Uncle Buck's Fish Batter Mixes

By JT Uptegrove


The results were always flawless -- the fish were always encrusted in a perfect amount of batter.  

Normally I don't catch many fish. On the rare occasion that I do, I usually turn them back to were they came from. But every great once in a while something will go wrong and I'll catch enough fish to make a meal. Although it's a little confusing for me at first, I eventually catch on and get them filleted.

I know for a fact that Betty Crocker has a whole bunch of ways to cook up a mess of fish, but I only know one way -- drown it in sizzling grease until it floats. It's the way my dad did it and it's the best as far as I'm concerned. The only other consideration is what to put on the outside -- the fish batter.

Batter, or breading, as it is sometimes called can make or break the tastiness of the fish. There are a million homemade concoctions for breading fish. Some are simple and known across the country, and others are special to ones family. Either way, a good fish batter does wonders for the mystery perch in your freezer.

Uncle Buck, a renowned name in the world of fishing has taken the best of every recipe and turned out three prepackaged flavors. It's the answer for folks who like to batter their fish quickly with an outstanding result in tastiness. It's easy and good -- you can't ask for anything better.

The Uncle Bucks Fish Batter comes in three tastes -- the Light 'N Krispy for fans of flaky fish with a good crunch to the outside, the Original for people who just can't seem to give up the old inveterate taste of deep-fried fish, and for those with a taste for something a little zestier, the Hot-N-Spicy will fit the bill.

No homemade meal of fish would be complete with out the hush puppies. Uncle Buck can fix that, too. He adds an original flavor of hush puppy mix as well. I can tell you from unsuccessful experiences that making your own is difficult. Making a good hush puppy from scratch is an art. With Uncle Buck's Hush Puppy mix it's a snap.

Since nothing in the world of cooking is an exact science, the Uncle Buck's Batters work for more than fish. You can jazz up chicken, pork chops and even potatoes with them. The batters work with frying and baking as well.

Cooking with the Uncle Buck's is a pure pleasure. It makes easy work of creating a tasty fish. I found the best way to cook with it is to do just as the instructions say. The results are flawless each time I've used it. The fish is always encrusted in a perfect amount of batter.  And after the first time you use Uncle Buck's fish batter, you'll have a harder time releasing what you catch. 

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955-094-43-t.jpg NEW Uncle Buck™s® Light ™n Krispy Fish Batter Mix ™ Original
955-094-41-t.jpg NEW Uncle Buck™s® Fish Batter Mix ™ Mild
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955-094-44-t.jpg NEW Uncle Buck™s® Light ™n Krispy Fish Batter Mix ™ Hot & Spicy
955-094-43-t.jpg NEW Uncle Buck™s® Light ™n Krispy Fish Batter Mix ™ Original

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