April Showers Brings Spring Turkey Season

Turkey Season is right around the corner. Youth season is April 9th and 10th and then we kick off the regular season from April 18th through May 8th. This is currently a hot topic around these parts so I thought I would talk a little more about it.  The main topics include the following:  Ground Blinds, Vests and Camo Clothing.

Let’s talk blinds first. Ground blinds come in two basic types: Spring Style and Hub Style. I prefer hub blinds for a couple of different reasons. One, I think Hub blinds are much easier to disassemble and move around and they also have a lot more space inside - which comes in handy for any archery hunters or if your taking a youth hunter or a buddy along. Since most of us deer hunt as well as turkey hunt, I like to have a blind that has dual purpose. But if your just in the market for a turkey blind this spring make sure you check out our Blackout X72 ($139.99). This blind stands 68'' tall and 72''x 72'' from hub to hub and coming in at only 13lbs it is a great option for both the youth and regular season. It will accommodate two hunters comfortably and with the built in brush holders you can make it vanish into thin air. If you are thinking you might want a little bit more room try our Blackout Hybrid 180 Blind ($169.97).  It is slightly bigger at 73'' tall and 83'' x 83'' hub to hub.  This blind is slightly heavier at just under 23lbs but with extra room and the adjustable windows. The windows will allow you to customize your setup for the situation at hand which will help tip the outcome in your favor. One of my favorite dual purpose blinds I have ever used is the Primo's Club XL ($159.99) at 73'' tall and 77'' hub to hub and with the brush deception holders and the Dura Matte HD no shine fabric mixed with the Ground Swat Grey open terrain camo pattern makes it disappear in any situation.


Next we will cover some camo:

If you are looking to upgrade some older clothing look no further.  Whether you’re a Mossy Oak or a Realtree fan, we’ve got you covered. I would start out with a form fitting base layer because of all the spring ticks.  A good base layer does wonders for helping you keep ticks down to a minimum and for the money it’s hard to beat Redhead's EnduraSkin all season clothing line ($19.99 to $34.99). They are a great spring or early fall base layer because of the AXE Anti-Odor Technology and it works awesome for deer hunters to. It’s available in Black, Realtree Xtra, or Mossy Oak Country patterns. If you’re looking for a new outfit to go over your base layers then check out RedHeads Stalker Lite II 1/4 zip shirt ($29.99-$34.99) or pant ($39.99-$44.99). For those really hot days check out the  shorts ($29.99-$34.99).  All are very comfortable and light weight with moisture wicking fabrics. These are available in Mossy Oak Obsession or the New True Timber HTC Green patterns. But here's a little tip for everyone hunting out of a ground blind. I always wear camo to and from the blind of course but when I am inside I wear Black from the waist up. This is because most of the blinds on the market today employ some sort of a Blackout Interior and as long as you leave a portion of the windows closed the black clothing will vanish against the black walls allowing you to go unseen. Camo clothing on the other hand being made with a lot of Greys and Browns will most of the time silhouette you inside making every movement you make visible to those sharp eyed turkeys. Also, when you open every window in the blind your body will stand out against any light that comes in. Try it! You will be surprised on how much it helps. 



Finally, turkey hunters can collect a lot of items over the years and it seems we need to pack them all. So you need a vest to carry it.  RedHeads Striker vest ($69.99) has tons of pockets inside and out to carry any type of call or product you can find.  It also has a  nice thick memory foam fold down seat. This is a great addition to any hunter’s arsenal. It is available in Mossy Oak obsession, Realtree Xtra, or True Timber HTC Green - one size fits most.  Another blog that might help you with vests can be found here:   How To Choose the Perfect Turkey Hunting Vest That's all the time I have for now. From all of us at your local Independence Bass Pro - have a fun and safe turkey season and don’t forget to share your photos with us!



Anthony Alkire

Hunting Lead




Introducing True Timber HTC Green for this Turkey Season

HTC GREEN The Bass Pro Hunting Clothing department is excited to present a new camo pattern to the world of Turkey Hunting! In season's past, we have offered two camo options: Mossy Oak Obsession and Realtree Xtra Green. This year we have added True Timber HTC Green to our assortment of turkey hunting apparel!


True Timber HTC Green has incorporated lots of greenery into the original HTC pattern to give it a vivid spring and summer look. With plenty of white, to break up a turkey's vision, added into the branches, it will be perfect for hunting these elusive birds.

True Timber HTC Green is available in the following items:

http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-TecLite-Shirt-for-Men/product/14060307170848/Tech- Lite Apparel http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-TecLite-Shirt-for-Men/product/14060307170848/

Keep your cool on any hunt with the RedHead® Tec-Lite Shirt for men. This high-tech shirt features ultra-lightweight 95% polyester/5% Spandex ripstop construction, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying capability for ultimate all-day comfort when the temperature rises. The vented back enhances breathability while a hidden button-down, adjustable collar completes the perfect fit. The RedHead Tec-Lite Shirt also features 2 button-down chest pockets and a 7-button front.

Stalker Lite Apparel http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Stalker-Lite-Pants-for-Men/product/14052006213922/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCThttp://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Stalker-Lite-Pants-for-Men/product/14052006213922/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT

Whether you're hunting in high temperatures, on the job, or kicking back at camp, RedHead® Stalker Lite Pants for Men keep you cool for the long haul. These lightweight men's hunting pants feature 100% polyester construction designed for rugged reliability and lightweight, moisture-wicking, fast-drying, all-day comfort. 2-way stretch design improves mobility on the go. RedHead Stalker Lite Pants feature a zip fly with button closure, hidden elastic waistband, 2-button cargo and rear pockets, 2 upper hand pockets and belt loops.

Our RedHead® Striker Turkey Vest is packed with useful features that keep everything you need within easy reach to minimize movement, plus a comfortable, quick-deploying fold-down seat. It's got pockets for a box call and a striker, a mesh mouth call pocket, 2 slate call pockets, and additional accessory pockets. The magnetic, fold-down seat is cushioned with memory foam for remarkable comfort on the ground, and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable and ergonomic. The RedHead Striker Turkey Vest adds an adjustable game bag in the back to hold decoys or your trophy gobbler, and a detachable blaze orange flag adds a measure of safety to your walk in and out of the woods.

RedHead Striker Turkey Vest http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Striker-Turkey-Vest-for-Men/product/13082106113916/

Our RedHead® Striker Turkey Vest is packed with useful features that keep everything you need within easy reach to minimize movement, plus a comfortable, quick-deploying fold-down seat. It's got pockets for a box call and a striker, a mesh mouth call pocket, 2 slate call pockets, and additional accessory pockets. The magnetic, fold-down seat is cushioned with memory foam for remarkable comfort on the ground, and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable and ergonomic. The RedHead Striker Turkey Vest adds an adjustable game bag in the back to hold decoys or your trophy gobbler, and a detachable blaze orange flag adds a measure of safety to your walk in and out of the woods.


RedHead Mesh Outback Hat http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Mesh-Outback-Hat-for-Men/product/97777/An outback-style hat, our RedHead® Mesh Outback Hat for men features an embroidered RedHead logo front and center, a contrasting hatband, and vent eyelets in crown sides for cool comfort. The RedHead Mesh Outback Hat makes a great gift for the outdoorsman or woman in your life—including yourself.

An outback-style hat, our RedHead® Mesh Outback Hat for men features an embroidered RedHead logo front and center, a contrasting hatband, and vent eyelets in crown sides for cool comfort. The RedHead Mesh Outback Hat makes a great gift for the outdoorsman or woman in your life—including yourself.


Check out our newest pattern and get all of your Turkey Gear at your local Bass Pro Shops! (Or your favorite Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville)



Traditional Bowhunting: Camo

7th In The Series Of Traditional Bowhunting:

Camouflage Ergo: Camo

David Williams, Bass Pro Archery Cabin Gurnee, IL.


Introduction: Camouflage

Camo is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment, either by making animals or objects hard to see (crypsis), or by disguising them as something else (mimesis). Examples include the leopard's spotted coat or the battledress of a modern soldier. A majority of camouflage methods today aim for crypsis this is often through a general resemblance to a common background, the background and high contrast colors, eliminating shadow, and countershading.

Wow, too much information on Camo…all we want from camo is to hide from the game. True.


But we need to understand the value of camo as hunters not, that camo is the uniform of the American hunter. To be camo’ed is to self-identify (badge) as a hunter.


A huge segment of the hunting industry is deeply committed to the necessity of camouflage. I’m going to kick the can (old man reference) I don’t believe in camouflage per say. Why? I have hunted successfully without camo! This is subversive talk Dave.


Understanding the Deer We Hunt

In fact, billions of dollars are spent on camo and its development.

If you’re a deer hunter who likes to wear blue jeans while you’re scouting or to your stand, you might as well hang a bell around your neck to let whitetails know you’re in the woods. Or if you wear camouflage with many subtle colors, it may be doing you more harm than good. At the recent QDMA conference, researchers from the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources presented findings from a new study on whitetail vision. 


It’s not my purpose to delve into the sciences of color and human versus deer vision. However, there are some things that in order to understand “camo or no camo” you should know…


Deer are essentially red-green color blind like some humans. Their color vision is limited to the short (blue) and middle (green) wavelength colors. As a result, deer likely can distinguish blue from red, but not green from red, or orange from red.


The lens in a deer’s eye also can’t adjust to objects at varying distances. These factors give deer less visual clarity than humans have. An object a deer is looking at straight on is equally in focus as something out to the side. So don’t assume that because a deer isn’t looking at you that it can’t see you. More than anything else, a deer’s eyes are designed to detect movement.


It’s been found that deer see blue colors best and red colors the worst. Deer can also see greens, yellows and UV light (wash your camo in the right detergent), but they can’t differentiate color shades to that extent that humans can. What this means to a hunter is that you should avoid wearing anything blue. You should also avoid wearing camouflage with a lot of white, because white reflects all colors, including blue. And because deer can’t perceive color shades very well, a hunter wearing camouflage containing many subtle shades of green and/or brown looks just like one big blob to deer. Instead, wear camouflage that breaks up your outline and move as little as possible to avoid being busted.


But camouflage has become highly tribal, and, it seems, mutually exclusive: If you are a Mossy Oak acolyte you can’t belong to Team Realtree. If you sport Sitka you can’t wear KUIU or ASAT.

I’ll tell you it isn’t so, but in saying that I feel a little like the candid boy who disclosed that the emperor was stark naked. But I have a few exhibits to trot out in my defense.


How many whitetails never saw my Grandfather with his Savage 99, wearing a red-checked mackinaw jacket or, many Atlantic ducks, have been shot by my Father wearing oilskin over their ragg wool sweaters? Not to mention Fred Bear the father of modern bow hunting.


The reality is that camouflage does give us an edge. But, it especially helps in close-quarters archery hunting. And it helps break up our outlines and lets us blend into our surroundings. But, I believe some hunters rely too much on the garment and not enough on our own skills.


As modern traditional bowhunters we cannot turn our backs on the improvements made to camo garments. They keep us warmer, dryer, and better concealed. But our dependence on camouflage obscures one truth it’s not the clothes that make the hunter, but rather our abilities.

How to use Camo and what have we learned?

  • Deer are essentially red-green color blind like some humans
  • A deer’s eyes are designed to detect movement.

Any more it makes more and more sense to have camo patterns that fit where you hunt.


A good camo will help keep us from silhouetting ourselves on skylines or in open fields. We see the examples in manufacturer ads all the time. But, its up to us to put the wind in our faces, our scents down, and minimized our movements or the best camo in the world will not work.


I’ll always have camo in my wardrobe, mainly because it’s my warmest, most field-friendly outerwear, and I have choices for where I will hunt and when. My patterns run from 1960’s military to and modern digitized or pixelated camo patterns and last but not least good old fashion red and black plaids. We all have our favorites, they’re our favorites based on the success they bring us and they are hard to give up on. Remembering our goal as traditional bow hunters is to get as close to our game as we can for an ethical harvest. We should always be looking and researching the best camo available. This will then bring us into the new materials and scent control materials.


I like my Viet Nam era tiger stripes for conifers and the cedar swamps because of the horizontal pattern and the open pattern of my ASAT for most everything else because of the browns. Then there’s the buffalo plaid in my wool; the big plaid breaks up your outline too and wool has the quietness…in my opinion.

But the icing on the cake (old man reference) is to do these last 2 things: Wear a brimmed boonie styled hat whenever possible and wear a leafy or ghillie suit. The point is to break up our outlines and leafy or ghillies do that and provide movement similar to Mother Nature’s slight breeze through the woods. The leafy suit works just as well as the ghillie suit does. The great thing about these suits is that its your camo…you can wear camo under them or choose not too. Its your choice. It does not trake to much time to learn how to shoot traditional bow with a 3-D suit like these. Just notice where you either trim or wear an arm guard when shooting your bow. At the end of the day the ghillie suit is a great investment for the traditional bowhunter.

What about our bows should they be camo’ed? Normally traditional bows are either brown or black which will naturally fit into the background of the woods. This changes when we hunt the plains or desert flats, you can put sleves or a camo tape on your bows limbs to break up the silhouette.

In closing, you have choices regarding camouflage today and there is no wrong on your choice, even if you choose to break up your silhouette with plaid. Always remember to wear either face paint or mask and gloves. Our skin has blue in it making us easier to see (the following photos representing what deer see.)

Remember when you shop that “Deer are essentially red-green color blind like some humans. Their color vision is limited to the short (blue) and middle (green) wavelength colors. As a result, deer likely can distinguish blue from red, but not green from red, or orange from red.”



1. What We See              What Deer See

2. What We See                     What Deer See


3. What We See                     What Deer See


4. What We See                     What Deer See


5. What We See             What Deer See


Next Up: The Hunt! 


Be the Deadliest Hunter with New Scent Lok Clothing

The 2015 hunting season is just around the corner, and with a new season typically comes new clothing and this year is no exception.  The new Scent Lok Savannah Crosshair an early season system, Full Season Velocity a mid-season system, and the Vortex Windproof a late season systems have arrived at Bass Pro Shops in Rossford.  The Scent Lok brand may look different this year, but it is the same Scent Lok product people have come to know and love.

The Savannah system has been redesigned for the upcoming season.  Scent Lok has “stripped away” the features that are not needed during the warmer season.  The jacket has a grand total of three pockets, 2 hip and one chest pocket, harness access in the back just below the collar, and stretch fit cuffs to help keep scent locked in.  The pants have 6 pockets total, a side waist adjuster, and to help improve flexibility they have an inner thigh gusset and articulated knees.  Okay, so what is a gusset and what are articulated knees? Right?  The thigh gusset helps to enlarge and strengthen that area of the pant and the articulated knees allow the pant to have a more normal bend, unlike the popular straight leg pants.  This allows them to be more comfortable because they fit more naturally.

The Full Season Velocity which is still the most popular and most versatile system according to Scent Lok, is rated as a mid-season system, but is ideal for the later months because of the micro-fleece liner.   The jacket and pants both have a brushed shell to help a hunter remain silent and are DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treated to resist light rain or morning dew.  Remember that DWR, does not mean waterproof.  It just means that the garment is resistant to water and if you are sitting in the stand and find yourself in a steady rain, eventually the water is going to penetrate the clothing and you are going to get wet.   The jacket has a safety harness access in the back at the base of the collar, a total of five pockets (3 exterior and 2 interior) and stretch fit cuffs to keep scent locked away.  The pants have 8 pockets with easy access openings, a gripper waist for a more secure fit, and an inner thigh gusset for better flexibility.

The Vortex Windproof late season system is a windproof fleece system.  Most fleece clothing allows a good wind to get through, however the Vortex System has a windproof barrier between two layers of fleece, of which the inner layer provides the warmth and the outer layer helps repel moisture.   The jacket has two waist pockets, elastic wrists to keep the wind out and scent in, and a safety harness access in the back just below the collar.  The pants have a 7 pocket design, elastic waistband, and a fly opening with a snap.

All of the systems will be available in Real Tree Xtra and the new Mossy Oak Break Up Country patterns.  For now we only have the new Mossy Oak pattern on the Savannah and Full Season systems in the store.  As of the time I wrote this Scent Lok only has the Vortex in Real Tree Xtra listed on their website.  All of the systems are made with Scent Lok’s patented Carbon Alloy Scent Control System.

It’s never too early to prepare for the next season, so come in to Bass Pro Shops Rossford and check out the Scent Lok line. Remember, some scent control is good, but a full scent control system allows you to be deadly.


Jeremy Hollis

Hunting Clothing Team Leader


Buff Up That Truck

Christmas is over and January seems to be a long month for us.  Time to put away all the hunting clothes and tree decorations.  Why not buff up that truck?  You don't need to spend alot to make that truck look like new inside.  Here are a few ideas that you may just find interesting.

The Signature Automotive Browning Steering Wheel Cover, is durable and it fits most steering wheels.  Treated to resist dirt and moisture, this cover will protect your wheel and keep your hands from slipping.  The design comes in Mossy Oak, Break Up or Infinity.

How about a seat cover?  The Signature Automotive Browning Seat Cover comes in the Mossy Oak, Break Up or Pink design.  Top quality and water resistant this bucket seat cover will fit most standard bucket seats with or without headrests.




How about new floor mats?  The Signature Automotive Browning Floor Mats, come two to the package.  The design is Mossy Oak, Break Up, or Infinity.  Tough, sharp, durable with raised edges to trap the water and dirt so your truck stays clean.  If you need rear matts also, take a look at the Signature Automotive Browning Rear Floor Mat.  The patterns are Mossy Oak, Break-Up, or Infinity.  This is also made durable with molded edges.  Why this would even be good around the house, shop or garage.



New this year is the Garmin Nuvi 66LM Personal Navigation Unit.  This unit comes with free lifetime maps, a 6" display and preloaded maps of Canada and the US.  A few other great additions are lane assist, junction view and route avoidance.  This unit also tells you the speed limits and school zone warnings.

How about adding a little humor to your truck with the Double Take Archery Arrow Radio Antenna?  This antenna looks like a arrow and will fit all major truck lines. A fully functioning antenna, what a great addition to the truck.


Fisherman?  Take a look at the Hitch Receiver Cover Prop.  This cover will fit most standard hitch receivers.  Not only is this a cover, but the red light will light up when you apply the breaks


So, stop on in and take a look at what we have to Buff up your Truck!


Robin Piedmonte -Events Coordinator




Waterfowl gear: Quickly and Easily

Extreme Waterfowl System  - The Canvasback Waterfowl System ranks among the finest waterfowl gear on the market. All of our styles are featured with our Bone Dry membrane for an unbeatable breathable, windproof, and waterproof performance. It comes with a Ripstop fabric and reinforced stress areas in the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Our system is insulated with 150 gram ThermoLite, except for our Canvasback pants, which are non-Insulated. Canvasback Wader Jacket and Parka- Convertible designs that include magnetic pockets and a warm zip-out reversible liner that can also be worn alone.

The parka is hip length and features 100% waterproof/breathable Bone Dry Membrane with a 150 ThermoLite insulation. The top layer of the jackets include a full nylon mesh lining, side seam adjusters, hook and loop neoprene cuffs, 2 large storage pockets with snap closures and magnetic chest pockets for easy access. The inner layer is water resistant with 100% poly microfiber that reverses to solid brown. It has built in shell holders on the camo side, knit wrists and micro tricot lined hand warmers. Comes in 2 Camo Patterns (Max5 and Mossy oak Shadow Grass Blades) Prices For Parka Prices For Wader Jacket 169.99 159.99 2XL-3XL 179.99 2XL-3XL- 169.99.

Canvasback Bib-The Redhead Bone Dry Canvasback Insulated Bibs feature a reliable two-way zipper and an incomparable 150 ThermoLite insulation. They are fully lined with nylon taffeta on the body, chest pockets, back pockets, and cargo pockets, with reinforced Ripstop fabric protecting the knees. This ideal bib also includes a license loop. Comes in 2 Camo patterns (Max5 and Mossy oak Shadow Grass Blades) Prices- 119.99 2XL-129.99 Canvasback Pants-Canvasback Non-Insulated pants are 100% Bone Dry with breathable, waterproof, and windproof performance. These pants have easy to use elastic draw cord waists and belt loops. There is also a mesh drainage system along with knee-high length zipper to easily put on and take off boots. These pants have durable rear pockets, reinforced Ripstop knees and a durable and comfortable outer Taslon Shell. Comes in 3 Camo patterns (Max5 and Max 4 and Mossy oak Shadow Grass Blades) Prices 79.99 2XL-89.99










Which Camo Pattern Do You Need?

There are many types of camo out there to chose from, and that can get a little overwhelming. Some look the same, or you just might not know which pattern you need for the type of hunting you are going to be doing. Well here is some help for the top 5 popular camo prints we have flying off the shelves. 

Realtree Xtra Camo

The natural colors and 3D patterns blend effectively in the fall, winter, and early spring. This new camo pattern blends perfectly year round in a variety of habitats. It blends best from the leaf change of fall through winter, then again in early spring before green-out.

Using proprietary printing technology, we layer sharp foreground elements over a progressively ghosted mid-ground and very soft background. The versatile new camo design includes tree trunks, large and small limbs, leaves of many types and colors, and large open areas.



Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity

Featuring unprecedented depth, unequaled detail and elements with remarkable contrast, Break-Up truly offers hunter another dimension in camo.Each element- leaves, limbs, acorns and branches, was selected to create unmatched realism and contrast to break up a hunter’s silhouette. Then they were placed over multiple layers of actual images from the woods to create a multidimensional depth of field unlike any camouflage ever created.

Realtree Max 5

Made for  waterfowlers, this pattern is filled with cattails, reeds, cane and grasses to blend into flooded marshes. Plus corn, wheat, oats and sunflowers to hide you in open fields. It has branches, twigs and leaves that work in flooded timber. And with open areas that mimic mud, water, bark and shadows, MAX-5 literally adds another layer of invisibility to camo – no matter where or how you use it.



Realtree Max 1

Realtree MAX-1 camo lets hunters in broad terrain melt into their surroundings. MAX-1 camo combines the perfect balance of neutral earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock, sage and open zones—with just a hint of shadow detail for added depth and realism. Use the versatile Realtree MAX-1 camo pattern as your go-to for hunting sage-covered hillsides, mesquite flats, croplands and wide-open prairies. Also choose it for deserts and rocky terrain. Realtree MAX-1 ® is the one to wear for hunting mule deer, whitetail, pronghorn, elk, bighorn and turkey. It’s an ideal predator hunting camo, too.




Mossy Oak Treestand

Time you game to the next level! Designed specifically for the whitetail hunter who hunts from an elevated position, Treestand offers the ideal camouflage solutions for altering your silhouette among the bare limbs of a tree in late fall. It is build to defeat the deer’s looking up through the limbs of bare trees. 




If these still don't meet your game and scenery, feel free to come in the store and talk to one of the Camo Associates who are always willing to help.








Under Armour Scent Control

Don’t Get Sniffed Out!

Deer season is approaching quickly and one of the best ways to insure a good hunt is having a high quality base layer. One of the  top line base layers on the market for both scent control as well as adequate warmth is the Under Armour Scent Control base layer line. The Under Armour Scent Control base layer line uses Anti-Microbial Silver and also odor trapping Zeolites. This combination in the base layer traps odors and suppresses the growth of odor causing bacteria. This system also works ten times longer than carbon and does not need special reactivation detergent, you just wash it like you would any other clothing, however I would suggest still using an unscented detergent, I also suggest not using your home dryer, let the clothing hang dry outside as to make sure you do not pick up any other unwanted scents. Another tip after washing theses base layers and they have dried, place them in an air tight container as to keep out any house hold scents that could ruin your hunt.

Bass pro shops carries the Under Armour Scent Control base layers in all shapes and sizes, including youth, women’s, and men’s, ranging from extra small to 3XL. The Under Armour Scent Control also comes in two different camouflage patterns which are RealTree Xtra and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity. These Base layers are a great addition to any hunting arsenal and well help insure that those amazing whitetails will not detect you, if you take care of the clothing properly.


These products can be found at any local bass pro shops or on our online store. Thanks for reading and safe hunting.



Ethan Aycox

Bass Pro Shops

Camo Pro Staff

Spanish Fort, AL


New Camo from Under Armour

With hunting season just around the corner in September, we are excited to announce the new camo pattern that Under Armour is now carrying in our store. With light weight 1/4 zip jackets, tees and pants, we are happy to bring in Mossy Oak Treestand to our department in this given brand of clothing. Come rifle season, we also have the perfect heavy weight bibs, hooded sweatshirts and coats to match.

Under Armour® ColdGear® Infrared Scent Control Rut Camo Jacket for Men in Mossy Oak Treestand Camo


Sitting in the freezing cold waiting to harvest that whitetail you’ve been tracking down will not be a problem in this comfortable gear. Containing infrared, scent control and cold gear it is the perfect technology  for hunting down your big game in the woods. We are also offering realtree camo logo hooded sweatshirts for the ladies, something we have not done before.  Which brings us into our new pink camo bibs in toddler sizes. Little girls like to hunt too!

Bass Pro Shops® Camo Bib Overalls for Toddlers


                Our tent sale is coming up in July, and both the men's and women's departments are offering a lot of clearance merchandise. It is never a bad time to shop for a nice summer wardrobe at a cheaper price. Come in and check us out. We would be more than happy to show our customers the new and exciting merchandise that has made its way into our store.


Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Hunter

My husband is a hunter. He hunts for food, not horns just to let you know J So, I asked him what a hunter would want for Christmas. Would they want gifts pertaining to hunting? He told me they definitely would. Together we came up with the top items that hunters would definitely want for Christmas this year!

The main item a hunter wants is a good weapon. A shot gun, a muzzleloader, a bow. Most likely they'll want all three! Consider one of these items for this year, the next, and the next. The receiver will NOT complain...

Another thing a hunter wants for hunting season is to be warm. Hunters always wear camouflage. The Sportsman's guide is packed full of great two piece jacket and pant sets. They are available in many styles of camouflage and made by the top makers of hunting gear. You'll find Mossy Oak and the rest of the best through the Sportsman's Guide.

Hunters also love to get little items that keep them warm such as long johns and socks! Any man will appreciate a good pair of long johns on a cold day. Same goes for a nice, warm, fuzzy, thick pair of winter socks. Beware though, if you only get them one pair they may never take them off!

Hunters also need a pouch or small carrying bag of some sort. My husband has a waist one and loves it because everything he needs is right there and ready. This item is needed to hold the ammo, hunting knife, those little hand warmer packets, scents, etc. It is very handy and helps the hunter you love enjoy their hunting time to the fullest because they aren't wasting it searching for lost items!

Speaking of scents, hunters need scents. Doe scent, buck lure, etc. They smell absolutely awful to us but the deer come right too them. Hunters also appreciate the special scent remover spray the eliminates all human orders from their bodies and clothing which helps keep them undetected by the deer!

Hunters also love to collect calls. Turkey calls, doe calls, buck grunts, even squirrel calls are available. There are many other animal calls available too. These calling devices really do work very well. It's amazing. Any hunter would love to find one in their stocking or under the tree this year!








Everybody, no matter who you are, likes to save money. Regardless if it’s instant savings or something we have to mail in, every bit saved helps! I’m making it easier for customers to target those rebate offers by listing them here. Some rebate offers are getting ready to expire, so act fast!


Bushnell BackTrack HuntTrack Handheld GPS Unit
Description: Use to log and save up to 25 locations. Logs up to 48 hours of trip data, provides: Current Time (Standard and Military); Temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius); Barometric Pressure; Distances of Locations (Yards/Miles and Meters/Kilometers); Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset Times, and many.
Price: $129.99
Rebate: $25.00
Expires: 10/6/13

Midland GXT Pro 895 36-Mile Two-Way Radio

Description: These Mossy Oak two-way radios are a great addition to any outdoor enthusiasts’ arsenal. Features include: 42 channels, a range potential of 36-miles, 142 privacy codes, NOAA weather alert capability, water resistant and more!
Price: $69.99
Rebate: $10.00
Expires: 10/6/13


Star Brite Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment
Description: Stabilizes gasoline for up to two years and improves fuel economy as well as engine performance.
Reg. Price: $13.99
Sale: $11.97
Rebate: $2.00
Expires: 10/7/13


Remington 700 SPS Varmint Rifle
(.22-250, .223, or .308)
Description: Synthetic/Blued non-reflective coating keeps these set of rifles from being spotted by predators. Sporting a 26” heavy contour barrel and vented beaver tail fore-end for easier grip, better heat dissipation and making it lighter to carry.
Price: $619.99
Rebate: $40.00
Expires: 12/31/13  

H.S. Scent-A-Way Pro Pack
Description: This pack provides two 12 oz. bottles of Scent-A-Way and a 32 oz. refill container. Scent-A-Way is an all natural odor eliminator. It does not stain your clothing and is not harmful to the skin. A must for hunters!
Price: $16.99
Rebate: $5.00
Expires: 1/31/14




Trick Out Your Truck

seatBesides being the nation's leading outdoor store, carrying the usual complement of hunting and fishing supplies, did you know we also carry a number of items to customize your vehicle?  It's true, your local Bass Pro Shops is also your vehicle personalization headquarters.wheel

First up, let's start with the interior.  Seat covers are both functional and decorative. You'll find a number of different licensed products, most of which feature camouflage-pattern accent pieces.  Some of the options to choose from include Browning Mossy Oak, Ducks Unlimited, Duck Commander and Realtree. Most of the seat covers also have matching steering wheel covers to provide a unified look for the interior of your vehicle.

airMake sure you check out the selection of floor mats that are available well.  You will find options for both the front and rear of your vehicle.  The floor mat selections include standard and 3-D options.  Designs are available from Bone Collector, Browning Pink/Mossy Oak, Realtree and more. You will also find a ducknumber of logoed air fresheners, and even windshield shades to complete your look.

We haven't forgotten the exterior of your vehicle.  A variety of fishing-and hunting-themed stickers, decals and window clings are available to personalize your windows, bumpers and side panels.  When you are stocking up on ammunition or replacing your hunting clothing, don't forget to trick out your truck!




Duck Hunters Rejoice!

Mossy Oak has developed a new pattern, specifically for the waterfowl market.  "Shadow Grass Blades" is the new pattern and is based purely on grass.

According to the Mossy Oak website:  "Shadow Grass Blades features a precise arrangement of individual blades of grass, whether windblown, broken or bent, onto a background of thatch consisting of lesser or dead grass, to create the perfect pure grass pattern. Carefully placed shadows from the main grass arranged atop the thatch, which incorporates light to dark spots as seen in nature, creates depth that gives Shadow Grass Blades a realistic 3D appearance and superior ability to break up a hunter’s outline."


jacketYour local Bass Pro Shops has this pattern available in a fleece-lined pullover from Drake. The jacket is constructed of 100% waterproof/windproof fabric with adjustable neoprene cuffs. The pullover is designed with functionality in mind, featuring a magnetic chest call pouch, call separator, hand warmer pockets, and license pouch. The jacket is 100% polyester and is easily machine washed after a day in your duck hole.

Head over to the Hunting Clothing department and check out this great new pattern. Take your camouflage to the next level with Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, available at your local Bass Pro Shops.







Now you see me, Now you don't...

eastern screech owl

  Do you know your camouflage patterns? Well, do you? Most of the people I meet in a day have the same, simple answer to this question: No!

Why is this? Camouflage is the second most important thing for hunting. Why second? Because a weapon would have to be first for hunting! (No bear wrestling please)

Regardless, camo is important because it literally  HIDES you from what you're hunting, like a forest ninja. So I am going to give you the quick shortcuts and tips to picking out your camo outfit for the best advantage in hunting.

     There are several different types of camouflage, but there are two basics to begin with that are highly recognizable. The two are Realtree and Mossy Oak. After these two titles will come your sub categories, for example, Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity. See how it started with the title and then broke it down? This is how it works in the camo world.

                                               New realtree symbol

















Starting with Realtree Brand the newest patterns this year are Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green. These patterns are replacing the common camos like AP and APG. Below is a picture of Realtree Xtra, how can you tell? The huge golden leaves. Yes, that's it!

realtree xtra

rt xtra

     Now the next, Realtree Xtra Green. The only difference between it and the Xtra is the big greenleaves that spring out of the branches and replace the golden leaves. See the white that is spotted on the branches? This is there to help break up your figure since deer can't see this very well along with the pattern. These are great Realtree patterns to use for Deer, Bear, and general hunting

     Since these patterns are brand new they are still transitioning from the AP and APG colors. AP is like Xtra only no golden leaves. This is similiar with APG since it is just like Xtra Green only the greens are a little bit lighter and not as "HD" looking. 

    These are great patterns for all year since you can transition from the browner looks for the upcoming fall and winter with Realtree Xtra and with Realtree Xtra Green get that perfect spring and summer blend. 

                                           mossy oak

  Now for the other Camo "branch" ( Ok, no more puns) Mossy oak is the other huge pattern we carry in our hunting apparel department at Bass Pro.  

    Mossy Oak is a bit darker in their camos but it is just as efficient for hunting.





To start there is Mossy Oak Break Up and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity. Mossy oak break up (MOBU) is a very dark and white spotted pattern. The tell tale is the bluish-gray color you can see along with the muted leaves.




The second to discuss is Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity (MOBU INF) This pattern is similar but instead of themobu inf blue tint there is more of a gold-green tint to give it that "sun lit", woodsy appearance. These are also great patterns to use for hunting all year round and can be found in our camouflage department.









The last Mossy Oak pattern I will discuss is Mossy Oak Obsession. This pattern is PERFECT for turkey season and I would recommend it for turkey and early spring season only. It works to blend even better since turkey can see color and it is the best pattern you can get for turkey season. It is easy to pick out since it is always the brightest, with lots of green leaves and white in their branches and through out the pattern.




Hopefully these few tips can help make your hunting experience better and easier! You can challenge yourself with your pattern knowledge at http://www.basspro.com/Hunting-Clothing/_/T-12600004000 as well as see the new hunting apparel and patterns we are getting all the time at our Bass Pro!  What camouflage patterns can you pick out?  

For any and all camouflage questions contact me and I'll do the absolute best I can!


Ainsley, Camo Lead

at the Bass Pro

in Sevierville, TN 






Our Largest Hunting Sale of the Season!!!!

It’s that time already!!!! It’s time for our Fall Hunting Sale and Event. Between the seminars, sales, trade-ins, and special savings too, you’re sure to feed your hunting fever and get yourself primed for the season. This 3 week event begins Friday, August 2 and runs through August 18, 2013!

TRADE IN Days Schedule: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bass Pro Shops Bow & Crossbow Trade-In!

August 2-7    Bow Trade-In

August 8-13   Scope Trade-In

August 14-18  Binocular and
Range Finder Trade-In

Bow Trade in values



Bass Pro Shops Scope Trade In!Bass Pro Shops Binocular & Rangefinder Trade in! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bass Pro Shops 2nd Amendment Instant Savings!~~~~~

Also, during the 2013 Fall Hunting Classic, customers who purchase any in-stock gun or safe using their Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards credit card August 2-11 are eligible to receive an instant discount equal to the tax rate on their gun or safe purchase.


If you don’t yet have a BPS Outdoor Rewards Credit Card, make sure to apply so that you will receive not only this benefit, but also 10% off your entire first purchase (after the tax rebate is applied).



Hunting Pros appearances and seminars
for Sunday August 4, 2013


Deceiving the Wild Turkey

MAD® Gold Staff Member   

Bowhunting Big Whitetails  

Mossy Oak® Pro Staff                   

Competition Shooting 

World's Best All-Around Shooter,
RedHead® Pro Hunting Team Member/2013 Member,
Team Safariland™     

            Bass Pro Shops Hunting Pros Schedule for East Peoria, IL




August 9, 10 & 11 is our Hunter’s Appreciation Weekend!


Friday, August 9
6:30 pm Tips for Bow Hunting
7: 30 pm Tactics for Hunting Deer
Saturday, August 10
1:30 pm Shed Hunting: How to Successfully Hunt for Sheds
2:30 pm From the Field to the Table: How to Cook Tender Deer Meat
3:30 pm Local Hunting Tips and Techniques
4:30 pm Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and 3-Gun Shooting
 5:30 pm Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Choosing the Correct Camouflage Clothing
Sunday, August 11
1:30 pm   Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and 3-Gun Shooting
2:30 pm Tactics for Hunting Deer
3:30 pm Local Hunting Tips and Techniques
4:30 pm What’s new in Scent Control
5:30 pm Tips for Game Camera Placement

Bass Pro Shops Daily Specials during our biggest Hunting Sale!


Make sure to attend our Seminars
and take advantage of
the Daily Specials! 

Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic East Peoria, IL Calendar

Bass Pro Shops Hunting Trip Sweeps



Bass Pro Shops Next Generation Logo
Then August 17 & 18 is our Next Generation Weekend! A weekend set aside for the kids right here at
East Peoria, IL Bass Pro Shops!




How to protect yourself from insects


Timmy the Tick: Timmy the Tick reporting to you live from a secret headquarters at the insect jamboree. Her under deep covers under the night sky, we will get all of the pertinent information regarding products destined to destroy our insect colonies. During my recon missions I have uncovered information about the insect protective gear that humans are planning on using against us.

The first product, to be weary of are Rynoskins Insect Protection shirts, pants, hoods, gloves and socks. This product is a nylon/spandex fabric that provides 99.9% chemical free protection against biting insects. This product is form fitting to body, machine washable, comes in sizes S-2XL in shirt and pants, while the hood, gloves and socks are one size fits most. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns, like Mossy Oak Break Up, Real Tree Xtra Green, Black, Green and Tan to adapt to your environment.

The Rynoskins can be used as pajamas in hot climate weather environments where there are a large quantity of bug infestation. This is a serious threat to us all as this insect protective clothing provides resistance to black flies, chiggers, sand fleas, gnats and ticks. I found this item and information while buzzing around in the store from the associates in the camo department at Bass Pro Shops.

Check out this link:


I am now handing the microphone over to Bart the Blackfly who is currently live on location in the camo department at Bass Pro Shops to report his findings on the Quagga mosquito clothing line.

Bart the Blackfly: Thanks Timmy. Well folks, the new Quagga mosquito clothing line is scent and chemical free protection which goes over your clothes. It is a lightweight mesh construction, machine washable and quick dries. BE AWARE!!! This clothing can be worn for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and many outdoor activities. It is easily packable and doesn’t take up a lot of room in the human’s backpacks. In other words, you know never know they can be well prepared with this line of defense hidden in their backpacks. It comes in Olive Green and it comes in a long sleeve t-shirt, full net shirt, pant and 2 types of head nets; one with a neck cover and one without a neck cover.

Check this out:


This is Bart the Blackfly signing off, back to you Timmy.

Timmy the Tick: Thanks a lot for that useful information Bart! Next up, Sandy the Sand Flea will be reporting to you regarding the Bug Bushlite jacket and pants.

Sandy the Sand Flea: Reporting for duty! I am currently in the camping department at Bass Pro Shops and I have found some VERY interesting information. The Bug Bushlite jacket and pants are a black nylon lightweight mesh material, which comes in a carrying bag the size of your wallet. The jacket has an extra large hood and it has draw cord wrists for added protection against bugs. The pants have a drawstring waist and cuffs. It is also black nylon lightweight mesh material. This product is light weight packable, easy to carry, compact and easy to throw over your clothes.

There something her that’s making me really nauseous… Back to you Timmy!

Timmy the Tick: Can we get some medics on the site!? Now here’s Cathy the Chigger reporting just outside of Bass Pro Shops… Luckily you got out of the camping department just in time! Are you ok?

Cathy the Chigger: Yes, thank you Timmy. The medics are now with Sandy. They have opened a package of Thermacells inside the department causing Sandy to feel a little light headed… I flew towards the doors as soon as I could and out the sliding doors I went when a customer left. While I was there… I heard the associates talking about this Thermacell product. It is a handheld mosquito repellent, there are 3 different colours/patterns available; Olive, Realtree AP and Camo. It also comes in a form of a functional lantern, which looks esthetically pleasing for you outdoor nirvana. It has a 15 foot of radius protection, it uses butane cartridges and a mosquito pad. (Pads need to be replaced when the pad turns white or when our friends feast on you!) Also available is a holster and swivel light attachment for your use. It is a scent free product, which explains why Sandy suddenly got sick! This product is used for many outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, sporting events or just relaxing in your backyard.

That’s it for me Timmy, I got to get out of here!!! Back to you.

Timmy the Tick: Just as an aside the camping department offers musk oil, deet spray or patches, coils, Ben’s insect repellent, the fly shooter (be careful when around kids when using this) and the executioner (adult use only). Also, after we have been successful at feasting on your flesh, they have kids’ and original after bite pens for some relief available in the department.

Now that we have uncovered the human’s secret weapons against us, we can be more diligent in selecting our targets. Be on the look out, for any of the products mentioned above and be careful while you’re out there!

This is Timmy the Tick signing off, enjoy the rest of the Bug Jamboree!


Turkey Time!


Turkey Season is here!  As you start getting everything ready for a day in the woods, makes sure you have every little thing you may need and of course some of the latest and greatest gear. 

First things first, make sure you have your turkey vest ready, like the RedHead Striker Turkey Vest. It has plenty of handy pockets for calls and gloves and is offered in Realtree APG, Mossy Oak Break Up Obsession, and Realtree Xtra Green.  http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Striker-Turkey-Vests-for-Men/product/11100805013010/ 

Once you have your vest out and ready its time to select your calls, will it be a box call, mouth call, or strike call? Personally I prefer the mouth call because they involve no movement at all making it almost impossible for turkies to see you.  Once everything to get the turkey is ready make sure you grab your decoys like the RedHead Reality Series Upright Jake, http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Reality-Series-HD-Turkey-Decoy-Upright-Jake/product/40528800/, to attract some gobblers.

Now that you are ready for the hunt grab some Saywer Maxi-Deet, http://www.basspro.com/Sawyer-MAXIDEET-Low-Odor-Insect-Repellent-Spray/product/10207319/,  and a thermacell, http://www.basspro.com/ThermaCell-Mosquito-Repellent/product/52165/ to repel those pesky mosquitos which could distract you on your big opening day hunt. Plus a couple days prior to the hunt spray your clothes down with Saywer Permethrin, http://blogs.basspro.com/blog/bass-pro-shops-hampton-va/keep-the-ticks-away, to ensure that no pesky ticks, mosquitos, or  black flies bother you.

We took a random survey over the course of a week, asking customers what was the one item they could not go on a turkey hunt without and got some pretty interesting responses....

- Thermacell

-Extra Turkey Shots

-My Dog

-Beef Jerky



-Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo of course

So as you are preapring for your hunt, come visit your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let one of our staff help you get everything you will need to bring home that gobbler.


The Well Dressed Hunter

The Well Dressed Hunter


I really enjoy a well made set of hunting clothes that are multifunctional. For most hunting shirtseasons in the south, I prefer the Tec-Lite series made by RedHead. It comes in a button-up shirt that’s vented with roll-up sleeves or a pant. Both are 100% micro polyester moisture-wicking fabric with AXE’s permanently embedded silver nanoparticles for continuous odor control that won’t wash out. It’s warm most of the year in these parts, and there isn’t much of anything on the market that will keep you more comfortable than this.

As I told you, I like the fact that it keeps me warm or cool, depending on the weather, but let me tell you why my husband likes it.  He likes the little things you don’t always notice, like the extra large zip pockets that can hold his turkey call or such things for easy access.  My husband is a big man and he likes the long rounded tails that prevent his shirt from contstantly coming untucked.

The shirt comes in three different patterns, Mossy Oak - Break Up Infinity, Mossy Oak Obsession and Realtree Xtra Green.  This allows you to wear the shirt in all types of weather and all types of terrain.  So not only can you wear it down hear in Louisiana, but you can take it with you when you take that trip you've been planning to Colorado and it will fit in just great.

Apparel Department

Denham Springs BPS


Special Buy! Insulated Camo Clothing

Fieldline Pro Series Camouflage Clothing

Jacket or Bibs


The Men's Insulate Parka has taped seams, water resistant finish, an attached hood and is fully insulated. The Bib is also fully insulated and water resistant with a two way zipper front with side zippers on the legs and 1 1/2 inch adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable for everyone. The Jackets and Bibs both come in sizes Medium to 3XL and in camouflage patterns Realtree AP and Mossy Oak Infinity.

clayton camo blog

Clayton is ready for a hunt and wearing the Fieldline Pro Series Jacket and Bibs in the Realtree AP camouflage pattern.



Hunter Appreciation







We love our hunters!  Fall hunting is just around the corner and we want you to be fully prepared!  Join our local experts from law enforcement, Mossy Oak Pro Staff, and the Working Class Whitetails team for our full line-up of free seminars all weekend!

Friday, August 10

6:00 p.m. – “Using Big Game Scents & Calls Effectively”
7:00 p.m. – “Gear Choices in Holsters, Tactical Clothing and Personal Defense Accessories”
8:00 p.m. – “Scent Control for the 2012 Hunting Season/What’s New in Scent Control Apparel and Sprays”

Saturday, August 11

1:00 p.m. – “Using Big Game Scents & Calls Effectively”
2:00 p.m. – “Gear Choices in Holsters, Tactical Clothing and Personal Defense Accessories”
3:00 p.m. – “Scent Control for the 2012 Hunting Season/What’s New in Scent Control Apparel and Sprays”
4:00 p.m. – “Choosing the Right Optics”
5:00 p.m. – “Fundamentals of Long Range Hunting & Shooting”

Sunday, August 12

1:00 p.m. – “Tips for Game Camera Placement”
2:00 p.m. – “Fundamentals of Long Range Hunting & Shooting”
3:00 p.m. – “Field Dressing, Transporting & Processing Game”
4:00 p.m. – “Choosing the Right Optics”