we’ll pass by the boot wall, what’s more important than proper footwear?Now, we should have everything we need besides food to make a memorable camping trip!!!

We can get to packing! Now we have all of our gear and licensing so we can go hunting and fishing. We got an Arctic Cat so we can use the ATV trails. We got clothes appropriate for the temperature and weather predicted. We want to pack everything as conservatively as possible so we don’t have a lot of extra to carry. We need to print a map of the grounds and a map of how to get to the grounds before we head out as well as food and any other supplies we may need.

By now everything should be researched, bought, packed, and printed. The vehicle should be loaded and everything is ready to go.

Let’s go have a great time!


Under Armour Scent Control

Don’t Get Sniffed Out!

Deer season is approaching quickly and one of the best ways to insure a good hunt is having a high quality base layer. One of the  top line base layers on the market for both scent control as well as adequate warmth is the Under Armour Scent Control base layer line. The Under Armour Scent Control base layer line uses Anti-Microbial Silver and also odor trapping Zeolites. This combination in the base layer traps odors and suppresses the growth of odor causing bacteria. This system also works ten times longer than carbon and does not need special reactivation detergent, you just wash it like you would any other clothing, however I would suggest still using an unscented detergent, I also suggest not using your home dryer, let the clothing hang dry outside as to make sure you do not pick up any other unwanted scents. Another tip after washing theses base layers and they have dried, place them in an air tight container as to keep out any house hold scents that could ruin your hunt.

Bass pro shops carries the Under Armour Scent Control base layers in all shapes and sizes, including youth, women’s, and men’s, ranging from extra small to 3XL. The Under Armour Scent Control also comes in two different camouflage patterns which are RealTree Xtra and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity. These Base layers are a great addition to any hunting arsenal and well help insure that those amazing whitetails will not detect you, if you take care of the clothing properly.


These products can be found at any local bass pro shops or on our online store. Thanks for reading and safe hunting.



Ethan Aycox

Bass Pro Shops

Camo Pro Staff

Spanish Fort, AL


Camo for Fall

The weather in the fall is all over the place. There could be 100 degree days followed by a freak snowstorm the next week. So finding the right camouflage for the season is a must in any area. The camo needs to not only be functional at hiding a person’s outline but must have the added ability to protect the wearer from the elements on any of the crazy days that often times happen in the fall. As the leaves start to turn it is a good idea to change to a more open pattern on the camo like the Realtree Xtra. This pattern specifically has a lot of twigs and branches in the pattern mimicking the openness of the surrounding woods very well.

Now that one of the patterns that is good to use is established it is time to look for the right camo for those warm days at the beginning of the fall. These shirts and pants should not only be comfortable and breathable but also have to have a little greenery in the print, as all the leaves on the trees have not completely turned. A good shirt for this is the RedHead® True Fit Camo T-Shirts Long Sleeve. This shirt comes in the Realtree Xtra Green, which hPants for the early fall are next on the list for the guys and a great pair would have to be the RedHead® Stalker Lite II Camo Pants. During the early fall this pair of pants is great at wicking away sweat and breathing while allowing for the full range of motion for hiking or hunting. Another great feature for these pants is that they are easy to get in smaller sizes for those outdoor kids!as a few green leaves thrown into the more open pattern making it perfect for the outdoorsman who wants to stay hidden in the early fall.

RH Men RH Men

For the ladies, a great shirt during this early fall period would be the SHE® Outdoor Tech Tee - Long Sleeve. This long sleeve shirt is great for hiking or hunting and is specially fitted for the ladies making it more comfortable and breathable during the warmer days in the early fall. In the beginning of fall a good pair of pants for the ladies would have to be the SHE® Outdoor Utility Pants. In the early fall these pants for ladies can’t be beat giving the rugged durability of hunting clothing while at the same time being light and breathable for a warm day in the outdoors.


Now for the kids. A great shirt for the early fall has to be the Carhartt® Work Realtree Xtra® Camo Pocket T-Shirt Long Sleeve. These shirts are great for the outdoors kid who enjoys any activity outside during the early fall. The shirt wicks away sweat from the body so warmer days are no problem in this shirt while at the same time this shirt is comfortable and durable making it perfect for the rough and tumble kids!


While early fall is all well and good being warm and all too often a very humid, late fall tends to be chilly and windy. The pattern for the camo that hunters and plain outdoorsmen will want to wear will also change. The green from the early fall is now completely gone and a more open pattern with twigs and branches that are bare, with a cedar branch mixed in is now far more appropriate. For the guys a good light jacket for those chilly days is the Scent-Lok Full Season Velocity Bowhunter Hunting Jackets. This jacket is great for the late fall season because it has both the warmth for the chilly mornings and the waterproofed with the durable water repellent. A good pair of camo pants for the late fall is the Badlands® Hybrid Hunting Pants.These are perfect pant given that they are not only warm and waterproof but breathe like a much lighter pair of pants.


For the ladies a great camo top is most definitely the SHE® Outdoor C2 Hunting Jacket, the jacket is cut for a feminine form for better comfort in the field and warmth even on those chilly late fall days. Another great aspect of the Outdoor C2 is they come in a set. The SHE® Outdoor C2 Hunting Pants are great for mornings sitting in the chill of fall with a weatherproofed fleece that keeps an outdoors lady warm while still being flexible and breathable in all conditions.


For the kiddos a good late fall jacket that is both warm and comfortable is the Under Armour® ColdGear® Ayton Hoody. Even in the cold wind of late fall this great hoody is able to keep kids dry and warm so a hunt in the morning can be as long as needed without having to head back to the cabin. A good set of pants to go with this hoodie for the kids is the Under Armour® ColdGear® Ayton Camo Pants for Youth, these pants are able to bend and move like kids while staying dry even in the wettest conditions.


The craziness of the fall season makes finding a good camouflage a pain. But knowing the different patterns and how effective they may be during different times of the season can help pick the best camo pattern for the event. While knowing the conditions that are almost always associated with fall can help pick out the proper gear for the dry season or the wetter part of the season. As always happy hunting and good luck! 


Mushrooms Everywhere!

Its that time of the year! Spring! This is the time to get out, stretch your legs and enjoy nature beginning anew. It is also that time of the year for the food delicacy of the Morel Mushroom!

There are many ways to know if the time is right. My grandmother told me that then the violets pop up and start flowering, other people have told me that it is when the lilacs are beginning to bloom. Really its when we have had at least 2 weeks of non freezing temperatures and have a lot of rain This occurs in late April and early may and lasts only a few weeks. April showers bring May flowers and mushrooms!


I have only been going out for a few years. Before that I had no idea what to look for and how to look. The way my friends explained it to me was that you are looking for a very well camouflaged Mushroom near fallen trees. It is kind of like looking at a magic eye picture, where if you stare long enough, the picture pops out at you. Once you have found one or two you will see them all over the place! As you can see in the pictures above(and this was a close up) you could walk right by it and not see it because the colors of the leaves and mushrooms are so close together.

Since you will be trampling in the woods off the beaten path looking for these delicious morsels you will need a few things since they are not the only plant growing. I personally spray my clothing down with Permethrin because it keeps the ticks and mosquitoes off of me. Permethrin is made out of Chrysanthemums that is made for clothing. This is a great product that lasts 90 days on gear and 6 washings on clothes. So if you are looking for a more natural repellent, this is a good one. Any bug repellent is good though. Wear long pants so you do not have to worry about bushes scratching you since you will be off the beaten path. I wear long sleeved shirts as well and bring a light jacket.

You will need a few things while hunting these tasty morsels. First you will need a mesh bag. This helps the mushrooms drop their spores and drop any insect hitch hiker that tried to come along for the ride. You may see some people who use plastic grocery sacks or canvas bags, this is just not appropriate and some times you may be ticketed or fined from the park depending on their rules. This stops the propagation of the mushrooms and every time someone does this, it makes the mushroom population shrink till it could become non-existent in that area. Always check with the park employees, when you check into the park, about the rules of that area. Even if the parks are in the same state, they all have different rules.


The best way to find Morels is to look off the beaten path. Look for fallen Elm trees, mushrooms love Elm trees. These trees have rough coarse bark who have diagonal lines(possibly intersecting) cut into it, the leaves are oval shaped with saw toothed edges, so if you find a live one, the fallen trees around it are more then likely the same tree, just look at the bark. They will also grow in other dead underbrush and trees but not near as often. I bring a walking stick with me to brush away any leaves while looking in the piles near downed trees.

After you have found your treasure of tasty Morel Mushrooms and get back to your campsite, or home if it was just a day trip, you do have to soak them in a salt water brine for a few hours. I always do it overnight. This gets rid of all the bugs and dirt, which you do not want to eat. 

Now you are ready to prepare and eat. I like mine deep fried so I bring my dutch oven and fry basket, my friends mom does it on the stove in their camper. I have also tried them cut up and used in a mix of hamburger for burgers and meatballs(this was to trick the picky eaters into trying them, but darn tasty). The possibilities are endless! This is a great spring time hobby,a great way to get out doors and fun for the whole family. Enjoy! 




Spring Turkey Season

It is that time of year again to get ready for the spring turkey hunting season. Preparation is key to an enjoyable and successful harvest of a wily gobbler. Usually this means gathering up all the gear you will need for a successful hunt. Such as decoys, calls, turkey vest, turkey ammunition, camouflage clothing and boots, bug repellant, hunting license, etc.  Making sure that everything is in great working condition before we head off into the woods helps increase our success in bringing home a big tom. Before you start to load up, these are questions you should ask yourself before your hunt, “Are all your calls and decoys in good shape? Have you patterned your shotgun with the new ammo or choke you bought? Are there any tears or holes in your boots?” Making a checklist a few weeks before your big hunt pays off immensely when you are out away from home and deep in the woods.


Speaking of preparation, be prepared to calm yourself from the excitement when that old gobbler shows up out of nowhere from behind you. Being still and not spooking turkeys is one of the hardest parts of turkey hunting except for calling. When it comes to calling turkeys, practice makes a big difference in how they respond. They have excellent hearing and know exactly where the calling is coming from. A naturally sounding call makes for gobblers responding and coming in for your decoys and bad calling will make them go quiet and spook them.


Planning out your hunt will make a difference on how successful your hunt will be. Doing a little preseason scouting and getting knowledge of where the turkey’s location will likely to be, helps in deciding what area to hunt. Also it is a good idea to have a second and maybe third choice of areas scouted out. Weather can also play a major factor in how much the turkeys are moving and responding to your calling. Calling can change from hour to hour or day to day. Sometimes soft purrs or clucks may work, sometimes loud excited calling does better and sometimes you can use a mixture of the two.


So in your preparation for spring turkey, make a list of all the equipment you will need for a successful hunt. From your gear, to practicing calling, to scouting your hunting areas, doing a proper preparation is a must to having not only a successful hunt, but a fun one.



Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Hunter

My husband is a hunter. He hunts for food, not horns just to let you know J So, I asked him what a hunter would want for Christmas. Would they want gifts pertaining to hunting? He told me they definitely would. Together we came up with the top items that hunters would definitely want for Christmas this year!

The main item a hunter wants is a good weapon. A shot gun, a muzzleloader, a bow. Most likely they'll want all three! Consider one of these items for this year, the next, and the next. The receiver will NOT complain...

Another thing a hunter wants for hunting season is to be warm. Hunters always wear camouflage. The Sportsman's guide is packed full of great two piece jacket and pant sets. They are available in many styles of camouflage and made by the top makers of hunting gear. You'll find Mossy Oak and the rest of the best through the Sportsman's Guide.

Hunters also love to get little items that keep them warm such as long johns and socks! Any man will appreciate a good pair of long johns on a cold day. Same goes for a nice, warm, fuzzy, thick pair of winter socks. Beware though, if you only get them one pair they may never take them off!

Hunters also need a pouch or small carrying bag of some sort. My husband has a waist one and loves it because everything he needs is right there and ready. This item is needed to hold the ammo, hunting knife, those little hand warmer packets, scents, etc. It is very handy and helps the hunter you love enjoy their hunting time to the fullest because they aren't wasting it searching for lost items!

Speaking of scents, hunters need scents. Doe scent, buck lure, etc. They smell absolutely awful to us but the deer come right too them. Hunters also appreciate the special scent remover spray the eliminates all human orders from their bodies and clothing which helps keep them undetected by the deer!

Hunters also love to collect calls. Turkey calls, doe calls, buck grunts, even squirrel calls are available. There are many other animal calls available too. These calling devices really do work very well. It's amazing. Any hunter would love to find one in their stocking or under the tree this year!


First Hunt of the Year!

By: Jerry Costabile

With the changing leaves and the waterfowl migration starting, I finally got out on my first hunt of the season.

I really needed to get out and watch the sunrise, get the smell of fall in my nose and put the everyday stress on the shelf, even if it was for a single morning. Sadie, my Yellow Lab, has been giving me that look for weeks. It’s that “If you don’t get me out hunting soon, we are going to have problems” look. So with my son Jake, home from college, and a morning off, it was ON!

We went and purchased our license’s, got the gear ready, decoys out of the garage and the dog crate into the truck. As I loaded the crate, I heard a noise inside the open back door of the house, there was Sadie standing at the top of the stairs. I think I heard her say, “It’s about time!” She has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing I am getting the hunting stuff ready, I have never been able to get ready without her knowing it!

So after I got the truck loaded and the dog calmed down, it was time for a good meal and off to bed, 5:00am comes early! When the alarm went off and I finally woke up, I realized that I had been dreaming of the hunt that was coming up in a few hours. Guess I am still a young hunter at heart!

With Jake up and me half awake, we made our way down stairs to the basement to the man cave. This is the room that contains all of the necessities to survive as an outdoorsman. Camo and blaze orange color scheme makes it a beautiful room. The air freshener is a combination of WD-40, Rem Oil, and a hint of natural earth scent from my bow hunting clothes. Truly a room only I can appreciate.

After getting dressed in my waterfowl camouflage and ready to walk out the door, I picked up Sadie’s camo collar and she knew it was finally time as she sprinted past me to the back door and jumped up and down until I opened it. Without missing a beat, she ran right to the back of the truck and waited for me to open the tailgate so she could get into her crate. We have worked on a way to get her into the crate without running anyone over, “Sadie sit!” I open the door to her crate looked at her and she is shaking uncontrollably. “Kennel! I said” with one leap she was in the crate and ready to go hunting!

After a quick stop at the gas station for coffee, we had about a 15 minute drive to the recently cut soybean field that has been holding geese a few days ago. In the darkness of the early morning, I pulled off of the paved road onto the two track road that the farmer uses to get his equipment in and out of the fields. With recent rains, the road that is usually dry and easy to navigate has become muddy and the pot holes deep. I guess my truck will have a new color tone added free of charge! As we approached the spot in the field that I wanted to hunt, I swung the trucks headlights into the field to have light to set the decoys.

Before I could get out of the truck, I heard a whimper from the back. Sadie was ready to come unglued! I let her out and she ran as fast as she could out into the field and ran in circles until we got the decoys out and set.

Using the new Wisconsin DNR shooting time App. on my phone, I was able to determine that shooting time was 6:34am. With about a half an hour to wait, Jake and I set up our natural blind, and enjoyed my coffee and watched as the sky showed just a hint of daylight on the eastern horizon. 6:34am and we are loaded and watching the marsh behind us, there has to be ducks that roosted for the night out there.

As that thought entered my head, Jake grabbed my arm and said, “Dad, ducks!” We both got down behind the tall marsh grass and waited for our chance. The first ducks which were teal, went to our right out of gun range. But the next flock lifted and were headed right at us! When they got within range, I hollered “Take’em Jake!” With a flurry of three shots each, two wood ducks were down. Not the best average, .333 if you are a baseball fan, but for the first hunt not bad.

After getting Sadie back to where I could send her out to retrieve the first duck, she made a leap into the water and stayed on line to recover the woodie without any problem. The second duck turned out to be a little more difficult, it sailed to the far side of the field before hitting the ground. Jake took Sadie and headed in the direction of the duck and Sadie was up for the challenge. After a walk of about two hundred yards, Sadie headed into the cover on the field edge and returned proudly with the drake wood duck.

It was now getting time for the geese to start flying and we were watching and listening for the honks of the Canadian goose. It was about 8:00am when the first geese flew over head, and I started my best effort to call them into our decoy spread. But that flock like the next three or four flocks didn’t like what they saw. After a few adjustments, we had the decoys looking like they should bring in the next birds.

We finally had three geese coming in from the southeast and they look interested in joining our decoys for breakfast! As I called, and the birds got closer, I could feel Sadie start shivering with excitement. The big wings of the geese locked up and just as they started to put the landing gear down, I shouted to take’em. Well our batting average didn’t get any better, but we did have one of the three down. Sadie raced out to the big honker and found the right location on the bird and made a perfect retrieve. When she retrieves a bird she take sole ownership of it, why not she deserves it.

The morning ended with that, and we packed up the gear and headed home. I pulled into the driveway and Sadie knew she was home and would get her breakfast and that I would reward her with a couple of treats. When I left for work about an hour later, she was asleep and probably dreaming of the next hunt. Just like I will.

First Hunt!



Trick Out Your Truck

seatBesides being the nation's leading outdoor store, carrying the usual complement of hunting and fishing supplies, did you know we also carry a number of items to customize your vehicle?  It's true, your local Bass Pro Shops is also your vehicle personalization headquarters.wheel

First up, let's start with the interior.  Seat covers are both functional and decorative. You'll find a number of different licensed products, most of which feature camouflage-pattern accent pieces.  Some of the options to choose from include Browning Mossy Oak, Ducks Unlimited, Duck Commander and Realtree. Most of the seat covers also have matching steering wheel covers to provide a unified look for the interior of your vehicle.

airMake sure you check out the selection of floor mats that are available well.  You will find options for both the front and rear of your vehicle.  The floor mat selections include standard and 3-D options.  Designs are available from Bone Collector, Browning Pink/Mossy Oak, Realtree and more. You will also find a ducknumber of logoed air fresheners, and even windshield shades to complete your look.

We haven't forgotten the exterior of your vehicle.  A variety of fishing-and hunting-themed stickers, decals and window clings are available to personalize your windows, bumpers and side panels.  When you are stocking up on ammunition or replacing your hunting clothing, don't forget to trick out your truck!



Crossbow Predators

As an experienced predator hunter I had called in and shot many coyotes and bobcats with both rifles and shotguns, and although i was aware of the increasing popularity of bow hunting i had never considered it for hunting predators. However i retired recently and taking a part time job at Bass Pro brought me into direct contact with new equipment developments in this field and i began to think seriously about it.

In practicing both in the stores range and in my back yard i was amazed at how quickly i was able to shoot accurately even at the ranges of fifty and sixty yards, well within the distances that i had called in and shot predators with a shotgun. In using my crossbow i would be able to have it cocked in the stand, a big advantage over the movement involved in drawing and shooting a compound or a longbow. The real difference would be in shocking power where the accuracy of a high powered rifle bullet would be less important than that of a crossbow bolt. For this reason i selected some wide cutting broad heads to maximize blood loss and to assist in tracking a wounded animal.

The area that I chose for my first crossbow hunt was one where i would have no competition, an old overgrown farm where i had hunted for deer for more than 10 years. It had recently been bulldozed for a housing addition, but the construction did not belong immediately. The deer were gone but there was coyotes scat on every new road. I spent the next week scouting and doing some howling in the evening, and it appeared that i would be dealing with at least two separate packs of coyotes. I selected four calling sites so that i would have choices depending on wind direction. I planned to call early in the mornings and late afternoons although coyotes can be called at any time especially in cold weather when food is scarce. Night calling can also be very successful but is illegal in many areas.

Coyote in Grass

Late one afternoon i slipped quietly into one of my stands and set up with a light breeze in my face. I was wearing camouflage clothing, a face mask and gloves, and sat against a tree to break up my outline. i placed and decoy that looked like a red-tailed hawk and a electronic caller with programed rodent and rabbits distress calls. i had a mouse squeaker tapped to my bow and squeaked every ten minutes, which is important as coyotes maybe close enough to hear it and may respond from several hundred yards away and going to full call mode may scare them off.

Shortly there after two yearling coyotes showed up followed by an alpha female. I loaded my crossbow waited about 10 minutes till she was in range and i was confident enough in my shooting skills to kill her and released the bolt that got her right in the neck, with that i was able to get one of the yearling coyotes with a quick reload. Wow what a day my first crossbow hunt and i got two coyotes. It took two trips to get both coyotes and my equipment home but the elation i felt with my hunt made the trips very easy.

with a little preparation and some face time with Bass Pro employees and the sue of the range i was able to make my very first crossbow hunt extremely successful, and though my first hunt was fruitful unfortunately my next 3 were not, i reviewed what i did with some of the hunting staff at Bass Pro and was able to adjust what i did and got a Bobcat the last day of the season


Duck Hunters Rejoice!

Mossy Oak has developed a new pattern, specifically for the waterfowl market.  "Shadow Grass Blades" is the new pattern and is based purely on grass.

According to the Mossy Oak website:  "Shadow Grass Blades features a precise arrangement of individual blades of grass, whether windblown, broken or bent, onto a background of thatch consisting of lesser or dead grass, to create the perfect pure grass pattern. Carefully placed shadows from the main grass arranged atop the thatch, which incorporates light to dark spots as seen in nature, creates depth that gives Shadow Grass Blades a realistic 3D appearance and superior ability to break up a hunter’s outline."


jacketYour local Bass Pro Shops has this pattern available in a fleece-lined pullover from Drake. The jacket is constructed of 100% waterproof/windproof fabric with adjustable neoprene cuffs. The pullover is designed with functionality in mind, featuring a magnetic chest call pouch, call separator, hand warmer pockets, and license pouch. The jacket is 100% polyester and is easily machine washed after a day in your duck hole.

Head over to the Hunting Clothing department and check out this great new pattern. Take your camouflage to the next level with Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, available at your local Bass Pro Shops.





Early Season Deer Hunting

11 years old, Duston Sandifer in Blackville, SC

      11 year Old, Duston Sandifer in Blackville, SC


  Well it's still summer and here in South Carolina it's also deer hunting season.
I'm sure that for some of you it is unimaginable that anyone would even consider
hunting in this type of weather. Well we do it every year, even in the height of
the season in mid to late October it could still have a easy 60-70 degree days.

For some August is the the beginning of bow season and for other parts of the
state it opens right up with gun season. And this mean one thing for sure, that if
you try real hard in the first couple of weeks you stand a good chance of  harvesting
a buck in full velvet. Of course you will have put up with the mosquitoes and the bugs,
to some it is all worth it and to others maybe not so. There are advantages to early season hunting. No hunting pressure on the game thus far, as few hunters are willing to do what it takes to hunt in this weather.  Plus, with daylight savings time you can get in a good evening hunt after getting off work.

  But for you the hunter there are precautions that you should take when hunting in
our Carolina bottom lands and swamps. Take care to using the proper repellents for
your protection from bug bites and such.  Not only do they itch but they can make you sick. Remember we also
have a variety of venous snakes in our state, so you need to have acquitted protection
in the form of snake boots or chaps. It may not kill you but it can make you so sick,
you may wish it did. Here is South Carolina we have rattlesnakes, cottonmouths,
copperheads and the rare banned coral snake. A bad bite from one of these guys can
upset more than just your hunting season.

The next big thing is the heat. Be aware of
your fluid intake and don't set yourself up for dehydration, this can also be dangerous.
Make sure that you are not getting overheated. It would not be good to have a
heat stroke in the mists of all these extremely hot day we have this time of year.

Safe guard yourself from all mentioned hazards, and you could get a big jump on
everyone else. Your season could be successful before some hunters even get started.
There is nothing so unique as a velvet mount, that's something you don't see lots of
and some hunter may go to great length to have that opportunity. This time of year you
get to watch the change as the bachelor buck groups began to scope out possible territory
before they get ready for the later rut time.

It's always interesting to see how your now
stand set works out for the upcoming mid to late season. Granted the most ideal time to
buck hunt is during the rut, but early season deer hunting in the south is defiantly a
breed of its own.

    If you are about to set out for your hand at this early season adventure stop by your
local Bass Pro Shops and gather all your needs. A Thermal-cell bug repellent system is a
must for every Carolina hunter and don't forget those snake boots. We also offer several
choices in hydro bottles and packs.
Speak to our associates about all your needs in camouflage clothing, guns and ammo as well.
Enjoy the season and be safe!


Bass Pro Shops is for the Birds!

The South Texas hunting season is fast approaching. Bass Pro Shops is now selling the 2013-2014 hunting and fishing license. Temporary and year round permits are available. It is important to note that the lines for license renewal grow longer as the season grows nearer. Our great customer service associates Elizabeth, Liza, Deana, Ryan and Arnold are ready to assist you in your choice of the available Texas licenses.

The south zone special white-wing season runs September 01, 02, 07, and 08 of 2013. The daily bag limit is 15 white-wing, morning, or white fronted doves in the aggregate to include no more than 2 morning dove and 2 white fronted dove. The regular dove season runs from September 20 – October 23, 2013 and December 20 – January 15, 2014.



 Due to our extended and prolonged drought, the population of birds has decreased. Limits will still be attainable with some great tips in our hunting department. Adrian, Stanley, and Jerry are just some of our hunting buddies to help you out. They can assist you in the right selection of ammo and firearms for the best hunt of your life. Currently Bass Pro Shops is running super pricing on shotgun shells and accessories. We have the largest selection of camouflage clothing, snake boots, hunting vests, and ice chests in the Rio Grande Valley. We even carry the complete line of Yeti coolers.

Our associates at the Bass Pro Shops Harlingen are friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist you the minute you walk in. Make us your first and last stop for all your hunting needs.


Mike Frazier



What’s New in Camo: Are You Ready to Get That Trophy Buck?




For many years the way to get close to your chosen prey was to dress in earth tones and hope they didn’t see you. Now, with advances in technology we are able to get closer and closer to our quarry. With the advent new materials used in modern camouflage, colors blend seamlessly into the background while at the same time keeping visible movement down. An added bonus to these materials is that many help to absorb the majority of human odors.

To get close to that dear you have always wanted, scent control is the way to go. Scentlok technology uses carbon alloy for maximum scent control. This compound is comprised of activated carbon, zeolite and treated carbon. All three work together to attack many of the scents that ware commonly thought of as the human odor. Bass Pro offers this new technology in everything from the lightest of shirts to full winter one piece suits. For the best cover you need headwear, studies find that most scent is released from your head. So when looking into buying a new set of scent absorbing clothes, remember to grab a scent control hat on the way out! It is always a good idea to keep in mind the type of hunting you will be doing and where you will be hunting when buying your hunting clothes. Remember that weather is as big of an issue with your clothes as how well they fit.

Scent Lok

 Once you have bought your scent control clothes the first thing you will need to do is wash them. To do this it is recommended that you use non-scent wash or Scent Away detergents in order to get your clothes ready for the hunt. Remember to dry your scent controlling clothing well before they are worn. After you have been hunting for 30 to 40 hours is it a good idea to dry your clothes again, unless they are muddy or bloody in which case completely cleaning in Scent Away detergents is a good idea. After the wash go ahead and put your scent control clothes in the drier for 15 to 20 minutes, this reactivates the Scentlok and keeps you hidden.

 In all it is a good idea to invest in a little scent control clothing. Just by purchasing a scent control hat and shirt you can reduce your scent profile considerably and make more of your hunts successful. While at the same time taking good care of the clothes you have now can be equally as important. Washing regularly in Scent Away can keep your clothes fresh and animals oblivious. Check out this link to see what Bass Pro Shops has to offer! Good luck on your next hunt and be scent free!


Scent Control Like a Pro

It is estimated that a whitetail's olfactory sense (i.e. sense of smell) is 60 times stronger than a humans sense of smell.  With the right wind conditions, a deer can smell a hunter over a mile away.  With that in mind, it is extremely important to use effective measures to mask your human scents. When you get ready to select your scent control products, before you head to the woods, take a look at the Primos® CONTROL FREAK™ Scent Control Kit.

The Control Freak kit contains everything you need to help reduce your scent:

  • 2.25 oz. Complete Coverage™ Pit Stick
  • 5 oz. Bar Soap
  • 12 oz. Laundry Detergent
  • 12 oz. Shampoo & Conditioner
  • 16 oz. Scent Control Spray
  • Handy mesh storage bag

With this kit, you can start masking your human scent as soon as you shower, using the enclosed soap and shampoo, then follow up with the coordinating anti-perspirant.  Once you put on your hunting clothing or camouflage gear, which has been washed in Primos Scent Control Laundry Detergent, you are all set.   One final misting of the Scent Control Spray, before you head to your tree stand and you are good to go.  All five items are conveniently packaged in a zippered, mesh bag.

With scent control in place, it is time to sit back and wait on that trophy buck to come to you!






Now you see me, Now you don't...

eastern screech owl

  Do you know your camouflage patterns? Well, do you? Most of the people I meet in a day have the same, simple answer to this question: No!

Why is this? Camouflage is the second most important thing for hunting. Why second? Because a weapon would have to be first for hunting! (No bear wrestling please)

Regardless, camo is important because it literally  HIDES you from what you're hunting, like a forest ninja. So I am going to give you the quick shortcuts and tips to picking out your camo outfit for the best advantage in hunting.

     There are several different types of camouflage, but there are two basics to begin with that are highly recognizable. The two are Realtree and Mossy Oak. After these two titles will come your sub categories, for example, Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity. See how it started with the title and then broke it down? This is how it works in the camo world.

                                               New realtree symbol

















Starting with Realtree Brand the newest patterns this year are Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green. These patterns are replacing the common camos like AP and APG. Below is a picture of Realtree Xtra, how can you tell? The huge golden leaves. Yes, that's it!

realtree xtra

rt xtra

     Now the next, Realtree Xtra Green. The only difference between it and the Xtra is the big greenleaves that spring out of the branches and replace the golden leaves. See the white that is spotted on the branches? This is there to help break up your figure since deer can't see this very well along with the pattern. These are great Realtree patterns to use for Deer, Bear, and general hunting

     Since these patterns are brand new they are still transitioning from the AP and APG colors. AP is like Xtra only no golden leaves. This is similiar with APG since it is just like Xtra Green only the greens are a little bit lighter and not as "HD" looking. 

    These are great patterns for all year since you can transition from the browner looks for the upcoming fall and winter with Realtree Xtra and with Realtree Xtra Green get that perfect spring and summer blend. 

                                           mossy oak

  Now for the other Camo "branch" ( Ok, no more puns) Mossy oak is the other huge pattern we carry in our hunting apparel department at Bass Pro.  

    Mossy Oak is a bit darker in their camos but it is just as efficient for hunting.





To start there is Mossy Oak Break Up and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity. Mossy oak break up (MOBU) is a very dark and white spotted pattern. The tell tale is the bluish-gray color you can see along with the muted leaves.




The second to discuss is Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity (MOBU INF) This pattern is similar but instead of themobu inf blue tint there is more of a gold-green tint to give it that "sun lit", woodsy appearance. These are also great patterns to use for hunting all year round and can be found in our camouflage department.









The last Mossy Oak pattern I will discuss is Mossy Oak Obsession. This pattern is PERFECT for turkey season and I would recommend it for turkey and early spring season only. It works to blend even better since turkey can see color and it is the best pattern you can get for turkey season. It is easy to pick out since it is always the brightest, with lots of green leaves and white in their branches and through out the pattern.




Hopefully these few tips can help make your hunting experience better and easier! You can challenge yourself with your pattern knowledge at as well as see the new hunting apparel and patterns we are getting all the time at our Bass Pro!  What camouflage patterns can you pick out?  

For any and all camouflage questions contact me and I'll do the absolute best I can!


Ainsley, Camo Lead

at the Bass Pro

in Sevierville, TN 






Hunt Like A Girl...In Style!

Hunt Like a Girl… In Style!

By: Katie Cook

Being a women in the wonderful world of hunting we have had limited options for hunting clothing. When I first started hunting there was only men’s hunting clothing on the market. Even the smallest sizes didn’t fit correctly. As I got older the clothing options stayed the same. Unshapely, men’s hunting clothing was all I had to look forward too as a female hunter each season. I know hunting isn’t a fashion statement but I shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or style for the things I love. That's why I want to introduce you to "She" apparel, for women!

In the mid 2000’s Pam Zaitz was tired of wearing men’s and kid’s clothing when on safari and hunting. She wanted to create functional clothing that was fitted and tailored for woman. After months of design and testing Pam launched She Safari women’s outdoor apparel.  She Safari introduced the safari line and the response was so great that they introduced a line of upland clothing in less than a year and, the company started to focus on a broad range of camouflage for North American markets.

When Bass Pro Shops first received She Safari clothing and footwear in our store I was ecstatic! FINALLY we have clothing for woman. We only received a few pieces at first but soon began to carry more items. The camouflage items we originally received were the duck blind bib and jacket. The quiet material and thinsulate interior made them an item above any other product we had for woman. Soon we started to carry t-shirts and light weight long sleeve shirts with either a scoop neck or a v-neck.  Not only did we receive the camouflage clothing line but also some of the safari line. The safari line is a light weight, rip-stop material made for durability and functionality but still flattering to a female form. I wear the Adventure Skort at work in the summer months and it is extremely comfortable. I have received many compliments from my coworkers and customers when I wear it. She Safari also knows that no two women are the same so their clothing has a diverse size range from extra small – 2XL.  (SKU# 1998793)