Waterfowl Camo Guide

With waterfowl season upon us, we're going to take a quick look at some of the camouflage options currently available.

Max-4Realtree® Max-4 HD™:
Advantage® MAX-4™ HD was designed to give hunters maximum effectiveness in open terrain. The pattern incorporates cattails, millet, milo, corn stalks, dead sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, plus a variety of other plant life into the largest camouflage artwork on the market. It melts into marshes, grasslands, deserts, broomsage, croplands - even the open canopy of a treetop. It's ideal for deer, turkey, waterfowl and western big game.




Mossy Oak® Duck Blind™duck blind
Duck Blind was designed specifically for avid duck and goose hunters in all flyways from the east to west coast - to be equally effective in marshes, potholes, riverbanks, reeds, tules, bottomland, corn fields, wheat stubble, rice fields and just about anywhere a waterfowl hunter would want to be hidden from the birds' view. Duck Blind is built on a base background of true dirt colors with different tones to represent wet and dry ground, with elements of millet, wild oats, corn stalks, phragmites, Johnson grass, soybeans and native grasses selected and placed to achieve maximum effectiveness. Unique shadows enhance depth and create the ultimate 3-D effect. Finally, muted shades of brown, tan, gray and soft black are incorporated for blending into harvested fields, marshes and wetland environments. All you have to do is sit down - and be the blind.


bottomlandMossy Oak® New Bottomland™
Bottomland is Mossy Oak's original camo pattern, created two decades ago. This pattern preserves the original design while applying advanced technology for increased stealth and effectiveness. The same field-proven components and colors, the same dirt and bark elements, the same ability to blend into dark environments and obscure a hunter's outline from every angle - all carefully enhanced with digital technology for even greater subtlety and realism.




Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity™infinity
Featuring unprecedented depth, unequalled detail and elements with remarkable contrast, Break-Up Infinity truly offers hunters another dimension in camo.

Each element – leaves, limbs, acorns and branches – was selected to create unmatched realism and contrast to break up a hunter's silhouette. Then they were placed over multiple layers of actual images from the woods to create a multi-dimensional depth of field unlike any camouflage ever created.

Break-Up Infinity is the first pattern ever that you can actually look into much the same way you look into the woods.


shadowgrassMossy Oak® Original Shadow Grass™  From tons of requests, we've learned that Original Shadow Grass is near and dear to the hearts of many waterfowlers. Whether hunting geese in the corn fields of Minnesota or greenheads in the rice fields of Arkansas, hunters everywhere swore by its effectiveness since the pattern was introduced in 1997.





Drake's Old School™ Camo As a company steeped in heritage, Drake Waterfowl Systems wanted to old schoolbring back a little bit of the magic found in our younger days hunting with our fathers and grandfathers. Brown camo was their choice of camouflage and it was extremely effective in the field. So with the nostalgia of days gone by merged with the innovation of today, Drake presents Old School Camo, the field-tested, time-honored camouflage pattern guaranteed to withstand the tests of time.





timberDrake's Old School™ Timber Camo  With the overwhelming success of Drake's Old School Camo, they received countless requests for an "old school" pattern designed for timber hunters.  Drake answered the call by developing Drake Old School Timber, a pattern composed of cypress gray and muddy water color tones with the same classic inspiration behind our brown Old School pattern.  Old School Timber matches the unique terrain found in flooded green timber, buck brush, or willow and cypress brakes.



This information was adapted from www.drakewaterfowl.com. Visit your local Bass Pro Shops to find these camo patterns and many more.

Get the Inside of Your Truck/SUV Camo'd Out for Fall!

Mossy Oak We all like to spend a lot of time to make sure the outside of our trucks and SUV's look nice. But what does the inside of your truck look like after a weekend hunting trip? Does is resemble an abandoned deer stand? Does it smell like a week in the woods? And most importantly, does it scare your significant other from hopping in and sliding next to you?

Well, Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City can help you with your problem. We carry a full line of products designed to keep the inside of your vehicle looking nice.  Steering wheel covers, matching floor mats for him and her. We have bench and bucket seat covers, sunshades, and air fresheners all made to help your vehicle stand up to the wear and tear of being an outdoorsman. The accessories are made from stainPink for Her and water resistant materials that will keep your factory interior protected. And when the season is over just take them out, clean them off. You can store them for next hunting season of just put them back in to continue to keep you truck protected.

Bass Pro Shops carries products in Mossy Oak, Realtree, RedHead, and Ducks Unlimited patterns so you can choose the logo that bests suits your personality.  We even carry the famous Browning Buck mark logo products in Black and also in Pink. So come to a Bass Pro Shops near you so your truck can be the envy of all your buddies and not the one picked to haul the dogs!

Denise B.

Events Coordinator


Fall Hunting Season

I don’t know about you, but I am counting down the days to October 1! Are you ready for the open of archery season? Checklists are done and everything is good to go? Come in to Bass Pro Shops and get those last minute items that you have been putting off.
shirt We know that scent control is extremely important and we have just what you need. Our AXE Endura Skin is effective in keeping your scent controlled. It is also great for moisture wicking. It is available in Realtree AP, Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity, and black. All are available in a relaxed fit or fitted. hat We have mock or crew neck, short or long sleeve so it’s up to you to decide which fits your style best. We offer several accessories as well from beanies, balaclavas, arm guards, and neck ups.

A great addition to your gear is our Rut Zone glove. Rut Zone gloves are tight fitting with a great gripping ability but most important, scent control. Another great feature offered is sensitive touch thumb and fingertip for easy texting or sending photos of those big trophies! It also has a pocket on the back for warmers to keep your hands warm and ready to take the shot.

Good luck in your 2012 archery season!
Bass Pro Shops, Hanover County


What's that Smell? Scent Control for the 2012 Season

Realtree fitted AXE Endura SkinMossy Oak Endura Skin relaxed fitI don’t know about you, but I am counting down the days to October 1! No more procrastinating. Are you ready for the open of archery season? Check lists are done and everything is good to go? Come in to Bass Pro Shops East Peoria and get those last minute items that you have been putting off.


We know that scent control is extremely important and we have just what you need. Our AXE Endura Skin is effective in keeping your scent controlled as well as a great moisture wicking. black short-sleeved relaxed fit endura skin shirtWe offer it in Realtree AP, Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity and black. All are available in a relaxed fit or fitted for those looking for a tight layer. We have Mock or crew neck, short or long sleeve so it’s up to you to decide which fits your style best. balaclava



We offer several accessories as well from beanies, balaclavas, arm guards, and neck ups.



A great addition to your gear is our Rut Zone glove.Rut Zone gloves Rut Zone Gloves are tight fitting with a great gripping ability but most important, scent control. Another great feature offered is sensitive touch thumb and fingertip for easy texting to your buddies or sending photos of the trophies taken. It also has a pocket on the back for a pocket warmer to keep your hands warm and ready to that the shot.

Good luck in your 2012 archery season!

Theresa Baior, Camo lead
Bass Pro Shops, East Peoria


Fall Hunting Seasons are Approaching, are you Camo Ready?

Fall is an exciting time for hunters. It's when a lot of hunting seasons open up across the country and you need to make sure your camouflage is just as ready for hunting as you are. There are many patterns out there and choosing the right one for your surroundings is paramount in your success in taking home the game animal you are after. The big four here in the south when it comes to camouflage are RealTree AP, Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity, RealTree Max-4 and Mossy Oak Duck Blind.

First let's start with saying you were going to get geared up for your fall deer season. RealTree AP is a widely used pattern here in the south and features a light grey neutral base but also has dark contrasts like shadows to really help blend in. RealTree AP also has mixed pines and dark hardwoods which really covers a wide range of forests. Say you are looking for a little bit of a darker pattern for where you hunt though, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity would be your camo of choice. Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity has a soft brown base with highlights of grey, tan, and green thrown in to really break up an hunters silhouette. One great product that comes in both of these patterns is the Scent Blocker Super Freak jacket. The Scent Blocker Super Freak Jacket features SPF 60 Scent Blocker Cold Fusion technology, DWR water repellent fabric, and a safety harness slit in the back which are all features for a good all round hunting jacket for deer hunters whether they are in a tree stand on a pine tree or down in a river bottom hunting behind a ground blind. Another great product that could be paired with the Super Freak Jacket and also comes in both patterns is the Browning Hell's Canyon pants. These pants are quiet, windproof, and also feature Browning's OdorSmart technology for true stealth in the woods whether you are stalk hunting or watching a green plot from a ladder stand.

Scentblocker super freak jacket  browning hell's canyon pants

Next let's say you are getting ready for the upcoming waterfowl seasons. A widely used waterfowl camo is the RealTree Max-4. RealTree Max-4 features plant life such as cattails, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, and cedar and oak limbs. This camo works great with waterfowl because they simply just ignore those things, it blends whether you are sitting on a river bank waiting for ducks or you are sitting on the edge of a corn field watching a pond for geese. Another great waterfowl pattern is the Mossy Oak Duck Blind. Mossy Oak Duck Blind starts out with dirt colors with different shades to show both wet and dry ground and then is covered with elements of millet, wild oats, corn stalks, Johnson Grass, soybeans and other grasses. These elements really create a 3-D feel and a sense of depth to completely blend in with the background you are using to take down waterfowl. One jacket that can be bought in either of these patterns is the Under Armour Skysweeper Jacket. The Skysweeper has a comfortable styling so it is easy to wear over waders, it features magnetic storage pocket, slash hand warmer pockets, 100% waterproof fabric, shooting shoulder and an adjustable/removable hood. One other great product that can be found in both these camo patterns is the RedHead Bone-Dry Canvasback insulated bibs. These bibs feature a Bone-Dry membrane for 100% waterproof performance while still remaining very breathable. The bibs also feature 150 gram thermolite insulation, plenty of pockets on both front and back, and also have reinforced seat and knees with ripstop honeycomb fabric.

UnderArmour Skysweeper jacket   RedHead CanvasBack insulated bibs

All of these products can be found at your local Bass Pro Shops store or online at basspro.com. Thanks for reading and stay safe hunters.

Ethan Aycox
Bass Pro Shops
Camo Pro Staff
Spanish Fort, AL



Outfit That Truck

steering cover

Winter in February can bring out the blah in all of us at times.  How about some new seat covers, floor mats, or truck accessories to brighten that February day?  Here at Bass Pro Shops we have thought of a few things that fit that camo personality. 

rear mats

Browning has everything from wheel covers to air fresheners.  You can spend as little or as much as you want and outfit that truck you so dearly love and spend a great deal of time in.

pink seat cover

Try the Browning seat covers that are spandex,  which allows your seat to stay cool by allowing better air flow.  Who would not like that in the hot weather?  The Browning floor mats have raised edges to trap water or snow not to mention all the dirt and debris one can carry into a truck.

seat strap

Bass Pro Shops has license plate frames as well as seatbelt cushions in the mossy oak line.  Don't forget to get a rearview mirror elk or whitetail rack to hang.  When it gets warm consider a Great Day Clear Breeze rear windown screen.  This allows fresh air in and keeps all debris out.  Very easy to install and it will fit all standard truck sliding rear windows.  We have styles with deer or bass on them.


Last but now least who can resist your favorite bass, elk, goose, or whitetail on your dashboard.  Made of resin construction with adhesive backing,  people can really see what your love is.


So stop on by or just check out the links below to outfit that truck and chase the February blahs away.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator















Stocking Stuffers

Have we got some great stocking stuffers for you!  Perfect gifts for that hunter, fisherman, camper or hiker.  Take a look below for ideas!

Bass Pro Shops Window Cling

Bass Pro Infinity Travel Tumbler

Bass Pro Mossy Oak Break Up Pink Camo Travel Tumbler

Fish and Wildlife can coolers

Trailer Hitch Ball Covers

Uncle Buck's Jerky

Uncle Buck's 58 Piece Pan Fishing Kit (all edible)


Fish Money Clip

Browning Visor Clip

Paracord Bracelet (9' long) Unravel for emergency TSA approved

Bass Pro Shops Bandana

Eagle Claw Fish Hook Hat Pin


Don't Forget Your Loyal Friend.  Bass Pro Shops have those toys and treats for your dog that will make their tail wag. So stop on by and check them out.

Bass Pro Shops Deli Dog Bites

Bass Pro Shops Rawhide Chips

Redhead Waterproof Dog Collar

Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Premier Pet Products - Squeeze Me Dog Toys

Canine Hardware Chuckit Ball Launcher

Have a Great Christmas!


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


dog treatsvisor cliptrailer hitchuncle buckschuck ittumblersqueeze toybandanaflying squirrelcan coolereagle claw



Gift Baskets! - Fast and Fun Shopping

It's that time of year again.  What do you buy for that outdoorsman?  Well a gift basket or bag is always a great idea.  It is faster than you think to give a great gift!  Here at Bass Pro Shops we have just what you need.  Let me give you just a few ideas.  Start with the size gift bag you want, then have some tissue paper handy.


Uncle Buck's Jerky  (we have a large variety to pick from)

A Fishing Hat with Eagle Claw Fish Hook Hat Pin on it

Taco Chips w/Uncle Buck's Black Bean Salsa

Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series Jig Kit

Snackin Sticks

AssKickin Popcorn

Moonshine Hot Sauce


Backpacker Gift Basket:

Ascend 1 Liter Water Bottle


Misty Artic Tie

Bass Pro Shops Vintage Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Backpackers Pantry Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken

Backpackers Pantry House Hot Apple Cobbler

Coughlans Waterproof Fire Sticks and Matches

Paracord Bracelet


Redneck Basket:

Bottle of Wine

Rednek wine Glasses

Wine Bottle Holder (we have many animals/fish to pick from)


Hunter Gift Basket:

Bass Pro Shops Smoking Deer T-Shirt

Redhead Camo Skull Hunting cap

Uncle Buck's Jerky

Bass Pro Shops Mossy Oak Break Up Camo Can Cooler

Hunting Videos


Now to finish it all up you are always safe with a Bass Pro Gift Card.  You can use them in the store, catalog, or on-line.  Add the tissue paper on top and you are done.  Check out the pictures and links below.  We can get that shopping done quick.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator       




camo hatpopcorn


hot saucebottle holder










Feeding Fall Deer

This summer’s drought has made it tough on our local deer herds. Just like the grass in your yard has been dead for weeks, a lot of the other succulent green food stuffs that deer rely on during the summer months are brown. And at least in my neck of the woods, the fall acorn crop is going to be almost nonexistent this year.
In my opinion, this harsh summer will make fall food plots even more important for deer and deer hunters than usual. The deer will go wherever they can find some nutritious new growth, and that can make for a very nice hunting season for those of us who plan accordingly.
If you have a piece of ground that you plant on, take advantage of this situation. Bass Pro has more food plot products than you can shake a stick at, but these are a few of my favorites…
•         Mossy Oak Biologic seeds

•         Whitetail Institute Imperial seeds

•         Evolved Habitats seeds and attractants

•         Wildgame Innovations seeds and attractants

Feeding Fall Deer

If you haven’t made plans let to buy some seed and give deer a reason to visit your plot this fall, it’s time to do it. The best time to plant most fall plots is right around Labor Day – ideally just before a nice, gentle rain.
Please take a minute and share with the rest of us what you’ve planted in the past and how the deer like it.  For the deer in my area, they really seem to enjoy a fall plot of oats, wheat, and clover.  What works best in your area?
Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro Team Member

Find Columbia, MO Bass Pro online!


Camo Auto Accessories

 I've got just the right stuff to help you out.

I have steering wheel covers, seat covers, air fresheners, various decals, stainless steel emblems, windshield decals, hitch covers, license plates and frames, windshield sunshades, key chains, rearview mirror hangers, seatbelt covers and lastly floor mats.

Browning, Bone Collector, Redhead, Mossy Oak, Ducks Unlimited and RealTree seat covers are all universal..

Browning  bucket seat covers start at $39.99 for the single bucket seat. The 2 pack bucket seat is $59.99, the bench seat is $44.99 and the single neoprene cover is $59.99. We do carry the pink Browning for the ladies and it is $29.99 for the single bucket seat. In the store we don't carry any of the other styles in the pink color.

Ducks Unlimited seat covers come in single buckey $34.99, 2 pack bucket $59.99, bench $44.99 and neoprene single bucket $59.99

Mossy Oak seat covers come in single bucket $34.99 and bench $44.99

Real Tree seat covers come in bucket single $39.99 and bench $44.99

Bone Collector seat covers come in single bucket $39.99, bench $44.99 and neoprene $59.99

Our Redhead seat covers right now only come in single bucket $39.99


We carry matching steering wheel covers in all the above brands. Browning has 4 different styles and Ducks Unlimited has 2 different styles while the others only offer 1 style each. These covers range in price from $12.99 (Pink Browning) to $24.99 (all Leather Browning).

But don't stop there! Your going to need floor mats to match, right? The front floor mats are $34.99 and the back floor mats are $12.99 and each comes in all the above brands. These floor mats are fully sizable with a simple snip of a pair of scissors.

          Air Fresheners   are $2.99             Signature Automotive Browning® Buckmark Automotive Air Fresheners

Bone Collector Air Fresherner $4.99    All of these come in Cinnamon, Vanilla,Pine, Citrus, Leather and Cherry.

You can get your matching key chains at $5.99 and $7.99 and various decals for the back window or your windshield.

Come see me, Deedee, at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville and I will help you pimp your car or truck.


Hope to see you soon!


Camping Team Lead
Bass Pro Shops
Sevierville, TN





Hunter Appreciation







We love our hunters!  Fall hunting is just around the corner and we want you to be fully prepared!  Join our local experts from law enforcement, Mossy Oak Pro Staff, and the Working Class Whitetails team for our full line-up of free seminars all weekend!

Friday, August 10

6:00 p.m. – “Using Big Game Scents & Calls Effectively”
7:00 p.m. – “Gear Choices in Holsters, Tactical Clothing and Personal Defense Accessories”
8:00 p.m. – “Scent Control for the 2012 Hunting Season/What’s New in Scent Control Apparel and Sprays”

Saturday, August 11

1:00 p.m. – “Using Big Game Scents & Calls Effectively”
2:00 p.m. – “Gear Choices in Holsters, Tactical Clothing and Personal Defense Accessories”
3:00 p.m. – “Scent Control for the 2012 Hunting Season/What’s New in Scent Control Apparel and Sprays”
4:00 p.m. – “Choosing the Right Optics”
5:00 p.m. – “Fundamentals of Long Range Hunting & Shooting”

Sunday, August 12

1:00 p.m. – “Tips for Game Camera Placement”
2:00 p.m. – “Fundamentals of Long Range Hunting & Shooting”
3:00 p.m. – “Field Dressing, Transporting & Processing Game”
4:00 p.m. – “Choosing the Right Optics”



Sale starts Friday at 9 a.m.! Free seminars and events each weekend to help you GEAR UP for the 2012 hunting season!
Sunday, August 5 - Join us as we welcome these National Pros for two FREE seminars!
National Pros
2 p.m. - Keith Burgess, Team Primos - "Mastering the Art of Deer Hunting"
3 p.m. - Rod Owen, Drury Outdoors Pro Staff - "Hunting Trophy Whitetails from the Ground"

Vendor Booths - Friday through Sunday, August 3-5

Visit with representatives from our top brands! Booth vendors:
ATK, Winchester Ammo, Vortex, Big Game, Browning/Winchester Arms, BSA/Gamo

Visit with these local conservation organizations August 4-5:
Dallas County Pheasants Forever – Selling raffle tickets for a barrel of Templeton Rye!
Two Rivers Timber Ghosts Chapter of NWTF
Central Iowa Delta Waterfowl chapter – The newest chapter to Delta Waterfowl!

Representatives will be in store from Mossy Oak Aug. 4-5, and 11-12, and Savage Arms on Aug. 11-12!

Events continue next weekend, August 10-12, with MORE free seminars...find the complete listing at www.facebook.com/bpsaltoona!

___________________________________________________Second Amendment Savings

First time ever! 
Second Amendment Savings on Guns!



Also, Fall Hunting Classic - Bow and Crossbow Trade-in!
August 3-8 - Your chance to upgrade your bow or crossbow!Bow and Crossbow Trade-in





Watch for trade-in opportunities throughout the Classic on scopes, rangefinders, and binos, too!


CAMO that keeps you COOL for Dove Season!


Wow!!! Dove season is just over a month away here in the central zone(Sept.1) . I can’t wait. The one thing that I don’t look forward to is the heat and if you hunt Central/South Texas like I do then you know what I’m talking about. Hunting in 100 degree heat is no fun which brings us to the number one question every dove season. What camo clothing do I use to help stay cool? Before I answer that question I will tell you that camo pattern for birds really doesn’t matter so if you are a fan of Realtree we got it, if you’re a fan of Mossy Oak we got that too. Most people just want to look the part when it comes to dove hunting but all people want to be comfortable and stay cool. With that being said I will always recommend RedHead Stalker Lite II . This clothing is specifically designed for hunting in hot weather. So now let me tell you about it. Stalker Lite II are a 4 way stretch fabric for maximum freedom of movement, they are also super light to help keep you cool and it is a moisture-wicking fast-drying to keep you dry all day long. Best of all this clothing really lets air flow through like no other. They are available in a cargo pant with a comfort elastic waist band with belt loops and drawstring ankle cuffs. These are available for $29.99. We also carry them in a pull over shirt and button up shirt that range from $19.99-$29.99. So remember if you want the right clothing for you’re hunting needs come on in and see us. So stay cool, hunt safe and I’ll see you out in the field. Oh yeah, make sure you are wearing Stalker Lite II you will be glad you did.


Oscar Elizondo

Camo/Camping/Footwear Manager


Lil’ Hunter

Lil Hunter Underarmour has always been a big hit here at our bass pro shops and we are pleased to carry a line of underarmour youth products this year. Our in-stock includes a big logo hoodie, and the Ayton zip jacket and pants-just like dad has. You can pick up either of these items in RealTree AP or Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity patterns, all with odor and moisture control fabric. You'll love being able to share the benefits and success of your favorite brand with your lil’ hunter.

Sarah Bernard

Apparel Lead

Denham Springs


New Update for the Fall Hunting Classic

Fall Hunting Classic Update

The Fall Hunting Classic seminars will not be the only opportunity to ask questions and get tips from the pros. There will be members of the Mossy Oak pro staff available to answer your questions and share their knowledge and experience during the Fall Hunting Classic. They are scheduled to be there on the following dates from 10:00am until 4:00pm: August 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 18 and 19. In addition there will be members of the pro staff of Savage Arms there for you to talk with on August 10, 11, and 12. There will also be vendor booths from 10:00am – 4:00pm on August 10 – August 12 for you to visit. The following companies are scheduled to have booths: ATK- Federal Ammunition, Browning/Winchester Arms, Winchester Ammunition, Foxpro Game Calls and Big Game Treestands. So be sure to come by and take advantage of this opportunity to meet with these knowledgeable representatives.


I hope to see you there,

Don Nelson

Bass Pro Shops



2012 Fall Hunting Classic at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops


The 2012 Fall Hunting Classic will be held here at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops August 3rd through the 19th, 2012. These 17 days of activities and sales will include workshops held by national pros and local experts, ATV test drives, a chance to win a Utah  hunt for mule deer or antelope, and an entire weekend dedicated to our up and coming youth hunters including Free AirSoft shooting range and FREE paintball shooting cage. You can also trade in your used bow, scope, binoculars or rangefinders to upgrade your equipment !!!

Here is the schedule of events:

Friday, August 3rd – Bass Pro Shops Hunting University w/National Pro Appearances and Workshops

6:00pm – “Patterning Bucks with Trail Cameras” by Dr. Grant Woods, Co-Host of “GrowingDeer.tv” TV Show and a member of our RedHead Pro Hunting Team

7:00pm – “Hunting the Elusive Whitetail” by Bill Epeards, member of the Mossy Oak Pro Staff

8:00pm – “”Hunting Whitetails” by Walter Parrott, Champion Caller & member of our RedHead Pro Hunting Team

Travel permitting the pros will be here before and after their appearances for autograph and photo opportunities as well

We will have vendor booths here starting at noon on Friday and running through Sunday afternoon. These vendors will be answering questions and displaying their latest products as well as providing demos and workshops on Saturday and Sunday

Starting on Friday you will be able to register to win a Utah Hunt for mule deer or antelope guided by a member of the Under Armour Buck Commanders and the UA Hunt Team in Central Utah. You provide the gun and ammo and you will be treated to the rest including round trip air fare, transportation, and accommodations for 3 days and 2 nights and one hunting tag. Please see details at the store. In addition, one winner at our store will win a RedHead Spotting Scope and RedHead Large Gear Bag. This drawing will be held at the conclusion of the Classic.

Hunter Appreciation Weekend will be August 10 – 12 with local pros and experts teaching workshops, and a FREE ATV obstacle course test drive on Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Workshops schedule:

Friday August 10

6:00pm – Using Big Game Scents Effectively

7:00pm – Gear Choices in Holsters, Tactical Clothing & Personal Defense Accessories

8:00pm – Scent Control for the 2012 Hunting Season – What’s new in scent control apparel & sprays

Saturday August 11

1:00pm – Using Big Game Scents & Calls Effectively

2:00pm – Gear Choices in Holsters, Tactical Clothing & Personal Defense Accessories

3:00pm - Scent Control for the 2012 Hunting Season – What’s new in scent control apparel & sprays

4:00pm – Choosing the Right Optics

5:00pm – Fundamentals of Long Range Hunting & Shooting

Sunday August 12th

1:00pm – Tips for Game Camera Placement

2:00pm - Fundamentals of Long Range Hunting & Shooting

3:00pm – Field Dressing, Transporting & Processing Game

4:00pm – Choosing the Right Optics

Bring in your used bow, scope, binoculars or rangefinder and receive a coupon towards a purchase of a new one. We in turn donate these items to local youth groups and other charitable organizations.

Bow Trade In (including crossbows) – August 3rd to 8th

Scope Trade In – August 9th to 14th

Binoculars & Rangefinders – August 15th to 19th

Our Classic will concluded with the Next Generation weekend that is designed to introduce local youth to the outdoors through awareness seminars, crafts and outdoor activities.

Friday 8/17 to Sunday 8/19

Noon to 5pm

FREE Airsoft Range

FREE Paintball Cage

FREE Photo Opportunity at the Airsoft Range

1:00pm to 4:00pm – Free Turkey Craft

FREE workshops to learn the basics for safe, fun and accurate Airsoft Shooting and Archery

Friday 8/17 @ 4:30pm – Archery Basics

Saturday 8/18 @ 2:30pm – Airsoft Shooting Basics

Saturday 8/18 @ 4:30pm – Archery Basics

Sunday 8/19 @ 2:30pm – Archery Basics

Sunday 8/19 @ 4:30pm – Airsoft Shooting Basics


Don't get caught at the pool or beach without a Bass Pro Shops beach towel

Headed to the pool or beach, or just going to lay out on the deck...come by Bass Pro Shops and pick up a beach towel.  And starting June 18th our entire stock of beach towels are 25% off the regular price.  We have a great selection to choose from.  Our Bass Pro Shops Flag beach towel is originally priced at $12.99.  All others are regularly priced at $24.99.  Our selection includes Browning Camo Buckmark & Antlers beach towel, Browning Camo Buckmark beach towel for ladies, Browning Pink & Brown beach towels, Michael Waddell's Bone Collector beach towel, Realtree AP Camo Premium beach towel, Realtree APC Pink Camo Premium beach towel and Mossy Oak Break up Camo Premium beach towel.  Right now we have plenty to choose from but with beach season upon us and the sale starting, these will go fast.  Check them out on our website at Basspro.com or come into the store and see for yourself.


Jan Denard

Gifts Team Lead

Bass Pro Shops

Leeds, AL



June Footwear Casual 2012



  Summer is full of in and outs. In the house, out to the backyard, in the cottage, out to the store.... making it easier for men this summer to slip in and out of their footwear, Bass Pro Shops has a few slip on options that can slip in to any lifestyle. 


  Red Head offers you the Chilled Out Canvas in both a light colour and a camo print. This shoe is light, easy to get in and out of and can work with shorts, jeans or khakis. The 100% cotton upper will help with the heat and the rugged edge design makes the casual look work. 




  If you are looking for an even more casual look that will get you in and out of the water Crocs has brought back the Classic Clog with a Bass Pro Style twist of Max 4 camo. Anyone can beat the heat and avoid all day wet feet with these. This clog drains quick, dries quick, slips on or flip the strap and it fits like a sandal. Lakeside, poolside or at camp these light weight Crocs are summer ready. 




  Ladies, if you are still searching for your new favorite flip flop for this season Bass Pro Shops has a great selection of colours and styles to choose from. We are carrying models by Natural Reflections, Reef, Teva, Under Armor and even Mossy Oak has a pink camo one currently on clearance.












Technical Tip: When fitting any footwear remember the shoe may relax in the width. For example, Muck boots are made of natural rubber that does mold to the shape of the wearers foot. The sole of the shoe in any footwear is a constant. For durability sake it is designed not to stretch. If your toe is touching the end now, it always will. Over time this can cause foot problems so be sure to check the space at the end of the shoe.


Tread Lightly, Make a Difference!


Sincerely, Shelly



There are several different camouflage patterns and selecting the right one for your hunting needs will depend upon what type of hunting you want to do and your location.  The following is a quick guide to help you select the right camouflage pattern for your next hunting trip.

Realtree AP (all purpose) is the most flexible of camp patterns.  It can be worn during several seasons.

Realtree APG (all purpose green) is also flexible but has added dots of green to be used in Spring and early Fall.

Realtree Max 1 is intended for hunting in open terrain such as sage covered hillsides, mesquite flats, open prairies, deserts, rocky terrain, and croplands.

Realtree Max 4 is intended for open terrain where the foliage is dense.  This pattern is popular for waterfowl hunting.

Realtree APS (all purpose snow) is used for big game and predator hunting in winter landscapes.

Realtree APB (all purpose blaze) is used when blaze is legally required, but additional concealment is wanted.  Please note that this pattern may not meet the blaze requirements in all states.  Check with local authorities to assure compliance.

Mossy Oak Break Up is intended for general purpose woodland hunting.

Mossy Oak Obsession has a lighter background for woodland and non-woodland choices.  This pattern is excellent for Spring and early Fall hunting.

Mossy Oak Duck Blind is specifically for waterfowl hunting.

Mossy Oak Brush is used for open range hunting when natural cover is limited.

Mossy Oak Treestand is intended for whitetail or hog tree stand hunting.

Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity has more depth against any background.  This pattern breaks up your silhouette in any woodland environment.

Mossy Oak Bottomland has dull, flat colors that blend well with the ground and understory of big hardwoods and swampy areas.

Mossy Oak Shadow Branch is used for hunting bare woods and bottomlands in the dead of Winter.

Mossy Oak Break Up Vertigo; also in tan or grey, are used to elevated positions.  The contrast in the patterns helps to prevent the "black blob" effect.

Find all of your camouflage clothing needs and don't forget the Scent-A-Way while at Bass Pro Shops.

By Samantha Whittle, Camo Lead


If You Struggle With Food Plots, Then Read This

Hello fellow hunters from Bass Pro Shops!  It is spring time again and time to get those food plots ready.  Some hunters under estimate how well a small food plot will improve your deer season success.  Food plots can range from a quick small area of Harvest Throw and Grow to a larger area of  clover.  Harvest Throw and Grow is a very easy way to get a really good result.  I have used this product in very small hard to reach areas and larger areas with similar results.  I shot a 10 point buck that dressed out at 205 lbs in a 3 foot by four foot area that was almost directly under my stand.  How is that for results?  Like the name says -- just throw and go! Attracts and holds deer wherever you want to hunt. Plant without disking so you can plant in areas that aren't accessible to heavy tilling and cultivating equipment.  For a little bit bigger of an area I prefer Mossy Oak Biologic Clover Plus.  Bigger deer. Bigger racks. Bigger trophies. They're all possible, thanks to Biologic New Zealand Seed Blends™. These products were scientifically developed in New Zealand specifically for whitetail deer. These feeds are scientifically proven to grow trophy deer better than any other commercial or natural feed available. Better tasting than natural food, deer actually seek out plots where it's planted. And with 38% crude protein, it's almost twice as nutritious as clover. Biologic Seed Blends were developed with 2 things in mind, antler growth and a healthy, heavier animal.http://www.basspro.com/Mossy-Oak-Biologic-Clover-Plus-Wild-Game-Seed/product/30995/67697#description

Either one of these products are quick easy to use and will produce great results.  With the extended deer season that is coming this year, why not make it the best season you have had in years?  Be carefully not to confuse the deer and give them too many choices.  Rule of thumb is if you already have them going past your stand to get to the bean or cornfield you probably do not need to put a food plot in.  But if you are set up on a bedding area or a pass through route, it would not hurt.  Please feel free to stop by the hunting department at your Portage, IN Bass Pro Shops http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CFPageC?storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&langId=-1&appID=94&storeID=54

Visit us any time for any questions that you may have and remember shoot straight, unless you are hunting close to me!


Todd J

Hunting Manager