See How Easily You Can Do hot summer days

Hot Summer Days

Hello my Name is Mark Brun, the Columbia Apparel lead at Bass Pro Shops, and I would like to introduce you to the perfect line of clothing for those hot summer days in the outdoors. The World Wide Sportsman Nylon Angler shirts should be your choice first choice of clothing when looking for a fishing shirt. With its 100% quick-dry nylon that's been enhanced for on-the-water action with built-in UPF sun protection. Its vented cape back with mesh lining and extremely handy rod loops.

Long Sleeve Nylon Angler

Our Long Sleeve Nylon Angler features an improved vented cape back with mesh lining to encourage airflow so you’re nice and cool when fishing. It comes with 2 large hook 'n' loop chest pockets, roll tabs at the elbows, a handy rod loop, a button-down roll-up collar for sun protection, and utility loop on the right pocket. So when you’re looking for some extra sun protection for this summer this Nylon Angler L/S should be one to come check out. The Long Sleeve comes in 8 different colors.  (Coral Reef, Yellowfin, Ocean, Kiwi, Haze, Sea grass, Mediterranean, Blue Tide) We have a giant stock of this item with sizes range from Small to 4XL which include Large and Xlarge talls.

Short Sleeve Nylon Angler

If you hike, bike and fish or just enjoy the outdoors, this shirt is for you. These shirts are cool, lite and with all the great colors you can wear them anywhere. These shirts based on the color provide different levels of sun protection. (See Below) This lightweight outdoor shirt is outfitted with a vented cape back that allows wind to blow through the shirt to help cool you down. Other helpful features for fishermen include 2 large multi-function chest pockets, a handy rod loop, and a utility loop on the right pocket.

Nylon Angler UPF Ratings by Color:

 UPF 25 +: Glacier

 UPF 30 +: Haze

 UPF 40 +: Seagrass, Ocean, Yellowfin, Kiwi

 UPF 45 +: Fossil

 UPF 50 +: Coral Reef

An affordable fishing shirt that's big on performance. These Nylon Angler Shirts from World Wide Sportsman were designed with the serious fisherman in mind!

S-2XL 34.99

3XL-4XL 39.99

S-2XL 29.99

3XL-4XL 34.99



Memphis Pyramid to become 220,000 sq ft Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World


Memphis, Tennessee-(June 21, 2012)-- Bass Pro Shops representatives and officials from the City of Memphis held a “Construction Kick-Off”  ceremony, Thursday, June 21st, to mark the official beginning of construction on the new Bass Pro Shops retail store in Memphis, Tennessee.   Officials attending the event included Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris, legendary angler and television host Bill Dance, Memphis Mayor AC Wharton and other city officials.

The store will be located inside the famous Memphis Pyramid-- former sports arena for the University of Memphis men’s basketball program and the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies. 


At 321 feet tall (about 32 stories) it’s considered to be the seventh largest pyramid in the world.  The new  Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World retail space will be approximately 220,000 square feet.

“I remember trying to make up my mind about putting our store in the Pyramid,” said Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris.  “I was on the Mississippi River fishing with my buddies Bill Dance and Jack Emmitt and said if we catch a big catfish it’s meant to be—it’s an omen.  Sure enough, with about one hour to go, Jack got a bite and caught this catfish in the shadow of the Pyramid and I said it’s a deal—we’re gonna do it!” laughed Morris.

“We are all excited to have a chance to use this incredible space to create one of the most visually unique and exciting retail stores in the world,” said Morris.  “We have assembled a team of remarkably talented artists and craftsmen to work on this project.  We believe it’ll be one of the most dramatic retail stores ever created,” he continued.

“When you’re fishing or hunting, you often have to be patient.  But the wait is almost always worth the while,” said Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. “We’re so pleased that Bass Pro Shops and Johnny Morris had a vision for what the Pyramid could be. They are taking an empty building, one that even at the height of its life wasn’t used every day, and turning it into a hunting, fishing and sporting paradise.”

Features unique to the Bass Pro Shops Memphis Pyramid store include a floating dock, an island, an aviary and zip line stations.  The company is also planning a 3-story hotel that will offer balconies allowing guests to step out and view the store, nature scapes and giant cypress trees swamp area below.

Another key feature of the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid store will be a Waterfowl Museum as a salute to Ducks Unlimited.  “We’re particularly  excited to partner with DU President Dale Hall and all the members of  Ducks Unlimited to celebrate the proud history and good work they do,” said Morris.  “We will utilize the unique retail environment we’re creating to celebrate the Delta Flyway and make this store the Waterfowl Center for the whole company.”

“I know that this is just the beginning of a long relationship with Memphis that will highlight the importance of the Mississippi River and, from our point of view, the tremendous Mississippi Flyway for migratory birds and the economy driven by hunters and bird watchers,” said Dale Hall, Ducks Unlimited CEO.  “The advancement of natural resource conservation and economic growth go hand in hand,” he continued.

Bass Pro Shops visitors will be able to purchase most everything they need while visiting and enjoying the many outdoor opportunities in the Memphis and Mississippi River area by shopping selections of fishing, hunting, camping and marine items, and visiting clothing, gift and footwear departments. 

Regarded as part museum, art gallery, education, conservation and entertainment center, the new Memphis Bass Pro Shops store will offer the same signature features of other Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World stores.  However, as typical in stores in other geographic locations, this newest Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World will be uniquely designed to pick up the local flavor of the area’s outdoor heritage and will include state record fish and wildlife exhibits as well as historical pictures and artifacts from local hunters and fishermen. 

The store will offer an archery range, shooting range, rifle tube and a fun laser arcade for kids of all ages.  A uniquely designed 24,000-gallon aquarium will showcase native fish Tennesseans love to catch while a boat showroom will featuring Tracker, Nitro, Tahoe and Mako boats all built by Tracker Marine Group—the world’s largest manufacturer of fishing boats. 

Three-dimensional, museum-quality wildlife dioramas will feature animals such as deer, wild hogs, turkeys and more that will immerse each guest in the abundant bounty of this area.  In the fishing department, murals will engulf the viewer in dramatic, historic Mississippi River scenes capturing the beauty of the area and showcasing record catches from the area.

This store will also feature the much- acclaimed Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill. This nearly 27,000-square-foot nautical-themed entity, located within the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store, features a truly unique atmosphere and design geared for family fun and dining. 

Offering an outside as well as an in-store entrance, visitors will approach a wooden ship-like desk to obtain shoes and a lane.  Sixteen lanes, divided into two separate areas, offer customers the chance to bowl ‘in the ocean.’  Dock wood lanes feature beautiful under-water scenery of sea turtles, sharks, stingrays and other saltwater species which will also glow in the dark during cosmic bowling.  Hand-painted murals depicting oceanic life line the walls and fish hang suspended from the ceiling.  At the end of the lanes, huge TV projection screens allow viewing of sporting events.

Ball returns resemble sharks and alligators while the bowling balls themselves are custom made and bear the likeness of shark, seagulls, bobbers, octopus, leopards, mermaids, camouflage and more. 

Casual family dining will be available in the Grill where customers can select from a menu featuring a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, salads and burgers.   An island-theme bar area will feature a 750-gallon aquarium with scores of beautiful, exotic fish. 

Recognized many times for their conservation efforts and outdoor education programs, Bass Pro Shops will staff approximately 200 – 250 plus associates from the area that have a passion for the outdoors so customers will be assured of getting local skilled, knowledgeable assistance with product selections and questions.  The store will also offer free Outdoor Skills Workshops for adults, kids and families that will help maximize outdoor fun by teaching new skills and improving existing ones.

“Our company has won more awards for our conservation efforts than any other outdoor retailer in America,” commented Director of Conservation for Bass Pro Shops Martin Mac Donald.  “Bass Pro Shops’ commitment to environmental stewardship will be evident in every aspect of the Memphis site design to the interior of the store and especially in our community involvement where we will work with local conservation efforts to help preserve our outdoor traditions for future generations.”

"Its pretty cool to have this new store so close to North Carolina! For all Bass Pro enthusiast this one will be a must see!" ~ Matthew Holland


About Bass Pro Shops®:
Bass Pro Shops® operates 58 retail stores in 26 states and Canada visited by over 112 million people annually.  Bass Pro Shops® also conducts an international catalog and internet retailing operation—the American Rod & Gun® wholesale division--which sells to more than 7,000 independently owned retail stores worldwide.  Outdoor World® Incentives also sells Bass Pro Shops® gift cards through over 132,000 retail outlets across America.  The Bass Pro Shops® restaurant division has 28 locations.  The company’s Tracker Marine Group® ( manufactures and sells Tracker®, Nitro®, SunTracker®, Tahoe®, Grizzly® and Mako® boats through Bass Pro Shops® retail stores and over 400 dealers worldwide.  The Resort Group ( includes Big Cedar Lodge® and other resort properties including restaurants and golf courses. For more information regarding Bass Pro Shops® store locations, products or special events, please visit  To request a free catalog, call 1-800-BASS PRO.  Follow us on Facebook at



Women's Hunting Clothing Buyer's Guide

By Alyssa Haukom

Proper-fitting clothes will make your days afield more comfortable.

Women's hunting wear has come a long way over the last two decades. We've gone from virtually no options to a quite large collection of styles and patterns of hunting wear designed specifically for women.

The first hunting garments made for women often focused more on style rather than function. What these clothes boasted in fit, they severely lacked in features. However, over the years, many options and useful features emerged as women's involvement in the sport increased. The industry listened to our requests and took our demands to heart by producing clothing designed for serious hunters and styled for the female form.

Yet, when looking for hunting clothing, many women still ask, "Where do I begin?" Whether you're a seasoned hunter or anticipating your first day in a treestand, stop and ask yourself a few of the following questions; this will make your hunt for quality clothing less confusing and your day afield more rewarding.

What Are You Hunting?

The hunting clothing you look for largely depends on the game you pursue. Consider all the game you might hunt. Will you be after deer, elk, turkey, pheasant, bear or a combination of these animals?

Women hunters need clothes that fit their female form, clothes that don't bag or sag or interfere with shooting their weapons.

Consider what methods you'll use for each animal. You'll dress differently when bowhunting bear or deer from an elevated treestand than you will shooting ducks from a marshy duck blind.

Camouflage patterns should change to match your surroundings. Perhaps you'll be pursuing mule deer and elk on foot in the fall, but turkeys out of a blind in the spring. A varied pattern of branches and leaves is great for treestands, but you'll require a marsh grass or wetlands pattern while duck hunting.

Use your answers to the following questions as your criteria when it comes time to search for hunting clothes. Do you need clothing that protects your legs when walking through heavy brush and thickets? Do you need clothing that "breathes" as you continually move throughout the day? Or will you spend several hours motionless in a treestand, requiring insulated clothing to retain body heat. You may be surprised to find that some clothing manufacturers incorporate several of the features you desire into one versatile garment.

What Kind of Hunting Will You Do?

Will you be bowhunting, gun hunting or both? Will you hunt with a handgun, crossbow, muzzleloader or shotgun? All these factors need to be considered when choosing your clothing. Bowhunters prefer less bulk in the front of their clothing (snaps and storm flaps may interfere with drawing a bow), more radial arm and shoulder movement for pulling back their bows, and sleeves that fit snug so as not to interfere with bowstrings when released.

Gun hunters, on the other had, need jackets and shirts that don't bind and that allow for a comfortable shoulder mount. Jackets and shirts that incorporate gusseted arm seams are ideal for increased mobility.

Both types of hunters may or may not do a lot of tree climbing. But if you're a treestand hunter, you'll want to be certain your pants don't bind so that they allow for easy climbing in and out of trees. Articulated knees are a great feature that keeps pants from riding up when climbing. Reinforced knees and rear-ends and double-stitched seams are a must -- women, like men, are hard on their hunting clothing.

Finally, don't neglect to research the state and county hunting laws and regulations in which you're hunt will take place to find out if blaze orange is required. 
Where Will You Hunt?

The time of year you hunt will determine whether you need insulated or non-insulated clothing. Some garments, such as this All-Season Jacket, work in nearly all conditions.

Geographically speaking, determine where your hunts will take place. Will you be hunting turkeys in the Deep South, deer in the upper Midwest, elk in the mountains of New Mexico or javelina in Arizona? Where you'll be traveling on your hunts is perhaps the foremost factor when determining what gear to purchase. It will determine which fabrics you'll need and what camouflage patterns to consider. Fabric options can range from 100-percent brushed cotton or poly-cotton blends, to fleece, scent control or waterproof finishes.

Do you hunt in the hardwoods or along fencerows beside a cornfield? Maybe you prefer river bottoms or marshes? While the patterns available are as varied as the terrain around the world, women's clothing options still aren't nearly as numerous as the men's. But the camouflage patterns that are available are researched and developed to be used in specific cover -- whether it's the desert southwest, the cornfields of the Midwest or in the northern forest. You need to be smart and choose the pattern that best matches your hunting environment.

When Will You Hunt?

Consider the climate you'll be hunting in and the time of year you'll find yourself outdoors. Some deer hunters enjoy early season, others primarily hunt the rut, and others get out as much as they can the entire season. Turkey hunters in some states have several months to hunt, making for a long season, while other states have hunts lasting only days.

The time of year you'll find yourself in the woods will determine if you need insulated or non-insulated clothing, a single layer or several layers, waterproof or windproof features and brown camouflage or green. Research the geography and weather conditions in your hunting zone to better educate yourself on the type of clothing and camouflage you'll need. Staying warm and dry is key. Regardless of the climate, consider waterproof clothing or waterproof finishes for your outerwear and footwear -- you can't go wrong guaranteeing you'll stay dry in unpredictable weather.

Why Not Purchase Men's Clothing?

Simple answer: the fit.

Men and women are physically different. The average man is approximately 5'10" tall and 190 pounds; the average woman is 5'4" tall, 135 lbs. Because of these differences, there is much more fabric used to make men's clothing than the female's -- that's extra fabric we don't need.

Additionally, men's chest and waist sizes are nearly 2 to 3 inches larger than a woman's, while a woman's hips are approximately 2 inches wider than a man's. This all translates into big problems for women who try to fit into men's clothing.

Women hunters want to hunt and be comfortable; they want clothes that fit their female form, clothes that don't bag or sag or interfere with shooting their weapons. We don't want jackets and vests that hit below our waist or hang down to our knees. We don't want to purchase pants that need hemming or to be held onto our bodies by a tightly cinched belt. We want clothes that eliminate bulk where we don't want it, but "give" where we do need it.

Over the years manufacturers of women's hunting wear often sacrificed function for style. Yes, they acknowledged our desire to look good in the field, but they often underestimated our love of hunting and our dedication to the sport by leaving off essential features needed in quality hunting wear. In recent years women's clothing has improved and we're now seeing features included that have been requested for a long time.

When shopping, expect the following "female-specific" features to be advertised on women's clothing. (If not advertised, ask customer service for confirmation of these features.)

Shirts and Jackets

Shorter length (from shoulder to waist) in jackets and vests Gusseted underarms (a triangular insert in the underarm seam for increased mobility) Tapered waist or mid-section (to accommodate our smaller waistlines, this eliminates bulk you'll encounter when wearing men's "boxy-cut" shirts) Darted chest (accommodates our bust lines) Pleated back/shoulder yoke for better arm and shoulder movement Extended shirt-tails (stay tucked in better) Heavy-duty YKK, two-way zippers (not often found in women's clothing, but a great feature to have) Adjustable Velcro wristbands Zippered insulated liner (a nice option for jackets); adds great versatility in unpredictable weather


Wider fit through the hips Smaller waist sizes  Adjustable tab or elastic waistband (a great feature for layering) Hem-to-desired-length option  Belt loops (yes, women like to wear a belt and carry a knife too!) Adjustable Velcro, ties or snap-tabs on pant legs

Jackets & Pants

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets! We hunt and we bring lots of gear with us. Double check the clothing for pockets, whether it's jackets, pants or shirts.  Zippered "license" pocket Waterproof outerwear (not water-resistant!) Windproof fabric options Scent containment options Insulated/non-insulated choices   A variety of camouflage patterns available (very often, women's choices are still quite limited in comparison to men's options)

Thankfully, women's hunting clothing options are continually increasing, as are the camouflage patterns, and they not only look good, they fulfill our hunting requirements as well. With concerns about baggy, cumbersome clothes eliminated, you can now focus on your hunt. Take advantage of clothing manufactured and designed for women and see for yourself the difference that good fitting clothing can have on your hunt.

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