It's a Labor Day Hometown Festival!

Hometown Festival

Saturday and Sunday, September 3 & 4
Labor Day Weekend

Noon-5 p.m.

A Hometown Festival means fun and food...

and we'll have both!

Even if it's hot, we'll be inside where it's cool!

Here's the lineup of events:

Free Hot Dogs and Funnel Cake Samples - Both days!
Hot Dogs 1-4 p.m.
Funnel Cake 2-5 p.m.
Hometown Festival

  • Pick a Duck! - Kids pick a rubber duck from the duck pond for a cool prize!
  • Metal detector treasure hunt
  • Casting buckets
  • Face painting
  • Free Craft - Canvas Wall Art!
  • Free photo download - with the Bat Bass Arctic Cat!

patriotic drawstring bagKids completing the photo download, casting buckets, and metal detector activity receive a patriotic drawstring bag (while supplies last)!

Pick a Duck Duck Pond


Hourly Drawings - Saturday, September 3 only!
Beginning at 2 p.m.

2pm – One (1) 25.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card
3pm – One pair of VEX sunglasses
 4pm - One two-night stay from a selection of BlueGreen Resorts
5pm – One (1) 50.00 Bass Pro Shops gift Card

Outdoor Cooking Seminars Both Days
1:30 p.m. - Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right
3:30 p.m. - Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy


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Help your Body and Mind by Metal Detecting

Summer is officially here.  You want to do something different this summer, but not sure what?  Here is a great idea to try, metal detecting.  What a way to get those legs moving and explore.  There is history all around you, why even if you stay home there is history right in your own back yard!.  Metal Detecting teaches patience, perseverance, may get you a little money and it is good for any age!

A lot of people think of metal detecting as someone on the beach, but history is all around.  Why we went camping up near Ticonderoga, NY and found old stone houses that were crumbling.  I wish now we had that metal detector around.

The first recorded use of metal detectors was in 1881 when Alexander Graham Bell tried to find a bullet lodged in President James A. Garfield's chest.  It was also used a great deal during WW II.  In the 1960's the military used them to find land mines.

1976 - Alabama  while searching for coins, a man found a LIVE .75 millimeter tank shell fro WWII.  It was removed by a military  demolition crew.

1977 - California  a 4.9 kg gold nugget with 132 pieces of gold inside.  It is called the Mojave Nugget.

1997 - Virginia - 2 young boys using a metal detector unearthed a LIVE Confederate Army artillery shell in their grandfathers back yard

2008 - Key West - a diver found a gold chalice from a Spanish treasure ship that sank in 1622

2010 - Virginia a 7 year old boy received a metal detector for his birthday.  He found a Civil War sword and bullets










Many people find things in ordinary places.  Not everyone is going to get rich with this.  But think about the knowledge and the history tied to the object.  Where should you go?  How about camp grounds, school yards, picnic areas, beaches, battlefields, parks, historic sights, piers etc.  Also talk with grandparents or neighbors who have lived there for many years.

Bass Pro Shops have a variety of metal detectors you may find interesting.  Check them out below!

For the younger metal detector, check out the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector.  Perfect for the junior it is lightweight, water resistant and very easy to use.



For the beginner adult, check out the Bounty Hunter Quicksilver Metal Detector.  Extremely easy to use with a 3 tone feedback and a LCD display for easy viewing.











As you get more involved, check out these three detectors that are easy to use yet give you the additional features you want.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector - High end features in a mid range detector.  Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination.  Touch Pad operation with LCD screen and 8" waterproof concentric coil






Teknetics Delta Metal Detector - 3 operation modes, 5 level running depth readout.  Discrimination and notch systems with 3 tones.










Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal Detector - 4 mode operations, waterproof coil, touchpad selection with 4 level discrimination and pinpoint target control















Now that we have your interest in metal detectors here is a little fun.  Lets talk Metal Detecting Jargon

Nine-Two-Five - means you have found .925 silver (high quality)

All-Metal - Most likely you are digging a lot of junk

Black Dirt - Organically rich dirt is common in old home sites.  This makes for good hunting

Bling - Fancy Jewelry

Bust Coin/Draped Bust - Old US coin minted late 1700's to early 1800's.  Rare and considered a good find

Cache - Coins or jewelry deliberately buried together.  Usually in a jar, box or can.  Good find

Can Slaw - Shreds of aluminum cans that may of been hit by a lawn mower which can give too many signals and make a find hard to detect

Cell Hole - Remains of old home site.  Many times it is just a depression in the ground or have stone lining

Dirt Fishing - Metal detecting on soil not beaches

Tear Out - When side walks or parking lots have been removed due to repair or new construction.  This makes for good hunting

These are just a few of the lingo that  Metal Detector hunters use. Stop on down and talk with any of our Camping Associates about metal detectors or check our website at . Then soak up all the history our area has.

R. Piedmonte




What You Need to Know About Metal Detecting

The prospect of finding buried treasure has intrigued people for all of history. People have spent their lives and made epic voyages in search of the shiny stuff. Hobbyists and avid treasure hunters carry on the tradition with metal detectors.

But how do you get started treasure hunting? What type of gear will you need? Where do you start looking?

The first thing you need to do is determine what you want to do with metal detecting. Do you simply want to comb your backyard for coins or trinkets for the sake of curiosity? Is it something you'd like to do with your child? Or would you like to search for potentially valuable items, such as gold or silver, without being fooled by scrap items such as old aluminum cans?

For casual hobbyist purposes, a simple, affordable, and easy-to-work metal detector is recommended. A basic unit such as the Bounty Hunter Challenger will do the trick. These units are able to detect the full spectrum of metals as any metal detector (so if by chance there is gold in your backyard, you stand a chance of finding it!). They have less bells and whistles that you won't be needing, making these options simpler to operate. These more basic units are often also available in smaller sizes for children, such as the Bounty Hunter Junior.


For more advanced purposes, there are models such as the Bounty Hunter Camo LS with greater control of discrimination or notching, which filter the types of metals your metal detectors alerts you to. For instance, you may set it so that it will only beep when detecting metals on the gold end of the metal spectrum, and not, say, iron or aluminum. These models often have built in pin-pointers, which allow you to pin point very small objects in an area your metal detector has found objects in.

Beyond your gear, you need to determine where you might go metal detecting. It is important to do your research on a site you have your eye on, and to be aware of laws and regulations in the area. For instance, it is illegal to metal detect in National parks or monuments. Some states may require permits or may have other similar restrictions. Regulations by state can be found here: Lastly, be respectful and courteous. Don't leave holes dug where people may be walking or hiking, as this can be dangerous.

Enjoy your new hobby, and good luck!




Take Someone: Prospecting

Usually I don’t like to have my reoccurring blogs be going back-to-back, but I feel like having the Take Someone series start the month off as opposed to finish it, will be much better for this year. That way you can hopefully be inspired to share a passion or make a plan and get outside and do it!

This month’s topic is going to be a little “out there” but I am sure many of you made the resolution to try new things! So this might be something that you try out for the first time, with a friend! I am talking about: prospecting.

Prospecting is the search for mineral deposits in a place, especially by means of experimental drilling and excavation. More commonly in slang it is the term used for looking for something. I was prospecting for the best deal on fresh pineapple. I was prospecting my hamper for clean socks. Those new guys that want to ride with our motorcycle clubs are the prospects. And so on.

Prospecting and the lure of “striking it rich” definitely inspired and changed our nation in many ways. From populations appearing in western states to boomtowns, people sought their fortunes and made this country what is. We still see reverence for this time in common culture with sports teams such as the San Francisco 49ers and the Colorado Nuggets.

Shows like Gold Rush have inspired a new generation of go-getters to get out there. While I’m not saying quit your day job, you would be surprised what you can acquire by just recreational prospecting. To which there are mainly two forms of nowadays: panning and detecting.

For panning you will need a good amount of tools. Picks, pans, tweezers and more are kind of the standards. Kits are available, which makes things easier. And you pretty much head out and start searching. Make sure you check with local laws and regulations before prospecting. And you might not find gold, but who knows what treasures you may find?! Heck when I was little, if I found a rock that looked like the Millennium Falcon it was as good as gold to me!

For detecting, your tools are less but much more advanced. You will need a metal detector and then some kind of shovel or spade to dig up whatever you detect. You can commonly see people doing this on a beach or in parks. Once again, check with local laws and regulations. Also be sure to put back any earth you dig up. You don’t want to be the one that ruins it for everyone else!

Not only will you benefit from getting out into fresh air and from the physical activity that can come with prospecting, but you might just turn a little bit of profit as well!


Previous Trips




Clay Shooting


Last Minute Shopping

Are you a last minute shopper?  Well we have you covered.  Stop on down to Bass Pro Shop and let us take the stress out of your holiday.

For the hunter in your life or someone who enjoys watching what happens when they are sleeping at night.  Consider buying them the Moultrie Game Spy M880 Digital Infrared Game Camera.   The 8.0 megapixel image and low glow infrared flash will give you bright clear images up to 100 feet at night.

Now if you have a fisherman or someone who enjoys clams, lobster, or salt potatoes, consider the Bass Pro Shop Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Combo Cooler.    Easy to clean and powerful, this cooker will fry, steam, or boil.  You get a 30qt stainless steel pot with lid.  There is a copper spigot for easy oil or water removal, a safety timer, strainer, steamer basket, steamer grid, and a stainless steel turkey hook and stand.  Why this combo even throws in a fry thermometer and marinade injector.   Great Gift!

Not sure if you want all the oil?  Consider the Butterball Oil Free Electric Turkey Fryer.  Get fried turkey without frying.  This fryer will use injectable marinades or seasoned rubs.  The fryer has a adjustable temperature control, a basket and a wood chip tray for smoking foods.  With a removeable drip pan it makes for easy cleanup.  This fryer will cook up to a 18 pound bird.


A perfect holiday gift for anyone is the Masterbuilt Extra Wide Propane Smoker.  A large capacity smoker with adjustible gas control and thermometer.  This smoker is made of heavy duty construction.  Push ignition makes it easy to start.  A smoker like this will be used for years to come.

Someone who enjoys time outside or just purchased a new home, will love the Landmann USA Patio Light Fire Pit.    Good construction,  this is great to enjoy a fire when your nights are a little cold.  Cook smores or hotdogs.  Cut out bears and bear paws adorn the outside giving it a rustic look.

Add a bit of unique flair to your outside with the Wind Chimes Fishbone.  


Someone in your family always traveling?  How about that college graduate?  Something that everyone needs is luggage.

  Bob Timberlake has a beautiful and durable line of luggage.  I think once you see how first class this luggage is you will truly be impressed.  The Bob Timberlake Luggage Collection can be wheeled upright.  It is cotton canvas with a paraffin weather proof coating and US oiled leather with brass zippers.  There are also magnets for quick closure.  Anyone would feel extremely special to get such a nice piece of luggage like this


To add to the luggage is the Bob Timberlake First Class Leather Collection-Shaving Kit.    A large main compartment, zip pocket, mesh organizer, with a drop down bottom storage gives you all the room you need and more.

For the person on your list that enjoys birds and lives with a hunter, consider the GSI Outdoors Shot Shell Mesh Bird Feeder.  This feeder is perfect for nuthatches, finches, or chickadees.  It will hold up to 32oz of birdseed.  Easy to hang, clean, and refill.

For the coffee lover in the family, take a look at the Bass Pro Shop Gun Mug in pink or black.  This will bring a smile to their face every morning.

If you know of someone who loves to find money, or little treasures, the Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal Detector will pinpoint that target.  It is waterproof and it has a touchpad.  Perfect for someone who needs more exercise and who loves to treasure hunt.  Think of all the historic places right around where they live.

Last but not least do not forget that best friend.  The Premier Pet Products Chuckle Dog Toy  is perfect for that dog who is a strong chewer.  Natural rubber,  this toy will randomly disperse treats.  This will reward them for chewing the right toy and not your furniture.

We hope this takes some of the stress out of the holidays for you.  Merry Christmas

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Labor Day Hometown Festival/Honoring Hometown Heroes

Our Labor Day/Hometown Festival will be held August 30th and 31st and will have many fun events for everyone in the family.

Each day from Noon to 5pm we will have Free family activities that include our duck pond, casting buckets, metal detector demo, free photo download, free craft and free face painting. We will also be giving away two $25 Bass Pro Shops gift cards to lucky winners that enter our drawings each day.

On each day from 1pm to 4pm we will be serving free hotdogs, and from 4pm to 5pm we will be doing an ice cream making demonstration and giving out yummy samples !!

On Saturday August 30th from 2pm to 4pm we will be honoring our Hometown Heroes with hourly drawings and free fish sampling !!! Any and all veterans, police, firefighters, paramedics, military personnel, soldiers and teachers are welcome to join us for this event to say thanks for what you do for us !!!

We will also have product demonstrations on both Saturday and Sunday:

1:30pm Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right

2:30pm Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill

3:30pm Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy




This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Hometown Festival and Heroes!

The last official weekend of summer! Labor Day campers, football fans, holiday visitors, and Hy-Vee Triathlon viewers will all be in our store this families looking for some good old-fashioned fun on a rainy day!

Saturday, 8/30 & Sunday, 8/31 - Noon-5 p.m.

Duck Pond
Metal detector treasure hunt
Casting buckets
Face painting
Free Craft
Free photo download
Two $25 gift cards given away each day!

Outdoor Cooking Seminars Both Days
1:30pm - Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right
2:30pm - Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill
3:30pm - Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy

Free Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Samples - Saturday and Sunday Aug. 30 & 31
Hot Dogs 1-4pm
Ice cream 4-5pm

Honoring Hometown Heroes Event - Bass Pro Shops AltoonaNEW this year - Honoring our Hometown Heroes - special drawings from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 30, for veterans, active duty military and military personnel, law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics, and teachers!



Try Before You Buy!

Our Gifts Department will be serving up a fish fry for our Hometown Heroes on Aug. 30 with Uncle Buck's Original Fish Batter.

Aug. 31- They're serving up Uncle Buck’s Biscuits and Gravy!

Coming up?

Boy Scout Donation Month and Merit Badge classes at Bass Pro Shops! The classes begin September 2 and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. to help scouts work toward their Fishing and Rifle Shooting Badges. The schedule varies and you must pre-register in person at Customer Service or call the store at 515-957-5500.


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Labor Day Event

Come on down for our AWESOME Labor Day Event on Saturday and Sunday, August 30th and 31st!  There will be fun for the whole family!  We will be honoring our Hometown Heroes, as well as having free activities, free food, and giveaways!

On Saturday, August 30th from 2-4 we will be honoring our hometown heroes.  Some of these everyday heroes work tirelessly and seldom receive thanks for their hard work.  We more often complain about some of our heroes, like teachers and police officers, when they strive to educate us and keep us safe.  Veterans, soldiers and military personnel do not receive enough thanks for their sacrifices.  Please come out and thank them for all they do!

There are also many activities all weekend for the kids to participate in!  We will be having a duck pond, a metal detector treasure hunt and casting buckets; all with prizes!  There will also be face painting, crafts and coloring sheets!

Let’s not forget the adults!  On August 30th, from 2-4, we will be having drawings every hour, on the hour!

  • 2:00 – Bass Pro Shops $50.00 gift card
  • 3:00 – Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • 4:00 – Yeti Cooler

There will also be 2 $25.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card giveaways each day!  There will also be Free Hot Dogs from 1-4 and Free Homemade Ice Cream from 4-5 each day.  We will also be a Free #14 show car photo opportunity!  Both days we will have three outdoor cooking seminars! 

  • 1:30 – Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right
  • 2:30 – Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill
  • 3:30 – Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy

Come join us for a family, fun-packed weekend!


It's a Hometown Festival

It's the last holiday weekend of summer - send summer out in style with our old-fashioned Hometown Festival!

Bass Pro Shops Altoona Hometown Festival

Saturday and Sunday, August 30 & 31
Labor Day Weekend

Noon-5 p.m.

To us, a Hometown Festival means fun and food...and we'll have both!

Here's the lineup of events:

  • Duck Pond - Kids pick a duck for a cool prize!
  • Metal detector treasure hunt
  • Casting buckets
  • Face painting
  • Free Craft - Color an Owl Backpack Clip!
  • Free photo download - like you're in the #14 car!

Two $25 gift cards given away each day!

Outdoor Cooking Seminars Both Days
1:30 p.m. - Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right
2:30 p.m. - Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill
3:30 p.m. - Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy

Free Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Samples - Both days!
Hot Dogs 1-4 p.m.
Ice cream 4-5 p.m.

Plus, these free food samples!
August 30 - Uncle Buck’s Pancakes and Uncle Buck’s Syrup
August 31 - Uncle Buck’s Biscuits and Gravy

Additionally, on Saturday, August 30, we recognize our hometown heroes - special drawings only for veterans, soldiers, military personnel, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, and teachers!

Honoring our Hometown Heroes


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Labor Day Event 2014

We may have just gotten done with our Next Generation Weekend for our Fall Hunting Classic, but that does not mean it is too early to look at our next free and family themed event: Hometown Festival!

We are going to close down the month of August with a bang! On August 30th and 31st we will be having our Hometown Festival here at our store in Mesa, Arizona!

We will have a variety of activities open to everyone this year! From Noon to 5PM, both days, we will have the following:

Pick a Duck Pond- Try your luck at picking a numbered duck! Winners will get a prize!*

Casting Buckets- Show us your casting skills! Participants who can get the casting plug into the target get a prize!*

Face Painting- Add some style to your face!

Craft- Color an Owl Backpack Clip!*

Metal Detector Treasure Hunt- Use a metal detector to search for hidden treasures!

Photo Download- Get your picture taken and see yourself sitting inside our Bass Pro Shops NASCAR race car!

The first 100 Kids to complete the Metal Detector, Casting Bucket and Photo Download activities and get their activity card punched each day, earn an awesome giveaway*!


We will also have these seminars on both Saturday and Sunday!

1:30PM- Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right

2:30PM- Backyard Chef- Picking the Right Grill

3:30PM- Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy


There will be Food Sampling going on both days from Noon-5PM*.

Saturday and Sunday:

Free Hot Dogs from 1PM-4PM*

Free Ice Cream Sampling from 4PM-5PM*


What is really cool is that on Saturday we will have some time and special things set aside for our Hometown Heroes. From 2PM-4PM we will be honoring them with Fish Fry Samples* and prize drawings.

 Our Hometown Heroes include:



Military Personnel


Fire Fighters



Prizes to be drawn:

2PM- $50 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

3PM- Maui Jim Sunglasses

4PM- YETI Cooler

Please have Valid ID present in order to participate!

So beat the heat and lets close this month down right! Grab the family and head on down for our Hometown Festival! Yee-Haww!!

*While Supplies Last



Honoring Our Hometown Heroes!!

hometown heroes

Join us on Saturday, August 30th, 2014 from 2:00 P.M. thru 4:00 P.M. as we offer a small thank you to honor our hometown heroes; Veterans, Soldiers, Military Personnel, Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Teachers, One Winner per hour per each store and winner must show a valid ID. 

2:00 P.M: Bass Pro Shops $50.00 Girft Card

3:00 P.M: Maui Jim Sunglasses; a $250.00 Value

4:00 P.M: Yeti Cooler; a $300.00 Value

Along with having prize drawings for our Hometown Heroes we will have lots of free fun for the entire family; face painting, owl craft, kid's drawstring bag, photo download, metal detector treasure hunt, casting buckets, duckpond, seminars, and so much more. So pack up all your friends and family and head down to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World for some hometown fun.




2014 Labor Day Hometown Festival

Don't miss out on this years Labor Day Hometown Festival August 30th and 31st, noon until 5pm.

Honoring Our Hometown Heroes:

  • August 30th ONLY 2-4pm
  • Hourly Drawings
    • 2pm - BPS $50.00 gift card
    • 3pm - Maui Jim Sunglasses
    • 4pm - Yeti cooler
  • Fish Fry Samples


  • Saturday and Sunday, August 30th and 31st
    • 1:30pm - Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right
    • 2:30pm - Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill
    • 3:30pm - Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy

Product Demos:

  • Smokers and accessories
  • Grills and accessories
  • Dutch ovens and accessories

#14 Show car photo opportunity:

  • Don't miss your chance to get your photo taken with a free download!

Hot Dogs:

  • FREE Hot Dogs each day from 1-4pm
  • While supplies lasts

Ice Cream:

  • FREE Homemade Ice Cream sampleing each day from 4-5pm
  • While supplies lasts

Bass Pro Shops Food Samples:

  • Throughout the day BPS Food Samples will be provided to customers
  • Multiple samples per day so don't forget to try all of them!

Family Activites:

  • Gift Card Drawings
    • Two $25.00 BPS gift cards will be given away each day
    • Customer DOES NOT need to be present to win!
  • Pick a Duck pond
    • Kids will pick a floating duck from the pond to see if they win a prize!
  • Metal Detector Treasure Hunt
    • Using a metal detector kids will attempt to find hidden objects to win a prize!
  • Casting Buckets
    • Kids will have 3 chances to hit the target for a prize!
  • Face Painting
  • Craft
    • Color an owl back pack clip to take home with you!
    • Noon - 5pm
    • While supplies lasts
  • Coloring Pages
  • Giveaway
    • the first 100 kids each day to complete the photo opportunity, the casting buckets, and the metal detector treasure hunt will recieve a raccoon drawstring bag.

Hometown Festival!

Looking for an awesome way to end the Summer with the kids, but not looking to break the bank, well look no further.  The Hometown Festival is the PERFECT idea.  Join us here at Bass Pro Shops in Hampton, Virginia on Saturday, August 30, 2014 and Sunday, August 31, 2014 from noon thru 5:00 P.M. We  will have tons of FREE Family Fun, and yes I did say FREE!

FREE Duck Pond: Try your luck, pick a duck for a chance to win a LED flashing Lanyard! From Noon til 5:00 P.M.


FREE Casting Buckets: Hit the target for a prize.  From Noon til 5:00 P.M.


FREE Face Painting From Noon til 5:00 P.M.


FREE Hot Dogs & Food Samples: Enjoy Hotdogs from 1:00 P.M. thru 4:00 P.M. and Tasty Food Samples from Noon thru 5:00 P.M.


FREE Homemade Ice Cream Samples From 4:00 P.M. thru 5:00 P.M.


FREE Metal Detector Treasure Hunt: Can you find hidden treasure?

FREE Photo Download: A unique photo opportunity with Tony Stewart's #14 Bass Pro Shops Car

FREE Seminars: 1:30 P.M: Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right

                            2:30 P.M: Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill

                            3:30 P.M: Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy

FREE Kid's Drawstring Bag: To th first 100 Kids to complete a punch card each day.

So bring the family out and let's end Summer the right way!

FREE Owl Craft: Color an owl Backpack Clip! From Noon until 5:00 P.M.




It's Hometown Festival Time at Bass Pro Shops !




The last event of the summer is here…..

Celebrate Labor Day with us in Bass Pro style…. It’s Hometown Festival!!!!!

We would like to take this time to honor our hometown heroes; OUR Firefighters, Police, Veterans, Military Personnel, Soldiers, Paramedics and Teachers. THANK YOU for all you do!!!

On August 30, 2-4 pm we will have hourly drawings:

2 pm      $50 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

3 pm      Maui Jim Sunglasses - $250 value

4 pm      YETI Cooler- $300 Value

**One winner each hour … must show valid ID**

Join in on our FREE Family Activities on August 30-31, 12-5 pm.     



  • Free Duck Pond

            Try your luck pick a duck for a chance to win a LED flashing lanyard!


  • Free Casting Buckets

            Hit the target for a prize


  • Free Face Painting


  • Free Crafts

            Color an Owl Backpack Clip


  • Free Metal Detector Treasure Hunt

            Can you find the hidden treasure?


  • Free Photo Download

            Unique photo opportunity with Tony Stewart’s #14 Bass Pro Shops car


  •  Free Homemade Ice Cream Samples     4-5 pm


  • Free Hot dogs and Food Samples and Fish Fry Samples


**First 100 kids to complete a punch card will receive a free drawstring bag**




1:30 pm          Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right

2:30 pm         Backyard Chef Picking the Right Grill

3:30 pm         Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy


It's hard to be sad that summer is gone while we are having all this fun! Check us out on facebook and our website for event updates.






Shoppin' on the river!

Here in Arizona we have a few summer time traditions. Besides using the phrase “It’s a dry heat” and having to pull out cactus thorns, many hit up the Salt River. There is a service that can hook you up with tube rentals, drop off and pick up from designated spots. It’s pretty legit. Just enjoy the day and float down the river with a hundred of your now closest friends.

But while that service takes care of the basics, you need to take care of the rest. Our very own Kate frequents the Salt and finds all the goodies left behind. She takes care of those. Kate believes strongly in preserving our outdoors, as do we all here at Bass Pro Shops. So take heed to Kate’s notes to save yourself any problems and help keep the land clean at the same time.

Here is what she picks up most:

1.       Sunglasses: You start out with them and take a tumble. Bazinga, they are gone! I bet there are some pretty stylish looking fish in that river.

2.       Driver’s license: Putting it in a plastic bag does not work, she finds them all over. Look into something a little heavier duty, like an electronics pouch. Kate also noted that “You must take it with you in case you drown so they know who you are.”

3.       Shoes: She will find flip flops, sandals and very high priced sneakers, by the hundreds. Why she only finds one of each is something she cannot figure out. Make sure you have proper footwear.

4.       Keys: Yeah, sure. Put them in a pocket of your swim suit or jeans, that’ll work! Oops. Whammy. They gone! Good luck fighting the current and other tubers to get back upstream to find them.

5.       Cell phones:  Why? Do you really need one while tubing? Kate finds them all the time. Twitter can wait! Side note, cell phone service will not improve with river slime… Gross.

6.       Towels:  Ah, you brought a towel to keep your skin from melting onto the tube, very clever. Oh, it got caught on a rock and snagged away. Lame. Make sure you have that thing firmly set as a big old beach towel can really muck up the ecosystem.

7.       Money: Just like your ID, a plastic baggie will not work.  But then again, Kate doesn’t mind finding this as long as it isn’t completely ruined.

8.       Jewelry: Rings are lost due to the fact that the water is cold and they slip off your fingers. Anybody with a metal detector should head down to the river.

As Kate says, “figure out what you really need and what you really don’t.”  Invest in a nice floating eye retainer for your glasses and water proof pouch for your ID and money. It’ll make everyone happier! See-sawing on sidewinders! Yee Haw!


Kid's Adventure Activities

adventure weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is about a couple things; family, food, enjoying time together, and most importantly its about remebering those men and women who paid the ultimate price for our country.  We remain the land of the FREE, because of the BRAVE!  Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World would like to offer those who defend our nation a 10% discount to say THANK YOU.  Along with having a Kid's Adventure Weekend, so the whole family and all the friend can come out and enjoy some time tiogether.

When: Saturday, May 24, 2014 thru Sunday, May 25, 2014

            11:00 A.M. thru 5:00 P.M.

Where: Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, 1972 Powerplant Parkway Hampton, Virginia 23666

 We will have a BB Gun Shooting Range, Workshops, a Metal Detector Treasure Hunt, an Adventure Scavengar Hunt, Photo Download, Craft, a FREE Giveaway, and a lot of fun!

BB Gun Shooting Range: 11:00 A.M. thru 5:00 P.M.  Kids test your skills at our bb Gun Shooting Range

Metal Detector Treasure Hunt: Kids, can you "detect" anything hidden under the surface? Find a treasure and receive a prize. While supplies last.

Adventure Scavenger Hunt: Beginning at 11:00 A.M. Hunt and find conservation or wildlife items throughout the store. Find them all and receive a prize. While Supplies last.

FREE PHOTO DOWNLOAD: 11:00 A.M. thru 5:00 P.M. You will be on the cover of your very own Bass Pro Shops Adenture Kids Magazine.

FREE CRAFT: 11:00 A.M. thru 5:00 P.M. Kids, color a camping magnet. While supplies last.

FREE GIVEAWAY: FREE Kid's Adventure whistle and water bottle to the first 100 kids to complete a punch card each day.  See store for details.

Workshops: 11:00A.M. Kid's Adventure Camping: Learn to explore your surroundings while camping.

                     1:00 P.M. Kid's Adventure Camping: Learn to explore your surroundings while camping. 

                      2:00 P.M. Safe Passage: Tips on being safe around the water.

                      3:00 P.M. Safe Passage: Tips on being safe around the water.

                      4:00 P.M. Kid's Adventure Camping: Learn to explore your surroundings while camping.

We hope to see everyone out here to enjoy a fun filled day!


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Get the Kids Outdoors!

Bass Pro Shops' Go Outdoors Event continues this weekend with activities just for kids! Our sales continue throughout the weekend and Memorial Day.

Bass Pro Shops Altoona Go OutdoorsSaturday and Sunday, May 24 and 25 - Kids' Adventure Activities Weekend!

11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Our Daisy Inflatable Shooting Range is back! Each child receives a Certificate of Completion for trying the shooting range.

Kids' Workshops

11 a.m., 1 p.m. & 4 p.m. - Kids' Adventures in Camping

2 & 3 p.m. - Safe Passage - Water Safety

Kids' Adventure Scavenger Hunt

11 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Find each item on the card and receive a free flashing clip (while supplies last)!

Metal Detector Treasure Hunt

11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Free Photo Download

11 a.m. - 5 p.m. - You on the cover of "Bass Pro Shops Adventure Kids"

Free Crafts

11 a.m. - 4 p.m. - Color a wood camping tent and supplies magnet!

First 100 kids who complete the activities punch card each day receive a water bottle and whistle!

Try Before You Buy!

Our Gifts Department will be handing out samples from noon to 4 p.m., or while supplies last. Stop by for these tastes:

May 24 & May 25 - Uncle Buck's Jalapeno and Steak-Cut Sweet/Hot Teriyaki Jerky



Coming Up?Family Summer Camp Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Family Summer Camp 2014 returns June 7- July 13!



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Go Outdoors !!!



It’s Spring, FINALLY!  May is here and we are gearing up for our biggest outdoor event of the year – GO OUTDOORS!!!

This event has it ALL- hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, shooting, hiking –everything outdoors!!!


We have Free workshops given by our Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Pro-Staff to teach you camping basics and even some survival techniques!





May 17-18


* Pack, Pitch, and Play       11am and 3 pm

   Your basic guide to camping and survival

* Wear It Right!              1 pm

   Learn the 5 important steps of choosing and properly fitting a life jacket

* Priorities of Survival            2 and 4 pm

   Survival workshop given by local pro staff








Bring the whole family out on May 24-25 and let the kiddos play at our Kids’ Adventure Activities from 11 am- 5pm!

* Daisy BB Gun Range   

   Test your skill at our BB gun shooting range

* Metal Detector Treasure Hunt

   Can you detect anything hidden under the surface? Find a treasure and receive a prize

* Adventure Scavenger Hunt

   Hunt and find conservation or wildlife items throughout the store

* Free Photo Download

   You on the cover of BPS Adventure Kids

* Free Craft

   Color a Camping Magnet


Kids Seminars

   o Kids Adventures in Camping         

    11 am, 1 and 4 pm

    Learn to explore your surroundings while camping

   o Safe Passage                                    

     2 and 3 pm

    Tips on being safe around water


~~~~ The Events Team ~~~~~~


It's Time to Go Outdoors!

Celebrate the Great Outdoors at Bass Pro Shops' annual Go Outdoors Classic!
Workshops, cooking demos, and our always popular kids' activities!


Go Outdoors Event - Bass Pro Shops Altoona

May 17-18 Free Workshops

  • Pack, Pitch, Play - Your basic guide to camping and survival - 11 a.m. & 3 p.m. both days
  • Wear it Right - 1 p.m. Five steps to choosing the the right life jacket - Presented by the Lake Red Rock - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Priorities of Survival - 2 & 4 p.m. both days

May 24 & 25 - Kids' Adventure Activities Weekend  - 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Our Daisy Inflatable Shooting Range is back! Each child receives a Certificate of Completion for trying the shooting range.

Kids' Workshops

  • Safe Passage - Water Safety - 2 & 3 p.m.
  • Kids' Adventures in Camping - 11 a.m., 1 p.m. & 4 p.m.

Kids' Adventure Scavenger Hunt - 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Find each item on the card and receive a free flashing clip (while supplies last)!

Metal Detector Treasure Hunt - 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Free Photo Download - You on the cover of "Bass Pro Shops Adventure Kids" - 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Free Crafts - 11 a.m.-4 p.m. - Color a wood camping tent and supplies magnet!

First 100 kids who complete the activities punch card each day receive a water bottle and whistle!


Go Outdoors Event and Sale

Come join Bass Pro Shops- Columbia for our largest Outdoor sale and event of the year May 16 through 26 for lots of great sales, FREE seminars, giveaways, Oakley/GoPro Sweepstakes and kid’s events! We will host FREE summer fun seminars May 17 and 18th. Learn useful information of water safety, geocaching, outdoor and the priorities of survival in cooperation with Bear Grylls. The following weekend, May 24 and 25th, will be our free kids’ summer kick-off event! We will offer FREE photo downloads, NEW Bass Pro Shops/ Daisy shooting range, metal detector treasure hunt, adventure scavenger hunt, kids’ outdoors seminars, crafts, prizes and kids’ fishing on the deck!

Workshops May 17 and 18 from 11a.m.-5p.m.
-pack, pitch, play 11a.m. and 3p.m. each day
-first 25 customers to attend pack and play workshop will receive a blue Go Outdoors tumbler
-priorities of survival seminars
-first 50 customers to attend priorities of survival seminar receives survival whistle which includes a compass
-wear it right
-Ultimate Outdoors Getaway Sweepstakes May 16-20
-Cooking demos 1-5p.m.

Kids Adventure Weekend event May 24-25
-Bass Pro Shops Daisy Shooting Range (certificate of completion)
-adventure scavenger hunt begins at 11a.m.
-kids' seminars/workshop
-safe passage Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 3p.m.
-kids' adventures in camping Saturday and Sunday at 11a.m., 1p.m. and 4p.m.
-Free photo download
-Craft: color a wood magnet
-Coloring sheets
*first 100 to fill punch card receives free whistle and water bottle