This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Tent SaleOur Tent Sale continues Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Look for the big tent in the front parking lot and come check out the savings!






While You're Here...

It's a PBR Family Event this weekend!  Plenty of fun for the kids!PBR

July 27-28

PBR Family Weekend

Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Two days of rootin' tootin' fun!

Noon - 4 p.m.

  • Stick Bull Riding
  • Free Craft - Leather Wristband
  • Flint the Entertainer Face Painting
  • Meet a Professional Bull Riding expert Jason Vos from 1-2 p.m. - SATURDAY ONLY!
  • Cowboy and Cowgirl Costume Contest - $50 gift card to the winner - SUNDAY ONLY!
  • Free cowbell to the first 100 customers each day!


Also, this weekend:

Free Workshop - Selecting the Right Rod - Join our fishing experts at 2 p.m. for this free seminar back in the fishing department.


The Largest Hunting Sale of the Season!!!!

Whether you need hunting gear or just stay on top of the latest trends..... Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic is the place to get you ready for the season!!!

Our annual Fall Hunting Classic is August 2-18, if you have hunting fever already this is where you need to be. 

If you need a new bow, scope, rangefinder or binoculars be sure to check out our trade-in days.....

Bow Trade-In is August 2-7

Scope Trade-In is August 8-13

Binocular and Range Finder Trade-In is August 14-18

That's just the beginning, August 2-11, we have 2nd Amendment Instant Savings on guns and safes. You will save your taxes on the purchase of any in-stock gun or safe and you use your Bass Pro Shop Credit Card to pay. If you don't have a credit card yet from your favorite outdoor store stop by the stand with the blue lights at our front entrance and those lovely ladies can help you out.... plus new cardholders may also save 10% off their entire first purchase after the rebate is applied.

On August 3rd, don't miss out on our Hunting University. We will have special guests Phillip Vanderpool from Hunters Specialties National Pro Staff/ Host of "Dominator 365" TV Show at 1 pm and The First Lady of Hunting - Brenda Valentine at 2 pm. They will be spending the day with us so stop in and say hi.

Phillip VanderpoolBrenda Valentine



The second weekend will be just as action packed as the first. August 9 kicks off our Hunter Appreciation Weekend..... Seminars and Daily Specials are just a few things we can mention.....

        Friday, August 9
    6:30 pm    Tips for Bow Hunting
    7: 00 pm    Tactics for Hunting Deer

        Saturday, August 10
    1:30 pm    Shed Hunting
    2:30 pm    From the Field to the table- how to fry turkey
    3:30 pm    Hunting Tips and Techniques
    4:30 pm    Exploring the Shooting Sports
    5:30 pm    Choosing the Correct Camo Clothing

        Sunday, August 11
    1:30 pm    Exploring the Shooting Sports
    2:30 pm    Tactics for Deer Hunting
    3:30 pm    Hunting Tips and Techniques
    4:30 pm    What’s new in Scent Control
    5:30 pm    Choosing the Right Optics

FHC CalendarThe last and final weekend is the best of all.... Next Generation Weekend. We are getting the kids involved in an on-target challenge with our Daisy BB Gun Tent and Archery Range. We will also have free crafts and a photo you can download. Our  Red Head Pro - Staff Team will teach 10 Safety Tips to our next Generation at 1:30 pm, 3 pm and 4:30 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and they will get a free Next Generation collapsible waterbottle.... all FREE. 

So come on in to your favorite outdoor store and enjoy all three weekends of seminars, talk with pros and vendors, let the kids play and save some money too!!!


Bass Pro Shops - Your Tailgating Headquarters

Fall is here and football season is just days away.  Before the big game, head over to your local Bass Pro Shops to get your gear in order before the big game!

grillFirst off, a grill is practically mandatory for any tailgating activity. Check out the Coleman Party Grill. This compact grill breaks down for easy storage and comes with its own carry bag. It is propane operated and features Instastart Ignition for fast, matchless starting. The cooking surfaces are removable for easy cleaning, as well.This is a great time to take a look at your grill tools also.  If you find your spatula or tongs need to be replaced or you would prefer to keep a second set on hand for the tailgating grill, then look no further. The Pacific Bamboo BBQ Tool Set comes with spatula, tongs and grill brush (with bottle opener built into the spatula). The handles are made from sustainable bamboo and the heads are stainless steel.   Of course, if you're cooking, you're going to need a way to transport your food and keep it cool. The Igloo Glide cooler is easily moved with a telescoping handle and soft-side rally wheels. The 110 quart capacity will hold 168 cans!tent

The other "must have" item is a canopy. Canopies (or tents) provide shade on sunny days and protection from incelement weather. They can also serve as a meeting point for friends meeting you.  An easy-to-use option is the Bass Pro Shops Instant Canopy. It sets up quickly, is easily transported and provides 100 square feet of shade.  Relax in your Bass Pro Shops Basic Camp Chair are made of water-resistant polyester on a steel frame.These comfortable chairs come complete with armrests and drink holders and collapse into a carrying bag with shoulder strap.

footballFinally, make sure you take plenty of games along to keep you entertained while you are waiting for the "Big Game" to start. Some options sure to please kids of all ages include Tailgate Toss, Ladder Toss and/or Washer Toss. You can even stage your own game with a Bass Pro Shops Camo Football!  Find all of your tailgating needs at Bass Pro Shops!



This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Tent Sale!

Bass Pro Shops Tent SaleOur huge storewide tent sale and clearance event starts this Saturday, July 20!


Great buys - 20-50% off select items from Men's and Ladies' Apparel, Footwear, Archery, Fishing, Marine Accessories, and more!

Just look for the giant tents in the parking lot!

Sale runs through July 28 - Limited quantities, no rain checks!




Sunday, July 21

Jay Green & Scout will be on hand for a dog obedience demonstration at 1:00 p.m. in front of the main aquarium

Coming up:

PBR event - July 27-28

Fall Hunting Classic - Aug. 2 – Aug. 18

Don't foget - Iowa's state sales tax holiday is Aug. 2 and 3!



Tent Sale

tent sale


Looking for a good bargain? Check out our store wide clearance event going on from July 20-July 28th, We are going to have savings all throughout the store. Now is a good time to start picking up the kids' school clothes, the hunter some extra camouflage, or even something special for yourself. Make sure that you make Bass Pro Shops in Leeds a stop this weekend. We will have an outside tent sale and special deals inside, as well.

Also, while you are here... make sure that you register for a chance to win a trip to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to see the Professional Bull Riders in person.

For these great deals and more, make sure you check out our website at


Tent Care for a Successful Trip

Caring for your Tent

Your tent is your home away from home, your sanctuary from the battering winds, driving rain, and bitter cold which often comes hand in hand with many adventures. Maintenance and care for your tent is paramount as your fortress of comfort and safety cannot be performing at anything but is peak in the field.

Before you go:

Pitch the tent at home first following the instructions supplied. Check that all of the components are present and in good order. If it`s been packed away for a while or the tent got wet on your last trip your zips may need some attention. Application of a silicon spray such as will prevent zipper wear and promote a smooth zipper motion. 

This is also the best time to use liquid seam sealant on any exposed seams.  Allow all seams to dry fully before storing or using your tent.

In the Field:

Setting up: Select your campsite with care. Look for high, well-draining ground that is protected from the prevailing wind, and is well away from overhanging dead trees or branches. Clear away all sticks and rocks which may damage your tent floor, and remember to remove your boots before entering the tent. Using a separate groundsheet underneath your tent floor will also help protect the floor.

Be aware that vapors from petroleum products and insect repellents can damage the coatings of your tent. Prolonged exposure to UV rays will also cause fabric failure, so pitch your tent in a shady spot where possible.

Avoid the temptation to flick shock-chorded poles together, as it damages the joining elements. Resulting burrs can shred the shock-chord or split the pole.

Packing up: When you are ready to take your tent down it is important to remove as much moisture as possible. The most effective way to do this is to wipe moisture away with a chamois or a micro-fiber towel.

 You should also make sure that the floor of the tent is swept free of dirt, rocks and sand, as these can damage the fabric. It`s also a good idea to check around the campsite to ensure you have collected all the stakes. If you are putting the stakes in the same bag as the tent, clean them thoroughly so as not to soil the tent. Better still prevent them from damaging the tent by packing them in a stuff sack of their own.

Treat your tent poles with particular care, a snapped pole could mean disaster in the field. Poles are strongest while flexed into shape and linked with the tent. They are less robust folded up. A separate stuff-sack will provide some extra protection Carry your tent poles inside your backpack, rather than strapped to the outside. Avoid stepping on them as this can result in damage to the tubing.

When packing your tent into its stuff-sack, roll it or fold it differently each time. Varying the folding pattern prevents deep creases from forming which, over time, can flex off the coating.

At Home:

Storage: A tent should never be stored wet. This is obviously not always possible to avoid in the field, but it is a definite rule for home storage. After a trip take time to 'air' your tent so all excess moisture can evaporate. Any moisture left on a tent that is stored for long periods will turn to mildew, which can be difficult to remove even from synthetic fabrics. Store loose if possible, rather than tightly rolled or folded.

Most detergents will cause the coating to delaminate, so try to avoid washing your tent. Keeping it clean in the field is the best bet, but if cleaning is necessary sponge it down with lukewarm water and mild, synthetic gear soap. Rinse well and dry thoroughly before storing. Most washing machines are too rough on tents, do it by hand in a plastic bucket for small tents or in the bathtub for larger tents. Set up the tent fully and allow to air dry.


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Last Chance for Summer Camp!

This is it - the last weekend for your kids to experience free educational fun during our Family Summer Camp! Make sure your kids don't miss out on this terrific opportunity! 


Activities start at noon, unless otherwise noted.


Family Summer Camp

Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14, Noon-5 p.m.

Daisy BB Gun inflatable shooting range - Outside
FREE wildlife carousel - just inside the front entrance turnstiles.
Casting BucketsDeer Track Craft

Soft Foam Shooting Arcade


12-2 Crafts (while supplies last) - Kids paint their own deer track! 


Saturday, July 13 - our last night for free Homemade Ice Cream samples  -  5-6 p.m. Stop by for some sweets treats up by the carousel!


Kids' Workshops - Designed for children 6-12 years of age. Each child will receive ONE free lanyard (while supplies last) and a FREE pin for each workshop they attend.


Workshops are:


Noon - Fishing
1:00 - Water Safety
2:00 - Hunting & Shooting
3:00 - Outdoor Discovery
4:00 - Bird Watching


Noon - Hunting & Shooting
1:00 - Archery
2:00 - Wildlife Adventure
3:00 - Camping
4:00 - Backyard Adventure


Other Happenings this Weekend!

2 p.m. - Join our Fishing experts at the Main Aquarium for a Deep Cranking demonstration.

Try Before you Buy!

The Gifts Department will be serving up samples of deep-fried catfish using Uncle Buck's Light 'n Krispy Fish Mix and Uncle Buck's Beer Batter - then liven it up with some Uncle Buck's Camo Ammo Hot Sauce!

Coming Up!  

Bass Pro Shops Tent Sale

  • July 20-28 - Storewide TENT SALE & Clearance Event!

20-50% off regular price on select items! 

  • July 27-28 - FREE PBR Family Event

Free games and activites - Noon - 4 p.m.

  • August 2-18 - The 2013 Fall Hunting Classic



How to Achieve an Amazing nights sleep on your next camping trip

Tips for Sleeping Better on Your Next Camping Trip

May 29th, 2012 | Camping Ideas

Though many find the outdoors to be a place for peace, rest, and relaxation – actually getting to sleep while camping can be pretty difficult. There’s no cozy beds or temperature controls to help lull you to sleep, just you, your tent, and a sleeping bag. But even the fussiest sleepers can find a way to get some good quality shut eye when camping. A little preparation is all it takes to ensure that your nights spent in the outdoors are restful ones. Here are a few tips to help you sleep better outside the confines of your home.

Consider bringing a sleeping pad

For those who prefer to camp light or backpack, carrying a cumbersome sleeping pad might seem out of the question. But it might actually be worth bringing one along for a couple of reasons. Most obviously, of course, is the fact that ground is in general hard. When you’re on your feet, you don’t notice the dirt clumps and pebbles buried shallowly in the soil – but you will when you’re laying down. A sleeping pad will all but eliminate those minor uneven spots that can be so troublesome when you’re trying to catch some Z’s. Second, and less obvious, is the coldness of the ground. When you’re lying on dirt that’s colder than your body temperature, it will suck warmth from your body as you lay there. A sleeping pad can solve this problem by acting as an extra insulator, separating your body from the heat-sapping ground surface.

Set out clothing layers before you hit the sack

One of the biggest difficulties associated with trying to sleep in the outdoors is body temperature regulation. Depending on the season location, you’ll either wake up shivering or struggle to fall asleep because you’re sweating bullets. Scientific studies done on sleep have concluded that a falling body temperature is strongly correlated with being able to fall asleep. So try wearing a reasonable minimum amount of clothing to bed, allowing your body temperature to fall. If you get cold through the night, you can simply add a sweatshirt or pair of pajama pants to regulate your body temperature.

Take extra steps to mitigate heat and cold

When camping in the summer months, a cold damp towel on the forehead works wonders in helping you to avoid that uncomfortably hot feeling. When sleeping on a campsite in the winter, meanwhile, experienced campers often do a few jumping jacks right before bed to raise their body temperature and stay warm as they drift off.

Though your campsite definitely lacks certain comforts of home, there’s no reason that each trip has to include sleepless nights. With the right sleeping gear and a few of the aforementioned tricks, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in the outdoors. Just be sure not to sleep in too late – there are full days of outdoor fun to look forward to!

Bugs keeping you awake? You might find this article helpful:


Professional Bull Riding is coming to Sevierville!

Professional Bull Riders is paying  a visit on July 27-28 to your favorite Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville.

We will have it all- ropin, ridin, crafts and even a live PBR Bull !!! Yep, you heard right PBR is bringing out their Bull Trailer for us and one of their prize bulls on Saturday, July 27 12-4 pm.

So come on out and join us 12-4 pm for a fun free family event like no other.

  • Stick Bull RidingPBR
  • Bull Roping
  • Make a FREE Leather Wristband
  • See a Live PBR Bull - Saturday, July 27 only
  • Cowboy and Cowgirl Contest- Sunday, July 28 only

               * One winner will receive a $50 Bass   Pro Shops Gift Card. Judging begins at 2:30 pm

               * Gift Card awarded at 3 pm


Free Cowbell to the first 100 customers each day!

And this year we aren't waiting until Labor Day to start our Summer Clearance deals!

Starting July 20-28 we are having a storewide sale and clearance event - just look for all the deals under the tent located on our boat pad.



FINALLY! A chance to use all my western slang in-store. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. It is time for the PBR National Event to be coming to your local Bass Pro Shops.

This won't be the first rodeo for these two, by any means! Bass Pro Shops and The Professional Bull Riders, Inc. are always excited to partner up to hold this event. For those who never attended one, you are going to want to correct that mistake and come down this year.

It will run on the weekend of July 27th-28th and be open from noon until 4:00PM. The PBR National Event is the highlight of our Tent Sale this year, and closes it as well. There will be a number of fun activities for the whole family on both days. Kids can take a shot at bull roping and ride a stick bull. Ever wondered what your kids face would look like painted as "Flint" the Entertainer? Here's a good chance to find out as we will have face painting for the event.They can also make a free leather wristband, while supplies last. The first 100 kids each day will recive a cow bell as part of our giveaway. 

On Saturday, there will be an appearance in-store by a proffessional bull riding expert! You will have from 1:00PM-2:00PM to meet this buckeroo so don't miss it! On Sunday, there will be a Best Cowboy/Cowgirl Contest. Make sure your little one gets all sorts of "cowboyed up" for this as the best dressed will receive a $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card. It'll start at 2:30PM and the winner will be announced at 3:00PM.

The Tent Sale will run from July 20th-28th. This is a great chance to snag some awesome purchases at sweet prices. And I'm talking about like 20-50% Off sweet prices. It will cover products from almost all of our departments, but hurry! There will be limited qualities and no rain checks.

So really what I am getting at with all this is: that ya'll need to grab a hunk of mane, set spurs and giddy on up to your local Bass Pro Shops during this time! Western jargon is encouraged! Bobbin' for Apples with Bobcats!!


Fourth of July Sale


The Bass Pro Shops Fourth of July Sale ends July 4, so hurry over to our store for some last minute shopping!

We have a ton of items on sale that will help you celebrate the holiday such as $149.97 Masterbuilt 2-door propane smoker and the $549.99 Brinkmann smoke'n grill pro 5-burner propane grill, and the $49.97 Bass Pro Shops stainless steel fish fryer.

Need folding chairs for the firework show you're going to see? We have festive American flag chairs on sale for $12.99 and a Portal oversized mesh chair for $24.97 complete with a cup holder.

If you're going on vacation you may need some new fishing gear or a tent. We have numerous fishing items on sale as well as a Bass Pro Shops 12'x12' dome tent for $149.97.

Our Summer of Fun Sale ends July 14th also with even more savings. Save $50 on the Coleman area tent or $90 on an XPS 76" Phantom towable tube for example. Fishing, hunting, camping, lake activities all have items on sale!

The savings are great! For a complete list of sale items check out the Bass Prop Shops catalog or our website.


Selecting a Hiking Tent

Overnight backpacking or hiking trips can be an enjoyable experience when you have the right gear available.  A quality backpacking tent is pretty much a necessity, as it will protect you from the elements. When selecting a tent, there are a number of things to take into consideration.

  1. What sort of comfort level are you used to?  Would you prefer to sleep outside of a tent under the stars? Or would you prefer to avoid bugs and dirt?
  2. How many people will need to sleep in the tent?  A one-person tent may be fine, if you are hiking by yourself. However, if you are hiking with a dog or another person, you may need to consider a 2- or 3-person tent.
  3. Determine your preferred camping seasons. Tents are designed with seasonality in mind. A 4-season tent is designed to withstand wind, rain and snow better than a 3-season tent.
  4. Establish weight goals for carrying gear. Look at tents with as few poles and accessories as possible. Tents with removable segments, such as rain flys or vestibules are an option, to reduce weight.
  5. Take price into consideration.  Less expensive tents may be an option for casual backpackers, but if you are planning several trips, you should probably consider high-end tents.

The new Timber Ridge Hiker 2-Person Tent is an inexpensive option, which may be right for your needs.  It provides a comfortable, dry and well ventilated sleeping space, large zippered vestibule area, interior gear pocket and easy, shock-cord pole setup. The entire tent weighs in at 5 lbs. 7 oz., so it won't weigh you down!








Berkley Fishing!! Get in on the action at the Berkley Interactive Trailer Display!

The 60-foot trailer offers consumers fun, great deals and activities. It brings fishing education to all levels and skill sets of anglers.

The trailer has videos and interactive demonstrations along with seminars scheduled throughout the day.

Each stop always has special retail promotions only available while the trailer is at the location. These great offers not only include line and bait, but rods, reels and combos. The special offerings through the trailer can’t be missed.

“We are excited about having the Experience Trailer on the road in 2012 and stopping at many new locations across the country,” said Andrew Marks, Berkley Marketing Director. "Our Experience Trailer team is set to help anglers of all ages and skill levels learn about our broad spectrum of products and how best to use them to catch more fish.”

Other exciting elements include a knot tying contest and demonstration, where anglers can learn new knots and potentially win prizes. Under the tent, big screen videos help anglers experience the adventure with Berkley and display racks are filled with the latest products, giving consumers an opportunity to see what new and exciting products Berkley scientists have been working on throughout the year. The Berkley Experience staff is always on hand to help answer any questions that you have about our innovative products




Bass Pro White River News


White River Fly Shop



Greetings from the Bass Pro Outdoor World White River Fly Shop in Kodak (Sevierville), Tennessee.


It has been a couple of glorious fly fishing days in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Perfect weather, perfect water, cooperative fish.

After drenching rains over the weekend that caused Little River to rise to over 900 CFS, the flow dropped quickly to relatively normal levels of around 200 CFS.  To my mind this is "just right" for fishing the Little River and its tributaries; infinitely wadeable, but enough water to keep the fish happy and feeding.

But first I headed up to fish the area above and below Chimney Tops.  The Little Pigeon River is medium sized through this stretch, and one of my favorites.  With the warm temperatures, both air and water, wet wading was the order of the day.  Really nice to have your feet in cool clear mountain water as the thermometer rises with the sunshine.  My Yellow Elk Hair Caddis was met with little enthusiasm so I switched to my old standby, the Parachute Adams.  Things started to pickup and I was rewarded with a good many small to medium rainbows.  Starting in the Chimneys Picnic area and continuing upstream is decent brook trout (spec's as they are also known) territory.  I didn't get any this time around, but judging by a red flash or two in the water I think I managed to catch the attention a couple of them.

GSMP trout

By mid-afternoon I headed off to claim my reserved home for the evening at the Cade's Cove Campground (this time of year the campground is on a reservations only status).  With my one-person tent erected a midst the massive motor homes and some time to kill before dinner, I wandered over to fish Anthony's Creek.  Running through the Cade's Cove picnic area this is small water and frequently overlooked.  However, this little creek is chock full of rainbows.  Within an hour I had caught 25 fish without even leaving the confines of the picnic grounds.  Yes, they are small, but surprisingly enough there are a few 10 to 12 inchers in that little creek and I caught several of them.

I was up early the next morning to bike ride the Cade's Cove loop road which is closed to vehicles on Wednesday and Saturday mornings until 10AM through September.  While not exactly easy, there are a few lung-busting hills, the ride does have its rewards.  Today those rewards included a number of black bear sightings, the most exciting of which was a mom and four cubs no more than 20 feet off the road.

Breaking camp I headed to Tremont, one fine fishing destination.  I put in just before the first one-lane bridge, tossing the Yellow Elk Hair Caddis yet again.  A couple of pools later with few hits and fewer takers prompted me to switch to a Royal Wulff, a fly that is easy to see in the dark shadowy pools where trout lurk.  Results improved somewhat with a number of small rainbows, but not what I would have expected under such excellent conditions.  Continuing to play "fly roulette" I switched to a Yellow Stimulator and immediately got some really nice hits by, apparently, pretty good sized fish.  However, a couple of pools later the action faded.  Somewhat mystified, I switched to the old standby, Parachute Adams.  This is my year-round go-to fly and always (mostly always) seems to draw out the trout.  This day was no exception and over the next several hours I managed to work my way upstream collecting (and releasing) a good number of rainbows ranging from small up to a few rod-benders in the 10-12 inch range.  At one point, and MUCH to my surprise, I looked up from my concentrated fly watching to see a fair-sized black bear directly across the stream from me.  Luckily he was working his way downstream and I was headed up, so with a mutual nod of our heads we went our separate ways.  Definitely the first time I've shared the stream with a bear.

By mid afternoon, under darkening skies, I decided I was tired of fishing (no, that's not possible....I was just tired) and headed home through one of the east Tennessee afternoon thunderstorms - lightning, thunder, and torrential the-wipers-can't-keep-up downpours.  All-in-all a good couple of days of outdoor adventuring.

Around the fly shop we are restocking shelves after a busy couple of weeks supplying visitors with equipment and local fly fishing information.  If you have not fished the national park before or if it's been a long time, please stop by.  Thanks to the national park staff we have a supply of the park's fishing brochure that includes all the rules and regulations as well as a map of the park's rivers and streams.  We will be happy to show you some fine fly fishing destinations, including the ones mentioned in this report.  Also, remember that this Sunday is Father's Day and it's not too late to drop a few hints about that coveted piece of fly fishing gear that has captured your eye.

Fishing in the park


Bass Pro Outdoor World

White River Fly Shop

3629 Outdoor Sportsmans Place
Kodak, TN 37764


Sperry Spree!

Well guys, it looks like there’s something new out there our little ladies are just going to have to get! And no, it’s not a purse. It’s much worse than that… Shoes.

Uggh, shoe shopping. This endeavor always takes way too long and prompts every question possible from the loves of our lives. “Do you like them?” “How do they make my backside look?” “Do you think these heels will break?” “Where are the kids?!” “Why don’t we still use Velcro?” “Seriously, have you seen Jimmy and Marsha?!?!”

And just like purses, watches or any other “must have” there is a specific brand our sweethearts are after. What’s the rage nowadays? Sperry! These shoes come in a broader range of colors than most crayon boxes. And not just colors, but patterns as well! And women are addicted!

Boys, listen up. I have one of the greatest pieces of news for you. We have Sperry brand shoes at Bass Pro Shops!!!! That’s right! So if the little missus has the Sperry fever why not let her get a pair? In fact, you should approach her about it first! (You know, show that you’re thinking about her while possibly picking up a new tent.)

Ladies, let me also reach out to you directly right now! These things are actually pretty cute and I understand why you would want to have a few different ones in your collection. I know how hard it is to drag us men out shopping, but here you have the perfect place to suggest! And if he responds with some grumbling, here are a few phrases to use on him: “Look at how many different patterns of camo you have.” “Do I need different colored shoes? Oh, I don’t know… Do you need different colored lures?” “We never had to buy a second safe to fit all my shoes!”

You get the idea.

But seriously, if you are looking to go on a Sperry spree come down and see us! This will make both parties happy and you know you love a good Bass Pro visit. Fence Fixin’ with Finches! Yeehaw!


Free Family Summer Camp

Free Family Summer Camp

shootingHave you heard about our Free Family Summer Camp that is going on at Bass Pro Shops between June 8th and July 14th?  If you haven’t, let me tell you about the eleven different seminars that we are presenting during the camp.  Every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from Noon till 5:00 a different topic will be discussed.  You can earn a free pin for every workshop (seminar) you complete! All of the workshops will be approximately 20 minutes in length.  The schedule will be:



Noon – Fishingarchery

1:00 – Water Safety

2:00 – Hunting and Shooting

3:00 – Outdoor Discovery

4:00 – Bird Watching


Noon – Hunting and Shooting

1:00 – Archery

2:00 – Wildlife Exploration

3:00 – Camping

4:00 – Backyard Adventure


Noon – Bird Watching

1:00 – Fishing

2:00 – Archery

3:00 – Outdoor Discovery

4:00 – Backyard Adventure



Noon – Archery

1:00 – Shooting and Hunting

2:00 – Wildlife Exploration

3:00 – Water Safety

4:00 – Camping

Here is a brief explanation of each of the seminars:back

Shooting and Hunting – We’ll discuss the history of hunting and conservation benefits along with safety tips.  Learn interesting facts from the experts from the Quality Deer Management Association.

Bird Watching – Our Feathered Friends – What birds will we discover this year?  Learn about the function of different types of feathers.

Fishing – Hook, Line & Sinker – We’ll discuss saltwater vs. freshwater.  Learn about saltwater species and tackle.  Do you know how to choose the right lure for different water conditions?

Archery – Aiming High – Learn about bowhunting, equipment and safety tips.  This year we’ll also learn more about the sport of bow fishing.

Outdoor Discovery & Conservation – Listen to tips on how to enjoy the outdoors while hiking.  We’ll discuss comfort, safety and ways to conserve the beauty of the outdoors.  Have you heard about geocaching?  Learn how to enjoy this fun activity.

Camping – Family Outdoor Adventures – We’ll review what to expect when you go camping.  Learn how to set up a tent and what to bring to keep things comfortable.

Backyard Adventure – Discover animals and insects you find in your own backyard.  Learn about their homes and what they eat.  Are they harmful or helpful?

waterWildlife Exploration – We’ll discuss mammals, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.  Learn about their habitats and how they survive in the wild.

Water Safety, Fun and You! – Prepare for your summertime adventures around the water.  Learn about how to play it safe while swimming and boating.

All of the workshops are geared towards 8 to 12 year olds, but anyone can attend.  We hope to see you here soon.

Jettie Whittington

Denham Springs



Family Summer Camp

Most of us can recall the memories of summer--long, lazy days; warm summer nights.  Do you remember going camping with the family?  When you made s’mores or slept under the stars—even if it was just in a tent in your own backyard? Or, all the super fun times you had at summer camp?  This summer, Bass Pro Shops offers you the chance to recapture some of those great summer memories –absolutely free!

The Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp features free activities and workshops where families can learn the skills they need to enjoy great outdoor adventures that will last a lifetime.  It all begins Saturday, June 8th and continues through Sunday, July 14th!.

Saturdays and Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursdays from Noon-2 pm, kids will enjoy free craft activities like designing their own compass, making Dad a bobber key chain, coloring their own slap bracelet, designing a lizard door hanger, creating a popsicle stick fish and painting a deer track—a different craft activity each week (while supplies last).

Free Family Summer Camp Workshops will occur hourly Noon-4pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays and Sundays beginning June 8th.  The entire family will enjoy learning the basics of camping, fishing, archery and hunting.  Other workshops include bird watching, wildlife exploration, water safety, backyard exploration about plants and insects and outdoor discovery showing the importance of conservation.  All workshops are approximately 20 minutes in length and kids will get a free lanyard and then earn a free, collectable pin for every workshop completed (while supplies last).

Special Kids’ activities include catch and release fishing, archery, Daisy BB gun ranges, and more!  You can even have a souvenir photo made Saturdays and Sundays only Noon-5pm, June 8-9 & 15-16!  And, each Saturday, throughout the event, enjoy the great tradition of homemade ice cream sampling from 5-6pm. For a full list of dates and times you can visit and click on Bass Pro Shops--Columbia, MO! 

And, you can celebrate Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) Donation month at Bass Pro Shops during this time.  Visit the store, make a donation to QDMA and learn how to enter for a chance to win a $500 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card.

Also available at the Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp is a FREE Field & Stream Summer Fun Guide booklet full of different outdoor activities and tips, ideas and product checklists to help you make the most of your summer outdoor adventure.

While attending the Family Summer Camp events at your local store (U.S. store locations only) don’t forget to check out the exciting “Toyota Father’s Day Sweepstakes.” One lucky GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a two-year lease on a 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 Double Cab 4x2 truck valued at approximately $16,800 (Toyota lease includes 25,000 miles/year and is subject to standard Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.’s ((“TMS”) lease or agreement terms.  See store for more details and to register or visit for more details and to register.)

Get together as a family this summer and make some great outdoor memories and traditions beginning with the Family Summer Camp at Bass Pro Shops!

Contact: Jon Curtis, Special Events Coordinator @ (573)886-7100.              


You Just Bought That New Smoker!

You have always wanted a new smoker and finally you went to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and purchased your Masterbuilt-Extra-wide gas smoker  You know how to smoke pork ribs, pork shoulders and sausage, but you sure would love to smoke pastrami!  Lucky you, this is my recipe for smoked pastrami using a grocery store purchased “Corned Beef.”  Although, corned beef and pastrami are different cuts of beef, this recipe will satisfy you and your friends.

My Pastrami Recipe

by Stan Godlewski

1 large corned beef already brined (I like to buy them right after St. Paddy’s Day).

1 jar of brown mustard

1 packed of spice that comes with the corned beef

Fresh cracked black pepper to cover the meat

Open the corned beef, rinse it in cold water.  If the meat has a large fat flap on it, trim some of it back.  Place the corned beef in a large pot and cover with water.  Bring the water to a slow boil and let the meat simmer for about 15 minutes.  Remove the meat from the water, replace with fresh water and repeat the simmering process for another 15 minutes.  (This process removes excess salt from the pre-brined meat).  Let the meat cool for about 1 hour.  After it has cooled, crush the spice and add to the black pepper.  Coat the entire piece with the mustard and then coat with the black pepper blend.

Bring your smoker temperature to 225-230 degrees F.  Be sure to use a mild wood, I like a mixture of cherry and apple wood when I make pastrami.  Place the meat in the smoker until it develops a nice crust (bark) on the meat, this can vary from 4 to 7 hours depending on the size of the corned beef and your smoker. 

Optional Step: After I remove the pastrami from my smoker, I like to do a quick steaming of the meat in the kitchen oven by placing it on a rack over a deep cookie sheet filled with water.  I cover the meat in a tent made of aluminum foil.  I let it steam for about 15-20 minutes. Remove and let it cool, slice (remember to slice against the grain of the meat),and enjoy the best pastrami you ever ate!

Now all you will need is some good rye bread, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and a fry pan, and you are instore for a great "Pastrami Rubin Sandwich."


Sleeping Bag Search

Sleeping Bag Search

Hey Guys, Jettie here.  This month I decided to check out sleeping bags because the grandkids were talking about going camping and I didn’t want to end up sleeping on the ground (Been there, done that, too old now).   Here are some of the things that you need to consider when you are looking at sleeping bags.

  • Goose down gives the most loft (and insulating power) for its weight, compresses the most for backpacking and keeps bagits loft longest. It's also softer and adapts to temperature changes. Its drawbacks include price, the fact that it also loses insulating power when wet and that some people are allergic to down.
  • Give the zipper a good workout. Nothing is worse, in the middle of the night, than struggling to unsnag a zipper in the dark. The best sleeping bags have stiffeners in the zipper draft tubes to minimize this problem.
  • A full-length two-way zipper is best for a three-season bag. This means that you can unzip just part of the bag -- at the foot or legs, for example -- to ventilate areas that might get too warm otherwise.
  • Choose a bag shape that fits your sleeping style. If you sleep on your back, a trapezoidal foot box allows your feet to stick up naturally. If you sleep on your side or move around a lot in your sleep, a stretch bag will be more comfortable, and one that secures to the sleeping pad will keep the sleeping bag securely on the pad. If you feel utterly claustrophobic in a mummy bag, even one that stretches, then try a modified mummy bag. You may even decide that the extra weight of a rectangular bag is worth carrying.
  • bag2Look for fit that's close without being tight. For maximum warmth, a sleeping bag should drape comfortably close to all parts of your body, with no big air gaps to waste your body heat. On the other hand, if a sleeping bag is too tight somewhere, you won't be comfortable in it. Most sleeping bag specifications include the girth at the shoulders, hips and feet, but experts say it's best to try different sleeping bags in person if at all possible. Women's sleeping bags are narrower in the shoulders than men's sleeping bags. They are also wider in the hips and usually have extra insulation at the feet and chest.
  • The hood should fit comfortably. If you use a pillow, make sure there's room for it. Some bags have drawstrings that are too long and get in your face; others have Velcro that can catch in your hair and make noise that bothers tent mates. Be sure you can keep snug and warm without feeling claustrophobic.
  • A watch pocket is handy. This little pocket for an LED light or watch is becoming a standard feature on the best sleeping bags. Both professional and user reviews say it seems indispensable once you've had one.
  • A wearable bag adds versatility. This means that the foot area can be unzipped so you can walk around while wearing the bag. On a cold morning or evening, you can wear the bag sitting up, or to heat water for tea.
  • Check the bag's loft. Press the bag down and see if it springs back up quickly. If not, you will probably have loft problems later.
  • Gently pull the inside of the bag away from the outer covering. If you hear small tearing sounds, you can be sure the baffles are not going to hold up for long, and you'll end up with a bag that has all its insulation clumped into one place.
  • A sleeping bag liner or special sleeping clothes keep a bag cleaner longer. This is more important for down sleeping bags bag3than for bags with synthetic filling that can be washed in a front-loading washer. Down bags should be kept as clean as possible inside, because cleaning them is tricky -- best done professionally. Changing into a separate set of clean clothes, or using a silk or other lightweight sleeping bag liner, will delay the need for this.

Reviews can help in estimating the lowest temperature rating at which a sleeping bag will feel warm, but they're only a rough guide. Experts say that attempts to standardize ratings across brands have failed, so they're most useful in comparing sleeping bags from the same company. Some people "sleep cold" and shiver in sleeping bags which other people find quite warm. Women usually sleep colder than men, so many reviews suggest that women pick a sleeping bag rated about 10 degrees colder than the lowest temperature they think they'll encounter. Some sleeping bags are designed specifically for women, narrower in the shoulder area but roomy around the hips, with extra insulation especially at the feet.

Come on by and see us at the Bass Pro Shops and our associates in the Camping Department will help you get evertything you need for your camping trip.

Jettie Whittington

HR Clerk

Denham Springs



Camping Prep Done Right: Inspecting Your Gear

Camping In Tents BPS

We're entering prime family camping season and its time to start getting ready to get outdoors. There are a few steps you need to take before you're first camping trip of the year to ensure that you have a trip that isn't marked by problems with your gear.

First, take the time to set up your tent in your yard at home or somewhere close by. You will need to inspect for damage, i.e. ripped seams or frayed edges, check all the zippers as well, the last thing you would want to happen is get all the way to your destination only to realize your tent isn't up to the challenge. A few things to remember about your tent:

  • Size
  • waterproofing

The tent you select must be appropriate for the group you plan on bringing. Chances are if you are in a family the group camping could range due to every ones activities and schedules lining up.  Being crammed into a small tent is no fun, but spending all your time setting up a circus tent for two people is no walk in the park either. Remember to plan on some extra room to spread out gear, food & dirty shoes. A good rule of thumb is to buy a tent that is made for one person more than you plan to sleep. Some tents designed for extended stays even have the ability to store shoes outside the tent, hang lights or even battery powered fans, as well as store hiking or fishing gear. Once you decide your old tent will accommodate your group and be up to the challenge you must address the all to familiar menace in camping, RAIN!

You'll need some seam sealer and waterproofing spray for tents, and take the time to apply it to your seams and the bottom portions of your tent, both inside and out.

Gear Aid Seam SureRed Head Waterproofer

 Waterproofing breaks down in sunlight and with time, so making sure you do this every year will keep you dry in case of that spring thunderstorm. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and no-one enjoys trying to sleep when wet.


Next replace all the batteries in your flashlights and/or lanterns, if they haven't been used in a while they can still die down. Its not a bad idea to always have extra batteries in case yours die or someone else is unprepared. If you have a gas lantern make sure to check your mantles, these can become brittle and break leaving you in the dark. Another good idea is to always have a spare pair, just make sure to get the right size for your model lantern. A small investment know can ensure that you aren't left in the dark.

BPS Clip on Mantle


Another Item to check is your propane/gas lanterns and stoves you need to make sure they all fire up and don't leak while at your home. Its hard to replace a seal or pump when your in the woods, and odds are you won't have the replacement parts.

If you have a leak just ask the experts in our camping department for the part that you need, like this Coleman kit pictured below. Fuel left in a lantern during storage can cause the rubber parts of your pumps to deteriorate. Fuel leaks in the great outdoors are not only a nuisance but can be a dangerous fire hazard.

Pump Kit


Make sure to check your first aid kit to get it full of the items you need such as band aids, neosporene, moleskin, and ace bandages.

First Aid Kit

 And its not a bad idea to get a new first aid kit each year, just in case it wasn't stored properly. This is one item that is better to have and not need than to need and not have.

If your sleeping bags have been stuffed in closets hang them up or lay them out and let them air out to spread the insulation around so it isn't bunched up. Also check to make sure the sleeping bag you are taking is rated to the proper temperatures. Its hard to get a good nights rest if you are too cold or too hot!

Its always good to make sure you have some sort of sleeping pad, either an inflatable mattress or a foam pad, you don't want to try to sleep on the hard ground all night without one. If you have an inflatable version make sure to test it out, its not fun to go to sleep and wake up on the ground with no padding.

If smores are your thing, and you're looking to have a campfire, but you're not an expert at fire making pick up a fire-starter, these are great to get fires started, even with wet or moist wood. Coghlan's has this pack that will light even if your fire stick gets wet.

fire sticks


Preparation is always key, like the boy scouts motto, Be Prepared; that way you can be a happy camper!

For more helpful tips and advice please stop by your Bass Pro Shops camping department and ask the experts!

Stay tuned for more blogs on Camping!

David Bryant

Receiving Manager / Camping Enthusiast