Best Sellers and Whats new in Archery!

Now is the time to stop in and check out the new compound bows, as well as crossbows we have in.  We also have a variety of our best sellers to take a look at.  Questions on what to buy?  Our expert associates in the Archery Department will help you with your decision.  I asked one of our Archery associates what to look for when buying a crossbow or a compound bow.

With both bows you need to take into account your budget, draw weight, and the features it may or may not come with.  This is a large investment and you need to feel comfortable with it and confident using it.  Bob from our Archery Department stated that with a crossbow you have to really try cocking it to see which way you prefer. Do you prefer manual, crank, or rope. Another important fact is when buying a crossbow , are their weights.  Some are very heavy and you should take this into account when walking a long ways into your hunting spot.

Finally Bob, from our Archery Department says you just have to come in and try try try.  Hold them, shoot them until you find the one that is just right for you.

Take a look at the new Compound Bows we have in stock:

BlackOut Intrigue Compound Bow Package and the Diamond Provider RAK Compound Bow Package



















Tried and True Best Sellers!

Blackout SS Compound Bow Package

Redhead Toxik XT Compound Bow Package

Redhead Kronik XT Compound Bow Package

















NEW in Crossbows!

Ten Point Titan Xtreme Crossbow Package

Ten Point Shadow Ultralight Crossbow Package with Acu Draw

Ten Point Wicked Ridge

Barnett RAZR ICE CRT Crossbow Package

Horton Storm RDX Crossbow Package with Dedd Sledd

Horton Storm RDX Crossbow Package with ACU Draw

Barnett BC Raptor Reverse Draw Crossbow Package

Barnett Wildcat C6








































Stop on out and try a few of the new products we have.  Also check out our website at to see what other varieties there are.

R. Piedmonte




RedHead Select Outfitters: The Timbers at Chama

So over the past month or so, most people in Arizona have figured out if they got drawn for any big game hunts this year. Many associates got pulled, or have family/friends that got pulled. It is always an exciting time of the year, and people start to plan their trips, relive old hunts and salivate over the delicious game meat they will hopefully get. Now I didn’t put in this year, my stepbrother got pulled so hopefully I’ll get to go out with them, but as usual I start to daydream about a possible guided hunt. And I know not to look anywhere else but at the RedHead Select Outfitters.  And I caught myself spending a lot of time looking at The Timbers at Chama.

The Timbers at Chama is a full-service guide out of New Mexico. And when I say full-service, I mean it. They offer hunts for bull and cow elk, mule deer and Merriam turkey. They also offer a fishing service for rainbow, brook and brown trout as well. Beyond that they have horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, ATV riding, wildlife watching/birding and more.

Now being a proud Arizonan and a hunter, I have to maintain the fact that Arizona does produce the best bull elks in the world. BUT! I will admit that there have been some amazing animals to come out of New Mexico. And to be honest, some of the elk that I have seen taken at this place are more than impressive. The quality of the mule deer as well is something to be admired. (Check out their photo gallery!)

As usual with our RedHead Select Outfitters, we include several important tips and a checklist for what to expect on the hunt. The three tips below are exactly what anyone looking to go on a hunt should know.

“In elk country the primary guide to clothing is to dress in layers. You may also want to avoid wearing newly purchased footwear that has not been broken in. Camouflage scent-proof clothing is optimal and strongly recommended.”

The latter part is extremely important, as animals have a keen sense of smell and will pick up the smallest hint of a scent. I have had good success with washing my clothes in this product and then spraying it down with this one. And remember, sometimes it is better to not have a cover scent, but just to be sure to eliminate any.

Ready to book? (So am I!) Remember to book them through our RedHead Select Outfitters because you'll get 5% of your total hunt cost given back to you in Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards points.


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Camo and New York State - What Hits the Spot!

Do you think August is too soon to think about buying hunting clothes for the fall?  Absolutely not!  Let the experts show you what they suggest that will hit the spot for specific seasons.



Redhead Canvas Back Shell Jacket

Redhead Canvas Back Shell Bibs

Redhead Canvas Back Fleece Lined 1/4 zip

Redhead LED Lighted Cap










Drake Est Heat Escape Waterproof Full Zip

Drake Est Over Pants

Drake Cotton Camo Cap

Drake Est Refuge Gloves




















Redhead Canvas Back System Parka

Redhead Canvas Back Insulated Bibs

Redhead Caliber Gloves]
















SHE Outdoor Waterfowl Jacket

SHE Outdoor Waterfowl Bibs










Redhead Scent Control Tech Soft shell Jacket

Redhead Scent Control Tech Soft Shell Pants

Redhead Rut Zone Gloves

Redhead Form Fit Facemask

















SHE Outdoor C2 Hunting Jacket

SHE Outdoor C2 Hunting Pants

SHE Enduraskin Outdoor Camo Hunting Cap

Redhead Strut Zone Touch Tip Gloves for Ladies



















Scent-Lok Heartstopper Hi-Tech Hoodie

Scent-Lok Heartstopper Jacket

Scent-Lok Heartstopper Pants

Scent-Lok Heartstopper Beanie

Scent-Lok Heartstopper Fleece Gloves





























Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike Coveralls

Scent-Lok Savanna Crosshair Jacket

Scent-Lok Savanna Crosshair Pants

Scent-Lok Savanna Lightweight Head cover

Scent-Lok Full Season Release Gloves

Scent-Lok Savanna Light Shooter Gloves




























Remember to wear camo to break up your shape so I cannot see you, and orange for safety.  I do not see orange and I lack the ability to see fine detail.  I do however, have better night vision than humans.  Good Luck!









Waterfowl Decoy: Shallow Water vs Open Water

In Part One we discussed Duck decoys and in Part Two we talked about Geese.

Shallow Water

Most ducks and geese are in shallow water for one purpose;  feeding. An effective decoy spread should reflect that in the form of the poses the decoys are in. Decoys like Avian-X Backwater Mallards simulate the head down poses of surface feeding mallards perfectly. Combining these with a motion decoy such as the Higdon Pulsator 2 creates the first part of the feeding illusion. The next step is to work in secondary species after Mallards that are common to your area. Often these include Wood Ducks, Gadwalls, Pintails, or Black Ducks and in some instances even diver species like Ringnecks or Bluebills. These species can be rotated based on weather and stage in the migration to add a great amount of realism.

Open Water

Open water for the most part signals safety and relaxation to ducks, they face few (if any) threats here and can usually see any danger coming. Decoys that are sleeping, relaxed and otherwise look unmolested signal 'all is well' to birds looking for a safe quiet place to rest. Most of the standard puddle duck species will work, but adding diver decoys like Tanglefree Migration Edition Redheads and Bluebills with their high contrast colors as well as geese and even swans will increase your decoys visibility out in the void of water. Adjust the size of your decoy spread to the numbers of birds in the area to increase the realism of your blocks.


Ascend Your Gear: 3 Piece Backpack Cooking Set

I have noticed that outdoor enthusiasts seem to go through trends. And I am not talking about people pursuing the newest or hottest upcoming outdoor activities. I mean like how they like to enjoy the outdoors. Decades ago, you went camping and it was basically you and the tent. You had your base camp and it was into the woods for entertainment. Then toy-trailers and RV’s hit the scene, and this became the “norm” for camping for a while. Your base camp started to include several multi-wheeled items and cable TV. Now though, people tend to be going for a mix of the two.

Another trend I have seen is in gear. First you start with big, bulky and numerous items for a trip. Then you whittle it down to lightweight and multi-purpose gear. Then you work some of the older and proven pieces into the space age. But no matter what part of that trend you are in, quality gear has always been something well appreciated. Which is why I bring you “Ascend Your Gear” where we take a look at awesome equipment that will help you ascend to the next level.

Now one of my favorite things to do outdoors is cook. And I have gone through the trend of starting with several large pieces of equipment to working down to a blender bottle with a scoop of protein. And I knew there had to be a middle-ground. And that is exactly what I found with the Ascend 3-Piece Backpack Cooking Set.

This backpack cooking set comes with two pots and a lid (that will fit both). One pot holds .7 liters and the larger one holds 1.5 liters. They both come with collapsible (or huggable) handles. I use the term huggable, because when the handles are closed around the pot, that’s what they look like they are doing.

Both are also coated with the Quantum 2 system, which resists sticking and abrasion. The total weight for everything is only 12.7 ounces! And it also includes a mesh bag to help you carry it. With space being a big importance for people going outdoors, the fact that these will stack neatly inside each other is a great help. There is even enough room to put an isobutene fuel canister inside as well.

Immediately I think about using this set to prepare a nice cup of soup or maybe some hot cocoa. Also just using it to boil natural water to help kill any hidden bacteria is a nice bonus. Plus the teal accents… who doesn’t love teal accents?


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RedHead Select Outfitters: Hampton & Hampton Guide Service

So far in our RedHead Select Outfitters blog series, we have been giving a lot of focus on whitetail deer guides. To be honest though, this has been one of the most popular kinds of services available for years now. But for this month, I felt we should take a look at a more tropical location. For a couple reasons: One- my brother-in-law is back in Florida right now and I miss him. Two- I just remembered how awesome Swamp People is! So we are going to take a look, from a safe distance, at a world class American Alligator guide service: Hampton & Hampton Guide Service.

Hampton & Hampton (to be known as H&H from hence forth) has been in the business for over twenty years. They are based out of Melbourne, Florida and alligator hunting is what they do. Many guides and outfitters will offer a variety of game to go after, but these guys are strictly all about the gator. Which is good, because having competent and confident guides is essential when going out after these mighty animals.

Not only are they well noted and made it to the top-notch list of being a RedHead Select Outfitter, but they have been getting attention and coverage for years now. They have been featured in writings for books and magazines, one article was written by world famous hunter Jim Shockey. They have also been featured on over two dozen television shows. Oh yea, that article written by Shockey was about a SCI record 12 foot alligator taken by muzzleloader.

All this recognition and publicity has not gone to their head though. Safety is their biggest concern and they know where issues might occur. Their guides are well-equipped and prepared for any emergency situation. They have also maintained a magnificent relationship with outdoor conservation groups. H&H work very closely with groups like SCI to help protect and educate people. They also help educate local Law Enforcement on how to handle alligators and alligator hunting. H&H has donated numerous hunts for fundraisers and has participated in programs like “Hunt of a Life Time”.

When hunting with H&H you can opt for a rifle hunt during the day or a bow/harpoon hunt at night. Swamps really come alive at night, and while TV might do a decent job at capturing what it’s like, there can be nothing else like firsthand experience. H&H has everything you will need for any kind of hunt.

Along with having a safe hunt, they want you to have a memorable hunt. And from just one bit of writing they used, I can tell without a doubt that hunting with them would be a good time. “Each of our hunts are performed on private lakes and canals. These gators were not previously trapped and released before it was time to hunt. Rather, they are 100% free range, tail slapping, mouth snapping, boat biting gators with an all-around bad attitude. (They have a worse attitude than your mother-in-law did the night she showed up at your bachelor party).”

So next time you are thinking about an awesome trip, think Florida and Hampton & Hampton Guide Service. (Plus if you have to bring the family, think about all the other places they can go while you hunt!)


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Waterfowl Decoy: Ducks

I love decoys. For me, decoys are one of the most enjoyable aspects of waterfowl hunting and as such I am a decoy junkie much to the chagrin of my better half. More than once have I heard the phrase “How many decoys do you need?!?” The answer typically is just a few more, which we both know is only true for that given year. In my travels, I have been fortunate to hunt waterfowl in several states, latitudes and flyways and am going to attempt to help you build an adaptable, multi-purpose waterfowl spread.  Follow us over the next few weeks while we discuss waterfowl decoys at further length.

Part One:  The Ducks

In most parts of North America the Mallard is King, and our area is no exception. They are the most widespread and universal of all ducks today, but there are others out there that are equally challenging and exciting to hunt. Puddle Ducks are the group of ducks that are most common and sought after by duck hunters.  In the marshes, crop fields and flooded timber of the Mid-South, wood ducks, gadwalls, pintails, widgeons, black ducks and green wing teal are the most common to join Mallards on the hunters strap. The second group is the diver ducks. These include bluebills, redheads, canvasbacks, and ring necks and are common to the bigger rivers and reservoirs of the area often in massive flocks. They live life finding both food and sanctuary in the deeper areas by diving under the water to find a meal. While not credited with an overabundance of brains, divers make for challenging shooting and contrary to the misconception of some, fine table fair among these four species in particular.

Stay tuned for Part Two:  The Geese!

Cory Brown,  Hunting Associate


Keeping your Best Friend Cool

Summer is upon us and while we cannot wait to jump into the lake, pool, or stream to stay cool, lets not forget about your best friend.  Whether you are driving, swimming, basking in the sun our dogs need special care, and we cannot forget that they too get over heated.

It is always better to exercise you dog early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is at its lowest.  If you do need to exercise your pet during the hot hours always have water and a few treats to give them.  The Portable Food/Tote is made just for that as well as travel. If the pavement is too hot try dog booties.  Remember you would not like to walk bare foot on that hot pavement and neither do they.


It is always important to watch for signs that your pet may be dehydrated.  Dogs do not sweat, and they cool themselves by panting.  Signs of dehydration are lethargic behavior, drooling excessively, bloodshot eyes.  You may also want to look at their skin.  Lift it up and if it doesn't fall right back into place that is a sign of dehydration.  Keeping a dog dish in your car or backpack is a great idea.  The Redhead Collapsible Dog Dish can be stored neatly in your glove compartment until it is needed.





Remember that overweight dogs are always higher risk for dehydration and that a darker coat dog will soak up more heat than a lighter coat dog.  When out in a park or beach look for a shaded spot.  At home have a fan going, or keep them in a cool part of your home.  Many people love to spray their dogs when it is hot.  That is great, but always make sure you spray their paws and under their stomach as well. Dogs cool from the bottom up.

Many dogs will dig, not always because they are bored but as a way to keep cool. Dogs will know instinctively that the weather is too hot.  They won't walk as long or they won't want to walk at all.

Going on the boat?  This is exciting for you and your pet.  If your pet is not used to swimming and is hesitant of the water, consider the Bass Pro Shops Life Jacket for Dogs.  It comes in sizes XS to XL.  The heat can bother the skin on your dog,  whether from bug bites or dry skin.  Take a look at the Pro Sense Itch Relief Hydrocortisone Spray.  Perfect to keep in a backpack or in the car for just the right time.  Non stinging spray!










Keep your dog groomed during the summer months to help them stay cool and comfortable.  Bass Pro Shops has a variety of de shedding tools that will help you in this category.  Try the  Redhead Shedding Blade or the FurGOpet Deshedder  .









Finally, here are a few easy ideas that will be fun for your friend and easy for you to do.  Get a bowl (plastic) and fill it with water, chicken, vegetable or beef broth along with some treats and a toy.  FREEZE !  Once you pop it out watch your buddy go crazy trying to get their toy or biscuits free.  Great way to stay hydrated and fun for them.



Another great idea is to blend plain yogurt, some peanut butter, and a mashed banana together.  Put it in a Dixie cup with a milk bone biscuit in the middle of the cup.  FREEZE!  Can you say pupsicle!






Most important have fun this summer and enjoy your best friend.  They just want to spend time with you.  Feel free to visit for additional items just for your dog.

R. Piedmonte - Events Coordinator
















How to Do 4th of July for men in Just 3 Steps

Dear Gentlemen Customers,

I would like to first introduce myself, I am Marcie Melendez, a lead in the Men’s Apparel department at the Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, California. I would like to take a moment to tell you all about the RedHead Americana Prints Collection and the RedHead Stars and Strips Polo Collection. With 4th of July and all of the other national holidays, this is a great collection to find the perfect shirt to show your American pride and the love of the good ol’ United States of America!


The Ameriana Prints collection is an assortment of button up shirts featuring landmarks such as Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial and our Nation’s Capitol; Lady Liberty with the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell; Digital Camo with a Digital Camo pattern along with Army vehicles; Military Planes highlighting America’s military might and the Greatest Generation. All of these shirts are perfect for a night on the town especially the 4th of July!


For the more casual customers, we have our Starts and Stripes Collection. Featuring Polos and button ups that has highlight of our Great American Flag. This collection will not last long so hurry into Bass Pro Shops, Rancho Cucamonga and pick up yours up today. You can find these 2 great collections conveniently located at the front of the Men’s Apparel Redhead Department.


Gear Up For Summer!

The kick off to summer has officially begun with the Memorial Day weekend.  If you collection of outdoor gear is ever growing, organization is always a constant struggle.  Such as packing for a trip, keeping gear together, or just a day at the lake, the solution is the line of Redhead Deluxe Gear Bags to ease the clutter and to make your journey as easy as possible.


Redhead has designed three bags to fit the needs for all outdoors people. The medium measures 24” x 12” x 12”, large is 32”x15”x15” and the extra large measures 36”18x18. All of these bags come in Realtree Xtra and come with a lifetime warranty.

Some other features include: 

  • Heavy-duty water-resistant fabric
  • Large loading capacity
  • U-opening with heavy-duty two-way zippers
  • 2 large side pockets
  • Weather-resistant storm flap-covered zipper closures
  • Comfortable webbed shoulder harness
  • Handy pull wrap handle on each end
  • Water-resistant extra-heavy-duty bottom
  • Compatible with Tech-Lok accessories

You can keep these bags fully loaded and ready to go for your next outdoor adventure packed in the back of your vehicle or in a closet. They are a great value and they look similar to a premium product but are priced well below what one would often pay.

RedHead Deluxe Gear Bags


RedHead Select Outfitters: Blue River Whitetails

Now look, there has been a lot of talk about Kansas whitetail deer over the past few years. And for good reason! We have seen some excellent animals coming out of that state, many that defy expectation! So it is no wonder that Kansas hunts have grown in popularity tremendously. In fact, my stepdad and his best friend have made a newer tradition to get out there every year. And every year they come back with some awesome trophies. But with awesome trophies come some outstanding costs. Which is why I was interested in what Blue River Whitetails had to offer.

Blue Rivers Whitetails is a hunting guide that made it to our esteemed RedHead Select Outfitters group. And their mission statement (if you will) is simply that they want to “give you an opportunity to take home a Kansas trophy whitetail or turkey at a fair price.” Good stuff. And considering that the owner/guide has over 36 years of experience hunting Kansas deer and 12 years guiding turkey hunters, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.


When it comes to looking into a hunt, there are so many things to consider. And depending on your level of skill as a hunter, there can be even more thought-plaguing issues. I am one of those people that believe in information. Knowing what to expect, what you will need and how to do it can save so much time and headache. I mean there are so many uncontrollable variables when it comes to hunting, so having your A-game ready for the pregame is greatly appreciated.

Many of us dream about hunting whitetail or turkey in Kansas, but don’t know where to start. Blue River Whitetails gives you a great deal of information to consider and start working at before coming out.

“Prior to your arrival in Kansas, you will need to send in your turkey permit application. A turkey permit is $32.15 and an additional permit can be purchased for $22.15. The application is available for download, and can be purchased online, at the KDWP website. A Kansas hunting license is $72.15 and can be purchased via the KDWP website as well. Permits and license can be purchased over the counter, but permits are not valid until the next calendar day. Hunter education is required if you were born after July 1, 1957. You must carry your card with you. While hunting in Kansas, you must have a hunting license plus your permit. The hunting license is good for the calendar year, and entitles you to hunt small game and game birds also.”

The fact that they provided us with a paragraph of solid information that gets us going in the right direction, tells us the caliber of the service you would be getting through them.

One day I hope to be able to carry on the tradition of best-friend annual Kansas deer trip when I get to that place in life, and I bet you all could guess who I’d be looking to give my business to.


The Basics Mellon Creek Ducks N Bucks


Ten Amazing Father's Day Gifts

In honor of Father's Day on June 21st, we've put together a list of awesome Father's Day gift ideas.  Take a look!

1)  Bass Pro Shops Aluminum Fish Fryer

2)  Hobb's Creek Polos and Poplins

3)  Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite Series Extra Wide Propane Smoker

4)  Ascend FS12T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak

5)  Char-Broil 6-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner

6)  Nikon ProStaff 3i Rangefinder

7)  RedHead Toxik XT Compound Bow Packages

8)  Portal 10 Person Cabin Tent

9)  Bass Pro Shops Big Outdoorsman Lounger Chair

10)  Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Spinning Reel

You can also check out our first time gun buyers guide for additional gift ideas.  And as always, we have a great selection of Father's Day cards and gift cards to choose from.  It's the perfect way to make sure Dad gets exactly what he needs for his next outdoor adventure!


The choices in hiking footwear

Spring is in full swing! That can only mean one thing, lots and lots of RAIN. Don’t let rain put a damper on your outdoor activities and invest in a pair a waterproof hiking boots. Hiking shoes are a wonderful shoe option, especially this time of year, because of their versatility. They come on many different brands and styles with features to fit any ones needs.



Deciding what you need out of your shoe and what features are necessary is the first step to picking the right hiker for you. The first decision you will want to make is between a Mid and low top. Mids reach just above the ankle and will offer ankle support for those who need it. They are great for the aggressive hiker or anyone that likes to have that added support. Low tops are a tennis shoe height  and while offering great foot-bed support do not offer ankle support. One more big decision you need to make is whether you need/want waterproof or not. Waterproof is an awesome feature but not necessary for everyone. We have a variety of styles that are full leather with waterproof as well as several that still offer breathability. After those 2 decisions everything else will fall into place.

Now to highlight some of our top styles this season; RedHead offers many great styles of hikers that will give you more bang for your buck. The first I will talk about is the RedHead Ranger Ridge; this particular shoe comes in a mid as well as low top version. Both are waterproof and rated highly for comfort, support, and durability. It is also available in woman’s styles. Another great style in RedHead is the Trekker Low Trail Shoe. This shoe is great for everyday use and light hiking. It is a lightweight breathable shoe that still offers the waterproof feature.

Now for our top selling brand, Merrell is the best of the best as far as hikers are concerned. They are durable and rated the highest across the board in comfort. We carry SEVERAL styles that are sure to please but I will just highlight a few. The first is the Moab Mid Waterproof. This shoe sports a 100% waterproof membrane while still being extremely breathable. It is light weight with an aggressive Vibram rubber outsole that offers shock absorbency and last ability. Just try it on and it sells itself!  We also carry this same style with all the same features in a low top, and they both come in womans styles!!

As you can see we have many great hiking options to fit anyone’s needs, and to think these are just few. Come in to your local Bass Pro Shops to see our full selection and to receive expert help in deciding the best shoe for you!


Check out this other greatly written blog! - Hiking Shoes vs. Hiking Boots

Chelsea McDaniel

Team Lead of footwear


Look at That! The Pyramid Store

So a lot of the time, I have to admit what a cool company I work for. I mean from simply saying I work at Bass Pro Shops and hearing people light up about their experiences there or working an event an making an awesome experience for a family, it is just great! But as I am sure you all have seen, there was a certain unveiling in May that really made me stop and go “Would you look at that?” That’s right. It is none other than the Pyramid store!

Now working here, I always heard rumors about this, that and the other about this store. It is the fifth store we have opened in Tennessee, but surely not the last. In fact, another one is on its way. It is one of the largest Bass Pro Shops (if not the largest) and one of the largest retail stores in the world.

This store holds several features, besides being in a gigantic pyramid that sets itself apart from the rest. It has an Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill. It has its own hotel, The Big Cypress Lodge. At the top, you have to sneak a peek from The Lookout. It has a Berretta Fine Gun Center, for all your fine gun needs. Then there is the Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Heritage Center, with all sorts of awesome features for any enthusiast. And if that aint enough, there is also the huge cypress swamp habitat that even has an alligator exhibit! I would love to take Troy from Swamp People just to see his expressions and hear what he would have to say about it!

I mean, a picture says 1000 words but even those don't come close to explaining this place. But seriously, would you look at that?!


Other Nifty Things to Look At!

Propane Fire Ring Hand Towels Rainproof Camo She Outdoor PETT

BPS Extreme Qualifier Tackle Bag RedHead Gun Rack Chicken on a Stick

Traeger Smoker/Grills Casio Pathfinder RedHead Wellington Boots Weather Vanes


The Big Short Takeover is Happening Now at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, Louisiana

It's beautiful weather this Spring in the Ark-La-Tex (Bossier City, LA).  Most of the heavy spring rains are behind us and it's time for shorts,flip-flops and sunglasses.  May is filled with blue skies and sunny days in which to celebrate the following holidays and events:

  • Cinco de Mayo,Tuesday, May 5th,
  • Mother's Day-Sunday, May 10th,
  • Memorial Day, Monday May 25, and ...
  • don't forget those Graduates.

‚Äč With all that in mind, Bass Pro Shops has included in their latest Spring Warm-UP Sale-The BIG Short Takeover.  With all Natural Reflections Shorts and Capris and RedHead Brand Shorts-Buy 1 Get 1 50% off (of equal or lesser value).  Sale Dates are April 27-May 10, 2015.

Look for the Bear wearing shorts.  #BEARYOURLEGS

Receive a free sample of sunscreen with purchase while supplies last.


Look at That! Weather Vanes

One of my favorite movies has to be Open Range with Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall. One of my favorite characters is Percy, the stable worker. At one point a huge storm rolls into town and Percy warns the main characters to get inside. “Big-un’s comin!” I love it. Phrases like “Storms a-brewin’!” and “Best get the livestock in!” have pretty much made themselves home in any kind of discussion considering a storm. Fun fact, as my buddy and I were driving down the highway he noted an incoming desert monsoon. I put all those phrases together and it caught him just as off-guard as the storm did!

Now there are many ways to have a heads up with the weather. Listening to the radio, watching the Weather Channel, checking your smartphone or reading the newspaper all provide hints at what the day will be like. Two of my favorite ways though are to look at the sky and check your weather vane!

Looking at the sky gets us away from technology and lets us take in the world for its true beauty. Checking your weather vane lets you utilize an older technology and probably appreciate your front or back yard for a few extra moments during the day. And the style/topper of your weather vane can say a lot about yourself.

There are two companies that we carry a bunch of different options online of weather vanes. The first we will take a stroll through is Good Directions, Inc. They make a ton of attractive options that would look great in any number of places in the yard. I am quite partial to the rooster myself. They may come with a higher price-tag than one would expect but you know you are getting something that will last for seasons.

The second company is EZ Vane Inc. They have quite a number of options, including colleges. As flying your school’s logos/colors have become more and more popular, this company might offer something your front yard would not do without. I’ll let you look online to see what schools they currently offer, but let me just say this, if you aint a gator… you’re gator bait!


Other Nifty Things to Look At!

Propane Fire Ring Hand Towels Rainproof Camo She Outdoor PETT

BPS Extreme Qualifier Tackle Bag RedHead Gun Rack Chicken on a Stick

Traeger Smoker/Grills Casio Pathfinder RedHead Wellington Boots


RedHead Select Outfitters: Ducks N Bucks

If you have been reading my blogs over the past couple years you would know that I am a fan of rhyming and alliteration… and puns… and Jurassic Park. If you have been reading my blogs over the past couple of months you would be aware about our RedHead Select Outfitters. These outfitters are those that our professional hunting teams have hunted at and proved themselves to be worthy partners of ours. Besides offering great hunts with amazing memories, signing up with one of these outfitters can also pay off thanks to the points earned on your Outdoor Rewards account. Last month I highlighted one of the outfitters in Texas. This month I will combine my love of rhyming with the focus of this blog and have chosen to highlight Ducks N Bucks.

First off, love the name. Simple and fun. They let you know exactly what they are about. But it’s not all fun and games, as they state they are “a professional hunting guide service dedicated to providing quality hunts for the serious hunter.” They are based out of Burlington, Oklahoma which they call the “friendliest town in Oklahoma”. If you have ever gone to Oklahoma, you know how friendly the people there are already but it is quite something to earn this title.

Because of their location they are a great spot for trophy deer and ducks. In fact some of their deer come from their northern neighbor, Kansas. Kansas has been a pride for prized deer and some of them head down South putting them in the cross hairs of those at Ducks N Bucks.

One of my favorite things with the set-up of these RedHead Select Outfitters is how they have their own checklist for the hunts. This gives hunters an honest idea of what they will need to bring with them. Which we all know, extra items for a hunt can add up quickly.

For Ducks they say to bring:

  • Warm waders
  • Warm and cold weather clothing
  • Face mask or face paint
  • Gloves
  • Stocking hat
  • Gortex coat
  • Waterproof clothing (Be prepared for the elements.)
  • Shells
  • Gun
  • Proper licensing

For Bucks they say you’ll need:

  • Knee boots
  • Warm and cold weather clothing (Be prepared because it can get real cold.)
  • Rangefinder
  • Good optics
  • Scentlock suits if you own any
  • Rifle
  • Bullets
  • Orange, proper tags

I like that for both species they are sure to mention the elements and weather, which can be a huge deciding factor for some hunts. One thing that is on their website that you would probably like to know beforehand is that their deer hunt is that “You DO NOT have to apply for a draw to obtain a license for these hunts. Tags are available over the counter in most sporting goods stores throughout the state.”

So next time you are thinking about that dream trip with some family or friends, maybe the rhyme will be a great time and look no further than Ducks N Bucks!


The Basics

Mellon Creek


Camo Choices in Spring Weather

Spring has arrived and has brought with it some rainstorms. Our camouflage department has hunting clothing for any sort of weather, to prepare for the springtime showers that lie ahead it may be a good idea to invest in a waterproof jacket and pants.


Squaltex II jacket

Our camouflage department has a variety of new styles of camouflage rain suits. For supreme protection from the elements, keep a lookout for the RedHead Squaltex II Jacket and pants. The Squaltex II jacket combines our waterproof, windproof and breathable BONE-DRY membrane with the camouflage designs of Realtree Xtra. This rain suit will not only keep you dry but will keep you comfortable while on your next great hunt. Staring at $69.99 or the jackets and $59.99 for pants, his option will is relatively affordable and worth every penny.


                For the Female hunters out there The SHE outdoor brand has a good selection of rainwear that keeps you dry but also breathes to provide a comfortable hunt, no matter the weather. SHE strives to make Premium hunting gear for women. The jacket and pants are a Realtree Xtra design. The jackets start at $79.99 and the pants start at $69.99.

                Come on down to your local Bass Pro Shops and stop by our camouflage department. The associates will help pair you with the best hunting clothing for you.  Hope your turkey season goes well and happy hunting.

                For more information check out this article about preventing bug bites.


Product Spotlight - Bone-Dry

Bass Pro Shops Altoona Greeter Ted Witthoft has hunted for years. Recently he went to South Dakota on a goose hunting trip and has nothing but wonderful things to say about his BONE-DRY hunting gear.

Bone-Dry Hunting Clothing

"I am an avid hunter of everything - waterfowl, pheasant, quail, deer, turkey, etc.
I purchased my Bone-Dry coat and pants a year ago.

I hunt in all kinds of weather conditions and this coat is an awesome piece of equipment! The removable lining is really toasty with the outside 100% dry in rain or snow. It sheds water like a duck and it's also a tremendous windbreaker.

This past week, while snow goose hunting in South Dakota this set of clothing proved its worth! I belly-crawled approximately 1000 yards toward feeding snow geese. It was raining, which turned to mud and then it started snowing. There were also rocks to crawl over.

The pants and coat still look like brand new. I stayed completely dry. I have not washed the coat or pants and they show no mud or dirt!

I am completely impressed with all of RedHead's Bone-Dry clothing. Rugged, fits well, and lives up to its accolades. It is reassuring to know that I have warm, sturdy, waterproof clothing to wear hunting.

Go RedHead!"


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Get Your Companion Geared-Up for the Season!!!!

It is time for another field trial season for you and your fellow puppy dog. That means coming in and gearing up those four-legged friends by replacing old collars, bumpers, kennels and more!!! Bass Pro Shops is the store to get your dog ready for every outdoor adventure. Let’s start with our impressive selection of dog collars. Garmin released the new Pro 550 dog training system this year and it has become a hit. It is a bark collar when you have them kenneled, a shock collar when you're training, and a warning collar when necessary. There is also a built in full light system on the collar to help you locate your dog in low light situations. Plus it’s fully waterproof for those lake retrievals or just play time in the water. If you already have an obedient dog, then a nice RedHead No Bark dog collar would be a good replacement.

The second type of item that is a necessity for your pooch are our Redhead Retriever Dummies and rubber ducks. Our retriever dummies come in two sizes, medium and large, and three different colors, orange, white and dual tone.  The rubber ducks come in mallard, suzie, wood duck, and spoonie . The ducks have a body made of a soft, natural-feel foam with free-swinging plastic head and feet that encourages your dog to maintain a secure body hold without viciously shaking your game.  They will help to make your hunting buddy a better retriever!

Lastly, everyone needs a great kennel to transport their furry friend to the field and back home. We carry the Petmate Ruffmaxx portable kennel that is able to be mounted to the bed of your truck. This makes for easy, safe and comfortable transportation of your pup.

In addition to training gear, we also carry chews, toys, treats, beds, yard containment, first aid and grooming supplies, leashes and harnesses and dog houses!!!!  Make Bass Pro your one stop shop for all your puppy needs!