Fall HUnting Classic 2014

Fall Hunting Classic- August 1-17 2014
Free Hunting University Friday, August 1st
National Pros Seminar & autographs
*Marty Fischer- Wingshooting 7pm
*John O'Dell- Ground Blinds & Scent Control 8pm

2nd Amendment Instant Savings on Guns & Safes with BPS Credit Cards August 1-5th & 13-17th

Sweepstakes- August 1-17th (Grand Prize Only)
Enter for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip to go on a 2-hour helicopter hunt in Texas with Brian "Pigman" Quaca.

NEW! Women's Hunting Workshop- Saturday, August 9 @ 3pm

Giveaways for women's hunting workshop:

  • First 25 women to attend workshop receive BPS tumbler
  • Only women can register for a chance to win a RedHead folding Knife or a Pair of Oculus binoculars.
  • Two women will be announced at store to receive their prize.

Local Pro Seminars- August 15-17

Friday August 15th
7pm- Big Game are ALL around you: Hunting Near Home- BPS Hunting Pros Jason Morris & Kevin Smith

Saturday August 16th
1pm- Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success- BPS Hunting Pros Jason Morris & Kevin Smith
2pm- Tender Venison? It’s Easier Than You Think!!
3pm- Does Camo Pattern Really Matter??- BPS Hunting Pros Jason Morris & Kevin Smith
4pm- Why Should You Be Hunting Coyote (or predator)- BPS Hunting Pros Jason Morris & Kevin Smith
5pm- How to Integrate Your Game Camera With Mobile Devices

Sunday August 17th
1pm- Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success- BPS Hunting Pros Jason Morris & Kevin Smith
2pm- Tender Venison? It’s Easier Than You Think!!
3pm- Does Camo Pattern Really Matter??- BPS Hunting Pros Jason Morris & Kevin Smith
4pm- Why Should You Be Hunting Coyote (or predator)- BPS Hunting Pros Jason Morris & Kevin Smith
5pm- How to Integrate Your Game Camera With Mobile Devices

Giveaways for Local Pro seminars: First 25 to attend each seminar each day will receive a BPS tumbler on Friday & Saturday and a Survival Whistle on Sunday.

Bad Boy Buggy Test Drive August 1-17th

August 1-6th Bow & Cross Bow Trade-In

August 7-12th Binocular & Rangefinder Trade-In

August 13-17th Scope Trade-In

Next Generation Weekend August 9 & 10th NOON-5pm each day

  • Free BB Range (release forms need to be signed by parent or guardian)
  • Free Photo Download-"bee a BPS Adventure Kid"!!
  • Fall In The Outdoors Seminars @ 2p & 4p
  • Craft- Color a wooden Squirrel or Fox clip
  • Free giveaways- First 100 kiddos to complete punch card each day will receive a BPS Fox drawstring bag.



2014 Fall Hunting Classic

Fall Hunting Classic 2014 - Bass Pro Shops Altoona

It's the Fall Hunting Classic at Bass Pro Shops Altoona - 17 days of great sales and events to prepare you for the hunting season!  Here's the linup of Hunting Classic Events!

First Weekend - August 2 - Free Hunting Classic UniversityHunting University - Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Join us for these great, nationally-recognized speakers!
1 p.m. - Bric Steward, Drury Outdoors Team, Bow Madness - "Hunting Mature Whitetails"
2 p.m. - John Dudley from the Nock On TV Show and Under Armor Arsenal Hunter - "Guaranteed to Always be Lethal"
3. - Jeremy Moore, Renowned Dog Trainer and Developer of the DogBone Training Products - "Developing Your Deer Dog."

Second Weekend - August 9 & 10 - Next Generation Weekend for Kids!

As usual, we've included a weekend JUST FOR KIDS!

Noon- 5 on Saturday and Sunday:

  • Youth Seminars - "Fall in the Outdoors" - a special workshop for just youth
  • BB Shooting range
  • Free photo download- Like you're on the cover of Adventure Kids magazine!

Noon - 5 on Saturday and Sunday Crafts Noon - 4pm - Wood fox and squirrel craft!

Free giveaway to the first 100 kids who get their cards punched each day - a Bass Pro Shops Fox Drawstring bag!


NEW THIS YEAR! August 9 - 3 p.m. - Women's Hunting Workshop!

Seminar attendees can register to win a pair of Oculus Binoculars or a RedHead folding knife!


August 15-17 - Local Pros Weekend - Free Seminars with Local Hunting Experts
Friday, August 15

7:00pm – So You Think You Know How to Bow Hunt?

Saturday, August 16

1:00pm – Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success

2:00pm – Tender Venison? It’s Easier Than You Think

3:00pm – Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?

4:00pm – Why You Should be Hunting Coyote

5:00pm – How to Integrate Your Game Camera with Mobile Devices

Sunday, August 17

1:00pm – Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success

2:00pm – Tender Venison? It’s Easier Than You Think

3:00pm – Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?

4:00pm – Why You Should be Hunting Coyote

5:00pm – How to Integrate Your Game Camera with Mobile Devices


2014 Fall Hunting Classic Featuring Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

Our Annual Fall Hunting Classic and Sale will be held from August 1st through August 17th this year. We have filled this year’s event with great seminars and activities for the whole family. Check out what we are featuring this year:

August 1st @ 5pm to 9pm - Bass Pro Shops Hunting University featuring a meet and greet with Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, co-hosts of “The Crush” TV Show and members of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team

August 1st to August 17th – Enter to win a “Helicopter Hunt” !! During our Classic, enter to win a two-hour helicopter hunt in Texas with Brian “Pigman” Quaca !!!

August 1st to 6th – Bow and Crossbow trade-in: Trade in a bow or crossbow and get a coupon towards the purchase of a new bow or crossbow

August 7th to 12th – Binocular and Rangefinder Trade-In: Trade in binoculars or rangefinder and get a coupon towards  the purchase of new binoculars or rangefinder

August 13th to 17th – Scope Trade-in: Trade in a scope and get a coupon towards the purchase of a new scope

August 9th & 10th – Next Generation Weekend

                Noon to 5pm: Free BB Gun Range, Free Archery Range, Free Photo Download

                Noon to 4pm: Free Kid’s Craft

                2pm and 4pm: “Fall In The Outdoors” Kids Workshop

August 9th @3pm – NEW !! Women’s Hunting Workshop – first 25 women to attend this seminar will receive a FREE Bass Pro Shops Tumbler

August 15-17 :FREE Hunting Workshops – The first 25 people to attend the Friday and Saturday workshops will receive a FREE Bass Pro Shops Tumbler. The first 25 on Sunday will receive a FREE Survival Whistle

August 15th @ 7pm – So You Think You Know How To Bow Hunt?

August 16th & August 17th:

                                1pm – Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success

                               2pm – Tender Venison? It’s Easier Than You Think

                                3pm – Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?

                               4pm – Why Should You Be Hunting Coyote?

                5pm – How To Integrate Your Game Camera With Mobile Devices

August 16th- 10am to 2pm: Free Bad Boy Buggy Test Drive in our Tracker Boat Lot



    So maybe that's the last thing you want to be yelling as you jump from a bridge held by only a piece of bungee cord. It's not exactly an everyday word (unless your The Doctor)

But it is something that many thrill seekers like to do- jump. Jump out of planes, jump off of bridges or jump out of a cake. There are TONS of adventures out there for the wild spirits that grace this planet- therefore, there are many things that can go wrong on such dares. Such as getting lost, or being trapped. In these instance it is smart to have something that can come in handy pretty quickly! A growing popular item is emergency paracord threaded throughout clothing. It comes in a variety of colors, and items such as bracelets, hats, belts, and even knives.

  Our two items in the Hunting Apparel department are the RedHead Camo Paracord cap for 14.99 and the Straw Paracord Hat for 24.99. Both these hats feature and extended paracord rope with a clasp that attaches straight to the hat. At Bass Pro Shops we also sell a multitude of color Paracord bracelets ranging anywhere from 14.99-17.99 as shown below:

You may be asking yourself, "How do I even use something like this to survive?" The Site Survivor Geek breaks down multiple uses for the simple string! You can see the list at their website here:http://www.survivorgeek.com/pages/Emergency-uses-for-Paracord.html

Bass Pro Shops carries a wide variety of Paracord and devices to be used with them. Emergency Paracord is becoming an item that everyone should carry on them because of the vast things it can do, and it may just save your life.

Just remember, the next time you're cliff diving, skydiving, or on a wildly crazy adventure: look down at your paracord bracelet, and shout geronimo!


Come check us out!


Camo Lead

Sevierville  Bass Pro Shops



Don't Hate Me Because I'm a Little Cooler

 Get it?? It's a "little cooler"!!

 .....Okay, quiet the crickets.

You don't need to be a weatherman to know that this summer has been HOT. With all the things to do outdoors, such as camping, hiking, and fishing, it's important to stay well hydrated! The best way to pack up cold drinks would be in our Red Head insulated coolers! They come in an assortment of shapes and sizes and are an extremely cheap price!

The largest cooler is our 24 can cooler. It is large enough for 24 cans, or even cold food to take on a large family picnic! This time of year is perfect to head up to The Chimneys, in our mountains, and have a fantastic day enjoying and exploring nature. Make sure to pack all the necessities for a trip like this (and you're allowed to forget your cellphone for the day) This cooler is also a perfect buy at 14.97!

Secondly is our "little cooler"; the 8 can RedHead branded cooler. It is a much smaller cooler as it holds just 8 cans. The unique thing with this cooler though, is the fact that it can double as a perfect lunchbox! Whether it be for your children to pack their PB&J's in and carry to school or for that perfect work sack (like most of our own associates use), it is the perfect traveling size and still keeps all your items cold! This munchkin bag is only $8.97!

We also have the 6 can stick cooler. This cooler features a carrying strap and elongated insulated cooler to keep your drinks cold and is ideal for hiking! This Cooler is $7.99!


Last, but definitely not least, is our wonderfully crafted belt cooler. Yes, it's a belt with insulated cup holders. Not sure how else you can top this..really..how?? This nifty cooler is $9.99 and features 6 can holding capacity. It is a hit at parties and is rated 5 out of 5 stars!

As one of our top reviewers wrote online:

"I call it the heine-belt. It does keep my canned beverages, both regular and adult, cold, even when opened. It has kept them cold for about 2 hours, that is how long it took to finish them. Not only does it keep drinks cold, it is a great holder for the open ones, no more looking for a place to put them and you don't have to worry about knocking it over. Would make a great gift."
You can check out all these awesome coolers on our website here: http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Navigation?storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&langId=-1&searchTerm=redhead+cooler or swing by your local Bass Pro Shops and talk to one of our members of staff in the hunting apparel department!

You Don't Need to Be Rich to Do dove hunting

The perfect set up for dove hunting in comfort Dove season is approaching fast and it’s best to get all your gear ahead of time to avoid any last minute scramble to grab your favorite vest or game bag. In this hot summer weather Bass Pro has the best light weight and durable clothing perfect for dove hunting. The Redhead Tec – Lite Shirt comes in four different patterns: Xtra, Xtra G, Obsession, and Infinity. The Tec- Lite has AXE Anti-Odor Technology, a light weight material that wicks away moisture from the body, and dries quickly to keep you cool. Other features include a flip up collar to protect the neck from the sun, a mesh back and side panels for added ventilation, and two zip closure pockets on the chest. All of these features add up to an incredible product that keeps you dry, comfortable, and odor-free. The AXE Anti-Odor Technology permanently embeds silver nanoparticles inside the fabric to keep odor at bay. It never washes out and needs no special reactivation to keep the garment scent free. Machine wash as normal and the garment is ready for the next hunt.

Shirts start at $49.99


The Redhead Shooting Belt & Shell Carrier is built for the upland hunter who wants extra space to carry his game or shells. It’s built of a durable nylon material with urethane/waterproof coating on the inside to ensure that game doesn’t leak through. It has a main large pouch on the back of the belt with two additional 10” x 10” pouches on either side that are removable. Shells are easily separated in the pouches and makes reloading a cinch. The waterproof coating also makes clean up easy and fast.

At $14.99 this product is an amazing deal.




2014 Fall Hunting Classic

Come join us for our annual Fall Hunting Classic, August 1-17!! There will be different events each weekend including National Pro appearances, seminars, savings, and much, much more!!


  • Enter between August 1 and August 17
  • Customers must be 21 to enter
  • The winner will go on a 2-hour helicopter hunt in Texas with Brian "Pigman" Quaca!!

National Pros:

  • National Pros will be signing autographs and teaching seminars August 1-3. Don't miss out!!

Next Generation Weekend:

  • August 9 & 10, Noon - 5pm
  • BB shooting range, free photo download, workshops, crafts, and giveaways!

Women's Hunting Workshop:

  • August 9 at 3pm
  • First 25 women to attend the workshop will recieve Bass Pro Shops Tumbler (must be 18 years old or older)
  • Women can register for a chance to win a RedHead folding knife or pair of Oculus binoculars

Local Pro Seminars will be held august 15-17. The Seminars include:

  • August 15, 7pm - Big Game are All around you: Hunting Near Home OR So You Think You Know How to Bow hunt
  • August 16 & 17, 1pm - Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success
  • August 16 & 17, 2pm - Tender Venison? It's Easier Than You Think!
  • August 16 & 17, 3pm - Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?
  • August 16 & 17, 4pm - Why Should You Be Hunting Coyote (or predator)
  • August 16 & 17, 5pm - How to Integrate Your Game Camera With Mobile Devices

In each seminar the first 25 customers to attend will recieve a Bass Pro Shops tumbler on Friday and Saturday and a survival whistle on Sunday.


  • Bow & Crossbow Trade-In - will run August 1-6
  • Binocular & Rangefinder Trade-In - will run august 7-12
  • Scope Trade-In - will run August 13-17

Test Drive a Bad Boy Buggy during Fall Hunting Classic!

2nd Amendment Instant Savings on Guns and Safes with BPS Credit Card!

Don't miss out!! This year's Fall Hunting Classic is going to be AMAZING!!!!


Hiking Shoes vs. Hiking Boots

When on a hike the difference in a good day and a bad day can come down to something as simple as what type of footwear a hiker is wearing. The types of footwear for hiking are mostly broken down into two different categories. For a good majority of avid distance hikers a lighter more maneuverable shoe is the obvious answer. While for a cross country hiker a more rugged and supported hiking boot is a must. For the rest of us finding the right footwear is a pain. So here are some tips and tricks on finding the right footwear for a hike.


When hiking long distances over fairly well maintained trails it is often in the interest of the hiker to keep their packs and everything else fairly light. This means cutting down one weight in the places where it is the most prevalent, and often times an easy target is the shoes. Finding a hiking shoe that has the support and has less weight is the key. Many hiking shoes are light and well-made but there are a few that stick out for their great support for the ankles and the foot while on a long hike. A great hiking shoe for distances is the RedHead® Gaston Hiker Shoes, these shoes are lightweight and can take a beating out on the trail making them perfect for the avid hiker on a budget. Another great pair of hiking shoes is the Vasque® Mantra 2.0 Hiking Shoes, these shoes are meant to be worn on long hikes where a heavy pack will be worn, and make the entire trail more comfortable for the hiker. A hiking shoe for the ladies that has good support and the comfort for a long hike would be the Teva® Sky Lake Waterproof Hiking Shoes, these shoes have proven themselves over the trail and are still comfortable enough for even the most sensitive feet.


While hiking shoes are awesome over the very nice and groomed trails, for the more back country hiking that many campers and avid hikers like, a good hiking boot is a must. These boots need to be both sturdy and comfortable with enough support for a hiker’s ankles that they can easily navigate rough terrain without worrying about injury. One of the best hiking boots out there right now is the RedHead® Roark Waterproof Hiking Boots, these boots give the ankle support needed for a back country trek while at the same time keeping a hikers feet dry while walking through wet grass and puddles. Also these boots are built to be light weight making them great for those long hikes on and off the trail. A boot that has a good history of being both comfortable and functional on the trail would be the Danner® Roughhouse Mountain 7'' GORE-TEX® Waterproof Hiking Boots. These boots are heavy duty and can take the long treks over rough terrain while still staying waterproof and comfortable. While guys hiking boots are great there are some awesome hiking boots for the ladies as well. A good hiking boot for that remains comfortable while at the same time giving support to the ankle and cushioning every step is the RedHead® Caliber Waterproof Hiking Boots, the boots have a comfortable liner which makes wearing the boots during a long hike more comfortable while at the same time providing a waterproof platform for traction and stability. Another great boot for those off the trail hikes would have to be The North Face® Storm Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots. These boots are great for distance hikes where wet conditions are a possibility because of the well-insulated lining and waterproofing built into the boot. Now that the boots are taken care of and the hikes can proceed as planned as always happy hunting and good luck!


Rain Gear to Keep You Dry

The worst thing that can happen during a hunt or a hike is to have an unexpected downpour that drenches everything including a hunter or hiker. A good set of rain gear can help keep any event from turning into a sloppy mess. The problem with this is that rain gear comes in so many shapes and sizes it is often times hard to decipher what works well for what event. Here are some helpful hints on what to look for in rain gear for specific activities.

The first activity many people think of that has the tendency to run into problems is hunting of any kind. With long periods of time either sitting down or sneaking through brush looking for the perfect shot, the ability for a little rain to ruin a good day hunting is always present. For this instance what a hunter needs for rain gear is something that is very durable in case the first shot doesn’t immediately drop a target and a little creative maneuvering through brush is needed. While at the same time the gear needs to be flexible so drawing a bow or lining up a shot is not impeded by the rain gear. A great set for this purpose is the RedHead® Squaltex® II BONE-DRY® Rain Jackets and the RedHead® Squaltex® II BONE-DRY® Rain Pants, this set is specifically made for an avid hunter and comes in the two of the best camouflage patterns available. For the ladies there is a better set the SHE® Outdoor Performance Rain Pants and the SHE® Outdoor Performance Rain Jacket, this set of rain gear was specifically made for a lady hunters while providing the best protection from wind and heavy rain.


While hunting in the rain is often times a pain, one for the best times to fish is in the rain. So for those anglers that know the secrets to fishing in the rain there is of course a set of rain gear for them. This set of gear needs to be completely waterproof without restricting the ability for a fisherman to cast and retrieve effectively. So the sleeves need to be looser with an adjustable wrist and waist. The set that has done wonders for those anglers that love fishing whenever is the Bass Pro Shops® 100MPH GORE-TEX® Light Jacket and the Bass Pro Shops® HPR BONE-DRY® Waterproof Rain Pants, this set is great for those days where the wind is blowing and the rain just won’t stop. The set not only works as a wind suit but also keeps the wearer dry all day.


Hunting and fishing in the rain can be soothing or even exciting but having a hike or camping trip in the rain can be a chore. So finding the right rain gear for the trip is always a must. This gear needs to be able to stand up to a couple days of moving without wearing out or developing a hole, while at the same time being able to allow free movement for those times where the campsite needs to be broken down in the rain or set up during a downpour. The best suit for this purpose is the Ascend™ Water Shield 2.0 Jacket and the Ascend® Watershield 2.0 Pants, the great thing is this set comes in both men and women styles as well as youth sizes. The set is great for walking in without getting a base layer wet while allowing the body to breathe naturally. This is perfect for anyone who has problems sweating on hikes, the outer layer allows air flow making chaffing a less likely occurrence. Now that the rain gear has been selected and the plans made, as always happy hunting and good luck!



One Less Thing to Worry About

Comfortable Footwear


No matter were you go this summer on vacation it's important to have comfortable socks and shoes to make your experience in the outdoors enjoyable.  Bass Pro Shops in Independence has a great selection of comfortable socks and shoes.  We have low and mid height hiking shoes for men and women and mid height hikers for children.  We carry Redhead, Merrell, Keen, North Face, Columbia, Mountrek, Timberland and HI-TEC brands of hikers.  They range in price from $29.99 to $134.99 and come in various styles (all leather upper, leather/mesh uppers) to accommodate many needs.  So if you need a mid height hiker for long rough trails or a low height hiker for short easy trails we have you covered.

Some of the more popular Men's Hikers are the 

RedHead Caliber Mid ($49.99)

Merrell Moab Mid  ($119.99)

and Timberland White Ledge.

For Women the RedHead Caliber Mid ($49.99)

Merrell Moab Mid ($119.99)

North Face Storm Mid ($109.99)


To maximize your comfort level while hiking it is important to have a good pair of socks on.  We have many socks to choose from and a few are specifically designed for hiking.  These hiking socks are designed to wick any moisture away from your feet and keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.  The RedHead Lifetime Guarantee Lightweight Wool Quarter Socks ($9.99) and Lifetime Guarantee Medium Weight Wool Crew Socks are made of itch free Merino Wool, Made in the U.S.A., and are great options.  We also have the RedHead Ultra Silver Polyester (Quarter of Crew) Hiking Socks and RedHead Merino (Quarter or Crew) Hiker Socks which are thinner sock, however they don't have the Lifetime Guarantee.


My personal favorite socks for hiking are the RedHead Lifetime Guarantee Wool Socks. 


Did I mention that they have a lifetime guarantee?  How would you like to never have to buy another hiking sock again?


So come into the Independence Bass Pro Shops and pick out a new pair of socks and shoes so you can walk around in comfort.




towel salt life       salt life      towel salt


It's Summertime and that means its time to stretch our legs and go outside into the beautiful sunlight.  I personally enjoy hitting the beach and the pool and what better way to catch some rays then with a pretty awesome beach towel.  Whether you fish, hunt, lay out, hit the beach, hit the pool, or just need another beach towel, swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let one of our great team of gifts associates help you find the perfect beach towel for everyone in your family.  Like to fish? Check out our assortment of Salt Life beach towels; from solid colors with the world Salt Life to skull and crossbones to fish we have a towel for every fisherman or woman fisher in your family.  Like to hunt? Check out our redhead, browning Buckmark heart, blue Browning Buckmark with Zebra Print, Pink Camo, Purple Camo, or Realtree APG camo.  We have a towel for literally all of your family and friends plus some extras! We hope you bring the whole family in to grab an awesome beach towel to go out and create amazing Summertime family fun memories!


   towel    towel   towel  towel towel towel   


The Best Father's Day Gifts


Father’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re looking for a few gift ideas for your dad, keep reading.  These are three gifts that every outdoorsman would love to have.


Special Socks – This isn’t a very flashy gift, but if your dad is the kind of down-to-earth, practical man who appreciates a gift that he’ll use for years, this might be it. Bass Pro carries a wide variety of specialty socks for every season and occasion.  My favorites are the RedHead Pro Team 16” Socks with Scent Control – which are ideal for warm-weather hunting trips – and RedHead Extreme Cold Socks  – which are great for colder weather.


BlackOut Ground Blind  – I own two of these blinds. They work great for deer hunters, turkey chasers, and photographers.  And this is the perfect gift for a man who is looking forward to taking his child or grandchild on a hunt with him next season.


BONE-DRY Rain Jacket – Two years ago my wife bought me a Bass Pro Shops HPR BONE-DRY Waterproof Bone Jacket , and it’s the best gift I’ve ever received. The name of the jacket is true… it’ll keep you bone dry. I wear mine every chance I get.


If you would like to get some more ideas, don't hestitate to ask any associate, they'd be happy to help. We'd also love to see your outdoors photos with your dad, so post them on our Facebook wall or tweet them to us!


-Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro


The Right Sock for the Right Hike

When hiking what is the worst feeling in the world? The answer is being in the middle of a long trek and finding a bright blister on the bottom or side of your foot because the sock being worn has rubbed the foot raw. Finding the right sock for each hike has been a problem for many people over the years. Here are some helpful hints on how to find the right sock for the hike.

There are realsockly many different hikes that all need different types of socks for each. The first hiking difference would be a short hike compared to a long hike. For a short hike the need for a thick heavy sock is not always necessary. This type of hike usually calls for a lightweight sock that will readily wick away sweat while keeping the foot from being rubbed around the ankles and on the heel. For men a good choice is the RedHead® Lifetime Guarantee Lightweight Quarter Socks, these socks are high enough to keep the ankle and heels from rubbing while at the same time giving that sweat wicking that is needed for a day hike. A great sock for the ladies on a day hike is definitely the Ascend® Hiker Quarter Sock, these socks are lightweight wool which wicks away sweat efficiently while at the same time giving the support   needed frsockom a good hiking sock.

The next type of hike where specialized socks are a necessity is the long trek. These hikes are usually a weekend long and having a blister after the first day can be disastrous.  So the type of sock needed is very different from the sock used on the day hike. This sock should be comfortable while being able to breathe, and at the same time give the support and sweat wicking ability without compromising any of these other functions. For a long hike it is also a good idea to pack a few extra socks just in case one pair does run through or a blister does start to form, putting on an extra pair of socks can help keep a blister from getting worse! A pair of socks that has stood the test of time for men would be the RedHead® Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose Socks. These socks are great for long distance hikes because they offer the support for the foot inside the shoe while at the ssockame time giving a superior level of sweat wicking even on the hottest of hikes. The best choice for ladies Natural Reflections® Lifetime Guarantee Sock, is basically the men’s sock accept with a fit for a ladies foot, making this a great sock for a long hike where a comfortable and wearable sock is needed.

sockFinally the hike that most people would prefer to avoid is the hike in wet conditions. Sometimes even the best plans turn south quickly, but having the right socks for a hike where rain comes unexpectedly is a must. By packing an extra few pairs of socks that can be worn in the rain any hiker can keep comfortable on a hike. A set of wet condition socks need to be able to keep the foot warm while at the same time being able to dry quickly and still remaining comfortable. A sock that everybody can wear in wet conditions is the Ascend® Hiker Crew Sock, these socks are for men and women and are purpose built for comfort. They are able to wick away sweat while at the same time keeping feet warm and comfortable inside a wet shoe. So keeping a few of these awesome socks in a hiking bag is not a bad idea in case Mother Nature decides it is time for a little rain.


The sock can basically make a hike or break it. So knowing what type of hike will be taken and what socks are best fitted for the hike is always a must. Having a few extra socks on any hike is also a plus making it easy to trade out socks that may become damaged or just aren’t fitting correctly. As always happy hunting and good luck! 


Have Dog, Will Travel

Traveling with Pets - Bass Pro Shops AltoonaVacation time is fast approaching. In our dog-loving society today, many people take their dogs with them now on trips to go camping, hiking, or just to relatives.

In a 2012 survey by AAA and Best Western, 51% of travelers with pets said they would take their pets along on every vacation if they could. According to a 2012 survey by the American Pet Products Association, almost 11 million dog caregivers had taken their pets on a trip within the previous month, and 23 percent of caregivers said they are willing to travel with their dogs for more than two nights.

Almost every day at Bass Pro Shops Altoona, especially in the summer, we welcome guests who are passing through on I-80 and traveling with a pet. Let's face it, we're talking dogs here...we have had two cats that visited, and I think a hamster once, but mostly we have dogs. Here are some tips for items to remember and some "pet-i-quette" ideas for traveling with your dog, whether on vacation or even on shorter hunting or fishing excursions.

  • Make sure your pet is "road worthy."  Take the dog for a ride or two before you go on a long journey. Start with a short ride, then longer.
  • Determine if your dog needs to be restrained or contained somehow. The AAA says about 30,000 accidents each year are caused by unrestrained pets wandering in the front seat. It may seem cute and cuddly to have your dog in your lap, but it's a distraction and could result in injuries to you, your passengers, other drivers, and the dog. Pet crates, portable pet partitions, and cargo area protectors are a good way to protect everyone, two- or four-legged!
  • Keeping your dog contained means not letting them stick their head out the window, at least not for extended periods of time or at high speeds. It could cause hematomas or other ear damage. Additionally, if you do let them stick their head out for a bit, make sure your window lock is on so they don't accidentally close the window on themselves.
  • Make sure your dog is up-to-date on all shots and vaccines. If you're going on an extended trip to bring along your dog's medical records.
  • Have plenty of water along for the dog to drink during rest stops. The RedHead collapsible dog dish is perfect for traveling, since you can put water in it or food.
  • Make sure your dog is comfortable. Give them their spot or "bed" to lie down while traveling. Bring along a favorite toy for them to have nearby.
  • Always make sure your dog goes to the bathroom before you head out and every time you stop.
  • Don't EVER leave your dog in the car. If they can't go where you're going, then don't take them along. Even if the windows are cracked, it can still get extremely hot in a car or truck.
  • However, here's the reverse: Don't leave your dog alone in a hotel room, no matter how well-behaved you think they are. Recently, on a trip home from out west, we stayed in a pet-friendly hotel in North Dakota. Unfortunately, two rooms down there was a dog that barked almost non-stop, while its owners were gone, probably having dinner and out for the evening. There were some unhappy hotel customers that night on that floor. But it wasn't the dog's fault. If you can't take the dog with you, don't go. Consider your surroundings.
  • We are pet friendly at our particular Bass Pro Shops here in Altoona, Iowa. Each Bass Pro Shops has its own state rules it must follow. While most service animals are allowed inside Bass Pro Shops retail locations, further regulations may differ from store to store. Please contact the store you will be visiting prior to arriving for information as to whether or not your pet will be allowed in the store.
  • Please remember to make sure your dog goes to the bathroom before you go inside any place. Accidents can happen, but making sure they've relieved themselves (both ways, if possible!) lessens the chances.
  • Always be prepared to pick up after your pet. It's the courteous thing to do.


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Product Spotlight - No-Fly Zone Hat

Do you love the idea of being outdoors in the spring, but dread the idea of the ticks that often come with it?  With our wet spring RedHead No-Fly Hatthe ticks are already thick. But here's a hat that can help protect you when hunting morels or enjoying other outdoor activities, such as hiking or bank fishing.

The No-Fly Zone hat from RedHead has side and back flaps to protect your ears and neck from the sun. It also has UPF of 50. what is UPF? It stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is the rating of how well a fabric protects the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. So, the higher the number, the better the protection. A UPF of 40-50+ means 97.5-99+% of UV radiation is blocked. No more burnt scalp.

But the really cool thing about this hat is the built-in insect repellent. The "No-Fly Technology" uses Permethrin which is bonded to the fabric and is good for up to 70 washes.

the hat comes with a drawstring cord to help it fit to your head. Remove the fear of losing your hat in the wind by using the handy security clip...tether the cap to your shirt before you head out into the woods or on the fishing boat.


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A Grand Adventure

Anthony Loos has competed in mixed martial arts and currently studies karate. However, the Altoona Tracker Boat Center Associate says a recent accomplishment was by far the most physically demanding thing he has ever done. Here's his story:

_________________________________________Grand Canyon Hike - Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Our karate master instructor decided to sponsor a trip to the Grand Canyon. However, this wasn’t a vacation/pleasure trip…well, at least not most people’s idea of pleasure. It was specifically to hike the Canyon and to give his students something to achieve – both physically and mentally.

Our group of 15, led by our karate master, flew into Phoenix on May 1. I had checked through my Bass Pro Shops tent and other camping gear in a suitcase and had my clothing and personal items in my carry on. I packed light.

In our rented 15-person van, we headed to Flagstaff, stopping for lunch, and then pulled in at Mather Campground on the South Rim. We spent the rest of the evening making camp and preparing for the next day’s journey.

Friday morning, May 2, it was up and at 'em at 5 a.m. for our breakfast of bagels and peanut butter – calories and carbs to get our energy going for the day. Then we headed to the Canyon.

With my Go Pro camera strapped to my chest, we began our descent into the Canyon, entering at the South Kaibab Trail. We had picture-perfect conditions – sunny, very few clouds, and 45-50 degrees when we started at 6:30 a.m. It reached about 95 and stayed in that range for much of the day. That meant dressing in layers with lightweight, sweat wicking clothing. I also packed rain gear for the hike, because one never knows if the weather will change.

It was typical, dry Arizona air – that combined with the few clouds could cause some problems for the unprepared. Research I did before the trip suggested a calorie intake of 300 calories an hour during this type of hike and 20 ounces of water an hour. This would differ from person to person. For example, one member of our group is a marathon runner so her requirements would differ because her body was used to the exercise. So, I had my Ascend Hydration Pack with 70 ouncesGrand Canyon Ascend Hydration Pack  Bass Pro Shops Altoona of water and there were refill stations along the trail. I also packed pretzels, fig bars, energy bars, and honey, for its natural energy boost.

Our plan was to descend into the Grand Canyon and back out in the same day. Despite cautions against that idea, we were determined that we would finish. The grueling hike was close to 19 miles, with a one-mile elevation down and back up. The four-hour trip down turned into twice as long coming back up.

We navigated our way down the South Kaibab Trail to the Colorado River, where we took an extended break and splashed around in the water. We crossed the Colorado on the South Kaibab suspension bridge, made our way over to the Bright Angel Suspension Bridge, and headed back up the Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail.

Of course, a hike back up a trail is typically the toughest part…and this was no exception. Our group of 15 had gradually migrated into three groups based on our speed. We had radios to communicate and provide some good-natured ribbing and encouragement. Our group talked while we walked, taking in all the sights, but the terrain is always changing, so keeping an eye on where we were stepping was very important. 

There were several switchbacks, which were the toughest part, because of their steep grade. Then it would level off for a while. Good hiking shoes or boots are paramount. We were more than simply walking, often stepping over wood or brick erosion control  steps, or hiking on  rocks, gravel, dirt, sand, and rock hopping over natural creeks. My RedHead hiking shoes were great. Oh, and we had to watch for the pack mules carrying riders up and down the trail…they have the right of way…which meant we also had to watch for mule droppings!

Other than the regular exercise I get through karate, I “trained” for the hike by doing five miles a day on a treadmill, for about Grand Canyon Hike - Bass Pro Shops Altoona Blogthree weeks, at the full incline position. Next time, I’ll do ten. The last mile of the trail was tough…it took us about 40 minutes. Our legs and feet felt like lead. The sun was setting and our group decided to sit down and take a quick break. A group of guys going down into the Canyon came by and said, “Good job - you’re just five minutes from the top!”

I guessed their five minutes would actually be 20 minutes for us…it ended up being ten. Our group finished the hike in the middle at just under 13 hours. The first group finished at about 9.5 hours, while the group following us finished at 14.5 hours.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. Even though that last mile was pure torture. Even though I didn’t see any scorpions, tarantulas, or rattlesnakes, as I had hoped.

A group of Iowa karate students accepted a challenge and accomplished their personal goals.

There are signs at the beginning of the trail noting that 250 people a year are rescued by helicopter when they reach the bottom.

I, Anthony Loos, was not one of them.


Anthony had his Go Pro set to take photos every 30 seconds on the hike. Take part in the virtual hike here on our YouTube channel!


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3 Lessons Learned from a Spring Gobbler

On the first Saturday in May, I proudly wrapped my tag around the scaly leg of a northern Missouri gobbler. His 1 ¼” spurs confirmed that he was no spring chicken, which explained why he was no pushover to harvest. He taught me a few lessons that all spring turkey hunters need to remember.

Lesson #1: It’s important to have a turkey call that you can use with confidence. As soon as I moved to within 140 yards of my roosted target that morning, I pulled out my Redhead RTX Deluxe Slate Call. Out of all the calls in my hunting vest, that slate call allows me to easily and confidently make any turkey sound that I want to produce. After I heard turkey wings gliding through trees in the gulley where the tom remained roosted, I used the wooden striker to send a series of soft tree yelps and clucks in the direction of the bird I was after.turkey

Lesson #2: When conventional tactics don’t work, make a bold move.  After the gobbler I was after left his roost, his gobbling told me he was still interested in the calls I was sending his way. But after several minutes of sweet talk, it became clear that the distance between us was growing, instead of shrinking. So I did what most hunters would do: I moved. After looping back about 120 yards to the head of the gobbler’s gulley, I was happy to discover that his path was almost parallel to mine. So I set up and called again. And my prey started closing the distance. He moved to within 40 yards, but then cautiously remained concealed behind a thick patch of buck brush. And then he stopped.

Our standoff lasted close to 30 minutes, and then my trophy – realizing that something wasn’t quite right with his potential blind date – started slinking back down the valley. So I moved again. This time I crawled on my hands and knees directly away from the gobbler I was hoping to tag. I only moved about 20 yards, but it served two purposes. First, moving to a new spot gave a more realistic illusion that the sweet talking hen (me) was a real bird worth following. Second, moving away from the gobbler was a last-ditch hope to play on his competitive and curious nature. As soon as I reset in my new position, I let loose with my most intense, passion-filled series of cuts and aggressive clucks that I could muster. Which leads to…

Lesson #3: Always be ready for the shot. When my oldest brother introduced me to turkey hunting decades ago, he taught me to always have my shotgun shouldered and propped up on my knees – so when a tom showed himself, I’d only have to move my barrel a few inches before taking a shot, instead of having to move it a couple of feet. Within seconds of setting my slate call down that morning, I heard footsteps moving through the dry leaves and heading my direction. I was only able to lay eyes on my wily old bird for a few seconds before I slapped my trigger and my 3” load of HEVI-Shot knocked him off his feet. It was the end to a challenging and rewarding hunt.

Did you learn any lessons after chasing gobblers this spring? Please share them in the comment section below. We’d all love to hear them.

Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro


Bike into Bass Pro Shops

It's National Bike Month and while we DON'T sell bicycles we DO sell items that will make bicycling more enjoyable. Besides, this is Iowa, home of the infamous bicycle ride across the state at the end of July. We might know a thing or two about keeping your cool while bicycling! Check out these items from Bass Pro Shops, here in the store or online, to make that ride a bit more comfortable:

Clothing - Look for shirts, shorts, and hats with sun protection, and sweat-wicking technology. For example, the Omni-Shade and Omni-Wick shirts and shorts from Columbia provide sun protection AND evaporation control to keep you comfortable on the ride.

Sunscreen - Protection from the sun is paramount - you may not feel it ON the ride, but you definitely will the next day! Load up on sun protection for your face, arms, and lips. For the very young to the not so young, and special lotions for men, even sunscreen spray with insect repellent, there is a good selection of lotions, sticks, and foam to keep you protected.

Hat - Boonies, ball caps, panama, wide-brim, long-bill, safari, you name it, we probably have it in a hat. Protect your hRedHead No-Fly Zone Hatead from the sun....check out our hats/caps with side and back flaps and protect your ears and back of the neck, too!

Here at the store we have this great RedHead No-Fly Zone hat - a boonie, with flaps, PLUS permethrin bound in it which is good for 70 washes (shown in photo to right). Another plus? It has an alligator clip hanging down from the back so you can clip it to your shirt. Other hats, such as the Columbia Tamiami™ Cachalot II Hat also have this built in security clip,  or you can buy the clip on its own at  our store and possibly other Bass Pro Shop locations.

Hydration - Water, water, water - stay hydrated when you're biking by either carrying a water bottle in your pack or using a hydration pack. There are SO many hydration gear options these days. In fact, Bass Pro Shops now carries hydration tablets from CamelBak. The Elixir Electrolyte Hydration tablets come in lemon lime or tropical punch. Easy to use and easy to tote...the tablets come in a portable tube that can be easily carried in a pocket. The tropical punch tablet also carries a real punch with an energy-boosting 54 mg. of caffeine per tablet...keep that energy going!

Last, but not least, help keep your cool with a Chilly Pad Cooling Towel from Frogg Toggs. Wet it, put it around your neck, and through evaporation, this towel will help you stay cool and comfy. They're machine washable, too.


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Spring Turkey Season has Begun!

With turkey season in full swing in most areas and just about to start in some, the search for the holy grail of turkey calls and decoys is also ongoing.




We have added quite a few calls this year at Bass Pro Shops along with new and improved decoys. The absolute most amazing decoy this year is the Avian line. This quality line consists of 3 hens in different poses, a jake, and a strutting tom. The hens are so lifelike that they really do look alive. One hunter even claimed to see a jake try to mount a decoy hen of his. If you haven't seen them yet, they really do look that real.




Equally improved is the RedHead Reality series of decoys. They also have fantastic features consisting of deeper color patterns and taxidermy eyes giving them a distinct advantage over older models.


   The jakes and strutters (toms) come in standard kits or kits with a stand that have a remotely controlled motion stake included. We all know from experience that motion of a decoy is what often creates a frenzy of excitement.

   As you search our extensive collection of calls for the perfect call, you will see some new items and some oldy but goodys. For many years, the basic box calls have changed somewhat, but not the principal or performance. Box calls are by far easier to use and are great for beginners.  Box calls may sound deeper or raspier depending on the type of wood and length, but most of all it depends on how you hold it and the pressure you use. Your duration, cadence, and volume will assure your success. Remember ...  louder is not better. Once a bird is located, going with a softer presentation, and most assuredly fewer calls, will bring that trophy in.

    Friction calls come in a basic shape with different materials used for the pot or carriage of the call. The surface is made of slate, glass, or aluminum. They all give different sounds and can be made to sound very lifelike. Again, practice makes a better caller. The striker is sometimes the key. They come in many shapes, materials, and weights. Usually, the strikers are matched to the call. But, if you have a few different ones (and you will after a few years), you will find your preferred pot striker. Reality series offers a 2 pack and even a 3 pack of different strikers. All make different sounds on the same calls.

    The mouth call selection is also one of the best you will ever find. We have single, double, and triple reeds. We also have a smaller size which is great for kids. These also help you not to have to cut down the edges so they will fit in your mouth.


We have over a hundred mouth calls, 35+ box calls and 30+ friction calls and many of the specialty calls advertised or seen used on T.V. If you need any help choosing just ask one of our many knowledgeable associates. We hope to see you soon in the hunting department!


Mike Casey

Bass Pro Shops

Hunting Lead



Stylish Boots for Memphis in May

Memphis in May is here and Bass Pro Shops Memphis is known for helping get everyone ready for  the crazy rainy weather and all the mud it brings! For ladies we have our knee high Natural Reflections rubber boots in green, red, navy, and black all just $39.99! Not to worry if solid colors aren’t your style we also have the Natural Reflections boots in classic camouflage and pink camouflage! Guys, we didn’t forget about y’all, we have our ProLine black and red rubber boots for $39.99 and the RedHead hardwoods green 17” Utility boot for just $49.99! For kids we have the Tyler boots in navy with a pink strap or solid red for $29.99 and the ProLine black and red boot for $34.99.

These boots are also perfect for ladies doing rainy day chores from looking stylish while running errands to even walking across campus to get to class! For the guys they are perfect to wear while getting the spring cleaning list done, to wear turkey hunting, hiking, and even yard work! They are great for kids to wear to school, while playing in the yard or jumping in mud puddles!

While you’re here, you may want to also check out our Redhead Lifetime that would be a great purchase with the boots when the weather decides it’s not quite ready for spring yet and drops back down into winter temperatures!