New Items for Spring Turkey Season!

Spring turkey season is about to be in full strut starting in mid February and Bass Pro Shops has all the new gear to help you be more successful on getting that Old Tom. For most of Alabama spring turkey season runs from March 14 thru April 30, but there some counties that vary from these dates. Be sure to check out for the season dates and bag limits.

Bass Pro has several new turkey hunting items this year to aid in making the hunting experience more fun. The list starts out with:

These items are just the beginning of what Bass Pro Shop has to offer for this years turkey season. Be sure to check out our website at  for upcoming new items and events.




"Hooked" On You Valentine



This Valentine's Day, Bass Pro isn't just for the boys, ladies. With a chic line of camouflage and hunting products lined in pink and glittering with sequins, you can find something just perfect for that lovely "deer toting" lady in your life. Our infamous Heart Stopper by Scent Lok is now carried in jackets, pants, hoodies, hats, and gloves. Featuring scent control technology, a warm interior, and superior camo with pink details that will proudly show off your love of hunting whilst still showing a bit of femininity.
You can find the complete line at our website here:

Our Camo department also carries an array of ladies Under Armour. As of late last year, we began carrying ladies Under Armour Hoodies in Pink AP, Snow AP with Pink, and Realtree Xtra with Pink. Under Armour also carries a complet line of ladies hunting apparel as well as every day wear like sweat pants, shirts, and hats featuring the neon pink emblem. Check out these items here!

As always, you can find other assorted "girlier" items in our hunting department such as bedazzled pepper spray, redhead pink hunting and pocket knives, amd pink lined soft pistol cases!

We look forward to seeing you at our Bass Pro Shops this Valentine's Day!


My Quest: Can the AR platform effectively take a Whitetail?

Hunting is a passion I was raised on by my father. He started me as a very young boy and, as I got older, my passion for hunting the great American whitetail grew and grew.  I have hunted them from the southeast all the way up into to the midwest. As with hunting, so too did my love of firearms and even more recently, my love for the much debated AR platform rifles.  I have read many internet postings going back and forth about whether an AR could effectively take down a whitetail deer or not.  The more I research I did, the more it sparked my interest.  After much debating inside my head, I decided I wanted to give it a shot. I looked at many different AR platforms before purchasing a CMMG AR chambered in 300 Blackout from my local Bass Pro Shops. While there, I also bought one of the Redfield scopes, scope mount and a box of Hornady 110 V-Max ammo.  Once everything was all sighted in and ready to go, it was time for the hunt.

It was an unusually cold morning in Northern Alabama as we set out to Freedom Hills Management Area located in Cherokee, Alabama.  I remember reading the temperature gauge in the truck, a whopping 6 degrees.  I zipped up my Redhead jacket and headed out on my quest.  The morning was cold and quiet as the sun started to come up and nature started to come to life.  It was still early morning as I watched the squirrels chase each other through the trees.  "This is the life," I sat there, thinking to myself.  Right then I caught a shadow silently moving through the woods to my left.  As I turned to see what it was, I saw this nice mature doe emerge through the trees.  She moved quietly through the woods without the slightest hint that I was even there.  I got ready to take the shot when behind her, I could see another body moving in the brush.  There he was, a very nice six point moving right in behind her.  I waited for him to step out, put the cross arrows on and squeezed the trigger.  As I regained my composure, the deer jumped right back into the thick brush followed by a loud crash of leaves.  Had the much debated AR done it's job?  I gave it a little time and walked over to see what the results were.

There he was, not 45 yards from where I had first seen him.  In the end, I had answered my question:  Yes the AR platform can effectively take a whitetail.

I look forward to my next hunt as I have now chambered another AR in the mighty 450 Bushmaster.


Justin K., Apparel Associate

Bass Pro Shops, Nashville



Lifetime Socks - Great Value

During these tough economic times, it is good to know that there are products out there that no matter what you do to them will always be replaced FREE.  Lifetime socks at Bass Pro Shop does just that.  Purchase a pair of our Redhead or Natural Reflections Lifetime socks and never worry about them ripping, tearing, small holes, or wearing out.  When they get that way just bring both of them back to our Customer Service Department, and go get yourself another pair.  It is as easy as that!

Personnally I have 8 pairs of the all lifetime all purpose mens socks, and could not be happier.  I started thinking why people wear socks other than for sanitary reasons.  Here are a few tid bits to ponder over before I show you our lifetime socks.

Your foot is the heaviest producers of sweat in the body.  The socks absorb the sweat and then draws it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration.

Years ago animal skins were gathered up and tied around the ankles for socks.  During the 8th century the Greeks wore socks from matted animal hair for warmth.

Did you know the English word sock is derived from the old English word Socc meaning "light slipper".

The Swiss did a study that showed when we sleep,  blood flow is redirected to our hands and feet.  When these areas are warm the blood vessels dilate and allow for greater blood flow.  Which helps you sleep better.

With all that information, why not check out our lifetime socks.  You have nothing to loose!

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Natural Reflections (Ladies) Lifetime Socks








Redhead Lifetime Lightweight Quarter Socks For Men









Redhead Lifetime All Purpose Socks for Men
















Redhead Lifetime Midweight Crew Socks for Men













Wind proof hoodie

The best hoodie for when it's a cold windy day.i keep it my boat for cold rides or for when it's real cold on the lake.

Name: Randy Reel
ProductDescription: RedHead Windproof Fleece Hoodie for Men

Store it Right: Browning Rod Cabinet

Earlier this month I did a little diddy on the RedHead 1856 Gun Rack. A fine specimen of some of the great storage products we sell here at Bass Pro Shops. But it got me wondering about other storage products. And as fishing was my first passion for the outdoors I went back to my roots. As any fisherman knows there is the eternal struggle between owning tackle and putting it somewhere. What once was OK to be in the coat closet is now banished to a shed or garage because the little missus doesn’t like it there or that apparently size 18 treble hooks get caught too easily in their favorite parka… pssh, parka-the attitude I say! But because of the eternal bonds of love and the fact that divorces are way too common and expensive, everyone makes sacrifices. But can’t there be some way to store and display your fishing gear in a tasteful manner? Well thanks to those bad-boys at Browning, there is!

The NEW Browning Rod Storage Cabinet will please anyone who is going through such a predicament as described above. This thing has ten rod holders on it, which should be able to fit most fishermen’s arsenals. If you have more than you probably also have a man-cave or aren’t married. Just sayin’.

Of course though, it is such a pain to have your fishing poles in one area and the tackle in another. Luckily this cabinet comes with plenty of storage space, and apparently ten was the number that day for Browning product designers. It has enough space to hold ten tackle trays/utility boxes. There is also a small felt lined storage compartment on top.



Racking Up The Rewards

How many of you frequent shoppers use your Rewards Card when shopping at Bass Pro Shops? How many of you don’t?

Did you know that every time you shop at Bass Pro Shops and use your Rewards Card you are earning points toward free gear?  


  • For standard purchases (non-Bass Pro Shops® branded items)
    from the Bass Pro Shops Catalog, Internet, Retail Stores or Outlet Stores:

You earn 1 point per dollar @ 2 cents per point = 2%
Example: $100 purchase = 100 points x $.02 = $2.00 toward a future purchase

  • For purchases of Bass Pro Shops® branded products
    from Bass Pro Shops, including RedHead®, Ascend™, Bob Timberlake®, Natural Reflections®, World Wide Sportsman®, & more from the Bass Pro Shops Catalog, Internet, Retail Stores or Outlet Stores:

You earn 1.5 points per dollar @ 2 cents per point = 3%
Example: $100 purchase of Bass Pro Shops® branded product = 150 points x $.02 = $3.00 toward a future purchase


The Rewards Card is FREE and easy to sign up for. 

Having the Rewards Card is a HUGE benefit; especially for those of you that shop at Bass Pro Shops frequently. Your Rewards Card can also link you to your purchases. Have a return & forgot your receipt? Not a problem, our Customer Service can look up the purchase by your Rewards Card making your return easy.

Want to spend those points you've earned? Once you have racked up 500 points you will have an equivalent of $10 to either use towards your next purchase or you can choose to save the points for a future purchase.

Don’t have a Rewards Card yet? You can sign up at our Customer Service desk here in the store or you can sign up online. Just go HERE, and create a new account.


Thinsulate vs. Primaloft Insulations

The choice of insulation in a coat, pants and boots is a big decision and needs a lot of consideration before the choice should be made. When it comes to these two types of insulation there is a lot of information on both, so finding the right insulation should be easy for anyone. But using the information that is given to find the right insulation can be a pain. Here are some tips and tricks to finding the right insulation for activities.

When talking about thinsulate the material that is used is a synthetic hollow fiber woven like a sandwich in between two outer layers. The outer and inner layers of this material hold air close to the body. This sandwich design also allows the moisture from the body to pass through the material. At the same time this hollow synthetic fiber holds air away from the body allowing there to be a barrier between the body and outside temperatures. This type of design is very good for a very moist environment where the air temperature is very cold. When looking at activities where the thinsulate should be used in comparison to other brands the differences in the materials make the choice simple. Thinsulate is a material that can be used while working in the cold, or for when a person is doing something where there is a lot of physical activity involved. A great use for something like the LaCrosse® AlphaBurly Pro 18'' Waterproof 800g 3M™ Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation Hunting Boots, would be a day out hunting where the hunter needs to walk a distance to their stand in tall wet grass. Since the boot in insulated and waterproof the boot will readily keep the hunter’s foot warm while keeping all the water off the skin. Another great use for thinsulate is for yard work. When out in the yard working in the winter having the wind on the face not only causes wind burn but is cold and uncomfortable for anyone. This makes using something like the RedHead Thinsulate Insulated Mask great for using during yard work. During the work the material allows sweat to be wicked away through the material without soaking the thinsulate, while also keeping the workers head warm against wind and biting cold.

RedHead Face MaskLacrosse Hunting Boots

Now talking about primaloft there are a couple major differences when comparing to the thinsulate. Primaloft to begin with is a synthetic down material that mimics the insulation of a down feather on a bird. This material is made up of hollow tubes in small structures that hold air against the body while letting a little air pass through the fibers to allow the wicking away of sweat. This difference appears subtle on paper, but when applied in practice the differences are quite substantial. This material is a little heavier than the thinsulate and also is not as water resistant as thinsulate. That being said when wearing primaloft a person is able to sit for long periods of time in the cold without having to move, while still keeping warm and toasty. Using something like the pair Browning® Hell's Canyon™ PrimaLoft® Bib and Browning Hell's Canyon Primaloft Jacket will allow a hunter to sit in their tree stand with a brisk wind for hours at a time without having to get up and move around. While this is great the single problem with the material being prone to soaking is easily remedied with a thin layer of waterproofing like an Outdry Membrane. The Browning Hell's Canyon PrimaLoft Outdry Gloves, are a great example of the waterproofing in action. The only drawback to this is the gloves are a little less able to breathe and wick away sweat.


The choice of insulation in a set of outerwear is a big decision when a person is going to be out in the cold. Thankfully there are two different types of insulation that give great coverage of most every type of activity in the cold. So when sitting in the tree stand all day wearing a little Primaloft is the better choice. When working out in the yard on a cold day the best insulation for the money is thinsulate. As always happy hunting and good luck!



Good product, good service.

Name: Ron Merle
ProductDescription: Redhead socks

Look at That! RedHead Gun Rack

There are certain stereotypical items that complete the visual when it comes to rustic living. There is the pair of rocking chairs on the front porch. A bird feeder full of visitors. Either a “Welcome to the Lake House” or lodge themed wooden sign. A stack of fishing poles by the back door. A gun rack on the wall. All of these items can make one forget about the worries of today’s modern world and take a step back to something much simpler.

And would ya look at that?! Thanks to RedHead 1856 4-Gun Rack, now you can own a piece of it!

Now please note that while a gun rack is a method of storing firearms, they should never be kept loaded and better protection/prevention should be used if children/strangers are present.

This tasteful take on an old favorite is a modern-day crowd pleaser. It is constructed out of pine and has a nice brown-cherry finish to it. It can hold four long-guns and has a bonus feature on the bottom. There is a storage area that can be used for ammunition, cleaning supplies, eye and ear protection or whatever. The storage area also locks, which is a nice touch.

Now gun racks are designed to keep firearms where they are easier to access. Many people from more rural parts of the country have them as you never know when dinner might go by or if you need to give a 12-gauge reminder to the local bear population to stay away. That is just the way life is. With how removed people are from nature nowadays it is understandable why some people couldn’t understand the need for this.

Gun safes are very nice. Not only can you safely store firearms and ammunition, but also important papers and other goods. But they are heavy and take up what could be precious room. If you are going to stay at a cabin with a group of trusted friends for a weeklong hunt, a safe could be a little much whereas the gun rack would be just right.


Other Nifty Things to Look At!

Propane Fire Ring

Hand Towels

Rainproof Camo

She Outdoor


BPS Extreme Qualifier Tackle Bag


Layer it on! Winter is here!

Winter has finally arrived in Nashville!

With that, we’re seeing temperatures drop into the teen’s and even a couple of single digit days.  Being from Arizona, I am not at all prepared for this surge of cold weather and my chilly drive to work this morning reminded me that I need to get myself some warmer clothing for these cold days.  Good thing I work for Bass Pro Shops!

We’ve got a great selection of fleece, jackets and hoodies to top off your winter look.  But my personal favorite thing about the cold is getting to layer all those comfy clothes for some extra warmth.  Here’s a look at some of our Top Sellers from the online shop.

For the guys, let’s start with the RedHead Thermal Henley Shirts.  They are currently on sale starting at $19.97 and are available in 8 colors.  The 3 button Henley look is popular and stylish and the waffle texture is soft and comfortable.

Sticking with the Henley look, we also have RedHead Layered Henleys in five colors for Men currently on sale for $14.97.  These shirts are 100% jersey cotton, have a chest pocket and feature a double collar for the layered look.

Both are perfect for an extra layer when spending time outdoors or just a weekend working around the house.

For the ladies, our Bob Timberlake Waffle Pintuck Henleys are pretty and comfortable.  They have a smaller waffle texture that’s easy to wear and front embellishments that make them a little more feminine.  These start at $26.97 and come in four colors.

I also love our Ladies’ Natural Reflections Flannel Shirts.  They currently start at $24.99 and also come in four colors.  They are 100% flannel for a soft, flattering fit.  Perfect with jeans and boots!

Hopefully this gives you an idea of our great cold weather clothing selection at Bass Pro Shops.  Stop in and get ‘em before it’s too cold!


Last Minute Christmas Ideas for the Outdoorsman who has it all…

To make it easier on everyone, I have decided to post my favorite last minute Christmas Gift ideas for the wives, girlfriends, parents and children who might need a little help buying their man a Christmas present. Here are my suggestions this holiday season.

Costa “Cortez” Sunglasses
Costa’s Cortez offers a large fit with a bold wrap shape, meant to block glare from entering from the sides. The linear venting system alleviates lens fogging, and the temple tips feature open slots for a retainer cord. “Anglers who use our sunglasses know they’re going to be able to see the fish faster, and their eyes are going to be more relaxed, even after a full day on the water in harsh conditions,” said Chas MacDonald, president of Costa. The frames are built of nearly indestructible co-injected molded nylon, with sturdy integral hinge technology. The hypoallergenic rubberized interior lining and nose pads keep the sunglasses comfortably in place all day, providing a “forget-they’re-on” fit. The price starts at $169 MSRP

ThermoCell Heated Shoe Insoles
Cold feet are miserable. Here is a cool product from ThermoCell, heated insoles that you control wirelessly with a remote control. Rechargeable batteries are imbedded in the soles. The remote allows you to pick between two heat settings or no heat. MSRP is $99.99. 


Seaguar Smackdown Tournament Braid - 150 Yards
This is the most awesome new fishing line to come out in years. This braided line is sleek, ultra-strong tournament quality braid is so thin that the 20-lb. test has the diameter of 6-lb. monofilament line! Smackdown Braid features 8 ultra-thin, micro-weave strands in a round, smooth-casting profile with extra sensitivity. In addition to Smackdown's unparalleled abrasion resistance, it provides exceptional knot and tensile strength. You cannot go wrong picking up a pack of the Seaguar. $32.99 MSRP for 150 yards of 20lb test.

Bass Pro Shops GripMaster™ 9 inch Fillet Knife
This is an affordable, tough, and super sharp fillet knife. Featuring the 420 stainless steel thru handle construction for long-term usability, the GripMaster Fillet Knife's razor sharp blade includes a serrated section that's perfect for tackling really tough jobs. The rubber handle provides outstanding cutting comfort and control. The GripMaster fillet knife includes a durable, molded hard plastic sheath designed with vents and a convenient belt clip. MSRP $5.99

Wave Away Sonar GPS Screen Cleaning Kit
This is an incredible, safe cleaning product for your marine electronics, smart phones, tablets, LCD television, or sunglasses. Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner is made without alcohol or ammonia, which can remove the protective coating from your screen. For best results, spray the screen with a couple pumps of the cleaning solution, and then wipe it off using a microfiber cloth (included). Afterwards go over the screen once more with a dry section of the cloth. For hard water spots, leave the cleaning solution on longer, so it can really dislodge the grime. The Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner can also be used for non-waterproof electronics, just spray the cleaning solution on the cloth rather than directly onto the item itself. MSRP $9.99
RedHead Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose Socks for Men 
I have been wearing these socks for 3 years in the winter; there is no better sock on the market for the price. If ever they wear out, just return them for a FREE replacement to your closet Bass Pro Shops! They are made with 100% fine grade itch-free wool against the skin from top to toe, which makes these socks softer and our stitching technique adds double-reinforcement to all stress zones. 81% wool, 17% stretch nylon, 2% spandex. Leg length: 13”. Made in USA with MSRP of $11.99
Strike King MOISTURE WICKING long sleeve shirt 
Strike King new clothing line has some good looking shirts. My favorite is the moisture wicking shirts for the winter time.  100% Poly interlock moisture wicking performance tee shirt. It has a smooth collar, tagless and comes in long sleeves only. The new Strike King logo appears on the chest and back of the shirt. MSRP $ 28.00

 Yamaha Pro Fishing Hat
Out at sea or on land, shield your face from the sun and show your Yamaha Pro Fishing Pride. This Yamaha Pro Fishing hat is made from a royal blue cotton twill and four black or white mesh panels. The Yamaha Pro-Fishing logo is featured on the front. MSRP $19.99


Lastly, what not to buy your favorite outdoors-man this Christmas:

  • ·        Fishing rods and reels
  • ·        Lures
  • ·        Bass boat or kayak
  • ·        Rain suits
  • ·        Shoes or boots
  • ·        Guns
  • ·        Thermal Underwear
  • ·        Fishing Electronics


Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! May this joyful season greet you with health and happiness. Please continue to pray for our military….


About the author:

Tom Branch, Jr. is a freelance outdoor writer and prostaffer for Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Lawrenceville, GA. He retired as a Lieutenant/Paramedic/Firefighter with Gwinnett County Fire, GA after 29 years of service in 2013. He is currently a contracted employee with NAVICO/Lowrance working as the College Fishing Recruiter. He has been working in the Outdoor Industry for over 20 years. He and his beautiful wife, Kim live north of Atlanta near Braselton, GA with their lab Jake. They volunteer with Operation One Voice, a 501c3 supporting Special OPS soldiers (



Creating a Winter Emergency Bag for Your Vehicle


Beautiful right? Winter not only can bring beautiful scenery but dangerous road conditions.Having an emergency bag for situations in which a survival situation is brought about by natural means is always a good idea. Since there are so many different types of emergency bags and so many types of situations it is good to keep in mind every situation is different and may call for different equipment. Here are some good ideas for an emergency bag that can be kept in the car during the winter.

The first thing needed when talking about an emergency bag is the actual bag. This bag needs to be big enough to hold the emergency supplies while at the same time not taking up the entire trunk of a car. A great measure of the bag is to set it in the floorboards of the car. The bag should lie comfortably in the floorboards without coming over the lip of the seat. A good bag for this specific need is the RedHead Canvas Luggage Collection - Rugged Gear Bag, this gear bag is made to hold gear for a hunting trip or a camping trip giving it the durability to stay in the car for an extended period of time. The size of the bag also allows for a lot of gear to be stored in a relatively small total area being taken up. Another good idea for helping store the gear is to have a water resistant bag similar to the Bass Pro Shops Deluxe Stuff Sacks, these simple storage sacks are great for keeping water off of clothing and other fabrics that will be in the emergency bag.

Deluxe Stuff SacksRedhead Duffle Bag

Next on the list for the gear pack is to take care of the bitter cold when talking about a winter emergency situation. So for an emergency pack the first thing to pack would be a warm blanket or sleeping bag liner like the Bass Pro Shops Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner. This sleeping bag liner is perfect for an emergency bag because it easily compresses to a small size while retaining its integrity and ability to keep a person warm. The next thing on the list for keeping a person warm in an emergency situation would be a good set of gloves. These gloves need to be warm and functional for work that inevitably comes with emergency situations. So something like the RedHead Mammoth GORE-TEX Waterproof/Breathable Gloves for Men, these gloves not only are water resistant but also have great dexterity. It is advisable to have more than one pair of gloves since losing a glove in the middle of an emergency is always a problem. The next bit of clothing that should always find its way into an emergency bag would be a good pair of wool socks. These socks keep feet warm while wicking away sweat and keeping the wearer generally comfortable. A great set is RedHead® Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose Socks, these socks are great because they compress well into a small size, so keeping a few pairs in the emergency bag is never a problem. Also these socks keep the wearer warm while wicking away sweat and keeping moisture off the wearer’s skin. Lastly, in the winter, an emergency bag needs a jacket or coat in order to keep the person in need from losing to much body heat. This coat or jacket needs to be small and easily compressed for the emergency bag while still being durable and warm. Keeping with this a good jacket is The North Face Chromium Jacket, this jacket keeps wind off the wearer while also being water resistant and giving the wearer the dexterity needed for many emergency situations. Also this jacket is easily compressed into a bag and takes up a lot less space than other jackets with the same capabilities.

RedHead Lifetime socksNorth Face JacketGlovesSleeping Bag Liner

Next on the list of things needed for an emergency situation in the winter would be food and water. Having a case of water just sitting in the back of the car is always a good idea during the winter (the human body uses up to 2 liters of water in a couple hours in the cold). Also having food for an emergency is very much needed in the winter. This food needs to be high in calories while still having protein and some electrolytes. That being said having something like the Bass Pro Shops Uncle Buck's Extra Large Virginia Peanuts, having peanuts in the emergency bag is great because they are relatively light and are packed with vitamins and much needed protein. Another good food for this type of emergency bag would be a jerky of some sorts. This can be beef jerky or pork or even turkey or chicken. A great proportioned beef jerky bag for a car emergency bag would be the Bass Pro Shops Uncle Buck's Premium Beef Jerky, since this jerky comes pre-packaged it is easy to toss in the emergency bag and have ready in case of any situation.


Finally the items needed for an emergency bag in the winter are mostly for signaling emergency personnel while stuck on the side of the road. A great easy way to signal emergency personnel from the car, when there is snow, is to use a boating flag stuck to the outside of a car window. One of the best flags is the Bass Pro Shops® Stik-A-Flag™ Skier Down Flag, these flags are perfect for emergency personnel signaling while in snow because the flag is water resistant while still being highly visible even in the worst conditions. The suction cup on the flag allows a person to stick this flag to the outside window of a car to signal emergency personnel in a snowstorm when conditions for standing outside the car are not conducive to signaling. Also the flag will fit perfectly in an emergency bag along the side or on the bottom of the bag without any problems. Another great thing to have in a winter emergency bag would be signaling flares. These flares burn hot while having a highly visible flame that will alert rescuers as to a person’s position. Also these flares are great for starting campfires in case the car is abandoned and a fire is needed for warmth (hazard note, this type of flare should never be used from inside of a car). A good set of signaling flares for this purpose is the Orion® Alert/Locate Signal Kit, this kit comes with aerial flares, roadside flares and smoke signaling flares making this package perfect for signaling any emergency personnel in the area. Another thing that is needed in any emergency bag would be cord of some kind. Recently the most popular has been Paracord since it is light durable and easy to use in an emergency situation. A good length of Paracord for the money is Bass Pro Shops 100' Paracord, using a bright color of this cord will increase the likelihood of being found by emergency personnel in case of an emergency situation. Lastly in the emergency bag is always needed, a pocket knife. The best pocket knife for this job will have a strong durable blade as well as a portion of the blade that is serrated in order to cut through tough material. A good blade for this purpose would be the RedHead Function Skeleton EFX-S Folding Knife, this knife is good for multiple functions from simply cutting cord to stripping bark from twigs for kindling.

Knifeskier down flagParacordflares

Now that all the materials for the emergency bag are gathered and in the car it is time to test out the size of the bag. Usually these bags should be able to fit through the opening to the trunk of a car from the inside. If the pack can’t be easily accessed through the passenger compartment of the car the bag is fairly useless in some circumstances so make sure the bag is easy to move from the trunk of the car to the interior of the car (in trucks and SUVs this is not a problem since the entire vehicle is accessible, though having multiple of everything in the bag is a must when traveling with a group). As always happy hunting and good luck!

Check out this blog next:


Waterfowl gear: Quickly and Easily

Extreme Waterfowl System  - The Canvasback Waterfowl System ranks among the finest waterfowl gear on the market. All of our styles are featured with our Bone Dry membrane for an unbeatable breathable, windproof, and waterproof performance. It comes with a Ripstop fabric and reinforced stress areas in the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Our system is insulated with 150 gram ThermoLite, except for our Canvasback pants, which are non-Insulated. Canvasback Wader Jacket and Parka- Convertible designs that include magnetic pockets and a warm zip-out reversible liner that can also be worn alone.

The parka is hip length and features 100% waterproof/breathable Bone Dry Membrane with a 150 ThermoLite insulation. The top layer of the jackets include a full nylon mesh lining, side seam adjusters, hook and loop neoprene cuffs, 2 large storage pockets with snap closures and magnetic chest pockets for easy access. The inner layer is water resistant with 100% poly microfiber that reverses to solid brown. It has built in shell holders on the camo side, knit wrists and micro tricot lined hand warmers. Comes in 2 Camo Patterns (Max5 and Mossy oak Shadow Grass Blades) Prices For Parka Prices For Wader Jacket 169.99 159.99 2XL-3XL 179.99 2XL-3XL- 169.99.

Canvasback Bib-The Redhead Bone Dry Canvasback Insulated Bibs feature a reliable two-way zipper and an incomparable 150 ThermoLite insulation. They are fully lined with nylon taffeta on the body, chest pockets, back pockets, and cargo pockets, with reinforced Ripstop fabric protecting the knees. This ideal bib also includes a license loop. Comes in 2 Camo patterns (Max5 and Mossy oak Shadow Grass Blades) Prices- 119.99 2XL-129.99 Canvasback Pants-Canvasback Non-Insulated pants are 100% Bone Dry with breathable, waterproof, and windproof performance. These pants have easy to use elastic draw cord waists and belt loops. There is also a mesh drainage system along with knee-high length zipper to easily put on and take off boots. These pants have durable rear pockets, reinforced Ripstop knees and a durable and comfortable outer Taslon Shell. Comes in 3 Camo patterns (Max5 and Max 4 and Mossy oak Shadow Grass Blades) Prices 79.99 2XL-89.99




Fall Apparel Must Haves

When the weather starts to change and the leaves begin to fall it is time for some more practical clothes for the new season. As the nights begin to get colder and the days become shorter finding something that is warm and fashionable is always a must. So here are some outfits for the family that will make this fall comfortable and fun!

For the guys, the fall wardrobe is wide open and just about anything that is warm and can stand up to the punishing weather changes is practical. For many guys a nice set of jeans and a flannel button up is the way to go for the fall. Something like the Ascend Denim Jeans for Men paired with the RedHead Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt for Men, this combo is great for colder weather while still looking great during a night out on the town. The flannel shirt lets guys roll their sleeves during the warmer part of the day then during the colder night roll down the sleeves for a more comfortable evening. These jeans on the other hand are comfortable in almost any weather and in just about any conditions the fall season can throw at you.

RH Mens FleeceAscend Jeans

For the younger boys in the family something like the Bass Pro Shops Camo Cargo Pants for Boys with Carhartt Hunting is My Sport Fleece Hoodie for Boys. This combo keeps boys warm while holding up to the rough and tumble of outdoor play in the fall.

Boys Carhartt HoodieBoys Camo Pants

For the ladies in the fall anything that keeps the body warm and is comfortable enough to walk around the block in works well. So a nice set of jeans with a nice sweater and comfortable undershirt is comfortable and looks great. A good outfit would be the Natural Reflections Contrast Embroidery Slim Bootcut Jeans for Ladies paired with the Ascend Sweater Knit Hoodie for Ladies. The great thing about this outfit is that just about any kind of shoe or boot comfortably fits into a set like this. Just like the guys this light sweater allows the wearer to roll the sleeves during the day while it is warm and then in the evening to roll the sleeves down and button up the sweater for a warmer fit during the evening. Also the pair is comfortable in just about any weather and temperature fall can dish out on any given year. For the younger girls, the must haves are similar to the boys. These clothes need to be comfortable and tough to put up with a lot of running and climbing in the outdoors in the chilly air.

Ascend sweater hoodieNR Slim Bootcut Jeans

Another good option for the ladies would be Natural Reflections Flannel-Lined Jeans paired with Bass Pro Shops Applique Hoodie. This set will keep ladies comfortable and warm while still being able to keep up with everyone outdoors.

BPS HoodieFleece Lined Jeans

There are many different body types and body temperatures. Some people like to wear shorts and a t-shirt through the cold months of fall while others like to keep their heavy coat on all day and night. These are just some ideas on the types of different combinations of warm and rugged clothing that go well with the fall colors and are comfortable enough to wear on an outing without having to worry about the cold. Remember that sweaters for the ladies are always in and for the guys a little flannel can be warmer than a jacket on a chilly evening. As always happy hunting and good luck!

Check out this blog post from last year about apparel for cold weather!


Toasty Toes: Redhead Treestand Socks

I am sure I have mentioned it before, but I am a sissy about the cold. I hate it. Can’t stand it. No thank you. The fact that people in the Midwest can wear shorts when it is below 50 degrees is just plain insanity to me. Think about this, it can be so cold out that your skin can start bleeding if it is exposed. EXCUSE ME?! So needless to say, I do what I can to stay warm.

In survival situations, the key is to keep your core warm. You tend to always lose heat in your extremities first. Having gloves, a beanie and good socks can be a huge difference. So with that, I wanted to highlight a product that I have and absolutely love! The RedHead Treestand Socks.

A couple years back, as I was gearing up for a whitetail hunt I knew I was going to need to keep my toes toasty. I asked around and was pointed to a pair of these bad-boys. These things are awesome! They are comfortable, thick and especially warm. They also have enough stretch to fit over other pairs of socks and won’t stretch out.

Ever since I got them, I dread the cold but look forward to busting them out. If you look online, I am not the only one that loves these socks. Out of 20 reviews, the socks average a 4.8 (out of five) stars. And another great thing about these socks, look below.

Made in America! That’s right! A good old S O C K from the U S A. If I was musically inclined I might try to make a parody of the song “ROCK in the USA” by John Mellencamp but I gave up the tuba long ago.

We all know that socks can be a lame holiday gift, but I promise these would not upset me if they appeared under my tree! This would be ironic as they are Treestand socks. The possible puns are too many, I wouldn’t want to go too far out on a limb. Eh, I will just put a sock in it. Quickly, before I get the boot.



These Socks

Great socks period.
Warm durable and 100% guarantee.

Its all I wear in the winter time.

Name: Scot Green
ProductDescription: Redhead Thermal socks

Protection for your Gun

It's Hunting season and your gun takes a beating.  Always take the time to clean and keep your gun protected.  We have a large variety of gun cases at many different price ranges.  Here are a few that handle extreme conditions.

The Boyt Tactical H Series Double Handgun Case is tough and durable.  This case is designed to meet or exceed law enforcement, military and airline standards.  The case is waterproof and dustproof.  Boyt considers this case so durable it has a lifetime warranty.  High density foam will keep your handguns in place and protected.




























Plano makes gun cases at all different prices.  The Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is built for extreme conditions.  With a dri -loc seal for weathertight protection and thick wall construction, this is the ultimate protection for your gun.  The case has heavy duty dual stage lockable latches that hold tight then it has padlock tabs for reinforced security.  The pluckfoam allows you to shape the padding in the case to match your gun.





















The Redhead 2-Rifle Aluminum Gun Case is durable and fortified with heavy duty corner protectors.  There is a full length hidden hinge and heavy duty key latches for security.  Wheels on the bottom allows you to roll with ease.










How about something that is watertight, crushproof and dustproof?  Check out the Redhead Double Rifle CaseThis case has a o- ring seal, automatic pressure equalization valve and wheels for easy transport.



















Anyone who owns a gun knows how important it is to keep your gun clean.  The Remington Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System, can be used on multiple firearms.  This has everthing you need to keep your guns in tip top shape.  Check out the reviews on line.


















Once your guns are cleaned, your are ready to put them away.  Gun socks are a great item to pick up and very inexpensive.  The Allen Company Tactical Gun Sock,  protects firearms from humidity and fits most tactical guns with or without scopes.  There is a drawstring closure, and it is 47 inches long.  The Allen Company Knit Gun Sock - 3 Pack, has drawstring closures. They will fit most guns with or without scopes, and the silicone treated knit fabric does not promote corrosion.






































Last but not least, when the guns are ready for the safe, a dehumidifier system is perfect to remove moisture.  The Stack-On Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier absorbs excess moisture with no holes, cords or batteries.  There is a moisture gauge that tells when it needs to be recharged.  This can be used in a standard electrical outlet, charge it overnight and put it back in your safe.  This will last for years.















Another idea to remove humidity is the Browning Ever-Dry Dehumidifier.    This system is easy to install and will protect your items against rust.  Use on a safe 30"W or larger.











So protect your gun investment.  Stop on in and take a look at the large variety of gun cases we have in stock.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Fall Flannel Fest


              Flannel Fest has been extended through November 23rd!  We love flannel at Bass Pro Shops!  It makes you feel nice and cozy on a chilly fall day.  We carry a wide variety of flannel and brands in our store. We have RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, and Columbia Sportswear! One of our favorites is the RedHead Ultimate Flannel Shirt! Made of 100% cotton combed yarns it resists pilling and is virtually shirk-free! It’s on sale right now starting at $19.97 (November 10-23) Reg. price starting at 24.99. With eight different colors to choose from there is one for everybody!  Redhead Flannel-Lined Jeans start at just $39.99!

          Natural Reflections has a great selection of flannel for women!  Flannel shirts start at $24.99.  Natural Reflections Flannel-Lined Jeans or Twill Pants for $44.99!



          If being decked out in flannel from head to toes is not enough for you, we also have Redhead Flannel lined Insulated Waterproof boots for men and women! The RedHead All-Season Classic II is only $49.99 with the options of lace-up, pull-on, or zip-on!



         Our camping department also has a wide variety of Flannel lined sleeping bags! The Bass Pro Shops 0º Oversized Duckcloth Sleeping Bag is our most popular bag with hunters. Our premium rectangular bag is thickly packed with 6 lbs. of hollow fiber insulation. The 10-oz. cotton duckcloth shell and cotton flannel lining ensure years of warmth and enjoyment.

The Bass Pro Shops 0º Oversized Duckcloth Sleeping Bag is $99.99 and measures (40" X 84").

Bass Pro Shops -20º Oversized Duckcloth Sleeping Bag is also available for those really cold nights and is only $119.99.  The -20º Sleeping back is packed with 7.5 lbs of hollow fiber insulation.

Our associates have really enjoyed wearing our flannel on these cold days!

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Good Broadheads Equal Short Blood Trails

During the first week of November I was thankful to tag a buck with my reliable BlackOut Bow. I was hunting in northern Missouri, and I chose to hang my stand in an area that the deer moved through like clockwork. As shooting light faded, a yearling doe appeared in the dried soybean plot in front of me. She spent many long minutes feeding in solitude, and shooting light was fading quickly. When I had just about decided to hang my bow up and call it a night, I heard the unmistakable sound of a deer approaching me from behind. I froze, and my eyes couldn’t begin tracking the eight-pointer until he was 10 yards to my right. He was headed straight to the soybeans.

When he passed behind some trees, I drew. Even in the low light, the site pins on my Redhead Kryptik Bow Sight glowed perfectly as I moved my 25-yard pin behind the animal’s shoulder. He was quickly putting distance between my arrow and his vitals, but he stopped for a moment before entering the edge of the food plot. I gently squeezed my release and sent my BlackOut X1 Pro Carbon Arrow toward my prey. I heard the satisfying “thwack” as the arrow entered and exited the deer. After an exaggerated donkey kick, the buck busted his way through the soybeans before coming to a stop only 20 yards from where the arrow met him. After pausing a few seconds, he tried to run again. But he ended up on the ground.

As I climbed down from the tree and moved toward the buck, I stopped and picked up my blood-stained arrow. It was tipped with a 100-grain BlackOut Fixed Blade Broadhead that had done its job, and done it well. After spending more than four hours in the tree that afternoon, the hunt ended suddenly and dramatically. It was an experience I’ll always be thankful for. As we move from the early archery season and into firearms season, I hope that you have the chance to harvest some venison as well. Good luck!

Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro