Flippity Floppity

It is that time of year again, time for flip flops and sandals.  Several different types and brands are now out for your needs.  Men, women, and kids we have all sizes.  Check out some of these brands.

Natural Reflections

Enjoy a fun look and great comfort from a lightweight sandal with the Rainforest Sling from Natural Reflections. The Rainforest's uniquely styled synthetic upper provides the foot-hugging comfort of a stretch fit design. Combined with the sandal's comfort footbed, this easy-wearing slip on keeps your feet in comfort all day long.  Also comes in four different colors.



We took everything we know about all-out comfort and put it into one sandal. Under the supple suede leather footbed lies a billowy, super-soft cushion -- like slipping your feet into a bed of cotton. Ultra lightweight stitch-to-sole construction with full grain quality leather uppers provide long lasting toughness without the leadfooted feeling. Hook'n'loop closures deliver a custom fit that's unmatched.



This is not a shoe. It's a sandal.
Featuring a shoe upper on a sandal bottom, Sidewalk Surfers™ combine the year-round style and protection of a shoe with the natural comfort of a sandal. We like the call this Barefoot-Un-Technology™. This sandal-shoe hybrid allows your foot to bend and flex the way nature designed you to walk. The loose upper allows your foot to spread so it can absorb shock naturally. This strengthens the small muscles which support your arch and encourages you to walk correctly. Sorry if there are no springs, coils, pumps, or air-bags, but after walking naturally you won't want to wear anything else.




Have you ever been strolling around looking for a bottle opener?  Well this pair of flip flops has got you covered.  Enjoy the airy comfort of a classic beach sandal with modern comfort technology in the Reef® Fanning Sandal for Men. The Fanning combines a water friendly synthetic nubuck upper with a compression molded EVA midsole with anatomical arch support, surrounding your foot with easy-wearing comfort. Reef's Icon Herringbone non-marking rubber outsole delivers sure wet-dry traction over various surfaces. The Fanning also features Reef's built-in church key in the outsole so you always have a bottle opener with you.



This awesome pair of flip flops is the Sawman Signature Sandals from Cobian.  This has Cobain’s clear bottom featuring a U.S. serviceman graphic underlay featuring the signature of Former SEAL and counter terrorism expert Craig Sawyer.  The toe post is reinforced with Kevlar and is guaranteed not to break.  Also a good water shoe as it has great drainage in the footbed.  A portion of the sale also goes to OPERATION HAWKEYE.  To learn more about OPERATION HAWKEYE visit www.ophawkeye.com




Turkey Season is Upon Us!


We are quickly approaching Spring Turkey Season, Are you ready? Do you have your turkey vest, decoys, calls, ammo, bug repellant, the perfect  camo, a tick key, and any other minor detail to make your next hunt perfect? Never fear, swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let our great Team of associates help you find everything you will need to make your first hunt of Spring Turkey season 2014 a blast!

Try the All New RedHead Striker Turkey Vest, http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Striker-Turkey-Vests-for-Men/product/13082106113916/.  This vest has been redesigned with some awesome feature to make your hunt comfortable and safe; shell loops, maganetic flip seat, memory foam seat, hydration pack compatable, detacable blaze orange flag, padded back, adjustable game bag, accessory pockets, mesh mouth call pocket, box call and striker pocket, and double slate call pocket.  It can be yours for the price of $59.99.

One thing you do not want to over look is the pesky bugs. Try Sawyer Permethrin,http://www.basspro.com/Sawyer-Permethrin-Insect-Repellent-for-Clothing/product/10223263/,  to keep all those pesky insects away from mosquitos to black flies to gnats to chiggers and so many more. This is made in the U.S.A, lasts up to six washings, and is super easy to use; you simply go to a well ventilated area and spray one side of your clothing, let it dry, flip it over, spray the other side, let it dry, and you will be bug free.

As you get ready for the kick off of this Spring Turkey Season, swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let our knowledgable team help you get ready!






The Perfect Boots for the Spring Hunt

The spring hunting season is one of the most fun, especially for young hunters. But having improper footwear can quickly turn a fun trip into a nightmare with blisters, wet feet, or cold toes. While this seems like a challenge there are some simple things to look for in order to find an excellent pair of boots for the spring hunt.

A good thing to look for in a boot is GORE-TEX. This material is used to keep water from flowing through the boot when stepping in a puddle. GORE-TEX also helps keep the natural warmth from a person’s feet in the shoe making this great for an early spring, cold weather boot. A good boot that works well as a spring hunting boot is the Danner® Pronghorn™ 8'' GORE-TEX® Waterproof 800 Gram Thinsulate™ Insulated Hunting Boots. These boots are also great for hunting because of a rugged stable sole on the boot makes it great for any terrain.


Another material that a hunter should look for in a good spring boot is thinsulate. This material is a light weight insulator and helps keep feet warm in some of the most adverse conditions. For this reason it can be worn in many different seasons in order to get the most out of a pair of boots. A great boot that uses this material is the Irish Setter® Grizzly Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram Thinsulate™ Insulated Hunting Boots. This boot is great for any weather and any temperature, keeping any hunters feet from getting wet while at the same time keeping them warm, even while standing still.

 Irish Setter

A boot that the ladies can wear comfortably during the spring is the SHE® Outdoor Cami 9'' High Insulated Waterproof Hunting Hikers for Ladies. This boot has 600 grams of Thinsulate making them some of the warmest boots on the market.


The next thing to look for in a boot is not a material but a type of boot, warm rubber hunting boots. These are doubly helpful because they are completely waterproof and are also specifically designed for wet conditions in the early to mid-spring where the conditions are not the best. A great boot for the hunter needing completely waterproof boots is The Original Muck Boot Company® Woody Max™ Hunting Boot. These boots are lightly insulated so they can keep feet warm while at the same time giving the waterproofing needed to cross streams and walk through the snow without freezing.


Another great boot for this job is the RedHead® Span Tough 16'' Waterproof Rubber Boots for Ladies or Youth, this tough boot is great for all types of weather and can definitely take a beating from just about anyone.


A type of boot that is needed later in the spring season is a snake boot. When the weather starts to warm the likelihood of snakes being out and about increases and it is always good to be prepared for the possibility that a snake might try and take a bite out of a hunter’s foot. These boots are often times made of a hardened rubber and neoprene in order to keep snake bites from penetrating and keeping their wearers safe. A boot that works well in this respect is the LaCrosse® Alpha Mudlite 18'' Waterproof Snake Boots. Not only are they great for snakes but the boots are also insulated and great for cold weather hunting.


A great snake boot for the ladies is the RedHead® Bone-Dry® 13'' Bayou Zip Waterproof Snake Boots . This boot is not only warm but also keeps feet dry on a hike or a long morning hunt in the dew.


The final type of boot many hunters are going to be looking for is a good lightweight warmer weather boot. These boots are usually more geared towards hunters that will be walking a lot during their hunt. This is probably best for hunters who want to stalk their turkeys or early season deer. A boot for the ladies who like to stalk their prey is the RedHead® Trekker III Non-Insulated Waterproof 7'' Hunting Boots for Ladies. This boot combines light weight material with the comfort of a hiking boot so a hunter feels comfortable all day.

RH Ladies

A boot for the guys is the Danner® Jackal™ II GTX 7'' Non-Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots. These boots are lighter and don’t come as far up the calf making them great for distance walking while on the hunt.


The spring hunt is one of the most fun times of the year to be out in the wilderness. While at the same time a spring hunt has the ability to have very poor weather on any given day and then perfect weather on the next. So being prepared when it comes to boots is always an easy way to turn around a day on the hunt. As always happy hunting and good luck! 


Turkey hunting product review: RedHead Reality Series Remote Crazy Jake Turkey Decoy System

To see this decoy in action click play on the video above.

I’m really excited to give this new decoy system a try once turkey season arrives. This jake decoy is 30% smaller than most other strutting decs, which means there will be a much smaller chance it will scare off any real longbeards that might be easily intimidated. The artistic details on the head, body, and wings are impressive.

But the most prominent feature of this product is the motion that it provides… as if the jake is really alive. With a simple touch of the button on the small remote control unit, the decoy slowly turns one way, and then automatically moves in the opposite direction – in a half-circle, 180 degree arc. The motion will continue until you push the remote button a second time. And the range of the remote is very impressive. The signal works from 100 yards away and is strong enough to carry past some obstacles when the line-of-sight between the remote and decoy is blocked.

I was concerned if the battery-powered motor would produce any sound that might scare turkeys. And, at a very close range, the motor does make a slight humming sound. However, I couldn’t detect the sound when I was six feet or farther from the decoy itself. (I’ll want to make sure I remember that when gobblers approach it for a close-up visit later this spring.)

This is a fun and high-quality product for you to consider adding to your turkey hunting arsenal this spring!

Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro


Turkey Talk (No, it's not Thanksgiving)

Since the beginning of time, men have hunted. Whether it be for dinosaurs, deer, or squirrels, we have always loved the rush of being able to take a wild creature home as a trophy. It's simply in our nature to want to seek out adventure and take a challenge, like hunting, hands on.

The most current season would be the ever growing turkey hunting period of the year. Adults, as well as children, love this time of the year due to the enjoyment that comes out of a turkey hunt! You get to use fun (and bizarre) calls, use expandable decoys, and of course, sit on your tush all day! (The sitting part is my favorite too) So to cover all things "seating wise" I'll show you some of our best vests for your next turkey hunting trip!

The first vest to look at, and in my humble opinion, one of the best is the RedHead Striker Vest.


This vest is our number one seller and has a plethora of features. This vest has multiple call pockets from mouth calls to box calls as well as space to store and carry your decoys (or turkey!). Everything is easily accessible and fitted for maximum comfort along with a padded seat that snaps back on to your vest. 

Another great vest is the RedHead Classic Turkey Vest: http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Classic-Turkey-Vests-for-Men/product/11100805013011/

This vest features multiples pockets and slots and has a comfortable fold down padded seat. One Customer review states:

"i bought this about a week ago for my first turkey season. i thought id go for it because it was a decent price and i didn't know how much i would use it in the field. i soon found out that your vest is your best friend from holding all your equipment to saving your butt and back on the ground with the fold down pad. i would recommend this product for a first timer or a small kid learning to hunt. for an experienced hunter spend the extra ten to twenty bucks and get one with a few more pockets so your calls aren't rattling around while your walking. i know i will definitely be upgrading to the redhead strut zone turkey vest for next season. but overall its a great product for the money."
Bass Pro offers a wide selection of vests to cover any need you may have when it comes to turkey hunting. With such a wide selection it is nearly impossible to not be able to help every turkey hunter that comes into the camo department find that perfect vest to suit their needs and leave them happy!
Don't Forget!
Check out this blog on how to select the perfect Turkey Camo to disguise yourself:
Ask any of our hunting associates about what the best choices are to give your next hunt its most successful shot! (literally)
Ainsley Marie
Hunting Clothing Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro

Let’s Talk Turkey (youth day!)

My oldest son and I start off every turkey season with a youth day hunt. Youth day turkey season begins in Virginia this year on April 5th. This is available for hunters 15 years old and younger. Visit http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/hunting/regulations/turkey.asp for more information.

Spring gobbler is a fun and exciting time of the year to be in the woods. There are all of the smells of spring, leaves are budding on the trees, and the warming weather has you feeling like winter has finally ended.  Before long we’ll be hearing sounds of big old long-beard’s gobble drumming through the woods from high above in his treetop roost just as the sun is peaking over the mountains in the distance. The evening before our big hunt we’ll be out there just before dark watching just to see where he’s going to roost for the night. We’ll be careful not to get to close! This isn’t long-beard’s first rodeo so we can’t let him bust us! With a little luck he’ll still be there in the morning. We’ll be there waiting and listening before daylight for that tell-tale sound of old long-beard’s gobble that will come quickly after my son blows on his Redhead locator call. If he is still where we put him to bed, we’ll quickly get set up and perhaps do a little soft calling just so he knows we’re interested in doing business. Too much calling and we’ll spook him. With a little patience and a lot of luck, he’ll leave his hens in the roost at daylight and head our way. You’ll know he’s almost committed by the sounds of his wings pounding the ground as he lands and the rustle of the leaves as his dance begins. Strutting as he circles ever closer in our direction with an occasional gobble to confirm he’s also interested. Hopefully he’ll get closer and closer until he’s in shotgun range and at that point I’ll whisper “take um!” and my son will release a single 20 gauge round in his direction! Success? We’ll soon find out.

Until that day there’s still homework to be done. “Homework” yes, there’s homework, but it is enjoyable and rewarding. Weeks before the season starts almost every evening we’ll get on the ATVs and cruise around our farm scouting, looking for birds and watching them. I’m making mental notes of things like what the birds are feeding on, which fields they frequent, how many toms are in the group and where they like to roost. For me, it’s homework that’ll pay off big in the upcoming weeks when I’m calling the long-beards in for one of my buddies or a guest. But for my boys, it’s spending time with dad and doing cool things that many kids will never experience.  Not to mention, this is a special time of the year for me to spend time with my sons and build some memories.

Will our homework pay off? Only time will tell. But, my son and I will be out there on opening day as well as many of my buddies with they’re sons and daughters. So I encourage all parents who have sons and daughters old enough to safely handle a firearm to take them on a turkey hunt.            

If you don’t have property of your own to hunt on, that’s not a problem. Virginia has 39 wildlife management areas (WMA) and 203,000 acres available to all licensed hunters. I’ve personally participated in many successful WMA hunts. Visit http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/wmas for more information. 

Hope to see you out there!

Chris Krammes


How To Choose the Perfect Turkey Hunting Vest


Spring has finally arrived and that means it’s time for warmer weather. Buds will begin blooming and forming a beautiful shade of green across the land and for many avid hunters, it means spring turkey season!  For most hunters there is nothing better than the sound of a spring gobbler sounding off through the morning fog, roosted in a nearby oak tree,  looking for his next lucky lady to try a woo.  Gobblers are sometimes unpredictable and there is nothing more important than being able to set up at a moment’s notice to bag that bird of a lifetime. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just beginning, Redhead has a great line of turkey vests and chairs to always have you prepared for whatever that wise ol’ gobbler throws your way.

If you are just beginning to get into the wonderful world of chasing turkeys or don’t want something “too fancy” a great vest to start with is the Redhead Classic Turkey Vest. This vest is economical in price at only $29.99, while still being very functional. This vest offers an upper portion that is constructed to provide full range of motion, it features two large external pockets that give you plenty of space for calls, masks, gloves, etc., a rear game bag for when you bag your trophy bird, fully adjustable shoulder and chest straps, a drop-down seat cushion to help aid in comfort no matter when you have to set up, and a detachable blaze orange safety flag.  This vest available in Realtree Xtra Green and Mossy Oak Obsession, it is made of 100% microfiber polyester and is a one size fits most.

The best bang for your buck turkey vest on the market anywhere is the Redhead Striker Turkey Vest.  This vest is priced right at only $59.99, while giving you many great features to help give you all day comfort and also give you plenty of storage space to harbor every tool needed to fool that tough old tom! The Redhead Striker vest features individual pockets for a box call and a striker, a mesh mouth call pocket, 2 slate call pockets, and additional accessory pockets. A magnetic fold down seat cushion made of memory foam will give you unmatched comfort on any terrain. We have also given you a thick foam padded back cushion to protect you from the uncomfortable ridges that tough old oak bark can present. An adjustable game bag in the back holds decoys or your trophy gobbler, and a detachable blaze orange flags adds a measure of safety to your walk in and out of the woods. When you’re running and gunning you need to stay hydrated which is why Redhead has made this vest 100% hydration compatible (Bladder not uncluded). This vest is offered in two great camo patterns, Realtree Xtra Green and Mossy Oak Obsession to help keep you hidden from the best eyes in the woods!

Are you a seasoned turkey hunting veteran? Then you understand how hard it can sometimes be to find a good tree or brush pile to set up against, until now! I’d like to introduce to you the Redhead Bucklick Creek Turkey Lounger Vest. This patented vest/chair system features a dropdown, self-supporting seat that gives you the freedom to sit comfortably and in excellent shooting position, regardless of terrain. Adjustable shoulder and sternum straps assure you a custom fit every time, while a Smart Pocket System makes your calls and other accessories easily accessible. This great vest is assembled from tough, waterproof mircofleece fabrics, which all your external pockets are highly water resistant, which will help protect your valuable tools from the elements. This vest features a hydration compartment (Bladder not included) to keep you from getting thirsty and a roomy game bag, to carry decoys into the field and carry that gobbler of a lifetime out of the field!

Spring turkey hunting is a fun and sometimes difficult thing to do and having the right tools and equipment can help you have a successful hunt. There is not much more as exciting as bagging a spring turkey, and whether it is your 25th gobbler of a long hunting career or your 1st gobbler of many future birds, Bass Pro Shops and Redhead can’t wait to go along with you on your journey and be a part of the memory of a lifetime.

By Landon Perry- camo team leader


Will you be the one to catch this elusive creature?

Deep in the woods lives an animal that is highly intelligent and grotesque. It's known for it's edgy, feathered body, it's long pointed snout with red flesh hanging off it's face, and the extensive claws that branch out like roots. There are many who have spotted the monstrocity and some have even had a chance to take aim and claim one for the taking. What is this dangerous sounding creature? It is called Meleagris gallopavo or better know as, 

The Turkey.

These creatures are worth the time and effort to hunt; the rewards being capturing a beautiful wild bird, the story of the hunt, and of course, a turkey sandwich for your lunch break.

Turkeys have amazing eyesight, including being able to see colors, ultra violets and have perfect vision. This makes it near impossible to be able to hide yourself from these birds, making the hunt even harder but all the more worth it. An extensive blog that can be found online discusses all the bits and pieces making up their eyesight, and can be found here:


This page shows all the makings behind how it's vision is structured and how you can prepare for it.

My best advice, working in the camo department, is to go with the best pattern to hide from a turkey: Mossy Oak Obsession.

This pattern easily distorts a turkey's field of vision because it contains so much white. Adding this white into the branches and leaves gives the hunter a "3D illusion" making your figure impossible to see directly. This pattern also contains many shades of green helping blend you into the spring time scenery.

Here is a photo of this pattern in action:

Our RedHead brand carries many items in this pattern specifically designed with turkey hunting in mind. Here are a few of the best items we offer to help conceal you during your exciting hunt!




A very good site to check out as well is:


It shows you tips and tricks to get the best luck out of your hunt!

Ainsley Marie

Camo Lead

Sevierville Bass Pro Shops



Turkey Season is complete with the Redhead Reality Series Decoys!

     Turkey season is right around the corner and the turkeys have already started gobbling. This year Bass Pro Shops has all your needs for a successful hunt day-in and day-out. The new Reality series turkey decoys are as real as they get and don’t hurt the pocket book to bad. The new 2014 line up starts off with the new Reality Series Remote Crazy Jake. This is a dominant looking turkey with a remote motor for it to move and peak the interest of other jakes in the area. It comes with a fabric fan for the tail feathers to make it a big decoy.

     The second brand new decoy set of the year really isn’t new but has received a nice upgrade! The Three Foam Hen Decoy pack is the deal for all turkey hunters. It's a great deal!  These very realistic decoys come with one upright hen, a relaxed jake, and one lookback hen. If you add these to your crazy jake, you wont have a problem collecting beards this season.

     This year the NWTF (National Wildlife Turkey Federation) has teamed up with Bass Pro Shops to make a box call through the reality series calls. With every purchase of this call, you receive a free year membership with the NWTF. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a federation to help conserve the wildlife in your county.

The Redhead Reality Series Crazy Jake Turkey Decoy:

The NEW Redhead Reality Series Remote Crazy Jake Turkey Decoy System:

The Redhead Reality Series HD Turkey Decoy-Lookout Hen



Helpful Hints from Bass Pro’s Closet

Spring is coming and with that some exciting colors to fill your closet. That’s why I love the new collections BPS has to offer. Collections offer easy to coordinate mix and match outfits that take the guess work out of what to wear.  We have them conveniently located so you can find the perfect outfit. Or you can create your own look with the variety of separates.


Here are a few basics to keep in mind while creating your look

  • Make sure your clothes compliment your eyes, hair and skin tone. For example, blondes look good in navy, brunettes in red and redheads in green. Enhance a fair complexion with medium tones (Blues, Greens) and a dark complexion with light tones (pink, yellow,)
  • For spring look for clothes to layer and that can be worn any time of day. Plain fabrics coordinate well with patterned fabrics.
  • Sleeveless items are great for layering with, and can be worn in to summer. While 3/4 sleeved is great for any time of the year.
  • When buying jeans darker is more slimming.
  • Matching pieces of your outfit (like a jacket and shoes of the same color) can really make your outfit come together. Don’t forget accessories like coordinating jewelry, or an added belt to really make your outfit pop.


This is Virginia she is excited about our new “Painted Desert” collection. She loves the bright colors of the dress and how it’s longer in the back. The jacket is the same hew as the blue in the dress and it helps tone down the bright colors. The orange & green beaded necklaces with the brown hat complete the outfit. Virginia says it’s the perfect outfit for going out on a spring day.


Product Spotlight - Award-Winning RedHead Striker Turkey Vest

RedHead STrikler Turkey Vest"The beauty of the Striker lies in its simplicity."
Strut Zone - Gear Review: 5 New Turkey Vests for Spring 2014


Well laid out - fully-functional - quiet. These are just some of features that have earned the RedHead Striker Turkey Vest the Great Buy Award from Outdoor Life!

The new RedHead Striker Turkey Vest for men is a high-quality vest with features hunters need at an affordable price - a variety of pockets include a mesh mouth call pocket, double slate call pocket, and a box call and striker pocket, plus additional accessory pockets. Bass Pro Shops Altoona Hunting Manager Shaun Bequeaith likes the fold-down seat and the way its magnets quickly closed the seat. The detachable orange square gives just a little added protection on your walk into and out of the woods.

As the Strut Zone blog calls it, the RedHead Striker Vest is an "inexpensive starter vest and a great value."Striker Turkey Vest


Join Shaun on Facebook LIVE on Thursday, March 27, at 11:30 as he takes your questions about spring turkey hunting!


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Building a Weekend Survival Pack

A weekend in the great outdoors is a wonderful experience, the sights and sounds can fill the time with beauty. But many times spending the weekend out in the wilderness is a hassle, the tents, the food and the schedules often times get in the way of just having a good time in the woods. This is where survival camping becomes a fun idea. The premise is that a small group goes out into the wilderness for a weekend and brings nothing but the necessities. Here are some of ideas on what to put in this survival pack.

First things first. Any survivor needs to get the necessities, starting with fire. So bringing a small compact fire starter is always a must. One of the easiest to use and lightest fire starters on the market is the Ultimate Survival Technologies Sparkie™ Fire Starter. This fire starter can be used one handed and is essential for the new survivor.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Sparkie™ Fire Starter

The next necessity is of course water. While finding a good source of water during the survival weekend is a necessity, having a way to purify the water is also needed. A great way to do this is to invest in a good water purifier, one of the best on the market is the Sawyer® 2L Water Filtration System. This system allows a person to use a single bag specifically for non-purified water and a bag for clean water making it easy to use and store. The large size makes it great for those trips where a few people are out on their own and in need of water.

Sawyer® 2L Water Filtration System

After water is found the next need is definitely food. Finding the right food for a survival bag is crucial. Using freeze dried or dehydrated foods are often a must, a great company for this is the Backpacker's Pantry®. They have an easy to use packaging that allows a person to boil water and add the water directly to the food inside the package. This makes the entire process quick and painless for a survivor in the wilderness.

Backpacker's Pantry® Colorado Omelet                                                                                        Backpacker's Pantry® Pad Thai Rice Noodles with Vegetables and Roasted Peanuts

As for pain a necessity of all survivors is the first aid kit. These should have a wide array of tools needed to keep an injured survivor healthy until medical personnel can arrive. A good pack that has all the necessities like bandages, trauma pads, gloves , and a first aid booklet is the Bass Pro Shops® First Aid Kit - Expedition Kit. With a wide array of medicine and bandages this kit is perfect for those people who want to survive a weekend in the wild.

Bass Pro Shops® First Aid Kit - Expedition Kit (Level 5 Care 10 People/6 Days)

The last necessity in any survival bag is definitely the knife. Now the choice in knife is always hard because there are so many styles and sizes to choose from. For a survival kit though a must have is a fixed blade knife that is sharp, durable and preferably made out of stainless steel. This means that the knife will not break under moderate use and will not corrode over time like other steel blades. A knife that matches all these requirements is the RedHead® The Hunt™ Fixed Blade Drop Point Knife. The stainless steel means keeping the blade oiled is not a problem, so checking the status of the survival bag is far easier.

RedHead® The Hunt™ Fixed Blade Drop Point Knife

Now that the necessities have been covered, here are some of the things that are good in a survival pack but not a necessity. The first thing is a good length of paracord, this light high tension cord makes great binding for improvised shelters or for general uses around a camp. A great length of paracord is the Bass Pro Shops® 100' Paracord. This gives a person enough cord to use around camp as well as keep some in the pack for later, just in case.

Bass Pro Shops® 100' Paracord

Another option for the survivalist pack is a foldable saw. These saws are usually made to cut through small trees and saplings with ease while at the same time being able to be folded up into a small bundle in order to be stored in as little space as possible. A great tool to use for this is the Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut™ Saw, this saw can cut through limbs and saplings with ease and at the same time folds into a small pouch that is easily carried on a belt or backpack zipper.


Another must have for a survivor out for the weekend is a tarp. The tarp can be literally used for any number of things in the wilderness, from a ground covering to keep a survivor off the wet ground to a quick shelter in case of a sudden downpour. A good tarp for the job is the Texsport® Ripstop Tarp in a size of 10’ by 12’. This is big enough to make a good shelter or to cover enough ground to keep a few survivors off the wet ground.


Surviving for a weekend in the woods has the possibility of being one of the most fun things a person can do. Having the right survival bag ready can help make that weekend a lot easier and far safer. These few helpful hints on what to include in a survival bag can help the would be survivalist start their bag successfully. As always happy hunting and good luck! 


Spring Footwear Buying Tips

Spring on the calendar means warmer weather is approaching...time to update your footwear for warm weather!

Footwear Lead Miranda Atchison has some helpful tips for buying your lightweight footwear for land and water:Muck Boots

All-Purpose Shoe/Boot - From taking the dog for a walk during or after a rainshower to working in the garden, a waterproof all-purpose shoe or boot is a handy thing to have for the spring. Mucks and Bogs are popular. They are easy to just slip on and take off, and they get dirty so you don’t have to be...and Miranda says her Bogs are tops on her list!

"I have a pair of Bogs that I use when taking the dogs out at muddier times. They are probably one of the most handy in my personal footwear arsenal. I couldn't live without them!"

Hiking Shoes/Boots - Shopping for hiking footwear can be tricky. Start with thinking about where you would be using the shoe or boot and shop accordingly. Waterproofing? A deep-lugged sole for better traction? Heavy duty or lightweight upper? Additionally, think about the break-in time you need...every pair needs break-in.

Lightly Insulated Hunting Shoes/Boots - A waterproof and lightly-insulated shoe or boot for hunting in the spring is a good investment. Non-insulated or up to 600 grams of insulation is a good spring comfort range.

Water Shoes - A water shoe with sturdy protection will be safer for those days spent in or around summer waters. As your Adidas Water shoesfeet are in water for a while, and skin is softened, they are more susceptible to injuries than they normally would be when dry. Look for a pair of water shoes that allow the water to drain easily and that have a nice, slip-resistant outsole. Fast drying materials in a water shoe are important to look for when shopping, too.

Socks - There are socks for many different activities and using the right type will make all the difference. Hiking? Grab a good mid-weight hiker like the RedHead Merino or the RedHead Ultra-Silver socks. For good all-purpose work socks, check out the new RedHead Lifetime Guarantee Midweight socks.

Overall, comfort is a must. If it’s not comfortable when you first put it on you should move on and try a different pair.


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Hiking Half Dome at Yosemite National Park

The 16 mile hike to Half Dome and back begins at Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley.  It is a grueling hike up to Half Dome from the Valleythe top of half dome with a 3800 foot gain in elevation to 8800 feet above sea level over approximately 8 miles.  Along the way, you'll see outstanding views of Vernal and Nevada Falls, Liberty Cap and Half Dome.  From the summit  you will be treated to fantastic views of Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point, and other prominent points of interest along with panoramic views of the High Sierras. You will also most likely catch a glimpse or two of some of the native wildlife as you hike the trail to Half Dome.

Half Dome SummitTwo metal cables stretch up the last 400 feet enabling hikers to reach the summit without climbing equipment.   And while a relative few in number have fallen to their death during this part of the ascent, one must approach this area with utmost reverence.  It is not the place to be goofing , showing off or acting irresponsibly.  The journey up the cables is inherently dangerous but with the right precaution can be a safe and fun adventure.  The cables usually go up just before Memorial Day and come down the day after Columbus Day.

Most hikers take 10-12 hours to make the hike up Half Dome and back to the valley floor.  For this reason it Cables on Half Domeis best to start this hike very early in the morning.  One should also be in reasonable shape for this hike due to the length and elevation gain which make it somewhat strenuous.  I would also mention that for the last several years it has become necessary to obtain a permit from the park service to ascend Half Dome via the cable route.

There are some items you will want to make sure to include in preparation for your hike.  A good place to start is our Manteca Bass Pro Shop where you can gear up for the hike up Half Dome.  The first item probably being a good set of hiking boots with good ankle support.  Take a look at the RedHead Ridge Point Hikers or perhaps the RedHead Granite Peak Hiker..  Either one of these would make  a great choice for the hike up Half Dome.  While not mandatory, you might want to include a pair of gloves to grip the cables as you climb up the last 400 feet.  Another item you will want to have with you would be a small sack lunch.   You just might get hungry.  Probably most important would be water.  You will View from the Topneed approximately one gallon of water for the trek up and back.   In our camping department you will find the perfect item to carry your gear, lunch and water in the form of one of our many hydration packs.  The Ascend H1250 or Ascend H2000 are two excellent choices.

Now for a few safety tips.  Check the forecast before your trip.  The summit is a dangerous place to be during a lightning storm.  If you notice a storm moving in, do not attempt the summit.  And while lightning storms are more common during the afternoon hours, keep in mind that they can strike at most any time.  Do not attempt to summit during wet or rainy conditions.  The trek up the cables is no place to be slipping and sliding.  The summit is typically 15 degrees cooler than the valley floor and can be windy.  Be prepared and dress appropriately.  A few people experience problems with altitude sickness each year with symptoms such as severe headache or nausea.  If you experience these symptoms you must get to lower elevations immediately.  Last but not least one must stay out of the river above Nevada and Vernal Falls.  Nearly every year someone is swept over the falls because they do not follow this precaution.

The trip up to the summit of Half Dome and the views one encounters once you reach the top make this hike well worth the effort.  And while there are dangers one must be aware, the trek can be quite safe as long as the proper safety precautions are observed.  The hike up Half Dome is an adventure waiting to happen.  Have fun and be safe.


Phil Steele

Camping Dept.

Store 49, Manteca

Bass Pro Shop


Matching the Gear Bag to the Event

One of the best feelings in the world is being able to go to the shooting range and just plink away for a couple hours. The problem is that many times people are not aware of how heavy their equipment is until they are at the range and lugging it from the car. The right equipment is needed for each type of shooting a person could be doing in a day, whether that be testing out the new shotgun or plinking with the old .22 there is always a bag for the job. The right range bag can make all the difference when the activity is shooting.

A day out shooting pistols is definitely a favorite of many shooters. A gear bag that has many compartments for those extra magazines is a must. Also a good gear bag for the day out shooting pistols is going to need a large main compartment where ammo boxes can be stored easily. The last thing a day at the pistol range bag needs is a good storage area for the pistols themselves. A great range bag for the day out at the pistol range is the RangeMaxx® Pistol Range Bag. With its extra pockets and large central compartment this bag has everything a shooter could need for a day at the pistol range, and the bag has a convenient shoulder sling to keep the weight manageable.


When the air starts to warm many people start their routine of taking the shotgun out to the range for a day shooting clays. This day at the range is a little easier to prepare for because there are fewer needed components for the shotgun. So what is really needed in a good shotgun range bag is a large compartment where different boxes of shells can be kept separate from each other, and the spent shells can be carried. A good example of a shotgun range bag is the RangeMaxx® Deluxe 4-Box Carrier. This carrier has the extra pockets needed for those pesky choke tubes and the large central compartment for a few boxes of shells and room enough for the empty shells when the shooter is finished.


After a day of work and running around town isn’t it nice to just grab a few guns and head out to the range. There are gear bags specially designed for these days, where multiple firearms will be used of all different calibers. When the day calls for pistols, shotguns and rifles a gear bag needs a lot of space. The pistols need safe storage as do their magazines. The ammo needs a large area for the different boxes to be stored and there needs to be some extra space for the spent casings after the trip is over. A great bag for this all around shooting day is the RedHead® 1856 Range Bag. This bag has the space needed for the storage of multiple boxes of ammunition as well as side pockets large enough to hold pistols and their magazines, as well as room enough for the spent casings after the day is out.


A day at the range is a great joy for many people. Finding the range bag of choice should not be the hassle that keeps someone from going. Here are some great choices for different kinds of days at the range. As always happy hunting and good luck! 


Don't Become A Statistic: Always be Prepared When You Go For A Hike

The nick name bestowed upon me for a couple of decades now by those who know me best, has been Little Miss Preparedness.  I always had everything that might possibly be needed stowed somewhere in my pack. The one thing that motivated me above all else was a desire to NOT be a statistic, to NOT be the person written about in the newspaper article. You know the type…the ones that are embarrassing. Experienced back country hiker found frozen….It seems every story about stupid choices are written about those who should have known better. THAT was NEVER going to be about me.

But when hiking near home, I developed a bad habit. I became complacent. And one day not so long ago it caught up with me. That date was December 7th, 2013.

I had an unusual afternoon off, and a brief window to take my dogs out for some exercise and spiritual renewal. It was to be a brief 45minute excursion that would put wags on their tails and increase the oxygen circulating in my bloodstream. We went to a local run of woods that we had visited in the fall, where we would be less likely to run into others. I wanted to let the furbabies off leash to run for maximum expenditure of energy and didn’t want anyone else to feel imposed upon.

I wasn’t worried about losing sight of them since outfitting them in their Redhead Safety Vests. The bright orange with florescent yellow stripes not only assured me that hunters wouldn’t mistake them for targets, but also that I’d be able to spot them at a distance while enjoying the woods. Since I have 4 dogs, the price of $11.99 each at Bass Pro made this an affordable investment in peace of mind.

Things started out relatively well, but within 30 minutes the light sprinkling of snow, changed to massive globs of white dotting the sky, and covering everything including our tracks. I still hadn’t calculated any threat since this was ME, and I NEVER got lost, and this was SO CLOSE to home. I just continued to follow frolicking furbies as we ventured further into the thicket.

It wasn’t even that much longer when I decided that we should turn around, and my decision, quite honestly had everything to do with other things needed to be accomplished and nothing to do with the whiteout conditions that were descending quickly. These conditions were initially enjoyable.

As I continued to video and photograph the doggers, I thought we were on the way out. We were after all, following tracks, our tracks, back to a trail. Wasn’t that a trail? Wait a minute….

Here is where things went frightfully wrong… for four hours. Yes, four hours. And little miss prepared had NOTHING that she always advocated that everyone should have no matter what, when they venture into the woods. I should of refered to My top 10 Survival items but I was to create my own teachable scenario, getting lost in woods, so very close to my home.

As I trudged around looking for where to go, my glasses and sunglasses fogged up. I tried reading the GPS and Compass on my phone but wasn’t able to see through the lens.  How many times had I looked at the Nikon Fog eliminator and thought what a useful way to spend $7.99? That price was a bargain taking my current situation into consideration, and it became even more winsome desire as in my struggle to orient myself, I was wearing the battery on my phone down.

Had I brought along a Ray-O-Vac instant charger or 7 hour power charger, another useful purchase I considered but passed on, I might have been able to use my electronics to determine my whereabouts. Instead, I knew my general location, but not my relative location, which would get me back to my vehicle and home. My phone was now dead and I had no idea which way was what. I own both a Silva Scout, a survey compass and a Brunton orienteering compass. Neither was in my pack. I also didn’t have a Coglan ball compass pinned to my coat, something I sold every day to others. Relying on my cell phone compass just made me look more the fool.  I was really starting to kick myself.

Luckily, I was able to stay somewhat warm since I was dressed in layers. Starting with my Redhead base layer that wicked the moisture away from my skin so that I wouldn’t get the chills, I followed up with a mid-weight XPS zip collar and bottoms long underwear. Columbia Storm Surge Pants stuffed into my Bogs, good to -40 were keeping my lower half warm and dry, my Columbia Omni Heat Down Jacket was keeping my trunk pretty toasty. But I was starting to worry about my dogs…and about how well this would all do should we not make it out before dark. The Sun, despite not being able to see it, was setting.

 I found myself calling out for help. I knew full well that my voice would blend in with the wind, carried away unrecognized. How many times had I encouraged customers to spend a mere $4.99 to purchase a whistle? The sound of such a small instrument could always be recognized above nature, assuring to draw the attention of those who might seek out the inhabitants of a remnant car left in a parking lot. I could have also benefited from having a signal mirror, using the hole in the center to target my best guess towards civilization. Perhaps someone would have seen the pattern of light dance in their family room as they watched TV and called authorities….

The temperature was starting to drop. Typically I would have at least one 9 hour candle with me, a Sparkie fire starter and an SOL silver heat blanket. With these, I could set up a heat station for myself and the doggers, trapping the heat from the candle and reflecting it back with the blanket. If I’d had two of these blankets, or a Scout Kit that included duct tape and some fishing line, I could have set up a lean to with closed in walls and a roof, maybe even a floor, to keep our collective body heat from escaping.

Once shelter was established, I might have even been able to gather enough wood to build a fire in the entrance using a wet-pack, guaranteed to burn even in conditions like these. While waiting for the smoke to draw attention, I could have used ESBIT hexamine tablets and stove to melt snow in my GSI Soloist. We’d have water to drink after filtering it through a sawyer squeeze filter. Staying hydrated would mean less chance of becoming hypothermic, while staving off injury and exhaustion.  Extra melted snow water could have then been used to cook some dinner with dehydrated mountain house dinners.

But instead of surviving with confidence and in style, I struggled for four hours, trying to break free of circling back upon my own tracks, while being unsuccessful, navigating out of this in a whiteout.

Eventually I found a fence and was able to follow that out to a main road to be rescued, ice frozen in my hair. The dogs were no worse for the wear, and they would have never shared my secret shame. But I would rather use my foolhardiness to encourage others to be prepared.  The extra weight of the items I’d left behind is minimal, take up as much room, and will never be left behind again!

So, whether it’s a brief hike in a local woods or a more adventurous excursion, it is important to always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Everything you need can be found affordably in the camping section of Bass Pro. Knowing its available doesn’t mean you’ll have it when you need it.  So plan ahead.

Whether you buy supplies individually or in a preassembled kit, your Bass Pro Professional Staff can help you outfit your pack to be prepared so that you don’t become a statistic or write your own teachable moment.

We have what you need. This is Bass Pro Tammie and your adventure starts HERE.


Outdoor Skills Tips: Wild Turkey Hunting Shotgun Tips

Outdoor Skills Tips

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to take up wild turkey hunting, there are a lot of considerations that must be taken.  In this blog, I’ll discuss the basics in choosing a firearm, choke tube and shot shell before you venture out on your hunt.


I’ll be honest and say that if you and I were to own the same model shotgun, with the same model choke tube and same shot shells, they probably will not pattern the same.  So, there lies the challenge.  What do you use?


If hunting with a shotgun (rather than archery) you don’t necessarily have to have a “turkey shotgun”.  You can use basically any type of hunting shotgun.  Most people prefer 12 gauge but I use and prefer my Benelli M2 in 20 gauge with a 26” barrel (that thing is super light and patterns quite well!).

You can use about any shotgun, as long as the barrel is threaded so that you can remove and replace choke tubes in the barrel. Pictured below is a Beretta A300 with the choke tube partially out.

a300 threaded tube

Notice how you would use a choke wrench to remove your choke and install a turkey choke of your choice. Keep in mind that turkey shotguns don't have to have threaded tubes; if you have a fixed tube shotgun with a full choke that patterns well enough to do the job you can use it. I have a friend that uses the very first shotgun he ever owned, a Browning 30" barrel fixed choke, he has harvested several toms with this old gun. Threaded barrels allow you to use one gun for multiple reasons.

Here are some shotguns in our upcoming Spring Hunting Sale.

Berretta A300


I particularly like this Turkey / Predator special by Remington. All setup and ready to go out of the box.

Remington Turkey Predator

Even an all black gun will work well, most shotgun manufacturers make these color options. The Benelli Super Vinci is a great choice.

benelli vinci

Choke Tubes:

It can be a bit overwhelming when you are looking at choke tubes to turkey hunt.  There are many manufacturers out there and they all want your business.  The cost range can be as cheap as $25 and can go up to nearly $100, even higher on custom shop choke tubes found on the internet. My advice on purchasing a coke tube is to go ahead and spend a little more and get a good quality choke.  I’ve tried turkey chokes in all parts of the price range.  I’m currently using an Indian Creek Black Diamond choke tube in my Benelli M2.


It is a higher end choke tube and it has proven to be effective. If you arent looking to come off the hip with a large investment for your turkey choke, here are some great values in the upcoming Spring Hunting Sale.


Turkey Shot Shells:

When I talk to customers about what shot shell to use, I’ll be honest with them and say that it’s challenging and sometimes frustrating when it comes to choosing your shells.  There are many choices out there for turkey hunting shot shells.  There are different brands, different shell length, different shot sizes.


Basically, all of the major shot shell manufacturers are making shells for wild turkey hunting.  Choosing a brand is part personal preference but it also has to do with what shoots best in your gun.  Note that my next blog will cover basics in how to pattern your shotgun.  Part of that discussion will have more info on brand choice.

Shell Length:

Turkey shot shells will have more recoil when fired than your standard dove/quail or target load will have.  Take recoil into consideration especially if you’re setting up a gun for a youth or a small framed individual.  A 3½ inch 12 gauge turkey shell most likely isn’t a good choice for them.  If someone small is using a 12 gauge, consider a 2¾ inch or maybe a 3 inch shell.  Better yet, consider that 20 gauge for a small framed individual.  As I stated earlier, I use a 20 gauge with much success and I use 3 inch shells.  That combination has a fairly light amount of recoil.  An even lighter recoil option is a 20 gauge with 2¾ inch shells.  Also remember that longer shells in length will have more pellets available to strike the target, but it will also increase the amount of felt recoil when shooting your gun.

Shot Size:

Traditional shot sizes for turkey hunting are #4’s, #5’s and #6’s.  There are some manufacturers that are now mixing different shot sizes together in each shell to produce a “blend” of shot sizes.  Below is a chart that shows the differences in diameters in each.

Turkey Shot Sizes

In considering what size to choose, keep in mind that #4’s will have fewer number of pellets inside each shell, BUT #4’s will have more energy, or knock down power at a further distance.  So, if you attempt to shoot a bird at 50 yards with shot size #4’s, you’ll have less pellets available to strike the bird in the kill zone, which is the neck and head but it will have more energy, or knock down power that the smaller #6’s.  On the other hand, if you shoot at a bird at 50 yards with #6’s, you’ll have more pellets available to hit the kill zone but will have less energy.  So, it comes down to preference in knock down power at further distances or more pellets at shorter distances.


To help determine what size shot to use in your gun, it’s VERY important to take the time and buy a few different brands and a few different shot sizes “pattern” your gun.  To pattern your gun, you’ll set up paper targets and shoot at different distances to determine what shoots best in the set up you’re considering in you gun. If you prefer an actual turkey to shoot at we sell these lifelike Redhead 12" targets.


  • Special dual-color, flake off technology makes it easy to pattern your shotgun for turkey season
  • Flake off technology provides an explosion of color that can be seen from great distances
  • Kill area shots show florescent green behind turkey image
  • Misses show bright white behind red background
  • Self adhesive to stick to almost any backstop
  • 12'' turkey head image
  • 10 targets to a pack

 Patterning your gun can be come fairly expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run.  if you plan to take your wild turkey hunting seriously and take it to the next level.  If you’ve got a friend willing to pitch in, you can share some of the expense if you both shoot the same gauge shotgun.  You and your buddy can pitch in to buy a few different brands and different sizes of shot shells and go out and pattern your gun to see what shoots best in each or your firearms.  In my next blog, I’ll discuss tips for consideration when you go out to “pattern your shotgun”.

Happy Hunting!

~Richard Plonk

Hunting Lead



Turkey hunting product review: RedHead BlackOut turkey choke tube



This afternoon I took my new BlackOut Turkey Choke Tube, screwed it into my old Benelli 12 gauge, and slapped the trigger while aiming at RedHead Turkey Targets that I positioned 30, 40, and 50 yards away.  I was shooting 3” shells with number 4 shot.

The results at 30 yards were what I was expecting, and there would be no doubt that that “bird” wouldn’t be going anywhere (see the top target in the accompanying photo). The 40 yard shot was comparable. My first shot at 50 yards put fewer shot in the kill zone than I wanted, but I changed from Remington to Winchester turkey shells and that made a big difference (the bottom target in the photo).  I’m also confident that I could improve the pattern even more if I opted for size 5 or 6 shot in the future.

Overall, I’m happy with the performance of the BlackOut Choke Tube. It lessened the amount of kick I feel when I pull the trigger, and it gives me the confidence I need to reach out and tag a longbeard that’s standing half-a-football field away.

Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro


It's Almost Gobble Time!

With Deer Season over and Waterfowl season all but over and with old man winter's grasp keeping us from doing to many outdoor activities. Its time for all of us outdoorsmen and woman to start thinking towards springtime adventures. My favorite spring time tradition has to be chasing those big ole long beard turkeys. Now is a great time to staring digging out all of your turkey gear and see what you need to replace. If you are like me then your can bet that you lost a few call strikers or a few shells out of your turkey vest last spring. Seems I can never get through a season without miss placing something. Or maybe you have everything but you just need to upgrade those old decoys that the paint is coming off of or replace that old call that doesn't quite sound as good as it used to. Whatever it may be, I would rather find it now with time to shop instead of the night before and every place is sold out. Plus. shopping now with smaller crowds gives you the time to study all the new products that have come out for 2014. From guns to decoys, the list is long. A couple that I'm real exited about are: Zink's new look hen decoys ($79.99). Have brand new postures and paint for 2014. They by far the most realistic decoys out there with out it being a real bird. A must have for all you die hard hunters. If you are looking for a new turkey load  this year. You have to check out Winchesters new long beard XR.  ($23.99)

Its a lead load with there new Shot-Lok Technology is sure to have your favorite gun shooting Tighter patterns in no time. And another item to go with it is Redheads new Blackout turkey tubes.($39.99)

We have a tube to fit just about any gun you may have in your safe. It is sure to help your turkey gun get all of its BB'S on target your next time out. Redhead also has come out with 2 new calls: A Reality series walnut/glass slate style and Box call.


Your choice ($39.99).


They are special edition NWTF calls that sound as good as they look. With the Reality series turkey logo and the NWTF logo. You wont know if you want to hunt with it or just display it. Also, when your purchase one you will find a card inside for a free 1 year membership to the NWTF. A $35 value. What a deal. Great call and a membership to a great organization. A must have for any serious turkey hunter. 

The NWTF is also helping with an event here at your Independence Bass Pro Shops on  April 5th. The store with the help from the local Jacomo Strutters NWTF chapter with be holding its first ever Turkey calling competition - open to all ages. There will be 2 divisions: Youth Division will be 17 and under and a Open Division for adults. There will be trophies and prizes for the top 3 in each division. Mark your calendars. Its going to be a fun day for all. For info and registration, please check us out on Facebook or feel free to contact April in the promotions dept. here at the store - amvertako@basspro.com. 

Also, here are a couple more dates to put on your calendars. On March 29th at the lake Lotawana Sportsman club, the Jacomo Strutters are having their 13th annual Jakes Event for kids 6 thru 17. It is an all day event that will have every youngster wanting more. They will get to do everything from Trap to archery and even get some calling pointers from someone who hunts for a living. They serve breakfast and lunch to all.  Also, if your are lucky enough, you may get chosen for a giveaway: A fully guided hunt this spring. There is also a fun night for mom and dad. On May 9th, they will hold there 16th annual Heritage Supper Banquet which includes a great catered dinner and live and silent auctions and tons of raffles. It will be a great night of fun and relaxation. It will also be at the Sportsman's club. We Hope to see you at all of the events. For info for the events, you can locate the NWTF Jacomo Strutters Chapter on there Facebook Page. Or stop by the store and pickup a flyer at are gun counter or see them here on the weekends. They will have a table near are hunting dept. Make sure you sign up early as seating will be Limited. As always, from Your local Bass Pro Shops, have a safe and fun hunting season!



A Small Part in a Great March

On Saturday, March 1, hundreds of people will be starting a trek across the country. Iowan Robert Cook will be on that walk and is taking a bit of Bass Pro Shops along. Bob from the Great March for Climate Action

The Great March for Climate Action gets underway Saturday and Robert has been coming in to pick up a few items for the walk. Bob recently retired as a minister after 40 years. He is passionate about his participation in the walk...so passionate, he is committed to completing the walk from LA to Washington D.C. in eight months. Over 200 marchers, from 36 states and 6 countries plan to walk 15 miles a day, camping along an established route that will wind through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and on east. It's a green march and they will be practicing Leave No Trace every moment on the trail and at their campsites. They'll have a solar-powered mobile kitchen to provide meals for the walkers. They will rest on Sundays.

In preparation for his walk he has purchased numerous items from Bass Pro Shops Altoona.

"This store has played a HUGE part in my preparation. I had never been here and had driven by several times on I-80. Someone told me to check the store out for my supplies. I walked in and was amazed by the size and beauty of the store."

Some of the items he has purchased includes RedHead CoolMax Liner Socks for men. He layers those with RedHead Hiking Socks and he already knows they're going to be a charm! He has purchased several pairs for the journey. The liners help create a great barrier to help prevent blisters. He has been wearing the combination during his daily training for the walk and he says they feel great!

Other items he has purchased include insect repellent, a tarp for his tent to sit on, a wash basin for cleaning up, an LED lantern, a Bass Pro Shops camp chair, and an Ascend Dry Bag.

Best of luck to Bob and the other marchers as they walk for their cause...watch for reports of them coming by your location and give them a wave. We hope to see them here at Bass Pro Shops Altoona mid-way through their walk when they camp in the area!


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