Cool Calibers: 7mm-08 Remington

When you look at a lot of things in the world, it seems like one thing should work for everyone. Hats say “One size fits all” and products might state that “every household needs one”. One area though that is definitely not “one size fits all” is firearms. When you begin to look at all the different types, models, calibers, sizes and materials in the firearm world it can be quite overwhelming. There is single action, bolt action, pump action, smooth bore, big-bore, wood stock, synthetic stock and so much more to consider. Luckily when you begin to look at the purpose of why you want a firearm the field begins to get narrowed down. You aren’t going to buy a long gun to keep on your night stand for home protection and you wouldn’t even consider going out to hunt Alaskan brown bear with a single action rim-fire revolver.

While there may be some pretty standard calibers out there, we are always looking and working on new rounds with better velocities or knockdown power. And so to break from the mundane of “standard calibers” we are going to be look at some of the less common ones. And to begin we are going to start with a rifle caliber that has intrigued me since I first heard about, the 7mm-08 Remington.

The 7mm-08 Remington got its start back in 1958. Originally it was a wildcat cartridge known as the 7mm/308. Decades later Remington began to produce rifles in this caliber commercially and attached their name to it, hence giving us the 7mm-08 Remington. It is a center fire rifle cartridge that has been growing in popularity.

Going back real quick, a wildcat cartridge is where a commercially produced cartridge is modified to get better certain performance characteristics. These characteristics could include velocity, efficiency, size or knockdown power. Sometimes a wildcat cartridge goes mainstream while many others find themselves a very small but loyal following. Always consider availability of ammunition before purchasing any kind of caliber, as you may have to take up the art of reloading in order to actually shoot.

Back to the cartridge. The 7mm-08 is basically a .308 Winchester case that is necked down to fit a 7mm bullet. This round lends itself to several different kinds of shooting including: long range, silhouettes, varmint hunting and some game-hunting. It is growing in popularity for hunting African plains game as well. It has a trajectory similar to that of a .270 Winchester. It does fly flatter than the more popular .308Win and .30-06 Springfield.

It is a good choice for younger, older and female shooters as it has less recoil than the .308. Now please do not take any offense at that statement as I am none of those and am interested in this round. It is a great caliber to hunt the medium-sized game here in North America and is even an acceptable round to hunt moose with in Europe.

Most major rifle manufacturers do offer a couple options of products in the 7mm-08 caliber. Hornady, Remington and some other ammunition manufacturers also produce the caliber commercially. Of course the best way to figure out if this would be a good caliber for you, is to test it out. Talk to your friends or get online to a forum and just ask around. Because it has been increasing in popularity, chances are you might just be able to get your hands on one to test. Either way, the 7mm-08 is definitely a cool caliber.


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Protection for your Gun

It's Hunting season and your gun takes a beating.  Always take the time to clean and keep your gun protected.  We have a large variety of gun cases at many different price ranges.  Here are a few that handle extreme conditions.

The Boyt Tactical H Series Double Handgun Case is tough and durable.  This case is designed to meet or exceed law enforcement, military and airline standards.  The case is waterproof and dustproof.  Boyt considers this case so durable it has a lifetime warranty.  High density foam will keep your handguns in place and protected.




























Plano makes gun cases at all different prices.  The Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is built for extreme conditions.  With a dri -loc seal for weathertight protection and thick wall construction, this is the ultimate protection for your gun.  The case has heavy duty dual stage lockable latches that hold tight then it has padlock tabs for reinforced security.  The pluckfoam allows you to shape the padding in the case to match your gun.





















The Redhead 2-Rifle Aluminum Gun Case is durable and fortified with heavy duty corner protectors.  There is a full length hidden hinge and heavy duty key latches for security.  Wheels on the bottom allows you to roll with ease.










How about something that is watertight, crushproof and dustproof?  Check out the Redhead Double Rifle CaseThis case has a o- ring seal, automatic pressure equalization valve and wheels for easy transport.



















Anyone who owns a gun knows how important it is to keep your gun clean.  The Remington Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System, can be used on multiple firearms.  This has everthing you need to keep your guns in tip top shape.  Check out the reviews on line.


















Once your guns are cleaned, your are ready to put them away.  Gun socks are a great item to pick up and very inexpensive.  The Allen Company Tactical Gun Sock,  protects firearms from humidity and fits most tactical guns with or without scopes.  There is a drawstring closure, and it is 47 inches long.  The Allen Company Knit Gun Sock - 3 Pack, has drawstring closures. They will fit most guns with or without scopes, and the silicone treated knit fabric does not promote corrosion.






































Last but not least, when the guns are ready for the safe, a dehumidifier system is perfect to remove moisture.  The Stack-On Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier absorbs excess moisture with no holes, cords or batteries.  There is a moisture gauge that tells when it needs to be recharged.  This can be used in a standard electrical outlet, charge it overnight and put it back in your safe.  This will last for years.















Another idea to remove humidity is the Browning Ever-Dry Dehumidifier.    This system is easy to install and will protect your items against rust.  Use on a safe 30"W or larger.











So protect your gun investment.  Stop on in and take a look at the large variety of gun cases we have in stock.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Get A Good Fit For Beginner Shooters

So you're thinking of starting your child into shotgun shooting? Well first make sure they are ready: tall enough, mentally mature, and most important make sure the gun fits! Mossberg 410There is nothing that will discourage a child from shooting more than excessive recoil.  Shooting with a shotgun that does not fit properly can be one of the leading causes of excessive felt recoil.

When teaching youngsters to shoot use light loads and stationary targets at first then slow targets to gain their confidence. Mossberg and Remington both have guns that have shims that can be added to the gun as the child grows. These guns can be purchased at your local Bass Pro Shops, and any associate at the gun counter can help you with fit.

After making sure the shotgun has a good fit, you should ensure the shooter has the right stance. Feet should be shoulder width apart and if right handed the left toe should be pointing at where you intend to hit the target.  The right leg should be straight and left knee slightly bent. The stock should fit into the shoulder pocket and the face should be on the comb of the stock. Shooting a shotgun is different than shooting a rifle, you should have both eyes open so you won't lose your peripheral vision and your depth perception. Remington 870 JrThen keeping your head down and your eye on the target pull the trigger and follow through with the swing.








Ruger 10/22 Models & Accessories

Ruger BX25

By Katie Cook

The Ruger 10/22 is a common and popular .22LR rifle. For most people, it is the first 22 rifle they shot as a kid. There are many different models to choose from like the classic wood stock and blued barrel to the Natural Gear camo stock and the stainless barrel and the new Takedown version. Every Ruger  10/22 comes with a 10 round rotary magazine. The 10 round magazine works extremely well but it involves a lot of reloading and less shooting time. After market magazines have been made for the Ruger 10/22 for years.

Ruger originally only made replacement 10 round magazines. After the Takedown was released, Ruger released the BX-25 Magazine. It is a 25 round magazine in all black with steel feed lips. The BX-25 has a unique feature from other extended magazines. It features 2 stainless steel screws for dis assembly making it able to be cleaned inside. I recently purchased the BX-25 and I am extremely happy with the results. The BX-25 retails at $34.99.

Reloading a 25 round magazine can be tiring on your fingers and take time. Butler Creek makes an accessory called the Hot Lips Loader that retails for $34.99 but is honestly PRICELESS!


Ever wished to shoot 22LR ammo with no limit to see which fits best? Here is one result!

Every firearm owner wishes they could shoot and train without limits, but recent ammo prices and availability, range fees, and other economical obstacles continuously affect the opportunity to pursue their passion.   It’s just not as simple as it was years ago, when firearms, whether for sport or hunting purposes, were considered a part of everyday life.  One solution to this is the simple installation of the CMMG AR Conversion kit.  This is a drop-in conversion bolt, with included magazine, that will get you putting .22lr downrange in just minutes!  In the desire to provide information to the consumer on this product, it was tested in a direct-impingement AR15, fitted with a mid-length gas system, free-floated barrel, collapsible stock, and EOTech sight.     


            The kit tested was the Bravo model.  Now, expectations were actually quite low, I’ll admit.  I was prepared for jams, mis-feeds, mis-fires, and failures to eject.  I had a healthy variety of .22lr ammo; everything from budget, target, hunting and the costlier premium ammo from a multitude of manufacturers.  Given my extensive firearms knowledge, I decided the only unbiased way of reviewing the product would be to have someone with a different perspective fire a few hundred rounds, while I observed, and took notes of every comment and reaction…but more importantly, I had the duty of providing plenty of loaded magazines!  With that, I elected my wife to run the actual test, which would give me a great perspective from a female’s point of view, with familiarization of the platform.


            The test was begun by loading 10 rounds of every different type/brand of ammunition on hand into the magazine.  Five rounds would be fired in slow fire, and the last five would be fired in rapid mode.  The test would conclude with a re-shoot of those rounds we found borderline acceptable, or unpleasant, and those we felt were the best performers.


            Federal American Eagle, Winchester Super X, CCI Mini-Mag all performed well, with no jams, or failures to eject.

            CCI LR22, CCI STINGER, CCI LR HP, and Winchester Western all performed exceptionally well! There were many ‘wows,’ and praise as to how smooth it cycled, over and over.  Accuracy also seemed to be slightly better with the CCI brand ammunition.  

            Remington 22 Target, Remington 22 Viper, and Remington Thunderbolt came in as the most unpleasant, in regards to smell, perceived recoil, gas blowback, and particulate that seemed to foul shooter’s face.  Recoil on the Viper was also noted as being the most intense, however, still only a fraction of the recoil of your standard .223/5.56.

            Magazines where then loaded to the max, and fired from different shooting positions, and while moving.  Not one mechanical issue was noted, and there were zero failures one could classify as ‘catastrophic’ in a self-defense, combat, or training situation.


            The overall impression was a very positive one.  The product was very simple to install.  Anyone with a very primitive understanding of the AR system can easily open their rifle, remove the original bolt carrier group, and simply drop the CMMG Conversion Kit right in! No tools are required.  The system is low-noise, low-recoil, and can easily reduce your investment on ammunition.  50 rounds of decent .223/5.56 will run you about $25 on today’s market; while a box of .22LR will set you back five dollars on the average, and weigh significantly less.  The round is already a proven small game load and plinkster, and in addition to the AR’s versatility plus the adaptability to smaller framed shooters, you can count on this add-on being perfect for youth and smaller statured shooters looking to spice up their training with some ‘tactical’ flavor. 

The only downside was the general foul nature of .22lr ammunition.  It does ultimately mean that you will be cleaning more often than usual, but the lower muzzle velocities will prolong the life of any profile barrel, military or commercial.

Lower priced ammunition will only result in positive outcomes; more range time, training, and most importantly; safe fun on the range that any aged and size shooter can appreciate.  The CMMG AR Conversion kit is a great tool seasoned vets can add to their training regiment, as well as instructors, parents, and significant others, who are looking to maintain that edge, teach a new student who has never handled a firearm, or introduce their family member to a lifetime of responsible shooting.

Abelardo Román

Hunting Team Leader


Our Largest Hunting Sale of the Season!!!!

It’s that time already!!!! It’s time for our Fall Hunting Sale and Event. Between the seminars, sales, trade-ins, and special savings too, you’re sure to feed your hunting fever and get yourself primed for the season. This 3 week event begins Friday, August 2 and runs through August 18, 2013!

TRADE IN Days Schedule: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bass Pro Shops Bow & Crossbow Trade-In!

August 2-7    Bow Trade-In

August 8-13   Scope Trade-In

August 14-18  Binocular and
Range Finder Trade-In

Bow Trade in values



Bass Pro Shops Scope Trade In!Bass Pro Shops Binocular & Rangefinder Trade in! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bass Pro Shops 2nd Amendment Instant Savings!~~~~~

Also, during the 2013 Fall Hunting Classic, customers who purchase any in-stock gun or safe using their Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards credit card August 2-11 are eligible to receive an instant discount equal to the tax rate on their gun or safe purchase.


If you don’t yet have a BPS Outdoor Rewards Credit Card, make sure to apply so that you will receive not only this benefit, but also 10% off your entire first purchase (after the tax rebate is applied).



Hunting Pros appearances and seminars
for Sunday August 4, 2013


Deceiving the Wild Turkey

MAD® Gold Staff Member   

Bowhunting Big Whitetails  

Mossy Oak® Pro Staff                   

Competition Shooting 

World's Best All-Around Shooter,
RedHead® Pro Hunting Team Member/2013 Member,
Team Safariland™     

            Bass Pro Shops Hunting Pros Schedule for East Peoria, IL




August 9, 10 & 11 is our Hunter’s Appreciation Weekend!


Friday, August 9
6:30 pm Tips for Bow Hunting
7: 30 pm Tactics for Hunting Deer
Saturday, August 10
1:30 pm Shed Hunting: How to Successfully Hunt for Sheds
2:30 pm From the Field to the Table: How to Cook Tender Deer Meat
3:30 pm Local Hunting Tips and Techniques
4:30 pm Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and 3-Gun Shooting
 5:30 pm Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Choosing the Correct Camouflage Clothing
Sunday, August 11
1:30 pm   Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and 3-Gun Shooting
2:30 pm Tactics for Hunting Deer
3:30 pm Local Hunting Tips and Techniques
4:30 pm What’s new in Scent Control
5:30 pm Tips for Game Camera Placement

Bass Pro Shops Daily Specials during our biggest Hunting Sale!


Make sure to attend our Seminars
and take advantage of
the Daily Specials! 

Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic East Peoria, IL Calendar

Bass Pro Shops Hunting Trip Sweeps



Bass Pro Shops Next Generation Logo
Then August 17 & 18 is our Next Generation Weekend! A weekend set aside for the kids right here at
East Peoria, IL Bass Pro Shops!




Gunnin’ for Moose

So here was the phone call:

Me: “Hey, man. What’s going on?”

Buddy: “Guess what I got?”

Me: “A job?”

Buddy: “Better! A gun for that upcoming moose hunt!”

Me: “Oh, solid. What caliber did you go with?”

Buddy: “.300 Win Mag.”

Me: “Really? Why’d you choose that?”

Buddy: “You.”

Ahh… so somebody is actually reading this stuff! About a month ago I talked about hunting calibers for North American game. I wanted to figure out what caliber to use to hunt all North American game for life and the guys in our Hunting department helped me out. Now I was certain it was going to be .30-06 SPRG, and that would have been great because I already have one. Surprise! .300 Win Mag was the winner!

Now my buddy is going to Vancouver for the hunt of a life time. His father will be packing his trusty .375 H&H Weatherby. His rifle is specially coated to handle this climate and terrain. It has already been put to good use on a grizzly in Alaska a number of years back. My buddy knew to snag something to similar.

I give you the Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker ladies and gentlemen!

After he sent me the pictures he included this. “Some things that drew me to the rifle was all metal parts, the matt stainless, free floating barrel, dura-coat on the stock and the smooth trigger.” So not only will the gun not reflect, but will stay firmly in one’s grip while breaking the 3.5# trigger pull. (God I hate him at times…)

Now the rest of that text included how “There’s a detachable 3 round magazine that is rotary. This means each bullet is perfectly aligned with the chamber so it minimizes the chance of denting the bullet when chambering.” Pretty sure he took that from a website, but it certainly was cute of him to include that.


He slapped a Leupold Boone and Crockett Club 3.5- 10x variable scope. Most shots on these hunts are at about 400 yards out. Between the ballistics of this round and the capability of this optic, my friend should bag himself a moose. The first 6 shots out of this rifle/scope combo are quite respectable for at 100 yards and having only been bore-sighted.

I hope he has the best of luck out there and comes home safe. Of course I am jealous but really do hope he brings home some meat… Especially since I can get to their freezer! Moonshinin’ with Mountain Lions!


The Off-Season Part 2

   Last month I talked about some of the chores you will have in the off season as preparations for hunting season. Today I will look at the firearm side of things as we look forward to a new season.

   Now is the time to do thorough cleaning and inspection of your firearms. So we shall start with cleaning. This last year some new items in gun cleaning have emerged that have helped change the way we clean firearms. The first name is Otis. They pioneered the cable type of gun cleaner. These are pulled from chamber opening to muzzle. Using a plastic coated cable we are safe in not harming the rifling of the barrel. One of the added bonuses of this system is its compact size. Coiled in the pouch this cleaning cable will travel most anywhere with you. So it can go along on the hunt or to the range if need be. If you have a scoped rifle you will want to clean the lens and inspect rings and mounts for being solid. If something should be out of place or need repair or replacement this is the best time to look at and do the needed repair. This is months ahead of the hunt and you will have the time to test any change.


   Ammo, if you have living in the Arctic Circle for the past 6 months you may not know there has been a severe run on all ammunition since the end of 2012. It would be best to check your supply and keep it stocked as if you would hunt tomorrow. Just as a quick update here, shotgun loads look good as far as supply is concerned. Rifle ammo is in short supply in many calibers; however more of this ammo is manufactured in the months of June and July and up to the end of the year, so just watch for it.


  Now it is the time to look at the camo and hunting clothes you use or will need. Again this is the best time to start looking at these items as it will allow you to give all your attention to the actual hunt. Most of these items will have the most selection early in the summer. So make your list and check it twice, huntin’ season is coming!


~Bill Mellentine (Hunting Team Lead)


Looking for a new .308 firearm?Here's what you need!! Check it out!



Welcome Shoppers!Today I am feathering the Sig Sauer Patrol 716 .308!Below are a couple of details and links showing off this amazing firearm. We hope you enjoy!!!

716 .308


Familiar Handling, Unfamiliar Power, SIG SAUER® has taken the proven features of the SIG516™ and applied them into a potent AR-based rifle chambered in 7.62 x 51mm. Utilizing the short stroke pushrod operating system, an M1913 Mil-Std rail, free-floating barrel, aluminum quad rail forend, telescoping stock, and Magpul® PMAG®, the SIG716 is the rifle of choice when you require the power of a larger caliber carbine.

Accessories Include:

bi-pod adapter

Harris Bi-Pod Adapter ($23.00)

plate mount

Harris Bi-Pod, Adapter Type Mounting Plate ($210.00)


Item Number R716-16B-P

  Action Semi-Auto

  Operating System Short stroke pushrod, rotating Bolt

  Caliber 7.62 X 51 mm NATO

See what this firearm can do!!



For more information on this wonderful weapon please feel free to visit our site! Bass Pro Shops Thanks again for stopping by. We always enjoy hearing your responses!!!!


Looking For Some .22 Long Rifle Ammo?? You Need To Read This!

Attention Bass Pro Shoppers! As some of you may know .22 long rifle ammo are little gold nuggets at this moment in time. If you have been looking for some ammo lately you know who has it and who doesn't. You know when their shipments come in and what the limit is on .22 long rifle. Here at the Leeds, Alabama store we are currently getting ammo on a regular basis. We DO NOT have scheduled shipment dates, it simply arrives when it arrives. (sorry for the inconvenience) You can always call us to see what we have in stock of ammo or any of our products at (205)702-7500. Please ask for the GUN COUNTER. Thanks,

Bass Pro Shops Hunting Associates



Featured Brand: Oculus


Welcome Bass Pro shoppers! It's always nice to see returning faces. If you're new to seeing our blogs, welcome! My name's Rebecca and I blog for the hunting department at the Leeds, Alabama store. This week I'm featuring Oculus Optics.

Oculus is just one of the many name brands that Bass Pro Shops stocks for our customers. Oculus products include binoculars, spotting scopes, and rifle scopes. The binoculars are available in 5.0 and 7.0. These Oculus products start at just $199.99 and are well worth the investment. If you need more assuring, check out the product review from one of our happy customers:

"Thought I would payback other reviewers..since I listen to other reviews before purchasing products.
I personally reviewed other branded binoculars at multiple retail outlets. Could not quite spend the high dollar for the top shelf but I am quite pleased with these. Could not believe the light they let in at the store, compared to other brands, and two nights of hog hunting proved it to me in real life. Great in low light/moonlight and made me a believer. Great handling - sturdy! WORTH THE MONEY-THANKS BASSPRO!

If you need more information about these products, check out the website: This site has more information about these great products that we carry at Bass Pro Shops in Leeds. Also, check out our website at www.basspro.






Offset Your Ammo Cost: Part 1

     If you are a hunter or shooter then you have probably seen an increase in the cost of keeping your guns loaded.  Ammunition prices have basically tripled over the last ten years. There are several reasons for this including high demand throughout the world for metals found in ammunition like brass, copper, and lead.  Ammunition is also an item that stays in high demand and, if you've been shopping in the last few weeks, you may be having a hard time finding exactly what you need or like to shoot with your gun.  Like with most industries, ammo is produced in batches based on what is forecasted to sell.  If more ammo is sold than anticipated and the stock runs out, it may be gone for weeks or months.  If you like to hunt or shoot waiting months for ammo to arrive is not an option.  Luckily, there is another option that will make your shooting and hunting more rewarding and cost efficient than ever: loading your own ammo.  

     Reloading is a great process to have knowledge of.  Understanding how your ammunition is loaded can be critical in making your gun shoot to its full capabilities.  In fact, a skilled loader can load bullets that will shoot much better than standard factory loads.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn how to do either just a little attention to detail.  The only downfall of loading your own ammo is that there is some start up expense, but this will be offset by what you save in no time.  Getting started loading your own ammo is as simple as stopping by your local Bass Pro Shops and speaking with the experts in the Hunting department.  I will provide you with a starting point and tell you what works best for me to help get you pointed in the right direction.

     There are several basic items that you will need to begin loading ammo:  a press, scale, caliper, case trimmer, case tumbler, dies, powder dispenser, and most importantly a reloading manual.  You can purchase these items separately or in one of the great kits that we offer in our stores.  Generally, I recommend people start out with a kit.  You will get most of the basic hardware you need to get started, but you will usually have to buy additional items along the way.  For example, if you are loading new brass then a case trimmer and tumbler will not be necessary because you have no case prep work to do.  However, you will want to add this to your setup down the line because having the brass is going to save you quite a bit of money as opposed to buying new brass each time.   Loading dies, which resize your case and seat bullets, are specific to each cartridge and you need a different one for each caliber you plan to load for.  If you  decide that you only want to load for .223, that will be the only die that you need.  You can purchase additional dies as necessary and the dies are universal to be accepted into any standard press.  The last and cheapest component you will need to load is a shell holder which even comes with some dies that you buy.  Finally you will need the parts for your round:  bullets, brass, powder, and primers. 

     Before buying a setup for reloading, analyze what you are loading for.  Generally you will save the most money on large or uncommon calibers.  If you are loading for an AR-15 or a semi automatic pistol that you put a lot of rounds through, you may consider a progressive press.  You will be able to load much faster but you may lose that custom accuracy that comes with loading on a single stage press.  Personally, I load my .223 and 9mm with a single stage press and I still save quite a bit of money plus I always have ammo available.  For loading straight walled pistol calibers, make sure that you buy "carbide" die sets!  This is extremely important and will save you time and money because you do not have lubricate your cases before sizing them.  I will speak more about that in the next blog, which I will walk you through the loading steps for both rifle and pistols.  I will be specifically talking about .223 and 9mm, but you can apply the information I will give you to anything that you need to load. 

     For a beginner I would check out a couple of different kits and pick the one that suits your needs.  The most cost effective way to go is the Lee Breech Lock Challenger kit for $149.99.  Another Great choice is the Hornady Lock N' Load Classic Reloading Kit for $319.99.  My favorite kit, though, is the RCBS® Rock Chucker™ Supreme Master Reloading Kit sold at Bass Pro Shops for $359.99.  It combines a great press with excellent accessories that you will need to start your loading.  All of these kits come with a press, scale, hand priming tool, and several other extras.  Now go pick you out a kit and get the proper bullets, brass, primers and powder so you will be ready to load when I post my next article showing you how to put everything together.  Refer to the all important reloading manual as to what you will need if you have questions about what powder, primer, or bullets you need!


-Brian Eickholtz


Cincy BPS Christmas Wish List Item #4: Classic Red Ryder and Pink Red Ryder BB Guns

"Next to me in the blackness lay my oiled blue steel beauty. The greatest Christmas gift I had ever received, or would ever receive. Gradually, I drifted off to sleep, pranging ducks on the wing and getting off spectacular hip shots" – Ralphie from “A Christmas Story”. Item #4 will take you back to your childhood:

Give your kids the joy of being “Black Bart” this Christmas by getting them the one thing Ralphie wanted over anything else in that Christmas Classic; A Daisy Red Rider BB Gun. The stuff that legends are made of! The dependable design and tradition of the Red Ryder makes it America’s favorite .177 caliber BB gun. Features a hardwood stock and forearm and includes a collectible tin with 750 BBs.


Red Ryder




America’s favorite .177 caliber BB gun

Hardwood stock and forearm

Collectible tin with 750 BBs

Length: 35-1/2"

Weight: 2.2 lbs.


And for that budding Annie Oakley in your family, be sure to check out the pink model of our classic Red Ryder. A memorable gift for young ladies that love the outdoors as much as their parents! A lever-action 650-shot BB repeater, this .177 caliber rifle features classic styling with pink stock and forearm.


                                                                                                            Pink Red Ryder




Lever-action 650-shot BB repeater

.177 caliber

Features classic styling

Pink stock and forearm

Length: 35-1/2"

Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Includes tin of BB's


What's new at the Gun Counter??

Nothing excites a gun enthusiast more than these two words, New Gun! The same thing applies to us who work at the gun counter at Bass Pro Store. A new gun, or long awaited gun, causes a lot of stir and excitement. Modern sport rifles caused a buzz when we got that category last year. With the anticipated arrival of the DPMS line, once again it was like Christmas time.


DPMS is a top quality AR made in the USA by America since 1992. Before that the company made accessories. They manufacture 500,000 per year, which represents 1/3 of the entire AR market. These guns come with a 3 yr warranty, 2 magazines, and the end of the barrel is custom cut. The receiver that Bass Pro sells features a hand anodized triple coat plus a Teflon coating which aids in scratch resistance. These firearms have many of the features of a custom made gun.  There are many different models and one for every budget. We will carry 7 models, 2 of which are C.A. compliant. All test firearms had different sight systems including open sights, Eotec, Acog, Nikon and Leopold. These guns sell themselves and will not last long.


All weapons are test fired 10 times to assure a quality product.  We actually put hundreds of rounds through all 7 models Bass Pro is going to carry and I did not see any misfeeds or jams. As a matter of fact, four of us ran through 600 rounds as fast as two guys could load them. Talk about Black Rain! By the way, if you will need someone to load when the Zombies come, you will want that DPMS rep with you! Wow he is fast!


Other excellent selections include the new Ruger 5.56, several Colts, Remingtons, Smith & Wessons, Bushmasters and Mossberg .22s. Most of these come in 5.56 / .223, and some come in .308. Remingtons are available in .243 also. At our Sevierville, Tennessee, Bass Pro store we also have Remington ARs that are camouflaged. They have fully floated and fluted barrels with hand guards.  Some even have adjustable stocks. They are perfect for hunting and super accurate. All of our Colts come with Magpul accessories already on them, including their popular Law Enforcement model. But, if that isn’t enough, we carry a full line of aftermarket goodies including Magpul, Tapco, Blackhawk, Promag and others.


While our firearm selection has always been top notch, the addition of ARs has increased our variety of great hunting, target, and self-protection guns. Bass Pro is a leader in all categories of firearms due to our in store selection of available guns and the ability to special order anything from the manufacturer. Go to to see the great selection that we carry or call 865-932-5600 and ask for the gun counter.



New York Hunting and Trapping - Crossbows

New York State started shooting cross-bows last year during rifle season.  Bass Pro has a large variety of cross bows to pick from.  The associates in the Archery Department will be happy to help you in any way possible.  It is the responsibility of the hunter to know all regulations, as well as read and fill out the Crossbow Certificate of Qualification.  Once read and filled out, this should be with your license.  Why not go over general information from the DEC?  All this information plus more is available in your New York Hunting and Trapping Guide for 2012-2013.  Take the time to read the book.  If you don't get one when you get your license feel free to go on the web and look it up.  The website is or feel free to call them at 1-866-426-3778.

Legal Requirements for Crossbows:

A bow, a string, and either compound or recurve limbs with minimum width of 17 inches (tip of limbs, uncocked).

Mounted on a stock with a trigger and working safety that holds the string and limbs under tension.

A minimum peak draw weight of 100 pounds and a maximum peak draw weight of 200 pounds.

A minimum overall length from the butt of the stock to the front of limbs of 24 inches.

A minimum length of the bolt of 14 inches. (Arrowhead is nonbarbed, 2 or more cutting surfaces at least 7/8” wide).

A crossbow is considered unloaded if the bolt is removed, regardless whether it is cocked or uncocked.

General Information:

Crossbows may only be used to hunt deer and bear.

Crossbows may only be used during the early bear season, regular firearms seasons, late muzzleloader

seasons, and the special firearms season in Suffolk County.

Crossbows cannot be used during bowhunting seasons or in ‘Archery Only’ areas of the state.

The hunter needs a current year’s license to hunt big game.

If hunting with crossbow in late muzzleloading season, the muzzleloading privilege is also required.

Crossbow Safety Rules:

Before shooting your crossbow, read and thoroughly understand your crossbow owner’s manual.

Always identify your target and the area beyond it before shooting.

Make sure your crossbow’s limb tips are free of obstructions before shooting.

If hunting from a tree stand, always cock the crossbow on the ground before climbing into the stand.

Do not place the bolt on the crossbow until you are safely in your stand.

Never raise or lower a cocked crossbow with a bolt in it from a tree stand.

Keep ALL fingers below the crossbow’s rail when shooting a bolt.

Never carry a cocked crossbow with a bolt in it while walking.

Never dry-fire (cock and fire without loading a bolt) a crossbow.

Never use a cocking device to uncock a crossbow.

To uncock a crossbow, shoot a bolt tipped with a field point into soft ground or a target.

Always observe a maximum effective range for hunting of less than 40 yards to prevent wounding game.

To understand how bolts function, though not mandatory, consider taking a bowhunter education course.

Again, all this information is right out of the New York Hunting and Trapping 2012-2013 Official Guide to Laws & Regulations.  So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and check out some Crossbows.  They are fun and with the proper knowledge you will enjoy them for years. 

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator









What is a Rifle Sling and why is it important?

The Rifle Sling:

           Often overlooked as just a small item to add to a rifle when getting ready to take to the field, the sling is almost as important as how well a stock fits the shooter. The sling is about comfort and a good one will allow the hunter to pay closer attention to the task at hand…finding quality game to bring home.

    So what is it that brings us the comfort? Well number one on my list is “Not Slipping Off The Shoulder”. This says a great deal about what we need. We will walk many miles in hunting season and having the rifle at the shoulder should be both good for easy access and for safety purposes. My sling of choice is made by Quake and called “The Claw”. It is a rubber-plastic material that is soft and just a little sticky to the touch. This of course is the beauty of this sling. It will not slip off your shoulder, in addition it has shown me another helpful use. Because it’s construction as a full 2 sided sling I have found when I carry some feed or other plastic bag of goods into the field and carry it on my shoulder this sling is non-slip on the other side too. The bag stays on my shoulder with the gun! I have been using the same sling for 5 years now.  It is still as good now as when it was new! Mine happens to be black but there are other patterns made in this sling.

    Come in to Bass Pro Shops today and let us help you find the perfect rifle sling for you!


-Bill Mellentine (Hunting)


Deer Hunting Firearms


Deer Hunting Rifles

The deer is the most sought after game animal in North America, and its popularity is ever increasing. The reason for this popularity is because of the vast populations and the somewhat easiness of the hunt. It is practiced by all sorts of hunters, starting with youngsters and ending with the expert experienced hunters that have been around for ages and know all the tips and tricks of this activity.Deer hunting is a sport that requires all the basic necessities as any other hunting kind: patience, preparation and strategy, but at the same time, a higher determination level because the results often appear long after you would expect.


Deer Hunting Guns

The first issue that must come in our minds when choosing a gun for deer hunting is what the gun will look like. Bolt action is considered by many as the best solution, while others use on a regular basis pumps, semi-auto loaders and levers.

Deer hunting with gun is done usually less than 100 yards but there are areas where shots are taken from 200 yards and beyond. When browsing the selection of deer hunting guns, the barrel length is something to be taken seriously into consideration.


Deer Hunting Rifles

A shorter barrel for deer rifles will be more maneuverable and will result in a quicker shot in heavy brush at running game. These barrels are also lighter, very good for steep country. The disadvantages are loss in stability and velocity. Our users have come to the conclusion that the best all-around model of a deer hunting rifle would have to be the following: Winchester M94, Marlin 336, Savage Model 110, Winchester Model 70 and the Browning A-Bolt.


Deer Hunting Shotguns

For those of you interested in deer hunting with shotgun, the choice of barrel is very important. The accuracy of rifled barrels and saboted ammunition is incredible, but many smoothbores still prove very efficient in many various circumstances. Many experienced hunters have killed more deer with a 12 gauge smoothbore than most guys take with rifles. As always, it is where you put the slug that counts. A deer hunting shotgun must be light weight and offer enough power to take down the animal. Our  trusted users recommend the following deer shotguns: Mossberg’s 930 Slugster, Lightfield’s Hybred, Beretta 391, Mossberg 935 and Winchester Super X2.


Deer Hunting Scopes

Regarding the deer hunting scopes used, there is a lot to consider. Magnification should be 3x-9x, more than enough for deer. Brands to take into consideration would have to be Sightron (the most affordable) and Leupolds (the most expensive). It is recommend to acquire models that have a matte finish so that they will not shine when going into the woods. When it comes to choosing a crosshair or reticle (that is what you will actually see - usually a cross - when you look through the scope), it is quite hard to beat the tried-and-true cross with lines that are thicker towards the outer ends of the "hairs" and thinner in the center, where they cross. Different manufacturers call them by different names, but usually they will be named "plex" or some variation thereof. From the long list of available scopes suitable for deer rifle, visitors of the site recommended the following 5: Leupold 2.5-8x Vari-X III, 7mm-08 Leupold VX III 1.75-6, 270 WSM Nikon 3-9, Nightforce NXS and the BSA Huntsman RGB.


The topic of best rifle for deer hunting has been discussed for a thousand times and hunters have come up with a thousand answers. There is no such thing as the best deer hunting gun, but of course some are them are more recommended in comparison with others. However, from all of the options available today, it is worth mentioning that the Marlin Model 336C is without any doubt, the most reliable and popular deer rifle of all times. With its 20” barrel and full length magazine, it is capable of targeting fast and swing quite smoothly. This astonishing famous lever action carbine offers a rock solid top receiver for strength and easy scope mounting, forged steel parts, and a checkered, pistol grip stock made from genuine American black walnut. When you heft a Model 336 and cycle the action you can feel the quality. For these reasons many avid hunters consider it to be one of the best, if not the best deer hunting rifle available today.


As a conclusion, the development of deer hunting guns has come a long way and the variations today are quite impressive. Here are other reliable examples of efficient deer guns: Browning A-Bolt II Medallion, Remington Model 798 and the Remington Model Seven CDL/LS. Guns are now very accurate, lightweight and efficient, exactly what an avid deer hunter needs.


The AR-15: Finally Getting Respect in the Hunting Arena

By Paul H. Alburl, Hunting Dept.

Most people do not realize that the AR-15 has been around in one form or another since 1959. It was first used by US military troops in 1963 and was formally adopted as the standard military issue weapon in 1969. Initially plagued with problems due to political interferences, the AR-15 has come full circle:  from front-line military weapon to fully accepted sporting and competition rifle with widespread use in the varmint hunting community, it is a fast-handling, fast-shooting, low-recoiling, quickly reloaded rifle that just about everybody seems to be making now. Buy a lower receiver and you can swap out upper assemblies on it that will enable you to do just about anything you need to do. The rifle can be had in the original direct gas-impingement system or the cooler running, cleaner, and more reliable piston-drive mode of operation. Most frequently chambered in 5.56mm/.223, the AR-15 can be found in many different calibers. Choices ranging from 5.56/.223 to .50 Beowulf make it useful for anything from plinking to serious hunting.

From the Colt Match Target HBAR heavy barrel precision rifle with 20” barrel ( ) to the Remington R-25 camo hunter in .308 ( ), Bass Pro now has something for just about everyone. We stock the 16” barrel Colt Sporter, the Remington R-15 VTR Predator ( with 18” or 22” barrel and with either a fixed A2 type or adjustable telescoping 6-position stock as well as the Bushmaster 16” carbines with adjustable stocks and in optics-ready models . Also available is a lightweight carbon fiber model with removable carry handle and a picatinny railed upper ( ).

Smith & Wesson also manufactures a bewildering array of AR-15 models ( ) and we stock many of them. One of the more popular models available is the M&P-15 Tactical with MBUS backup sights, MagPul PMag polymer magazine (which you can leave loaded long-term without worrying about magazine failure), 1 in 8” twist 16” barrel, and a 10” aluminum quad rail for mounting lights, lasers, and whatever else you might need. Other models include the OR (“Optics Ready”) flat-top with telescoping stock, the “X” model with quad rail and 1 in 9” twist barrel, and the MOE model  with full MagPul stock and forearm package. These are all 5.56mm/.223 caliber models. S&W also makes a real AR-15 in .22LR which breaks down like your 5.56/.223 AR and uses the actual charging handle to activate the bolt. This is an outstanding training aid since your controls are the same as your 5.56/.223, muscle memory can be trained and ingrained, and you can shoot all day for comparatively nothing. If you want to keep training but can’t afford to spend your entire check to do it, then this is the rifle for you!

Other models available include the Sig Sauer 556 with 16” barrel and a charging handle which can be swapped to the left side of the weapon for the lefties out there who are tired of running a right-handed rifle ( ). Sig also makes a California-compliant model with a non-telescoping stock.

Come to the hunting department and see what we have for you in the area of AR-15 rifles and accessories. Our AR-15 accessories line is growing by the day and I am sure that we have something here to fill your AR-15 hunting and shooting needs.


Steals and Deals at Bass Pro Shops Through July 4th!


Hey Bass Pro Shoppers! This week we're featuring several new and clearance items. Below are just some of the great deals we have going on through July fourth.

Listed below are three essentials for the upcoming hunting season.

Let's start off with the Savage Synthetic package 111. This special offer is available in the .243 youth, .270, and 30-06 models in a synthetic/blued combination. This special buy is only $549.97!

Item Sku: 1024675, 1024660, 1024661

Savage Synthetic package 111

 Next, we Have a Remington Model 700 Sportsman. This incredible Deal is available in .243, .270, and 30-06 which comes with a 22” blued barrel and hardwood stock. This exquisite gun is on sale this week for only $429.97!

Item Sku: 1800321, 1800322, 1800323

 Remington Model 700 Sportsman (link not available)

 Last but not least of our long rifles, we have the Winchester Model 70 Black Shadow Rifles. This model is available in .243, .308, and 30-06 in blued synthetic (Black Shadow models only) for 25% off regular price!

Item Sku: 1723122, 1723123, 1723125

 Winchester Model 70 Black Shadow (link not available)

 Moving on to our smaller toys; we have our hand guns. These week we're featuring Taurus Millennium Pro, Smith & Wesson Model 637 Revolver, and the NEW Ruger LCR 22 (light compact Revolver).

 The Taurus Millennium Pro is becoming more and more popular due to the benefits it offers at the low price of $399.99! This Taurus is a 9mm double action with a 3.25” barrel with the capacity of 12 rounds and Heine/straight eight rear sights.

Item Sku: 996690

 Taurus Millennium Pro

The Smith & Wesson Model 637 Revolver air weight is a .38 Special with the 1.87” snub nose barrel with the capacity of 5 rounds in matte silver. This sweet little gun is single/double action for the great price of $419.99!

Item Sku: 1307869

The Smith & Wesson Model 637 Revolver

 The Ruger LCR 22 (Lightweight Compact Revolver) is a NEW item fresh off of the line with a 1.875 snub nose barrel with the capacity of 8 rounds. Your not gonna wanna miss this sweet deal of $449.99!

Item Sku: 1890228

 Ruger LCR 22 (Lightweight Compact Revolver) (link not available)

That's all for this week folks!Come back for more deals and steals. This is your one stop Bass Pro Shops Blog, signing out till next time...


You just bought a modern Sporting rifle!


You just bought a Modern Sporting Rifle; congratulations you now own the most customizable firearm on the planet! When it comes to the MSR there are hundreds of different directions that a person can go, weather it be for shooting varmint with a heavy barrel, long range scope and bipod or if you want a close quarters combat rifle with a quad rail, flash light and a vertical grip.

The MSR is a great tool for dealing with a varmint infestation from coyotes all the way to hogs. The high capacity magazines and low recoil make it ideal to squeeze off multiple shots even on a running coyote. The variety of optics that can be put on the MSR is just as diverse. A person can mount a reflex, like the EoTech, for close quarters action with a heard of hogs or they can put something like the Nikon M223 3-12x42 for long range shooting. The BDC 600 reticle in the M223 was specifically designed for the 223 Remington cartridges and can allow a shooter to have an effective range of over 600 yards, in ideal conditions.

If hunting is not your sport of choice a MSR chambered in 223 is also an inexpensive alternative to shooting high caliber, high price rifles. For those that want to go to a range a shoot off 500 rounds without spending over $500 on ammunition the 223 Remington is a great alternative, and the high capacity of the MSR makes for a long time between reloads. Other great options are things like 22 Long Rifle conversion kits such as the Stainless Steel CMMG kit. This allows you to take the bolt out of your MSR and drop in the adaptor kit, change magazines, and you are able to shoot 22LR out of your full size MSR. This is the ultimate solution for wanting to shoot lots of ammo, because it will only cost you $25 for well over 500 rounds of 22 verses $25 for about 45 round of 223 ammo.

The MSR is also a great choice for those looking for a home defense firearms that can provide ample firepower without over penetration. The short barrel and the collapsible stock of the M4 make it easier to maneuver corners than a full length shotgun and with the versatility of a quad rail it is easy to mount accessories such as vertical grips, lights and laser identifiers. With the pairing of optics like the Vortex Fire Dot the MSR can be a deadly defensive tool within the walls of your home. With the low recoil of the 223 bullet it would be easy for a female to shoot the gun as well. With new technology that is in bullet design the 223 Remington bullet used in the MSR will not penetrate more than a few sheet of sheetrock inside a home. This helps prevent the problem of firing a gun in a house, for protection, but the bullet travels all the way through your home and possible into a neighbor’s home, destroying everything in its path. The MSR is not a gun just for the military any more; in fact with the versatility of the MSR any outdoorsman can find a use for the MSR weather it is for hunting, protection or play.