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By Tracy Breen

Kronic Bow
Author Tracy Breen aligns the Kronic's Tru-Glo 3-pin fiber-optic sight with his target.

I test a variety of bows each year. This year I tested about eight different bows for a variety of magazine and website articles. Some were short, some were long; some were super fast and others were super quiet. All of them cost a lot of money. My opinion on the quality of a bow is based on a few factors. Is the bow quiet? Is it fast? How well does it shoot? How pricey is the bow? Some bows cost a lot of money and are worth every penny. Other bows cost a lot of money and don't have half the features of similar bows that are almost half the price. The new Kronik bow from RedHead has several exciting features and costs much less than many of the high-end bows on the market today.


One of the first things I noticed about the Kronik was how lightweight it is. It only weighs 3.4 pounds, which is a lot lighter than the bows I shot in my youth. Bows have come a long way in recent years. Since the bow weighs less than 4 pounds, it is a great bow for the Western hunter who is trying to carry as little weight as possible. Even with a sight, rest, and other gizmos and gadgets attached, the Kronik will probably still only tip the scales at 5 or 6 pounds.


Bows have gotten much shorter in recent years. Bows used to be 35 inches or longer, but diehard treestand hunters started seeing the value in having a short bow. Extra short bows have more speed than ever before but are often around 30 inches in length. The Kronik falls into that category. At only 30-5/8" long, the Kronik is easy to maneuver in the tree. With the popularity of ground blinds on the rise, an extra short bow also comes in handy when hunting from a chair inside a blind.


Many bowhunters have shied away from short bows because they believe short bows aren't as forgiving or as accurate as long bows. The Kronik has a generous brace height of 7-1/8", making it a forgiving bow that will shoot tight groups and get the job done in the field, regardless if hunters are hunting 20 yards away from a runway in the Midwest or taking 50 yard shots at caribou on the open tundra.


The Kronik can also fling an arrow as fast as many bows in the higher price bracket. The Kronik delivers 304 FPS IBO. With speed like that, most hunters should be able to use a single pin out to 30 yards. The Kronik is able to deliver extreme speeds thanks to the aggressive smooth-shooting single cam. Like all single-cam bows, the Kronik shoots fast but is extremely easy to tune and work on, which makes timing issues a thing of the past.


There are several little features on this bow that caught my eye. It has an adjustable draw length of 25-30 inches and can be adjusted without the use of a bow press. With an extreme range of adjustability, the bow can fit a wide variety of hunters. A father can shoot the bow for a few years and then pass the bow on to the next generation and they can use it. The Kronik can easily accommodate adult and teenage hunters. Given the fact that a bow press isn't required to adjust the draw length, almost anyone can easily adjust the Kronik with a little patience, a little practice and a few tools.

Kronic Limb with Rubber Device
Kronik limb with anti-vibration device


Another small feature hunters will enjoy about the Kronik is the two-piece polycarbonate grip that helps reduce hand torque, which can rob an archer of accuracy. Like most expensive bows, the Kronik comes with parallel limbs which helps cancel out vibration, creating a super smooth shooting bow and a tough machined aluminum riser that will withstand the abuse that hunters often put their bows through while in the field.

The Kronik comes with 80% let off but can be adjusted to 65% let off. Either way, the bow is easy to draw and shoot. If you hunt in extremely cold conditions, going with 80% let off makes the bow extra easy to get to full draw, especially when you have cold muscles and a healthy case of buck fever!


The Kronik comes equipped with a number of accessories. The bow comes completely set up with a sight, rest, quiver and wrist strap. The accessories are top notch and high quality, just like the bow. The Sight is a Tru-Glo 3-pin fiber optic sight that is built for the hunter who wants to be able to see his pins at first light and during the last few minutes of prime time hunting just before dark.

Kronic Arrow Rest
Hostage capture-style arrow rest

The Hostage capture-style rest is perfect for bowhunters who are just getting into the sport and veteran hunters. It is easy to use and cradles the arrow while coming to full draw, ensuring that the arrow never leaves the rest, even if a hunter is shaking like a leaf.

To top it off, the bow comes with a nice, lightweight, one-piece four-arrow quiver that is perfect for hunting. If hunters were to buy the accessories separately, it would add hundreds of dollars to the total cost of the bow. Since the Kronik is sold as a package, hunters save lots of hard-earned money.

Most bowhunters worry about bow noise and vibration. The Kronik comes with a few anti-vibration rubber devices on the strings and the limbs that reduce noise and vibration. I also added a few gadgets to further reduce noise and vibration. I screwed in a Doinker Chubby Stabilizer while testing the bow and put on a String Tamer. These two inexpensive devices helped eliminate the little noise and vibration that the Kronik has. I also shot the bow without add-on items and noticed right out of the box the bow is extremely smooth.

When testing the bow, I used a few different types of arrows including the RedHead brand Carbon Max2 arrows. These super tough carbon arrows feature an outer weave of carbon for extreme strength and front of center technology, which delivers superior down range accuracy. The arrows come fletched with 4-inch Duravanes so hunters just need to cut them to length and have the inserts glued in and they are ready to shoot.

The Kronik is a great bow by itself, but when the extra accessories are added, it's an excellent bow for a great price. When you consider the fact that the bow comes with everything set up, it increases the value even more. If you are just getting started in bowhunting, the last thing you want to do is worry about setting up a bow or finding someone to do it for you. The Kronik is ready to go right out of the box.

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