Fall Hunting University is Upon us, Are you ready to gain knowledge for your next hunt?

With Summer winding down, Fall hunting season is ramping up. Are you ready? Let us help you. Never before have we had such an outstanding cast of Stars for you to come meet and gain expert advice from. We will be hosting the Fall Hunting University at our store 8/19-8/21.

Here's the list of amazing talent:

Sean Mann, Professional Guide & Call Master/World Goose Calling Champion of Champions/ 3 Time Mason-Dixon Calling Champion.

Brenda Valentine, First Lady of Hunting®/ RedHead® Pro Hunting Team Member/ NWTF® National Spokesperson

Adam Keith, Co-Host of "Growing Deer.com"

Walter Parrott, Hunter, Champion Caller/ RedHead® Pro Hunting Team Member

Kelsey Konrade, Next Generation Pro Team® Member

Mark Campagnola, Denver Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff Member, Hunting Specialties Factory Rep.

Donnelle Johnson, Colorado Springs Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff Member, Owner of Hunt Data Maps http://www.huntdata.com/

Lisa Thompson, Pro Staff Member for Hunter's Specialties, Mossy Oak, PSE and Feradyne Outdoors

David Bloch, Owner of Outdoor Edge https://www.outdooredge.com/

Randy Mathews, Colorado Bow Hunter's Association Member and ProStaff for Hudalla Associates, Inc http://www.hudallaassociates.com/

Here's the full line up of Seminar times for our location. Be sure and stop by to meet them all, gain some knowledge, and pick up the latest gear for your Fall Hunting Season! http://www.basspro.com/classic

line up




Exploring RedHead



Summer is coming to a close and fall is right around the corner which means it is a perfect time to fall in to our wide selection of 100% ultra-comfortable flannel shirts.  If you’re playing or working outdoors check out our large selection of Bear Creek flannels starting at just $24.99.  Our RedHead Ultimate Flannel is our heavier flannel that is 100% cotton and virtually shrink-free.  Available in 8 colors you’re sure to find one just for you!  Leaving summer shorts behind is much easier when you know that RedHead Denim has you covered.   Starting at just $29.99, 5-Pocket Demin Jeans in classic fit, easy fit, relaxed fit, or utility are sure to have you covered.  High quality, durable and soft are a few words to best describe RedHead denim. Looking for a soft, comfortable quality long sleeve layering shirt for the cooler months?  Stock up on the Three Creeks Crewneck and long sleeve henley.  These tops are very easy to layer and look great alone or with a Redhead flannel and they are the perfect go to shirts. You are sure to find the color and style that fits you in our Redhead brand here at Bass Pro Shops!


RedHead Denim: A Southern Tradition

cooler days: Quickly and Easily



Happy Feet for Kids!

New Balance Adirondack Sandal for KidsWe're serving up some happy feet for kids in the Footwear Department! Just in time for summer holidays, we have flip-flops, sandals, and water shoes for kids.

Here's a sampling of what we now carry:

RedHead Ragin' Water Shoes - Keep those little feet moving through water and over land! Lightweight and built to handle wet conditions with it's open, vented design.

New Balance Adirondack Sandals - Fast-drying, with large open vents and reinforced toe bumpers. The quick-release bungee system makes for easy on-off for little hands.

Sandals for kids at Bass Pro ShopsReef Sandals - Flip-flop sandals for every youngster, from the Ahi Thong surfing sandals for the youngest surfer set to the water-friendly Grom Rover with its feather foam foot bed to the soft jersey lining of the Rover Catch, there is a Reef sandal for every young liking. 

Cobian Draino, Jr. - delivering the same performance as the adult Draino, the Cobian, Jr., has anatomical foot beds and arch support to provide comfort for little feet while they play all day on water or land.

Other sandals for kids include UnderArmour slides, RedHead camo flip-flops, and Sanuk. Stop in and get them while we have them - we've never had them and they ARE going fast. You can also find these and more online at basspro.com!

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It's Time to Reward Yourself!



Do you want to earn FREE gear from Bass Pro Shops???

All you have to do is sign up for your Outdoor Rewards Card TODAY!

Once you have signed up for the Outdoor Rewards® program, you will automatically earn points on orders placed online or when you shop in the store. To earn Rewards points at a Bass Pro Shops®, simply present your Outdoor Rewards® card to your cashier upon checkout and the points will be added to your account.  The points earned are available for redemption immediately.  Please note that any accumulated points will expire after 12 months of no activity on your Outdoor Rewards Card.

 The amount of points earned will vary based on the item(s) purchased. A certain percentage of the purchase will be added to your Rewards account, as seen below:


  • For standard purchases (non-Bass Pro Shops® branded items) from the Bass Pro Shops Catalog, Internet, Retail or Outlet Store:

                    1 point per dollar @ 2 cents per point = 2%
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                   1.5 points per dollar @ 2 cents per point = 3%
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Outdoor Rewards Customers have earned over $260 million in FREE gear over the last 5 years!

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It's that easy!! Get a Rewards Card, Shop with Us, Get FREE Gear!!



Product Spotlight - The Reality Series Instigator RC Decoy

With this mobile turkey decoy you can expand your area for bringing in the toms. Want or need to "engage" those turkeys even more? The RedHead Reality Series Instigator RC Jake decoy will take you beyond your stationary decoys to bring in the toms who are lurking a bit out of range or who are just a little smarter and wiser late in the season. 

Hunting Lead Clint Grenier says the range on this decoy's radio control, about 150 yards, allows you to send it out to lure in the toms. Just keep backing it up and watch the toms come in for a fight with this young jake who's putting on a show.

The decoy sits atop a rugged remote-control chassis allowing it to "drive" over varying terrains. Check out the moves of the decoy in this YouTube clip we shot in the archery range. Now, Clint's motoring it a bit faster than you would out in the open, so it will be much quieter and with sound disguised by grasses, and running on the ground as opposed to cement.

Stop in the store for a demo or you can order online!


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April Showers Brings Spring Turkey Season

Turkey Season is right around the corner. Youth season is April 9th and 10th and then we kick off the regular season from April 18th through May 8th. This is currently a hot topic around these parts so I thought I would talk a little more about it.  The main topics include the following:  Ground Blinds, Vests and Camo Clothing.

Let’s talk blinds first. Ground blinds come in two basic types: Spring Style and Hub Style. I prefer hub blinds for a couple of different reasons. One, I think Hub blinds are much easier to disassemble and move around and they also have a lot more space inside - which comes in handy for any archery hunters or if your taking a youth hunter or a buddy along. Since most of us deer hunt as well as turkey hunt, I like to have a blind that has dual purpose. But if your just in the market for a turkey blind this spring make sure you check out our Blackout X72 ($139.99). This blind stands 68'' tall and 72''x 72'' from hub to hub and coming in at only 13lbs it is a great option for both the youth and regular season. It will accommodate two hunters comfortably and with the built in brush holders you can make it vanish into thin air. If you are thinking you might want a little bit more room try our Blackout Hybrid 180 Blind ($169.97).  It is slightly bigger at 73'' tall and 83'' x 83'' hub to hub.  This blind is slightly heavier at just under 23lbs but with extra room and the adjustable windows. The windows will allow you to customize your setup for the situation at hand which will help tip the outcome in your favor. One of my favorite dual purpose blinds I have ever used is the Primo's Club XL ($159.99) at 73'' tall and 77'' hub to hub and with the brush deception holders and the Dura Matte HD no shine fabric mixed with the Ground Swat Grey open terrain camo pattern makes it disappear in any situation.


Next we will cover some camo:

If you are looking to upgrade some older clothing look no further.  Whether you’re a Mossy Oak or a Realtree fan, we’ve got you covered. I would start out with a form fitting base layer because of all the spring ticks.  A good base layer does wonders for helping you keep ticks down to a minimum and for the money it’s hard to beat Redhead's EnduraSkin all season clothing line ($19.99 to $34.99). They are a great spring or early fall base layer because of the AXE Anti-Odor Technology and it works awesome for deer hunters to. It’s available in Black, Realtree Xtra, or Mossy Oak Country patterns. If you’re looking for a new outfit to go over your base layers then check out RedHeads Stalker Lite II 1/4 zip shirt ($29.99-$34.99) or pant ($39.99-$44.99). For those really hot days check out the  shorts ($29.99-$34.99).  All are very comfortable and light weight with moisture wicking fabrics. These are available in Mossy Oak Obsession or the New True Timber HTC Green patterns. But here's a little tip for everyone hunting out of a ground blind. I always wear camo to and from the blind of course but when I am inside I wear Black from the waist up. This is because most of the blinds on the market today employ some sort of a Blackout Interior and as long as you leave a portion of the windows closed the black clothing will vanish against the black walls allowing you to go unseen. Camo clothing on the other hand being made with a lot of Greys and Browns will most of the time silhouette you inside making every movement you make visible to those sharp eyed turkeys. Also, when you open every window in the blind your body will stand out against any light that comes in. Try it! You will be surprised on how much it helps. 



Finally, turkey hunters can collect a lot of items over the years and it seems we need to pack them all. So you need a vest to carry it.  RedHeads Striker vest ($69.99) has tons of pockets inside and out to carry any type of call or product you can find.  It also has a  nice thick memory foam fold down seat. This is a great addition to any hunter’s arsenal. It is available in Mossy Oak obsession, Realtree Xtra, or True Timber HTC Green - one size fits most.  Another blog that might help you with vests can be found here:   How To Choose the Perfect Turkey Hunting Vest That's all the time I have for now. From all of us at your local Independence Bass Pro - have a fun and safe turkey season and don’t forget to share your photos with us!



Anthony Alkire

Hunting Lead




Gearing Up for Turkey Season


The last day of deer season is always a disappointment, but turkey season is fast approaching and now is the time to start gearing up.  We have the majority of our turkey gear in the store already and more is arriving every week.  I thought I would touch on a few of our products this year and give you some insight into what is going to be hot.

First and foremost, the most exciting thing for me is the new camo pattern from True Timber, HTC Green.  The majority of our products will be available in this pattern and the green is going to be extremely important this year with the mild winter we’ve had.  By mid-April, the majority of the buds are going to be blooming out and by May, the natural greens should be on in full.  Grab your Green!

The RedHead Turkey Lounger is by far the best Turkey vest available.  This vest has room for all of your calls, a game pouch for decoys or your bird, a hydration pouch which will hold a 2 liter bladder (not included with the vest), and there is room for anything else you want to take with you.  The vest is made with waterproof material. The game changer with this vest is the attached seat. This vest will allow you to sit down where ever you want, there is no need to find a tree to lean against; just lean back in the seat and you are all set.  Most importantly it is comfortable.  It is my turkey vest of choice and I think once you try it on and sit down, you will agree.

Next on the list is the RedHead Stalker Lite ¼ Zip.  I am including this because this shirt is perfect for warmer climates and I am pretty sure we are going to be looking at warm days in April here in Northwestern Ohio.  It is made out of 100% polyester which wicks away moisture and is fast drying.  We also have the Stalker Lite pants.

The one thing new this year in our store, by popular demand I might add, is the Hot Shot Deluxe Ghillie Suit.  It is a three piece suit that covers you from head to toe.  The main layer of the suit is a mesh material to help with breathability.  The suit is fully customizable and the polypropylene string that covers the suit can be cut to match the environment you are hunting in.  There is also a gun wrap and a storage bag included.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to turkey calls. Mouth calls take a lot of practice, but once you get it down, they are extremely effective. My brand of choice would be Quaker Boy. They have a mouth call for everyone including those with a narrow pallet. The sound quality and consistency make their calls stand out above the competition. For turkey hunting beginners, you should start out with a box call or a friction call. The Primos Box Cutter Turkey Call has a thumb groove that allows you to perfectly position your thumb so it can act like a spring. This allows you to make the sweetest cuts that a box call can make.\

Avian-X spends countless hours in the field studying birds and they use their findings to design ultra-realistic decoys. Specifically, the Avian-X LCD Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy presents a lifelike lay down posture. This pose attracts big gobblers by locking into the toms’ breeding instincts. They are lightweight and collapsible making the decoy easy to fit into a turkey vest. If you are looking for big toms, Avian-X is the way to go.

I could literally ramble on and probably write an entire essay on everything we have in the store for turkey season, but I wanted to highlight these few items, because honestly I’m very excited about them.  If you have any questions on anything do not hesitate to ask one of our associates, we will be glad to walk you through your selections.

On Saturday April 9th, we will be hosting two seminars specifically aimed on turkey hunting. The first one will be at 1:00 pm on Calls & Decoys. The second seminar will be at 2:00 pm on Selecting the Right Gun, Ammunition, & Choke Tube for the Job. Those who attend the seminars will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win an Avian-X Laydown Hen Decoy, but you must be present to win.

If you do not have your 2016 hunting license you can get them in the Rossford Store for both Ohio and Michigan, and do not forget your turkey tags while you are at it.  If you are hunting archery like me, we have the indoor range available, just bring your bow in (stop at our greeter to get it checked), walk up to the archery counter and ask to use the range.

Now let’s all get tuned or patterned up and put some Thunder Chickens on the dinner table.


Made in the USA for your Feet

What do you have that's Made in the USA? We get that question a lot. While we carry many items that are made in the USA, here are some you may not realize - socks.

Many folks are familiar with our Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose RedHead socks. If they wear out, you can return them any time, without a receipt and at any Bass Pro Shops location (or online), and receive a free pair.

Did you also know they are made in the USA? All of our RedHead socks for men, the Natural Reflections Lifetime Guarantee sock for ladies, and Ascend brand socks are made in the USA. That includes RedHead cotton crews to Mountain Bear to Treestand to Extreme Cold to the RedHead CoolMax liner socks, plus more! Here are a few favorites starting with the king - the RedHead Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose socks for men.

RedHead Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose SocksLifetime Guarantee Socks

I left off the "for men" on the heading, because I wear these and I'm not a guy. However, I wear them as slipper socks in the house. They are heavy-duty, warm, and are reinforced at the heel, toe, and in the arch - those stress zones. I love my RedHead socks, especially in the winter or a cold spring like we're having so far!

My husband does wear these socks for hunting and likes the warmth they provide along with a good pair of boots.

They are a best seller and for good reasons - Made in the USA, you buy one pair and you never have to buy another, and they provide durable warmth.

natural reflections socksLifetime Ladies Natural Reflections Sock

Not wanting something as thick as the sock for men? Then try the Lifetime Ladies Natural Reflections socks. All the same great features and benefits of the men's version, but simply a little less bulky.

Lifetime Guarantee Lightweight Quarter Socks

This is my go-to sock in the winter - in quarter or calf sizes - for work here at the store. Not too heavy, extra cushioning on the heels and, of course, a lifetime guarantee!

Last, but not least, the Ascend Hiker Quarter SockAscend Socks

My very favorite. Although I'm not hiking mountains and trails, I am hiking around the store a LOT! The Merino wool, nylon, and elastic yarn blend make them comfortable, flexible and durable. Plus they are what Bass Pro calls FARM TO FEET - the merino wool is 100% American grown, coupled with all-American nylon and elastic yarns, and produced in the Carolinas.

Doesn't get much more Made in the USA than that.


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Boots taking on the cold weather

There are many amazing brands that have awesome Cold Weather Gear technology in them. First to come to mind would be our home brand, Redhead. There are many boots that have high quality insulation inside of them; along with amazing waterproofing sealant.


For the Hunting season and winter season, the Independence store found that the best sellers would have be 400 grams to 1000 grams. Fortunately our Expedition camouflage boot which has the 1000 grams was our best seller this last Holiday season. This boot was bought on and off sale. Next to that, we have had a lot of good sellers of hunting boots. We sold a lot of Big Horn II, Tracker, Tracker Leather, Ultra Hunter, and the RCT Boots. These boots had either the Gore-Tex or the Bone-Dry waterproofing sealant and ranged from 600 to 800 grams. We were very surprised at how well these sold.



The next style boots that has sold well this season were the All Season snow boots in both Men’s and Women’s. Even though these were on sale multiple times throughout the Holiday season, customers were continuously purchasing them. Regardless of how they looked, customers of all ages were buying them, on and off sale.  

Here is another great entries on boots for the Upcoming Spring Hunt:

The Perfect Boots for the Spring Hunt


How to Shoot a Deer

It's a cold, frosty morning as I sit on the ground waiting in anticipation. Petricho Photo

I see him. He moves softly. Quietly. He noses through the leaves on the ground only to peek up a second or two.

I can see the frozen breath hanging around his nose as he exhales, unaware that I am watching his every move. He moves closer to me as I silently focus in on him.

He's even closer now, and I can feel the tingly feeling come over my skin as the adrenaline starts to rush through me. I take a deep breath, focus in, and...


I now have another photo to add to my "already full" collection on social media.

Alright, you got me. This isn't about hunting.

It's just as important to have the right gear when going out into the wild, whether hunting or shooting photography. I have recently found myself getting out more and more and loving every minute of it!

Here are some helpful *starter* tips to get you as close to nature as possible!

1. Get a good back pack!

I can not stress it enough! Not only do you want something to carry all your camera equipment, but you're also going to want room for snacks (I LOVE the KIND chocolate and peanut butter energy bars) and plenty of water, and other necessities like a first aid kit, compass, flint, and even TP; You never know what can happen.

Ascend D2400 DaypackAscend D2400 Daypack

Lightweight, comfortable, and durable, the Ascend® D2400 Daypack gives you a compact pack that's perfect for day hikes. The D2400 helps you handle loads in comfort with contoured and padded shoulder straps with sternum strap, a padded back panel with airmesh pods for ventilation, and a removable web waist belt. Fill up the pack's 2400 cubic inches of space easily thanks to the easy packing panel-load main compartment and zippered front pocket with organizer panel. Pack also makes a great everyday pack choice, with its internal laptop/tablet padded sleeve. Side compression straps keeps load secure and easier to haul. Dual water bottle pockets (bottles not included). Made of 600D polyester, 420D nylon, and 1680D ballistic nylon, the D2400 also features tough YKK® zippers with easy-pull string loops and durable Nifco and Duraflex® hardware and buckles.

(And it comes in purple - my favorite!)


2. Comfy Hiking Boots!Petrichor Photo

RedHead Talus II Hiking Boots for LadiesRedHead Talus II Hiking Boots for Ladies

I literally picked out a pair of these boots today. After my old natural reflection boots finally "gave me the boot" (haha-cheesy, I know) I decided it was time to get a new pair with a little more tread. These bad boys (or girls?) are 100% water proof and have a mean looking tread on the bottom. They're super lightweight on my feet even though they appear bulkier.

When your hike or workday take you into rough terrain or extreme wet conditions, you can trust RedHead® Talus II Water-Resistant Boots for superior traction. These super-tough, mid-height boots feature a rugged suede leather and mesh upper. Your feet will stay comfortable all day with a comfortable mesh lining and removable PU insoles for breathability. RedHead Talus II Water-Resistant Hiking Boots have tough rubber outsoles with an aggressive tread that gives you gripping power on wet surfaces or harsh conditions.

This shoe also has super ratings!

Overall Rating:
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Advantages: Comfortable, Style/Design, Value for money, Quality, Fit/Size
" I bought these boots for myself just to have as out door shoes. I absoluelty love them! they are comfortable, have great grips, and have kept my feet dry for the most part. They are great quatlity. They are over all an excellent boot! "
These boots are also available for Men here: (I didn't forget you boys) RedHead Talus II Hiking Boots for Men

3. A Super Awesome Thermos!Petrichor Photo

Thermos Vacuum Insulated 24 oz. Leak-Proof BottleBeing an uber coffee enthusiast I never leave without my thermos! ....Never! It's important to stay warm on chilly mornings. Surprisingly enough, some of my best snap shots have happened when I was stopped somewhere having a "coffee break".

Thermos Vacuum Insulated 24 oz. Leak-Proof Bottle

Giving you the same strength and insulating performance as the traditional full size vacuum bottle, the Thermos® Vacuum Insulated 24 oz. Leak-Proof Bottle comes sized for easy carrying. This durable bottle features tough, double wall, stainless steel construction for trustworthy leakproof performance. Thermos' classic double wall vacuum insulation delivers great temperature retention, giving you cool-to-the-touch performance with hot foods and sweat-free performance with cold liquids. Easy opening push button lid makes getting a drink quick and easy. Holds 24 oz. BPA-free.

I really love this Thermos and the color is gorgeous! (Midnight Blue)


Petrichor PhotoOf course there's hundreds of other things I could tell you, but this is the most basic way to get you started quickly enough to get you out in the woods! Always wear layers, in the cold weather of course, and be ready to sit for a bit. I promise you will get so close to nature you will want to reach out and touch it.

Visit your local Bass Pro in Kodak (Your favorite of course!) and let us know how we can get you out into the woods! Send us pictures of what you saw on your adventure!

Until the next adventure,


Store 29


Introducing True Timber HTC Green for this Turkey Season

HTC GREEN The Bass Pro Hunting Clothing department is excited to present a new camo pattern to the world of Turkey Hunting! In season's past, we have offered two camo options: Mossy Oak Obsession and Realtree Xtra Green. This year we have added True Timber HTC Green to our assortment of turkey hunting apparel!


True Timber HTC Green has incorporated lots of greenery into the original HTC pattern to give it a vivid spring and summer look. With plenty of white, to break up a turkey's vision, added into the branches, it will be perfect for hunting these elusive birds.

True Timber HTC Green is available in the following items:

http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-TecLite-Shirt-for-Men/product/14060307170848/Tech- Lite Apparel http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-TecLite-Shirt-for-Men/product/14060307170848/

Keep your cool on any hunt with the RedHead® Tec-Lite Shirt for men. This high-tech shirt features ultra-lightweight 95% polyester/5% Spandex ripstop construction, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying capability for ultimate all-day comfort when the temperature rises. The vented back enhances breathability while a hidden button-down, adjustable collar completes the perfect fit. The RedHead Tec-Lite Shirt also features 2 button-down chest pockets and a 7-button front.

Stalker Lite Apparel http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Stalker-Lite-Pants-for-Men/product/14052006213922/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCThttp://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Stalker-Lite-Pants-for-Men/product/14052006213922/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT

Whether you're hunting in high temperatures, on the job, or kicking back at camp, RedHead® Stalker Lite Pants for Men keep you cool for the long haul. These lightweight men's hunting pants feature 100% polyester construction designed for rugged reliability and lightweight, moisture-wicking, fast-drying, all-day comfort. 2-way stretch design improves mobility on the go. RedHead Stalker Lite Pants feature a zip fly with button closure, hidden elastic waistband, 2-button cargo and rear pockets, 2 upper hand pockets and belt loops.

Our RedHead® Striker Turkey Vest is packed with useful features that keep everything you need within easy reach to minimize movement, plus a comfortable, quick-deploying fold-down seat. It's got pockets for a box call and a striker, a mesh mouth call pocket, 2 slate call pockets, and additional accessory pockets. The magnetic, fold-down seat is cushioned with memory foam for remarkable comfort on the ground, and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable and ergonomic. The RedHead Striker Turkey Vest adds an adjustable game bag in the back to hold decoys or your trophy gobbler, and a detachable blaze orange flag adds a measure of safety to your walk in and out of the woods.

RedHead Striker Turkey Vest http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Striker-Turkey-Vest-for-Men/product/13082106113916/

Our RedHead® Striker Turkey Vest is packed with useful features that keep everything you need within easy reach to minimize movement, plus a comfortable, quick-deploying fold-down seat. It's got pockets for a box call and a striker, a mesh mouth call pocket, 2 slate call pockets, and additional accessory pockets. The magnetic, fold-down seat is cushioned with memory foam for remarkable comfort on the ground, and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable and ergonomic. The RedHead Striker Turkey Vest adds an adjustable game bag in the back to hold decoys or your trophy gobbler, and a detachable blaze orange flag adds a measure of safety to your walk in and out of the woods.


RedHead Mesh Outback Hat http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Mesh-Outback-Hat-for-Men/product/97777/An outback-style hat, our RedHead® Mesh Outback Hat for men features an embroidered RedHead logo front and center, a contrasting hatband, and vent eyelets in crown sides for cool comfort. The RedHead Mesh Outback Hat makes a great gift for the outdoorsman or woman in your life—including yourself.

An outback-style hat, our RedHead® Mesh Outback Hat for men features an embroidered RedHead logo front and center, a contrasting hatband, and vent eyelets in crown sides for cool comfort. The RedHead Mesh Outback Hat makes a great gift for the outdoorsman or woman in your life—including yourself.


Check out our newest pattern and get all of your Turkey Gear at your local Bass Pro Shops! (Or your favorite Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville)



It's all about the base (layers)

Base layers are the most popular of our cold gear, especially as our temperatures continue to drop.

We have base layers for both men and women. For men the brands we carry are XPS, Under Armour, Columbia, and the Redhead Military Fleece. For women we carry XPS and Columbia.

Base layers come in several different weights depending on the temperature. XPS brand comes in 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. The 1.0 for more mild weather and 4.0 for more harsh and extreme weather. The XPS base layers utilize Zone Ventilation Panels in order to keep the individual warm. In Under Armour we have 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.  It is midweight and utilizes ArmourBlock which is anti-odor technology. Columbia comes in midweight and in heavyweight and uses Omni-Heat which reflects heat back. Lastly the Redhead Military Fleece only comes in one weight. Military Fleece is very lightweight and breathable.



Pictured:  XPS Extreme Base Layer and Under Armour Base Layer

On your next visit to your local Bass Pro Shop apparel department stop by and visit with one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales associates and let us help you find your perfect base layer. This is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who might enjoy hunting, fishing, or even if they work out in the elements during the wintertime. Don’t let the elements keep you or a loved one inside this winter!

Check out these other articles on layering pieces!

Layer, Layer, Layer

Cold Weather Fly Fishing

Columbia Omni-Tech Apparel - the Cold and Wet Don't Stand a Chance!!

Get Ready for Cold Weather - Under Armour Has You Covered!

Jacob - Apparel Department, Independence Missouri



Duck Hunter be prepared for Cold Weather with a Quality Pair of Waders from Redhead...

I just got back from a duck hunting trip to Arkansas and learned quality waders are a must. I was warm for the duration of the hunt, almost to warm at times. A few of my hunting buddies came home and went straight to Bass Pro Shops to purchase a new pair waders. Why you might ask? Because warm and dryness are extremely important when duck hunting.  I would recommend the new RedHead Canvasback Extreme Waders because they are really comfortable and will keep you dry. The breathable material allows for the most freedom of movement of any waders I’ve worn. The upper chest area has a small hand-warmer pocket that is an incredible idea. The shoulder straps are neoprene and were very comfortable.

The facts: Built to last for men with great durability and protection in the blind or marsh. Laminated, ultra-rugged SpanTough outer material and waterproof 5 mm neoprene naturally insulates and offers great resistance to punctures and abrasion from brush and briars. A generous cut and new crotch design delivers a more comfortable fit and greater movement while bending and squatting. The wader's boots feature wool felt midsoles and 1,600 gram 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation to shield your feet from the cold. These waders also feature a fleece-lined handwarmer pocket, chest pocket with waterproof cell phone pouch, zip utility pocket, and magnetic utility pocket. 3 mm neoprene fully lines boot foot. Molded rubber outsoles provide superior traction. Average weight: 13 lbs.

  • Warm, waterproof, and durable waders for hardcore waterfowler hunters
  • Rugged uppers made of SpanTough laminated to 5 mm neoprene
  • Generous cut for comfortable fit and easier movement
  • Wool felt midsoles and 1,600 gram 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation in boots for warmth
  • Fleece-lined handwarmer pocket
  • Chest pocket with waterproof cell phone pouch
  • Zip utility pocket
  • Magnetic utility pocket
  • Molded rubber outsoles


Overall, I give these waders an A+ on the Branch scale. The suggested retail is $249.99 at your local Bass Pro Shops or online at http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Canvasback-Extreme-Waders-for-Men/product/15020408220142/


About the Author:

Tom Branch, Jr. is a freelance outdoor writer and prostaffer for Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Lawrenceville, GA. He retired as a Lieutenant/Paramedic/Firefighter with Gwinnett County Fire, GA after 29 years of service in 2013. He is currently a contracted employee with NAVICO/Lowrance working as the College Fishing Recruiter. He has been working in the Outdoor Industry for over 20 years. He and his beautiful wife, Kim live north of Atlanta near Braselton, GA with their lab Jake. They volunteer with Operation One Voice (501c3) (www.operationonevoice.org)


RedHead Select Outfitters: Southeast Alaska Guiding

I remember reading an article a number of months back about the two adventure destinations for hunters. Those two places were Alaska and Africa. The writer did an awesome job talking about the destinations, their quarry, pros and cons, costs and more. More often than not a hunter usually only ends up going to one of these two adventures-of-a-lifetime. This got me thinking about what options one would have for taking just such a trip through the amazing services of a RedHead Select Outfitter. And while we currently don’t offer an options for an African safari, we do have the option of an Alaskan Adventure through Southeast Alaska Guiding.

Southeast Alaska Guiding is owned and operated by Hans Baertle, who has been guiding in Alaska since 1978 and opened his own outfit in 1988. You know how they say a hunter learns something new every trip? Well when you take into consideration how many trips this man must have been on in his time, he must be a honey-hole of information!

He operates out of Douglas and utilizes a boat to get hunters to and from their hunting spots in the area. It is a 50 foot boat with a ton on amenities. There are such luxuries as hot showers, electricity and comfortable places to sleep. There are also home cooked meals that his wife prepares!

Southeast Alaska Guiding offers hunts for brown bear, black bear and mountain goats. (I have no reason why I am so fascinated by mountain goats, but the opportunity to hunt one is definitely on my dream-trip list.) Each species offers their own unique and exciting challenges when it comes to the hunt. Many of the animals that his guiding service harvests are impressive and in record books.

For mountain goat, he suggests a rifle chambered in .300 Win Mag. For the bears he suggests something a little bit bigger, either .375H&H or .338 Mag. I would take his suggestions to heart as the man knows what he is doing, and I would never want to be “under-gunned” on a bear hunt. (My buddy’s dad took an Alaskan brown bear trip many years ago and utilized a Weatherby chambered in .375H&H. He said it was the perfect amount of gun for the hunt. He also had his firearm coated in a special product to help protect it from rusting. He made the note that while everyone is camp was busy scrubbing their guns trying to protect them, his showed no signs of issues.)

You can find the full list of gear on both his website and our own. I love it when these are included because there is so much that goes into a hunting trip, that having something to refer to is a life saver. (I also love that he included bringing extra glasses/contacts for those who need them.) His website is also up to date with the hunting seasons, trips and expenses.

So when it comes to considering which of the “two great hunting destinations” you want to go to, I cannot help you there. But, should you choose Alaska… I think it’s quite clear who to go with. Until next time!


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2015 Fall Flannel Fest


Flannel is a staple of the Fall season and you know the best place to get flannel is Bass Pro Shops! We have a wide selection from all of your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia and more! You can choose from flannel shirts, flannel-lined shirts, flannel-lined pants, flannel jackets, and more! Other than getting cozy by the fire, staying warm at football games, and enjoying the comfort of flannel, the best thing about these flannel options is the price! Kids' Flannel Shirts are starting at $14.99, RedHead Flannel Shirts are starting at $19.97 and Natural Reflections Flannel Shirts are starting at $24.99. So stop out and pick up your favorite flannels during the 2015 Fall Flannel Fest!





Product Spotlight - RedHead Waterproof Aerosol Spray, Part II

In a previous product spotlight on the RedHead Waterproof Aerosol Spray, we shared the features and benefits of this terrific product. It can be used on Gore-Tex and most other waterproof/breathable fabrics, and with rain and snow in our fall/winter future, that's a plus.

However, what better way to educate about the product than to SHOW you how it works? AT a recent morning store meeting, Footwear Lead Jeremy gave a quick demo of the spray. Check it out in this brief video clip:

You'll find RedHead Waterproof Aerosol Spray in the Footwear Department or online at www.basspro.com!


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Three Things I Wish I Would Have Had

We asked some of our team members - "What are three things you wish you would have had when you first started hunting?

Gun Vault Specialist Alicia Bricker offers up this advice:

1.Rechargeable Hand Warmers – I bought one at the store last year. I get cold easily and they stay warm for a long time, so I can keep it in my pocket and just switch hands. The warmer helps keep my hands from getting stiff, while out in the extreme Iowa climate. I hunt under any conditions, so this helps give me some warmth during those frigid days.

2.  Climbing Treestands – when I started hunting when I was younger, I would just sit under any tree or anything I could find to help give me some cover. With age comes wisdom, the say, and I started using tree stands for bow hunting and soon discovered climbers were the way to go. If you get a lightweight climber, you can hunt almost anywhere and just carry your stand in with you, and you don’t have to set it up ahead of time. This keeps you from being limited to only hunting places that you had already picked out to hang a stand.

3.  Neck Gaiters - This may seem like an odd product to pick, but, as I mentioned in #1 above, I get cold easily and in Iowa’s extreme cold and wind a neck gaiter really helps me stay warm. Since I started bow hunting, I am out in more of the frigid weather than I used to be. On the ground you can somewhat get out of the wind, but with bow hunting mostly from tree stands, you are right up there in the wind with nothing to block it. I picked up one of the thick RedHead neck gaiters two years ago and won’t leave home without it now, especially on the cold windy days. They hold a ton of heat in and help keep the cold from seeping down the top of your coat. Plus, if you are like me, on the really cold days I like to cover my face with the gaiter until I am ready to shoot. I don’t like face masks when bow hunting -  I feel they throw off my shooting. I use the gaiter in a similar manner, until I am ready to shoot.

We hope these tips will help you as hunting season continues and the days get colder. What do you use now that you wish you would have know about "back then?"


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True Timber: The Difference Between Looking Real and Being Real

Every year, like most hunters, I look at the newest hunting products and hunting clothing to see what I want to spend my hard earned money on. It isn’t very often that I decide to spend that money on the newest products. This year, however, something has caught my eye and I have to spend the money. Since it involves switching my choice of camouflage pattern, I’m going to be buying all new hunting clothing. So what has me this excited? Two simple words: True Timber.

Companies are always trying to create the most realistic patterns when compared to the geographic locations we hunt. True Timber has done exactly that. There is a “difference between looking real and being real.” True Timber uses high definition digital images to create their variety of patterns. There is nothing painted into the pattern. This allows for the pattern to be ultra-realistic to different natural environments and to break up a hunter’s silhouette.


So which pattern of True Timber am I turning to this fall? It’s the High Tech Concealment Fall, or HTC Fall, pattern. The pattern features oak branches, leaves and twigs. The leaves are a mixture of green, aged brown, and golden brown leaves, making the pattern great for mid to late season hunting. The HTC Fall pattern is ideal for the hardwood forests that I hunt in Northwest, Central and West Central Ohio. It is also versatile enough to fit into a variety of other landscapes throughout the country.


The HTC Fall pattern is the only pattern I have seen in person, but the True Timber website currently shows 15 patterns available that are usable in multiple hunting situations and another 4 patterns that I would consider fashion patterns. When these other patterns hit the store, I’m positive I will be adding them to my closet.

DRT™ - Dead Right There HTC Spring http://truetimber.com/preview/400-420/content/files/mod.catalog/6abc408602684097a9593126b36305d81.jpg New Conceal

 XD3 / Extreme Detail, Depth, and Deception Flooded Timber Conceal Brown Conceal Green DS1 Harvest Mixed Pine

   MC2 Snow / Maximum Concealment Snow MC2 Blaze / Maximum Concealment Blaze MC2 Cobalt MC2 Purple MC2 Pink Snowfall Snowfall Pink

If you have not seen this pattern in person, you need to stop into Rossford Bass Pro Shops and check it out. The pattern is currently available in a variety of products such as the Mountain Stalker Series, the Redhead Tech Windproof, all of the Silent Hide products, long-sleeve and short sleeve True Fit T-shirts, a variety of boots, and the Blackout Hybrid 180 Hunting Blind.


True Timber has stepped up the game and created what I believe to be the ultimate patterns available. They have blown everyone else out of the woods with the most realistic pattern that I have seen and True Timber has me hooked! It really is for true hunters and I cannot wait to see the new patterns in the store.


Jay Hollis

Hunting Clothing Team Leader



RedHead Select Outfitters: Quail Creek Plantation

So when it comes to checking out our RedHead Select Outfitters, the big-game-boys have really been stealing the show. Which is sad, because small game have been keeping us out in the fields for decades! So this month we are going to take a look at an outfitter that focuses on the “little guys”. Let’s see what Quail Creek Plantation has to offer!

Quail Creek Plantation is situated down in Okeechobee, Florida and has a lot to offer. They specialize in bob-white quail, pheasant and Osceola turkey hunting. The quail and pheasant season usually runs from October 1st until mid-March. The turkey season lasts for six weeks after the third Sunday of March. Besides those two seasons, they do have a full clay-shooting center that would delight any shot gunning enthusiast.

The quail hunts are broken down into half days and full days. Half day hunts come with 12 birds and the full day hunts come with 24. They are completely guided as well. They provide drinks and snacks during the hunt, and if you wish to partake in a breakfast or Southern style quail lunch they can be added on for a little extra, but worth it, charge. All of your birds will also be cleaned and packaged. They also have the option to add on extra birds if desired. Please note that hunters must be at least 14 years of age to hunt and they must have completed the hunter safety course prior to the hunt, but a Florida Hunting License is not required.

Their pheasant hunts are a little different, but something that should be on every hunter’s bucket list. They hold what is known as a “continental pheasant tower shoot”, which is where 400 pheasants and 300 wild pigeons are released from an elevated tower. This tower is surrounded by twelve shooting stations, which can hold two shooters. This hunt is held on only a few select days, so if you are serious about this contact them as soon as possible. All of your birds will be cleaned and packaged as well and it includes a gourmet meal.

And for those big ol’ gobblers, a lot is included with their package. The turkey hunts are 100% fair chase. This hunt is set up for three nights which includes: lodging, meals and two and a half days of guided hunting. During the down time you are also allowed to partake in such activities as: fishing, quail hunting, hog hunting and sporting clays. This is an awesome opportunity for any hunter.


Besides the amazing hunting opportunities, the place itself is beautiful! It has all of the characteristics and charm that you would expect out of a world-class Southern hunting plantation. They also have a Décor store on the property that features one-of-a-kind rustic, lodge and western furnishings. Their website is full of a bunch of commonly asked questions and helpful hints to prepare you for an amazing time. Some of my favorite times outdoors have been with good friends watching dogs work the field, this would definitely be a trip of a lifetime.

Hey wait… aren’t the holidays coming up? Hey, hunny!


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Product Spotlight - RedHead Canvasback Waterfowl

Waterfowl season has arrived in some areas! We have some new products, and redesigned favorites, you should know about - and we have you covered for early, mid, and late season hunts!

The RedHead Canvasback Waterfowl series has been redesigned for 2015 in Max-5. Additionally, there is a new item this year - the new Canvasback Wader Pant. There's no doubt you'll need big time warmth during what can often be a cold and damp waterfowl season and layering is key. Dump the sweatpants and grab the heavyweight construction of these wader pants to give you an added layer of warmth. The foot stirrups keep them from moving around underneath your waders. They have a draw cord, zippered fly and a small zippered back pocket.

Early season waterfowl wear includes the Canvasback Shell Jacket and Shell Bibs. This lightweight gear is 100% Poly Ripstop fabric and the famous BoneDry construction keeps you dry and warm, so you can concentrate on the hunt - 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable. The jacket comes with two hand warmer pockets and the bibs come have reinforced knees and 18" leg zippers for easy put on and removal.

For mid-season, we have the Canvasback 1/4 Zip Pullover. Once again BoneDry- 100% Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable -and it's fully fleece-lined. One more layer of warmth!

The Performance Hoodie BoneDry 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric is also fully fleece-lined, and has an internal cuff with a new adjustable cuff, and a three-way adjustable hood. Throw in two upper AND two lower hand warmer pockets and you are ready for whatever the mid-season weather throws you!

Canvasback Waterproof Pant protects your lower half with 100% poly ripstop and the BoneDry 100% construction. The pants are fleece-lined to the lower knee and a lighter weight lining below the knee for easy entry, assisted by the 18" leg zipper. The Grip Strip waist band helps keep your shirt tucked in, adding to your comfort and warmth level.

Later in the season, you're bound to need more upper body warmth. Here's how to get it:

The Canvasback Insulated Jacket is BoneDry and also 150 gram ThermoLite Micro in torso and 100 gram ThermoLite Micro in sleeves! Two upper & two lower hand warmer pockets, a three-way adjustable hood, and internal cuffs with exterior adjustments keep you warm from top of your head to the tips of your fingers.

The Canvasback 3 in 1 Parka ups the ante by throwing in 200 gram ThermoLite Micro in torso and 150 gram ThermoLite Micro in sleeves along with a waterproof removable liner jacket!

Don't forget the decoy gloves -- and every accessory you might need, all at Bass Pro Shops!


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